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Stranger in the Park
by Sherry Cross

I love to go out dressed up as slutty as I can and drive around exposing myself to other drivers or truckers on the freeway. Or find a secluded place to park and play with myself in the outdoors. There is a giant park close to my house that as many roads winding up into the foothills of Hollywood. It's a great place to go late at night and park off the road I had been their many times and never been bothered. I had the desire a few weeks ago to do exactly that.

I put on a white garter belt, black stockings, white frilly lace panties and a short flared black skirt, a black lacy bra and a pink see-through lace blouse with black high heels. I put my favorite dildo into a small bag along with a jar of lubrication cream, I was planing to have a good time tonight. I loved the feeling of the wind blowing up under my skirt onto my bare thighs above my stocking tops. I could feel my cock getting harder as I walked down the concrete pathway to my truck. My heels seem to be exceptionally loud and the sound of them clicking as I walked made me even hotter.

Driving down the freeway to the park feeling horny as hell I began to rub my legs through my sheer black stockings and pull on my garter belt. Without noticing I had pull along side a big rig. The driver immediately noticed my short skirt and stockings. I looked down and saw that my dress had risen up on my hips and he could see the bottom of my panties. As I went to pull it down the trucker honked. The driver looked to about 6'2, thin with longish blonde hair. He was probably about 35 or so and had a boyish kind of look. I looked his way and gave him my sexiest smile and a little kiss. I once again started to rub my legs and ran my fingers across my panties letting him watch as we drove down the freeway.

He drove along beside me for about 10 miles. I enjoyed give him a show. I could tell that he was playing with himself as he watched me. We were approaching a split in the freeway I waited until we were almost there and pull my panties aside exposing my hard cock to him. I thought he was going to drive of the freeway. The shocked look on his face when he saw my hard cock was great. I smiled and waved to him as I merged onto the other freeway. I was horny as hell as I enter the park boundaries. I drove up a dark looking street and found a place to park off the road. I turned off my truck and lights and sat there for a few minutes making sure I was alone.

I lifted up the hem of my skirt to around my waist exposing my garters and panties. My cock was really hard now, I began to stroke it pulling my panties again to one side. Releasing my balls and cock into the open. It was lovely to feel the cool wind from my open windows blow around them. I got out of my truck and walk to the passenger side. I pulled my panties down to my knees I lifted my skirt up high and sat back down on the cool leather seat. Putting the seat back and placing both my heels onto the dashboard I took the jar out of my bag, opened it, took some cream onto my fingers of my right hand and began to rub it around my ass hole.

I continued stroking my cock with my left hand as I pushed one finger up my ass working it in and out, lubricating it. Then I worked in another finger alongside the first and worked them both in and out, then a third. With a little more lube my hole was now ready for my dildo.

I placed the tip of the dildo against my ass rubbing the tip into the lube. It felt quite cool as I gently began to push it in. The head began to force open my hole stretching it further as it slowly entered, deeper and deeper it was soon as far in as it would go. I pulled it slowly out then pushed it back in, then out and in getting faster each time soon I was thrusting away like mad stroking my cock at the same time really enjoying every thrust.

Then from nowhere a man's voice asked if he could help. I just froze, I did not know what to say or do. There standing at my window was a dark-haired middle aged average height and build guy. He did not wait to long for a reply - he just opened my door and pushed me down across the seat. He knelt down outside the truck in front of me and pushed my legs wide apart placing one up on the top of the seat and the other up on the opened car door. He took my hand off the end of my dildo, then slowly he began to push it up me. Slowly at first then gradually getting faster, soon he was giving my hole a good fucking.

I looked at him, as he was ramming my dildo up my ass he was undoing his trousers with his free hand, he said he was sure I would enjoy the real thing more. He pulled the dildo out of my hole stood up took off his trousers and pants. His cock was quite a size bigger than my 8" dildo, already erect the tip moist as he pulled back his foreskin. He took hold of my ankles one in each hand lifted my ass up and pulled me to the edge or the seat until the tip of his cock touched my open hole. He thrust forward in one movement and his cock was totally embedded in my ass. I let out a big sigh, I was being totally filled by his cock each thrust he was ramming his cock as far into me as it would possibly go, his balls slapping into my ass each time. I can tell you are enjoying this he said, as he fucked me some more.

He suddenly pulled his cock out of me and told me to get out and turn round and bend over the seat with my ass in the air. I just did what he said, he lifted my skirt up out of the way, as it was covering my ass, then I felt his cock back up inside me again. He fucked me for a little while longer with my face buried in my front seat. Then I could tell he was just about to cum he pulled out and sprayed my ass with his spunk. I could feel it running down between the cheeks of my ass and down the back of my thighs. He picked up my panties from the floor of my truck, wiped his cock and balls in them and gave them back to me.

He said he owned the house up on the hill and that's where he had seen me playing with myself. He lived there alone and if I wanted to join him next weekend at his house we could have some more fun but in more comfortable surroundings. If you can make it, he said, come Saturday afternoon and to dress like the little slut we both know you are. Then as quickly as he appeared he left. I was totally amazed - the whole thing seemed like a fantastic dream but my sore ass and the cum dripping off me told me it was very real.

My cock was still hard so I continued to stroke myself off in the moonlight hoping my new friend was still watching me having an amazing orgasm. Then I pulled on my panties. His wet cum soaking into them from my ass. It felt good as drove up the street, I could feel the damp patches on my stocking tops where his cum had run down to and soaked in. As I passed his house I was getting hard again thinking about the next weekend.


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