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Truth and Consequences
by Frenchie

Doesn't anyone believe in truth in advertising any more? He says in his ad, "I like aerobics, hiking, biking, and being in the great outdoors" - and then when I meet him, he's 30 or more pounds overweight, and looks disparagingly at my short-waisted, heavy-breasted figure, rejecting me instantly. Not that I couldn't benefit from losing 20 pounds or so-though I doubt I could lose more. I've got big boobs, a short waist, and wide shoulders, so most men take one glance at me and decide that I'm too fat. They don't take the time to discover that there isn't really all that much extra poundage on me at all-or god forbid, that there's more to me than my body. They never think about the fact that the most important sex organ is the brain-not the waistline!

But what if I could write the ad I really want to, for the kind of man that I've been dreaming of? God knows where I'd put it, since I don't know any X-rated publications, and would be scared to advertise in any of them anyway. I mean, fantasies aside, I do live in the real world-- STDs and AIDS are more real than I want to think about, horny or not.

And therein lies the dilemma-do I indulge my sexual fantasies that I have put off for far too long, or do I do the sensible thing that most 40-something year old women would do, and just buy another vibrator?

Well, my role model has always been Auntie Mame-"Live! Live! Live! Life is a banquet and most poor fools are starving to death!"-so here goes-what the hell. It's just a fantasy, anyway, right??


"I'm waiting for you-but I don't want to wait forever. You're tall, 6'2" or more, with dark hair and eyes, and a muscular build. A romantic, you've been waiting for the woman you've always dreamed about, just as I have always dreamed about you. I see you in my dreams, appearing beside my bed, your naked body hot and yearning for mine, my long legs, big breasts, narrow hips, and my wet, eager pussy. Every part of you is beautiful, from your thick-lashed eyes to your beautiful long thick cock. Dance with me, my love, let me draw you into my body, show me your desire, fill me with your seed, and hold me close to you forever."

In other words, sweep me off my feet, pounce on my lush body, fuck me every way you can, and then start all over again. But the personals can't be as direct and specific as fantasies But if they could, who knows what might happen-maybe this would....

He was the first man to answer my ad, and I was delighted. He was 6'4", and muscular, so maybe his cock was at least close to what he'd bragged about-7" long, 2" thick-and able to fuck for an hour or more. We talked for hours, and arranged to meet the next night. I was glad I'd been honest about myself-5'8", 44D-34-40-he said he couldn't wait to get his hands and his mouth on my huge boobs. Frankly, neither could I!! I love to have my boobs rubbed and cuddled and squeezed, and make sure that my nipples stay sensitive by playing with them everyday. When I'm at work, I wear thick bras-I work at a public service desk and it wouldn't do for me to show my hard, hurting, wanting nipples to every man who walks in. But when I come home-it's the first thing I take off, so I can enjoy the freedom and the chance to tease my nipples whenever I please-and as hard as I please!

I saw him when I walked into the bar-anyone as tall as he is stands out in a crowd. He hadn't seen me walk in, so I paused a minute to take a long, luxurious look. There was no doubt he was worth it. He'd told me the basics on the phone-dark brown hair and eyes, silver at the temples, glasses, average build, with just a hint of love handles at his waistline. He had on jeans that clung to his legs and the gorgeous tight butt he'd forgotten to mention. Yum! I do like a man who can make my mouth water from both the front and the back views! He had on a black polo shirt, and when he turned around, I could see just a bit of curly dark hair showing at the the neck. He wasn't classically handsome, his face was interesting, craggy, and looked like he could be either cuddly or slightly dangerous, and very, very sexy.

He turned around, saw me looking at him, and grinned. I felt my breath quicken and my pussy quivered and clenched involuntarily. His sexy eyes sparkled with humor and intelligence behind the horn-rimmed glasses. Lifting his glass of white wine, he toasted me with it, and I walked over to join him at the bar. Putting his arm around me, he kissed me gently, saying, "I'm glad you're here. You look wonderful. How could anyone possibly think anything different?" I melted onto the bar stool, too overwhelmed to say more than "Thank you."

I was wearing one of my favorite outfits-I'd decided I wanted him to see the real me, the person I am with my friends. The long-sleeved leopard skin top fitted perfectly, clinging to my boobs and short enough to not cover my ass, accented by the Indian concho belt slung low around my hips. My jeans were so tight they left nothing to the imagination, and I'd pulled my tall black boots over them. I wore a rope of turquoise heishi, long turquoise earrings, and my usual assortment of rings. I don't wear a lot of makeup, except for eye shadow, and my hair is long and straight, halfway down my back, and dark with a silver streak on one side. It wasn't a look that seemed to be a turn-on for a lot of men, but I liked it, and I knew I looked good. Now I knew that Lee liked it, too.

"What did you do last night, after we hung up?" I asked, with a teasing grin. We'd talked for hours, covering all kinds of subjects, ending up with a discussion of our favorite sexual fantasies and preferences. Finally, we'd both come so hard it felt like we were drowning in sensation.

His voice had been low and sexy in my ear, stroking me like a caressing hand. Listening to him, my nipples were throbbing, and my pussy wet and trembling. As he told me what he wanted to do to me, I let myself pretend that my hand was his, pinching my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger, then kneading my whole breast with his hands. He slipped his big hand into my wetness, stroking gently, teasing my clit, then sinking deep inside me. As I moaned in ecstasy, I began telling him what I wanted to do for him.

I caressed his hot cock, taking a deep breath of the heavy scent of his sex, then gently wiping the drop of precum from its tip, and sucking it, tasting as well as smelling his desire for me. Putting my hand around him, I stroked him, rubbing my thumb gently down the thick vein on its underside. His skin felt like hot velvet covering a steely hardness. Leaving his cock, my hand cupped his balls, rolling them gently in my fingers. Hearing his gentle moan, I drew him toward my mouth, knowing I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me.

I had never indulged in phone sex before, but Lee's voice had been able to touch me in ways I had never experienced. I knew I was in for the most erotic, sensuous sexual experience of my life, and I was determined to make sure it was just as good for him as it would be for me.

"I made love to you all night, in my dreams," he whispered into my ear. "You came over and over and over. I've never seen a woman so beautiful and wild when she came. I can't wait to be with you when I'm not dreaming."

"I dreamed about you, inside me, touching, licking, sucking me all over my body. When I woke up, there were damp spots of the sheets, from all the times you made me come in my dreams, and my mouth was hungry for the feel and taste of your cock. I thought the day would never end-now I want our first night together to last forever."


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