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Tom & Elisse
by Cathedral

This is story about myself and my housemate, Tom, who I lived with for about 3 years. We'd been friends for a long time before moving in together during our university days, and our house was your typical bachelor pad - not so clean, piles of washing here and there, and scattered computers, speakers, televisions, CDs. Tom was the sort of guy that was always doing something strange, usually involving his girlfriend Elisse, and sometimes other people as well. He had a great reputation for being able to find himself in a threesome on a fairly regular basis, mainly because Elisse was bisexual, and was certainly into some wild fun.

Myself, I am pretty kinky behind closed doors, but pretty straight most of the time as far as outward behaviour goes. I love to surf porn, and imagine all manner of way-out sex, though for me it's mainly limited to straight sex with one girl in real life. I have a few favourite fantasies, one being to make it with another guy, though I really wasn't up for that most of the time. I think mainly, being an oral sort of person who loved going down on girls, I also wondered what it would be like to have a guy in my mouth, and to have him cum on me - or in me! A couple of times I'd thought seriously about doing it, but the right opportunity wasn't there, and I certainly didn't want to be known as being gay.

Being around Tom meant that the kinky stuff was in my face a lot, though. He had some fantastic porno videos, which would turn up on a regular basis for our viewing pleasure. It would be quite weird in a way, the two of us and sometimes Elisse sitting around watching all this hot sex, trying not to become visibly excited, though of course my mouth would go dry and I would try to conceal my raging hard on from the others. I often wondered what they must be thinking, or whether they were going to head off to the bedroom when we were done watching. A couple of times I was unable to help myself and snuck off to masturbate in the bathroom.

Well as it happened one night just myself and Tom were at home and had a new video on, and watching a girl deep throating a pretty well-hung guy on the screen, I started to get very horny. I would find myself sneaking looks across to the couch where Tom was sitting, dressed in only tracksuit pants. I wondered if he was hard underneath them, holding it down with his thighs the way I was. I started to get this severe urge to go down on him, and my heart raced. Of course, I was scared to do anything, so I fetched some water and just sat there trying to resist the temptation to make a move. Eventually though, the adrenaline and excitement started to get to me. In the middle of one scene, I got up and took the few steps to the couch. It was dark with the lights down, but I could see he was a bit unsure what I was doing. Though I knew he was into just about anything, I'd never heard of him being with a guy. Elisse had teased me on occasion and dared me to kiss him when we were all drunk, but it was usually laughed off.

Standing there, I swallowed, then in one motion I got down on my knees in front of him and reached for the front of his tracksuit. He moved his hand as if to stop me, but then allowed me to pull the tracksuit down. He wasn't wearing anything underneath, and I could see his pubic hair and the hard shaft of his penis tucked in between his legs. I gripped both sides of his pants and pulled them down around his knees, and this time he lifted his ass a little to let me. I put my hands on his thighs and spread his legs, totally overcome now with desire to go down on him.

Behind me I could hear the sounds of another sex scene, and Tom was watching it over my shoulder as his cock sprang free, almost completely hard and now just inches from my face. I swallowed again, trying to get some moisture in my mouth, and staring at his cock. What the hell was I doing? I wasn't sure, but I was so horny, I couldn't believe it. My own cock was pressed painfully against my jeans, and I was shaking with excitement. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft, for the first time feeling another man's penis in my hand. He immediately became hard as a rock, and his member was burning hot.

I heard a gasp from him above me, and with that I lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock, slipped my tongue down, and licked the underside of his shaft and head. His hips bucked upwards, and I felt his hand go round behind my head. Slowly as I swallowed to get moisture into my mouth, I started to move my lips up and down, allowing some more of his cock into my eager mouth. I wanted to drink his cum now, so badly. God I was horny. At the same time I fumbled with my belt to try to release my own cock, which was hurting from the pressure of my jeans.

I looked up, to see he had closed his eyes and had his mouth open, obviously enjoying the sensation. I had this sudden strange sensation of floating, of unreality - here I was on my knees, my naked cock sticking out and my best friend's penis in my mouth. I was giving him head! I lowered my eyes again, and with one hand on the base of his cock I began to move my head up and down, in time with the pressure he was applying to the back of my head. First his smooth penis head was in my mouth, then some of the shaft. He bucked again, causing me to gag suddenly and release him, coughing.

There was an awkward moment where we looked at each other, I think both reconsidering, and then I smiled and moved down to lick his balls, holding his hard cock out of the way. He gasped again, and then I was back up taking him in my mouth again. The blood rushing in my ears had drowned out any sounds from the video behind me, and I was lost in the amazing sensation of this thick meat in my mouth. I had expected the taste to be different, there was certainly no taste of the saltiness I had read about, mainly just a fleshy, slightly tangy flavour. It was a bit strange, but I couldn't have cared less by then, I was so turned on.

I've no idea whether this was good head I was giving or terrible, but soon enough he was pushing his hips up and down, and breathing heavily, and then the amazing moment came when he tensed up, and still almost unexpectedly, there was a thick squirt into my mouth. I almost choked, and as his hand was holding my head down and I couldn't release his cock from my mouth. I struggled not to gag, but suddenly my mouth was full of his sticky thick cum, and I did choke, pulling away and coughing, sending cum and spittle from my mouth both onto his leg and my chin.

But though I was gasping for breath for a moment, I still had one hand around his cock, and his cum continued to drip from the head. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and then as I continued to gently massage his cock I reached down and brought myself to orgasm with just four or five strokes, squirting cum onto the couch and floor. I put my head down, suddenly exhausted from the excitement, and stayed there, one hand on his softening penis and one on mine, wondering what the hell I was going to say or do.

I felt like I had really made a mistake, as I got the sudden need to wash my mouth of the cum, and got up, turning away and tucking my penis back into my pants. I rinsed in the bathroom, still wondering what the hell to say to Tom. I eventually came out, and found him sitting there, pants back up, but with the video turned off. We looked at each other, me a little downcast. "Uh..." I said, not really sure what to say, and then we both laughed. This was the most ridiculous of post-sex situations, but he wasn't looking at me with any judgment, but a kind of amused expression. I was pretty embarrassed, but in a way glad of what had happened. I certainly couldn't remember ever being so horny, or cumming so hard, and I had actually done it - given head to a man, and enjoyed it.

"Um... I'm gonna go to bed" I said. "Ok" he said, looking at me with an expression which could have meant anything, but seemed to be a happy one. I gave a wry smile, still very embarrassed, and trudged off up the stairs. I wondered what the hell he would tell Elisse, or whether he would tell her at all. Was this going to be something I would regret, that would ruin our friendship? I had no idea, but in the upstairs bathroom I took one look in the mirror, seeing myself, who had just sucked a man's penis and eaten his cum, and I was instantly hard again and beating myself to another orgasm, cumming into the toilet bowl.

It turned out to be not something that wrecked a friendship, but something that certainly changed the dynamics of the house. He did tell Elisse about it, and that in itself caused some further exciting evenings.

To Be Continued...


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