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The Art of Domination
by Ja

Although there are female dominatrix, and male subjugationists, by and large the practice is the opposite: Males are Dom; fems are sub. This treatise is written to reflect this norm; however, genders may be exchanged at will.

Domination is the ultimate seduction: The Dom is seducing the Sub into giving up his or her self-will. Domination is a persistent, controlled, thoughtful, thought-provoking, detailed seduction; it is not entered into without forethought; it is not successful without control.

Pain, humiliation, degradation are but a small part of the Dom/Sub relationship. A true Master not only loves His Slave, He is enamored of her; He is obsessed with every sensation His Slave feels. A true Slave thinks only of her Master; she trusts Him completely to not only see to her pleasure, but to know her secret desire to please. So, in the end, The Master is as much a Slave as the Slave is the Master.

A Dom/Sub relationship must base itself in Love. Without Love, there is no true Dom/Sub experience- merely a contest: weak vs. strong. With Love, the Master and Slave reach a complete understanding of each other, and the Domination and Subjugation experienced is profound. It is as beautifully simple as a mathematical equation: Love for a person equals thoughts of that person; these thoughts lead to arousal; arousal leads to awareness of sexual pleasure; awareness becomes sensation; and, finally, through sensation, the Master establishes control.

Sensation and Control are the very basis of Domination and Subjugation. So how does a Master gain control?

The Role of Pain

A true Master uses pain wisely. In and of itself, pain is- well, painful- and a true Master understands that the promise of pleasure makes a more compliant Slave than the experience of pain. So the Master uses pain to establish a touchstone, a contrast, to pleasure. Breasts and nipples are an excellent example: A Master will perhaps start out using pleasureful stimulation- soft light touches and tweaks to arouse the Slave to awareness. He will wait until the Slave begins to demonstrate signs of pleasure: quickened breathing, sighs, a slight arching of the back; and then He will reward that display of pleasure at His touch with a quick, sharp painful stimulus, such as a deep, cruel, endless pinch of the entire nipple. Once the Slave has reacted to the pain, the Master will reward the Slave with soothing pleasure again. It is this contrast, this never knowing what reaction will be drawn from her next, this merging of one sensation into another, which allows the Slave to begin to lose herself to her Master's whims.

Again, an example: A Slave must be punished for some minor disobedience- or, merely for the Master's pleasure. The Master tells the Slave, "Now I will punish you," and gives complete instructions to the Slave for her disposition. "I want you to bare your bottom and bend over the arm of the couch. You will stretch yourself out, keeping your hands up over your head, and your face up so that I may see your expression. You will count the 10 strokes aloud." The Slave has received no sensation yet, but is already completely overtaken by awareness of coming sensation. Using a slightly uncomfortable positioning, coupled with the instruction that the Slave count the strokes aloud, creates a tension in the Slave; she is already experiencing a swifter heartbeat, a nearly unbearable awakening of her skin, as adrenaline begins to race through her system. She assumes her position, and the Master CRACKS! the strap across the soft flesh of her upturned bottom cheeks. It is a blow, a sting, a flame, in quick succession, and the overwhelming sensation of "OW!" causes the Slave to nearly forget her instructions to count aloud. "One-" she gasps, and the strap is already coming down for the next stroke- CRACK! "Two! Oh!" CRACK! CRACK! "Three- four-" spills out in whimpers. CRACK! "Five!" is heard as a moan. The Master stops now; He wants to admire his work, and lays the cool palm of His hand over His Slave's heated bottom. He passes His hands all over her ass, soothing the burn in some places, and coincidentally reminding her of all the places He has yet to touch with the strap. He watches her struggle to control her breathing, to calm her heart, to hold herself still. He knows she is feeling only her ass right now, fiery hot, that the tingle of her clit is lost in the consuming pain of her bottom cheeks, so He slips a finger down between her thighs, and slides it along her now wet cleft. Now the Slave jerks her hips in response- the jolt of sensation at his touch on her clit awakens her awareness to the pleasure she is receiving. The Master steps back, and brings the strap down again- CRACK!

Used this way, pain becomes one of a Master's best tools to establish control. However- and here is where so very many promising Masters lose their promise- true Masters do not depend upon pain to give them control. True Domination depends upon much, much more.

- The Role of Praise -

A true Master understands the role of praise in the control of a slave. Consistent, loving praise will not only soothe the pain a Master inflicts, it will become the reason a Slave submits eagerly. No Master wishes to constantly fight against His Slave's natural will; that is not Domination, but war. A true Master uses praise to enslave his Slave; He reaches into one of the oldest of human needs- the need to belong.

Despite the seeming dichotomy, a Slave must be pampered and petted to give her Master her best. No Master wishes a broken, listless, "enduring" Slave, no- a true Master desires an eager, willing participant who will give Him pleasure in any way He desires, whenever He desires, exactly as He desires. This is accomplished through praise.

A Slave must know exactly how to please her Master. She is not to anticipate, nor is she to guess, what her Master wishes of her. His instructions to her must be clear and uncompromising; when she does something displeasing, she is punished. Conversely, when she does something pleasing, she is praised. It is only through praise that a Slave knows exactly how to please her Master; to punish without praise is senseless. Let's return to our earlier example to understand the role of praise.

CRACK! The strap has fallen for the tenth time, and the Slave's utterance, "Ten-" is a barely heard sound caught in her throat. Her face is streaked with tears she could not stop, and her lips are slack and trembling. Her bottom feels enormous, almost pounding with heat and pain, the skin a glowing red. The ache in her arms from holding her upper body off the couch is wearisome; her neck is tense with strain from holding her head up so the Master can see her face. In short, she is miserable. Once again the Master lays His palm upon the cheeks of her ass; His hand is cool against the fiery heat of her skin. "How nice," He whispers. "What a lovely shade of red, My Sweet. Your bottom should always be this way." And again His fingers slip down between her legs where they cup another heat, this one moist and damp. "Perfect," the Master breathes. "Nice and wet, just the way I want you." The slave now feels two physical sensations: The burning pain of her freshly spanked ass, and the hungry bloom of pleasure as His fingers fondle her clit and stroke along the cleft of her pussy. She cannot stop her hips from moving back against His hands and fingers, and He chuckles softly when He says, "Oh, you like that don't you? Good girl- I want you to like every thing I do to you tonight." Now she understands the emotions she is feeling: trepidation and anticipation; both heighten her sense of arousal, and she knows she will do anything to please the Master.

You see, praise is the only way a slave has of knowing she is pleasing her Master. He may- and will- use pain whether she deserves to be punished or not, sometimes simply for His own pleasure in watching her feel what He gives her. So punishment, or the lack thereof, is not indicative of her pleasing Him. Only through praise can she know that what she does, how she obeys, how she reacts and endures, is what her Master wants of her.

Novice Masters use much cruder techniques, such as tightly tied ropes and careless rape, thinking that bondage and overpowering are enough. That is because they are young in this journey and have no inkling of the power of more subtle technique. Bondage has its place in Domination- certainly- but merely as another training tool. A true Master is enthralled when His Slave can control herself through whatever He gives her.

- The Role Of Rope, Etc. -

Out of all the physical tools of Domination, rope is the most common, blindfolds the next. Both have a very important role in training a slave. First, we shall discuss the use of the blindfold, perhaps the first tool a novice Master should employ.

To blindfold a budding slave is to free her of distraction. She can only hear and taste and feel now; all of her perceptions are routed through these three senses. She is able to hear the Master's voice as if it were a whisper in her very ear; she can taste only what He places into her mouth; she can feel only what He gives her to feel. Her senses are sharper, more attuned to what the Master is doing; she will strain her hearing to discern a clue as to His whereabouts; she will taste more fully the sweet musk of His cock as it slides between her lips, clings to her tongue and nudges the back of her throat; she will react to His touch with abandonment because she is not distracted by seeing what the Master is doing. Her imagination can feed her sensation, and, especially at first, a blindfold allows her one less part of herself which she must control. To use a blindfold is to allow the slave to concentrate her whole being on her Master- which is exactly what any Master wants.

Tying can serve the same purpose, however, novice Masters often make the mistake of literally binding the slave so that she cannot move at all. This does a grave disservice to the slave, as she is now incapable of showing her reaction to the Master; she is robbed of the ability to show her pain and pleasure. In the hands of a practiced Master- one who can catch the subtle nuances of muscle play- such tight binding can be a useful tool; for the novice Master, however, tying should be used only when necessary to teach a slave a new skill.

Perhaps the Master has decided to share His slave with another man. He lays out the blindfold and cords, and instructs the slave to lay upon the bed with arms and legs spread. Quickly, he places the blindfold upon her first, knowing that she will feel the pull of the ropes that much more if she cannot see him tie them. Nor will she see the other man enter the room. He ties her wrists and ankles now, so that she is capable of some movement, but cannot get free. "Perfect," the Masters says, "Don't you think so?" And the other man answers "Yes- she is made for this." The strange voice surprises the slave, and a tremor runs up her legs across her belly. She wants to ask- "What? What are you planning?" but knows she is not to speak unless given permission. Now she hears the Master again, "You will allow my friend to do as he pleases with you. You will allow him to take his pleasure from you, and you will do whatever he asks as wonderfully as you do for me. I will be watching, and guiding, and even joining in. Imagine my Sweet- you will not know which touch is from which man!"

The other man now eagerly reaches for her breast and mauls a nipple roughly. She wants to flinch away but does not. He now lunges over her and shoves his mouth onto hers, his tongue filling her mouth. Automatically, she twists her head away from this strange, unloving mouth, it is not who she wants kissing her- and she feels immediate regret for this action when she hears the Master say, "No, Little One, I taught you better than that. After he is through kissing you, he will punish you for your disobedience."

This idea seems to delight the other man, and he immediately reaches for the cords binding her to the bed. Roughly, he tugs the knot out of the rope around one wrist and ankle, then turns her over so that she is laying flat. The slave hears the Master's sigh at the other man's cavalier treatment and seeming unimaginative punishment, but she is given little time to enjoy this miniscule victory as the other man smacks his large hand down across her ass cheeks and chuckles with delight. Again and again the fiery smacks rain down upon the slave's naked bottom, still sore from the Master's earlier punishment. She does not think she can endure this other man's touch a second longer, and then she hears the Master, "Enough- let me show you what she really likes."

The slave is turned back over and re-tied, and now she feels the weight of a man on each side of her. There is a moment of near silence; it seems she can hear the movement of the men near her, their breath, but she does not know which is which. Suddenly, a warm mouth clamps onto her right nipple, and now, another on the left. For just a moment, she tries to discern the Master's suckling from the other man's, but the sensation to both nipples at once is too overwhelming, and she is nearly lost in the waves of pleasure streaking from her breasts to her pussy. Now hands and lips and tongues seem to be all over her, stroking and caressing, squeezing and pinching. A hand slides down over her belly and dips between her legs, a finger sinking into her. Another hand lifts and cradles her head as a cock grazes her lips. Automatically she opens her mouth to receive it, no longer knowing or caring who's cock it is, the Master's or the other man's. It doesn't matter to her; she is becoming lost in pleasure; and, besides, the Master wants this.

Ropes and blindfolds, then, are the perfect tools to use to introduce a new activity. But for true Domination, a Master will teach His slave self-control.

- The Role of Self Control -

Self control is dependent upon two things: Firstly, trust, and secondly, explicit instructions. Trust is easily garnered when a slave is secure in the Master's love. His delight in her response, His use of sweet names, His praise of her, all combine to give the slave reason to reach for more, to give the Master even more of herself. And, again, a slave should never anticipate the Master's desire without permission. A true Master must give continual instruction to His slave, so that she is always aware of His needs and wants. This, of course, necessitates some forethought on the Master's part, however, a true Master is just that- a Master. He always knows what he is doing.

Returning to our example, we find the other man has left; he spent himself twice, both times recklessly and too soon, and professed the desire to return. The Master is unspent, and an ache to reach the heights of pleasure is hard upon Him. Coming back into the room, He smiles gently at His slave, saying, "You pleased the other man so well I fear he will take hours to recover. A wonderful treat for him, My Sweet, and for me also. And I know you enjoyed it too- why, the bed is soaked between your thighs!" The Master kisses His slave, and runs His hands down her sides, following the curves of waist and hips, "But I am not finished with you, Little One; and I've a taste for something different tonight." The Master unties the slave easily despite the tightened knots, and then kisses her again. "Tonight," He says, "I am going to take that delectable little bottom that you tease and taunt me with all day long. I am going to thoroughly pound your ass."

The slave is immediately fearful. The Master has tried this once before, when He had first commanded her, but it was so very, very painful, she had to use the safe word to stop Him. He had not been angry, but He had been disappointed, she could tell, and she hated so to disappoint the Master. But, still, she is filled with fear. The Master smiles at her widened eyes and asks, "You look frightened- tell me, what are you afraid of? You may speak freely; I want a full answer." The slave is both joyed and dismayed by this appeal to her; joyed because the Master is allowing her to voice her thoughts and feelings, and dismayed because she knows her feelings will disappoint Him. Lowering her eyelids, she confesses softly, "I am afraid because I know how much it will hurt me. I am afraid I will not be able to do this for you."

"An honest answer My Pet, and I must tell you, you are right, it will hurt a great deal when I sink my cock deep into your bottom. But, because you are so very honest, and so very sweet, I will reward you with this: You may choose the pace of this fucking. You, Little One, will decide how fast or how slowly I ream you. You will control me- a little bit anyway," and He chuckles softly. "Now, come here to me and we will both warm up to this experience together." The Master then takes His slave into His arms and begins to kiss and caress her sweetly. He gives her no painful pinches, but soft, tantalizing touches, and tender tongue flickers. He traces a path with His lips, down her belly and between her thighs, settling Himself comfortably there. He raises her legs over His shoulders and breathes to her, "Relax now- feel only my mouth upon you." And He begins to pleasure her, softly, sweetly, teasing a bit, then building her heat, only to tease again. Over and over, the Master brings her to the edge of orgasm, backing off each time to the slave's dismay. She is gasping now, and wishes only to reach down, tangle her hands in His hair and hold His mouth to her clit, only to cum and cum and cum against the Master's mouth. She is lost in the sensations, and almost misses His command, "My turn, Pet. You must do the same for me, now."

The hunger between her legs is maddening, like an itch, but she moves onto her knees in front of Him and gladly slides the length of His cock into her mouth, letting the head cling to her palate, letting her tongue form a soft, hot channel guiding Him into her throat. The Master inhales deeply at this stroke of pleasure; He sighs, and says "Oh, I cannot wait to take your ass." His hands hold her head still for just a moment while He forces His length into her, making her gag. "Now," she hears him say, "I will give you your reward. You will not pull away when I penetrate your ass. You will keep your head up so I can see your lovely face. You may make soft sounds only. And, by your movements, I will know how fast- or how slow- I will take you. If you move your ass away from me, I will shove my cock into you as fast and hard and deeply as I can; and My Sweet, My Pet, My Lovely One- that will make your ass scream. But if you hold for me, if you allow me, I will slide this hard cock into your tight ass slowly, ever so slowly; stretching your ass open to me, and I will fuck you very slowly. Do you understand?" The slave, her mouth still wrapped around the length of His cock, nods her head slightly. "Good," says the Master. "Now, get the lubricant and make my cock all slippery wet- I don't want this to hurt you any more than necessary."

Torn though she is, the slave reaches for the lubricant and pours a small measure into her palm. She slips her hand over the head of the Master's cock, and slides it down the length of Him, feeling how very big and hard His cock suddenly seems. "I would suggest a bit more, Sweet," the Master chuckles, "For your own sake, that is." The slave suddenly realizes this is real- she is going to have to take this hard cock into her ass; she remembers how much it hurt last time, and knows it will be just as painful this time. She begins to apply even more lubricant to His cock, sliding both hands up and down the length of Him as if this will somehow make her dread go away. To her dismay, His cock becomes even harder, the head burgeoning red now, and it throbs eagerly within her palms. The Master tears her hands away, and impatiently motions her to turn around. She does so, bracing herself on her knees and elbows, remembering at the last to lift her face, and turn it slightly for Him. "Reach back with your hands and spread those sweet cheeks, My Dear. I want no impediments to this. You may use the pillows to support yourself if you wish," He adds as she reaches back to grasp her own bottom. Her dread-filled anticipation is consuming; never has she felt so exposed and helpless.

And then she feels the hot head of his cock pressed up against her anus. Hot, God so hot and hard. "Remember," comes the Masters voice. "You show me how slow, or how fast.... Now-" And a knifing pain suddenly jolts into her; "Ooohh!" breaks from her lips, and of their own accord her hips dip and jerk forward, away from the pain. For an instant, the pain lessens as the Master's cock is pulled out of her, but then she feels His hands, tight and firm on her hips, and hears His voice, "Oh, you want it faster-" and realizes her body's betrayal a split second before His cock sears into her ass again; deep, deeper, endlessly sinking into her.

Her breath explodes out of her chest; she can feel a wild scream rising in her throat; His hands are locked onto her hips and still He pushes into her ass. She can feel Him up against her, His belly against her bottom, His balls tight against her pussy, and she hears Him say, "Do you want me to take it out?" and she nods mutely, wishing only to beg for that release. Inexorably, He pulls back, His cock rasping inside her, almost burning, until she feels His cock suddenly seem to pop out of her. "There," He says, "It's out. But now, I'm going to slide it back in. Perhaps you'll do better this time." And again she feels the knifing hurt enter her ass, but this time she holds for it; this time she manages to lock her hips so they cannot betray her. The Master holds too, for just a second, and then pulls back on her hips ever so slightly, forcing her to fill her ass with an inch more of His searing cock. Again He holds, and again he urges her to take more, and again, until finally she feels Him up against her again. "Better?" He asks. And she nods slightly, for it is slightly better- but not much, not enough. "Then set the pace My Sweet," He says, and pushes forward on her hips. The searing hurt causes her to stop the movement instantly, but the need to please forces her to move again, this time back slightly, almost rocking, His cock buried deep in her ass. Slowly at first, she rocks against Him; His cock hurts so terribly, He is so fucking hard in her ass. But then, as she feels him swell even bigger inside her, she realizes she can end this sooner. She can make Him stop sooner- as soon as He cums. And she lengthens the stroke of her hips, pulling away faster and farther so that He slides almost all the way out, and then nearly shoving her ass back onto His cock. "Yes," He breathes. "That's it Baby! Fuck me with that tight ass of yours!" and His hands tighten on her. A whimper, sounding so very like "Please!" escapes her, and taking this for His cue, the Master shoves her hips back and forth, faster and harder. His cock is a constant, searing pain pounding into her ass, and then with a groan He shoves hard into her, and she feels the wild pulses of His orgasm begin. She cries out her hurt, and suddenly her pleasure- as her own orgasm surprisingly bursts through her. It is over, and she has done it; she has taken what He gave her. As He pulls His cock out of her, her own throbbings wane, and she hears Him say softly, "That was perfect, My Love."

Teaching a slave control, then, becomes a matter of allowing the slave to choose; good choices are, of course, rewarded, and poor choices are punished. When a true Master allows the slave to choose, her control is not only easier, it is a more fulfilling experience for the Master, because she is now truly giving Him not only her body, but her self, her will. And that is the ultimate domination, the ultimate seduction.

Other Roles and Practices will be discussed in another addition.


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