The Best Erotic Stories.

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by George Tasker

Part 55 - Victory

"Give up or I'll twist your nuts off," you growl menacingly at Jimbo, squeezing hard on his testicles.

He yelps with pain, "I submit!"

You smile, release his nuts, grab the hardened shaft of his cock and give it a tight squeeze sending a small jolt of pleasure through Jimbo before you pull you hand out of his pants.

"An unusual but effective tactic there Agent Hooters," Trish says with a grin, "Okay good fighting from both of you. But we're out of time so hit the showers then get to our second class of the day."

"What is it?" you ask her.

"Written and theory."

"Great," you groans Jimbo.

You're not exactly happy with the thought of hitting the classroom either, but you don't have a lot of choice really.

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