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The Awakening
Chapter II: Let the Games Begin
by Gracie

Nothing can stop the coming of Monday mornings and for her, this particular Monday arrived much too quickly. She had gone over the events of Friday evening several times in her mind and could not understand how she had allowed herself to be lured into such a bizarre and potentially dangerous situation. Could he have been right, she thought for a moment? Could it be true that women secretly crave the dominance of a powerful man? Maybe not all women, but perhaps she did! She did go out to the beach following a total stranger after all. Was she out of her mind? What the hell was she thinking? She turned off the alarm and gathering her work clothes as she walked, headed downstairs for a shower.

The water was warm and comforting. She tried to put Friday evening out of her mind, but the events raced through her like the rush of the blood in her veins. All she could think of was 'Oh my God I have to face him today at work'! She briefly entertained the idea of calling in sick, but 'He' was her supervisor. He would know that she was not sick. Perhaps he would even gain satisfaction over her obvious fear. Or worse, dish out some more of that discipline that he seemed to enjoy so much.

No... she had to go, she knew that. She stepped out of the shower, dressed and poured a cup of coffee. She decided that the best line of defense was simply to waltz into work as if nothing had happened. To not let it show that it bothered her or that she even gave 'their sexual encounter' a second thought. She raised the cup to her mouth. Her hand shook so violently that she needed to steady it with the other hand just to get it to her mouth. Oh yeah, this is going to be a piece of cake, she thought to herself sarcastically.

Arriving at work, she immediately began to shake. She sat in the parking lot for what seemed an eternity before she could summon the strength to get out of the car. It was a warm morning and the big shipping doors were already open. As she walked toward them, she could see him standing just inside the building, talking to an employee. Mustering some courage she walked in and headed for her desk, passing him as she did. He said nothing! In fact, he did not even acknowledge that she was there. This should have been a great relief for her, yet it somehow left her feeling empty and used. As the day progressed, she did her best to avoid him.

The week crawled by, filled with more of the same. She avoided him and he totally ignored her. 'Perhaps he had already gotten from her all that he had wanted' she thought to herself. Perhaps the game was already played out to its pre-determined end; leaving him victorious. She became more and more confused. She felt violated! Thank God it was finally Friday! At least she would not have to deal with him again for quite some time. She had previously booked the next three weeks off.

4:00. She clocked out and walked swiftly to her car. Leaving the parking lot she felt free for the first time in a week. All she wanted to do was to go home, have a relaxing bath and lose herself in a good movie; but she could not. She had made previous arrangements with some friends to go out for the evening.

Once at home, she heated some left over pizza then jumped into a quick shower. The water felt cool and refreshing on her naked flesh. She found herself, (like so many times this week past), reflecting on the night at the beach. The thought of his hands on her breasts and the feel of his cum bursting inside of her rekindled her lust. Giving in to it, she reached for the bar of soap and ran it across her erect nipples. "Mmmm", she moaned softly. She started to run her hands along her stomach. Working the soap into a thick creamy lather, she began to fondle herself with her sudsy hands. She allowed her fingers to follow the path of the lather as it slid its' way gently down her stomach and disappeared over her public bone. Sliding one of her fingers' across her now swelling clit, she moaned softly... moving her hips in rhythm to the images in her mind.

She was beginning to lose herself in fantasy when she dropped the bar of soap. "Oh my God what am I thinking" she said aloud; when she realized the time. Her friends would be arriving soon and she was still in the shower. Quickly rinsing off, she wrapped a towel around herself and headed for her room to dress.

Just as she reached the living room, the front door swung open and the first of her friends walked in. "Oh baby, you started without me!" Scott announced with a grin. She had known him forever and they had found solace in each other's arms on more than one occasion. She smiled back at him and added, "I am sure you can catch up."

"No doubt," Scott shot back. "But if you don't get dressed soon I'll have to fuck you," he added with his big sexy grin.

"Not tonight hunny," she replied as she headed upstairs to dress. The rest of the group arrived as she was dressing. Scott played host and tended bar in her absence. She came downstairs to find them tossing around suggestions for the evenings' outing. It appeared that they had settled on a nice Italian Restaurant followed by a trip to the local bar for a few. One by one everyone rose to leave. Outside and about to turn the lock, she thought she heard a familiar noise, so she asked them to wait while she hurried back inside.

She grabbed for the receiver and answered abruptly. There was a pause, followed by a deep voice. "Are you naked?" the voice asked. ' Oh my God, it was him!' she thought to herself. How could he be calling her like this after ignoring her all week? She froze for a moment, unable to think; then answered in her most authoritative tone... "I am not alone! I have friends here and were are going out!"

"Do you have call display"? he asked. "Yes, but I am on my way..."

"No you are not!" he interrupted! "Get rid of them and call me back at this number. You have 10 minutes!" he demanded. Then the line went dead.

'Who the fuck did this jerk think he was!' she thought to herself angrily. Did he really think that she was going to drop everything and re arrange her life simply because he had a hard on? Was he fucking crazy? She walked out the door and slammed it behind her. Her rage grew inside of her as she fumbled to turn the key. Her hands were shaking; and she became aware of something growing deep within her. Something she did not understand.

She was becoming aroused. Very Aroused! Blood was pumping, nerves were tingling and her pussy was starting to throb. She began to think of how his fingers felt inside of her and of how her lust mounted as he bound her to the fence. Never before had she experienced such want. She made some apologies to her friends and said goodbye as she went back inside... locking the door behind her.

It took her three tries to dial the number correctly. He answered without saying hello. "Are you naked"? he repeated, without even knowing who the caller was. God this guy was arrogant!

"No" she replied truthfully. "What are you waiting for!" he shot back. Nervously and without knowing why, she set down the receiver and slid out of her clothing. She picked the phone up, drew the receiver to her quivering lips and murmured, "Yes".

"Yes what?" he questioned.

"Yes, I am naked," she replied meekly. He paused for a long time as if trying to visualize her. Goose bumps raced over her flesh.

"Is the door locked?" he asked her next. "Yes" came the response. "Then unlock it!" Fear and anticipation begin to take a hold of her. Her heart started to race as she stood silent in disbelief. "Go and get something to blindfold yourself with and then kneel naked in the front room near the door. Keep you hands behind your back as if bound and say absolutely nothing. Do not move until further instructed!" he continued. Then again the line was dead.

Panic overtook her as her head began to swim wildly. Was she actually going to comply to this madman's wishes? If she did, what would happen then? What would he expect of her tonight? This was obviously not a one-night thing. She knew that now. His voice echoed through her mind. "I own you"... "I accept the position of your mentor"..."you will come to understand this with my guidance"...

It was all there. He had no intention of it ever being a one-time thing. He was in it for the long run; and now so was she! Submissively she obeyed his request. Walking naked across her living room, she nervously unlocked the door. Next she found a long piece of fabric, and she tied it securely around her head, covering her eyes completely. She knelt by the door and placed her hands behind her back; wrists crossed as if bond together by those leather straps he had held her in compliance with the week before. Blood cursed within her as her natural juices started to flow.

She heard many cars passed by her house, each one caused her heart to jump and her muscles tense into knots. Twenty minutes passed before one of them pulled into her driveway. She was terrified! All she wanted to do was jump up and lock the door, then run for cover. What if it was not him? What if it was Scott returning to persuade her to join them? What if it was a family member? All of these things ran through her mind. Was she crazy? Did she really want to be discovered that way? She heard the engine shut off and a car door close, followed closely by the dreaded sounds of footsteps on the walkway. She started to shake. She felt her nipples shoot up to attention.

She fought to contain the fear... her growing need to flee. Then giving in to it, she started to rise, but it was too late! A hand was on the doorknob and she heard it turn slowly. No escaping now! She bit her lip to keep from calling out. As she heard the door being pushed open, she began to tremble uncontrollably. Who was here? How would she explain this? She was weak and almost faint with fear and lust. The thoughts of her own vulnerability excited her to a level that she had never known before! The door shut softly and she heard the lock turn. She was now truly at her visitor's mercy.

No words were spoken as the mysterious person walked slowly around her, surveying his prey. Obediently she remained in her submissive position; quietly awaiting what ever was to come next. Her nipples were so hard that they were almost sore. The soft flesh of her pussy pulsed wildly. She sensed the person move in close behind her and lower himself down to her level. Without her knowledge, he then slowly raised his arms and brought them around in front of her, directly in line with her breasts and their little buds of passion. Then simultaneously he let a finger lightly grazed each nipple. She jolted back away from his touch. Anticipating this, he grasped both nipples tightly and pulled her breasts forward again. "Don't pull away from me" he commanded. There was no longer any doubt. It was him! He released his grip and moved his hands back behind her. She heard a rustling noise, then felt a sensation that she remembered well.

"You left these behind the other night" he remarked as he strapped her wrists together. "You are still learning so I will forgive you this time... but you will not disappoint me again will you?" he continued.

"No" she answered sheepishly.

"NO WHAT!" he shot back in an angry tone that she had not heard from him before.

"No Sir" she replied in fear. "Good Girl, now stand up" he ordered in a softer tone. Taking her wrists in hand he helped her to her feet.

Still blindfolded, he led her to her dinning room table and pushed her torso face down across it. He took and rope and tied it to her wrist straps, then fastened the other end to the opposite table legs so that she could not get up. Then he placed the ankle straps on each leg and secured them to the closer table legs, one on each. He studied her for a minute before left the room. She was sure she had heard him head towards the bathroom. A few minutes later she heard him in the kitchen, filling something from the tap. He walked back toward her, pulled up a chair, positioned it near her exposed pussy, then sat down. He placed the water receptacle and assorted objects on the table beside her. Then his hand was on her hot lower lips, running slowly up and down in a petting motion.

"Next rule of Obedience", he started. "A good whore keeps her pussy clean and free of hair at all times. Men enjoy the female genitals immensely and do not wish to have to search for it under all of this unnecessary shit." "It should be there in the open, ready and willing, for whenever the mood strikes us." He instructed her. He took some shaving cream and lathered up her lush genitals. Then he proceeded to shave her.

Slowly he would drag the razor across her willing flesh, as the hair quickly fell away, exposing her hot pink lips. This was so incredibly erotic that it almost blew her mind. It was hard for her to remain still. Twice he had to tell her to stop wiggling about. Upon finishing, he washed the remaining cream away and stroked her newly bare flesh. She begged him to give her release but he told her that she would have to wait. Then he untied her and led her to the living room once again.

"Kneel" he commanded as he pushed down upon her shoulders. She complied. He removed his clothing and knelt down behind her. Placing a hand on the center of her back he pushed her face down into the carpet. Still in a semi kneeling position, he raised her hips and spread her legs apart. "Rule number three...This is how you are to offer yourself to me" he told her. "This is a proper sub presentation. If I give you the command to 'present' you will kneel in an act of submission and offer up your pussy to me in this way". "Do you understand!" he demanded.

"Yes" she replied.

"WHAT!" he shot back.

"Yes Sir" she corrected herself.

"Better! Why do you show me such disrespect? Does this not excite you? Am I not giving you all that your horny little body craves?" he questioned her. "Look how your pussy quivers at my touch... how your tight little nipples reach out for my caress. You want this don't you?" he went on. "See how your pussy swells and lubricates in anticipation of my cock" he went on as he spread her cream all over her engorged nude outer lips. "You want me to fuck you don't you... don't you!" he demanded.

"Yes Sir" she replied obediently. With that he drove his cock into her hot wet canal. She lurched forward from the force and moaned deeply.

"Is this what you wanted whore?" he demanded further.

"Yes Sir" she moaned.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked her.

"Yes Sir" she replied lustfully.

"Then beg me" he stated firmly. "Beg me to fuck your submissive little pussy."

She began to beg him and with each word from her mouth he slammed his rock hard cock in and out of her, stroking her G spot with it's swollen head and driving her out of her mind. Soon they were both jerking wildly out of control and the fluids began to flow.

After he had regained his composure, he withdrew from her, stood up and dressed. Then he retrieved a damp cloth from the washroom and wiped his sperm from her inner and outer lips. He released her hands from their bondage and placed her in a sitting position. Then he knelt in front of her and took her face into his hands. "You have been a very good girl this evening and deserve my gratitude. I am well pleased with your progress" he commended her.

Then he drew her face up to meet his' and kissed her long and deep. "Until next time then" he added. He kneaded her breast for a moment, pinched both nipples then got up and left. She sat there in the middle of the room, to exhausted to get up and lock the door.

She listened to him drive away as she re-played the encounter in her mind. He was right! She did enjoy being dominated. How could he have seen that quality in her when she herself had missed it? Everything about him now intrigued her. She was truly under his spell.

To Be Continued...


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