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The Bottoming of Nina
by darkblossom

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The following story is a work of fiction, a fantasy. All the characters are made-up, fictitious and only exist in this fantasy. The following story depicts consensual sex and bondage play between adult woman. In this story you will find: Incest, Lesbian sex, domination, submission, bondage, anal intercourse.

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Sarah Perkins takes the subway train downtown. Tonight she is happy. After toiling for nearly fifteen years in the big city she has finally found the perfect apartment. A charming four-story brownstone, located near the fashionable lower-east side on 11th street, between 3rd and 4th avenue.

Tonight she plans on finishing her unpacking and relaxing after a busy day at the office. Little does she know that this is just the start of an incredible odyssey, of Sarah's introduction to a remarkably submissive young woman named Nina. Sarah will come to introduce this lovely young woman to an exacting and exquisite form of bondage training. Sarah will become Nina's first real lesbian Mistress.

As the train rattles downtown Sarah notices two beauties sitting across from her on the train. A blonde and brunette looking quite cute in their proper business attire. Sarah becomes amused, imagining herself as their dominating Mistress. She visualizes the cuffs and collars she would lovingly fasten on them. How their pliant youthfulness would yield completely to her especially demanding appetites. She checks her appearance in the reflected image of the subway car's dark window.

For 39 years old Sarah is in incredibly good shape. She's on the tall side with a powerfully built body and long legs, carefully maintained by serious daily workouts. Sarah has a pretty, if somewhat angular face with high cheekbones and straight auburn hair with just a slight hint of silver. There's time, she thinks, time for it all the fun. She needs to first finish unpacking. Then she'll setup a lengthy session with her girlfriends. Over the years Sarah Perkins has been part of a small group of gay women friends (and lovers) who trust each other explicitly in a sometimes brutal and indifferent city. Her group serves as a kind of protective oasis, where they can freely and safely experiment with themes of bondage, domination, and obsessive pursuits.

The months go by, spring turns into summer. Sarah settles into her cozy downtown apartment. She's enjoys her new home, which is basically a modest two bedroom apartment, but considered huge by New York standards. She likes the warmth of the place, the hard wood floors and big front and back windows that let in a lot of light. All her stuff, basically a ton of books, lightweight but comfortable furniture and specialized bondage equipment, fit well in the new place, giving it a welcoming if somewhat cluttered look.

Early one summer night Sarah relaxes with a glass of wine in her small kitchen. Sitting at her table and looking out the back window she can catch a tiny bit of the setting sun. She reflects on her life; how hard she works as a manager in a high-powered market research firm, how she has less and less time to spend with her girlfriends as the demands on her job never seem to end. That makes her sad, for she really enjoys her special sessions with her girlfriends, much more than spending endless hours at the office. She enjoys the coolness of the evening, the winding down, most folks ending their workday, getting ready for dinner. Her new apartment is very quiet.

Then she hears it.

A very distinctive moaning, coming from somewhere beyond the thick plaster walls of her apartment. At first she thinks she must be going nuts. But then she hears it again. The groaning, coming from a woman, somewhere inside the apartment building. Only when Sarah is perfectly still and quiet does she hear it, barely, on the edge of her perception. She quietly walks around, trying to get a better fix on where the sound is coming from. But it appears to have stopped as suddenly as it started.

Over the next few days she hears it again, tantalizing her senses, off and on but usually at night. She hears not only moaning, but other sounds of vigorous lovemaking as well, always just a little out of her hearing range. She begins to take more notice of her neighbors, trying to figure out who it is. She doesn't know any of them beyond a polite nod in the hallway, nor does she expect to. She's on the second floor of the four story building, each floor has three separate apartments. In the apartment to the her left lives two pretty Hispanic women, one older and one much younger, possibly related, she surmises, judging by their similar features. To her right lives an elderly white man, who Sarah believes is called Joe.

She tells her friends about this intriguing disturbance. Polly is a friend of hers who happens to be a nurse. She gives Sarah a stethoscope during a lunch time rendezvous.

"Listen Sarah," Polly informs her while snapping her chewing gum. "It's an excellent tool for listening through walls, but sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone, getting information this way can be dangerous."

"Don't worry baby, I can handle it," Sarah tells her friend with more confidence then she actually feels.

Sarah ignores Polly's advice, of course. The muffled nightly moans and groans is driving her crazy, plus she's curious, very curious, over who's having all this wild sex right in her own building.

Next Friday evening and Sarah is at home with her newly acquired stethoscope. She sits in her living room and waits, quiet as a mouse. Sure enough the groaning starts. Sarah knows from past experience that the sound won't last forever so she stands and listens intently. The muffled moaning seems to be slightly louder from the apartment on the left. The one with the two Latin beauties, the implications are quite intriguing.

Sarah puts the stethoscope on her ears and places the flat metallic disc against the wall on the left. She's instantly surprised and excited by how much louder and clearer the breathy moaning and groaning is. She homes-in on the woman's groans by sliding the disc along the living room's over painted plaster walls. She runs into the corner of the room and must go into the hallway to continue her quest.

The hallway moves her away from edge wall of the apartment. She goes into the small hallway closet and continues listening along the outer wall. Now the lovemaking sounds are very distinct through the stethoscope's earphones. She moves the device's disc along the bottom back wall of the closet and hits the sweet spot! By keeping perfectly still in a crouched position, way in the back of her hallway closet, Sarah clearly hears, via the stethoscope, everything going on in what she believes must be a bedroom in the apartment next door. A chill shoots down her back. She has never been much of a voyeur, preferring active participation over watching others have all the fun. But here she is, transfixed by the apparent sound two of women ardently making some very hot love in the apartment next door:

"Ummmm, Ummm, Umm.Ooooh, Oh! Oh!"

"You like the tongue no?"

"Aaah! Oooh. Yes!"

"Yes what?"

"Yes, yes, mother, pleasssse!"

"Hmmm, that's it. Yes, yes, Nina, aren't you a good little girl! Yes! Baby, in we go!"

"Oh, oh God! Ooooh! Ga-ga-ga-gaaaawd!"

Sarah listens very carefully for next half hour and is very intrigued by what she hears. Apparently these two beauties in the next apartment seem to be mother and daughter! They are clearly the ones responsible for the nightly sounds of torrid love making. She sits entranced in the back of the closet, eavesdropping on the sounds of unrelenting incestual lovemaking right next door. She soon becomes heated herself as she listens. Her fingers slide down between her legs. A short while later Sarah orgasms against the closet wall.

Over the next few days Sarah gets little sleep, she was a walking zombie at work. Every night she listens in on the amazing show next door. Over this time she learned that both mother and daughter seem to be sexual obsessed with each other; the mother very domineering and demanding, the daughter (Nina?) provocative, submissive, pouty and very spoiled.

Going in and out of the building daily Sarah discreetly takes a closer look at the pair next door. Both mother and daughter are very pretty. They're dressed well in modest summer clothing. The mother has a pleasant face, shoulder length black hair and a curvy hourglass shape. The daughter is quite a prize. A Latino beauty with full lips, her mother's dark eyebrows, lithe and trim with long black hair down to her cute butt. They both have perfect light mocha-brown skin.

It's Tuesday night and Sarah is in the hallway retrieving her mail from her mailbox on the first floor when she hears someone behind her.

"Excuse me." Sarah turns to see the beautiful mother from the apartment next door.

"Yes?" Sarah replies, nonchalantly as possible but intrigued.

"Are you that new gal in apartment 2B?" The woman has just a slight hint of Hispanic accent. Sarah finds her completely charming.

"Why yes, I am."

"Ooh, well then we're neighbors I live in apartment 2A, nice to meet you. My name is Lucia."

"Very nice to nice you too, Lucia? Right? My name is Sarah. I really love this building, it's quite a find." The two woman start climbing the stairs together.

"Yes, yes, you know it's so nice to have another woman on the floor here. Would you be interested in coming over for a cup of tea. My daughter goes to dance school late on Tuesday and Thursday nights now. So, I don't have to make dinner or anything."

"Why Lucia, that sounds like a lot of fun."

And so begins the friendship of Sarah and Lucia. Every Tuesday and Thursday night Lucia would end up hanging around Sarah's place, drinking tea and waiting for her daughter Nina to come home from dance school. Sarah likes Lucia, who is warm and talkative. Over the next two weeks of evening teas Sarah learns much more about Lucia and her daughter Nina. Lucia is married, but has been separated from her husband for about ten years now. He's a businessman currently living in Argentina. He sends his wife and daughter a sizable check every month, so Lucia doesn't have to work that hard. Lucia's daughter, Nina, is twenty-two and a dance major at nearby New York University. Sarah gets the impression that Lucia hates being alone, even for a few hours. And that she and her daughter screw each other senseless just about every night. Lucia doesn't tell Sarah this, of course. Sarah gets this information from her special ringside seat inside her closet.

One Thursday night the ice breaks and Sarah finds herself passionately kissing Lucia on the couch in her apartment. Wine has since replace tea, and Sarah has been getting the right vibes from Lucia for a few evenings now. They become lovers, thought, just on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Sarah notes with great amusement that her time with Lucia hasn't put a dent in Lucia's lovemaking with her own daughter.

For Sarah there's two types of lovers. One where she is the dominant one, leading all the action. And the other type, where the leading and following is evenly split among equals. Her lovemaking with Lucia falls into this last category. Lucia refuses to be dominated, but instead meets Sarah's leading with her own direction. The results for both woman is hot, fantastic lovemaking. Lucia is especially attracted to the wide array of bondage gear Sarah has setup in the second bedroom.

After one Thursday evening of particularly hot sex, Sarah and Lucia cuddle together, sweaty and naked, in Sarah's bed.

"Hmm, Sarah?" Lucia coos, nuzzling Sarah's neck.

"Yes my horny one."

"I think you're the best, the absolute best. I really love making it with you, you know so much."

"I'm very glad you like it, keeps ya coming back for more." Sarah says and smiles, dreamily staring up at the ceiling while caressing Lucia's curvy soft back.

"Yes, yes. You know I have a little confession to make."

"Lucia, please. You can tell me anything, I hope you know that."

"Well yes, hmmm. How to say this? Well, you see, I have a very special relationship with my daughter, Nina, you know?"

"Your daughter, yes.."

"Yes," Lucia giggles nervously. "You see about six mouth ago we starting sleeping together, you know, just for comfort. But then." Lucia pauses dramatically, "We started making love, and now we can't stop. My daughter you see, she is very beautiful, very special, but also quite a little sex freak. She wants to get into some really kinky stuff."


"Yes, yes. I know it all sounds strange, but that's what happened. And now, Sarah, I think it would be very good if you joined me and my daughter. You see, she's been having fantasies about being with a big, strong woman."

"Now wait a minute Glory. Lets think this through."

"Yes, yes. I know, its all crazy, but it's can could be very, very splendid."

Sarah and Lucia hatch a plan. They're going to bring Lucia's daughter, Nina into their lovemaking in a very unique way.

The next Friday night Sarah waits, not so patiently, in her living room. It's a hot summer night in the city. All the plans are made, all the equipment setup and in place. She is extremely excited over what she and Lucia have planed for little Nina tonight.

There's a knock at the door. Finally, it's really going to happen, Sarah thinks to herself. She jumps up and steps out of her apartment to find a smiling Lucia.

"Are we all set?" Sarah whispers.

"Yes, yes." Lucia giggles quietly. "Please, please, come in."

Sarah gently closes her door and follows into Lucia's apartment, closing the door behind her.

"Is she ready? Does she know I'm here?" Sarah whispers again.

"Yes, she's ready, quite ready, and no, she has no idea your here. So sit down and be quiet and I'll go fetch her." Lucia walks down the hallway towards the bedrooms.

Sarah sits down discreetly on a couch in Lucia's spartan living room. Lucia hates clutter. The living room consists mainly of two facing white-leather couches, a thick-pile area rug covering the floor between, a comfortable armchair and a lamp. A large gym-type equipment bag has been placed next to one couch, and large mirror is attached to the back wall.

Sarah looks down the hallway, an amazing site emerges. Lucia leads a completely blindfolded Nina down the hallway. The blindfold is a thick black scarf that she and Lucia tested earlier, it does a great job of blocking all vision for the wearer, especially as it's currently triple wrapped around the girl's head.

This is the first time Sarah has gotten a really good look at Nina. And what a wonderful morsel she is! The blindfolded young woman has full sensuous lips, currently fixed in a slight pout. Her face is perfect, light coppery brown with the same slight angular roundness that her mother has, but with a cute button of a nose. Her luxurious long black hair is tied back with a bright pink ribbon. Sarah sees that the young woman walks proudly upright, confident, even though Nina is blindfolded. Sarah also observes that the young woman stirs with nervous, tentative energy.

"Mom! What the fuck is this all about?" Nina whines to her mother as she's lead into the living room. "Let's just use the bed, it's much more comfortable."

"Just bear with me dear, I think you'll like this a lot." Lucia says as she leads her daughter to sit down in the armchair.

"Oh all right!" Nina pouts, and perches on the end of the armchair, her hands neatly folded in her lap. Lucia takes a seat on the opposite couch from Sarah and smiles up and her.

Sarah finds to be Nina lithe, but not overly skinny, with a well-toned dancer's body. The young woman has nice, peach-sized breasts and lovely long legs. She wears a respectable white blouse with a modest knee- length red and blue checkered skirt. The very idea that Sarah will soon be touching, feeling and intimately consuming this young thing sends her heart racing. And what a mouth on the girl! Sarah muses to herself that the little beauty is quite reactive and vocal, what fun!

"Mom! I can't see anything through this scarf! This is so silly. What are we suppose to do now?"

"Well baby," Lucia patiently explains to her blindfolded daughter. "Remember how we discussed bringing in other women into our lovemaking?"

"Umm, YY-yes, Mom." Nina exhorts impatiently, tapping her foot nervously.

Nina's Mom looks directly at her daughter. "Well, I found someone. I'm going to lend you out to her for a few days, as a kind of special treat."

"What! L-lend out? A woman? Mom! W-when is this going to happen?"

"Right now baby." her mother replies. "We're going to start this right now."

"Mom, h-how? Umm, I-I, w-what do you mean by," Nina trembles, "b-by s-special treat, and-and l-l-lend out?" The blindfolded young woman shifts apprehensively in the chair.

"Why honey, I'm going to lend you out as her sex slave, of course!" Lucia smiles mischievously at her daughter. "Nina baby, knowing how your dirty mind works I'll bet you're already getting wet!"

"Oh Mom! God! I am!" The blindfolded young woman shifts and stiffens, her face reddening and heart pounding. "I'm going to be a real s-sex slave! W-when am I going to meet, ummm. Ar-are you're going to ca-call tis l-l-lady now?"

"No baby, she's already here, sitting across from me right now, giving you a good look over."

A tremor passes through Nina's body, she gulps. "Mom! A-a w-woman? Right here in the living room?"

Nina can't believe her mother has done this, taken their special `sessions' to another level entirely. It was only a few weeks ago that she confided to her mother about her obsessive fantasy of being sexual dominated by a another woman.

Nina knows her mother very well, whoever this strange woman in her living room is, she'll be beautiful and strong. It's actually going to happen! Nina thinks to herself, she's going to have sex with a woman besides her mother! This is so wild, so sordid, she's excited just thinking about it! She shivers with impatient anticipation, wishing her mother didn't put this damn blindfold on her. She wants to at least see what this woman looks like!

"Hi L-lady? W-who are y-y-you? Do you think your really up to handling me?" Nina jeers with overconfidence.

"Now baby, listen to me," Nina's Mom pipes in. "If you want to continue with this you'll have to trust me. This woman is a very, very good friend of mine. For now I'm not going to tell you her name. It's probably best if you just call her Mistress".


"Yes, baby, Mistress. You see she's a real expert in domination, bondage and all that good stuff. I thought it would be fun watching you rigorously trained as a real sex slave for a few days. I've told our guest here all about you and me," Lucia carefully informs her daughter. "How prim and proper you are on the outside, but once you get home you turn into slutty little hornball who fucks her own mother."

"Mom! How could you! Oh, t-this is really going to last a few days? Mother!"

"Yes, baby, that's just for the first session," her mother responds calmly. "We have the whole weekend. I can guarantee that your Mistress is quite, quite capable. She's going to do the most amazing to your body. There is much she will teach you. She has all your safewords. The same rules apply, you can stop anytime, just as usual. If it's all to much baby, we can stop now. What do you think?"

"Wow! Mom, Oh Mom!" Nina murmurs. Sarah is amused is see a shiver run through the young woman.

Nina can't believe this is really happening. That her mother would introduce a stranger into their special relationship. Despite herself, Nina is getting more turned-in by the thought of being a sex slave to a strange mistress woman.

"Umm, lady, oh. Um, I mean M-m-mistress?" The blindfolded girl inquires timidly from the chair.

"Yes?" Sarah replies off-handily, slightly testy. Nina flinches, hearing Sarah's voice for the first time.

"W-what would you do to me? As you know my mother and I have a very special relationship together. Do you really think you can match that?" The blindfolded young woman taunts Sarah provocatively.

"Yes my little bitch, I will more than match it. From what your mother tells me you're quite a little freak. You are obviously in need of some very serious discipline," Sarah replies, getting off the couch and approaching the blindfolded girl.

"I will be honest with you, your quite pretty. With a youthful body like yours I will do everything to you that I can. The works; a healthily dosage of oral and anal sex, dildos, special restraints and the like. You'll be in some kind of physical bondage for the next few days. This will allow me to fully explore and experiment with all your little slutty holes, every inch of your yielding young body will get my personal attention. I see that you have a dancer's physique, good muscle tone and probably good flexibility, this will increase the ways in which I will experiment with and use you." Sarah paces around the seated girl. "Nina, I know this is a lot.and it's all happening very fast, but your mother and I need an answer now. Should we proceed today, or should I come back another day. Or we can call the whole thing off."

"Oh, it's sounds, so, so, umm, so wicked." Another shiver runs through the blindfolded young woman seated at the armchair. She takes a deep breath. Having ferocious sex every night with her Mom is one thing, but with another woman? A stranger that her mother dredged up? Who she can't even see because of this stupid blindfold! "M-mom, you'll be there all the time?"

"Yes, sweetie, at least in the beginning," Lucia replies from the other side of the couch. "I'll be watching your initial breaking-in. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

"Ummm, Um. Okay." Nina takes a deep breath. "Okay then. M-mistress lady, l-lets do it. I-umm. I'm all yours." The blindfolded girl blurts out the words quickly.

"Are you absolutely sure you want this? Are you sure you're up to handling what I'm going to put you through?" Sarah asks Nina in a flat deadpan.

"Y-yes, I can handle it! Are you sure you can!" the young woman taunts back. Her voice wavering just a bit.

"Don't you worry about me. You know how to stop if you need to, how to use the safeword."

"Y-yes, yes I do," Nina replies.

"All right then sweetcheeks. Lets get started." Sarah puts a mixture of authority and gruff into her voice. "Stand up and step forward so I can get a closer look at that lovely body of yours."

"Oh, oh, all right," the girl replies. Nina stands, slightly wobbly, and somewhat tentative because of her blindfold and excited state. She gets quickly up and steps forward. Sarah circles the girl like a cat on the prowl.

"Okay my little slut," Sarah commands, "cross your fingers and put your hands behind your neck and keep them there. I'm going to explore your body now. I don't want your hands in the way. Understand?"

"Oh. Um, okay. Y-yes Mistress." Nina responds, trembling and shaking slightly. She slowly raises her hands and locks her fingers behind her neck, complying with the request.

"Your mother tells me you're quite an ardent little sexpot," Sarah positions herself directly behind the standing girl. "Hmm, Your quite lovely Nina. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy checking you out babycakes."

Nina jumps as this strange mistress woman slowly embraces her from behind. She gasps, the woman's strong hands grip her waist. The strange woman presses into her back. Nina shivers as the mistress lady's hands slide out over her tummy, over her hips, and then slowly up over her chest. She squirms and groans as long fingers gently glide onto her breasts. Nina arches back slightly against the strange woman embracing her, and trembles.

For Sarah, Nina's quivering body feels simply divine under her probing hands. Sarah is about 5 inches taller than Nina. Sarah presses into the girl, her hands further explore up and down the girl's trim and wonderfully pliant youthful body. Nina puts her head down and bites her lower lip. She's intensely aware of the strange woman's embrace and gliding hands touching her.

"Why Lucia, I think I can understand why you starting fucking your daughter here. This little bitch's body is truly remarkable, so shapely, so firm." Sarah feels the blindfolded girl quiver as she continues. "Nina baby, I am going to enjoy completely fucking you out!"

"Aaaah," Nina groans. She puts her head down and reddens, sensing the woman's breasts pushing into her back, and strange hands roaming down over her hips. She can't believe this is actually happening. This mysterious woman is about to become her lover! And her mother has told this woman all the private details their special relationship! Chills run down Nina's spine as the unseen woman clasps her from behind.

"Yes, she's the greatest." Nina's mother responds to Sarah, enjoying the show from the couch.

"So tell us slut, how many woman how you made love to?" Sarah asks, while her hands continue to roam over the young woman's trembling body.

"Ooh, umm, umm, j-just m-my mother," Nina stammers, her breath becoming a little ragged and uneven as the woman's hands continue caressing up ad down her chest, tummy and hips.

"And how many boyfriends have you had?"

"I umm, umm, I-I h-had just one, b-but we broke up a- a year ago."

"Hmm." She nuzzles and gently kisses the girl's dark hair, it smells very fresh. "So, I guess I'm going to be your second lesbian lover, after your Mom, and you third lover in total. Hmm, that's sweet, very sweet. Are you sure your ready for this? Nina baby."

"Oh yes, yes. I'm totally ready!" Nina gulps and whines impatiently.

"All right then."

"Oh! God, Ooooh!" The blindfolded young woman groans as Sarah's palming of her breasts becomes more intense. The older woman rubs her chin over the girl's head, then plants a series of soft kisses down the side of Nina's face. She nuzzles, licks and gently bites Nina's curly ear while roughly kneading, and squeezing the girl's peach-size tits through Nina's thin blouse. The girl's soft globes feel firm, exquisite to the older woman.

"Ooh l-lady p-please. Ooow!"

Sarah is becoming heated. She lets go of the girl. Nina groans, but keeps her hands firmly behind her neck.

Sarah walks around and faces the girl.

"All right little slut, spread those lovely legs of yours now. I going to inspect your little pussy hole now." Sarah gently hooks one hand under Nina's knee to assist in moving the girl's legs apart.

"Oh God, Oh!" Gasping the young woman shivers and trembles, standing blindfolded, legs lewdly open, hands behind her neck. Sarah quickly gets on her knees in front of trembling Nina. The older woman wraps one arm around the girl's slim waist, and gently rubs her shapely calf with her other hand. Nina is wearing a pair of sheer dark stockings, which create a nice friction against Sarah's hand.

"Hey babycakes, your Mother tells me you have one of the sweetest little pussy's she has *ever* known. She says you get quite, quite wet." Sarah slowly works her hand over the young woman's knee, under Nina's skirt, and then up to Nina's thigh. Sarah senses taunt tremors running up and down the girl's leg as her hand gently caresses upward.

"Ow!" Nina gasps, feeling the strange hand moving under her shirt, traveling up her thigh.

Sarah is impressed by how firm the girl's lithe legs feel. "I'm going to experience your little quim for myself now."

"Oh! Oh! Umm, o-okay. Ooow!" Nina trembles she senses the mistress woman's fingers slowly creeping up between her inner thighs. She can't believe this is really happening and badly wishes she wasn't blindfolded. She wants to see what this mistress lady looks like!

Sarah feels Nina quiver as her hand slowly progresses up the girl's leg. Sarah is impressed by the responsiveness of the young woman. She can't believe her luck in finding this gorgeous mother and daughter team. This Nina is sweet and young, so cooperative, even if she is just a little whiny. Of course, the older woman thinks to herself, that can be quite fun in correcting.

"All right Nina baby, my fingers are about do a little exploring into your sweet little pussy hole. Get ready baby! Here I come!."

"Ooooow." Nina moans and trembles, standing there with her legs well apart, feeling the strange woman's fingers rustling between her legs.

With one arm around Nina's dainty hips, Sarah holds the girl firmly in place. Her free hand slowly pokes under the girl's underpants. The older woman enjoys the delicious sensation of her fingers brushing between the thin elastic of Nina's panties and the young woman's downy pubes. Nina whimpers as Sarah's fingers gently slide under the cotton underpants. Nina emits a throaty, pouty sound as Sarah's hand gently cups over the girl's soft pussy lips. Sarah discovers Nina's vulva to be wonderfully puffy, moist and swollen.

"Hmm, why Nina, you little wanton slut, your pussy here is already moistened and we've barely gotten started!" Nina groans as Sarah presses her fore and index finger lightly between the girl's labia and gently pinches.

"Oh! M-mistress lady, p-please. Oh m-my. Oooh!"

"Hmm, I'm really enjoying playing with your little love hole here, it's quite delightful. I know many, many nasty dykes out there that would love to exercise such a prime piece of tender girl-pussy like this. Maybe your mother and I will start a little business on the side, pimping out your sweet ass to the entire New York City lesbian bondage circuit. Would you like that sweet cheeks?"

"Oh! nooo. Oh God! Oh n-no Mistress, please!"

"Well now, we'll just have to see about that. All right slut, I'm going to open you up a bit by pushing my fingers inside you now."

"Ow, Oooow!" Nina gasps, her knees buckling slightly outward as the older woman rustles around inside her panties. Nina reddens and gasps, feeling the strange woman's finger pressing into her most intimate parts. She can't believe this is really happening!

Maintaining a tight grip around Nina's waist, Sarah peels open the blindfolded girl's luscious outer pussy lips with her fore and index fingers. She then slowly feeds the two fingers into Nina's slickened pussy lips. The petite young woman bucks and whimpers as Sarah's digits work their way forward, sliding between Nina's engorged pussy lips. Sarah feels the girl's soft, supple, tightness gripping her fingers. She thoroughly enjoys the feeling of the girl's pliant soft quim against her fingers. The older woman slowly teases and plays her thumb over Nina's pointy clitoris. The girl murmurs as wild tremors shoot through her body. Her hips involuntarily pivot slowly up and down.

"Well my little darling, my fingers are completely inside you now." Sarah wiggles her embedded fingers around inside the young woman and is amused as Nina responds with a whimpering groan. "Your little pussy is really gripping my fingers."

"Ooooh, Oh God!"

Sarah slowly pumps her fingers in and out of the girl. Nina twists and moans, but maintains her standing splayed position.

"Nina baby, I'm about to become your lover, but a special kind of lover." Sarah looks up at her young charge while continuing her gently pistoning action inside the girl. "You and I are about to get to know each other extremely well. You're about to receive the vigorous discipline you truly need. I'm about to repeatedly fuck you using a wide variety of methods. I'm going give you a real body to body fuck. I'm going to fuck your pussy with a nasty strap-on dildo. And, you'll really going to like this babycakes, in a few moments I'm going to introduce you to the pleasure's of anal intercourse by penetrating your cute little bottom with a specially molded plastic plug designed to open up and loosen tight little asses like yours. Yes baby, yes! You're about to become my love toy for the next few days."

"Ooooow," Nina whimpers and gasps as Sarah continues her manipulations.

"I must say that I enjoy watching a young woman like yourself in such an excited state. But we have to move on to bigger and better things tonight." The blindfolded young woman groans. Sarah withdraws her hand from the girl's quim, wiping her fingers on Nina's red and blue pleated skirt. Sarah gets up and stands in front of the rumpled girl.

Sarah gently rubs Nina's quivering tummy. "So, lets get these clothes off you now! They'll just get in my way of my exploration of your sweet body."

"Oh God. Ooow. Oh okay!" The blindfolded girl stammers, gulps, nods.

Sarah slowly begins unbuttoning the top of Nina's blouse. She can tell that the young woman is clearly ready for more action, her pussy is wet, and the poor thing is trembling and breathing hard from all the stimulation. Sarah deliberately takes her time undressing the girl. She slowly takes off Nina's blouse, letting Nina's arms down. She reaches around and unsnaps Nina's bra and slides it off. The girl's jutting pert breasts present a delicious appeal to the older woman.

Sarah faces Nina and runs her hands up the girl's bare midriff. She brings her hands up and grips the girl by the armpits. Sarah lifts Nina to her tippy toes and arches the young woman backwards.

"Oh God! Ooow!" The blindfolded girl gasps as Sarah maintains her hold and leans down. The older woman gently plants a series of small wet kisses between Nina's exposed cleavage.

Nina tilts her head back and groans. She trembles in the unseen woman's gripping embrace and feels soft full lips deliberately slathering over her now bare chest. Sarah softly kisses the base of the girl's left breast. The older woman presses her lips against Nina's apple-size bosom and opens her mouth wide to slowly suck in the girl's left breast.

"Ooooh!" Nina stammers and bucks, her blindfolded head from flopping from side to side. She feels the woman's lips enveloping her tit. Her breast becomes wet and sloppy with salvia as it's fully engulfed by the questing mouth.

As Sarah munches down she's rewarded by the sensation of the girl's nipple pushing along the roof of her mouth. The older woman's lips stretch and thin around the base of Nina's jutting breast.

Sarah growls with pleasure. The girl's supple bosom in her mouth tastes wonderfully soft and incredibly supple. She gently squeezes the girl's yielding firmness between her teeth and lets her tongue slather over the girl's nipple. Sarah pulls back, letting her lips slowly mold and wetly drag over the tender soft skin. Nina gasps as Sarah gently chews on her nipple. The older woman then deeply suckles on the girl's breast. Sarah finally breaks the sticky contact and repeats the process with the girl's right breast. Nina moans as the wet mouth engulfs and lathers over her right bosom. Finally Sarah leans up, breaking a thin line of spittle connecting Nina's nipple to the older woman's lower lip.

"Well slut, your tits are quite, quite divine. I really enjoyed turning them into a fine little snack." Sarah releases her grip on the girl's underarms. Nina pants, coming down off her tippy toes. "Lets finish getting you bare assed naked so you can continue training as my little love toy."

"Oow." Nina groans, becoming more excited. Her breasts are tingling and wet, slightly chilled and coated with salvia from the strange woman's mouth.

Sarah unclips the front of the girl's skirt, zips it down and has Nina step out of it. She takes off Nina's modest shoes, quickly pulls down the girl's stockings, and then slowly rolls down Nina's panties. The girl's blindfold stays on, for now. Sarah is astounded, the girl's beauty is greatly enhanced now that nothing covers it up! Nina body is a gorgeous coppery-mocha brown, petite and exquisitely proportioned.

Sarah takes her time touching the naked vision before her. Nina puts her head down and huffs quietly as Sarah slowly explores and carefully inspects every curve, nook and cranny of the young woman's lissome figure. Nina cannot see through the blindfold but intensely feels the strange woman's warm fingertips moving over her bare skin.

The older woman slowly runs her hands up and down the girl's narrow back, thin waist, and over Nina's flared hips. Nina reddens and keens as Sarah runs her fingers down between the girl's ass cheeks, and down the insides of Nina's well-toned thighs. Sarah continues up the young woman's tummy, caressing over Nina's breasts, shoulders, neck and lips.

"When slut, I have to say that I'm very please by what I'm see here. Now lay down on your mother's rug here, with your back on the floor, legs spread, and wait as I get undressed. I'm going to lay on top of you and give you a good proper lesbian bareback fucking little sluts like you deserve."

"Oooh!" Nina quivers and complies with the order. She nervously lays down and spreads outs on the thick rug in the middle of the living room. She feels the rugs on her bare back and again wishes she wasn't blindfolded. Sarah quickly undresses, and lies down next to the girl. Lucia, Nina's Mom is watching from the couch, smiling.

Sarah takes the young woman's wrists and hold them above Nina's head.

"Cross your finger and keep your hands here, okay?"

"O-okay," the girl says in a gulped whisper.

Sarah hands freely roam over the girl's body with more force now. Nina tremble visibly and moans as the older woman pinches and tweaks the girl's firm breasts and nipples. Sarah is happy their both finally naked together on the floor. She presses against the prostrate young woman, and gently kisses the girl for the first time, running her lips over the girl's sensuous soft mouth.

Sarah rolls onto her hands and knees and gets directly over of the blindfolded girl. She pushes Nina's legs further apart with her own, and arches down to slowly press and grind her hip, then her thigh between the girl's opens legs. Nina groans at the incredible sensation of the mystery woman's hard muscular thigh pressing and sliding against her pussy. Sarah settles her weight on top of the girl, clamping her own pussy against the young woman's firm leg. Their breasts press and slide together, nipples stiff and pointy. The feeling of Nina's supple body trembling beneath her own feels extraordinarily sensuous to Sarah. She smiles as she senses a slick discharge of love juice forming where her naked thigh rasps against the girl's swollen pussy lips.

Nina can't believe how fast this is happening. One moment she's getting ready for another night of kinky sex with her mother, the next she's blindfolded and pined to her living room floor, getting fucked by a strange woman she can't even see! Nina groans as Sarah begins a slow, forceful rocking-motion, humping her pussy against Nina's leg while continuing to rub her own muscular thigh between the girl's open legs. The younger and older women quietly moan together, slowly squirming and undulating against each other, legs entwined like two dueling, oily, python snakes.

"Well Nina," the older woman taunts, looking down at the blindfolded girl, their lips inches apart. "Isn't this quite comfy. Our thighs are getting quite slippery, aren't they, you wet little tramp. I'll bet your mother or boyfriend never fucked you like this before, huh?"

"Ooooow, n-nooo, A-aayyy, Aaaah, h-have nooot! Ooh! Oh!" Nina gurgles with pleasure as her pussy lips suddenly split fully open and flatten against the motion of her mysterious mistress's slippery thigh. She twists and bucks against the woman on top of her. Nina just loves this feeling of being pined and fucked on the rug like a wild animal, she arches up, pressing herself against her strange new lover.

Sarah's increases her own thrusting-sliding rhythm in response, arching her hips up and down between the girl's soft open thighs. She lowers her head to Nina's face. Their lips come together, Sarah and Nina kiss with wild passion as their bodies continue to slide and squirm together. Sarah pushes opens Nina's mouth and their tongues begin a slimy dance. Sarah lowers her head and really clamps her mouth over Nina's, slowly pumping her tongue in and out of the whimpering girl's pouty mouth. Nina tilts her head back and accepts the slimy tongue inside her mouth. Sarah lifts her arms from the floor, letting Nina's petite form fully support the older woman's weight. Sarah loves the feel of the girl's sweaty, squirming body under her. She continues sliding and thrusting her leg against the girl's sopping wet pussy and warm naked thigh while her tongue deeply explores the inside of Nina's small mouth. Sarah leans up slightly, just enough to reach her hands between their sweat- sheened bodies to pinch and knead the young woman's perky breasts.

"Ooowphh!" Nina groans and mewls, going out of her mind with libidinous stimulation. Her pussy feels like there's a giant, endless wet banana is slowly oozing against it, her breasts are being wonderfully ravage by wicked long fingers, the woman's lips slather over her own as a strange, wonderfully wet tongue explores the inside of her mouth. Sarah is also close to the edge, thoroughly enjoying fucking this very responsive young beauty.

The two women buck and writhe against each other on the living room rug in this manner for quite some time as Nina's Mom watches intently from the couch. Their movements become rough and frenzied as they forcefully grind into each with mounting urgency. Nina begins to orgasm, spewing against Sarah's thigh. Sarah continues vigorously rutting her pussy into the girl's hip and thigh. Suddenly Sarah stops and holds on tightly to the girl as she spends all over Nina's supple thigh. Both women finally relax, panting wildly for breath.

"When Lucia, your little bitch here sure can fuck, can't she," Sarah says, leaning slightly off Nina. She notices that Lucia's hand is down her pants.

"Oh God," Nina mumbles, embarrassed.

"Yes, yes. My girl is quite the little tigress once she revved up."

"Umm, I'd say." Sarah, still laying on top of the sweaty girl, moves her head down to gently kisses Nina's neck. She works her way around to the girl's curly ear, then kisses down across the girl's cheek.

"Hmm, how sweet. There's so much I'm going to do to you it's hard to know where to even start!"

Sarah gets up off the panting girl and goes to the equipment bag.

"Stay where you are bitch. I think it's time we got your ass into some proper restraints."

Sarah pulls out a pair of long leather double-cuffs and a few other items. The cuffs are made from wide black leather, they look nasty but the insides are fully padded and quite comfortable on the wearer.

"Okay bitch, pull your knees up to your chest and grab your ankles, your arms need to be outside your legs. I'm going to attach your wrists to your ankles. I think you find the position quite interesting.

Nina trembles but complies with the order from her unseen Mistress. She lifts her knees to her chest and grabs hold of her ankles.

Sarah gets next to Nina and quickly attaches the soft leather double cuffs to both of Nina's wrists. The older woman then attaches each wrists to the blindfolded girl's ankles. Each of the girl's slender wrists are now firmly attaches to her ankles. Her right wrist attached to her right ankle, left wrist to her left ankle.

"You see baby," the older woman explains while gently tweaking and pulling on the girl's breasts, "in this position your arms are completely immobile, while at the same time your legs are bound and forced apart for easy access to the goods between."

"Oh! Ooooh." Nina moans on her back as she test and pulls against her newly restrained limbs.

"Hmm, Nina, these breasts are quite, quite beautiful, just like the rest of you. Tell me, have you ever have your nipples clamped."

Nina trembles. "C-clamped? N-no."

"Well Nina, I guess today is your lucky day, cause I happen to have a pair of industrial strength butterfly nipple clamps right here, perfect for perking up young nipples just like yours."

"Oh! Oooh, Aaarrrh." The girl moans, whimpers and shakes as she feels the bite of the clamp's teeth dig into her left nipple.

"And now for the other one."

"Oh God! Oooh," Nina groans as her right nipple is also clamped.

"Now, let me just tighten these up just a bit, you wouldn't want them falling off now."

"Oh! Aaah, umm, Oh!" Nina pulls against her bonds as white-hot flashes of pain and pleasure shoot though her chest.

"Okay Nina, your being a very good little slut. Lets turn you over so we can take a look your cute little butt." Nina groans, her heart beating wildly again as the strange woman's strong arms neatly flip her over on the rug. With her wrists tightly bound to her ankles, this new position leaves Nina face down on the rug with her shoulders on the floor, forcing her legs wide open, her back slopes up, leaving her ass waving in the air. Nina is once again becoming aroused by the way this mistress woman has taken complete command of her.

Sarah kneels next to the girl and runs her hands over the girl's sculptured bare back, then down and over the girl's butt cheeks. Nina moans and squirms on the rug.

"So Lucia," Sarah addresses Nina's mother watching intently from the couch. "Should we proceed with the first part of our plan tonight?"

"P-plan?" Nina gulps from the floor.

"Yes, yes! I'm very ready for the plan to begin! Lets do it!" Lucia responds enthusiastically.

"W-what plan?" Nina groans.

"Well, my sweet little baby. Your mother tells me you've never been introduced to the sublime pleasure of anal intercourse. I'm about to remedy that lacking."

"Oooh, Oh God. Oooh." Nina huffs, moans and quivers, pulling against her cuffed wrist and ankles.

Sarah smiles down at the bound girl and slowly stretches a thin latex glove onto her left hand. Nina gulps as she hears the snapping latex. She can't see through the blindfold but realizes the lurid implications of the sound. Her anal ring twitch's involuntarily. Nina groans and whimpers as she realizes what's about to happen to her.

The older woman just can't believe how utterly attractive this girl is, bound naked on the living room floor. Nina's long black hair pools around her neck, held in place with a large pink ribbon. Sarah gets behind the bound girl's ass.

The older woman slowly caresses the girl's firm posterior. "Well, Nina, my sweet little tramp, before opening you up to the joys of anal sex, let's warm up this peachy little bottom a bit."

"Aah, ooh! Umm.," Nina moans as Sarah takes her latex covered hand and smacks the girl's firm cheeks. Sarah proceeds to spank the girl with relatively modest intensity.

"Oh! Ow! Ooh!" Nina yelps after each loud whack. Sarah enjoys watching the girl's bottom wobble and blush pink after each strike. Sarah gives the girl's rump eight healthy smacks.

"Ow. Oow" Nina whines and trembles in her bindings, her ass cheeks stinging.

"Okay Nina, I'm going to start your first lesson in anal penetration by inserting a few latex covered fingers slowly up your ass." Sarah takes a jar of Vaseline jelly out of her equipment bag and covers her latex gloved hands with the greasy goo while looking down at the bound young woman on the floor. "But first lets stop by your pussy for some natural lubricant. Hmm, you sure do seem to be producing more of it, you slutty little girl."

Nina groans into the floor as Sarah roughly massages the girl's wet pussy with her oily latex covered hand. Nina struggles, testing her wrist to ankle bindings. She can't believe what's about to happen to her, it's completely turning her on! She wishes she could see this woman, her Mistress, her lover, but she's still blindfolded and rudely cuffed in position on the living room floor!

Sarah moves besides the girl's hips and gently pries open one cheek with her right hand.

"Hmm. Nina baby, I think I see a little hole in need of some special attention." The older woman rubs her thumb lightly over the girl's winking anal rosebud.

"Ooowh G-ga-ga-wwd." Nina twists, squirms and tenses on the floor.

"So Nina, is it really true you've never been fucked up the ass before."

"N-no, no n-never!" Nina whimpers, feeling the mistress lady's strong, insistent fingers crawling over her exposed rear.

"All right then, here we go. I'm going to start by a slowly feeding my thumb all the way into your little anus. Nina baby, be a good girl now and relax your sweet ass. Believe me, it'll go much, much easier that way."

"Oh! Oh! Umm-umm.O-okay O-oh m-my!" Nina groans as the older woman rubs a little harder around her tender bumhole.

"I must tell you Nina, you have one of the cutest little assholes I've ever seen. Not a hair on it!"

"Aaah!" Nina huffs as the lurid stimulation becomes more intense.

Sarah is greatly amused to spy the crinkled opening pulsing and winking up at her.

"Oh baby, It's my honor and privilege to be the first one to violate you in such a manner. Just relax now."

"O-oow, aa-aarrggh," Nina emits a low whimper. Sarah presses hands against the girl's asscrack. The older woman's four fingers grip Nina's asscheek and upper thigh giving her thumb direct access to Nina's rosebud. Sarah runs the tip of her thumb around the girl's puckered anus.

"Oh God! Ooooh!" Nina twists and groans on the rug.

"Easy girl, easy now. Be a good little slut and open up this hole for your Mistress." Sarah encourages the girl as she presses her thumb harder against Nina's soft anal ring.

Nina's anal ring slowly bulges inward against Sarah's thick probing digit.

"Oh! Oooow! Ah-aaaah! Oooooow!" Nina howls as she feels the intruding finger slowly entering her body. She pulls against her wrists, still tightly cuffed to her ankles, her face sweaty and pressed into the rug.

The young woman pants and bucks as the strange woman's slippery latex-covered thumb slowly worms it way into her crinkled anal opening. The bound young woman desperately tries to relax. She can't believe she's actually being violated in this wonderfully wicked way!

Nina reddens and holds her breath. She senses her rosebud slowly expanding and dilating wide open around the insistent finger. Feelings of shame and extreme lurid excitement course through her trembling young body. She gasps and bites her lower lip, surrendering to the smooth probing digit. The defiling finger slowly slides more easily into her body. Nina feels dirty, nasty and wild. She sighs and groans. The sensation actually feels quite fantastic to her in a weirdly depraved way.

"Yes, yes. There we go my sweet little slut. That's it!" Sarah smiles as the tip of her thumb slowly disappears into the young woman's yielding bottom. She finds the inside of Nina's ass incredibly tight to start with. But by slowly and firmly sliding more thumb into the girl's ass Sarah makes good progress past Nina's clenching, muscular anal ring.

"Yes, there we go Nina-baby. Now, don't you look pretty with a nice thumb up your ass." Sarah teases the bound young woman. "Oh! Ooh! Ooowh!" Nina gasps, her face flushes dark pink against the rug. She pulls hard against her wrist- to-ankle cuffs. Sarah slowly rotate her thumb around inside the girl's rectum for maximum stimulation.

"Ooh w-wow." Nina huffs and moans out loud as the strange woman's thumb slowly slides around inside her anus. Sarah's knobby thumb knuckle finally comes to rest, lewdly holding open the girl's clasping rosebud.

Sarah takes her time. Nina gasps as the older woman gently curls her thumb inside the girl's tender derriere. Once past Nina's tight anal ring, Sarah's finger meets only a squishy, wonderfully silken-soft resistance. Sarah slowly pulls her thumb out of the bound girl's tender butt.

"Well Nina. Your little ass easily managed my thumb quite well. How `bout two more now?"

"Ooooh!" The girl gurgles from the rug and trembles in her bindings. Sarah presses her fore and index fingers against the girl's quivering rosebud. Nina huffs and groans as her rear hole dimples inward.

"Oh! Ooooh! M-mistress l-l-lady please! Oh God Oh!" Nina whimpers and trembles as she feels the greasy fingertips pressing against her rosebud, slowly spreading her open.

"That's it baby, in we go." Sarah coos to the girl while steadily pushing downward.

"Oh! Oooh! Lady! Oooooow!" Nina gasps and groans as she feels the latex covered fingers beginning to slide into her body. Sarah slowly but forcefully pushes against the wonderful elasticity of girl's anus. Nina's anal ring slowly widens as it struggles to accommodate the thicker width of two fingers this time.

"Oh M-mistress lady, Oooh, Oh God! Ooooowwph!" Nina gasps, feeling the slow, steady progress of two oily latex-covered digits snugly sliding and pushing past her rosebud. The finger's feel huge inside her tender derriere, barely manageable.

This time Sarah's two fingers sink a little slower into Nina's clenching rosebud due to the increased width. But soon the older woman's two digits are completely embedded inside the girl's satiny rectum.

"Oh! Oooh God! L-ady, Mmmistress-lady Oh! Ooooh!" Nina groans at the wild sensations of the fingers up her butt.

"Hmm, Nina," Sarah teases. "I wish you could see just how completely depraved your little butt looks with two fingers planted inside your cute little butthole."

Nina gasps and blushes deeply as Sarah dances and `walks' her finger around inside the girl's ass.

"Hmm, this feels quite, quite good. Your insides are so nice, so soft, kind of gushy. I think your mother is also quite impressed." Sarah looks up at Lucia, who's steadfastly watching her daughter's ass.


With her two finger firmly embedded deep inside the bound girl's rear, Sarah experiments by shaking Nina's rounded derriere to the left and right, then up and down. Nina huffs and pouts into the floor as her bound body, led by her well-plugged ass, bends and turns under the older woman's wicked ministrations.

"Oh, ooh! Oooow!" Nina gurgles as the strange woman's long fingers slowly slide out of the her asshole.

"Hmm. You know what Nina baby, you're being such a nice, good little girl. I think I'll let your sweet little hole enjoy my fingers for a bit longer now." Sarah teases the girl. Just before the older woman's fingers are fully withdrawn from Nina's ass, Sarah reverses and quickly plunges her digits back fully into the quivering young woman's offered bottom, causing a loud wet smacking to be heard throughout the room.

"Aaaah. Ooooow! M-mistress. Oh! Y-yes!" Nina gulps. "Lady, pl-pleasssse! Oh Gaaawd. Oh! Aah! Oooooooooorrrrppph." Nina cries out and emits a long warbling groan as Sarah steadily pumps in and out of the bound girl's now rubbery, clenching rosebud.

"All right, that's enough fingers for you now slut. It's time for your ass to graduate up to something much bigger."

"Oh!" Nina trembles at the thought it! She really can't imagine anything larger fitting into her ass.

Sarah discards the latex glove and finds a fair size butt-plug for Nina in the equipment bag. Sarah chooses a small-to-medium size plug that she knows will feel quite huge to the dainty young woman, but doable. The thick molded plastic is wide in the middle, narrows, and then flares out to a good size gripball. Sarah reaches down and gently grabs hold of a fistful of Nina's jet black hair and pulls up. the blindfolded girl tilts for head up, not wanting her hair pulled.

"Hey little bitch," Sarah looks down and addresses the bound girl on the rug. "Since I know you must be curious, I want you to personally get to know your butt-plug before it gets slowly shoved up your cute little rear." With her free hand she traces and rolls the plug's blunt tip over the girl's pouty lips. "So open up that pretty mouth of yours and give Mr. Butt-plug here a nice wet blowing."

Nina trembles and shakes in her bindings, feeling the molded plastic tip pressing over lips.

"Ow, okay," Nina whines, breathing hard.

"Open up wide now." Sarah commands the girl while holding Nina's hair up in one hand and attempting to feed the butt-plug into her mouth with the other.

"Ooooommmph" Nina gasps and opens her mouth while holding her face off the rug, her hair still being pulled by the strange mistress woman. She can't see, because of the blindfold, but does feel the smooth, thick cool molded plastic pushing between her lips. Her small mouth opens and stretches wide to accept the incoming object.

Nina senses the phallic shape as it slides between her teeth, pinning down her tongue, and rasping along the roof of her mouth. She fears for a moment that she'll gag on the thing as the plastic tip presses against the back of her mouth. But a deep oral instinct takes over as her lips thin and seal around the thick shaft of the plug. She sighs and begins to vigorously suckle on the crude object. The thing feels massive inside her mouth, and she can't imagine it going into her ass, but is oddly comforted by sucking on the smooth plastic shaft.

Sarah looks downs, still holding the girl's head up and is amused by the sight of Nina's full lips hard at work suckling around the fake dong. A small amount of the girl's spittle oozes down the contoured plug.

"All right little slut face that's quite, quite enough now." Sarah says as she gently pulls the plastic dong from the girl's mouth. Nina moans softly and Sarah is rewarded with the sight of Nina's pouty lips stretching and molding along the retreating phallic object. She lets go of the girl's hair. Nina gasps and lowers her face back to the rug, trembling in her bindings. Nina's shoulders and face press into the carpeted floor, her legs are folded under her as she pulls against her wrists cruelly cuffed to her ankles.

"Thanks baby, for warming it up. Now it's just about ready to enter your sweet ass," Sarah teases.

"Oh, oh my," Nina gulps, pulling on her bindings and shivering.

Sarah takes out a special jar that contains a mixture of ginger root and vapor rub, and lubes up the plug with the stuff, adding to the spittle already provided by Nina. She knows the ginger will really perk the young woman right up.

"Lucia, I've just had the honor of being the first person to explore inside your slut-daughter's tight little butt hole. I think you should have the honor of being the first to fully sodomized your daughter with a real plastic butt-dong."

"Wwwwhat!" a bound Nina gasps from the floor.

"Thank you Mistress. I would very much like to have that special honor." Lucia primps from the couch.

"I'll hold open our young slut's asscheeks while you penetrate her ass with this."


Nina moans hard into the floor as her mother gets off the couch and approaches her daughter's lewdly splayed rear. Sarah hands Nina's Mom the ginger lubed butt-plug and gets next to the bound girl. She grabs a cheek in each hand and spreads open the young woman's ass.

Both Sarah and Nina's Mom are amused to see the girl's wrinkled anus pulsing slightly, perhaps in lusty anticipation.

"Nina, sweetie, before your mother penetrates you with this big, nasty butt-plug, I just want to make sure you know I've coated the plug with a special mixture of ginger and vapor rub. You'll see, it'll add a little extra zing to your first real ass-fucking."

"Ow!" Nina groans as Sarah nods to Lucia. With Sarah holding the girls cheeks wide open the girl's Mom has no problem in finding her intended target. Nina shudders as her mother presses the plug's tip directly into the center of her anus.

"Now Lucia, since this is your daughter first real ass fucking, you'll want to gently roll it against her anus for a bit, letting her get use to the feel and size of the plug's tip before pushing it in."

"You mean like this."

"Oh! Oooh! M-Mom, Oh God! Mom! Thhhaaat's reallly n-n-asty. Ooooow!" Nina shakes and trembles on the rug, pulling and twisting in her binding as the greasy bulbous tip rolls lewdly against her.

"Yes, yes just like that, I think you got it." Sarah looks down and holds the girl's ass steady.

"Oh! Ooh! Gawwd! Ooph! Ooooow!" Nina bellows, the head of the plug presses against her rosebud, delivering a quantity of ginger root and vapor rub to her anal ring. For a moment the girl feels an incredibly itchy, then an intense burning sensation, followed by an icy cooling. This burning and cooling cycle swells out from her ass as she feels the plug's tip lasciviously nosing further into her rear entrance. Her mother proceeds onward, slowly pushing the plug further inside her daughter's quivering butt.

"Oh! Oh Mom! Ooow, Oooph, ow, oow. Oh!" The young woman sniffles and gasps at the incredibly bizarre freezing-blazing sensation worming its way into her body.

Sarah holds the girl's bucking hips steady as Lucia is bewitched by the sight of the plug's tip just inside her daughter's grasping rosebud. Lucia grips the end of the plug and carefully continues to slowly push and glide the thick tapered dong into her trembling daughter's anus.

"Oooow! Oh God, oh God. Mom please! Ohhh! Oh God. Yes! Ooooow!" Nina gasps and snivels, face pressed into the living room rug as more of the burning anal intruder continues to enter her ass.

"Aaaah! Ooooh M-Madre! Your f-fucking m-me, your little girl, ooh, oh God, r-right in m-my ass! Ooooh, Your really, rrrr-really f-filling me up. Eeeeeow, Oh my Gawd. Eeeeeee-ooooow. Aaowh! Oh! I'm I-I'm b-burning in-in there. Oooooooh!" Nina's muscular anal ring slowly expands, widening to accept more of the tapered plastic plug being pushing into her rectum. She trembles in her bindings as the strangest sensations boil up from her ass. The plastic shaft feels unbelievably huge, nasty and bizarrely sensual to Nina as it continues traveling into her body.

"That's it, there we go little baby," Lucia coos to her daughter as she steadily presses down on the plug sliding between the young woman's splayed ass cheeks.

"Well Nina," Sarah comments. "Your little ass is opening right up for Mr. Biggie here. No one would believe that this is your first real ass-fucking. Your taking it in just like a little slutty pro."

"Oomphh!." Nina huffs, panting from the floor.

The two older woman smile as they intently watch the girl's expanding anal ring. Nina whimpers and tries to relax as her reddish pink rosebud continues to sluggishly dilate larger to accommodate the increasing thickness of the plug. Nina whimpers as her anal ring thins and slowly expands in diameter as it accepts the first third of the long tapered dong.

"Ooooow!" Nina gasps and shudders as her mother continues to slowly feed the plastic violator deeper into her daughter's quivering butt hole. The burning- freezing sensations are fading for the girl, replaced by the disgustingly pleasurable sensation of hard greasy plastic pushing and sliding into her tender bumhole.

Sarah looks downs, still holding the young woman's asscheek open. "Oh Nina baby, your little ass is getting all filled up!"

"Ooow Oh! Oh!" Nina grunts and winces as the widest part of the plug enters into her body. After more steady pushing from her mother and more groaning, Nina's rectum is completely skewered by the full length of obscene tapered object.

"There, there babycakes," Sarah teases looking down at Nina's corrupted bottom. "That wasn't so bad, now was it? You took the whole thing right up your ass."

"Oooow! Ooh G-Gawd! Ooooow!" Nina whines, mumbles and shakes at the bizarre pleasure welling up from her corked rear. The girl is still bound fast, wrists locked to her ankles, blindfolded, and on her face and knees on the living room rug. Her mother Lucia is totally transfixed by the lewd scene and leans back from her daughter.

"Hmm, Lucia, great job!" Sarah looks down at the thick, lewd deeply object embedded between the girl's rosy ass cheeks. The older woman places her forefinger on the free end of the anal plug's ballgrip and gently bounces the embedded phallus up and down inside Nina's ass. "So Nina baby, how do you like having a nice fat, fake penis shoved up your pretty little butthole? Pretty weird, Hmm?"

"Oooow!" Nina shudders as the plastic intruder jounces around inside her anus. "M-Mistress, I-it's so b-big, so, so wicked. Oooow, I-I like it. Oh! I-I really looved it!" The girl huffs in one quick breath.

"Hmm, Lucia, lets take your little plugged bitch here for a truly nasty ride. Lets slowly fuck her ass with the thing. Pull it completely out, then slowly, slowly insert the plug back in again, repeat the that over and over, really pump her ass with the thing. It'll drive it'll drive the little bitch crazy. While your doing that I'm going to play with our slut's pussy and lovely little titties."

The bound girl groans and huffs indignantly from the floor.

"Oh, you are a wild one, sounds like fun! Let's do it!" Lucia takes hold of the plug's gripball and slowly withdraws the plastic phallus out of the whimpering girl's backside. Once the glistening dong is completely out, she carefully plunges the plug languidly back in again. Nina groans and trembles, pulling against her bindings. Lucia begins a slow, steady pumping action between her daughter's red- pink asscheeks, slowly moving the plug in and out of the girl's clenching anus, which has become quite pliant and rubbery. "Oh! Fuck! Oh! Oh Mom! Oooooh!" The blindfolded girl gasps and squirms on the living room rug as the thick plastic dong repeatedly slides in and out of her pliant anal openning.

Sarah watches, a muscular wave ripples up the girl's back as Nina's anal-pumping continues in earnest. Nina gasps, pants and twists, face down on the rug, pulling hard on the cuffs attaching her wrists firmly to her ankles while her backside bobs and waves lewdly up and down in the air in response to her mother's pistoning action of the plastic anal intruder.

Sarah reaches under Nina's tummy, working her fingers into the young woman's slick, wet pussy. She manipulates the young woman's clit with her thumb. Her other hand takes hold of the girl's bouncing clamped bosom.

"Ooooow." Nina huffs under the intense ministrations of the two women.

"Well little bitch," Sarah continues manipulating the girl. "Do you enjoy having your little pussy and titties played with while your mother gives you a good fucking up the ass? Huh? Why, aren't you quite a good little slut hole, letting your own mother fuck you up the ass with a big nasty dildo!"

"Ooooooow! Oh God! Oooh! M-mother, p-please! Mom! Oh! Oh! L-lady, l-l-lady, Oooooh p-please," Nina shrilly groans out loud. "Oooh M-m-mother, Th- this is t-too fucking w-wild! Aaah! Oooh! Y-your both driving me sooo crazy! Umm, oh! ooooph!" Nina sighs and moans, swamped and overwhelmed with intense libidinous sensations.

The young woman is flooded with an intense guilty pleasure coming from her violated bottom, gasping every time her mother reinserted the thick molded plastic dong back inside her rectum. She huffs out loud, intimately, and quite physically perceiving the greasy dong repeatedly tunneling and sliding deep inside her anal opening.

Nina can't believe this is happening, what her mother and this Mistress lady are doing to her! Bound and blindfolded on her knees, face, shoulders pushed into the rug, both holes getting totally worked over! She whimpers as her ass fucking goes on and on! Her anus repeatedly opening and closing around the oily plastic dong as her mother slowly, relentlessly, pumps the plug in and out of her daughter's shapely ass, filling the girl up, and then slowly withdrawing, repeating the lurid process over, and over and over again.

"So, Nina your mother tells me your a very good student," Sarah teases the girl, watching the plug move obscenely in and out of the girl's hopelessly clenching rosebud. "So baby, what is your area of study?" "Oh! Oooh, I-I'm, Oh! I'm a d-d-d-dance maaaajooor," Nina manages to stammer out between her mother's slow anal thrusting.

"That nice, quite nice." Sarah replies, her fingers are now arduously pinching and squeezing the poor girl's pussy lips and well-clamped nipples.

"Ooh! Oh! Ooh! Oh! Oooooh!" Nina groans to the steady plunging beat and grits her teeth as the thick plastic plug is fully reinserted into her now extremely elastic butthole. She can't stop her approaching orgasm even if she tried. The feeling of her mother wielding the plastic dong, repeatedly fucking the thing in and out of her ass is too much, especially when combines with the mistress lady's hands roaming over her body, pinching, tweaking and teasing her.

Nina's hips gyrate and spasm involuntarily as uncontrollable quivers rock through her body. She groans and pulls hard against her wrist-to-ankle bindings. Her clamped breasts are being tweaked and pulled, while the strange woman's fingers drive mercilessly in and out of her wet vulva. An unstoppable blast of desperate excitement and carnality fans uncontrollably out from the girl's superheated genitalia, shooting down her spine, legs and bound arms, curling her toes.

"Ooooooooophhh! Oh! Oh God! Ooooooooh!" Nina's cries out, shaking wildly. Her orgasm twines through her like a tidal force.

Sarah takes her hands away from the girl's pussy and breasts to hold the girl's bucking hips. She watches in amazement as Nina shakes and shudders through her orgasm. The young woman's muscles rippling up and down her supple back. Nina's mother smiles at Sarah and continues thrusting the plug slowly in and out of her shuddering daughter, riding out the poor girl's orgasm.

For Nina, her spewing seems to last, and last, an embarrassing slick wetness rolls down her thigh as her sticky dew dribbles out of her pussy. Finally it ends, Nina pants and gulps for air in recovery. Her awareness returns as she realizes she's still bound on the living room rug, blindfolded, face on the floor. Her fully plugged ass waving obscenely in the air.

"Wow, Lucia, your little slut here is very responsive, I'm very impressed. Hmmm, I have an idea, lets leave Nina bound here for the moment, keeping the plug up her ass while you and I doing a little sixty-ninning ourselves. I'm sure Nina here could use a little break."

"Yes! You read my mind! I really need some relief after watching my daughter rip through her first anal orgasm!"



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