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Stranger in the Park Pt. II
by Sherry Cross

The next weekend I woke up and knew I had to dress real sexy for my new friend. After a long bath I put on my make up and began to get dressed. I put on a pair of red satin g-string panties and a red satin demi-bra. I then put on by silky smooth black thigh highs with lace top. I then took an extremely tight red velvet blouse that made my tits look so suckable. Next I put on my shortest and tightest skirt that I own with a two-inch slit and only came down less then half way on my thigh. I also put on a pair of 4-inch pumps.

I arrived at his house around 5:00pm. I was instantly meet at the door. He looked at me and said I was even sexier than he had remembered and was so happy that I and excepted his offer to join him in his house. He invited into his house. I was just about to have something to eat would you care to join me he asked. He squeezed me hard getting a nice grip on my firm ass. We sat in the dinning room drinking wine eating and laughing. During dinner I kept playing with his cock with my foot and purposely dropped things so I could bend over giving him a good look my tight ass in my g-string.

When we were done we went right over to the couch and started to kiss. He started to feel my tits and began to suck and bite them through my top. He grabbed my ass under my skirt. I then began to unzip his pants and pulled his already hard cock out. I had been thinking about sucking his big cock since he had fucked me the week before. I began to suck on it I first put my mouth around the head and sucked it softly. I used one hand to stroke the shaft and the other hand to fondle his balls.

I stopped sucking and used my tongue to lick the underside of the shaft with long strokes, licking all the way up over the head, and back down to his balls. I licked and kissed his balls, and as I moved from the base to the tip, sucking the underside only by pressing my wet lips against the soft skin and working my way up. Once at the tip again, I kissed some pre-come that had begun to leak out . Then taking his stiff cock as much as I could in my mouth I sucked as deeply as I possibly could, while still massaging his balls and the part of him that just wouldn't fit in my mouth.

I felt his cock throbbing in my throat, so I sucked harder until I felt it swell. I moved my mouth up to the tip and kept sucking, wanting to catch the hot cum on my tongue so I could taste it, rather than have it go straight down my throat. He shot his cum onto my tongue and I sucked every last drop out. I kind of swished the cum around my mouth opening it so he could see on my tongue before swallowing the rich juice then proceeded to lick his cock clean looking him in the eye the whole time.

We both sat back on the couch and drank more wine. I slowly stroked his cock as I told him how much I enjoyed having his hard cock in my mouth and how good his cum tasted asking him how bad he wanted to fuck me trying to get his cock hard once again. I got up and did a slow dance for him removing my blouse rubbing my tits through my bra and lifting my skirt showing him my hard panty covered clit. I then bent over in front of him and asked him to "fuck me." Fuck me like you did in the park I pleaded.

He got up and his cock was harder then ever. He went to a drawer getting some lube and bent me over a large white fur covered chair. Pulling my tight skirt up over my ass he slowly removed my panties. Kneeling between my legs. He began slowly licking my pussy tell me how much he wanted to fuck my tight ass. Feeling his tongue as he lick my pussy felt so good I began moving my ass and rubbing my cock against the fur of the chair.

"I you want it bad don't you baby" he asked.

"You want me fuck that tight pussy of yours don't you?" I begged him to fuck me with his big cock telling him what a cum slut I was. He stood up and spread my legs even further apart. I look back and watched as he spread the lube slowly onto his cock. He moved up behind me and rubbed the head of his cock across my ass as he stroked it. I could hear the sound of the lube as he stoked his cock into my ass. As soon as I felt the head against my hole I pushed back slowly until his whole cock was buried in my ass.

He fucked me slowly at first from behind and began pumping faster and faster. His left hand was grasped firmly on the back of my garter belt. My cock was screaming for attention and with his other hand he reached under my body to stroke it. I could no longer think about anything but his giant cock slamming in and out of my ass and his hand stroking my cock with the same rhythm. He stroked it faster and faster with every pump.

I moaned and screamed in ecstasy as he fucked me. His orgasm hit me with overwhelming force, shaking my body and straining my every muscle, my ass tighten around his embedded cock, and he hammered himself inside me once more before his hot cum shot inside my ass, coating my insides. There was so much that some leaked out around his still-quivering cock, and ran down my crack and on to his hand as he continued to stroke my cock.

My cock began to quiver and before I exploded he cupped his hand under my cock catching all of my cum into his hand before he pulled his cock from my ass. I collapsed into an exhausted, sweaty pile of flesh on the floor. "Roll over you cum slut" "You missed some" he ordered. As I rolled over on to my back he held his hand still full with my cum above my face. "Open wide slut you forgot this" as I laid there exhausted with my mouth open he turned over his hand and my own cum ran from his hand into my opened mouth and across my face. "That's a good slut finish it all"

He picked my panties up from the floor and wiped his wet cock off. Then reached down and wiped the cum from my face. "Here put these back on and get yourself together" he said when you return I will have another bottle of wine ready for us. I got up and pull the wet panties on feeling the wet cum on my cock brought back memories of your first meeting. Excusing myself I went to the bathroom to straightening my hair and make-up hoping that when I returned he would have more than a bottle of wine ready for us to enjoy. I returned shortly with a fresh coat of make-up dressed only in my bra, cum soaked panties stockings, garter and heels still craving more.

He opened the wine and poured us a couple of glasses and proposed a toast to `New Friends'. We sat on the couch sipping our wine and gazing into each other's eyes. He made me feel so comfortable and sexy.

Slowly I moved my face towards his. My tongue slipped between his lips and entered his mouth as we share our first hot French kiss together. As we kissed, my hand reached for his cock again and slowly messaged it bring it back to life for the third time. His hands began to sensuously rub up and down my stocking covered legs. I got up and a little tipsy from all the wine I stood if front of him in just my lingerie set. Now moist with my pre-cum juices, I placed my hand into my panties and begin rubbing and moaning. I brought my hand out licking my pre-cum from my fingers then sensuously, rubbed every part of my body.

I loved acting the part of such a whore. Dressed only in my bra, panties, lace garter, black stockings and 4" pumps I sat in a chair in front of him. I pulled my cum soaked panties aside and exposed my now rock hard cock I place my hands on each side of my stocking at the toes and moved them slowly towards the garter, raising my leg into the air as I did. Then I flicked back a garter clip and adjusted it to another part of my stocking., and returned to caressing my thighs and slowly stroked my hard clit as he watched. He laid back on the couch and stroke his cock as he watched me.

His hard-on was standing almost straight up. I asked him if I could sit on top of his hard prick. "I want to sit on your cock!!" I begged.

"I would love to feel that cum soaked panty-covered cock and ass grinding into me" he answered with a smile and ordered me to straddle him. I moved to the couch and slid my leg over him, lowering my panty-covered cock and pussy down on to his cock. Slowly I began moving up and down and back and forth, grinding my cock and ass against his hard dick.

"Faster!" he ordered, grabbing hold of my waist and yanking me down hard against his cock, so that my wet panties and throbbing cock was smashed against the base of his cock. I increased the speed of my grinding. The sight of my tits bouncing in my frilly lace bra as I wiggled frantically against his cock excited him, and pulled me towards his mouth so he could suck on my stiff nipples through my bra.

He pulled me down and kissed me ever so passionately. As we embraced, he pulled off my panties and slowly slipped his cock once again in my hole. He pumped me slowly and then quickly. Holding onto my breasts and fucking me hard. I couldn't believe the sensation I was feeling as he bounced me up and down on his hard cock. Then he pushed me off his dick and rolled me onto my side. As I lied on my side he plunged me once again and fucked me even faster and faster. I closed my eyes and shudder in ecstasy as he fucked me in a spoon position. He held my silky leg in the air and fucked me as I stroked my own cock.

"I'm going to cum!!!" He yelled as he removed his cock from my ass. He turned me around and sat on top of me stroking his cock into my face. Within moments he shot his hot load all over my face. I engulfed his wet cock in my mouth and swallow all of his remaining cum until he was completely drained. Once again he used my panties to wipe his cum from my face. He help me get dressed pulling the cum soaked panties once again up my legs handed me my skirt and blouse and told me that he would be expecting back next weekend. I could barely walk to my car I was so sore but with the feeling of those cum soaked panties on my ass I knew that I would be back for more.


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