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Susan's Seduction Pt. III
by STaylor176

As I sit in this chair and listen to my wife moan with pleasure from the caresses of another, I canít help but smile. I have again watched her make love to another, listened to their moans and gasps, watched as they took each other to the absolute heights of sexual passion. I put them there. I share in the pleasure they have so freely given to each other.

Over the last 6 months I have watched the transformation of my wife of 14 years, from a shy woman afraid of sex, to a lady of varied and surprising sexual appetite. No longer does she pretend that force is necessary in order for her compliance, now she is a willing and ready partner for the sexual advances that so often are brought to her. I contrived her first seduction at the hands of Scott, the large black man that took her as I watched from behind a mirror. I was instrumental in the first of her of her group encounters as Scott blackmailed her and forced her to give herself to him and two of his friends. As astonished and pleased as I was at her reaction when she was with these men, it was nothing to the amazement and pleasure I received when I witnessed her response to the situation I created tonight. This is the story of that situation, and the reason for my amazement.

Susan was off to visit Scott, Samuel and John on a Saturday night. I was home alone, waiting for her return. I hoped she would bring home a tape of the encounter so we could watch it together. I would be able to see her in all her splendor as she fucked and sucked the three men in as many positions and ways as their imagination would lead them. I was disappointed when she returned home empty handed. The evidence of her encounter was plentiful, cum coated the inside of her thighs and I could taste the mingled secretions when I ate her pussy before slipping my cock inside her. I fucked her with the same passion I had showed when I had fucked her immediately following the first time she had taken on the three black lovers in Scott's house. I noticed that she wasnít as responsive as normally and as we lay in the bed afterwards and I asked her if there was a problem.

"I donít think I want to go back to Scottís anymore," she replied. "I like the sex, and I know you like it too, but I want you more involved. I know that he wonít let you play. I love it when we share more than I like fucking them."

What could I say? I was disappointed, but in this matter I had to accept her decision. As much as I loved to watch her fuck other men I knew that I would not force her to go back if she didnít want to. Over the next few days I pondered the situation. I wanted to see her with others, but I wasnít sure how to make it happen again. A seduction set-up wouldnít work a second time, or would it? The key seemed to be that she wanted me involved. Truth to tell I was ready to be in the room when Susan was in her rut heat. I wanted to be able to hear it in person, to smell the scents produced by great fucking, to feel her body under my hands as another was giving her pleasure. When an old Marine buddy of mine called and said he was visiting in a couple days I suddenly knew how to make this come true. I told Wes he wasnít going to stay in a hotel, that he was welcome in my house anytime. I was going to see to it that he was made very welcome.

Wes arrived on Friday afternoon, and I could tell Susan was attracted to him right away. He is a handsome man, six-one 225 pounds, with short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He filled out his tight white T-shirt and faded blue jeans in such a way that I knew any woman would look at him twice. We grilled steaks on the back patio and enjoyed animated conversation over dinner and dessert. Susan was absolutely stunning in a pair of white shorts that showed off her long tan legs and tight ass. The man's blue button shirt that she had borrowed from me and tied up under her breasts highlighted her flat stomach and blonde hair as it cascaded over her shoulders. It also made her perky 34C tits stand out and beg for attention.

We sat out on the patio and watched the sun set and listened to the night insects start their call for a mate. When I brought the first pitcher of daiquiris I noticed Susanís surprised look and the small smile that passed across her sexy mouth. We settled into a companionable silence like Wes and I had once shared in the Corps. There was no need for words; we were all enjoying each otherís company and the daiquiris that I had prepared.

I went inside to make another pitcher and to set the scene for what I hoped would be a wonderful night for us all. I placed a soft easy listening CD in the player and set candles out in the den. I brought out more throw pillows that I scattered around the room. I happened to pass a window that allowed me a view of the back yard and I stopped to watch Susan and Wes interact when they didnít know I could see them. I donít know what he was saying and I donít think it mattered. I knew that Susan was in tune to my thoughts by the way she was reacting to Wes. Her hand was on his thigh and she was leaning her head in close as if to hear better. She was smiling up at him, and her eyes were taking on that familiar "come fuck me look." Her nipples were coming alive and beginning to stand out and beg for a touch. I knew that she wanted Wes. I could sense his confusion as he read her body language. I was going to ease his mind as soon as possible.

I finished the daiquiris and called out to Wes and Susan to come inside. I asked her to help me. Wes went into the den and Susan joined me in the kitchen. As soon as she walked through the door I pulled her body tight to mine and kissed her deeply. She responded as I knew she would, pulling me close and moaning into my mouth as I pushed my tongue past her lips.

"You want to fuck him?" I asked my pretty little wife after we finished our soul searing kiss.

"Yes, oh baby yes, lets do it together, please."

My cock leapt and my heart began to beat in my chest. My wife had changed so much in the last six months. I felt the love for her swell up in my body to almost choke me in my exuberance. I told her to take off her shorts and to untie the tails of her shirt. She was to wait a few minuets then bring out a daiquiri for Wes. From there we would play it by ear. She smiled and began to undress.

I walked back into the den and Wes asked about his drink. I told him Susan wanted to serve him, and gave him an evil grin. I then proceeded to light the candles, turn on the CD player and turn off the lights. The whole time Wes watched me with a quizzical look on his face. "Just relax and go with the flow." I told him. "No pressure. No worries."

Just as I sat in the chair facing the couch Wes was sitting on, Susan made her entrance. We both sucked in air as we gazed upon her loveliness. To say that she glowed would be an understatement. The soft candlelight danced in her hair and caressed her tan skin. The fact that she had nothing on except the blue mans button shirt was obvious. Her eyes had a mischievous twinkle and a smile tugged at her lips. She floated across the floor and sat next to Wes on the coach, handed him his drink and kissed him on the cheek. He looked over at me and I guess my smile gave him all the permission he needed. He set his glass on the side table, brought his hand up to cup Susanísí face, and slowly brought her lips to meet his own. I sat and watched as my friend from years ago and my wife of 14 years slowly kissed each other.

Their lips danced as their tongues fenced. I heard Susan sigh as he slowly began to caress her neck with his lips. His hands slowly came up to touch her breasts and my wifeís reaction to his touch enbolded him to cup them and start to squeeze. I watched as for the next few minutes Wes stroked her breasts with his hands and rained kisses on her face and lips and neck. Soon Susan un-buttoned her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders. She took Wesís face in her hands and guided his mouth to her creamy white tits. "Suck them" she said. And he did. He pulled one hard nipple into his mouth and commenced to suck and bite the hard little nubbin. His hand was now pinching and pulling at her other nipple, bringing it up to an erect hardness that told of the pleasure she was receiving from Wesís mouth and hands. Susan lay back on the couch and pulled Wes on top of her. He continued his caresses of her tits, his mouth and hands moving from one to the other, back and forth. Susan was now moaning and sighing in complete contentment. She was pushing her hips up against Wes as she wrapped her legs around his body.

I got up, took my clothes off, and watched as Wes began to kiss his way down my wifeís flat stomach. When he reached her panties he moved his hands up and started to take them off. The electric thrill I received when I watched Susan lift her hips off the couch to allow Wes to remove her panties went straight to my cock, making it harder than I ever remember it being. Wes tossed her panties to the side and buried his head between her legs, plunging his tongue into her cunt, lapping it, and sucking on her wet pussy flesh. Susan groaned in passion and arched her back to thrust herself harder against the mouth that was giving her such pleasure. Her hands slowly moved to his head as she lead him from her sweet cunt to her clit.

"Suck my clit. YesÖ like thatÖ.ooohhh yes...just like that." She moaned. I moved over closer so that I could see everything. Wes had sucked her clit into his mouth and I could see he was rubbing his teeth over it, back and forth, and he had slipped his thumb inside her wet cunt and was fucking her with it. In and out his thumb plunged as he continued to mouth her clit. I could hear the sounds of her pussy as it clung to the invading thumb and I could smell the scent of her pussy in heat. I could see the juices on his hand and lips gleaming in the soft candlelight. Susan was moaning and gasping out her pleasure and I knew she would cum soon. Her body started to jerk and tremble as she moved into the throes of a passionate orgasm, she grasped his head and pulled it tight to her seeping pussy and she gasped out "yes,Ö.oh yes, ÖIím cummingÖ..Iím cumming!" in a soft passionate whisper. Susan pushed his head away from between her legs and then started to undress him. Wes had put on a few pounds but it was all muscle. He was sculpted like a Greek god, with large shoulders and slim hips. His legs were solid and his cock, when exposed to the light, was 9" long, thick, and standing up proud and hard. A small bit of precum was leaking down the shaft. His balls were large and hung like two eggs in a small sack. My wife pushed him onto his back on the couch and moved up between his legs, took his cock in her hand and started to slowly and lovingly lick the pre cum from his cock.

She licked it like it was melting ice cream on a cone. He sighed with pleasure as her tongue swabbed the head. He moaned when she slipped her lips over his dick and started to slide down the shaft of male hardness. I moved up so that I was only inches away. I wanted to see it all, to feel the pleasure they were both experiencing. I watched as Susan started to suck his cock, sliding her mouth up and down the shaft. I listened to the sucking sounds she made as she took the entire shaft down her throat. I looked up at Wes and watched as he placed his hands on my wifeís head and started to move his hips to force his cock into her mouth. He held her still and started to fuck her throat like it was a pussy. Plunging it in and out of her mouth, the rod was wet with his pre cum and her saliva. "Suck my balls" He commanded. And Susan immediately complied, sucking first one then the other into her mouth. I started to slowly stroke my cock as I watched Wes push his cock against my wifeís face while she sucked and licked his balls, holding them in her hands as if they were fragile crystal eggs.

Wes then pulled her on top of him and my wife took his cock and guided it to the opening of her seeping pussy. She was mewling with desire as she slowly lowered herself onto the pleasure-giving shaft of hard flesh. I watched it slowly slide into her body, her pussy lips sucking it in deeper and deeper. Wes placed his hands on her hips and Susan placed her hands on his chest. She started to move on him then, sliding up and down his cock. He was moving as well, plunging his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. They were rocking together, Susan, my hot little wife, was pressing her clit against his body as his cock was fucking her cunt. They were both gasping and moaning out their pleasure before me. I wanted to get involved so I slid forward and placed my lips against her ass cheeks.

When I did this Susan stopped moving and moaned even louder so I started to kiss her tight ass. I was caressing her ass with my lips and tongue as Wes was fucking her cunt. I kissed my wifeís asshole and she hissed "YessssssssssÖuummmÖyes that feels good" so I continued to kiss her little brown hole. I could feel Wesís shaft against my lips as I slid my tongue around her hole. I could taste her pussy juice that was now flowing from her cunt, down his plunging shaft to pool on his hips as he continued to fuck my wife. I licked and sucked on Susanís ass while Wes continued to fuck her from underneath. She was rocking and shaking as she quickly moved through one long cum and into another.

"Oh JesusÖ.Oh GodÖ.OhÖOh yesÖ.fuck meÖ.suck meÖÖfuck me!!!" she kept repeating over and over until finally she had too much. Susan fell back onto the couch gasping and trying to catch her breath from the wonderful feelings that were coursing through her body. "Do you want to take her now?" Wes asked me. "No, you keep on buddy, I think she wants more of your cock right now." And I smiled at him. Wes smiled back and moved toward Susan as she lay on her back on the couch. One leg was on the floor at my side and the other was up in the air. She opened her legs even wider and reached her arms up to pull his body onto hers. I reached up between their bodies and took Wes in my hand, the first time I had ever held another manís dick, and guided him into Susanísí pussy. He lunged forward and buried that 9" long hard cock into her juicy cunt. She welcomed him in with a groan of passion.

Wes then started to fuck my wife. There is no other way to describe what he did. He fucked her as she loved to be fucked, hard and with passion. Her legs were open and her hands were on his ass pulling him in. He plunged in and out of her with abandon. Her pussy making the most marvelous squishing sounds as she lunged up to meet his thrusts. I was kneeling on the floor by her head watching their bodies slap together, watching her tits bounce with every surge he made into her body, and stroking my cock in time with the strokes of his cock into my wifeís body. Susan turned her head to look me in the eyes and said "In my mouth baby, put it in my mouth." I leaned up and placed my cock on her lips and she sucked me down her throat. I started to fuck her throat then, sliding my 8" long cock in and out of her sucking mouth in the same fashion as Wes was fucking her cunt. It didnít take me long to cum.

I groaned as I shot my seed into her mouth and I watched as she gulped it down. For thrust after thrust I poured my cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all. Finally I fell back onto the floor, then crawled back to my chair, and watched as Wes continued his savage fucking of my wife. They were both panting and moaning from the excertion of meeting each otherís lunges and thrusts. Susan was meeting each of his thrusts with a lunge of her own. Their bodies were slapping together. He was leaning on his arms, his head hanging down and the sweat was dripping off his body to splash on Susanís own sweat covered body.

"Oh my godí" Susan cried out, "Yes! Thatís it, fuck me! I feel you getting so hard! You fill my pussy so good. Cum for me, fill my pussy with your cum!" And with that Wes slammed into her pussy and groaned out his orgasm. He was cumming so hard he couldnít even move. His body was locked tight in place. Susanís legs and hands held him close and he was pushing as far into her pussy as he get; dumping his seed into her belly, as he moaned and groaned out his passion and release. Wes collapsed onto Susanís belly and she slid her arms around his body and held him close.

As I sit in this chair and listen to my wife sigh with pleasure from the caresses of another, I canít help but smile. I have again watched her make love to another, listened to their moans and gasps, watched as they took each other to the absolute heights of sexual passion. I put them there. I share in the pleasure they have so freely given to each other.

Wes lay in Susanís embrace for a long few minutes before he finally slid off her and onto the floor. He was still breathing hard as lay there, his eyes closed, his chest rising and falling with his effort to get his breathing under control. Susan was also attempting to get herself under control. She was sighing as she lay there, cum seeping from her pussy to soak the couch under her. After some time had passed she rolled over, took a drink from her daiquiri, and stood up. "I need a shower," she said, and moved to the back of the house.

"Iím going to help wash her back, Wes, you like to join us?" I asked with a smile.

"You think I should?" he asked me.

"Oh yeah, that was an invitation if Iíve ever heard one." I replied. "You go join her and Iíll freshen our drinks."

This was only Friday; we had the whole weekend ahead of us.

* * * * *

If you would like to know more about this weekend, please let me know. I welcome comments from other readers. Thank you to all that written me in the past, for your kind comments and observations, especially KarenMarie


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