The Best Erotic Stories.

by Ronald D. Thurman

The beginning of the end of my humanity started with an ancient game of cards called "Poker." It had been about three months since Jenifer had left me and the thought of spending my off hours alone in my cabin was depressing, so when I was invited to join a game, I readily accepted.

I was the lead Operations Engineer for Hexagon Energyne, which had been contracted to do a calibration overhaul on the auxiliary power units on Flauvous Five, the station between the Ranul and the Soharus systems near the galactic hub. Come to find out, an old war buddy of mine, Reg Stout, was working as the planner scheduler on station for that project. After the project was rolling and the crews assigned, we managed to each get a forty-eight off at the same time and he invited me up to his cabin for a friendly game.

He introduced me to Lester and Scones, two of the grid operators, and Geosh, the station's Academy Historian and finally, to what he referred to as his pet, Tryxie, an amber teddy bear looking creature that stood about waist high.

"What is that?" I asked.

"She's a feminine Tryxl," Reg told me.

"The Tryxl are sentient," I said. "I thought it was a violation of the Lincoln Act to claim ownership of a sentient."

"Only the males are considered to be sentient," Geosh said. "They give their fems away to anyone who wants one as a pet."

"This far out in the nowhere, Earth law is kind of thin anyway," Lester added.

"I heard they turn out huge litters and most of the fems get eaten," Scones said. "Better a pet here than a Tryxl's meat dish there."

"She's kind of cute," I said as we sat down to play.

"And easy to train," Reg added.

The Tryxlfem was well trained. She waited on us hand and foot as we played, bringing snacks, drinks and keeping the ashtrays emptied. The real surprise came about halfway through the late watch when she served us all a round of ethylbev drinks. When I graduated from academy, my Grandpa broke open a bottle of ethylbev called "scotch" and I loved it. I had not tasted anything like it since I left Earth, until that night, mainly because it was forbidden on most stations. Security usually scanned real close for drugs of any kind so it was extremely rare that far out.

"My God Reg, How did you come by this stuff?" I asked.

"I just feed Tryxie malt and barley and have her smoke a pack of nics and she pisses it."

I was almost tempted to spit back into the glass, but the scotch was so smooth and tasty I thought Reg was pulling my leg. Later, when I noticed the little Tryxl slip into the head with our empty bottle and return with a full one, I was to the point where it didn't really matter where it came from.

As the evening wore on, none of us were feeling any pain and it seemed as if I could do no wrong. I kept getting good cards and by the time first break of the mid-watch sounded, most of the money had ended up sitting in front of me. "It's about time I call it a session," Scones said. "I don't have enough for another hand and besides, I have to go in early for the late watch tomorrow."

"We'll do one last hand to see if I can get some of my money back," Reg said, "then we'll have a nightcap."

"I'll stay for the nightcap," Geosh said, "but count me out of the next hand. I can barely make the ante."

"I'm in," Lester said.

"Fine by me," I said, "if I can give your little Tryxlfem a pet for luck." She was in a ball on the settee, apparently napping, and when I mentioned her, her head popped up. She jumped down and toddled over to the table next to me, put her mitten like hands on the edge and stretched up on the tips of her feet to look over the table. She was so damn cute as she looked up at me with her big dark eyes, I couldn't help but smile at her as I scratched her behind the ears and pet the longer nap on the top of her head. She let out a purring sound as her mouth made an approximation of a smile in return.

Reg picked up the cards. "Ok, gentlemen, this'll be five card stud, just like the old days," he said as he dealt the cards.

I had an eight of clubs showing and an ace of diamonds in the hole. Reg had a king showing, so he led off the betting.

My next card was an ace of hearts, Lester drew a three and Reg drew another king. "I doubt that I'll be able to beat a pair of kings," Lester said. "I fold."

Reg was tickled at his apparent change of luck and bet the limit before dealing me another eight and himself a nine. He bet the limit again and when I matched him, he dealt out the last card. He gave me another ace and he drew a third king. "Three kings bets a hundred," he said with a big grin on his face. That left him with only a couple of coins in front of him.

I met his bet and raised to the limit. "Damn your hide, Quince," Reg said. "I'm not going to let you buy that pot. You'll have to take a marker."

"If you want to see my ace in the hole, you'll have to put up something of value," I said.

"I just know you don't have an ace under there. I'll bet Tryxie, she's worth at least a hundred. I want to see what you've got."

"There you have it," I said, turning over the card. "Read `em and weep."

When Reg saw the ace his face went slack. "I don't fucking believe it," he said. "The chances of you having that last ace were impossible."

"What do you mean, `that last ace'?" I asked.

Scones reached over and picked up the deck and looked at the bottom card. It was the ace of spades.

"Looks like our Mr. Stout here was peeking," Lester said. "Considering that's not quite fair, I'd say he deserves to lose that hand."

"I don't know if Quince is so lucky," Geosh said. "There's an ancient myth about a hand like that. It's called `The Dead Man's Hand' because some nineteenth century hero was murdered right after winning with a full house of aces and eights."

"Aw, most of those old Terran myths were bullshit anyway," Lester said.

"I'll have your hundred bob for you, come payday," Reg said.

"That's all right, I think I'll just keep the Tryxlfem," I said. "She's cute and I've taken a liking to her."

"You can't do that! I need her!"

"Quince won her fair and square, Reg," Scones said, "even though you cheated a bit. He has every right."

"You asshole! You'll be sorry!" Reg screamed as Tryxie wrapped her little mitten hand around my index finger and tugged me towards the door.

I said goodnight to the rest of the players and headed back to the transport docks. We had pets on board, a terracat and a somolian fungee, but a Tryxl would be a different matter because they were able to excrete ethylbev and ethylbev was a no no.

As I approached the transport, I was wondering if the hatch watch would give me any hassle about bringing the Tryxlfem aboard. Before I realized what was going on, Tryxie was down on all fours pissing into a drain. She shrunk to about two sizes smaller as I watched and when she was through, she ran out in front of me on all fours, bouncing around like an excited puppy. She stayed in that configuration as we approached the transport and as we entered, the hatch watch asked what it was.

"I think it's some kind of Procyonese canine," I said, thinking to myself if he doesn't know, I'm not going to tell him. "Won her in a poker game."

"Must be a mixed breed," he said. "I've never seen one like that."

"At least she's house broken."

My cabin had felt cold and lonely since Jenifer left, and the booze seemed to make it worse. I just wish I knew what I had done to make her start running around and finally take off with that freighter captain. Hopefully, my new pet would take some of the loneliness out of it. All I could think of was how much Jenifer would have loved the little Tryxlfem.

Tryxie was almost funny the way she darted from place to place, exploring her new home, looking into drawers, opening up cabinets and checking out the cabin. Back in her bipedal form, she jumped up on the counter in the small kitchenette and took a long drink from the tap and regrew to her original size. The place was a real mess now that I was living alone and didn't care. Tryxie seemed to love it as she tasted the bits of dried food stuck to the utensils and licked the dust that had formed on the counter top. I was glad that she liked the place, but I was sinking into one of my dark moods of self-pity and just wanted to get really blitzed.

"Tryxie, could you make me some more of that ethylbev?" I asked, wondering if she'd even understand me.

She reached into a cabinet, picked out a reasonably clean bottle, jumped down off of the counter and went into the head. I could hear the tap running and a few minutes later she came out and handed me the bottle filled with an amber liquid. I took a small juice glass and poured about three fingers worth into it and threw it back. That was the stuff all right. It tasted just like the hundred-year-old scotch that my grandpa had. I poured another shot and sipped at it as I flipped the holoproj on.

The holo program was recorded during the furlough Jenifer and I took together on Halepis Four, a class M planet in the Arcturan sector. I think that was the happiest time we ever spent. I scrolled through the images as I sipped one shot down, then another and lost count. One segment was of Anelus Island, a clothing optional resort, where we ran around naked all week. Damn, Jenifer was beautiful! She seemed to really enjoy having the floatcam follow us and record our most intimate moments. There were several shots of us having sex and lots of others with her laying with her legs splayed, displaying her most private parts. The booze, the blues and the explicit holos only served to make me lonelier and hornier.

Tryxie had crawled up on my lap and was taking a real interest in the images. I guess at one point I started to cry because before I realized it, she had her little arms around my neck and was licking tears off of my face as I petted the velvety texture down her back.

My head was swimming from the ethylbev and my eyes were drooping as I sat my new pet down on the floor and staggered to my berth. As the lights of my cabin dimmed, the last thing I remembered for sure was Tryxie standing on my chair looking at the images of the holoproj that I had left on.

Sometime during the night, I felt my boots being tugged off and then my suit. After that, I fell into a fitful sleep filled with surreal dreams of Jenifer, then Tryxie. I would be making love to Jenifer, then it would be Tryxie with Jenifer's body. I was mounted as I lay on my back and I could feel myself enter a hot, moist recess as soft, wet lips kissed my face and a tongue worked around my ears and over the sensitive areas of my neck, fueling my delirium to heights of ecstasy.

Jenifer's breasts, firm and round, standing proudly out from her chest, seemed as if they were coated with a layer of soft felt rather than smooth skin. In the dreams, Jenifer's skin seemed to be the dull yellow of Tryxie's color and had a matte texture. My visual senses became purely tactile as the feminine sheath that was gripping me with its slippery smoothness stroked until all of my senses were consumed in orgasmic spasms. As my nocturnal passions subsided, the image of Jenifer faded, flattened and spread over my body like a thick blanket and a warm purring sound lulled me back into the dark abyss of deep sleep.

My cabin's intercom buzzed me awake with the announcement of first watch. I cursed myself for having forgotten to switch it off for my leave time. The warm, thick blanket that I crawled out from under as I staggered to the head to relieve myself seemed somehow unfamiliar. When I returned with the dull throb in my head from the ethylbev, I didn't give a thought to the fact that only my familiar blankets remained in their normal position, bunched at the foot of the berth.

The first break chime woke me and I cursed myself again for not turning off the intercom when I was up earlier. When I rolled over I was greeted by the deep dark eyes in the otherwise featureless face of my new pet. Her mouth stretched into a grin of welcome as she offered me a glass filled with an effervescent liquid. The standard "morning after" remedy had not changed much in nearly a millennium. I was usually grumpy in the morning but it was hard to grouch at Tryxie's sweet velour face and big dark eyes. I drank down the proffered cure and petted her head to show my appreciation for her thoughtfulness.

When I staggered into the head, I was taken by surprise. The shower, toilet and sink had been scrubbed sparkling clean. The usual clutter on the counter top was cleaned and arraigned neatly to one side and a fresh suit had been set out for me. Without Jenifer around to nag me about keeping it clean, I hadn't touched anything since she left except to make things messier. It was clear that Tryxie was turning out to be more than just a pet.

Now that I had this little companion, I thought I would swing by the station's commissary and pick up some groceries. Since I had been alone, I hadn't felt like zapping anything for myself so I'd been eating in the ship's mess. Even though I hadn't looked lately, I was sure the stores I had on hand had gone bad.

After I cleaned up, I left Tryxie in my cabin and headed over to the station. Most large stations had banks of information on xenobiology, so I stopped by their library on my way to see if they had any information on her race. The Tryxl were a race from somewhere near the tip of the J-five arm of the galaxy. They were the seventeenth sentient race that humans had come in contact with and possibly the most friendly. They traded mostly in exotic ores and livestock and their fems were given away as pets. Because they were polymorphic, they were hard to identify so the Lincoln Act was hard to enforce. The holos of their males looked nothing like the little teddy bear shape of Tryxie. Of course, they appeared different to every race in the galaxy.

The Tryxl's physiology was undefinable. They had no central nervous system, no digestive tract or any distinct organs for respiration or circulation. Anything resembling a skeletal structure when they assumed a form consisted of a sort of erectile tissue. It appeared that every cell or fiber that made up their bodies were capable of performing any task of their metabolism that was required of it. The only constant in their whole body were the forty-three pieces of an ivory like substance that they used for teeth or claws as needed. They could eat and metabolize every known element and combination thereof, which explained Tryxie's interest in my dirty kitchen and the cleanliness of my bathroom when I got up that morning. Their size was controlled by the amount of liquid they took in. Interesting creatures.

It was nearly late watch by the time I got back to my cabin and when I keyed the door open, what I saw was quite a shock. The cabin was immaculate! My berth was made for the first time in months, all of my discarded clothes were gone, and the tabletops and bulkheads were positively shiny. Everything in the kitchenette was washed and put away and all the scraps of dried and rotting food were gone. Tryxie was no where in sight and I guessed she was in the head because the door was shut. As I was looking into some of the lockers and admiring how everything was cleaned and neatly put away, I heard the head door slide open.

Expecting to see the cute little teddy bear looking creature, I almost fell over in shock with what I saw. Standing there, smiling at me was a terrafem shaped being. The only giveaway that it was Tryxie was the matte texture of her skin and her large luminous dark eyes. She was absolutely voluptuous! It was obvious that she had used the images of Jenifer as a model. Somehow, what she had done felt wrong and I should have put a stop to it right then and there. When she came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me full and hard with human-like lips, I had no resistance.

I dropped the bag of groceries as she pressed her firm, supple body against me and explored the inside of my mouth with her tongue while giving off a warm mewling sound that sent a delicious soft tickle sensation up my neck and over my brain. I wanted to resist, push her away, but instead I put my arms around her narrow waist and held her to me. The feel of her Jenifer-like breasts pressing into my chest and the faint scent of human sex emanating from her downy textured skin had my head spinning.

I stood there in a daze as Tryxie's now fully digitalized hands unfastened the front of my suit and slipped it down over my shoulders. As she peeled the suit down over my body, she kissed her way over my bare flesh, leaving those areas that were touched by her lips with a tingling sensation. I was lowered to my berth and her mouth was once more pressing on mine. Her taste was like a minty green, sweet and refreshing. As I stroked my hands down the curvaceous form of her body, she responded in kind, showing her pleasure to my touch. In her approximation of human anatomy, Tryxie must have included erogenous areas sensitive to touch in the same manner as her terrafem counterpart.

Tryxie in the form of a terrafem was the most beautiful of creations. Every curve, indentation and swell of her body was artwork of the most divine. The sounds that she made as a demonstration of her pleasure was a music that eluded my hearing and went directly to my brain, carrying with them the exquisite tingle that passed through my entire nervous system.

Between her long slender legs I found in her hairless mons a feminine cleft that was human like in every way. The flesh there was silky smooth and as it engorged, it became lubricated with the secretions of pleasure. As her body undulated next to mine, I caressed her feminine features, tenderly stroking the hard knot of flesh at the apex of her succulent nether lips. Her mewling sounds momentarily became a high pitched screech before going subsonic. Her pseudo-terrafem body tensed as she experienced her otherworldly climax then for a few seconds became shapeless like a bladder of viscous liquid. Her mewling purrs cycled in frequency with her internal contractions and she wrapped herself around me as only a being with no skeletal structure could do. The sensation was warm and pleasant, causing me to become completely emerged in it until she was able to reshape herself into the terrafem form once again.

Her warm hands stroked my body in every pleasurable way imaginable and when I had achieved a state of full excitement, she guided my engorged phallus into the moistened entrance of her feminine sheath. As I pushed into her lubricated aperture, feeling some resistance in its tightening grip, a throaty purr emanated from deep inside of her causing an overwhelming sensation of pleasure to flow through my entire being. As she took me into her body, it seemed as if I was absorbing her into mine.

In the joining of our bodies there seemed to be a joining of minds. Somehow I knew exactly what would give Tryxie pleasure, and in giving that pleasure she pleasured me as well. It was like a perfectly choreographed dance in slow motion where I was able to watch as well as participate. What Tryxie could do was light years beyond any thing I had experienced! I could hear her voice deep within my being, "You are my love, my mate. Be with me, be with me."

As the sensations of that inner voice clouded over my perceptions of reality, my mind screamed, "Yes! Yes! I am yours, you are mine. We are a mated pair," and my consciousness was drawn to a central point deep within me only to explode in a burst of flashing lights as muscular contractions sent my body into spasms of orgasmic fury. The rest of that day and on into the night passed like an erotic dream, the two of us making love in the human manner, then we continued on in the Tryxl ways of mating. There were no interludes for nutrition or drink. The both of us seemed to be able to draw sustenance from the ether to give us the energy for our mating. From that point on, any thought of Jenifer seemed purely academic as if it were merely a historical fact.

When at last I had to face my responsibilities and return to my assigned tasks on the station, it was like clawing my way up a long dark tunnel to reality. Even then it was impossible to keep my mind on my work. At meal break, half way through first watch, I returned to my cabin and was caught up once more in sexual frenzy. When Tryxie would take me into her embrace, into her body, nothing else mattered.

After several days, the project manager relieved me of duty and had me report to the company physician. The tests showed a noticeable loss of bone mass and an increased amount of respiration through my skin. Brain scan and tests for neural activity were way below normal, but intelligence quota was elevated, which screwed up all data for human physiology. I cared not one iota for the results and only wanted to be back in Tryxie's embrace.

Both Geosh and Scones were wrong about the Tryxl. The feminines were sentient. The Tryxl were only feminine gender. As Tryxie and I mated, she was able to impress herself on me to the point where my genetic programming became invalid and started a transformation in my body to become a Tryxl. The males of their race were taken from other races and transformed. By the end of the pay quarter, I was relieved of my position and given passage to Earth. In the meantime, Tryxie had found passage for us on an antique freighter destined outbound towards the J-five arm of the galaxy that would honor a trade for my ticket.

My soul is intact but my humanity is lost to me. Don't get me wrong, I love my mate dearly and would go anywhere for her. I am just sending this message out as a warning: If you should come by a soft fuzzy creature and want to make it your pet, beware, it could make you its mate??


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