The Best Erotic Stories.

The Bottoming of Nina
by darkblossom

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Nina grunts as Lucia gives the plug once last push inward. Sarah and Lucia stand and grab each other, kissing wildly. Sarah quickly undresses the woman and arranges her on the rug next to her daughter. She moves on top of Lucia in a classic sixty-nine position. Sarah engulfs the woman's pussy and find's that she's very wet.

Nina fidgets, pulling at her leather-clad wrists tightly attached to her ankles. The plug up her butt is driving her nuts, it still feels huge. She can't help but clench her ass every once in a while for more stimulation. She hears the unmistakable sound of two woman ardently lapping each other's pussies. In an odd way she feels neglected. After a long while she hears her mother's whimpering reach a crescendo, soon after she hears the mysterious `Mistress' woman's moaning peaking.

Sarah rest's her cheek against Lucia's spent pussy, very satisfied. She and Lucia untangle and stand up. She's amused by the site of Nina's ass clenching around the deeply embedded plastic dong in the girl's butt. Sarah and Lucia get up and wash up a bit in the bathroom and return to the bound girl on the floor of the living room. Lucia, still naked, takes her seat on the couch as Sarah approaches Nina.

"So, how's my how's my favorite ass-plugged little bitch doing," Sarah asks as she rolls the bound naked girl over on her side and onto her back. She takes off the young woman's blindfold and unclips Nina's wrist cuff from her ankles, leaving the black leather cuffs on the girl. Nina blinks up from the floor as her eyes refocus. She stretches her legs out, feeling the large plug shifting around inside her ass. She views her "Mistress" towering over her for the first time. Nina holds her breath, this woman, her new lover is very, very beautiful.

"Hi, um. Y-your that woman from next door, aren't you?"

"Yes, sweetie-pie, I am. My name is Sarah, Sarah Perkins, you can call me Mrs. Perkins now, and I do live right next door. It's nice to formally meet you." Sarah tells Nina as she gently moves a few loose strands of long dark hair out of the girl's face. She's glad to get the blindfold off Nina, she has such pretty, pretty brown eyes. "In fact we're going to take leave of your Mom now and continue our little games in my apartment. That is if your sure you want to continue? I'd understand if I'm a little too intense for you, we can stop here."

"Um, Lets continue M-mrs. Perkins. I'll do what ever you w-w-want."

"Excellent! You can get up now while I find a leash and collar to put around your precious neck."

"Oooh, okay Mrs. Perkins," Nina peeps as she wobbly gets off the living room floor. Sarah is greatly amused to see the naked girl standing very close her and shyly staring up at her past a few more loose strands of long dark hair. Nina looks down and tentatively reaches around to her backside to explore the butt plug up her ass.

"No, no, no. Don't you dare touch your ass, slut, unless I give you permission to do so, your tail is now my personal property." Sarah berates the girl, giving Nina's asscheek a good pinch.

"Ouch! Oh, Um, Okay Mrs. Perkins," The young woman replies demurely. "But I really need to pee."

"Okay Nina, but make if fast."

When the girl returns she stands next to Sarah expectantly. Nina moans and stares at the floor as Sarah quickly fastens a dog collar around her neck and attaches a chain leash to it.

"Now your Mom is going to check the hallway as I lead you, like a nice little doggie, into my apartment. Clench those cheekies, darling, because you better not loose that plug in your butt." Lucia quickly puts on a bath rode, opens the apartment door and goes into the hallway.

"Okay," Nina gasps and trembles slightly, becoming excited again at the through of this crazy adventure escalating even further. The truth is the plug in her ass is lodged so well that it's not going anywhere. Besides the big plug in her ass Nina's tits are still throbbing, encased in those nasty butterfly clamps.

"All right, Sarah." Lucia says smiling from the hallway. Sarah grabs her equipment and puts her arm around Nina's shoulder holding the leash in one hand. She maneuvers the girl forward, out of the Martinez's apartment, to the cool hallway and into her apartment.

"You gals be good now," Lucia pipes in from the hallway with a wink as Sarah begins to close her apartment door.

"You know we will be good, fantastically good." Sarah closes the door and looks down at a wonderful sight, young naked Nina, plugged, clamped, collared and ready for more. She tugs and leads Nina into her hallway. Sarah suddenly feels a strong spike of desire for this submissive girl under her arm. Sarah stop and positions Nina directly in front of her, the girl blinks and returns Sarah's intense gaze.

"Well Nina, you're quite a sight. How do you like walking around with your tits clamped and your ass plugged."

"Well, Mrs. Perkins, it's quite, oh!" Nina is interrupted as Sarah slowly draws the girl close against her, not really that interested in listening to Nina's meandering answer. She brings her lips down to gently kiss the girl's mouth. Nina tentatively returns the kiss. Sarah loves the way the girl's soft lips play across her own as she holds the girl around her dainty waist and presses Nina's firm body against her own. Their belly to belly now. She continues kissing Nina's soft lips as she pushes her right thigh between the girl's legs, forcing a groaning Nina to open her legs, and causing the girl to go up on her tippy-toes. Sarah enjoys the feeling of the young woman's soft wet muff sliding up her bare leg. She sucks on the girl's lips as she clasps Nina tightly around the waist, squashing and humping the girl's wet pussy along her thigh. Nina mewls and whimpers at the intensity of the kissing and Sarah's muscular thigh rippling against her pussy and wide opens legs. Her hands gently come up to grasp the shoulders of this very sexy older woman.

Sarah suddenly breaks the kiss and turns the gasping girl around.

"Come along little bitch, don't want you creaming too soon now, do we." Sarah says as she leads the trembling Nina through the hallway, past the bedrooms, to the kitchen, and to the edge of her large oaken kitchen table. "I thought it would a lot of fun to truss you up and fuck you silly for a long bit on top of my kitchen table. So, get use to it baby, this is going to be your new home for a while. Believe me you're not the first, and you won't be the last bitch to be bound here." Sarah pats the tabletop. "I want you to climb up on the table here, get on your back and spread your skinny arms and legs so I can properly attach and bind you properly to the table's legs."

"Oh! Oh God, umm. Okay, Mrs. Perkins, okay."

Nina complies, shakily climbing on top of Sarah's large oak kitchen table. The young plugged woman spreads her arms and legs, looking up expectantly at Sarah. The older woman places the gym bag on the floor and takes out a handful of special chains. She quickly links Nina's wrist cuffs to the chains, then attaches and tightens the chains to the table's back corner leg-supports, firmly spreading and securing the young woman's arms to the top of the table. Sarah takes out two thin leather cuffs and encircles Nina's lower thighs with each of the thin leather cuffs. She attaches chains to the D-clamp on each of the thigh-cuffs. The girl moans as Sarah tightens the thigh-chains to the tables' middle legs. These new cuffs causes Nina's upper thighs to be completely spread wide open on the tabletop. Sarah finishes by stretching out each of the girl's feet, then attaching Nina's ankle-foot cuffs to the to the table's far corner leg-supports. Nina is now fully spread-eagle and firmly attached to the table at anchor six points.

Nina closes her eyes and rests her head back on the cool polished table surface, pulling and testing her new bindings. She is quite, quite excited, and can't believe how fast this is all happening!

"Lift up your head baby," Nina does as she's told and Sarah puts a small comfy pillow under the girl's head. Nina is much more comfortable and can easily look down over her bound body. "Now lift your hips baby," Sarah places another smaller pillow under the girl's butt, lewdly raising Nina's hips and fully-plugged ass. "There we go sweetie."

Sarah carefully looks over the young bound woman on her kitchen table and is again struck by the beauty of Nina's incredibly supple, well toned mocha-brown body. She gently runs her fingers between the girl's thighs, up over her tummy and between Nina's slightly quivering breasts. The girl's breathing is becoming heavy and labored.

"Hmm, Nina. I think you're finally ready for the next stage of our special relationship. But first I want to play just a bit more with your cute little ass." Sarah smiles and reaches between the bound girl's wide open legs and grabs hold of the ballgrip on the end of the anal plug still fully lodge in Nina's butt. Nina pulls against her bindings, flexing on top of the tabletop, groaning as the thick anal dong moves around inside her butt.


Sarah gently rotates Nina's plug in a slow circular motion causing the girl to shudder and groan. She slowly, slowly withdraws the phallus part way out of the girl's grasping rosebud. Sarah gently but deliberately re-inserts the entire phallus slowly back up and into the girl's exquisite bottom. Nina gasps and whimpers as Sarah slowly, slowly pumps the anal plug many more times in and out of the young woman's incredible pliant ass.

"Nina baby, I wish you could see how your young ass really holds on to this very nasty anal plug." Sarah teases as Nina sobs and bucks in her limited movement. Sarah slowly eases the plug out of the girl's clenching rosebud. She places the plug in a plastic bag to be washed later. Sarah can't believe how much pure fun she's having with this yielding young filly.

"Hmm, Nina, I think its time for me to pay some attention to your poor clamp little titties." Sarah gently presses down and then up on the butterfly clamps on the girl's breasts. The older woman pulls the nipple clamps slightly away from the girl's chest, one in each hand, and shakes the clamps vigorously.

"Aaaarrrrrrooooh!" Nina looks down over her breasts, whining and shaking on the tabletop. Sarah unclips the clamps from Nina's chest and is greatly amused by how Nina's nipples stand straight up, like two angry red points. Sarah plays her hands over the girl's newly unclamped bosom. She brings her mouth down over Nina's nipple and fully engulfs the girl's left breast. She deeply sucks up and down on the girl's peachy tit. Nina yelps and tilts her head back as Sarah goes crazy, licking, sucking and gently nipping the girl's tender breasts. As her mouth is busy ravishing the girl's chest, Sarah moves her hand inside Nina's bound open thigh to rigorously rub and massage the girl's pussy. Nina whimpers and twists in pleasure under Sarah's intense touch.

Sarah moves up to kiss Nina's lips, she slowly insert her tongue into the young woman's mouth. She break her kiss and moves off Nina. Sarah pulls a good medium size strap-on dildo out of the equipment bag. The neon purple dong is made of incredibly soft but stiff rubber, and is very deeply ribbed and veined with a bumpy latex surface and a large mushroom shaped head.

"Nina, baby. Check this out, it's a strap-on dildo." Sarah puts the dong in front of the girl's face, slowly running it over Nina's lips. "Soon I'll be sweetly screwing your little pussy with this thing. I like this one because it's so nasty looking and has these nice little rubbery spikes on the other side that makes my clitty feel wonderful."


Sarah pulls-on and tightens the phallus to her hips. She climbs on the table, between Nina's bound open legs. The girl shakes and trembles in the bindings that attach her tightly to the kitchen tabletop. Sarah kneels on the table and positions herself fully over the bound young woman. With one hand she slowly rubs the bulbous end of the dong between the girl's slippery pussy lips. Sarah can't help but notice the bound young woman is extremely excited.

"Ah, my sweet little hole, I'm about to give you one damn good fucking." Sarah looks down at the bound girl. She slowly works the dong's head over Nina's pussy. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Ooooh! Yes! P-please Mrs. Perkins, dooo it! I'm like totally ready!"

"Do you promise to let me fuck you, kiss, pinch or fondle you whenever the hell I want?"

"Yyyyes! Oooh Yes!"

"Will you also let my friends fuck you when I wish it?"

"O-okay! Yyyyeeeesss!"

"Well all right then! Nina, baby, you should really watch what I'm about to do to your little love-flower." Sarah reaches down and holds up Nina's head. The girl looks down over her bound body and to the bobbing rubbery dildo lewdly hanging between the older woman's legs.

"Oh Gggawwwd!" Nina gurgles, moans and shakes in her bindings as the phallus' bulbous shape presses hard against her outer pussy lips. Sarah slowly pushes down, inserting the dildo into the trembling girl. Nina shudders and arches her hips up as she pulls at her bindings. She moans and looks down, watching Mrs. Perkins lowering her hips, causing more of the phallus to slowly slide into her. She pulls hard against her bound knees, wrists and ankles, twisting around on top of the table.. Nina closes her eyes and tilts back her head, groaning as she feels the extraordinary sensation of the plastic mushroom-shaped head pushing deep within her body.

Sarah is also quite turned-on, feeling the body impaled beautiful light brown girl trembling under her. She slowly arches her hips down and into the girl, all bound, helpless below her on the kitchen table. Sarah looks into Nina's beautiful mocha-brown face as she slowly eases her hips further downward, causing the dildo to become fully lodged inside the supple young woman, well spread under her on the kitchen table.

The older woman is on her knees between the girl's wide bound legs, her hands on either side of Nina's head. She arches her hips back, pulling the dildo a few inches out of the pliant girl's pussy, she then slowly slides the dong back inside again.

"Aaaah! M-Mrs. Perkins! Oh! Ooooooow!"

Sarah is amused as Nina's entire body quivers with each downward insertion. She sets up a slow, easy fucking rhythm, steadily pushing the dong in and out of the young woman. With each thrust the rubbery nubbins inside of the strap-on rasps and press deliciously against the older woman's clit.

Sarah lowers her body so her breasts push and rub along Nina's firm young tits, to the same increasing beat of her thrusting rhythm. Both women close their eyes, enjoying their lusty carnal contact. Their heated bodies covered in a sweaty sheen. Sarah now begins to fully thrust in and out of the girl. Nina groans in responds, rising her hips as much as she can in her limited movement, to meet the incredible downward thrusting of the older woman on top of her. The old oaken table creeks slightly but easily holds the weight of the two vigorously copulating woman. Sarah is having a great time and wants to make her first strap- on fucking of this young woman to last as long as possible. She senses Nina's approaching orgasm and greatly slows her thrusting. Once Nina calms a little Sarah restarts the pumping cycle over again. The older woman does the same for herself, slowing or speeding her own rhythm, staving off cumming for as long as possible.

The older woman looks down at the girl undulating under her. Sarah completely enjoys the tremendous sensuality of Nina's young heated brown body sliding and pressing against her own. As she continues thrusting into the girl Sarah reaches down and brushes her lips along Nina's exposed neck. She kisses the girl up from her neck, to Nina's cheeks, and then onto the girl's lips. Their lips press and slither together, Sarah hold and maintains the kiss while continuing to pump in and out of the girl with her attached phallus.

Both woman are now producing large flows of love juice. The sticky fluid covers their pussies and thighs, soaking into the pillow under Nina's bouncing butt and pooling on the polished tabletop.

Sarah continues fucking bound young woman trembling and quivering under her. Nina moans and whimpers, going out of her mind with libidinous frustration. Her lips tremble against Sarah's as she quakes and mewls every time the older woman slowly withdraws the bumpy dildo from her grasping slippery pussy, only to grunt loudly with fierce carnal pleasure as the older woman plunges the thing back into her sopping love tunnel. This endless cycle of lascivious pleasure combines with the delicious sensation of the older woman's nipples and breasts pressing and rubbing along her own erect nipples, still sensitive from the clamps. Nina's begins to loose her grip on reality, somehow this ferocious woman is forcing her to stay on the constant brink of orgasm, and cleverly not allowing the poor girl to fall into it! Nina feels herself transcending into a kind of bizarre stretched- out, pancaked, love slave, pleasure puppet, writhing and twisting, bound naked under this wonderful sex- demon woman! Every part of her young body saturated with wanton lust and desire.

Sarah watches Nina's face as she continues thrusting in and out of the bound girl. She spies the young woman trying to concentrate on having an orgasm. Nina opens her mouth in an attempt at articulation.

"Oh! Aaah! Oh! Ummmm."

"Mmm, yes, my slut-girl, how can help you?" Sarah replies, on the downward cycles of her thrust.

"Ooh, Lady, plllleassse! Y-you, you, yyyyou got to let me cum!"

"Do you promise to be a good little girl-slut?"

"Oh! Yes, yes, yyes, yyeeesss! Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck mmeee, Oh! Oh! Ooooh! please, please don't stop!" Nina cries out, sobbing and shaking violently in her bindings.

Sarah increases her thrusting rhythm into the pouting girl. The truth is she can't hold out much longer, and senses Nina is at her limit. Now she doesn't back down the thrusting pace of the dildo pumping in and out of the girl's slippery-wet quim.

Nina cries out in pleasure, her hips moving in response to the sudden increase in the older woman's magically rhythmic pace. The girl now senses her own impending orgasm approaching as an out of control freight train.

The intensity of their thrusting reaches a fevered pitch. Their sweat sheened bodies loudly slap and slide together on the kitchen's tabletop. With each downward pump Nina cries out in passionate agony.

"Aaaarh! Oh! Ooh! Oooooooh! Fuck meeee! Fuck meee! Fuck m-meeeee mommy! Fuck me reaaal goood! Ohhhhhh, Iiiiiieee-I'm yourrr slut. I'llll bee your slut foreverrrr! Pleassse Oooooooh" Nina sobs out loud, twisting and arching against her bindings, the tabletop and up against the crazed woman fucking her senseless.

Sarah lowers her body, molding herself against the bound girl. With short, intense strokes her hips continue thrusting wildly into Nina. Because she's a good deal taller, her chin nestles on top of the girl's head. To Sarah, Nina's sweaty body wiggling under her own feels wonderful, Nina's face and cheek press into Sarah's neck and breast-bone. The two women pant, groan, ooze, and shimmy together for a while as their shared orgasm explodes outward. A tremendous sticky release for their taunt bodies.

Later that night Nina curls up against Sarah, sound asleep in Sarah kings-sized bed. Earlier Sarah unattached the girl from the kitchen table and let her clean up a bit. Sarah gently carried the spent girl into the bedroom and laid her the bed. Both women were satisfied and exhausted after the long fucking session. Sarah lies on her back as Nina's head rests on her shoulder. As Nina slumbers Sarah runs her finger up and down the girl's bare back as she ponders all the wondrous possibilities this beautiful young woman represents. The potential combinations, the lending out to certain friends who would appreciate Nina's submissive, youthful charm, the sordid scenarios involving specialize hardcore bondage gear. It'll be a real new beginning for the girl Sarah think to herself.

Next Saturday morning Sarah and Nina are seated in the back of a yellow taxi-cab speeding uptown. The early sun is bright, not too hot yet. Pakistani pops songs blare from the cabs dashboard. Nina is smartly dressed in a respectable mid-length summer dress, brown stockings and red shoes, her long dark hair unbound and neatly comb past her shoulder, exactly as Sarah instructed. The older woman is pleased by how the girl's dress nicely accentuates Nina's soft curves and lithesome body without being to trampy. Sarah is looking sharp herself, wearing a dark blue pants suit. They appear to be two respectable women out on a weekend summer shopping spree in New York. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nina is excited, expectant and fidgety as the cab bounces up Eighth Avenue. The last seven days have been an extraordinary waiting game for the girl. This amazing older women sitting next to her, along with her Mom, have been busy just about every night, plotting Nina's next `session'. They've teased her, remorselessly at times, kept her naked, often bound, and left in a profoundly high state of excitement.

Sarah is also is excited as the cab flies towards their uptown destination. She taking Nina to the next level of their budding relationship. She going to introduce, and then share Nina with her special circle of women friends. But she first wants to confirm that Nina is ready for this, and wants to give the girl a chance to back out if she wants.

"Nina, baby," Sarah says softy, taking the girl's hand in her own as midtown's tall glass buildings speed past the cab's windows. "I know we talked earlier about what's planned for you at my friend's apartment today, but I just want to make sure you're really up to it."

"I'm ready, I'm really, really ready for this Mrs. Perkins. You know I am." Nina smiles up sweetly at the older blond woman.

"Hmm, I guess you are. Do you have any questions?"

"Yes. It's a party, right?"

"Yes, a party, a kind of party I guess."

"A party for me."

"Yes Nina, you'll be the special guest of honor."

"Which means?"

"You know what that means baby. We've been through this already. When we get there you'll meet my friends. You'll be handed over to the party's hostess. She a Dom, her name is Betty. She'll position and bind you. You'll be on display, from there it's up to her discretion. She has a pretty wild imagination, I've seen her do some amazing things with young flexible ones like yourself."

"O-oh, umm, h-how many?"

"At the party?"


"Oh, I'd say about twenty, twenty women."

Nina closes her eyes and leans back into the seat and smiles, shivering slightly.

"Are you sure you still want to go through with this baby?" Sarah asks again quietly.

"Yes Mrs. Perkins. You know I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Yes Nina. I know."

Sarah and Nina fall into silent, looking out the cab's windows, watching the vendors on Eight Avenue opening their shops, getting ready for the weekend summer crowd.s

The two woman depart the cab. Sarah leads Nina to a nondescript walk-up apartment on Ninety-seventh street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenue. It's about 10 O'clock in the morning and the brutal New York City summer heat has yet to set the tarmac baking.

Sarah rings the bell and gets buzzed in. She leads the girl to an apartment on the third floor. Their met at the door by a tall, attractive middle-aged black woman wearing a low-cut summer dress that shows off her perfect hour-glass shaped build. She quickly waves them in.

"Betty!" Sarah smiles and enters the apartment, a cautious Nina in tow.

"Hi ya Sarah!" The black woman gives Sarah a mighty hug. The three woman stand in the foyer of a large, bright old-style apartment, trim and corners rounded with many years of repainting.

"And you must be Nina. Wow! You really are a young pretty thing, aren't you!" Betty takes hold of Nina's hands in a warm greeting as she looks the girl up and down.

"Th-thank you," Nina mumbles as she gulps and blushes, staring at her feet.

Sarah puts an arm around Nina. "Betty, our little gal here is quite submissive and very responsive, just like I told ya. Anal penetration really sends her through the roof!"

"Mrs. Perkins! Please!" Nina moans, face red with embarrassment.

"Hm, very interesting." The tall black woman considers the young woman carefully. "Well Nina, we're going to get to know each other quite well today. But right now I need to finish my preparations. Sarah, why don't you give our guest the little tour. Some of the gals are already here. We'll begin in a few minutes."

"Sure Betty," Sarah her arm around Nina's and leads the tentative girl down the hallway. "Come with me baby, there's some people I want you to meet."

They move down the hallway. Nina is wide-eyed and nervous as they enter a large living room. The morning sun slants through the windows, giving the room a bright glow. Nina is anxious and excited to find about fifteen very pretty, well dressed older woman in the room. She sees that the group is a mixed bunch; African-American, White, Latino, Asian and a few in between.

Sarah greets and chats with a few of her friends, introducing the girl around. Nina is shy and demure as the older women give her a good look over. One side of the living room is arrayed with a jumble of plush couches and comfortable chairs.

Nina is slacked-jawed as the other side of the room comes into her view. From the opposite wall hangs an impressive array of nasty looking gear, a large variety of paddles, dildos, chains, wrist cuffs and leg restraints. Various benches, slings, and spreader bars are pushed into the corner. D-ring style `attachment points' dot the walls, a few hoist and pulleys systems dangle from the ceiling. She anxiously looks the equipment over and shivers in anticipation. She excited but wonders what she's gotten herself into.

Betty sweeps into the living room and grins at Sarah, Sarah winks back.

"All right young Nina, time to get you in proper position." The powerfully built black woman comes up to Sarah and Nina. Sarah gently pushes Nina forward, presenting the girl. Betty smiles and puts an arm around Nina's slender shoulders. Nina quakes slightly as the tall black woman leads her away from the group of woman around the couches and maneuvers her over to the equipment side of the room. Betty stops the girl directly under one centrally located ceiling hoist. The room grows quiet. Sarah and her friends grin, and take seats in the chairs and couches facing Betty and Nina at the other end of the room. Betty turns the girl towards the seated guests.

"Hello all," Betty still has her arm around Nina's shoulders as she addresses her guests. "I know most of you have already met our guest of honor here. But I'll give her a proper introduction now. This dark-hair young beauty is Nina Martinez. She was brought in by our dear friend Sarah. Nina currently lives downtown and is studying dance at NYU. Thank you Sarah for bringing the group such a marvelous young pup." The room fills with polite clapping, Sarah smiles and nods from her perch on the couch. Nina gulps, nervous and excited. She's slightly lightheaded and embarrassed at being the focus of so much lurid attention. Nina also feels the intensity of the gently strength of Betty's warm arm over her shoulders, holding her still.

"Nina, I know you just met me a few minutes ago," Betty looks down into the girl's doe-like brown eyes as they face the small crowd in the bright living room. "But I about to become your lover and Mistress for a while. I want you to fully understand what I'm going to put you through in the next 24 hours. You'll be my special house-pet." Nina looks down at the floor and blushes, while also feeling intense warmth rising from between her legs. Betty gently strokes the back of the girl's head and continues. "You'll be my bitch-in- heat, stripped naked, bound, and put on display. Your body will be made generally accessible to all my party guests. Then I will take my time slowly fucking hard you in a number of configurations, all according to my whimsy. So, Nina my beautiful girl, are you sure you're ready for all this?"

"Y-yes," Nina replies in a small voice. She's becoming quite excited and can't believe she's really going through with this! She's very much aware of the beautiful black woman's body leaning against her.

"I understand that Sarah has gone over the group's safe-words and safe-gestures. You know you can stop at anytime using these?"

"Yes, I-I understand."

"Good." The black woman holds Nina's shoulders with one arm. They're side to side. Betty's free hand slowly comes up and gently caresses the young woman's flat tummy.

"Such a nice, youthful body," Betty slowly slides her hand upward. "So baby, what kind of dance do you study?"

"Um," Nina trembles, looking down at Betty's dark brown hand on her tummy. "I, um, m-modern dance, um, you-you know, Martha G-Graham, Tywla Tharp, s-stuff like that."

"Hmm, very nice. Very nice indeed. Well my sweet little one, your tits look simple divine. I going to touch with them now."

"Oh! Umm, okay. Ooow." Nina huffs and bites her lower lip as Betty's large brown hand clamps over the girl's bosom. Nina looks down, transfixed. The room is silence as the black woman's hand slowly travels across to the trembling girl's chest. Betty gently runs her palm back and forth over Nina's pert breasts, and slowly cups, kneads and squeezes the girl's apple-size globes through the dresses' flimsy material.

"Oh God, Ooooh!" Nina gasps and closes her eyes, acutely feeling the black woman's salacious manipulations of her breasts.

"Hmm, very, very nice indeed," Betty says, fully engaged in her pawing. "So Nina, I don't suppose you've ever been stripped and bound in front of a bunch of strange woman before?"


"Well little slut, that's about to change. You're about to strut your stuff on a very different kind of stage. Everyone here wants to see your skinny naked ass. So my little bitch, lets get started."

"Oh!" Nina gasps and looks at the floor as Betty begins to unzip the back of the girl's dress.

The guests sip their wine and watch with keen interest as Betty undresses the young woman. Strong conflicting emotions course through Nina as she lets her new mistress undo her dress. Nina's heart is pounding as Betty lifts off her flowery dress.

Nina is completely mortified being stripped naked by this towering woman in front of a group of total strangers. But at the same time she's deeply thrilled and excited. Betty works fast, removing Nina's shoes, stockings, working with efficient dispatch. The black woman takes the girl's bra off, and rolls Nina's panties down. In no time Nina stands in front of the crowd, completely naked. Her discarded clothing lies in a chaotic heap on the wooden floor.

Nina is overcome with a sense of keen embarrassment. The eyes of everyone in the room bore into her naked body. She raises her hands in modestly and covers her bare breasts and pussy.

"Put your hands down slut," Betty commands. "As our house-pet your role is to be fully displayed, not covered. I want my guests see your splendid youthful body. So down with those hands bitch!"

"Oh, um, okay." Nina replies, looking at the floor and breathing deeply. She puts down her hands.

"Are you sure your ready for all this?" Betty asked Nina

"Oh Y-yes. Yes." Nina responds.

The young woman stands on the cool wooden floor for an uneasy few minutes. Betty and the seated guests silently drink in Nina's youthful beauty.

"All right pet, lets get you properly bound and hoisted. Stand right here baby," Betty indicates a spot on the floor. "Face our guests and cross your hands in front."

Betty carefully positions the girl under one of the ceiling pulleys. The black woman quickly takes a pair of thick leather cuffs off the wall and straps Nina's wrists together. Betty brings down the pulley rope from the ceiling and quickly attaches the swivel link to the common D-ring connecting Nina's cuffs together.

"Up we go sweetheart, relax those arms now." Betty instructs as she pulls down on the other side of the pulley's rope.

"Oooow!" Nina cries out in bewilderment as her cuffed hands are hauled up towards the ceiling. For now Betty leaves Nina's hands about eight inches above the girl's head, with plenty of slack in the girl's arms. She ties off the pulley rope to an eyelet on the wall near the equipment rack. She takes a four foot spreader from the corner and approaches Nina.

"Spread those legs pet."

"Oh God. Um-umm, I-um, like th-this?" Nina pants and spreads her legs.

"Yes just like that slut." Betty crouches down in front of the girl and takes hold of Nina's left foot. Nina moans as Betty encircles and attaches the young woman's ankle to the leather cuff on one end of the spreader bar. Betty then takes hold of Nina's knees.

"Oh my! Oow!" The young woman gasps as Betty spreads her legs further apart to meet the length of the long metal bar. Nina's legs buckle and wobble as Betty attaches her right ankle to the cuff on the other end of the long metal spreader bar, locking Nina legs into a wide spread position. Betty stands and looks down, please with her handiwork. She gives the girl's bare rump ass a good slap and pinch.

"Oouch!" Nina huffs, pulling and testing her bound ankles.

"Don't you look simply adorable, you need just a little adjusting now," Betty smiles as she undoes the anchored pulley rope and carefully draws Nina's cuffed wrists even higher.

The guests watch with rap attention and aesthetic appreciation as Nina is stretched upward. Betty eyes Nina carefully as she pulls down on the pulley rope, pulling until the naked girl is forced up on her tippy toes. Nina groans as she's stretched towards the ceiling. She strains against her bound wrists as her arms are hauled straight up. The attached spreader bar causes Nina's skinny legs to stretch out and her knee's to bend slightly inward. Nina quickly learns to maintain a somewhat shaky balance between the tips of her well-spaced feet on the floor and by pulling down on her cuffed hands above her head. Once Betty has Nina positioned just right she ties the rope-end back around the wall eyelet.

The Betty approaches the trembling bound girl.

"Hmm, lets take a real good look at you girl."

She gets behind Nina. The guests watch as Betty touches and fondles the back of Nina's well-spread legs. Nina shivers and pulls on her bindings as the older black woman gently rakes her fingernails over the girl's naked back. Betty's dark hands make a striking contrast against the girl's lighter mocha colored body. Nina moans, looking the floor. Sarah and the other guests watch in earnest as Betty gently kneads the clenching globes of the girl's easily accessible ass.

The black woman's hands slowly roam over the girl's rump, over the flared slender hips, up to Nina's taunt tummy and onto the girl's youthful breasts. The tall black woman gets behind the bound girl, thrusting her hips against Nina's firm naked backside while squeezing and pushing up on the girl's soft chest.

"Isn't she one of the prettiest house-pets we've had in a while?" Betty addresses the seated guests as she continues to fondle the young woman's firm globes from behind. The crowd murmurs their agreement. Nina looks at the floor, groaning and trembling as Betty gently tweaks, pinches and rolls the girl's soft pliant nipples between her long fingers.

Betty feels the bound girl shiver as she applies her tongue between Nina's shoulder blades, licking upward. The black woman softy kisses the back of Nina's neck. She nibbles on Nina's ear as her dark hands continue working over the girl's tender breasts.

Nina looks down at the hands playing with her bare breasts. She closes her eyes and grits her teeth, feeling the older woman pressing into her backside. She breaths rapidly and can't believe how fast this Betty woman stripped her naked, cuffed her hands and hoisted them well above her head and then spread her legs wide open, attaching her ankles to a long metal bar, leaving her barely able to reach the floor. She's getting quite excited and turned-on, being bound and displayed in front of all these well dressed strange women. Sarah winks at her from one of the front couches in the living room.

Betty reaches down and runs her fingernails over Nina's soft ass cheeks. The bound girl yelps, twisting in her bound, bent-forward position.

"It looks like our little house-pet is missing a tail," Betty teases, patting Nina's ass cheeks. "We'll have to remedy that situation, can't have a pet without a tail. Now can we?"

Betty retrieves a long wine red scarf, a jar of lube grease and a thin polished wooden dowel from one of the equipment drawers. The scarf is made from a soft gauzy fabric. She walks between the bound girl and the seated visitors holding up the scarf.

"I think I found your tail Nina."

"Oh God. M-my tail? H-how?" Nina pants and stammers, looking quizzically at scarf.

"My friend Sarah tells me you enjoy having objects pumped into your prim little ass. So, to give you a nice tail I'll going to stuff this scarf into your sweet little butthole." Betty holds the scarf in front of Nina's face. "But first let's put a few thick knots in it to give your ass an extra-special treat." Betty ties a number of large knots along the length of the scarf.

"Oh! G-Gawd, Oooh!," Nina stutters, flexing her well-spread skinny legs above the long metal bar attached to her ankles, her cuffed hands twisting above her head, pulling against the ceiling hoist .

Betty leisurely struts behind quivering the girl.

Because Nina's legs are so well spread, Betty has easy access to the girl's winking rosebud. She opens the lube jelly jar, dips in two finger and pulls out a good dollop of greasy lube. Nina moans as the tall black woman applies a generous amount of cool grease directly onto the girl's crinkled rosebud. Once Nina's anus is covered with a generous amount of the greasy jelly Betty double-wraps the knotted scarf around the wooden dowel.

"Just relax now pet."

"Ooh, Oooh!" Nina whines and dances around in her limit movement as Betty presses the rounded end of the scarf-wrapped dowel against the girl's now-oily anus.

Nina puts her head down, pulling on the hoist rope binding her wrists above her head. She shivers, groans out loud. She instinctively squats slightly, as much as the ankle-attached spreader bar allows, and whimpers as the dowel slowly passes into her body. The older woman slowly, carefully pushes the scarf, and dowel, deeper into the young woman's ass.

"Oh! Oh God! Oooh my Gawwd! Ooooow!" Nina strains, groans, heart pounding hard as she senses the lewd object traveling slowly up and into her anal passage. She looks out at Sarah and the other women seated around Betty's living room. She sees their apt attention intensely focused on the woman's debasing actions between her spread and bound legs and becomes even more deeply embarrassed and excited at the same time.

Once the dowel's length is inserted about halfway into girl's ass, Betty carefully withdraws the polished wooden rod, leaving the scarf in place. She carefully bunches up more of the material under the girl's quivering butt.

"Oow." Nina squirms and whimpers quietly as the black woman slowly pushes more of the gauzy fabric into her body. The young woman groans as the first knot in the scarf passes into her ass.

Slowly, inch-by-slow-inch, knot-by-knot, the long scarf disappears up and into Nina's rectum. She feels the gauzy material pressing bizarrely and sliding up against her insides.

Betty leaves about six inches of the scarf hanging out of Nina anus to create a short tail for the girl. Betty stands up, gently running her fingertips between the sniveling girl's shoulder blades. Betty then lewdly squeezes Nina's asscheeks together.


The bound girl instantly feels the springy material obscenely compressing deep inside her butt. Nina's flexes her elbows in the bindings, looking up at Sarah and the group of seated women lasciviously watching her debased ass from across the room. She moans and blushes under their intense gaze.

Betty steps back to view her handiwork. She enjoys how Nina's young dancers' body stretches tautly. The girl's ankles are securely attached to the ends of the metal spreader bar, her thin wrists are cuffed and attached to the hoist chain on the ceiling above the bewildered girl's head.

"Does our young pup like having her poor little ass all stuffed up?" Betty teases, patting Nina naked bottom. "Hmm, I wonder we're we should begin?"

"I-I, um." Nina stammers, twisting and balancing between the ceiling hoist and spreader bar.

"I know just the thing!" The dark older woman exclaims while rummaging through one of her many equipment cabinets that line her living room wall. Betty pulls out a large red rubber ballgag and a black scarf. Nina shivers when she sees the items in Betty's hand. Rubber ballgags are one of the many strange pieces of equipment her mother and Sarah informed her about. Betty swaggers in front of the bound girl. She takes hold of Nina's chin and plays her thumb over the girl's pouty lips.

"Umm, oophuuaaarg, mmm!" Nina gurgles and shakes as the powerful older woman slips her thumb between Nina's soft lips. She feels the woman's digit deep inside her mouth, pinning her tongue down and moving her jaw lower.

"Aaaawthpth," Nina gurgles.

"Easy, easy there baby, just need to open your mouth wide enough to slip in this big rubber ball," Betty says as she gently works open the girl's small mouth. "Then I'll put your blindfold on."

Nina's eyes cross for a moment as Betty brings the large rubber ball up to her face. The older woman withdraws her thumb and presses the ballgag between Nina's wide open mouth. Nina lips touch the ball, she tastes rubber, and attempts to relax her face, breathing deeply through her nose. Betty gently takes hold of the bound girl's cheeks and slowly pushes the ball into Nina mouth with her long thumbs. Nina moans as her lips slowly slide fully open, thinning out to completely stretch over the ball's smooth rubbery surface. The women on the couch watch, transfixed, as the girl's skinny naked legs flex, and her ankles shake at the end of the long metal spreader bar. Nina hangs forward on her arms, bound and hoisted high above her head. The tall black woman gently manipulates the bound girl's face. Nina's neck strains forward, her eyes flutter and squint shut while Betty's thumbs push the widest part of the rubber ball past the girl's outstretched lips.

Nina doesn't remember ever taking anything so huge into her mouth before. She senses the rubber ballgag sliding into place behind her teeth. The ball presses against the roof of her mouth and pins her tongue down flat. She grunts as Betty fastens and tightens the straps attached to the side of ball behind Nina's head. She feels her lips stretch, just a bit more, as the ball's straps press along the side of her head.

Betty quickly loops the scarf around the girl's eyes and head, blindfolding as well as muting the bound girl. Nina gulps as suddenly everything goes dark.

"Okay ladies," Betty addresses the small crowd of women in her living room, her hand resting lightly on top of Nina's naked butt. "Our little house-pet is bound, gagged, butt-stuffed, and blindfolded. Let's follow the proper forms now. You all can get up, and mingle a bit more. Feel free to fondle, tweak and play with our little bitch's sweet bound body here. Believe me, this little beauty ain't going nowhere soon." Betty gives Nina's stuffed ass a good slap, causing the bound girl to let loose a muffled moan through her ballgagged mouth. "You can touch our little tramp here in just about any way you want, but stay away from her pussy. I'm going to take my time, fucking our house-pet later, so that hole is mine, reserved for me alone."

Nina throat groans through the rubber ball, embarrassed at the woman's forthrightness. She flexes her legs, the spreader bar causes her inside thigh muscles to slightly strain outward. She can't believe she's doing this! This woman Betty is so wonderfully nasty. Nina's pussy has become sopping wet as Betty applied each new binding to her. She can't see a thing now because of the blindfold, but hears the women in the living room moving around, getting up and coming towards her, their heels clacking on the living room's wooden surface, approaching her bound form.

The oncoming women see the naked young woman trembling in her bondage. They enjoy how Nina's spreader-bar-attached ankles are held tautly apart, how the girl's waist bends forward, causing her narrow back to arch forward against her hoisted cuffed wrists bound above her head, lewdly pushing out her now-pointy wrinkled dark brown nipples and firm, apple-sized breasts. The girl's pretty angular face is well plugged with a nasty black rubber ballgag and blindfolded by a long scarf knotted behind her head. Nina's long beautiful black hair is now loose, except where it's held tightly to her face by the gag and blindfold, the rest cascades down her slim shoulders and bare back.

"Mmm, what a nice bound little bitch." Nina hears the women collecting around her commenting openly on her wicked predicament. "It'll be fun watching Betty fuck this young hussy silly, I'll bet she's a real moaner."

Nina startles when the first of their hands begin touching her bound naked form. She continues to carefully balance on the balls of her spreader-bar bound feet. She groans and trembles as several hands roam freely over her body. She whimpers into her ballgag as they caress, pinch and squeeze her tummy, thighs, buttocks, nipples and breasts.

"Hey baby," Nina hears Sarah whispering in her ear. "You look simple divine, hanging naked by your arms." Sarah gently kisses the bound girl's ear, and snakes her long tongue into it. Nina is shocked by the sudden wet, slippery sensation against her head, especially when added to the feeling of the relentless hands tweaking and fondling her body. Nina gasps into the rubber ballgag as Sarah slowly laps a few times behind Nina's ear.

Many women now surround the bent forward bound girl. Their hands probe and tweak the young woman's pliant, firm physique. All this attention is rocketing Nina into a profoundly high state of excitement. One tall dark-haired woman pulls on and kneads Nina's pointy nipples and soft breasts. A short, well- endowed, blonde squeezes Nina's asscheeks together, and then pulls the girl's cheeks apart. Nina shivers as she's instantly reminded of the thick fabric ball stuffed up her ass.

"Hmm, what a funny little tail our poor lass has," the blonde says, spying the six inches of the knotted red scarf hanging out of Nina's rosebud. The woman grabs the end of the scarf and begins to gently pull the thick material out of the girl's anus. Nina blushes and whimpers deeply into the ballgag at the lurid sensation of the material slowly slidings out of her anus

The surrounding women watch, with great amusement. Nina whimpers into the ballgag as her rosebud bulges outward around the first large knot in the scarf. She winces as the thick knot passes out of her body. Nina quivers and twists in her bindings, balancing carefully on her spreader-bar bound feet. The women continue pulling out the scarf lewdly stuffed into her butt. She squirms as she hears them giggling. The progress of the scarf slows as each knot comes up. Nina gasps and the blonde pulls harder. Nina's ass finally relaxes. Her anal ring expands fully, allowing the knots to easily pass freely from of the girl's butt. Nina whimpers into the ballgag as the last knot is dragged from her ass. Polite applause greets the event, the blonde holds up the end of the scarf and places it in a bag to be washed later.

"Well ladies, I'm glad your enjoying our little pet." Betty says, strutting into the living room wearing nothing but a leather push-up bra that shows off her ample bosom, a deeply contoured black plastic strap- on dildo and a pair of high heel shoes. "Please takes your seats. You can watch as I give our little student here a thoroughly proper thrusting."

The crowd murmurs their approval and appreciation at Betty's appearance. They move back to their seats in the living room. Betty walks up to the bound girl. She reaches around a unclips Nina's ballgag and undoes the scarf from the girl's head. The girl's lips smack together as the large rubber ball slips out, her cheeks tingle and flatten back to a normal shape.

"O-oh, wow," Nina says, dazed and blinking, hanging from her arms fettered and hoisted above her head. The vision of Betty in front of her, nearly naked, with the thick dong bouncing between her Mistress' legs instantly causes her pussy to twitch in anticipation.

Betty lifts Nina chin and kisses the girl sensually. The older woman's lips press and seal against Nina's. The bound girl moans as their tongues fiercely slip, slurp and dance together. Betty breaks the kiss, and steps back, looking the girl up and down.

"Okay baby, lets turn you around a bit, so our audience can get a good side view of my copulation with your slutty young body."

"Um, a-all right," Nina replies in a haze as Betty walks the heated girl around. Nina's ankles are still well fastened to the long metal spreader bar, forcing her skinny legs apart. She inches carefully over on her tiptoes, pivoting around on the point where her hoisted wrists are cuffed to the ceiling hook above her head.

Sarah and the rest of the seated women now have a wonderful side view of the spreader bar bound young woman. Betty runs her fingers lightly over Nina's forward-arched back and pliant buttocks.

"Nina, my little pet," the tall black woman says, staring at the naked bound girl's butt, deep in thought. "I think your lovely young ass need a good spanking. A little warmer-upper before we really get down to business."

"Sp-spankin?" Nina asks, somewhat worried, twisting around in her hoisted cuffed arms.

"Yes babycakes," Betty walks over to her equipment shelf. She selects a two foot long by 4 inch black plastic paddle, and walks over to the bound girl's body and gently runs it over Nina's buttocks. "Such a lovely little ass needs a proper spanking every now and then."

"Umm, M-mistess, um," Nina gurgles in her excited state, feeling the paddle rubbing along her bare backside.

"Yoow!" Nina suddenly yelps out loud and gasps as Betty gives the girl her first whack. Betty proceeds with the spanking, not too hard, just enough to warm the girl's ass. Everyone in the room appreciates how the young woman's body shakes forward, ass giggling and tits bouncing with each loud smack.

Nina clenches and groans, feeling the intense heat welling out from her backside with with each loud slap. She has been stripped, bound, hung, teased, tweaked, stuffed and is now being spanked! The poor girl is going out of her mind with frustration and desire. She's beyond being coy and embarrassed in front of so many strange women. When her blindfold came off and she saw her Mistress wearing that marvelously nasty strap-on dildo. The vision left Nina fantasizing about being deeply penetrated by the thing.

Once Betty is satisfied by the slight redness and heat rising off Nina's buttocks, she stop the spanking. She puts the paddle away and approaches the girl's backside.

"All right, Pet," Betty says, looking between Nina's spreader bar clamped legs. "Are you ready for a proper fucking from your Mistress?"

"O-oh, p-please, mmm-Mistresss, I-I'm sooo r-ready." Nina replies, twisting and pulling on her cuffed wrists hoisted high above her head as tears of frustration run down her angelic face.

"Very well then." Betty is all smiles as she saddles up behind the bound naked young woman. The older woman stands directly behind Nina's spreader bar and presses her hips and strap-on tightly along the back of Nina's exposed ass and thighs.

"Aaaaah! Oooompph," Nina moans and mewls in pure delight. The tall black woman presses into Nina, causing the attached dildo to slide lasciviously between the girl's heated buttcheeks, and to smooth and slide along the bottom of her sopping pussy.

To Betty, this is a magical moment, the naked young woman looks and feels great, bound and stretched out in front of her. She gently arches her hips upward, causing her attached dong to move around against the bound girl's pussy. Betty is amused, looking down she feels and sees Nina's naked ass wiggling against her hips. The girl's upper thighs clench and grasp at Betty's strap-on dildo, in a vain attempt for more stimulation.

The older woman truly enjoys Nina's warm naked flesh pressing against her own. Her dildo is designed with a number of small rubbery nubbins that slide wonderfully against her clit. Betty takes hold of the trembling girl's slim waist in front of her own. Nina startles and groans as Betty hands travels up and down her arched naked back.

Nina is intensely aware of the older woman's hips pressing into her, and even more so of the bulbous dong sliding outside her sopping pussy. She pulls down on her cuffed arms above her head, shifting up and down on her spreader-bar joined ankles. Betty leans down over the girl's back and gives Nina little loves bites and kisses along the young woman's bare shoulders. Betty reaches under Nina and ardently squeezes the young woman's firm apple size tits.

"Oooow!" "So babycakes," Betty coos into the fettered girl's ear while continuing to knead and pinch Nina's supple breasts. "Is the House Pet ready for a damn good proper fucking?"

"Y-yes, p-p-p-please, M-mistress, oooh, p-p- pleeaasssse." Nina whines plaintively, twisting in her bindings and staring out into space. She bumps and presses herself back against the older woman behind her.

"All right little bitch, here it comes," Betty leers as she reaches between her legs to carefully position and angle the attached dong. She smiles, looking up and over the tethered, quivering dark hair beauty before her. She slowly pushes forward, inserting the bulbous plastic head between the young woman's wet pussy lips. Nina groans and shakes in her bindings. The sensation of the dong moving inside her feels truly wonderfully to the teased and aroused girl. Betty's large hands take hold of Nina's hips and pushes forward into the girl.

Sarah and the rest of the crowd have a perfect side view of nude girl, with her ankles spreader-bar bound and torso bent forward as the dark woman stands commandingly behind her. They watch breathlessly, as the contoured black plastic dildo protruding from the older woman's hips slowly disappears between the girl's quivering upper thighs and reddened asscheeks. Nina huffs and looks down, panting as the penetration continues, hanging from her bound wrists hoisted above her head. She arches up on her tiptoes, slightly flexing her spreader-bar connected legs.

"Yes! Oh, oh yes! Yes! Fuck meee. Please, pleeaase! Fuck meee g-good!" Nina gasps out loud on the verge of incoherence.

"Why aren't you the wanton little shut. All right baby, here it comes!"

Betty holds Nina's hips firmly from behind and slowly pushes the strap-on phallus forward into the girl. The black woman fully enjoys the supreme sense of power she has over little Nina, bent forward and supine before her. Betty is amazed at how easily the plastic dong slides into the young woman. The older woman senses through the strap-on that Nina is incredibly tight but also extremely wet and slippery at this point. Betty slowly inserts two-thirds of the dildo into the mocha-colored beauty bound fast before her. She then quickly thrusts her hips forward, completely sinking the strap-on the rest of the way into Nina in one quick step.

"Oooow, oh yes! Yes! Oooow!" Nina groans, twists and bites her lower lip, dancing on her spreader-bar bound tippy toes, feeling the wonderfully delirious fullness of the older woman's bulbous plastic dong buried deep inside her. While holding the girl's hips steady, Betty pulls completely out. Nina pulls against her cuffed wrists hoisted above her head and sobs out loud in frustrated disappointment.

"All right bitch," Betty smile down at Nina while gripping the girl's waist, "you seem quite, quite ready, so honeycheeks here it comes again!" The older woman insert the dong back into Nina and begins pumping in and out of the young woman with forceful, slow strokes. A loud wet smacking sound is heard throughout the living room every time Betty's hips meets the girl's naked ass. Nina moans and squirms in her bindings, surrendering to the pleasure coming from the mushroom shaped head tunneling lewdly in and out of her slippery quim.

Sarah and the other seated woman watch in amazement at the two females vigorously copulating in front of them. The older woman's intense plunging causes Nina's bound, bent forward lithe body to jerked back and forth in her bindings, cycling up and down on her tippy toes with each new forward thrust.

Nina's breasts freely bounce and her jet black is a mess around her face and shoulders where her arms reach up to her cuffed and hoisted wrists. They see the girl's sticky love fluid slowly seeping down the inside's of her skinny thighs with each thrusting cycle.

Betty looks down at Nina's sculptured back and shoulders. She slides her hands up from Nina's waist while maintaining her pistoning rutting into the girl. Nina groans as Betty runs her hands up over the girl's hips and around to the young woman's peachy tits.

"Umm," Betty intones as she resume her tight hold on Nina's hips, continuing her powerful thrusting. "I'm really, really enjoying giving you the good fucking, you little mothing-fucking harlot. Y-yes, you seem to be taking it in quite well, you little bitch-slut. Sucking my big dong right into your slutty little fuck-hole." Betty picks up the pace of her pumping, Nina puts her head down and gasps in response.

"Oooow, ooh, th-that's so wondering," Nina says, bending her knees slightly. She bends as much as her spreader-bar bound ankles allow, further impaling herself onto the older woman.

Betty senses Nina's orgasm approaching and stops cold. The heated girl gasps and whimpers loudly in frustrated disappointment. The older woman considers a new approach and slowly pulls the bulbous strap-on out of the bound girl's swollen pussy. Nina struggles and pulls against her bindings. She arches back against the black woman behind her and sobs. Betty reaches over to a nearby shelf and grabs a plastic container of Vaseline jelly and quickly coats the glistening dong with the stuff.

"All right babycakes, on with the show! Pucker up that sweet little ass. I going to thoroughly enjoy slowly sticking my plastic friend here up into your tight little asshole. Bitch, I'm gonna give your butt one good nasty fucking. You're going learn all about my method of slow ass pumpin'."

"Oh God! Ummm, I, Oh!" Nina stammers in a daze. She suddenly senses the flared wedged shaped head pressing against her rosebud. Her anus is already lubed and well loosened from having the long scarf stuffed her inside earlier.

Everyone in the living room is quiet as the older woman looks down and pushes her hips forward. Betty moves the thick dong slowly, tenderly against the girl's winking rosebud. Nina shakes against the long spreader holding her cuffed legs wide open. She winces and looks down at the floor, biting her lower lip and tries desperately to relax her backside .

"Ooh, a-aaarh, oh! Oh God! Oh!" the bound girl gasps as the thick plastic head slowly enters her rear. Nina flexes downward on her spreader-bar restrained legs. Suddenly it seems that she's about the pass the largest bowel movement in her life! She blushes deeply as she quickly realizes that the sensation is cause by her Mistress' plastic dong moving into her body, not out!

Betty doesn't want to hurt the girl, and lets Nina's ass set the pacing for insertion. The plastic phallus slowly sinks a full inch into the young woman's rectum. Nina gasps and groans. She puts her head down and pulls hard against her bound legs. She involuntarily tightens up, halting the dong's progress into her anal passage.

"Now, now, babycakes," the older black woman coos behind the bound girl. "We'll have none of this! You've got to relax those sweet cheeks and open up that sweet little ass to your Mistress. Come now pet, let your Mistress in. Hmm, maybe this will help."

"Ooow! Please, please Mistress. I-I'm really tr-trying! Oh!" Nina moans, very much aware of the dildo partially stuck into her ass. Betty reaches her hand around to the young woman's hips and slowly slides down, massaging Nina's swollen pussy lips.

"Aaaah." Nina pants, twisting under her cuffed hoisted wrists above her head.

The older woman uses her other hand to reach around to the girl's chest. Betty quickly sticks two fingers completely into the girl's slippery quim, using her thumb to press against the girl's pointy clit. Betty uses her other hand to squeezes Nina left breast.

"Oh! I-I-aaah! Oh!" Nina moans, shimmies, flexing on her spreader-bar bound legs and pulling against her bound wrists above her head.

Betty continues to stroke Nina's breasts and slippery pussy lips as she begins to gently roll her hips up and down, and back and forth. This causes the bulbous head of the inserted dildo to lewdly rotate around just inside the girl's anus. She wants Nina to slowly get use to the feeling of having the large plastic shaft inside the girl's rectum.

"Oh God! Ooooh!" Nina twists, turns, and dangles, sensing her wonderful tormentress behind her, raining down the most exquisite pleasure across her prostrated body.

"All right baby. Try to relax now. I going to start pushing forward again." Betty coos in the young woman's ear while continuing her manipulations from behind.

"Ooow, Oooow!" Nina gurgles and twists in her bindings, sensing the plastic shaft pressing forward against her rectum.

"Easy does it now sweetcheeks. Come on now baby, open up this sweet little ass for a good nasty butt fucking by your Mistress." Betty gently eases her hips forward.

Nina looks up with a faraway gaze in her eyes as she contemplates Betty's lurid request, intensely aware of the large artificial object moving around inside her rosebud. Betty arches her hips forwards, gently increasing the pressure on the dildo.

"Oooow! Oh God!" Nina gulps and twists under her cuffed hands.

"Hey baby, are you sure your ready for this?"

The young woman pulls on her attached wrists, bound and hoisted above her head. Nina turns slightly around in an attempt to take a peek behind her. She can't believe this is happening! Being bound and sodomzied up the ass with a fake plastic dick in front of all these pretty ladies!

"Ooow. Yes! Oh yes! Ooow! Oh my God! Yes! Oooow!"

The thick greasy shaft continues to make very slowly progress into the girl's rear. Nina huffs and exhales, sensing her anal ring dimpling inward and dilating open, thinning around the lewd object. She trembles as her rear hole slowly expands around the oncoming hard plastic shaft.

"Oh! Ooh! Ooooow! Oh God!" Nina stammers out, dangling from her cuffs.

Betty feels something give deep inside the girl. Nina sobs as the dildo suddenly jerks forward a few good inches. The young bound woman whimpers and howls. The oily bulbous head traveling up her rectum suddenly feels somewhat more passable.

"Ooooow! Eeeeoooow!" Nina gurgles and dances on her toes as a faint wet smacking sound of oily plastic on pliant pink skin is heard through out the living room.

"Aaaaah, Oh!" Nina grunts out loud as the large sculptured length of the greasy plastic dildo slowly moves another inch into the young woman's lissome, bent forward body.

Betty looks down and presses her hips forward, enjoying the sight of the thick pole slowly sinking into the bull's eye of the girl's thinned anal ring.

"Oooooow!" Nina continues to pant and twist in her bindings. A sheen of perspiration glistens from her naked coppery-brown body.

"That's it baby, there we go. Your ass is taking it in quite well now. Yes, in we go." Betty encourages, pressing her hips forward while holding and guiding Nina's hips back into the plastic dong.

"Oooooow! Oh God! Oh! Oooh! Ooooow!"

Nina whimpers, feeling a peculiar, yet remarkably pleasurable fullness swelling up and out from her impaled buttocks. She sighs as her anus involuntarily makes repeated attempts to clutch and close around the oily plastic shaft. The entire length of the dildo is now almost completely implanted inside the girl's anus. Betty maintains her tight grip on the young woman's hips as she carefully finishes pushing the strap-on fully into Nina's body.

The audience of women seated around the carnally united pair watches with rapt attention. Betty's sinuous black body pressing into the supine, bent forward form of young Nina. They truly enjoy the side view of the young woman's naked mocha-brown body; how her pretty face responds to each new depravation introduced by her dark mistress; how her knees bend inward from where her ankle-cuffs attach to the wicked long spreader bar, forcing the young woman's long skinny legs well apart; how Nina slowly rises up off the wooden floor to her high tippy- tippy toes as Betty steadily sinks the black plastic strap-on between the girl's firm, quivering buttcheeks; and how Nina's lively bucking body twists and turns under the chain attached to her thick wrist cuffs hoisted and tied off well above the girl's head.

"Oh God! Oooooow. Oh, Ooh my, Ooh, G-g-gaaawd! Nina shifts and gurgles, gazing intensely at the floor.

Betty looks down in triumph over the bound young woman stretched before her. She stares down at a truly, truly amazing sight. The girl's rosy crinkled anal ring ripples and clenches in coarse spastic graspings around the base of the long contoured plastic dong now deeply embedded within the girl's lithe derriere.

"Well ladies," Betty addresses the crowd in her living room as she takes hold of the girl's slim waist. "Our little pet here has completely taken my strap-on dildo up her pert little ass. And as you can see our little slut here is very responsive." Betty shakes and shimmies her hips in short pulsating jabs causing Nina to instantly shudder and luridly bounce on the shaft in response.

"Aaah! Oooow! Oooooow!" Nina's lower lip quivers, she pulls against her spreader-bar bound ankles and tugs on her cuffed wrists above her head. With great intimacy she feels the thickly veined plastic dildo wickedly sliding around deep inside her impaled bumhole.


"Okay my pretty little hole," Betty says, looking down over Nina. The tall black woman's fingers spread wide where she grips the girl's waist. "Do you enjoy being skewered up the ass with one my of my nastiest plastic dicks?"

"I-I! Oh God! Y-yes, Yes. Oooh. I-I like it. Oooh I-I-I l-love it. Ooh!" Nina manages to gasp out.

"Hmm, just as I though. Well, now that we know my special strap-on dick fits nicely up your sassy little ass I'm gonna give your little butthole the rightful fucking it deserves." Betty pulls the girl's waist towards her. The strap-on lurches inside Nina's ass as Betty plants her feet firmly on the floor in preparation.

"Oh! Oh! Oh God! Oooow! Eeoow," Nina mewls, rolls her head around and dances on her tippy toes as she feels the thick dong moving deep inside her rectum again. Nina moans and looks at the floor as a deep blush blooms across her cheeks. Her long dark cascades wildly over her bare shoulders, a few loose strands are plastered across her sweaty forehead. Nina shakes and groans, twisting in her bindings, she's been relentlessly teased, bound, poked and prodded by this wonderfully wicked mistress-lover and is now gasping and panting hard in a high state of excitement and over-stimulation.

"Aaaah, Oh Gaaawwd. Ooooooooh!" Nina groans as the strong black woman holds her slim waist and slowly withdraws the thick dildo from the girl's grasping rosebud. Nina trembles and groans as she feels the contoured plastic shaft sliding out past her clenching rosebud.

Betty pulls the dong almost entirely out of the girl's ass.

The black older woman gently, but firmly presses her hips forward again, slowly reinserting the plastic phallus back into the girl's well-puckered anus.

"Oh God! Oh! Ooooaaaphh!" Nina jerks and gurgles as the plastic dong moves slowly back inside her body. A soft, oily smacking is heard throughout the living room.

"There we go, sweetcheeks. Yup. You're little butt is taking it very well. Yes, yes there we go, my darling little girl-whore!" Betty grins down at the bound girl and holds fast to Nina's hips. The older woman steadily, and with great vigor, begins pumping the thick dong in and out of the young woman's tender ass.

"Aaah! Oh God! Oooooooow!" Nina wiggles and shakes hard in her bindings.

"Yes, yes there we go! Oh yea! I'm fucking you up the ass, you teasing little bitch! Ah yes! Fucking a big, honkin dildo in and out of your tight little ballerina's ass." Betty enjoys the slapping contact her hips make against Nina's well heated asscheeks.

"Oooh! Ooooow! M-Mistress Lady P-please, Oh God! Oh! Oooooh!" Nina bounces, sobs, and trembles viscerally at the incredibly nasty and wonderfully sublime sensation of the large object now moving easily in and out of her anus. The feeling of the greasy thick shaft luridly sliding in and out of her ass is overwhelming. Beside the feeling of profound skewerment, is Nina's sensation of being lost in the double whammy of being well bound and held still while getting her ass fucked at the same time. She feels the Mistress woman's strong hands holding her by the waist, combined with the incredibly exhilaration of the older woman's muscular legs repeatedly slapping hard against the back of her own thighs and butt cheeks.

Nina moans. Her anal ring tingles and quivers at the unceasing movement of the greasy-slippery dong rasping in and out of her body. Every time Betty presses the dildo forward Nina feels her rosebud slowly flexing inward and around the oncoming shaft in response. Inversely, as Betty pulls out, Nina is acutely aware of her anus stretching outward, obscenely gripping and clenching around the retreating dong. Her body tightens and trembles as she pulls against her spreader-bar attached ankles and dangles from her wrists cuffed and hoisted above her head. She groans and whimpers in a haze of unstoppable lusty euphoria. A wet-slapping rhythmic smacking sound resonates throughout the room every time Betty smoothly drives the thick plastic dildo back into Nina's tender and now extremely rubbery rosebud.

Betty takes her hands off the girl's waist and lets her hips continue pumping into the girl's butt. The older woman experiments by rocking her hips at different angles in and out of the groaning young woman's increasingly elastic anus. While maintaining her thrusting pace, Betty leans slightly forward over Nina's bare back and reaches both hands around to squeeze and grip the girl's bouncing breasts.

"All right my little butt-fucked beauty, you can cum for us now." Betty coos into the girl's ear as she takes hold of Nina's pointy nipples. Betty squeezes and roughly kneads Nina's firm, apple-sized breasts. The older woman pinches, pulls, and rolls the young woman's small pointy nipples between her thumb and forefingers. All the while her hips and attached strap- on maintain a steady, gliding pumping action in and out of the girl's rear.

"Ooooooooooophh!" Nina huffs, heaves, arches and twists in response. Her awareness shifting, flashing prickly up and down her spread limbs and chest. Finally focusing, anchoring around her well exercised bottom. Her broiling consciousness changes, morphs. She becomes a ring of tough, rubbery jelly. An elastic, taut donut of rolling hot-snapping, electric stimuli. Nina-as-ring rolls, thins and flattens, traveling up and down on a gigantic, greasy shaft. A tight skewered circle, expanding and contracting in response to the ceaseless pistoning action. Relentlessly this cycle repeats, over and over again for the bound young woman.

Nina puts her head down, her long black hair falls towards the floor. She whimpers with mounting lusty pleasure. Groaning, she pulls hard against her bindings. She becomes weightless and ablaze at the seemingly endless infalling of harsh sensual stimuli. Hot bursts of libidinous pleasure bloom large and shoot out from between her legs. She's on fire, it roars up her torso and spreads across her breasts.

Nina is panting, bucking back and forth on the thrusting dildo, now easily riding thickly in and out of her anus with an obscene glistening sound and loud fleshy slaps. In a febrile daze she looks up and to the left at the seated crowd voyeuristically watching her anal fucking. A faraway, inner- directed look clouds her soft brown eyes. She struggles and flexes against the long metal spreader bar forcing her legs apart. Betty continues to steadily pump in and out of the girl's ass. Nina opens her mouth and moans out loud. Her orgasm thunders hard through her tautly coiled body. Her engorged pussy lips spasm and twitch uncontrollability. A wet gooey sheen of sticky love juice trickles down her spread open upper thighs.

Betty arches over the bound girl from behind and determinedly thrusts into Nina's bottom one last time. With the strap-on dildo now solidly lodged and anchored inside the girl's trim ass cheeks, the older woman dances her hips around in slow careful circles, causing the firm rubbery nubbins at the other end of the plastic dong to deliciously press and glide against her own clitoris.

The tall black woman reaches up the girl's back and grabs hold of Nina's luxuriant black hair. She twists and turns the girl's head back and rains a series of slobbering kisses down over Nina's face. She sticks out her tongue and moistly licks and laps over the girl's eyes, nose and mouth. Nina's face becomes wet and shiny, dripping with the older woman saliva.

The girl gasps as Betty continues to hold fast onto her long hair. Betty opens her mouth and presses down over her young lover's lips. Nina returned the woman's kisses. Their lips slip and slide wetly together. Betty kisses Nina hard and pushes her tongue deep between the girl's full lips. Betty closes her eyes and lets her tongue go wild twisting around deep inside Nina's mouth.

Betty finally lets go of Nina's hair. The girl pants and hangs her head forward. At the same time Betty continues, biting and wetly kissing along Nina's bare neck and shoulders. Her hands work up and down over the young woman's flush, sweaty body, strenuously pinching, twisting and pulling hard against Nina's breasts, tummy, down along the girl's soft inner thighs and to Nina's swollen, slippery pussy lips. The tall black woman presses her forehead between Nina's slender shoulder blades and holds tightly to Nina's hips as she rides out her own climax. Betty holds herself hard against the bound young woman's soft, slippery body heaving and twisting under her.

The crowd of seated women politely applause their hostess' peaking. They're been watching intently for while and have been quite impressed with Betty's manipulations and debauching of the young woman. Sarah seated among them, is quite proud of how Nina's ass easily accommodated Betty nasty anal dong.

Betty stands up behind Nina and reaches down. The young woman groans as Betty unclips the strap-on from her harness. She leaves the plastic shaft deeply embedded between the girl's firm buttcheeks.

"Wow, baby your little ass can sure can put out." Betty lowers the hoist chain that has been holding up Nina's bound wrists. Nina is still panting in recovery and is glad not to be on her tippy toes anymore. She looks at the floor as Betty undoes the chain from the girl's connected wrist cuffs. Betty then reaches down and unclips the girl's slender ankles from the metal spreader bar. Betty leaves on Nina's wrist and ankle cuffs. The young woman sighs contented. She's still a bit wobbly but happy she can finally stretch and bring her legs together. Nina is also very much aware that the phallic plastic dong is still firmly ensconced deep inside her ass.

"Nina baby, this night is just getting started for you," Betty puts her arm around the sweaty, naked girl and gently walks her over to an odd looking table along the wall. Nina walks gingerly, the thick dong sliding around inside her.

The table is waist high and covered with thick leather padding and has a number of large pillows on it. Strategically mounted anchor rings dot the wall around the table. Two short leather leads with connectors on the end hang from each ring.

"But we're going to take a little break as we get you tussed up for your next session. All right pet, hop up on the table now."

"Oow, o-okay."

Everyone watches as Nina trembles and slowly climes onto the table. She sits down very carefully, her feet dangling. The padding is quite thick and Nina finds sitting on it comfortable. Betty arranges one of the large pillows between Nina and the wall.

"Very good baby. Now stretch out your arms."

Nina's breath catches. She stretches out her arms. The black woman quickly fastens each of the girl's wrist cuffs to a nearby anchor ring on the wall using the convenient D-connectors in the cuffs. Nina wrists are now stretched and well fastened to the wall. "There we go, aren't you a good little girl. Hmm, now lets see just how flexible our little bitch here really is."

"Oooh!" Nina looks down and gasps as Betty gently takes hold of her left foot and leg. The older black woman gently lifts the girl's slender leg upward. She pushes Nina foot over the girl's shoulder and attaches her ankle cuff to the same wall ring holding the girl's left wrist. Becky quickly does the same with the girl's right leg. Nina's legs are now V-spread, forcing her ass forward. She's effectively folded up, forced to lean back on the large pillow against the wall. She squirms and moans, looking down between her stretched wide legs, testing and pulling against her new bindings.

"Very nice indeed. Wonderful flexibility." Betty steps back and takes a look at her handiwork. The girl's legs are spread wide and attached to the same rings as her wrists, just about at Nina's shoulder level on the padded table. This position, of course, causes Nina to lean back with her legs spread wide open, completely exposing her pussy and dildo-plugged ass. Nina, still slightly dazed, gapes up at Betty with a pouty expression. Strands of long, jet black hair loosely frame the girl's sweaty pretty face, the rest bunches against the wall to cascade wildly down her shoulders.

"Well ladies, I'm going to go clean up a bit and change. As you can see our little Nina here is all trussed up again and ready for more action. Please feel free to make good use of the little bitch."

"Oow!" Nina groans and peers out across the room from her locked-down position against the wall. The seated women get up and move towards her smiling wicked grins. Sarah is with them. She closes her eyes as they approach. They talk in quiet, hushed tones, peppered with an occasionally giggle. She feels a tentative brush, then more fingers gently caress along her bare exposed thighs.

Nina feels their hands run up and down her bound, and flung back legs. She relaxes and shivers, accepting their touching. Soft lips bite, pull and suck on her breasts. A warm, sweaty palm massages her pussy mound, heeling in between her soft labia. Nina groans. Someone manipulates the thick dong still firmly implanted up her ass. She shakes and whimpers as the large plastic shaft crudely moves around inside her body. Full lips kiss and peck down her tummy. A flat wet tongue slithers over her mouth. She captures the tongue between her teeth and suck back on it inside her mouth. Nina squirms and twists as she feels her heat rising again. She realizes that indeed, this is going to be one very long wonderful night.

- End -


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