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The Awakening
Chapter I: Dirty Little Secrets
by Gracie

It was late afternoon. Thankfully her shift was almost over. It had been a long week. She had been admiring the new manager all day. Actually it was more like all month. From the moment he walked through the door she found herself drawn to him. She couldn't put her finger on it. Perhaps he had been an acquaintance from a past life; or maybe he was just one of those people who simply possessed a strong aura. Whatever the reason be, she found herself thinking about him, a lot! She had been lost in a delicious daydream most of the afternoon, loosing all track of time.

Now, the other employees were already washed up and had starting to leave. Soon she would be the only one left at work. The only one that is, besides him. Being her supervisor, he would have to be the last one out to make sure everything was locked up for the weekend. She could see him sitting in his office, through the large plate glass window. She sensed that he might even be aware of that she was watching him, but could not help herself. There was just something about him that attracted her so severely. Every time he would come near her, her stomach would start to quiver in a way that she could not conceal. She felt that he might already have noticed the outward signs of her obvious discomfort with his presence. It seemed to her that he might even be playing upon it; sort of toying with her. Sneaking up behind her, lingering a bit too long near her; and when he looked at her, he did not so much look 'at' her; but instead seemed to be examining her. Head to toe, every curve, each subtle quiver. She felt that he could see right through her; read her thoughts. She dreaded being alone with him!

Quickly finishing her work, She was just about to turn off the computer when she felt a presence behind her. She could feel him drawing nearer. She froze! He leaned in against her, allowing his body to make contact with hers and whispered in a low commanding voice, "Do you need any help?"

Terror and want raged through her. "No I am fine thank you." She offered shyly in response.

"Are you?" he said softly, leaning into her more. Her mind raced to keep up with her pulse. She wanted to reply but she had no voice. She just stood there, motionless. "You're trembling," he added after a few more moments. She could feel his breath upon her neck. Her fear and desire were mounting, causing her to shake openly. "Do I make you nervous?" he said softly into her ear, his lips lightly grazing her lobe.

"Yes," she whispered reluctantly.

"Does this excite you?" he demanded, but in almost a whisper. His words cut through her like an icy cold November wind.

"Yes", she obediently replied. She heard a soft low grunt of approval behind her, then he turned and walked away.

She started to shake violently. She felt violated, as if she had just been raped. Her stomach was in knots as she fought back nervous tears of tension. Hurrying to the bathroom she shut herself in and locked the door. Inside the safety of the small room she gave in to the torrent raging inside of her; welling up deep and low in a place that was almost unfamiliar to her. A slave to her own desire, she masturbated herself to a wild orgasm. She came almost upon the contact of her small slender fingers upon her harden clit... all the while reliving the past few moments in her mind... and imagining his hands upon her breasts, her clit.

When she finally emerged from the ladies room, he was back in his office. She could see him working at something at his desk. He did not look up as she passed his window on her way to sign out. All she wanted to do was get the hell out of there. Reaching the clock, she tore her time card out of its' slot and was about to punch out when she noticed a small piece of paper fall to the floor. 'Could this have fallen from my card... had it been attached there?' she wondered. She bent over and picked it up. It was not addressed to her, nor anyone for that matter. The carefully folded note contained only three words... no addressee, no signature. It simply read, "beach/10:00 tonight". She jammed to note into her pocket and hurried to her car, totally forgetting to punch out. Driving home she was so upset that she thought she might even vomit.

The time was now 9:15 PM. She held the note in her right hand and stared off into space with a blank but nervous expression. What did it mean? Who was it intended for? Was she to meet someone at the beach tonight? And if so... then who? Why? Fear and logic tempted her to lock her door and go to bed, but curiosity and desire kept her from it. The delicate balance between the two rocked precariously back and forth inside her mind. Her fear weighed heavily. Yet fear was a turn on for her. She watched the clock inch forward.

If curiosity killed the cat, then she was to meet with certain death. She pulled into the parking lot above the public beach and turned the motor off. His car was parked across the street, which meant that 'He' was already down there, somewhere, waiting for her... and she was terrified! Summoning strength from her now limp legs, she forced herself out of the car and headed slowly down to the waters' edge. The air was warm and fresh and the sound of the waves gently breaking upon the shore was seducing and tranquil.

It was an ironic contrast to the chaos that was surging inside of her. In a moment of reason, she turned to make her escape, but it was too late! There, just off in the shadow, she saw him... standing motionless. He had been watching her all along. Against her better judgement she walked around the gate that separated the public from the private beaches, and headed towards him. Drawn to him with some weird, almost magnetic force. Stopping a few steps short of him, she waited for him to say something... anything!

He stood quiet for a moment, then stated firmly; "You're late!" "I wasn't sure if I was coming. I wasn't sure who wrote the note or if it was intended for me", she offered in her defense. "Yes you were!" he responded confidently.

He turned and started to head further up the private beach. She walked behind him silently, studying the movement of his body as he walked. They walked into the darkness for quite some time without either of them saying a word. He came to a stop when they arrived in front of a large older home. The place was immaculate! Finely landscaped with regal gardens and a winding flagstone staircase that emptied onto the beachfront. A formal wrought iron fence encircled the property, ending in a magnificent and exquisitely detailed gate at the base of the staircase. The place, like everything else that night was dark and quiet.

Turning towards her, he studied her for a moment then asked her to remove her shirt and bra so that he could get a look at her breasts. Apprehension turned to fear as she searched his face for signs that he was joking. There were none! "I'm not sure that I want to", she answered shyly, hoping that he would slow things down a little. "Then why are you here?" he said, more in the form of a statement than a question.

She remained still for a moment, as if to test his intent, then with trembling hands she began to undress. He watched her carefully, mapping out every curve of her breasts with his eyes. Her nipples, hard and erect, seemed to call out for his caress. She tried to speak but he quickly silenced her by putting a finger to her lips and whispering a gentle, "shhh!" He let his long slender finger trail off of her lips and down her chin to her neck. From there he dragged it across her chest and encircled her left breast once... his thumb lightly grazing her nipple, as her body tensed. He stood back and smiled. He loved to tease and was enjoying this sense of power immensely.

"Now your jeans!" his voice broke the silence as it pierced her heart.

"I am not ready to go this far!" she pleaded with him. "I can't", she added in subtle refusal.

"Then I shall do it for you", he paused, "but I would much rather watch you undress yourself." He stepped towards her and she took one step back. Her knees were weak and unstable. He respected her space momentarily, then repeated his request with more authority. "Undress, Now!" Her body began to burn. She seemed to totally lose control of her own actions. Defying all common sense and practically every thing she stood for, she started to slip out of her jeans. He leaned forward and tore her panties off of her hips, allowing them to fall to the ground with the jeans. There she stood, scared, naked and totally vulnerable to him. The rush was intense. He stood quietly and smiled with satisfaction.

He stared at her naked form for what seemed like hours without saying a word. Then he turned his glance to the majestic gate at the base of the flagstone stairway. Following his lead, she also looked toward the gate. Four thick leather straps hung strategically from its cold steel corners. Her body began to shake more violently than it had earlier when he had managed to sneak up behind her. Her legs buckled and she started to collapse. He reached forward and grabbed her by the wrists, pulling her to her feet.

"Can I bind you?" he asked her, holding tighter to her wrists.

"NO!" she almost screamed in defiance. "I don't want this... this has gone too far! 'You' have gone too far!' she blurted out in panic. She began to cry.

"You don't want this?" he questioned. "Of course you want this! No one made you come out here tonight, in the dark, alone. No one made you follow a total stranger far away from shelter. You came here willingly to a place that's deserted. The summer residents have not yet arrived. There is no one here to hear you if you call for help. Are you to have me believe you were not aware of this?" he added, holding tighter to her wrists, "Oh you want this alright! This excites the Hell out of you!" he declared confidently... and he led her to the gate. She stood paralyzed as he fastened her wrists to the cold wrought iron. Then he secured each leg in spread eagle fashion.

She was delirious with fear and lust. How had he read her so completely? What more of her did he possess? Buckling the final strap he started to run his hand up the inside of her leg, along her thigh to the back of her ass, then let it trail down its crack, parting her swollen lips en route to her clitoris. He watched her ample breasts fall and heave with her deep breathing. Gently rubbing her clit in small circular motions, he alternated from one side to the other, being careful not to irritate the hypersensitive tip. He was well informed in the art of female arousal.

He watched her body shudder and jerk at his command. It seemed to please him immensely. He brought her to the edge of orgasm several times, then would remove his touch and leave her to hang unsatisfied and wanting. The frustration was maddening! She had never been so totally consumed in lust before! Straining against her bonds she squirmed is sexual agony. She needed release.

He stood back and leered at her aroused flesh. She could not remain still... wriggling about in a state of frantic lust. He smiled, and said, "Do you want me?" "Do you want to feel the rigid warmth of my cock deep inside of you, slowly sliding in and out of your hot wet pussy?"

"Do you want me to caress that part of you that is screaming for release?" he demanded with a stare that almost devoured her. He saw a shiver travel through her body as she whispered her reply, "yes".

"Not yet!" he shot back quickly. First you must satisfy my needs whore, and what I need right now is to fuck you right up your tight little ass!" He announced arrogantly.

"Oh no, God no... please don't you will hurt me", she began pleading frantically. She was filled with fear. She had never been entered through that avenue before but felt sure that it must be painful! Her lust began to subside, giving way to the horror that now consumed her.

"OK, to show you that I am a merciful master and that you are indeed my whore, I will make you a deal." he stated calmly. "I won't jam my hard cock up your virgin ass unless you beg me too," he added with a strange Cheshire Cat like grin. "However, I will consider your orgasm as just that", he added wryly.

"I don't understand?" she interrupted fearfully. "It's like this, by coming here tonight of your own free will, you have in essence demonstrated that you have given yourself to me. I now own you! You understand your submissive nature and need for control and guidance. I accept the position of mentor that you have so obviously offered me. As such, it is then necessary for me to set certain rules and limitations; for discipline, without first defining the boundaries, is cruel. It is not my intent to be cruel. The first rule then is that you are no longer allowed to have an orgasm without obtaining my consent... and tonight, I do not give it. If you disobey me, I will consider it as a request for discipline. Knowing that you long to be obedient, you would then welcome any punishment that I deemed necessary. Your punishment will be a good ass fucking", he stated firmly. He then began to stimulate her clit once again. Only this time he was also kissing her neck and shoulders with his sensual lips. She pleaded with him to stop, straining to block the pleasure that was cursing through her veins. Waves of passion and lust rushed through her as she tried desperately to focus her attention elsewhere.

Determine to have his way, he let his free hand wander down body and slid one of his fingers deep inside of her. Her body rose as far as the leather straps would allow. His fingers worked her from within as she wiggled and squirmed in defiance. Her flesh began to surrender to his control and she began to jerk and moan forcefully, as wave after wave of massive orgasm over took her. He had won!

Before her orgasm had shown any sign of subsiding, he removed his fingers, grabbed her by the hips, raised her legs as far as the bonds would allow and drove his erect penis deep inside her hot wet vaginal walls. A few deep strokes gave him the lubrication that he needed, so he pulled out and drove his cock mercilessly up her submissive ass. He heard her call out in pain, but did not care. He was caught up in his own selfish lust. Moving slow at first, the desire began to overwhelm him. He drove into her deeper and harder with each stroke. He enjoyed this 'new found' power and wanted to control her totally. A few strokes more and the hot rush of semen over came him. He thrust his throbbing cock into her until his balls slapped hard against the soft flesh of her ass. She cried out in a mixture of pain and unbridled lust. She felt his cock jerk and the semen gush within her as his hands dug into her flesh. And now it was 'He' who stood frozen, near collapse. He clung to her for support, her wrists straining at the leather straps under his weight of his body.

Ten or fifteen minutes passed before he pulled out. His pants still hung around his ankles making it difficult to walk. He kicked them off and headed to the waters' edge. She watched him wash off as the semen trailed from within her, running down her thighs. He returned to her and surveyed her for a long time without speaking. He raised his hands to her breasts and rolled her hypersensitive nipples between his fingers. They rose and hardened with his touch. She said nothing.

"You women think that you are in control of yourselves." he started saying. "You do not know how wrong you are. You deny your inner need for direction" he went on. He began to rub her clit once again and she lurched forward. "See how your body responds to my touch" he remarked. "You did not want to cum, but you did anyway. You could not use your feeble mind to prevent what I, and your own body wanted. You are here to serve my every sexual whim. Your body knows and responds to that... why don't you?" he added. "Your mind may think differently, but your mind was not in control was it?" "You secretly long for our dominance; my dominance! You will come to realize this with my guidance" he smiled.

He dressed himself without saying another word. Then he undid the straps from around her wrists and walked off towards her clothes. "You won't be needing these anymore," he instructed her as he bent down and took her bra and panties. "Do hang on to the straps for me won't you?" he smiled. Then he walked away and left her there.

She watched him walk away in disbelief. She undid the rest of her bonds and staggered toward her clothes. She should have gone to the water to clean off but she just wanted to get the Hell out of there fast. Her jeans clung to the sticky aftermath of his domination over her and the coarse seam rubbed uncomfortably against her still swollen clit. She trudged to her car and drove home, reliving the past events in her mind over and over. Once back in the safety of her home, she washed him from her body and crawled under the welcoming sheets of her bed. But she did not sleep!

To Be Continued...


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