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The Bus Stop
by Jazzm

Steven was a 21 year old who was 5'11" tall and of medium build. He was not overly good looking and he felt that this was the reason why he never seemed to have any luck with the opposite sex. Due to the lack of action he was having lately, he had become pretty shy and was not very confident when around women. All they had to do was start talking to him and he would blush like a red beacon.

One lovely spring night, he was waiting for his bus at a rather busy bus stop. It was nice and warm and so he was not wearing his usual big jacket. There he was just wearing his shirt with his works tie and a pair of dressed trousers. He was looking around to kill the boredom. He noticed this very attractive young woman standing there. She was what looked like a lawyer or estate agent roughly the same age as him.

She was wearing one of those power suits, with a short skirt. She had a very attractive body. Although she was shorter than himself, roughly 5'4", she had a very fine pair of legs. He could see, through the blouse that she was wearing, that she had perfectly formed small breasts. She had a very nice face and hair to go with the body. She had long brown hair nearly touching the base of her back. Her eyes were green and she was wearing a pair of rounded spectacles, which sat on top of the most beautiful nose he had ever seen.

He could not stop from looking her up and down and thinking of what she would be like naked. Every so often she would look in his direction and he would look away, making out he was watching out for his bus or looking at the cars that were driving past. But he always went back to looking at her. He could not figure out why he was so attracted to her. She was not exactly his type. He preferred a woman with more well endowed breasts and a little taller.

But something was there that kept his attention. Was it that long brown hair that he so wished to run his fingers through? Or is it the beautiful face that he would want to kiss? Or could it be those perfectly formed small breasts? He had his full attention on her. It was only when the driver of his bus knew him and shouted out to him to get onto the bus that his attention was distracted. Throughout the journey back home all he could think about was that woman.

The next day he went around doing his usual business. He worked for a small contracting company where he was an assistant contracts officer. He was not very well paid and his basic duties were to get coffee for his bosses every hour. Why do they drink it also much? He was not one for drinking coffee himself. They must be addicted to the caffeine. He sighed "oh well its up to them I suppose" he said into himself. The most exciting part of his job was when he got out of the office and went onto the sites that his boss was supervising. The main thing was he got away from that damn coffee machine. How would they cope without him being there to be their tea maid? If it was not for him obtaining the needed experience and money, he would have packed it in long ago.

When he got back from the site it was time for him to go home. He got his water-proof jacket and walked out of the office. Another boring day over and done with. It was another superb sunny day, which was very unusual for Scotland, so he hung his jacket over his arm and walked down to the bus stop. As per it was busy. He walked over to it and then realised about that woman. Was she there? He looked around and could not see her. He was downhearted as she would have been the highlight of the whole day. So he did his usual and stood there looking around watching the cars go past, having a look at the talent that was by-passing him.

He looked up to see if the bus was coming. But he never saw the bus, for what he saw made his heart beat faster. It was her, the woman that he was so attracted to. To make matters worse she saw him looking at her. As soon as he realised that he had been caught looking, he started to go red and looked away. She came up to the bus stop. It was busy, but somehow she managed to get in beside me. He was dumbstruck. His heart went ten to the dozen. He could smell the sweet sent of her perfume. Why did she standing beside him? Was she interested? All he wanted to do was turn round and talk to her. But there was something stopping him. What was it? Was it all those people around him? Was he that shy?

His bus was late in coming through. Bus after bus came and went but none being his. The bus stop was gradually getting quieter. It eventually finished up with him and her on their own. He looked round at her and saw that she was looking straight at him, he gave a small smile and looked away. What was he to do? He thought to himself that this had to be the time to talk to her. But what could he say? He was slowly trying to build up the courage to talk. Then when he went and turned back to her, her bus had just came up and she was getting onto it. Sods law. Typical of his luck. Just when he had his chance, it all fell through. He was kicking himself for not talking to her sooner. He was too shy for his own good. His bus finally came. He was cursing his luck throughout the journey home. He got home still thinking of the woman and the chance he had to start talking to her. Was he ever to get another opportunity to talk with her? Who knows what fate lays ahead..

It was Friday night. He doesn't have that much money most times, but this week he had just got his monthly wage packet. So he phoned up a few of his mates. After some long discussions over the phone, plans were set for them all to go into town that night. Unlike most guys, Steven was not one for going out on the "prowl" for women. All he wanted was to have a good time out with his mates. They decided to go to their usual haunt and started at the bottom and work their way up. Making sure that each pub was visited, nothing unusual there.

They went into their third pub. Seeing that Steven had the "kitty" he went up to the bar to order another round of drinks, while the others went and sat down. He was having a lousy time trying to get the attention of the bar maid. He looked around, to see if he saw any recognisable faces within the crowd. Then he noticed someone that looked remarkable familiar within a crowd of women. It was that woman from the bus stop, or was it? He was not able to determine if it was her or not. She looked different. Was it the fact that she was not wearing her glasses? Or was it the fact that she was not wearing the usual suit. She was wearing a long thin silky dress that was very much low cut, revealing everything. Whatever it was he was even more attracted to her. He then went and jumped. A hand had tapped him on his shoulder. It was one of his mates trying to figure out where the hell the drinks were. So he returned his attention towards the bar maid and finally got the drinks.

From where the guys were sitting he could see the woman from afar. But was it her. He was not one hundred percent sure. Although that went and changed when she noticed him looking at her with a puzzled look. She gave him a big smile and he knew then that it was her. She saw that he was with his mates, and she started talking to her girlfriends. They all looked over with approving looks on their faces. For some unknown reason he had the confidence of a lion. He started talking to his mates and told them that the group of women was looking over at them and suggested to them if they wanted him to ask them over. Of course they agreed. He walked over to the woman and asked if they were willing to join them. They accepted the invitation and they all walked over to the table where my mates were waiting in anticipation.

When they all arrived to the table Steven introduced his mates and himself to the women. In return the women did the same. He finally found out what her name was. So her name was "Rachael." Woooooo what a name he thought to himself. They all split into pairs, where Rachael made sure she was sitting beside me. This proved to him that she was very much interested in him. All he could do was sit there looking into her eyes. He was trying to think of what to say. He finally broke the silence by asking her where she was from. She told him that she was from the same village as himself. Then with this new route to talk about, they started chatted for some time. Talking about anything and everything. He was finding that they had quite a lot in common. Music, likes, dislikes, dreams, they even went to the same school. They just kept on talking, forgetting that they were with their friends.

The groups went from pub to pub with everybody talking with each other. Especially between Steven and Rachael. They could not be separated. They were constantly talking to each other. Then when they were on route to another pub, Rachael gave the excuse that she was feeling cold. He decided to make a move and moved a lot closer to her and raped his arm around her waist, trying to help warm her up. She returned the gesture and raped her arm around his waist and looked into his eyes. He decided to take it one step further.

So in the middle of the pavement he stopped her, letting the others go on. He bent down and cradled her face with his hands and gave her a soft cautious kiss. She seemed to like his move and kissed him back. They just stood there arms around each other. He pressed her closer to him. He could feel those well formed small breasts against his chest. His heart was going like mad, and in doing so was making the kissing more and more passionate. The rest of the group had now stopped and watching them. His mates were shouting over at him, cheering him on. While the women in the group were cheering Rachael on.

Rachael then realised that they were on show, and stopped kissing him. She became a little embarrassed. She stared into his eyes. Then when raping her arm around Steven's waist, she said "we better catch up with them or they will embarrass us more." Steven gave her a big smile and turned with her in close to his body, continued walking to the next pub. All he wanted to do was kiss her again, those sweet lips of hers was so divine. They all sat down in their final pub before the night club. They were drinking away.

Rachael moved in very close to Steven and lay her head on his shoulder. Steven then moved her hair from her face and gave her another sweet kiss. He was in heaven. This wonderful woman was interested in HIM. He thought that earlier was going to be the last chance for him to talk with her. But here he was with her raping her arms around him snuggling into him. He must have been dreaming. He looked around and then realised that it was for real. He looked into her eyes and gave her another soft kiss and gave a big smile.

He was getting rather turned on with her affections, and she knew it. She looked up and gave him a passionate kiss then a big smile. It was time for them to go to the night club. So they finished off their drinks and went on their way. As before Steven had Rachael in his arms. He was so wanting to get her on her own so that he could show her is true affection for her. She must have read his mind. She looked up at him and said "This may sound a bit forward, but you want to miss out the night club?"

"I feel so comfortable around you and wondered if you would want to come over to my flat so that we could get to know each other more." From the moment she said it she knew what his answer was going to be. What else was he to say he answered "yes, if you want to" then he gave her a smile. They made their excuses to the rest of the group and went to the taxi rank.

There were no taxies when they got to the rank. So while they waited for one to arrive they held each other closely and passionately kissed. Steven's hands were starting to wander all over her beautiful body. Over her back slowly moving down to her hips and moving her closer to him. His hands moved further down as he got more daring. Moving them over her nice tight arse. He gently squeezed the arse cheeks. Rachael's eyes opened wide when she felt his touch. Thus in response she move her hands down and squeezed his arse. They stopped due to a taxi pulling up and they got into it.

Steven was a it embarrassed to try anything on in the taxi with the driver keeping looking in his back view mirror checking what they were up to. Although Rachael was not as embarrassed. She sat her hand onto his thigh. He just looked at her and smiled. She moved it closer and closer to his crotch. His cock was becoming very hard now with the touches of her hand on his thigh. She knew it. She finally reached his crotch and gently rubbed it through the material of his jeans. She was pleasantly surprised as to the size of it. That was one thing Steven never had any qualms about. He had a modest seven inch cock. She looked up at him and gave a big smile and rubbed it a little more feeling it getting even harder.

The taxi pulled up to her flat. Steven paid the taxi driver while Rachael went and opened the door. He caught up with her and they went up to her flat. They started passionately kissing the moment they got into her flat. Their hands running all over each others body. Steven had his hands all over Rachael's arse pushing her tightly against him. He went and stopped and pushed her up against the wall, then started kissing her neck. He now moved his hands over her shoulders and removed the straps of her dress. The dress fell to the floor. She was now standing there with only her black strapless bra and panties on, loving the feel of his caressing.

He moved his tender kissing to her ear. Running his tongue over it, inside of it, behind it, gently nibbling on her ear lobe. Rachael let out a little moan. One of his hands had now moved down and gently caressing her now heaving firm breasts though the material of the bra. He pulled the bra down slightly to release one of her breasts out of its confinement. He trailed his fingers over the breast, then gently rubbed at the nipple. It was becoming erect due to his tender attention on it. He removed the other breast from the bra with his other hand and gently caressing that one as well. He then remembered those days at the bus stop wishing that he had the chance to feel those beautiful breasts, and here he was getting his wish.

Steven slowly bent down in front of Rachael. Kissing her neck again. Running his tongue down over her neck. Her breathing was getting short and sharp, now knowing what his intentions were. She let out another moan when he started running his tongue over her breasts. His hands were cradling each of the breasts while his tongue was moving all over them. He kissed one of her erect nipples, sending a rush of ecstasy through her body. He then started rubbing it with his tongue. Rachael had her hands over his head, pushing him closer to her heaving breasts. He moved his attentions towards the other nipple by taking it into his mouth and gently sucking on it. She pushed up closer to him while letting out a moan. "mmmmm...yes" she whispered.

Realising what he was doing to her, Steven sucked a little harder on the nipple. He had his hand all over the other breast. Cupping it, gently squashing it, fondling it. He then placed the nipple between his forefinger and thumb and gently squeezed it, rubbing it. He took as much of her breast into his mouth and sucked as hard as possible on it. Rachael was letting out more moans, whispering "ooohhhhh yesssss mmmm." He released her breast from his mouth, then took it into his other hand. He tenderly caressed them both. He then placed his thumbs over each nipple and gently pressed them into the soft tissue of her breasts. Rubbing them while doing so. This sent another rush of ecstasy through Rachael's body. He stared into her eyes, knowing his caresses were sending her into a realm of pleasure.

He moved one of his hands down her body. Moving over her belly down towards her panties. Once there he found that she was very wet. Her panties were soaked and were sticking against her pussy lips. He gently rubbed his hand over her quivering pussy. She let out a shark gasp and whispered "god yesssss.....mmmm." His hand was now getting wet with her juices going all over it. All he wanted to do now was to try and stem the flow of those juices by licking it all out of her.

He went and lifted her in his strong arms and walked over to her bed. He lay her gently down onto it. He took this opportunity to take off his clothes that were now slightly wet with his sweat. She sat up on the bed and removed her bra, then removed her now very wet panties. He stumbled a little as he was trying to remove his jeans. Rachael moved over onto of the bed and helped him remove them. He was now only wearing his boxers. She could see the bulge of his very hard cock show through them. She moved closer to him, kneeling on the bed. She placed her hands around the elasticised band of his boxers and slowly moved them down over his thighs. His large seven inch cock came out into view.

Steven helped her remove his boxers fully. She just kneeled there in front of him staring at his cock. She looked up at him in delight. He took her hand and run her fingers over the tip of it. His cock moved slightly with the touch. She let out a nervous giggle. She then took over, moving her hand around the thick shaft and slowly moved it up and down. She then placed her other hand over his balls. Tenderly caressing them. A little pre cum came out of the tip of his cock and she run a finger over it and took it into her mouth. She loved the taste of it. She wanted more.

She went closer moving her mouth over his cock. She ran her tongue over the tip of it. Steven let out a little moan. His body juddered a little with the touch of her tongue running all over the tip of his cock. Fuck it felt good. He looked down at her and could see that she was about to talk him into her mouth. He told her to stop and she looked up puzzled. "why do you want me to stop for" she asked. He replied "I want to eat your pussy and lick all your juices up." He then said "why don't we go for the '69' position that way we can both get a good taste." Rachael agreed and lay back on the bed, getting herself comfortable.

Steven then straddled Rachael. Moving each knee ether side of her head. All Rachael could now see was Steven's large hard cock. Steven then went and lent down in between her legs. Her pussy was half shaven, with a fuzz of brown public hair around her pussy lips. The lips were pouting and her clit had came out from under its hood. They were glistening with her juices that had already flowed out of her very wet pussy. He ran his tongue over her pussy licking up all the juices. Rachael loved the feel of his tongue on her hot wet pussy. She lifted her hips up a little, getting it closer to Stevens face. Steven could feel that Rachael had his cock slightly in her mouth, licking away at the tip of it. The feeling was amazing. He tried to force his cock into her mouth deeper, but she knew what he was trying, and kept teasing the tip. He thought to himself if she was going to tease he might as well do it to her as well.

He ran his tongue down the split between her hot pussy lips, making sure not to part them. Then licked up all her juices from her inner thighs and around her belly, over her fuzzy pubic hair. Everywhere except for her hot pussy. Rachael knew what was happening and then gave in, and took his cock deeper into her mouth. Steven moaned saying "god yes....that feels so good" he help get his cock into her mouth by lowering his hips around her face. She was taking it all. God she was good at it. He returned the favour by licking more at her pussy lips. Although he still was not going all the way in. He ran his tongue up and down the split between her hot pussy lips, slightly parting them. Lapping up all the juices that were still well and truly flowing from her pussy. He though that it was time to go a bit further.

He ran his tongue in deeper and deeper on each stroke. Her juices were a delight to taste. He wanted just to stay there for hours. The smell from her heavenly pussy was driving him crazy. He was getting more and more horny. He started to slide his cock in and out of Rachael's wide open mouth. She was taking it all. He used one of his hands to part her pussy lips to get in deeper into her pussy. She was squirming now with every touch of his tongue. She raised her hips up to get more of his tongue into the depths of her pussy. Which he duly did for her. He kept at it knowing that she was going to have an orgasm soon. Which he wanted so so much to happen. For her to cum all over his face. Releasing more of those juices that he loved to taste.

He started flicking his tongue in and out of her pussy. She let out little moans each time his large cock was out of her mouth. He then placed his hand over her belly, moving the thumb over her clit and rubbing it lightly. She was squirming more frantically now with the new sensation from her clit. It would not be long soon Steven thought. He rubbed her clit a little bit more. She raised her hips right into his face, which he loved. He then moved his tongue over her clit, while he placed a couple of his long thin fingers into where his tongue was. She let out a loud moan with the new caresses. He flicked his tongue over her clit. Rubbing it more and more. She was squirming more and more now. He then took her clit in between his lips and sucked at it, gently tugging it. She let out another load moan, forcing her hips into the air again.

She was cumming. She was moaning out loudly now, her hips going like mad. Then all of a sudden she arched her back with her hips well into the air. Pushing his tongue deep into her pussy. She screamed out "oh my it cums....fuck yesssssssssss....." Her voice died away as the orgasm rushed over her. But he was not finished, that was only one of many orgasms she was going to have tonight.

The thing was with her attentions on his cock, he was about to cum as well. What should he do? Should he shoot into her mouth? Or keep it for her hot wet pussy? His cock decided for him. He let out a loud moan saying "fuck I'm going to cum....shite yesssss" Rachael's face lit up, her eyes wide open as she felt the first shot of cum shoot right down her throat. Shot after shot went deep into her throat. Steven took his cock out slightly and let the last few spurts go all over her face. She loved it, licking away at the tip of the cock, getting it clean for the next load. Steven got off of her and looked around to see how Rachael looked with his cum all over her face. She was a sight. He ran his fingers over her face and let her lick all the cum off them.

Steven thought it was time for his cock to have some fun. Although that would take a while due to it not being erect at the moment. So he went back down towards Rachael's pussy. Her juices had flowed all over her hot pussy lips once again. He lapped it all up. He loved the taste of her juices on his tongue. He had almost finished and was thinking of how to get his cock to get erect again. A crazy idea went through his head, and gave Rachael a big evil grin. He went and cheekily said "seeing that my cock is pretty limp, I was wondering if you would do something for me to get it up again."

She looked at him wondering what he wanted her to do for him. She was so horny due to his antics that she would do anything for her new lover. She replied "what do you want me to do for you my lover?." His grin got even bigger and said "would you play with yourself in front of me? Let me see you cum under your own caresses." She was so turned on by this request that she had to agree. Steven then lay on the bed with his head down by her wet pussy. He took in a deep breath of that sweet smell coming from her wet hot pussy. He was gently playing with his limp cock.

Rachael started playing with her breasts, gently rubbing her nipples. She was very horny, so she rubbed her nipples even more. She was watching Steven rubbing his cock and seeing it gradually get bigger again. At this sight she had completely forgotten about her breasts and went straight for her pussy. Her pussy was so wet, she was getting so turned on with him playing with himself. He was feeling the same. Watching her rubbing her clit, made him rub his cock a little faster. She was rubbing her clit with one hand while gently pushing a couple of fingers into her wet pussy. Every so often she would place her fingers on her tongue and taste herself. Steven could see that she was getting right into it. She had closed her eyes and started moaning due to her own touches. His cock was getting harder at the sight of this.

Rachael started to move her hips again. Pushing her pussy against her fingers. She was going to come, and Steven was loving every minute of the view. Her fingers were now covered in her own juices. Steven could see them glisten when the light hit off them when they were going in and out frantically of her pussy. She was going to cum and Steven could see that that was the case. He was rubbing his cock much faster now. It was fully erect. Hot, hard and aching to be inside Rachael's wet tight pussy. She arched her back once more with loud moans coming from her mouth. She was cumming and it looks to be a big one. She had raised her hips right off of the bed, banging her fingers into her pussy. Then her whole body went limp, she fell back onto the bed with sweat streaming from her forehead.

Steven ran his fingers over her face and gave her a passionate kiss, thanking her for doing that for him. He traced his hand down her body over her heaving breasts with those erect nipples, down over her belly and finally in between her legs. He could feel that she was still hot and very very wet. He looked into her eyes and said "I think its time" then gave a big evil grin. She knew exactly what he was meaning, and she was so desperate for her pussy to be filled with that big hot erect cock of his.

He went and moved round to the front of her. His cock was so stiff, and so wanting to be inside her pussy. He spread her legs open wide as possible, without hurting her. He grabbed her hands and got her to open her pussy lips for him. He took his cock and rubbed the tip of it over the pink fleshy part of her pussy lips. He then rubbed it up against her clit. She let out a little moan. He slowly placed his cock over the opening of her pussy and eased it in a little at a time. Rachael was very eager, she was lifting her hips up to try and get the cock all the way in. But Steven pushed her back down. He then took her hand and got her to rub her clit nice and slowly for him.

He eventually got the whole length of his cock into her. He slowly eased it in and out of her hot wet pussy. With all the juices from her pussy, his cock was moving nice and easily. Her pussy muscles were working over time on his cock. Massaging it, squeezing it. God it felt good. He was wanting to ram it up inside of her, but he was determined to make her cum with his cock inside of her, so he went nice and slowly at first. Easing it all the way in and out. After a while he could not resist any longer.

He took her legs and raised them up onto his shoulders. This helped him get his cock in deeper into her pussy. She loved this position, she could feel his hard cock go very deep into her pussy. Steven placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up slightly onto his cock. He took his cock almost fully out and then slammed it right up inside of her. In doing so Rachael let out a loud scream of ecstasy. He started slamming his cock in a lot faster. He could here his balls hitting off her arse. She was frantically rubbing her clit. She was loving the sensation of his balls bashing against her arse, his cock going in deep into her pussy. It sliding in and out forcing her pussy muscles to take it all in short bursts, making it hurt slightly. She loved to get a little pain when having a cock ramming itself right up her. It let her know that she is getting the full treatment.

Steven was giving her his best, he was soon to cum. But he could see that Rachael was not at the same point. He went and slowly slid his cock out of her. She looked up at him with a puzzled look on her face and said "why have you stopped?" "what's wrong?." Steven just gave her a big evil grin and told her to turn over. She did as she was told, she was far too horny to do anything else. She turned over with her arse up in the air thinking that he was going to do it doggy style, but no.....

He placed his hands on each of her arse cheeks and squeezed them. The slapped one with his hand. Not too hard, just to let her know what he liked to do. The thing was she loved it, and she let out a little moan under her breath. He hit her arse again and again, harder each time. She was letting out a moan each time she left his hand hitting her arse. It was sending her crazy. Her juices from her now very hot wet pussy was trickling down her inner thighs. It was going everywhere, ever flowing. Steven knew this and knelt down and kissed her arse cheeks. He then ran his tongue in between her legs and licked up some of the juices on her inner thighs.

He then slowly moved his tongue over her pussy. She had kept rubbing her clit and he could see her playing with it. This made him even hornier. He delved his face right into her arse and licked away at her pussy, lapping up the juices. She was pushing her arse up against his face. She was loving it. She was rubbing her clit a lot faster now. Steven moved away again and slapped her arse cheeks again, this time leaving a red mark. The sharp pain went right through Rachael. But instead of it hurting, it just made her feel even more hornier. More juices were flowing.

Steven moved back in again. But this time he ran his tongue down between Rachael's arse cheeks. He forced her arse cheeks apart and started licking her arse hole. This was a new sensation for Rachael, no body had done that before. It felt weird at first but she got right into it, pushing her arse into his face. He wetted around her arse hole and then slowly pushed his tongue into the tight hole. God it was tight. But he loved it. He pushed his tongue in deeper and deeper. Rachael was rubbing her arse against his face, getting more and more horny. He then places a finger in with his tongue. His saliva helping it get right inside of her arse hole. He removed his tongue and worked his finger in and out. It was hard to get any rhythm with Rachael being nervous but her muscles eased of after a while and his finger was working its magic more easily. He put in another finger. He had only one thing on his mind and he had to get the hole more accustomed for what he had planned.

Steven forced a third finger in. Twisting them in and out of her arse hole. Rachael was letting out moan after moan, still frantically rubbing her clit. It was time. He took his fingers out of her arse hole and got her to lay flat on the bed. He then slowly eased his hot cock into her now ready arse hole. She let out a little scream as it went in very slowly. Her arse hole was stretched to the very limits, and she loved it. He lay on top of her sliding his cock slowly in and out of her arse hole. His cock was so hot now with the tightness of her hole. God it felt so so good. He then took Rachael's hair and placed it to one side so that he could kiss her neck, her ear and her shoulder. They were in this position for a few minutes until Steven realised that he was about to cum up Rachael's arse. He did not want that to happen. So he took out his cock from the tight hole.

He then lay down beside her, and then told her if ride him. Give her the opportunity to take control. She took him up on the offer. She immediately got up and straddled him. Slowly easing his cock into her very wet pussy. She knew how to control her pussy muscles to the best effect. She was milking him for all he was worth. Steven ran his hands all over Rachael's body now. Playing with her breasts, her nipples. He then went and started rubbing her clit as she was moving frantically up and down on his cock. That seemed to be the final magic touch. It went and trigged the switch within her.

That was it, she was about to cum. She was screaming her head of now. Slamming her whole body down onto his cock. His balls were getting squashed. She was cumming. Then with that he knew he hand her and let himself go as well. Both of them shouting out each others names. Screaming of how good it feels. They were both going to cum. The air around them was so electrifying. Steven could not hold it in any longer. Neither could Rachael. Rachael leaned right back, making his cock go right up inside of her. Then all of a sudden an almighty scream came from Rachael's mouth. She was about to have the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. She felt Steven shoot his load into her wet pussy and it sent her over the edge. Her whole body went and tensed up then down she went. Her body went limp and she fell onto of Steven.

Their bodies pressed against each other. Sweat pouring out off of their bodies. Steven looked down at Rachael, and wiped her hair away from her face and gave her a passionate kiss. They just lay there, bodies entwined, utterly exhausted. Rachael closed her eyes and went to sleep. Steven lay there stroking her hair, thinking. To think that he almost never got to know this woman. He was so content and happy, he thanked god for this day and went off to sleep.


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