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Tom's Adventure
by Egyptian Spy

The time had finally come. You were going to fly to Miami and take my virginity. We had planned to go out to dinner and then come back to my house, but we had a change of plans. Your plane was delayed and you would be flying in an hour later. I hadn't yet dressed when I got a phone call from you. "The plane's coming a bit later and it'll be too late for dinner so let's just spend the night together and have some fun tomorrow," you told me, trying not to sound too disappointed. I told you it was okay. I'd have dinner with my family and you would catch a cab to Steve's house and call me in the morning.

This idea didn't seem too fun to me so I made up my own plans. I waited impatiently in my room, listening to music, trying not to go too early. After an hour, I got up and went outside to my car. I drove, heading toward the airport, thoughts racing through my mind of what I'd have in store for you. It would have been too easy to show up in a trench coat naked. You would have nothing to strip off of me.

After going through all the most revealing clothing I owned, I chose my outfit. I kept the heel of my leather boot pressed firmly against the pedal of my Jag. On my legs, I wore silky black thigh highs with suspenders leading up to my garter belt. My barely existent thong was wet between my legs. A lacy red bodice covered my chest as my breasts heaved up and down with anticipation of what was to come. The wind blew through my hair and against the leather jacket that barely reached my knees.

The planes buzzed overhead loudly, still no match for the din of my pounding heart. I pulled into the terminal and against the curb. Luckily, you were only a few cars away, loading a single navy duffel bag into the trunk of a banged-up Chicago taxi. I got out of my car and crossed the 30ft of pavement that lay between my lover and me. You looked up at the sound of my heels pounding the cement beneath us. The look of surprise on your face turned to wonder as I came closer, flashing you a glance of the clothing beneath my jacket. You retrieved your bag from the cab's trunk and walked with me back to my car.

When we had both gotten into the car, I pulled away from the terminal. You figured we were heading back to my house for some play, but you had never been to my house before. You didn't realize that I wasn't going back the way I came, but towards a Holiday Inn not far from the airport. The trip was only 45 minutes. We sat in sexual silence throughout the drive, my wetness dripping onto my leather seat, a bulge growing in your khakis. Finally, we arrived at the hotel and I drove around back to the door that would be closest to the room I had already checked into earlier that afternoon.

You took your luggage from my trunk as I retrieved a black carry-on from the back seat of my convertible. We went through the door and up to our third floor suite. There was a bottle of champagne submerged in a bucket of ice on a cart in the middle of the room. Next to the bucket sat a bowl of strawberries, and a canister of whipped cream. You try to hide the smile on your face about as well as you can hide the growing erection inside your boxers. Kicking your shoes and socks off, you lay back, your head resting against the pile of pillows on the king-sized bed. I lay down beside you, kissing your cheek before I nuzzle my face into your shoulder. You wrap your arms around me and fall asleep.

Less than an hour later, you awaken to the sight of me kneeling at the foot of the bed, tying your feet with nylon cords to the bottom bedposts. Your hands are already cuffed to the bedpost above your head. You notice that I have shed my jacket, but still wear the bodice, garter belt, thigh highs, and boots. It doesn't take you long to realize I have also abandoned my thong panties. I move back to the cart of food items, admiring the wonderful upside down Y I have positioned you into.

It is not until now that you realize you have been stripped of all your clothing. I pop the cork out of the champagne bottle and take a long swig of the blond liquor. Stepping close to the bed, I lean my head down to let the liquid drizzle from between my lips onto your bare chest. The beads of wine mix with the perspiration clinging to your gorgeous body. I climb on top of you, straddling your slim body between my legs.

My small hands run up and down the sides of your abdomen as I bend my head to lick the wetness from your chest. I press my chest against your body, pushing my face up into yours. Our lips meet and our tongues are quickly involved in a passionate dance of two lovers starved of each other for too long. You tilt your head down, longing to taste my lips for longer. I pull away from your mouth, leaving you whimpering.

I retreat to the cart once again, this time grabbing a handful of strawberries. I pop one into my mouth as I walk back to your pinned figure. I devour the first four chunks of fruit before taking the last one between my thumb and forefinger and replacing myself above your body. I reach behind my back to release the hooks off my bodice. The stiff fabric falls forward before getting pushed away by me. Your eyes gaze at my pale, shapely breasts, my hardening pink nipples. You lick your lips as your stare follows the strawberry in my hand, running down my flesh, around each one of my nipples and down between my legs.

The sweet red juice stains my skin as the fruit leads a trail around my erect clit and the swelling lips of my pussy. I shudder as the feelings of wanting you rush through my body at the simple ministrations. The tip of your tongue escapes the confines of your lips, reaching out towards the red juice. I touch the leftover chunk of fruit to your tongue and you open your mouth to receive my offering. The taste of my wetness combined with the natural sugars is too much for you to bear. Your cock hardens until it is perpendicular to your body. I smile at the effect that tasting me has had on you. Positioning my hips closer to your face, I slip out of my boots and unclip the suspenders from my garter belt. I roll the thigh highs off my legs one at a time at a painfully slow pace.

Finally, I move my naked hips above your head and lower myself until your mouth clamps down over my virgin pussy. You lap at the combined juices of my sex and the strawberry. You close your eyes, sucking the smell into your nostrils, fantasizing about the erotic ideas you would estimate me to have planned for tonight. You suck on each swollen lip before stiffening your tongue and forcing it inside me. You are amazed at how tight I am and know how great it will be to penetrate me with your manhood. You suck at my hole until the juice from the fruit is gone and it is pure sex that you taste. Your hot wet mouth tilts up, reaching for my clit. Your lips wrap around my clit, sucking like a whore deprived of cocks for too long.

My thighs, clamped around your head, soon begin to quiver as my body approaches orgasm. You've waited so long to hear me cum and I don't disappoint you. I reach down to your head, stroking your soft hair as I cry out in ecstasy. My screams bounce of the walls of the hotel room and rattle through your ears. My hips buck against your face as you continue to hold my clit between your lips, your tongue swirling around the pink bud inside your mouth. Finally, my body trembles for the last time and relaxes. I collapse onto the bed beside you and look into your eyes, stroking your face. I rest, allowing you time to imagine what is still to come.

Before you know it, the can of whipped cream is in my hand. I sit on your chest backward, my tight ass inches away from your face. The cream sprays out of the nozzle onto your erection as I make little designs upon your groin. You moan at the cold feeling the chilled product gives to your soft flesh. After a few minutes, I throw the bottle to the floor and lean my head down. My tongue darts out, hitting the hole at the top of your mushroom tip. My lips brush your smooth cockflesh as I run my tongue along the underside of your penis. You moan softly, relaxing deeper into the pillows behind your head. My ass pushes back, getting closer to your face as I lean my head down further. One at a time, I take each ball into my mouth, sucking gently while stroking your cock.

After enough anticipation, I place my lips over your cockhead and let your mushroom slip into my mouth. Your hips rise as I lower my mouth further down onto your pole. I slowly move my lips halfway down and then back up your shaft, teasing you by not letting you very far into my mouth. Again my lips move down your shaft only a few inches before moving back up to swirl my tongue around your swollen head. I relentlessly go halfway down and back up again and again, never changing the rhythm, just continuing the motion until you're exhaling in deep, guttural moans. Mercifully I swirl my tongue around your cock for the last time before taking the head into my mouth and tightly sliding my lips down your shaft until my nose is buried in your pubic hair.

You scream at the tightness of my hot throat squeezing the flesh of your extremity. I slowly move my mouth back up to the tip, then rush my mouth back down over your entire length, acquiring a rhythm of bobbing my head up and down your cock from the mushroom tip to the pubes of your groin. You strain to lift your head, wanting to watch as my mouth engulfs your cock, moving in the same motion my pussy will soon move in. I stop as your cock begins to throb. I crawl off your body and lean towards the bedside table. On the tabletop rests a Lifestyles. I throw the wrapping to the floor before slipping the latex over your tip and unrolling the condom down to your hair.

You look at me as if I was about to untie you and let you have some control. Not a chance! I climb above you and position my pussy over your cock. You had always imagined that I would want to be helpless when I take my first cock inside of me. You quickly recover from your surprise as you watch your cock slide between my lips into my tight, previously impenetrated cunt. I scream at the pain of your penis stretching me, but the pain is quick to fade. I lean over, resting my body against yours, relishing in the wonderful feeling of finally being filled by you. You smile at me as I sit back up and start to rock my hips back and forth.

I begin to love the feeling of your cock inside me and ride harder and with a more precise rhythm. You penetrate me deeper each time I rock forward, in the direction of your smiling face. It doesn't take much time for you to cum, seeing as my tongue-tight pussy is milking the cum from your cock as my throat never could. My hips grind against yours as our moans combine to make a single sound of orgasmic love. You grunt and whimper as gobs of cum splash the thin latex that keeps me from conceiving.

I raise myself off of your cock, my legs weak from riding you, and slip the covers of the bed over our sweaty bodies. We sleep side by side, your legs and hands still tied to the bed. In the morning, I wake up and get into the shower. The running water wakes you and you finally take the time to see the cuffs that bind your hands above your head. It isn't until now that you realize the cuffs had a safety latch and I had just been waiting for you to figure it out. Mad at yourself, but also steaming at the way I had so insolently teased you, you release yourself from the cuffs. Your wrists are sore and red but you waste no time in reaching forward to untie your legs. Still naked, you get off the bed and walk into the bathroom.

I turn in time to see the fire in your eyes as you step into the shower and press my body against the tiles, kissing me hard on the lips. Your tongue darts out to explore my mouth and your hands explore my wet body. We kiss passionately for a while, but I am left unsatisfied when you step out of the shower and away from the bathroom. Feeling sad, I turn back to the water. The water rushes over my face as I turn my body back towards the door. You come back into the bathroom, removing another condom from your wallet. You slip it on and resume your place, kissing me and pushing my body up against the shower wall. Your hands reach down behind my thighs as you lift me up. My legs wrap around your slim body and I drape my arms over your shoulders as I kiss you. Our tongues slither around in each other's mouth, tasting the sweetness our combined saliva makes. Your penis finds its way into me and you force my back against the cold tiles.

My nipples brush your chest as you pound your cock into me, pistoning like a bullet train in and out of my newly devirginized pussy. You continue your assault on my body until my limbs go limp around you and my vaginal muscles contract on your cock, straining to feel your hot cum inside of me. You cum into the rubber and pull out of me. You hold my limp body up against the tiles, still kissing my sweet mouth. We finally step out of the shower and dry each other off. We crawl into bed together and prepare to sleep until checkout time.

As I drift off to sleep, I notice the look in your eyes as you stare down at me and whisper "you are the sexiest girl I have ever met."


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