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Shower Time
by Mhaile

"Okay.... well, anyway... my door's always open... you're welcome any time." I could feel my face turning red with embarrassment as I turned away from Maddy and headed for my doorway. I'm not sure what made me say what I did. I had thought... well... anyway I must have been wrong.

Maddy was my neighbour. I had just recently moved in next door and was pleasantly surprised when I met her... a single mom... several weeks ago. Things had been rough since my divorce and it was nice to talk to such a good looking lady... and her daughter reminded me of my own kids. It was fun to bring her a little gift or two when I came home from work... and watch the look of delight in her eyes.

Maddy and I had been chatting casually one day when we somehow jokingly mentioned to each other how long it had been since we last had sex... for me it had been since my divorce! We had both rolled our eyes, acknowledging how horny we were... and there was something about the sexy little look that Maddy gave me that made me brave or stupid enough to say what I said.

I had come home mid-morning after working the night beat. It had been such a rough shift I hadn't even bothered cleaning up at the station. Maddy's daughter was in school, so we had time talk for a bit and share a laugh or two... and then I blurted out: "Gawd, Maddy, I could sure use some nice female hands like yours to help get me cleaned up in the shower!"

Maddy looked shocked. I figured I'd blown it... that she was offended by my suggestion, and I tried to recover with the lame comment about my door always being open. I couldn't get away from her and into my house quick enough. I was still shaking my head at my stupidity as I stripped off my uniform, turned the water on in my walk-in shower stall and plunged under the spray to wash away the grime... and my embarrassment. I stood under the stream of water for several minutes... just letting it scour my skin... enjoying the warmth.

Eventually a small sound made me look up. The glass walls of the shower were completely fogged, but through the mist I could make out a figure... a female figure entering the bathroom door. You can imagine my shock when I realized it was Maddy. Despite the heat of the water, goose bumps swept up and down my body... awakening my groin.

She wasted no time confirming her intentions. Before I could say a word I could see her discarding her clothes quickly... the creamy tone of her naked body rapidly visible through the fog. I rubbed a peek hole in the mist on the glass, making a squeaky sound, and she looked up and smiled, moving towards the shower. My breath caught in my throat. My Gawd... her body was every bit as beautiful as I imagined it. Slim, curvaceous, sensuous... my heart almost leapt out of my chest it was beating so hard.

I pushed open the door. "Hi...!" I croaked and then managed to say, "... come on in!"

Maddy squeezed quickly through the gap, her naked skin brushing against mine as she stepped under the water. "You made me an offer I couldn't refuse!" she said, laughing, eyeing me up and down... her cop neighbour, wet, naked and obviously aroused. If it was a sin to think about how much I would enjoy to touching her, kissing her, fondling her, fucking her into heavenly bliss, there was no hiding my guilt now!

I guided her under the water, smiling as she lifted her face into the spray, wetting her hair, the water funneling off her delicious curves. I'm pretty sure it was on purpose that she suddenly tilted her beautiful ass backwards, nudging her sweet cheeks into me, making me shudder at the shock of her smooth skin rubbing against my hardening dick. What a tease!

And then, in a moment, we were facing each other, water flooding between us as our bodies came together, my hands instinctively sliding over her beautiful perky breasts, her nipples already hard, our lips meeting in a wet, watery, thirsty kiss. Ohhh yesss... Maddy's fingers wasted no time finding my cock, stroking and squeezing it as it throbbed and grew to full length and thickness in her hands, her fingers then cupping my wet balls, tugging on them! Ohhh, what heaven!! Her skillful touch made me grunt with pleasure! What a way to forget about the troubles of the day, I thought, as my hands slid down Maddy's back and onto her shapely ass... she was making this cop real happy!!!

Breaking our kiss, I grabbed the bottle of shampoo off the corner ledge. We laughed together as I squirted the green liquid over her head then mine. On cue she reached up and started massaging my scalp, her delicate fingers scrubbing my hair, her nipples grazing my chest. "How's this?" she asked.

"Ohhhhh yeahhh, that feel's good," I murmured and returned the favour, working her long light brown hair into a lather.

"This'll feel even better, doll," she said, taking the bar of soap from its dish and beginning to rub it onto my chest in circular motions. She was right! I claimed the bar of soap from her after she had lathered me up and soaped her skin as well, creating foam on her lovely neck, her breasts, her ribs, rubbing soap over her belly. There was an urgency to our actions... slick, smooth skin sliding hungrily against slick, smooth skin. There is nothing more exquisite than the feel of a soft, soapy, slick breast slithering across my chest!! Oh how long it had been!

"Time to turn around," Maddy said, laughing with delight, rotating me towards the end of the shower. Obediently I put my hands out on the glass wall... as if I was a crook that had just been collared. I made deep "Mmmmm" sounds as she lathered my back, rubbing the tired muscles, working down onto my ass cheeks. Suddenly she slid her slithery, sudsy hand between my buttocks, between my thighs, and grabbed my big soapy balls from behind.

"Ohhhh myyyy Gawwwd," I groaned, arching back into her grasp, as she began to massage my nuts gently, caressing the base of my hard shaft with her fingertips. I was her prisoner! At that moment she could have asked for anything in the world and I would have given it to her. I was immobilized against the shower wall, overcome by the bolts of joy running through my body. This big hulking cop was now a puppy dog in her hands. She reached further under and began to milk my thick cock with her slippery fingers, gently masturbating my rigid shaft. I couldn't prevent myself from making a fucking motion with my hips. Holy shit! I was fucking my pretty neighbour's hand!

"Uhhhhh... uh yeah.. uh yeah...," I grunted with each thrust, unable to speak clearly, feeling my groin start to burn. Oh I wanted to let it go! It has been so long since I had felt a woman's touch!

Realizing she might make me cum too quickly, Maddy slid her fingers back through my crotch and pushed gently on my asshole, a tickly, vulnerable caress that made me lurch forward. Then she gave my balls one final squeeze.

"OoooohhMMMmmmHHmmm!" I want you to shoot some of that yummy cop cumm you have in those juicy balls up my pussy!" she purred as she tugged and then released of my tortured sack. Hearing those words, knowing she wanted me as much as I wanted her, just about made me cum on the spot!

"Your turn to turn around," I said gruffly, grasping and spinning her to face the end of the stall, taking my place against the glass wall. I gave her back a good soapy rub down as well, working downwards, encouraged by the way she writhed and groaned as my hands moved lower. Soon my hands were on Maddy's buttocks, decorating her round moons with soapy suds as she arched back against my firm touch. Then I too let my lathered fingers slide down the valley in the center of her lovely ass, rubbing my fingertips over her asshole... sliding them between her thighs onto her soft, wet pussy lips... parting them with my slippery fingers.

Again I was helpless, unable to stop myself. Looking at Maddy's succulent wet ass, feeling her wet slippery hole, hearing her moan loudly as I slid a finger inside her... there was no way I could resist shoving my cock in her. Oh Gawd I wanted to feel her dripping pussy wrap around my aching dick! I couldn't wait any longer.

Maddy groaned and tilted her invitingly as she felt my cockhead push against her slippery groove... obviously loving the feel of my long prod finding its target. Then I grabbed her hips, held her delicious body in place and in one long even stroke shoved my cock fully into her willing pussy. Oh Gawwwd, what an exquisite sensation, Maddy's beautiful cunt enclosing and clasping my bursting rod!!!

"Oooohhhhhh yesssssss baby... YES babybaby... fuck me with that cop cock!!" Maddy cried, pushing her pussy eagerly onto my thrusting shaft.

At any other time I might have been shocked at my neighbour's loud and obvious enthusiasm... or at the fact that my cock was impaled in my pretty neighbour's pussy at all... but I was lost... I had become a rutting, mindless animal. The need to fuck... just fuck... had swept all rational thought away. I held onto Maddy's hips and started to pump my bull cock into her like that was all I knew how to do... not aware, or even caring, if she felt pleasure or pain! There was no way to stop me!

The only word, however, that came from her lips was "Yessss!" as I clutched her slim body, almost lifting her ass into the air each time I pulled her onto my jackhammering cock.

"Oh.... unhhh... hunh... unhhh... "I grunted as I stroked, each thrust getting harder as I felt the animal orgasm gather inside me... oh, the months of not being with a woman!! Strangely it began in my toes, making them scrunch, then burned up my leg muscles... gripping my ass, crushing my stomach and chest.

"Ohhhhh... Maddy.... Maddy... Maddy..." Her name suddenly came from my strained throat like a chant... like I was worshiping her and crying for mercy at the same time. Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain... oh fuck she was going to make me come apart, rip into shreds, but the joy of my cock in her sweet pussy only made me fuck harder, HARDER!

"Unnnhhh... Maddy... Maddy!" Okay, baby, take my load, I thought crazily as I felt my launch ignite. Here it comes... ooooh yes baby... here... it... comes! I could not breathe... bright colors were exploding behind my clamped eyelids... my body seizing.

And then... WHOOSH... WHOOOOOSH.... WHOOOOOOSH...!!!! The cumm seemed to rocket from somewhere deep in my groin... again and again... each huge load stretching the little tube that carried it... violently spewing my creamy cop semen deep into Maddy. I lost all muscle control with the first volley, my entire body convulsing helplessly with each shot, shuddering at the exquisite release!

I finally became aware that my forehead was pressed against the glass of the shower wall, my mouth gasping for air, the water from the shower nozzle raining down on my quivering ass. I had collapsed against Maddy, sandwiching her against the misty wall. She, too, was panting... but panting with the hunger of a lioness still searching for her meal.

I was suddenly embarrassed again... I had totally ignored her needs! I had selfishly fucked her like a beast, only concerned with my own urgent need for pleasure!

As I tried to catch my breath, she squirmed off my spent dick, turning... sliding her nakedness up against me... gently pushing me back against the refreshingly cold tiles on the side wall. I was too weak to resist.

And then this beautiful woman... this sexy, desirable neighbour of mine... slid down my body, gently cradled my aching, still-hard cock in her hands and suckled my tender knob into her mouth. The soft embrace of her sweet lips made my head snap back against the hard wall.

"Ohhhhh yes, baby... that feel's better doesn't it..." she cooed, licking the last drip of cumm from my little hole. "You've been waiting for that... for soooo long haven't you. That was verrrry good!"

With amazement I watched Maddy carefully take my full length into her mouth, gently sucking my reddened cock with her lips as she drew back, like she was gathering the drips from a tasty lollipop. The way she tended to it so lovingly made me groan once more with desire. Somehow I gathered enough energy to reach down, seize her shoulders firmly and lift her up. I lifted her chin with my fingers, tilting her pretty wet face up to mine, shaking my head.

"What?" she asked, looking into my eyes.

"You just blew this cop's mind sweet Maddy... that's what," I said. We both smiled and then exchanged a deep kiss, hands on each other's face, holding, caressing. I didn't let the embrace last too long.

"Now it's your turn," I said, interrupting the searching of our tongues, moving against her, guiding her into the corner of the stall where tiles and glass met. I was pretty sure she hadn't cumm yet, but knew she was more than ready for her own personal bliss. "Or should I say it's my turn... to get a taste of you!"

She laughed in anticipation as I lifted her wrists up against the walls, kissing my way down her neck, along her shoulders, nibbling her tattoo, slithering my tongue along the edge of her armpits, admiring the little droplets of water that decorated her smooth skin.

"Let me see if I can gather all these," I murmured, beginning to collect each droplet I found with a light butterfly kiss, sucking them between my lips, tasting the skin on her arms, her ribs, the hollow of her neck. I paid special attention to the clear droplets clinging to her breathtaking breasts, gently lapping them up with my tongue, slowly working towards her stunning rosy red nipples.

Maddy moaned as I had my first taste of her breast fruit, suckling the water off one ripe nipple then the other, making blood rush to them... stiffen even more against my eager tongue.

My hands could not get enough of her. As my mouth worshipped Maddy's breasts, my hands explored her slender, sexy body, fingers running up and down her shapely legs, caressing the round curves of her ass, holding her slim waist. It was a much more pleasurable frisking than any this cop had performed lately. Gawd, she was a goddess!!

I let my nibbles trail down over her trim stomach, licking the water out of her belly button as I went by. As my mouth travelled lower, I knelt on the shower floor. My heart started to pound again, as the tip of my tongue grazed the first few soft pubic hairs on her mound. Maddy obviously knew where my lips were headed, because, to my surprise, she leaned back further into the corner of the shower stall, lifted a leg to one side, propped it on the shower ledge, reached down with her fingers and spread her pussy lips wide open for me! At such close range I had a view right up inside her tender pink, pulsing hole. Seeing the remains of my cumm still oozing from the depths of her sweet, rippled orofice made the heat of animal desire rage inside me once more.

My nose, lips and tongue dove into her lovely well like a man finding water after being stranded in the desert, lapping and sucking and drinking from her treasure in a frenzy. Oh sweet, sweet taste!!! Her juices, my cumm, dripping water... all mixed together! Maddy's fingers wrapped around my head, pulling me into her, her fingernails digging into my scalp as she humped her open pussy into my face. It had obviously been way too long for her as well.

"Ooooohh..Hooooo... yes baby, uHhummm... eat me right up... make me... Cumm...!!" Maddy moaned, her voice deep, urgent, begging.

What an amazing turn of events. A stupid comment... and now here I was naked in my shower with my beautiful neighbour, being encouraged to eat her pussy to my heart's content... after already having my cock inside her!! My gentlemanly senses began to return to me. I wanted to make this good for her... as good for her as it had been for me!

I could tell it would not take much for sweet Maddy to peak, so when her sounds and movements became urgent I slowed down, avoided her swollen clit with my tongue, began to explore her sweet crescent. Running the tip of my probe slowly up and down her fleshy lips, inside and out, made me shudder with delight. Oh how I wanted them wrapped around my cock again! My tongue wound its way around her tasty opening, teasing the back of it, running out onto the skin near her asshole and back in, then dipping inside her. When she least expected it I would swirl my tongue rapidly up over her clit, lash it back and forth, make her cry out until it seemed she would crash into paradise and then pull back, slow down again and let her panting and moaning subside. More teasing. Little licks at the front of her hole, gently stroking the tender smooth skin there, then lazy circular swirls from my tongue. Oooh yes I want to fuck you again Maddy, I thought madly, softly suckling my way along her petals, letting her feel the hard edge of my teeth.

Eventually I knew it was time. Sliding my hands firmly up the insides of her thighs, I reached with my fingers and spread her pussy lips wide. Now she would feel the fury of my tongue, I thought, smiling inside. And she did. My wiggling probe plunged into her seam with fresh vigour. Her clit would get no relief this time.

"Uhhoh yeeahh," Maddy grunted, as my tongue lashed her bud. Her legs began to shake, muscles tightening, her fingernails digging deeper. This was it. Oh yes, cumm on my face sweet C!!

"Uhhh... fuucckkk..." her voice was a strange croak.

And then as my tongue swirled she stopped. I could feel her body freeze, hitting that joyous moment when breathing is not possible, when movement is not possible, when all you know is that you are about to die... of exquisite mindless fucking-beautiful crazy mind-blowing RELEASE!!!! All over a cop's cheeks, nose, lips, lovely tongue....

Maddy came alright! I held up her slim frame as she suddenly lurched against my relentless mouth, arms and legs shaking and convulsing violently, again and again, the sound of her agonized cries music to my ears.

My cock was raging, throbbing, rekindled by this display of pleasure. I HAD to be inside her pulsing hole once more. Now! Her pussy was made for made for my cock, a perfect fit, made to be filled by my hard shaft! Yes, home! My cock had to be rammed home inside Maddy... meant to be there... wrapped in her pussy!!

With adrenaline and desire pumping through my veins, I rose and lifted Maddy up against the tile wall, like a feather in my arms, ready to make our union complete. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, kissing my face as she felt me move against her...

With Maddy propped against the wet tiles, my hands cupped under her ass, gripping her, lifting her, our mouths met in another hungry, searching kiss. Our lips and tongues danced in the thrilling taste of water, saliva and our sexual juices, knowing the intimacy we had shared... and were about to share again.

Breathing hard, I broke the kiss for a moment, grabbed the shampoo once more and dribbled a few squirts between our bodies. With my hand I created slippery, soapy bubbles on Maddy's breasts, arms, shoulders and belly. She returned the favour, rubbing the front of me into a lather. Soapy suds oozed down over my cock and balls.

Now our embrace, groin against groin, belly against belly, breasts against chest, was delightfully slippery, inspiring us to rub our slithery bodies together. Maddy's lathered nipples felt glorious against my skin as she writhed in my arms.

Wedging her against the wall, I managed to guide the tip of my rigid cock to the soapy opening of her pussy. She gasped, tightening her legs around me as she felt my cockhead part her lips. Ooooohhhhh yesssss, it felt so good to fill her once more, to push up inside her. Like a hot knife in butter my cock surged up into her aching oven with ease, the weight of her body impaling her fully on my shaft.

Our moans... Ohhh Gawwwdd... were united in one agonized cry as we began to fuck once more, clutching at one another, writhing our slippery bodies against each other with each thrust of my cock. I closed my eyes... so all that existed was my cock in Maddy's pussy, my cock in Maddy's pussy, my cock swallowed in Maddy's pussy... thrusting harder and harder, lifting her against the tiles, feeling her hold onto me tighter and tighter, grinding herself onto my pumping shaft.

"Ohhhhhhh.... yeah.... give me... some more.... of your cop cumm!" she groaned as she bounced up and down. My cock began to hurt it was so hard... Maddy's sweet cunt massaging, gripping, enfolding, accepting it's entire painful length. I imagined it was a fountain, about to go off... to explode and shower my love juice up into the center of her being. I wanted my cumm to fill her, to never stop flowing.

Little did I know she was imagining the same, envisioning herself... her depths... opening up to me, wanting to recieve all I could give, wanting to absorb me totally, griding her own burning, aching clit against the base of my shaft.

My grunting mouth found Maddy's neck, kissing and nibbling as she slid up and down. Somehow between bites and gasps and moans I managed to utter the words: "Oh baby.... ohhh baby... ohh baby... take... it... all... ohh yea...." I was slamming up into her now, my fountain ready to blow... to blow... and then it did!! My whole body exploded into Maddy, my cop cock gushing geysers of cumm after cumm, all my clenching muscles propelling me up into her. It was all I could do to hang on to her beautiful convulsing body as she came at the same time, legs squeezing me like a vise, hands tearing at my skin. We were not in the shower at that moment... we were in some wet, warm, wonderful, exquisite place of ecstasy, fucking as one!

It took a while for us regain our senses, still propped against the wall, still joined. Sliding awkwardly down the tiles we separated, balanced on shaky legs, holding each other, stroking and kissing. It felt wonderful to stand under the warm shower, faces upturned, water flowing over tenderized skin, savoring what we had just shared... the worries and problems of the day washed away.


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