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The Account Executive
by Wild Jay

Ginny was a 'natural'. Her salesmanship and account management skills had landed her a position with one of the top ad agencies in the Bay area. She had systematically acquired several high profile hi-tech firms and signed them to global contracts. Her account portfolio had over doubled in the past year, as it had the two previous years. Ginny was high energy, a dynamo rising quickly in the eyes of the firm. She had set a reputation for winning.

I knew of her as I had competed with her for a number of accounts. Ginny was tenacious, and her agency's capabilities and professional reputation gave her a clear advantage. We had met socially at business functions, she had always attended alone as had I. Contact with her had always been slightly strained, I felt she viewed me with caution, as she would any competitor. In spite of her 'all business' demeanor I found her incredibly attractive.

Ginny had strong features and a compact athletic looking body. About 5'6" tall she seemed perfectly proportioned from head to toe. In her mid-thirties she was the stereotypical professional woman, well coiffed, well manicured, conservatively attired. Her voice rose and fell, rich in tenor, deep in tone. Ginny's green eyes dominated her appearance and could pierce through to your soul yet softly tease as they lightly frisked you. She was easily the most desirable woman I had ever met.

I was of similar stature, a little shorter perhaps, and a few more curves. Blonde hair, blue eyes, pouting lips on a firm, slim, well toned body. Bi-sexual as opposed to lesbian, I lived alone, seldom lacking for company or a sexual partner. My professional career had assured me contact with several men and women however, over time I had become more attracted to women than men. They were less predictable in both the chase and the conquest. I liked that.

Women always presented a challenge and I found it a turn on to seduce, or be seduced by a woman. Particularly so if there were men vying for her or my attention. Leaving a bar with the most beautiful woman there gave me a feeling of superiority, of power. All these guys with huge egos and hard dicks and she's leaving with me, or I'm leaving with her. It didn't get much better than that. And I always seemed to bring the 'slut' out in any woman I bedded. Many confided they did things with me that they did not do with their regular partners, male or female.

When I finally left the account management position I had held and joined a firm as Director of Marketing and Communications I found myself moving to the other side of the desk. The company was moving quickly, breaking records for revenues and earnings. However, they needed a new branding campaign and I convinced them I was the one to deliver results. My budget was impressive, the company had money and was willing to spend it.

In our industry news of an advertising opportunity travels fast. I soon had calls from every agency in the Bay area except one, Ginny's. Instead I returned to my office after lunch one day to find a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers, tastefully arranged, in an expensive vase. Surprised, I opened the card.

'Congratulations on your new appointment. Let's celebrate!' signed, Virginia.'

A warm, tingling sensation grew inside me as I set aside the card. Was this a way of professional approach or was Ginny being more personal? Perhaps both. I knew her more by her professional reputation, which hardly extended to intimate knowledge of her personal life. 'Had I been that obvious' I thought, had she picked up on my interest. No one had affected me the way Ginny had, I grew wet just thinking about her.

My anticipation built over the weekend. I normally enjoy a trip to the wine country especially when entertaining friends from out of town. It was the fall and a great time to view the harvest, the wineries were alive with activity, transporting, unloading, crushing, and storing gallons of wine. Despite this I found my mind wandering back to Ginny's card, wondering, thinking, and then shaking my head back to reality. Monday could not come quick enough.

"Hi Tina, hope you had a great weekend. I was hoping to schedule dinner with you on Wednesday night, are you available?" Ginny's deep voice was unmistakable although disappointingly business like. She left her cell phone and office number.

Returning the call I connected to her voice mail. "Yes, I would be available and would love to have dinner with her," I found myself saying. I suggested we meet at a favorite bar of mine, a few minutes from the Fisherman's Wharf area. I knew Ginny lived in the city itself. She owned a large condominium with an incredible view out over the Bay to Alcatraz Island, the steep shoreline of Sausalito and Marin County looming in the distance, often shrouded in cloud and mist.

I was excited yet had to check myself, after all this could be little more than a business date. While I felt compelled to dress somewhat conservatively in a business suit, I chose the sexiest set of bra and panties I owned. Both were sheer and gave full view to my intimate jewelry, small silver rings in both nipples and three down one side of the inner lips of my shaven pussy.

My first glimpse of Ginny was outside the bar where we met. She had appeared out of one of the art galleries down the street and turned walking toward me.

"Tina, it's great to see you!" Ginny reached out in a full embrace. I felt myself pushing against her body, she smelled delicious.

"Ginny, you look great. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. "

We headed in for a drink, I needed something to settle me down. My heart was pounding, I felt a wetness between my thighs. 'God, I'm going to come just sitting beside this woman,' I thought. Ginny was very poised, very cool, and very sexy. We talked about business, account relationships mostly. I realized she was very efficiently extracting every ounce of information she could get from me.

"Maxim's okay for dinner? " Ginny asked suddenly. I nodded as she called for a reservation on her cell phone. A few minutes later we were on our way, it was a short walk past Ghiradelli Square.

Dinner was uneventful, Ginny led the conversation into a discussion of her firm's role in designing and managing a full branding campaign. She was incredibly smooth and persuasive. I admired how she matched our needs to their capability and their significance to me as their client. Her business close was to convince me to work with her to prepare an executive presentation. I agreed.

We were finished our dinner, Ginny had completed her business and I was almost sure the evening was about to end when she paused, and gave me a very serious, inquiring look. "Tina, there is a club near here that I like to go to, would you like to join me tonight?"

'Yeeeessss!' I thought as I answered her. Ginny smiled and motioned to the waiter to bring our check.

The club was a short cab ride away. As we entered it was clear it was a lesbian club and very upscale. The décor was tasteful, dimly lit, with semi private areas along the back and sides where women could be more intimate with each other. The music was loud, but not uncomfortable. The dance floor was busy with women, moving, touching, feeling, and being with each other. It felt good.

"Are you okay?" Ginny asked, startling me.

"Yes, yes of course."

We sat down at a table reasonably close to the dance floor. I couldn't help but stare, fascinated as women expressed themselves in ways they dare not elsewhere. I felt my temperature rising.

"Dance?" Ginny offered her hand and led me to the floor. The music was fast tempo and it felt good to move with it. Ginny's scent was strong as we danced close occasionally touching. Suddenly the music slowed, I looked up as Ginny took me in her arms locking them around my waist. Her head lowered to just above my shoulder, her body moved in close, pressing against me. I could feel the softness of her breasts, her nipples hardening and poking out from her blouse, I realized she had on no bra. We moved together rhythmically enjoying the moment. It was as if there was no one else there, the dance floor was empty, and time had slowed. I met her gaze as she looked deep into my eyes. Time stood still.

After we finished dancing I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I wanted to freshen up and I wanted to lose my bra. As I slipped into one the stalls I could not help but hear the moaning from the next one over. Curious I allowed myself a peek through the not so subtle crack in the door. A beautiful red head was in an advanced state of arousal, her friend's face buried deep in her pussy. Her face contorted in rising passion she was desperately trying to stay quiet. Her body swayed and her knees buckled as her friend skillfully brought her off. As I left I could hear her muffled gasps as she came, then banging on the sides of the stall as her body convulsed in orgasm.

Arriving back at the table Ginny introduced me to two of her friends. They talked with us for awhile and then drifted back to the dance floor. Ginny moved over closer and we watched the dance floor activity and downed our drinks. I felt her hand slide beneath my blouse touching and caressing my breast. She smiled approvingly at discovering the absence of my bra and again as she encountered my jewelry, playfully flicked and rolling my nipple with her fingers until it became hard.

Her hand dropped into my lap and, in one subtle motion, unbuttoned the top of my skirt loosening it enough to work her hand down further. She seductively slid her hand under my panties, her index finger tracing down my wet slit and probed around my inner lips. I shivered as she lightly rubbed against my swelling clit. Suddenly Ginny stopped, withdrew her hand, and then stared at me as she sensuously sucked the pussy juice off her wet finger.

"You were getting close weren't you?" She whispered. I nodded.

One of Ginny's friends, Linda, came back to the table and asked her to dance. She glanced at me, as if for approval, and I said, "Go...I'll be watching." Linda and Ginny danced beautifully together, so beautifully that it occurred to me that they had probably been together many times before.

"I take it you and Linda have danced before?" I inquired as Ginny came back and sat down.

"Several times, Linda is very special to me, she was my first female lover."

"And now?"

"And now we're good friends. You met Sara earlier, she and Linda are together."

"I see...and are you 'together' with anyone these days?" I was getting bolder.

"Yes...I'm with you. Have you enjoyed this evening Tina?" Ginny smiled as she asked.

"Yes, I wasn't sure that, well...well you like women." I said clumsily.

"And this pleases you."

"Yes...yes very much."

"Well then, perhaps we should be celebrating somewhere just a little more intimate." Ginny signed off on the bill. I felt a tingling sensation, I was wet, I was hot, I wanted her.

When we arrived at Ginny's condominium it was apparent that it was all that I had heard it to be. Easily over 3,000 square feet it was large, luxurious, and immaculately kept something she later attributed to a very efficient maid service. Ginny disarmed the security system and led me through a long hallway to a living room. Floor to ceiling windows provided a remarkable vista of the Bay.

"Drink?" Ginny asked as I sat down on the sofa.

"Not unless you want one." I answered seductively.

"Now who's getting down to business?" Ginny laughed then turned to me and pressed her lips to mine. Our kiss was deep, passionate, our tongues searching, probing each other. Her hands moved all over me, unbuttoning my blouse, fondling my breasts, rubbing gently underneath and around each nipple. I could feel them grow hard from her touch. My pussy was throbbing.

Ginny removed my blouse, then began sucking on each of my breasts, alternating between them. She slowly drew each nipple into her mouth, her tongue flicking at my rings. Her hands slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt. She slid it sensuously to my ankles. As she continued, unhurried, her beautiful green eyes were fixed on mine. It was a deep, seductive stare. She knew she had me.

I was led slowly to the sofa and gently laid down. She paused briefly to admire my pussy rings as she removed my panties, the crotch soaked with my juices.

"Do you enjoy having your pussy eaten Tina?" Ginny whispered.

"Yes...oh god yes." My voice betrayed my rising urgency.

Ginny gently rolled off both my stockings, rubbing and caressing my inner thighs, skillfully avoiding my mound. She knew what she was doing, slowly teasing me, refusing to drive me to orgasm.

I felt her hot breath and wet tongue as she laved around my outer lips. She gently kissed around my clit, which had become hard and swollen. Larger than most it protruded a good half inch out of its hood, like a little cock. I nearly came as she playfully flicked it, ever so gently, with the tip of her tongue.

She stopped again, this time standing and removing her clothes. I reached to help her but she firmly pushed me back on the sofa. Ginny smiled wickedly as she stripped, slowly and deliberately, almost taunting me as she revealed her tight compact body. In great shape she had good definition, I suspected she had spent significant time in the gym.

We kissed, our naked bodies pressing against each other. "God, you feel good," I gasped as she ground her thigh between my legs, hot juices smearing over her warm, smooth skin. As Ginny continued her eyes once again found mine, her hands roaming over me in a gentle massage, we continued in a deep, passionate embrace.

My breath drew short as I felt the orgasm building within me. Ginny, sensing my urgency dropped down between my legs. Her tongue flattened she laved around my clit stretching it fully out from its hood. My thighs began moving involuntarily, I was moaning in passion.

Suddenly Ginny took my clit in her mouth and sucked on it...hard! I felt my body convulse as I bucked up from the sofa screaming with relief as a massive orgasm overcame me. Ginny caught me as I bucked then brought her head down to my pussy, drinking my sweet juices as she held me in the air above the sofa. Slowly she gently let me down. I was breathless, recovering.

"I love your clit!" Ginny grinned.

"It's hard to miss." I replied wryly. We both laughed.

"How about that drink now? You look like you could use a rest."

I nodded. Ginny left the room for the drinks. The room slowly stopped spinning around me.

Ginny returned with two glasses and a bottle of Domaine Chandon champagne. She moved so beautifully and her body was so perfect. Her breasts were high and firm, probably a C cup, with small dark symmetrical nipples protruding about a half inch contrasting against her milky white skin. My eyes widened as I noticed a glint of silver in the folds of her well trimmed pussy. Ginny had a little jewelry of her own.

"Keeping that for a special occasion were you?" I teased as she poured the champagne.

"Absolutely, I told you we were going to celebrate." Ginny laughed.

The cool bubbly champagne felt and tasted good. I gave Ginny a wicked look. "Ever felt the sensation of champagne bubbles on your pussy...while someone sucks on it?"

She didn't get a chance to answer. I playfully pushed her back on the sofa. Stuffing a pillow under her butt I propped her pussy upward. I moved down to her and laved gently up and down her slit. My tongue explored her inner lips and lightly probed her hot core. I took my glass of champagne and tipped a small stream of liquid just above her clit. It trickled deliciously down into her pussy where my tongue was waiting. I felt Ginny squirm as I licked the sweet liquid as it dripped into her core.

"Oh that feels soooo good." Ginny exclaimed.

I slowly emptied the glass, intercepting every drop as it formed rivulets from her clit to her core. Ginny's own juices had begun to mix with the champagne and I continued working my tongue in and around her core occasionally flicking the silver stud she had pierced through her labia. Putting down the glass I reached for her breasts gently taking her taut nipplies between my thumb and forefinger. Ginny's sighs betrayed her pleasure as I playfully twisted, pulled, and pinched them.

Her juices had overtaken the champagne as they oozed from her core, a light salt taste in my mouth as I drank from her. I could feel her passion rising as I worked my tongue in and around her hot core. My hand slid down her firm abdomen, pausing to circle her navel, then travelling through a short tuft of pubic hair on her mound. My fingers carefully probed the upper folds of her pussy gently separating them to reveal her swollen clit. I lightly touched her causing a quick spasm and moan. Ginny was ready.

I smiled wickedly as I raised my head and spat on her clit. Using my thumb I massaged around her hood causing the engorged clit to slide out from its sheath. My tongue was on it gently, softly, but clearly with effect as Ginny's body moved involuntarily. She was moaning, her breathing growing short. I continued with my tongue laving lightly around her clit. Using my other hand I inserted two fingers into her swollen pussy, my hand slick with her hot juices. I began to pump her rhythmically adding first one then a second finger to the original two.

I raised my head to look at her and savor the moment. Here was Ginny, a woman I had so desired, about to come...for me.

"God Tina...don't it harder, faster." Ginny's voice was urgent with her need.

I pumped harder and deeper stretching her opening. My other hand found her clit where I lightly vibrated my forefinger over top of it. I knew I enjoyed it when I had had this done to me and Ginny's reaction was a deep, gutteral, primitive moan. I added a second finger and applied more pressure. It was driving her crazy as her head began to thrash about, her body out of control, ready to give in to a massive orgasm.

"Oh shiiiitttt!" Ginny screamed as the orgasm overtook her. I quickly slid my fingers out of her pussy while continuing to vibrate her clit. Her body bucked off the sofa and a stream of hot liquid burst from her. Her body shuddered as my fingers brought her to a series of intense spasms all accompanied with her juices spurting like a small geyser over her inner thighs, dripping down on the sofa underneath her. "Enough Tina, enough..." Ginny gasped and I stopped, relieving her writhing body from the touch that had driven her to ecstasy.

As she lay there her beautiful body glistened with the moisture of her exertion. I couldn't help but stare at her and smile. Her eyes found mine and we began caressing, finally locking in a deep embrace and kiss.

"Well, you got the sale...and you got me." I said lightheartedly.

Ginny smiled...knowingly.


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