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Sex on the Beach
by Kilgore Trout

I have to walk a long way, but when I get to my favorite beach, I usually have the whole place to myself. So I was a little surprised when another couple came walking up, but I was very surprised when they chose to lay down right next to me on an empty beach. She settled on my side and stripped down to a bikini. She was young and extremely good looking with a great body. Her partner was quite a bit older, perhaps a "Sugar Daddy"? I was surprised again when he stripped himself completely nude and settled down next to her.

He undid her top and the scent of coconut oil filled the air as he rubbed lotion all over her back. Then he gave the bottom of the suit a tug and it disappeared into the crack of that incredibly sexy ass. When he started rubbing lotion on her beautiful roundness, I started to get hard. She was so sexy and she was so close to me that if we both reached out our arms, we could touch hands.

When she turned over, she made no effort to fasten her top first. Her big, beautiful breasts and large nipples came into view. Her partner was now taking great care in applying lotion to her breasts. Her big, shiny, oily nipples were firm and erect. She was facing me, and even though she was wearing dark glasses, I knew her eyes were on the large bulge in my trunks. I could feel her eyes on my body and that gave me a strong burning sensation in my loins. I was on fire.

I slowly undid the drawstring on my trunks, and she egged me on by removing her shades so I could see her eyes on me. I felt exhilarated as my raging cock was freed of its confinement. I heard a little gasp escape from her when she saw it. Her partner pulled off the bottom of her bikini and I saw his oily fingers disappear between her legs.

She was now moaning openly with pleasure as her partner stroked her pussy. I decided it was time to put some lotion on myself. She watched closely as I stroked my stiff cock with lotion. The hot sun was baking down on my nude body, an exquisite beauty was writhing and moaning right next to me and I felt such a powerful surge of pleasure pulsing though my cock.

Her body started to convulse when she came. She lay still for a while, still watching me, and then with a little smile she got up moved her towel so that it spanned the space between her partner and me. She got on the hands and knees and took her partners cock into her mouth. I watched for awhile as she sucked hungrily on the glistening wet cock, but then I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to touch her.

A the risk of being rude, I sat up and came up behind her. Her legs were spread and waiting for me. Her luscious pussy was shaved and silky smooth. I tasted an interesting combination of coconut oil and her pussy juices as I ran my tongue across and into her womanhood. I heard moans of pleasure escape from her among the slurping noises of her cock sucking. When my tongue rubbed her clit, I knew she wanted to come. So I rubbed her hard and brought her to an explosive orgasm.

I was so unbelievably hot for this woman. I grabbed a hold of her slippery hips and when I thrust into her I felt an explosion of pleasure unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life. I started thrusting quickly as I felt her start to come again. Her third orgasm was even stronger than the first two and I felt the muscles of her pussy squeezing my cock as she came. I couldn't believe that her partner was just watching me as I fucked his gorgeous woman. He must have been as turned on as I was because a fountain of cum was spraying into the air and all over his chest. I pulled out and covered her back with cum of my own.

Then we all went for a swim.


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