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The Awakening
Chapter V: Initiate
by Gracie

Several Months had past. He kept his hold on her both steadfast and discrete. Monday to Friday she was just another employee. Evenings and weekends she waited in eager anticipation of his next command. She had gotten used to the leers and rude remarks at work and tried to block out the offensive 'pet names' that the men were assigning her.

There were many more public appearances over the course of their 'relationship'. He had her wear short skirts without panties and positioned her in such a way that her snatch was clearly visible from the right angle. He dressed her in thin 'T' shirts without bras and would 'accidentally' spill water or clear soda on her just as other men would pass by. And he made sure that her nipples were kept pert and clearly visible at all times.

They revisited the park and he had her crawl into one of those six foot cylindrical tube slides that most playgrounds seemed to have now and suspend herself in it by holding onto the top opening of the tube. Then he crawled in from the bottom, unbuttoned her shirt and pull off her shorts. He teased and tormented her for a while; then climbed up inside and by holding on to the top edge himself, fucked her till he filled her with his power load. He had her in a state of constant arousal. It was like one long extended session of lust, from which there was no escape. Raw sex... sex like she had never thought existed.

It was 6:00 Friday evening and she was waiting for him to arrive. He had told her earlier at work that he planned on taking her to his cabin up north for the long weekend. She did not even realize that he had a cabin. They'd never spoken on such a personal level. She actually knew very little about him, but he would constantly assure her that they knew all that they needed to. Most of the time her lack of knowledge did not seem to bother her; although there were times, (she would have to confess), that she wondered where he was when he was not with her. Was there someone else? Did he have a willing sex toy lined up for everyday of the week? Out of her own need for security, she convinced herself that she was simply being paranoid.

6:05 and the familiar sound of his car approaching met her ears. 'That's odd' she thought to herself. 'He has never been late before'. She gathered her suitcase and greeted him at the door. He hugged her long and hard like he would never let her go, then pulled her back by her shoulders to examine her. Her nipples were obvious under the 'T' shirt and thin bra; just the way he liked them.

"You look nice this evening" he complimented her.

She smiled. "Have you eaten?" he asked politely. She nodded affirmatively. "Then let's get going," he urged. "We have a long drive ahead of us". She reached for her bag, but he took it from her hands and set it back onto the floor. "You won't be needing that," he smiled at her, as he led her out the door.

She must have fallen asleep during the drive. The feel of the car coming to a halt awakened her and she jolted up with curiosity. They seemed to be on a mud road in the middle of nowhere. There appeared to be no houses, cabins, no sign of life except that which you would expect to find in a forest setting. "Where are we?" she asked.

"My cabin is just over that hill. We'll have to walk from here" he answered her. He got out and walked around to open her door. Taking her by the hand he led her up the steep hill that lay before them. Once at the top, she could see the path that led to his cabin. "Just a short walk from here," he announced as he walked on ahead. She followed him, trying to keep pace. Through the clearing she thought she could see the small glimmer of water through the trees.

The cabin turned out to be small but quaint. It was nicely situated on a clear, quiet lake, nestled into a tiny private bay. She noticed a boathouse off to the left shore, with a long well kept dock running from it. A fifteen-foot fishing boat was tied half way up the dock. "It has been a long drive, I am sure that you need to freshen up a bit," he said as he escorted her into the cabin and directly to the bathroom.

She was happy to see that there was one; she was not fond of outhouses, or washing up in a cold lake. Although she'd showered before they had left, he insisted that she shower again. Not wanting to anger him this far from home, she quickly washed up and came out wrapped in a towel.

"I have no clothes," she explained as he watched her exit the small room.

"I purchased a few things for you ahead of time. Women always seem to over-pack," he smiled, as he handed her something to put on. She took the white silk shirt that he offered, placing the towel in his other outstretched hand. The shirttail fell just below the rounded cheeks of her tight little ass and the sides were tailored to cut high up her thighs. The fabric seemed to cling to every curve of her damp body, yet masking it just enough to let the imagination play.

"It doesn't cover much," she exclaimed as she slipped into it.

"You will have little need for coverage this weekend" he replied, "Now get some sleep." He pointed her towards a door-less room that was totally empty except for one small bed in the center of the floor. A single light sheet covered the bed.

"Am I supposed to sleep here?" she asked him surprised. "I thought I would be sleeping with you?"

"Try not to think!" he said firmly. He escorted her to the room and positioned her on the bed, covering her with the sheet. Then he went back to the living area and poured himself a drink. Pulling the sheet more snugly around herself, she lay quietly as he moved about the living area. From her room she could see him clearly, and assumed 'He' could see her as well. She watched him carefully for a while, then drifted off to sleep.

He stood in the doorway admiring the shape of her body under the thin sheet. Then he approached the side of the bed and gently peeled it back. The shirt had slid half way up her torso, exposing her firm ass and allowing him a nice glimpse of her freshly shaved pussy. He ran his hand between her legs and parted her lower lips. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back, but did not wake. Running his hand across her clit and up her stomach, he unfastened the buttons of her shirt and pulled it open to bring her breasts into full view. The sudden rush of cool air caused her nipples to harden and become erect. "Mmmmm!" he murmured softly to himself. Leaving her exposed, he headed for the living area, glancing back at her occasionally.

"What did you think?" he asked curiously, returning to the room.

"What do you mean?" the younger man asked playfully.

"I am neither blind nor stupid Patrick. I saw you checking her out... what did you think of her?" the older man asked again.

"Not bad", the younger replied.

"You approve then?" the elder questioned. Patrick nodded affirmatively.

"Good, now it's time you should leave. I do not want you to be here in the morning," the elder insisted sternly. The younger man said good night and made his exit.

At first light the birds began to sing. She woke to their sweet songs and pulled the sheet up over her nude flesh. She could hear him puttering about in the kitchen and could smell the aroma of fresh cooked bacon. Deciding to help him prepare breakfast, she got out of bed. She smiled as she noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned, and two black ribbons had been placed in the front pocket. She took the ribbons and tied them around her nipples, then fastened the buttons. She was about the push the last one through its' hole when she heard him enter the room. "How did you sleep?" he asked inquisitively.

"I was a little cold" she answered him. He reached over and grazed her nipple lightly with his fingertip. "You'll get use to it!" he smiled. "Come and eat... you will need your strength, we have a busy day ahead" he added. Walking by the front window, she noticed that the fishing boat was gone. Perhaps he put it in the boathouse, she reasoned to herself.

After the dishes had been cleared away, he took her by the hand and led her back to the room that she had spent the night in. "Let's get you out of this shirt and into something more functional," he told her as he carefully undid each button in turn. The shirt fell to the floor, leaving her wearing only the black ribbons. She was instructed to wait beside the bed and not to move while he left the room in search of more fitting attire.

She stood still and obediently, listening to the tranquil sounds of boaters passing by the little bay. When he returned, he placed the items on the bed. The first item was a white leather corset. He fitted it around her torso and laced it snugly up her back. The bottom of it came to a 'V' across the arch of her back, which ended at the crack of her ass. Two lace ribbons then passed down the crack like a 'G' string and parted to run on either side of her pelvic area, up over her pubic bone and fasten to the front of the corset. The lower front was cut in a 'U' shape that rested just above the pubic bone. The top cupped up under her breasts offering support, holding them high and together to form a nice cleavage, yet leaving them quite exposed. He then gathered up four thick white leather straps; two of which were fastened to her wrist. The other, and much wider two, he then fastened to her ankles.

All of the straps were embedded with heavy gold metal loops. Grabbing her wrists firmly, he positioned them behind her back, overlapping them. With a snap, he secured them to the gold latch that hung from the back of the corset. With a look of supreme satisfaction, he stood back to examine his prey.

"You won't be needing these anymore," he informed her as he untied the ribbon from her nipples. "I have a gift for you," he went on, and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a long heavy weight Italian Gold chain. It ended on either side with a tiny gold handcuff, about half and inch in diameter. He snapped a cuff down securely over each of her still erect buds, leaving the chain to dangled between her breasts. The weight of it pulling down gently on her nipples was surprisingly stimulating.

"Now you look like a proper Whore darling" he smiled at her... it's time to meet my son," he announced.

Horror overtook her! He must be joking, she thought to herself! She was so stunned that she could not speak. So incredibly terrified that she could not move. This can't be happening! She heard the soft purr of a small boat motor approached the dock, and within moments the front door of the cabin swing open. Ok, so he did allow strangers to get glimpses of her before, but he would never humiliate her in this way, she continued to try and convince herself. Not bound, vulnerable and for the most part totally exposed.

"No" she started to say, but he put a finger to her lips and said "Shhh!" as he moved behind her and took hold of her wrists. "Patrick!" she heard him call and then a long thin shadow began to grow towards her.

The son appeared in the doorway, pausing momentarily to survey his father's prize. Shear panic overtook her as she started to visibly tremble. He moved in closer and took the gold chain in his hand. He raised it just above her breasts, then let it fall, its' weight tugging at her nipples. He reached toward her nipples and she pulled back in defiance.

"No" she yelled! "I will not stand here and allow this asshole to have his way with me. This has gone too far! I gave myself to you not your son or anyone else" she shouted at the Father. "Who the fuck do you two think you are!" she continued.

The son raised his hand and swung it with great strength towards her face; shouting "You stupid little slut!" The Father intercepted his son's thrust inches from her face and held his arm firm. "Make no mistake, she is no slut son. A slut will fuck anyone and she clearly will not. She is however a whore who's purpose in life is to serve her master," he clarified. "A good whore is like a puppy son. Use force to make corrections and you will get a pet that both hates and fears you. But discipline your pet with patience and a gentle tone, and they will grow to respect your authority," he instructed his son. "You should never have to use more than the right tone of voice and 'Two Finger' pressure to command obedience... Observe!" he went on.

The father went to the bed and slid it to the far side of the room. Then he took her by the wrists and led her to the space that he had just cleared. She was in a state of nervous shock, possessing little control over herself. There were three gold latches on the floor, spaced apart in the shape of a large triangle. He led her into the middle of the golden triangle and turned her to face Patrick.

"Kneel before my son!" he told her firmly.

"No!" she shot back, regaining some of her wits. The father stepped around in front of her took the chain that dangled from her breasts with two fingers and pulled it firmly downward.

"Kneel before my son," he repeated firmly again. The chain pulled painfully at her nipples and she lowered herself to the floor in self-defense. "Good girl... see how easy that was!" he said wryly. She went to say something and he grabbed the chain tight and said, "Shhhh! Rule number five... never speak unless it is asked of you. Believe me, your nipples will pull clean off before this chain breaks," he said softly.

She knelt still, quiet and horrified! The son stepped forward and took the chain from his father. Then holding it taut, he began tweaking her nipples with his other hand. "You won't pull away from me now will you bitch?" he gloated. To her dismay, her body reacted to his touch. The touch of his fingers sent electrical impulses racing through her flesh. Her blood began to pump as her nervous system jumped to attention. The father took the chain from his son and moved him aside, placed two fingers around it and started to pull downwards once again.

"Present yourself to my son for inspection whore!" he commanded as he pulled her down and forward towards the first latch, forcing her face to the floor. He hooked the chain through the latch and placed a small cushion under her forehead. Then he moved around behind her and spread her legs wide, fastening the rings on her ankle bands to the remaining two latches. From another room he retrieved a small sawhorse and wedged it under her hips, to hold them into position.

The young man walked around behind her and began to stroke her soft bare pussy. She wiggled about in defiance, but could not escape his touch. He stood back and grunted in approval, then dropped his jeans, took out his huge hard cock and moved in close to plunge his eager tool into to her submissive hole.

"I am going to teach this whore a lesson!' he announced. "I am going to fuck you up th

e ass bitch. I'll teach you to address me with respect" he ranted on. "No son!" his father interrupted. "She is not ready. You will find if you stimulate her properly first, she will be much more receptive to your advances. She'll move with you, increasing your stimulation. Also, it will give her time to lubricate making the end result less abrasive for you" he informed him.

The son looked at his father with defiance. "Do as you wish son, she's your whore, but I think you will be sorry you don't listen to me" he replied in response to his son's obvious disapproval. The younger man decided to heed his father's advice and moved in to play with her pussy once again.

She found herself becoming extremely aroused and no matter how hard she tried... she could not block it out. She squirmed and jerked as he teased her clit and pulled on her swollen lips. He forced his thumb up her tight ass and drove his index finger into her hot wet pussy, working her from within. Her blood began to surge and pulse as waves of lust started to form deep in her pelvis. He extended his middle finger to her clit and let it drag over it with the motion of his hand as he finger fucked her.

His free hand grabbed frantically for her breasts, pulling and rolling her nipples in rhythm with the other hand. He was clumsy and awkward in his motions but she was so incredibly horny that it did not matter. Within minutes he had her bucking and jerking in violent orgasm. Immediately he withdrew his hands and mounted her from behind, jamming his cock deep into her yearning hole, to lubricate his tool. Then he withdrew, and forced himself into her tight unwilling ass.

He pounded his huge cock deep within her tight canal, delighting in its intense grip, as his own blood surged. It was the most amazing feeling that he had ever known; to totally control a woman in that way inflamed his soul. He felt powerful, virile and totally indestructible. Soon he was slamming her ass, out of control, completely at the mercy of his own raging lust. His balls bounced off of her wet pussy and taunted her clit. His lust mounted like a tidal wave. Within minutes, he reached his peak and exploded; his hot semen flooding into her like the breaking of some great dam as he moaned forcefully.

When his orgasm had ended, he dismounted and staggered out of the room, collapsing onto the couch. The father came in, released the chain from the latch on the floor and freed her ankles. He helped her to her feet and led her by the chain back to the bed, his sons' semen running slowly down her legs. Pushing her onto the bed and rolling her onto her side, he released her wrists from the latch on the corset and fastened them to the headboard.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she pleaded him. "Why are you letting someone else take me like this? Don't you want me anymore? Haven't I pleased you enough?" she begged.

"You were never for me, don't you understand?" the father informed her. "I have my own whore. I was simply training you for my son. You belong to him now," he told her.

She looked at him, totally stunned, mouth hanging slightly ajar. "No, you can't do this to me! I am not a possession that you can play with then simply give away when you grow tired of it" she argued with him.

"You are exactly that!" he corrected her. "Now, I trust you will serve my son with the same obedience and respect that you have shown me. Be patient with him, he is young. He will become a good master in time" he added. "It was fun being your mentor! You learned quickly. That's because you love the game," he added, then he leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead.

Then she watched him leave the room and join his son in the living area of the small cabin. The father gathered up his coat and shook his son's extended hand firmly, looked back at her once, then turned to leave. She never saw him again.

She remained in the cabin as Patrick's sex slave from then on. He kept her in bondage and used the gold chain to hold her in total compliance. She hated him at first but as he matured, he became more like his father.


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