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Spirit of Adventure
by Norm1382

I could tell she was in "that sort" of mood by the way she'd been on the phone. She wanted me to come round in the middle of the afternoon. Obviously I'd left and was on my way but my imagination was running wild.

As I was halfway, I called her up. "Are you coming?" she asked. She was almost pleading.

"I'm nearly there," I said, " And you, what are you doing?"

"I'm getting wet for you."

She had me. Right there, she had me, the minx, she was playing with me and she knew it. I had to ask, "What do you want me to do?"

"Use me, make me please you and make me do whatever I have to, to get your cock really hard."

The journey was becoming a blur but I knew her well enough to know she wanted me to take charge of things. To challenge her was to excite her when she was like this. My voice was thick as I spoke to her, "I want you wearing the short summer dress, no underwear, and the white hose, the short ones that come just over you knee."

"Yes," was all she said and it sounded like and expulsion of breath, the way she said it. I hung up. I tried to think as I drove. She was hot, that was obvious, I had to live up to whatever her mood was craving and I could tell she was feeling very wicked. As I searched my imagination for some new twist it was as if a light flicked on, and I knew.

I was half a mile away and I called her again, hearing the lust in her voice as she answered. I spoke, almost as to a stranger. "You'd better be ready."

"I am."

"Good I'll be outside in a moment, don't make me wait. Come out to the car and get in as soon as I stop." I could hear the intake of breath that was the indication of how excited she was. I hung up again and pictured her getting dressed as I had instructed. Knowing she'd have been looking in the mirror at herself and admiring her open thighs as she'd sat on the bed and pulled on the light summer stockings, imagining the effect it would have on me. She loved that and I loved that about her. She loved making love but dreamed of being fucked, of being the object of desire, the object of lust. I intended not to disappoint her as I pulled to a stop outside the house.

Almost at once the door was open and she stepped out. She shut the door and walked toward the car. I stared at her. She looked so good.

She is 5'5", slim and slight. Pale, translucent skin and red hair. Her breasts are 32A and an envious friend had once joked it would be "like fucking a small boy" I'd shuddered but knew what he meant.

She smiled as she leant to open the passenger door. "No. Get in the back" I said. She stopped for a second then opened the rear door and got in. Before she could speak I pulled away, I'd already adjusted the mirror. "I do hope your not wearing pants." I said and her hand on her thigh pulled up along her leg to show me. I watched in the mirror as it dragged the hem of her light dress away from the tops of her loose stockings as it raised exposing pale milky thigh I found it hard to breath. Her hand moving, pulling the dress higher on one side. As she reached the top of her thigh it fell at an angle across her crotch. Her other leg had moved open slightly and I could just make out the folds of her pussy. I did my best to sound annoyed "Don't tease me pull it right up, show me your cunt."

It was all she needed, she pulled higher on the dress and wriggled forward in on sweet movement. I saw her exposed from her navel to her knees. The crinkled folds of her pussy glistened in the bright sunlight. She looked wanton. Sliding forward on the seat had brought her face into view. Her eyes were shut and she was caressing a tiny breast through her dress.

"Can you feel me staring at your cunt? I asked her, I knew the effect my words would have. Sure enough I watched her raise her hips as she replied, "Yes, what do you want me to do."

"Leave your tits alone and open that cunt up for me, show me what a dirty girl you are." She put both hands to her pussy and used the fingers to spread herself wide. I was still driving, along narrow lanes. I was getting desperate as I turned onto a wider less busy road. I reached behind me through the seats. "Move forward, I want to feel how wet you are."

She moved fast and took my hand, pushing herself onto me and two fingers slid easily into the hot slickness of her wide cunt. "Oh you are such dirty girl, you're so fucking wet, aren't you." Each pause was filled with a panting "Yes." from her. I buried my fingers in her and she writhed to their touch. I pulled out and held them up in front of me. They were drenched and I held them up at my shoulder.

"Look what a dirty bitch you are. Come and clean this off my hands." She moved up and pulled herself forward on the seats. Leaning between the front seats she took my hand in hers and licked greedily at my fingers. I could hear her moaning as I spoke to her, " God you're such a slut, you really are a cock hungry cunt, aren't you."

I decided to give her what she wanted and told her to sit back and play with herself. She sat back as I encouraged her to play with her clit, stick one then two and three fingers into her "wet cunt" She loved it as I got her to lick her own fingers and then feed me her "cuntjuice" as I drove.

Every junction was a dare. Every pedestrian was a threat to our secret as we passed. In my mirror I watched as she put on the lewdest display pulling and probing herself for our pleasure. Then I went into overdrive.

"Kneel on the seat" I said and watched as she knelt up her arms on the back of the seat. Her dress fell over her ass. "Pull that fucking dress up, I want to see you ass" She pushed back and she was so exposed as she hitched the dress once more over her waist. I'd seen it before, her knees apart as she had pushed her ass toward me, the twin globes framing the sight that drives all men crazy. A hot open pussy crowned by a tight puckered anus. This though, this was madness broad daylight. People walking, her, wriggling her ass, as though she was being fucked hard and fast. I was approaching a small parade of shops and I didn't care. " Turn round, point your ass at the window." I heard myself say. I saw how far she was gone when she actually did it. She was beyond control, lost to her lust. She had her ass toward the window and I went for more. "Open your dress up I want to see your tits."

She pulled at the buttons, opening her dress to the waist and then shrugged one then the other shoulder free. She was naked apart from the thin dress gathered round her waist and a pair of hose just over her knees.

I turned the car toward the main road. "Play with your tits and finger yourself for me." She did, her ass high and her face buried into the rear seat. She was rubbing he clit and squeezing her tits as we entered the main road. Her ass was bobbing up and down as I spoke. "People can see you, they can see what a dirty girl I've got in the back of my car"

It just made her worse. I was desperate. I searched around the car and then in the glove box found a large marker pen. It was only six inches long and about an inch thick, it would have to do. I stopped and reached round "Fuck yourself with it" I said as she grasped it from me.

Before I could pull away she buried the pen four inches into her pussy and while she fingered her clit with one hand she fucked herself with the other. This was all too much. I was running out of boundaries to cross.

As I drove I pulled my eyes from the mirror to glance ahead. I saw my chance. We were approaching the beach road and right opposite standing with his dog was an old guy of about sixty. I slowed, signalling to turn. " You really don't care whether someone sees you, do you slut."

She was going mad, shoving the pen in and out, her ass pushed all the way up. "No, I'm your dirty slut and I'll show them all my cunt if it makes you want to fuck it." I was almost at the junction and she'd just made my mind up for me. I pulled to stop to wait for traffic, we were right opposite the guy with the dog and I was staring straight ahead.

It was no more than, twenty seconds, it just felt longer. Finally, as the last car passed, I glanced toward him. He didn't see me, he was staring into the back of the car and yanking on the dog's lead. Then he did look toward me. I gave him "what can I do about it" shrug and drove round the corner.

I headed toward the sea as fast as I could, turned down a lane at the side of the sand dunes and stopped.

"Don't stop." I said as I got out of the car. She had no such intention, I could see as I ran to the back of the car. I opened the door nearest her head. I undid my belt and zip and took out the biggest hard on I'd ever had the pleasure of having."

"Come here and suck this fucking cock, you dirty bitch." She actually looked up at me and gave me the most depraved look I've ever seen. She grabbed it and swallowed all she could.

The relief was unbelievable. Her soft mouth put out a fire that had been burning in my cock since she'd walked out the door. I held onto the roof and door and my head fell back as she sucked and licked. I began pushing my hips, back and forth. Fucking her face we called it. I looked down to enjoy seeing what I was feeling.

It was another of those "moments" guys suffer. I knew, as sure as I knew I could shoot my cum deep in her mouth, watch her swallow it down. Watch her lick the strands from my cock, her hands and lips. I knew I couldn't. The sight beyond her cock filled mouth was too much. The arch of her back, the globes of her ass. The "v" formed at her ass. Too much.

"Get out of the car" I pulled my cock from her mouth. She stumbled forward and I caught her hand. As I pulled her from the car she stood in front of me and the dress fell to the floor. "I don't fucking believe you" I said as I kissed her, hard and deep. I pulled my mouth from hers and laid her back against the incline of the dune.

She smiled up at me "Are you going to fuck me with that big cock" her eyes dancing from my face to my crotch.

"Don't....." was all I could say as I knelt between her legs and slid my cock deep inside her. She was hotter tan I thought possible and I was fucking her hard.

I just kept fucking her and I was almost at the point of regaining some control. Thinking about turning her over and starting again. Then she did it. She did on purpose, just like she's done it before.

She said "Cum" I felt it. "Cum for me" I was fucking her. "I want to feel you cum." In and out, hold on longer. "I want you to shoot your cum in me so..(don't say it, control) I can play with it" That was it, spasms like I'd never felt. First spasm, pushed deep inside her, second, even deeper. It just went on and on. I lost count of how many, with each one I shoved so hard I thought she'd break.

She didn't though, she just kept smiling that smile, moving her hips and sucking me hard with her pussy muscles.

Not even a minute passed from the first spasm and I pulled out of her and stood up. I was in shock. When I looked down I was amazed to see her pussy, still wide, a small pool of my come in plain view. That had never happened before.

I leaned back against the car as she put her hand over her open pussy and leaned forward to a crouch.

With her other hand she took my far too sensitive cock and licked the head. "Oh god, I moaned at the pain/pleasure. She looked into my eyes and showed me her other hand covered in my still warm cum.

After licking enough of it off her hand to tease me she returned it to her crotch and used it to bring herself off whilst I watched. She liked to do that.

- End -


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