The Best Erotic Stories.

The Businesswoman (A Lamb's Story)
by Anyport

As a taxi driver I get to meet some beautiful women, but Melissa is without doubt the most incredible looking person I've ever met. When I picked her up, I assumed she must be a model going to or from an assignment. She carried one of those make-up cases models use and seemed to be in a hurry, as they invariably are.

She sat in the front seat, which is unusual for a woman. Men sit in the front but women usually prefer the back. She was travelling a reasonable distance and after the initial idle chatter, she seemed to relax and become friendlier. She asked all the usual questions, how long had I been driving a cab, do I work long hours, what do my family think etc. The answers were 3 years, 60 hours a week, and no family.

Then she started asking more personal questions; I didn't mind answering them, since I knew I'd probably never see her again. As we approached her destination, she told me she occasionally needed an escort and would I consider helping her out if I had the time. Now I have to say, while I'm not bad looking in the right light, I was definitely not in this lady's class, but what would you have said? Naturally I said yes. I gave her my phone number and she paid the fare with a $10 tip. As I drove off I fantasized about her, but another street hail soon brought me back to reality and from then on the day went quite normally.

It was a couple of days later when she phoned, at first I didn't realise who it was. She had never told me her name; in fact I knew nothing at all about her. "I realise it's short notice, but would you like to come to dinner with me tomorrow night?" "I'd love to where and when?" "What's your address?" I gave it to her. "I'll pick you up at seven, wear a suit." She hung up before I could say another word.

I was ready about an hour early and kept changing ties and shirts, cleaning my shoes again, you know all those nervous things you do before a big date. Promptly at seven she rung the doorbell, I opened the door and was struck dumb by the sight. She was wearing a low cut tight red silk dress, quite short to show off her perfect legs. Her makeup was right out of Vogue and her long blonde hair was shining like it had just been waxed. She gave me a quick once over, said, "You'll do." Then turned and walked back to her car.

It was a new Mercedes, I still didn't know her occupation, but it definitely paid well. She drove us to one of the top restaurants in town and I began to wonder how I was going to pay for the meal. I needn't have worried though, because it turned out to be a private function and there was no bill. I had a good night and Melissa seemed pleased with the way I handled myself. She parked outside my house and gave me a head job, "As payment." she said.

I know it sounds ridiculous that a woman like that would do what she did, but she did it with such style it was as if she was eating an hors d'oeuvre. I admit it was great, but I had the feeling her heart wasn't in it. I soon reached climax and Melissa was ready for it, she caught my juices in a handkerchief as she finished me with her hand. Then she sat up, straightened her dress and said, "Goodnight, I'll call you." I got out of the car and she drove off. 'That's the last I'll see of her,' I thought, but I was wrong. 3 days later she called again, a cocktail party this time, and at the end of it the same thanks.

This went on for a month. Every few days a call, some party or dinner, every night the same farewell. It may seem impersonal to the average guy, but most people would give a years pay for a smile from this woman. I was absolutely besotted I stopped making arrangements with friends just in case she might call. I sat by the phone every night and if anyone rang, I fobbed them off saying I was expecting an important call.

By this time I would do anything she asked, so it didn't seem unreasonable when she rang and invited me to a party on the following Saturday. I asked what I should wear and she told me it didn't matter, "I've got your outfit all picked out for you, I'll pick you up at 6.00pm that should give us plenty of time. Oh by the way do you mind shaving your body and legs? It will look better."

"What for, is it a fancy dress party?" I asked.

"Look, if you'd rather not I'll understand, I can try and get someone else."

"No, I don't mind honestly." I almost shouted. The very thought of not seeing her even if I did have to shave first made me feel sick to the stomach. "Okay. I'll see you at 6." As always she hung up as soon as she'd finished what she had to say.

By 5 o'clock I was shaved and ready, though my hairless body felt very strange inside my clothes. I began to wonder what I knew about Melissa. I had no idea what she did for a living, every time I asked her she avoided answering. I didn't know if she was married, though I assumed not, I didn't even know her phone number. Well at least I would find out where she lived tonight.

I climbed into her Merc at 6 prompt, we had driven about a mile when she asked me to take a velvet bag out of the glove box. I was about 12" across with a drawstring at the top. "Would you mind very much putting that over your head and tying it, I know it's silly but I prefer not to let anyone know where I live. If I'm asking too much please say so, I can take you back home if you'd prefer it." Obviously you know what I did, the strange thing was all I could feel was relief that the winter nights were drawing in, and in the darkness no one would see me. Stupid really, how would they know me with a bag over my head?

Being a cabby, I had a reasonable idea of where we drove. It was one of the most exclusive areas in town. I wasn't surprised, judging from her clothes and car this girl was loaded. We drove into her garage and she pressed the door control before telling me to remove my hood. I followed her up to her apartment; you can imagine what it looked like. It oozed style and money.

After handing me a glass of wine, she disappeared into one of the other rooms, 10 minutes later she returned wearing a black silk dressing gown. All I could see was the white stocking, covering her shapely legs. She handed me 4 black leather collars about 2" wide. "These go on your wrists and above your elbows, you can go into that bedroom and undress while I get the rest of your outfit." I wanted to ask a hundred questions, but I didn't, instead I meekly followed her instructions.

She came in a few minutes later carrying a small suitcase. I was standing there wearing nothing but the arm straps, and with my hairless body I have never felt more naked in my life. Placing the case on the bed, she turned me away from her and took something out of the bag. She then passed a black leather corset round my body and began fastening the hooks at the rear. I wanted to protest, but decided I'd better not, I didn't want to upset her if I could help it. She came around the front and began lacing the garment tight. "What am I going as, a transvestite or something?" I laughed nervously. "You'll see." She replied.

As she reached the lower part of the laces I caught glimpses of a white lace corset holding up her stockings, my prick reacted immediately. "I'll fix that for you in a minute." She said clinically. "As soon as we fix these." With that she produced 4 tiny locks, she hooked 2 of them through the rings on the straps above my elbows, then locked them onto rings on the corset. I hadn't noticed them before, and as I examined the corset more closely, Melissa attached the remaining locks to my wrists and the bottom rings on the corset.

Although it didn't occur to me at the time, I was now totally helpless. I was unable to move my arms, but since I had no reason to do so, I didn't give it much thought. Melissa was as good as her word. She knelt down and sucked my erection to explosion. As I came my knees began to give way, and I had to sit on the edge of the bed as soon as she finished sucking. As always, she caught my juices in a handkerchief. After she wiped me clean I watched her walk from the room, my infatuation with her blinding me to my predicament. I sat on the bed for about 10 minutes and in all that time I can honestly say, I never noticed my immobility. I doubt if I would have cared even if I'd noticed.

When Melissa returned, I swear I have never seen anyone look more like an angel in my life. She was wearing a white silk blouse, A white leather mini skirt that gave small glimpses of the tops of her stockings. On her legs were knee length white boots, her blonde hair cascaded around her shoulders as she moved and pale lipstick and white nail polish completed the effect.

When I was finally able to speak I said, "What are you going as, an angel?"

"What do you mean?"

"The fancy dress party, what's your outfit supposed to be? Who said it was fancy dress?" She asked innocently. As she spoke she took a pair of black fishnet stockings from a nearby drawer. She rolled them as she approached me and began pulling them onto my legs. I was so confused by her last statement, I could think of nothing to say and she had fastened the stockings to my corset and pushed 3" heeled shoes on my feet before I spoke again.

"Why am I dressed like this if it's not fancy dress?" She guided me to a stool at the dressing table and took something from the drawer before answering.

"You're my entry fee." Walking behind me she raised her hands, there was a momentary blackness as she placed a black leather hood over my head. There were two holes for my eyes, a slit under the nose and a hole for my mouth. Aligning these to here satisfaction, she secured the hood with the attached buckles, which she then locked into place. I could see the hood in the mirror, it was obviously expensive, and even had flaps to cover the ears. They were raised at present, presumably so I could hear her.

Next she forced something into my mouth and as I watched her in the mirror, she buckled it behind my head. I had seen these gags advertised, they were called penis gags and I now understood why. "I'll save the blindfold until we get to the car." More straps were fastened to my ankles and these were joined by a chain about 18" long. It would make walking very difficult, particularly in the high heels. She knelt in front of me and I could feel her hands on my, now limp, penis. When she stepped back I saw her handiwork. She had enclosed all but the tip of my cock in a leather sheath. Although it was tight it wasn't particularly uncomfortable. She produced yet another collar, which she placed around my neck then she took out a dog lead. I expected her to fasten it to my neck collar, but she clipped it to a ring on the sheath. Tugging the lead firmly she ordered, "Come along, we have a party to go to."

All right, I know I'm naive, but right up to that moment I had no idea what was going on, I attempted resistance and only then did I realise the full extent of my incapacity. I was completely vulnerable, and this cruel Goddess intended to exhibit me in public in the most humiliating way possible.

Probably the most ridiculous aspect of the whole series of events was that as I followed her to the car, my only thoughts were of her superb behind. Despite my hopeless predicament, I could feel myself hardening. This soon stopped, as the sheath would not permit my penis to engorge.

We climbed into the car, the cold leather upholstery causing me a quick intake of breath through my nose. Melissa fitted the blindfold in place and we drove out of the garage. For some extraordinary reason my restrictions, both physical and sensory left me disoriented. I have no idea how long we drove for or which direction we took.

Eventually we stopped and my blindfold was removed. As my eyes focused, I could see we were in an enclosed car park. It had spaces for around 50 cars and most of these were occupied. Nearly every car was expensive, Mercedes, Jaguars, Rolls and various sports cars. It was a car thief's paradise. Melissa led me to an elevator in the corner of the car park, we entered and the doors closed, but she didn't press any buttons.

After a short delay, a voice asked, "Can I help you?" "I've come to join lambs." Melissa replied. "Do you have your entry requirement?" "I do." The lift rose without Melissa's instigation. I watched as we passed the three marked floors, but still the lift continued presumably stopping at the fourth floor, though there was no indicator to tell us. I now know we went to a very private section of a converted warehouse, the ground floor of which, was shops and there were two floors of home units, plus two floors dedicated to a very private and exclusive club.

The doors opened to reveal a large, dimly lit room. It was beautifully furnished with antiques and, as I discovered later, was only the foyer to an exclusive ladies club. A beautiful blonde approached us as we entered. She was dressed in a skintight gold mini, which only just managed to contain her enormous breasts. "Good evening Miss Prentiss I believe you'll find your friends in the bar. Would you like me to take care of your servant until you require him?" "No thank you Deidre, I'll take him with me." I don't know which shocked me more, the reference to me as a servant, or the complete lack of reaction at my bizarre outfit and condition.

Then, as we entered the main room I understood why, there were about 20 people in the bar, mostly women. There were a couple of men in evening suits and a few wearing variations of my apparel. Melissa led me to a table of four people, 2 attractive ladies in their mid 30s, a man covered from head to foot in a rubber suit the only open areas being, a 1" hole at his mouth and a gap revealing his arse cheeks and his genitals. I couldn't help wondering how he put the suit on. The other person was one of the men in dinner suits he looked quite normal until a closer inspection showed very heavy make up on his face.

As we approached, one of the ladies jumped up to greet Melissa. "You finally made it, congratulations darling." She planted an overly friendly kiss on Melissa's lips. I was astounded to find myself getting jealous it was as if I considered her my exclusive property. Her treatment of me to this point had been anything but encouraging and yet I felt more devoted to her than ever.

"So this is yours," She said looking me over critically. "Very impressive, do you intend to put him in the auction tonight? I'll tell you what," she suggested, rubbing her hands over my corset-enlarged cleavage, "I'll give you $5,000 for him now. A few injections and he could be a stunner. Does he have good bone structure?" "Yes he does Ellen," replied Melissa, "And he's not for sale." I was bursting with pride to think Melissa had refused $5,000 for me, even though I wasn't sure what the offer entailed.

"Okay then," Ellen countered, still inspecting me, "Make it $10,000 and you can have Wayne as well." She indicated the rubber suit. "Sorry Ellen, I intend to register him tonight." Both Ellen and the other woman started in disbelief. "You can't be serious Mel, why would you bother to do that? You know the rules." "I do, but I'm going to anyway."

Melissa looped my lead round the back of a chair, as you would a horses rein. She then sat in the chair. I stood where I was behind the chair. I noticed none of the other men in the room were seated, so I assumed it was forbidden. The 3 ladies discussed Melissa's earlier statement, but she was adamant, she was going to register me. I had no idea what that meant, but I decided that if these 2 obviously cruel women were against it then I was all for it.

As they argued I looked casually around the room, apart from the clientele it could be a private club anywhere in the city. A sign over the bar intrigued me, it read; L.A.M.B.S. WE ARE THE SLAUGHTER. I didn't understand it, but after today I sure as hell believed it. The 2 ladies eventually resigned themselves to Melissa's decision, they weren't pleased but they accepted it. I listened intently but still had no idea what all the fuss was about. I was soon to find out.

An attractive lady in her mid 40s, dressed impeccably in what looked like a hand tailored suit, walked over to the table. "Hello Melissa, nice to see you again." She kissed Melissa on the cheek in greeting. "I see you brought your entry fee, now, if you give me your cheque for $100,000 I'll bring your membership card." Melissa handed her a cheque. "Will you be auctioning him tonight?" "No Gwen, I intend to register him." Gwen raised her eyebrow at this but simply replied, "That's your right, I'm sure you know what you're doing." She turned and left.

Returning with the membership card Gwen said, "The show starts in an hour, do you wish to register him before or after?" "Take him now please Gwen, I'll sign the papers later." "As you wish." Taking my lead she led me to a door which opened into a side room. There were designs all over the walls and a man sat at a table working on the shoulder of a girl in her early twenties. The girl greeted Gwen with a nod and the man stood up immediately. "Register this to Melissa Prentiss when you're done there." There was the same look of surprise on both faces. "As you command Mistress." The man replied.

I waited about 5 minutes while he finished a small butterfly on the shoulder of the girl, who walked out without so much as a word of thanks when he'd finished. Then the man came over to me; taking my lead he directed me to the table and had me lay face down. "You're a very lucky man, I've been here for 2 years now and you're only the second registry I've ever done." As he spoke he strapped my already helpless body to the table. He then typed Melissa Prentiss into the computer at his side. On the screen appeared Melissa's private details. It listed her occupation as stockbroker, but I had difficulty reading any more because of my position on the table.

The man then picked up his tattooing equipment and I realised he intended to tattoo my behind with her details. It turned out he only tattooed the following; THIS MAN IS THE PROPERTY OF MELISSA PRENTISS. IF FOUND PLEASE PHONE 555 4389 OR THE LAMBS CLUB. A REWARD OF $50,000 WILL BE GIVEN FOR HIS RETURN.

"O.K. you're done, it's your debut tonight isn't it?" Gagged as I was I couldn't answer, nor could I ask him what he meant. He pressed a button and the blonde who'd greeted us at the door came in. You can take the debutante away now Deidre," I wondered Idly why he didn't show her the same obvious respect he showed the other women, I tried to examine her more closely, suspecting that all may not be as it seemed with this lovely 'lady'.

Deidre led me to a room with 3 undecorated walls and one wall covered by a curtain. Standing in front of me she smiled and pouted her lips in a kiss. She then took 2 earplugs, which she fitted into my ears, closing the hood flaps to keep them in. It was very effective I couldn't hear a thing. Next she produced the blindfold Melissa had used and secured it over my eyes. I had heard stories of the effect of sensory deprivation but until this moment I'd never experienced it.

It was at once terrifying and peaceful. Time no longer had any meaning and, while I had an intense awareness of my body, it was as if I was looking down on it rather than occupying it. I have no idea how long I stood there, it could have been anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. I was snapped out of my reverie by hands playing with my nipples, I tried to back away but was unable to do so, whether this was because I was secured to something I didn't know, I just knew I couldn't move away from the demanding fingers.

All my attention became focused on that one part of my body and I became extremely aroused. I noted absently that I had an erection so someone must have removed the sheath. As I grew more and more aroused there was a sudden concentrated surge of pain to my left nipple followed quickly be a similar pain to my right. This pain eased to a constant dull ache, which I soon forgot as my body was ravaged in other areas.

Someone began sucking my prick and they were obviously expert because they seemed to know to the second each time I approached my peaks, and they stopped short each time. I was teased by the tongue for so long that I almost collapsed from the need to come. Suddenly something was thrust hard into my virgin arse. It must have been greased because there was very little discomfort, just a feeling of having my whole body filled by this thing. It must have been an enormous prick because it was warm.

I was fucked for a while, all the time being stimulated from in front. I became aware of pressure at the base of my erection someone must have been squeezing it to stop me coming. Eventually the prick was withdrawn from me and I could feel cum running down my legs to the tops of my stockings. The mouth continued it's insistent sucking, and once more I approached orgasm. This time however, I was allowed to shoot my load. The built up pressure would have sent the sperm clear across the room had not the mouth intercepted it. I kept shooting and shooting, it felt like gallons were pouring from me. The orgasm was so intense I blacked out momentarily. I could feel my body being lowered to the floor, but I no longer cared what happened to me. If I died now, I would die a happy man.

Still groggy from the intensity of my orgasm, I didn't realise the gag was being removed. The first I knew, a tongue was exploring my mouth and then a salty liquid followed. I nearly choked as I realised I was swallowing my own juices, and I was helpless to do anything but moan. The tongue was removed and replaced immediately by what was obviously a huge prick. It was thrust in and out of my mouth and I tried to stimulate it the best I could so it would be removed. Very soon I was swallowing cum from the prick and I sucked it dry. My gag once again filled my mouth and I was left alone, my ordeal, it seemed, was over.

My blindfold was removed, and I had my first glimpse of my tormentor. He was a huge Negro standing at least 6'6" with a 10" dick. He grinned down at me, kneeling beside me was Deidre, she winked at me and smiled as she lifted the earflaps and removed the plugs. I glanced down at my still aching nipples to see they had been pierced and rings inserted in the holes.

Applause was the first indication I had that we were not alone. I turned my head and saw that the curtain had been pulled aside and we were in fact on a stage. The audience comprised about 30 women and right at the front sat Melissa smiling and applauding along with the others. At that moment I felt such a surge of love come over me for her, I would have gladly died if I'd been told I would never see her again.

I needn't have worried though, because half an hour later we were sitting in her car driving to her apartment. She had removed my hood, though she decided to leave my arms tied. "I own you now Steve, I can do anything I want to you and the club will cover up for me. Do you understand the position that puts you in?" "Yes Mistress Melissa, I understand totally." That was, as the saying goes, 'The first day of the rest of my life'. I moved out of my flat and quit my job the next day and moved in with Melissa. I've been living with her for about 9 months now and I could not begin to describe the joy I feel every time I see here. Since she is extremely wealthy, I don't need to work, at least not outside. I am kept very busy cooking, and cleaning the house. I am studying cooking one night a week and have enrolled on a 6-week computer course. The latter is to assist Melissa in her business.

I can best describe my situation here as butler/maid when there are guests and submissive lover when we are alone. I am of course her total slave as the tattoo on my behind testifies, but really the only time I'm punished is when my Mistress is angry at somebody else.

An example of this anger came about 3 months after my registration as her slave. She came home from the LAMBS club in a furious state, I don't think I've ever seen her so angry. I should explain that while the LAMBS club is the ultimate in ladies club, it boasts some of the most powerful women in business as members. Melissa is a member there because of all the business she gets from her fellow members.

On the night in question, Melissa stormed into the apartment slamming the door behind her. She pushed me aside as she entered the hall, "Get on the frame shit head." She barked. She rarely called me anything but Steve when we were alone, and I knew I was in for a painful time. I rushed into the 'workroom' where the 'toys' were kept. Stripping my clothes off as I went, I locked myself into the frame and waited nervously.

Melissa designed the frame. It's a little complicated to describe in a few words, but basically it's a rectangular series of stainless steel tubing, which can be positioned to give maximum access to the captive body. To lock myself in it is only necessary to press my ankles and wrists to manacles in each corner. They are spring loaded and with the slightest pressure they encircle the limb and lock into place. Lambs wool linings ensure the steel doesn't break the skin.

Once locked in, the captive is helpless until released. He can be stretched, spun, bent over and many more variations. In short it is a torturers idea of perfection. Melissa came in almost immediately and she still looked furious. As she passed she spun the frame sending me into a rotation which soon had me dizzy. I was aware she had gone to the wall where all the whips and canes hung, but my spinning made it impossible to see which weapon she had selected. Eventually she stopped the frame from spinning, and stood in front of me, her hands planted on her hips. Though my head was still in orbit, I could see she had stripped to her underwear and was holding a cat o' nine tails in her hand.

I could make out her shape and was aware she had removed her dress, but the rest was still a blur. Not that it was necessary to see her. I carried a mental picture with me at all times. She was the most perfect woman I had ever seen, her body, her face, and her long blonde hair all flawless. Since I always helped her to dress, I knew she was wearing a red lace bra and matching panties, a red suspender held up red stocking and 4" red shoes. I closed my eyes and pictured her in my mind.

"Do you have any idea what that slag Rebecca has done?' I knew the question was rhetorical. "She has stolen a two and a half million dollar deal from me. She knew I had worked on it for over a month and the bitch must have paid someone to copy it from my computer at the office." As she spoke she walked around me, with the word bitch she struck the first blow with the cat. The pain was excruciating and, suffice to say it was fortunate the apartment was sound proof or the police would have been there within minutes.

My beating continued until Melissa had finished telling me what Rebecca had done and what she would like to do to Rebecca. By this time my back was striped red and the skin was broken in several places. Melissa released me and I slid to the floor where I was left. Later, her temper in check, she helped me to the bedroom and smoothed antiseptic cream on my back. As she did so she discussed possible means of vengeance against Rebecca.

There was a sudden flash of pain as she slapped me on the back. "I've got it, I'm going to break the bitch and get her dismissed from the club into the bargain." She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, "And guess who's going to help me. Wait, damn, I forgot Rebecca prefers women. I'm going to have to give this a great deal of thought."

Turning me over, Melissa mounted my stiff cock and rode me hard. Though my back was killing me, the feelings were exquisite. She was like an animal, riding me as though she only had a few minutes to live. In no time at all she was shouting abuse at me as she often did when in the throes of a powerful orgasm. I was at the same point and our joint climaxes must have rocked the building.

Melissa always enjoyed sex before working on a particularly difficult problem. She said it helped her concentrate, so I wasn't surprised when she climbed off me almost immediately after coming, and grabbing her dressing gown, disappeared into her study. I rolled over onto my stomach to ease my throbbing back, and eventually dozed off. Melissa awakened me about 3.00am. She was excited about her plan and wanted to share it with me and discuss my role. After listening carefully I had to admit, it was brilliant. Secretly, I hoped I never did anything to incur her wrath.

My part of the plan was simple. I had to find an attractive girl who was into S & M, was bi, ambitious and gullible. Well Melissa thought it was simple, personally I thought it impossible. I started by looking through the personal columns of the more exotic publications. There were plenty to choose from but sadly most were professional and totally unsuited to our purpose.

Then I had a flash of inspiration. The perfect choice would be a woman already in an executive position, preferably one who had yet to make it to the top. Women of this level were by definition more ambitious than their male counterparts as they had to work harder to prove themselves equal. One of the few areas where this type of woman was fairly common was the financial market. As woman often excelled in this area, there would me more to choose from.

I discussed it with Melissa, and after accepting my idea in principal, we went over the occupations, which would be most likely to provide the perfect woman. Despite long discussions, we always came back to the same field, stockbroking. Unfortunately this was Melissa's area and she knew most of the potential high flyers in the market place. More importantly they knew her and her plan could only work if she remained completely uninvolved.

2 days later Melissa came home with a list of the 12 most likely prospects and in her usual efficient manner she had complete dossiers on each of them. 3 were happily married, 2 were involved in relationships and of the other 7, 2 were ugly. That left us with 5 possibilities. Her information did not say anything about the sexual inclinations of 2 of them, but 3 were definitely bi. So these were our targets.

I was given a bank account with $250,000 in it, a legacy from a rich relative, and set out to find a good investment. My first appointment was with Ms Engells. A tall brunette of about 30, she had an excellent figure, very long legs and an almost too perfect face. There was no denying her beauty, but it seemed somehow plastic. Sitting behind her desk she was all business, showing me this chart and that projection.

Before I entered, I had carefully undone a button on my shirt. As I leaned forward to get a closer look at the chart, I know she caught a glimpse of the black lace bra I wore. Her expression didn't change she seemed indifferent almost.

I suggested we get together later as I had another appointment, but she refused claiming a previous engagement. Not much competition for Melissa here, I thought. Mel would give up any plan for a quarter million dollar deal. I agreed to consider her proposals and contact her in a few days. One down two to go.

My next meeting was more promising, Angela was very attractive and instead of sitting behind a desk, we sat on lounge chairs. She made a point of flashing her legs at me a few times; I had to admit they were great legs. I made sure she saw the bra, but that was where it all ended. She seemed to withdraw, as if she thought I was dirty almost. I decided she would too straight for our uses.

I called it a day and returned to the hotel room I had taken for the week. I had said I was between homes and planned to find one in the next week or so. Melissa rang for a progress report, and seemed a little disappointed by my news. I hung up and was just about to take a shower when the phone rang. "Hello Steve, it's Shelley, Shelley Engells, I managed to finish the business earlier than I thought and I hoped you might like to come out for a drink." "I don't think so Shelley, I was planning a quiet meal in my room and an early night, I was just about to phone room service when you called. Maybe tomorrow night."

"Oh that's a shame," she sounded genuinely disappointed. "I had hoped you might let me cook for you, I'm quite good at it, no need to talk business, just a quiet meal with a little wine. Look, I have an idea, why don't you stay at my place tonight, I have a spare bed and I'm sure you'd find the service better than an hotel. What do you say I pick you up in half an hour?" "I really need a shower, you'd better make it an hour." "Don't worry you can shower at my place while I make the food, see you soon."

Before I could respond she hung up, I must admit she was far better at selling than she had first seemed. But I still didn't think she was the one. I dressed quickly, disposing of the bra I had been wearing.

I pulled on a pair of tight rubber shorts, another invention of Melissa's, they were thigh length with 1" strips of steel around the bottom of the legs and the waist. These locked into place in much the same way as handcuffs and required a key to remove them. In addition, they had thin strips running vertically every inch or so. They were made of some sort of hardened steel and though they were flexible they would be difficult to cut. They were cut open to expose the arse and genitals, and were terribly uncomfortable. I pulled a pair of boxer shorts over them.

Dressing quickly in slacks and shirt, I just had time to pull on a sweater when she knocked on the door. The girl on the other side was not the girl I had met this afternoon. Gone was the starched blouse and twin set, replaced by a tight white sweater, short black leather skirt and black stockings. 4" heels accentuated the length of her legs. Her face was quite heavily, but tastefully made up, and her shoulder length hair framed her face beautifully. It was difficult to see the Ms Engells of this afternoon in the lovely woman that stood before me now.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked smiling, "I've left a casserole in the oven so I don't want to be too long." We left immediately, all the way to her place, a drive of around 15 minutes, she talked about my family life, my job and every other private thing in my life. It was as if she were writing a personal dossier on me. When we arrived at her house, a 2-bedroom place in a very nice suburb she rushed into the house telling me to follow and fix us some drinks.

I was drinking my second glass of wine when she came back to the lounge room. "Sorry I took so long, I decided to prepare everything now so I can spend the rest of the night without too much interruption." Sitting opposite me, she crossed her lovely long legs and showed me a couple of inches of stocking top. I think she caught me looking because a sort of half smile came to her face.

We talked about her job this time, until she interrupted me saying, "I promised not to discuss business so lets change the subject. Do you have a girlfriend in town?" I was a little surprised at the question and must have shown it on my face because she added, "Well I could have tried being devious and asking if your girlfriend would mind you being here, then go through all the rubbish people go through. But I prefer to be direct, you don't mind do you?" "No, I prefer honesty, and yes I do have a girlfriend but she's out of town for a while." This was actually the truth, to establish her total non-participation Melissa had gone interstate on business, she would return when I gave her a call.

"I hope she's not the jealous type, does she have a bad temper?" "Not really, but she does like things her way." "She sounds like my type of girl, does she always get her way with you?" "Always." Again I answered truthfully. "Do you think she would mind your being here?" "I don't think so, she knows I wouldn't play around." "No, what a waste. She sounds a bit domineering, doesn't that bother you?" "Like I said, she likes her own way." "And how could you, a mere man, deny her eh?" "That's about the size of it."

I took our drinks over to the dinner table and Shelley brought in the food. The casserole was exceptional; it had a spicy flavour I couldn't quite identify. While it didn't burn the throat, it did make me feel hot and sweat beads were showing on my forehead. When she asked me if I was enjoying the meal I told her it was delicious. Without thinking, I asked her if I could have the recipe. Laughing, she said, "Of course you can, I take it your lady makes you do all the cooking as well."

I blushed and took a drink of wine. "You look hot, why don't you take off your sweater." She walked round the table and pulled the garment over my head. As she walked away she slid her hand over my back as if searching for something. Of course, she was feeling for the bra.

She returned to her seat, "What else does she make you do? Cleaning? Washing? Do you have to do all the housework?" I kept silent with my head bowed and toyed with my food. "Aren't you going to answer?" "Sometimes." I whispered. "Does she buy your clothes for you as well? Your underwear for instance?" I looked up quickly and pretended to be surprised. "How, erm," "How did I know, is that what you were going to say?" She became far more confident. "She sounds the type."

"Tell me Steve, does she ever make you wear her clothes?" "Occasionally, but only for fun she says I look good in them." I pretended to defend myself. "I imagine you do, are you wearing anything of hers now?" I bowed my head again, "Not exactly." "What do you mean, not exactly, either you are or you aren't." I kept silent. "Well, which is it?" She seemed a little annoyed. "I'm wearing something she gave me, but it's not her clothing."

"Go on, what is it?" "I'd rather not say." "She must have a strong hold on you if you wore it after she was gone, come on you can tell me, is it her panties?" I played with my food silently. "If you're embarrassed by them why did you wear them?" "Because I can't take them off." I whispered. "What was that?" "Because they're locked on." I answered in a louder voice. She burst into laughter, "You're kidding, how on earth can you lock a pair of panties on, this I've got to see."

"Stand up." I did so, slowly. "Show me." "Please, I'd rather.." "Show me, or if I ever meet her, I'll tell her you did." I slowly undid my trousers and let them slide to the floor. "Come closer, I want to see this." I shuffled forward until I stood beside her. She inspected them carefully then, "Where is the key? I suppose she keeps it with her. Why hasn't she locked this up?" She asked lifting my semi erect prick on one finger. "Because she thought I would be too embarrassed to undress in front of anyone, so she didn't bother."

"You won't tell her about tonight will you." I begged. "That depends." "Please don't, she'd kill me, you too she has a terrible temper and she's very jealous. She won't even allow anyone at the club to touch me." I blurted the last part out and then acted as if I'd betrayed a great secret. "What club, what are you talking about." "I'm sorry, I daren't say any more, I've said too much as it is. Please believe me, she would kill us both."

"I think you're exaggerating a little aren't you?" "No, I swear, please, I'll do anything you want but don't tell her." "Anything, you say. Well why don't you start by taking the rest of your clothes off." She picked up her wine and walked into the front room. "Come on, I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting night."

I followed her; my trousers still round my ankles. When she sat down I slowly removed my shoes and socks, then my trousers. "Hurry up, you won't embarrass me." I took off the rest of my clothes and she beckoned me closer. Putting her finger through one of my nipple rings, she pulled me toward her. "Did she do this as well?" "Yes." "She has quite an imagination this lady of yours, I must meet her." "No please, you mustn't." "That depends on you doesn't it, go into the bedroom, I'll be there when I finish my drink." As I turned to go she exclaimed, "My God, did she do that?" Pointing at the marks remaining on my back from the recent beating." "Yes, I smiled at a shop girl. She had the girl fired and took me home and beat me." I lied, "I told you she was jealous."

I waited in the bedroom, wondering what was in store. I doubted she would match Melissa for cruelty or imagination, so I wasn't particularly worried, just curious. 'Who knows, I may even enjoy myself.' I thought. She came in about 10 minutes later, sitting down on the bed beside me she said. "I've been thinking it over and I've decided to let you model some of my clothes. If you put on a good show, I'll take you back to your hotel and we'll say no more about it. Of course I'll be expecting you tomorrow at my office to sign the contracts."

Well, well, I thought, she's not stupid, she's going to get my money one way or another. I hoped I hadn't underestimated her after all. I feigned reluctance as I agreed to her suggestion, but pointed out that since she was a good deal slimmer than I was I would be unable to wear most of her clothes. She walked over to her wardrobe and searched about in the bottom. "I can soon fix that," she said triumphantly, producing a severe looking whalebone corset. "Once I put this on you, you'll be able to wear anything of mine."

She began lacing me into the corset, I don't know if she was aware how tight she was making it, but by the time she had finished she had pulled me in by at least 6" and I was having great difficulty breathing. She started to warm to the task, going to a clothes hamper she took out some dirty underwear and stockings.

"Since you're already wearing panties, you can wear these here." So saying, she looped the legs of the panties over my ears so the crotch was covering my mouth. As my breath warmed the soiled garment the unmistakable aroma of pussy filled my nostrils. She bent down to pull the stockings onto my legs and couldn't miss my now sizeable erection. "I see you enjoy the smell of my panties, If you do as I tell you I may let you smell the real thing later." Standing back to inspect me, she said, "I have the perfect dress for you in the spare room, but before I go I'd better make sure you don't try to escape." It seemed a silly thing to say, after all, where would I go dressed like this?

She took another stocking and tied my hands behind me, then left the room. She brought back one of those tube type dresses that were all the rage a few years ago. It was an ugly thing, sort of red and black horizontal stripes. I was led over to a full-length mirror, the image staring at me out of the mirror looked ridiculous. Bare flesh showed above my stocking under the short dress and the corset showed over the top. In addition my prick made a tent at the front.

Shelley seemed delighted with my appearance and had me parade around the house for her. She picked up a leather belt and occasionally hit my behind with it, telling me to wiggle my hips more. I could hardly feel the belt through my rubber pants, but humoured her with a few token moans. She was a real amateur, I imagine this was something she had fantasized about, but never actually had the courage to try. So she was making the most of her chances.

She ordered me to wait in the front room and she disappeared into the bedroom, returning with a couple of femdom magazines, she leafed through them while I paraded in front of her. My now limp cock hanging below the dress. Reading some of the letters out loud, she asked me if I would like her to do that to me. "Please don't." I begged in what I hoped was a convincing voice.

She must have found something that inspired her, because she threw the magazines aside and ordered me back to the bedroom. Pushing me face down on the bed, she stuffed a couple of pairs of panties into my mouth as a gag. "Now Steve," she said in a very poor stage voice, "I've told you before about wearing my clothes haven't I? This time I'm going to make you wish you'd never touched them." She took what I estimated to be an 8" vibrator from her bedside drawer. "If you want to look like a girl, I'm going to let you know what it feels like to be one." She smoothed some Vaseline over the vibrator, for which I was grateful, then lifting the dress; she started forcing it into me.

She was actually quite gentle though I doubt that was her intention. Before too long I had a full erection again and was quite enjoying the feeling of this intrusion into my body. When she had the vibrator fully inserted she turned me over, straddled my body and slowly slid her pussy over my prick. As she moved forward and back she slipped her fingers through my nipple rings and began tugging on them. "Don't you dare come before I give you permission." She warned. I wanted to tell her to stop stimulating my tits so I would last longer, but all she heard were grunts.

She obviously mistook these for moans of pain and began twisting my rings and tugging harder. Luckily my grunts were turning her on as well, and before long she was panting and moaning "Yes, yes." She released my nipples and rubbed frantically at her clit, bringing her orgasm on almost immediately. I've always found the sight of an attractive woman in the throes of orgasm to be a huge turn on, and the result was too much for me. I spurted into her again and again and she eventually collapsed on me in exhaustion.

When she recovered she said, "I told you not to come without my permission didn't I." "Ummpphh". " She pulled the clothing from my mouth and repeated the question. "Yes Mistress." Her eyes lit up at my form of address and for a second she was stuck for words. "Err, very well then, since you chose to disobey me you can pay by licking all that nasty stuff out again.

She slid up my chest and planted her hole over my mouth. I obediently lapped at her, pushing my tongue deep into her while sucking her clitoris. I occasionally withdrew my tongue and flicked her clit to stimulate it. In no time she was coming again and her tangy juices mixed with my own sweeter ones in the back of my throat.

She left me then, returning shortly with 2 glasses of wine. Lifting my head to help me drink, she said, "I enjoyed that, I can see why your Mistress wants to keep. Now I want you to tell me about this club you mentioned." "Please don't ask me, I daren't tell you anything." "Maybe you'd prefer me to ask you're lady, I'm sure she'd be delighted to tell me, though from what you've told me about her, I don't think she'll be too pleased with you. Well, what's it to be, are you going to talk or..?" "Alright Mistress, I'll tell you, but please don't tell my Mistress where you heard about it." "That's more like it," she said smugly, "Follow me into the lounge room and you can tell me all about it, but I warn you, don't try any tricks or I promise you, you'll regret it." She walked out and when I followed a few minutes later she pointed to the floor at her feet. "Sit there."

Over the next hour I told her about LAMBS, omitting points which I didn't think she should know. I related stories of how men were treated as animals, making many of them up as I had only been there twice and really only knew about the other things from Melissa. When I had finished, Shelley smiled, "These are my kind of women, how do I get to join." I told her the fees and she looked shocked. "You can always go as a guest of a member." I suggested.

"But I don't know any members," She countered, "Unless you introduce me to your Mistress." "No," I almost yelled, "I could never explain how I came to know you, She knows I had never been mistreated by any woman before her so she would soon realise I met you after she owned me. I promise you she'd kill both of us. "Well how am I going to get in then? Come on, you must be able to suggest something."

"There is one member my Mistress talks about sometimes. It seems she's always bringing new ladies with her. But no, that's no good." "Tell me, come on what's her name? How can I meet her?" "It wouldn't do you any good, she's gay and she only brings her lovers with her." "So what, I can swing both ways for a chance like this. What's her name?"

"Roberta something, no Rebecca that's it Rebecca Wils.. No Williamson, Rebecca Williamson, she's something in the City. I don't know where she lives though. "I know her," Shelley exclaimed, "She's a broker at one of the firms I deal with. I've never actually met her but I've seen her a couple of times. Well, well, so she's gay is she? I would never have guessed she always seems to be flirting with men. Now I think about it, men do run around after her. This will be easier than I thought."

"You've done well Steve, turn round." She untied my hands. "Get dressed and I'll drive you back to your hotel. I'll see you at 9 in the morning to sign the contract." I did as instructed and for good measure, I kissed her feet. "You won't mention my being here to anyone will you. I don't know what would happen if my Mistress found out." "Don't worry, your secrets safe with me. By the way, where did you get the money, you haven't stolen it from your Mistress I hope." "No Mistress Shelley, an aunt died and left it to me, I was hoping to invest it without my Mistress knowing, in case I need it someday." "That's reasonable I suppose." She seemed to be thinking something over but she said no more.

As soon as I got to the hotel, I packed my bags and checked out. I drove home in Melissa's Merc and as soon as I arrived, I phoned her. "When she stopped laughing at my stories she said, you've done brilliantly, now I want you to do one more thing for me. I want you to get in drag and go to the wine bar near Rebecca's office. She drinks there all the time and I'm betting that's where little Miss Ambition will try to meet her." Over the time I'd lived with Melissa, she had taught me to dress and apply make up, and we had even gone out together and had drinks with her male colleagues, so I knew I could pass as a woman, in fact the idea quite turned me on.

I spent most of the morning getting ready. I soaked in a bath perfumed with Melissa's favourite bath oil. Then I carefully shaved my face; fortunately I'm blonde and don't have a heavy beard. In fact I once grew a beard and even after a month it was unimpressive. I shaved the rest of my body, which didn't take long as Mel insists I keep my body free from hair. It was necessary to shave my arms and hands before I applied nail polish, because since my nails were quite long, the polish tended to attract attention to my hands.

Next I applied my make up. After the foundation, I penciled in my lips and then brushed a deep red lipstick on them. I intended to wear a shoulder length black wig, so I darkened my eyebrows, which once again Melissa insisted I keep trimmed. I used black mascara, and red and yellow eye shadow. Satisfied with the results, I begun selecting my wardrobe. The majority of my clothes were gaudy as Melissa enjoyed seeing me dressed like a tart. But for this occasion I wore black underwear. I needed to wear a corset because, although I am reasonably slim, My waist is a little large to look shapely without aid. In addition, the corset pulled my chest into a reasonable cleavage so I could wear a low cut dress without looking too flat.

I pulled dark stockings on my legs and selected a pair of black 3" patent leather shoes. I decided to wear a red woolen dress. It was cut quite low at the front, had long sleeves and medium length, just above the knee. Pulling the wig on my head, I inspected the finished product. I decided to add one of Melissa's broad black belts to my outfit and I must say the result was quite impressive.

Not only would my mother never have recognised me, but also I'm confident my father would have lusted after me. I really did look attractive. Then I noticed a problem, while admiring the good-looking woman in the mirror, I had developed a bulge in the front of my dress. I made a quick trip to the bathroom to 'eject' the trouble. Then into the bedroom where I fastened on a sheath which Mel had bought to keep me in check, so to speak. Looking back in the mirror, I could see no tell tale bulge so I was finally ready.

I put a few things into a black patent leather purse, borrowed one of Melissa's watches and a thin gold necklace. Then I was off to the wine bar in search of Rebecca. I had to park the car a couple of blocks away, in case someone recognised it as Melissa's. Walking round to the bar, I passed a building sight and was gratified to receive wolf whistles from the men working on the sight. There were even a few lewd suggestions, and it was all I could do not to laugh, thinking how these macho men would react, if they knew they were whistling at another man.

I arrived at the bar around 11.30am and took a table in the corner. I was on my second drink when Rebecca arrived with her entourage, 3 men and one mousy looking woman. They sat a few tables away from me, but I could still hear most of what they said. Rebecca told one of the men to get some drinks. From his reaction, I don't think he was one of her conquests yet. Though it was just a matter of time before he would be paying a visit to the LAMBS.

By 1.30pm Rebecca had finished her lunch and her party trooped out behind her as she left. There had been no sign of Shelley, and I was beginning to think I had misjudged her. I returned the following day, and once again Shelley was conspicuous by her absence.

By the third day I was feeling a little concerned. Apart from anything else, I was starting to attract attention. I had already refused drinks from 2 men, and I noticed a few of them looking in my direction. I decided to check my look in case there was a problem and headed for the ladies room. As I was checking my face in the mirror, Rebecca walked in with her mousy girlfriend. "Alice I've told you before, men are all the same. They'll do anything for the right inducement. I guarantee, if you let that little snot know he can get into your pants, you'll have him eating out of your hand in a week." "But Rebecca, I'm not like you, why would he bother with me?" "If you don't know that by now, then I can't help you. Why don't you fix yourself up a bit, you could be quite attractive with a little work."

She reached past me for a tissue and our eyes met briefly. I felt a cold sweat running down my back as she looked at me. I was sure she would see through my disguise. "Hello, I haven't seen you in here before. Do you work around here?" If I didn't know different, I'd swear she was making overtures toward me. "No, I'm just in town on business for a couple of days." I replied, in a voice I had practiced for hours with a tape recorder.

"What sort of business is that? I may be able to help you." I couldn't believe it; she was making a pass at me. "It's fashion, and thanks but I have all my appointments fixed." I started to leave. "Suit yourself, Alice give.. I'm sorry I didn't catch your name." "It's Ste... Stephanie." "What a lovely name, Alice give Stephanie one of my cards. If you change your mind call me." "Thank you." I said taking the card and leaving.

I wanted to run out of the bar, but as I opened the powder room door, I almost bumped into Shelley. She apologised and didn't give me a second look. This restored my confidence and I returned to my table. Rebecca was leaving right behind me and as she walked out after me, she collided with Shelley.

"I'm dreadfully sorry, it was my fault I really ought to be more careful...wait a minute, aren't you Rebecca Williamson." "Yes, that's right." Rebecca answered sounding a little annoyed. "My name's Shelley Engells, you wouldn't have heard of me, but I'm one of your biggest fans. You're almost a legend in the industry, and a lot younger than I imagined." I don't know if Shelley had planned to meet that way, but I have to say it was one of the most impressive approaches I've ever seen.

Rebecca was almost bursting with pride; she thanked Shelley for the compliment and suggested she join them. "I'd love to but I can see you're busy. What about lunch tomorrow, I'd love to talk to you about that A.L.M. Corporation deal you engineered. I've heard many rumours, but I know it was you who finally clinched the deal, it has your trademark all over it." Shelley really had done her homework; she would fit in perfectly at the LAMBS Club. "As a matter of fact it was my deal," crowed Rebecca, "Why don't I meet you here at noon tomorrow, and we can discuss it." "I look forward to it, see you then."

Shelley vanished into the restroom and Rebecca pranced to her table, her ego boosted to capacity. As Shelley left, she smiled over at Rebecca. I don't know how it affected Rebecca but if she'd smiled at me that way I would have run after her. I was getting ready to leave when a man in his early thirties came over and asked me to join him for a drink. I was about to refuse but then realised he could be quite useful. "I'm sorry, I was about to leave. If your in here tomorrow around noon, I'd be glad to have one then. It occurred to me Rebecca might not be quite as interested if she thought that I was straight. The guy didn't look too bad and I knew I could handle him if he became difficult.

I decided to wear tight stretch jeans and a sweater the next day. If I did have a problem with 'my date' he couldn't put his hand up my skirt and find more than he bargained for. I arrived at 11.30am and to my surprise; Shelley was already there. She had adopted the sexy rather than efficient form of dress and my mind went back to the night I spent with her.

I sat a few tables away and ordered a drink. Before long my date arrived and joined me. Luckily he turned out to be the type who never stops talking, so I didn't need to pay much attention, just nod now and then.

Rebecca came in alone at noon. She walked over to Shelley and kissed her on the cheek like an old friend. Shelley was unperturbed; she called the waiter over and ordered drinks. They talked for a while about various business deals and Shelley made all the right noises when Rebecca boasted about her many coups. Shelley gradually turned the conversation round to men and how they thought they were the only people who could handle a big deal.

"There's this one guy in my office who really thinks he's Gods' gift to women. I'd really like to teach him a lesson some day. I don't know about you, but I sometimes think we'd all be better off if there were no men." Rebecca was hooked, I could almost see her mind working, trying to figure out how she was going to get this girl into her bed. If she'd only known, I could have saved her a lot of time and trouble. She finally suggested dinner at her place and Shelley accepted.

I'd heard enough; the trap was sprung now all we had to do was wait. I excused myself saying I had to nip out and feed my parking meter. George offered to come with me, but I said I would only be a second and to order more drinks. For all I know he's still waiting. I felt a little guilty knowing how it feels to be ditched. But then I consoled myself by the fact that it may teach him to work on his conversation and I could be saving some girl hours of boredom.

I phoned Melissa as soon as I got home. She came home on the next flight. Before she hung up she said, "By the way wear my blue dress, I want to see how you looked yesterday." I met her at the airport, I was wearing the dress as ordered and all the way home she kept rubbing the inside of my stockinged leg as I filled her in on developments.

As soon as we closed the apartment door she pulled my panties down and released my prick from its sheath. She kissed me tenderly on the mouth and, since the thrill of kissing when you are both wearing lipstick is one of the most sensuous I know, I was soon sporting an impressive erection. Smiling at my reaction, Melissa lay me down on the rug and we made love.

"If I'm going to the club tonight, I'd better have a couple of hours sleep." She said as we lay on the rug recovering from our efforts. "Will I be going with you?" I asked. I didn't want to miss out on the confrontation. "Not tonight Steve, I've been thinking about the plan and decided it can be improved. It may involve a little risk on your part though." She went on to outline her idea, and I decided the result would be worth the risk.

Melissa came home about 2.00am. "They didn't show damn it, I spent most of the night watching their stupid entertainment with that bore Gwen. I'm bushed." She climbed into bed next to me and we held each other without speaking. Eventually she fell into a deep sleep. 2 more nights went by with the same outcome. On the third night she decided I should go to the wine bar again to make sure they were getting on all right.

I was a little skeptical about returning to the bar, after all Rebecca fancied me and there was the guy I'd dumped. But then, if Melissa asks for something she invariably gets it. So the following day, made up, and dressed in my jeans and a blue blouse I borrowed from Melissa, I headed for the wine bar. I arrived at 12.15pm and was greeted by the sight of Shelley and Rebecca huddled round a table with the mousy girl Alice. She wasn't mousy anymore though. They had transformed her into a very attractive, if tarty looking, young lady.

Sitting next to Alice, was the guy I assumed to be her target. She was doing a great job of ignoring him and he looked desperate to impress her. Rebecca and Shelley laughed at some shared joke. It must have been at the expense of the young man because he turned bright red and excused himself to go to the toilet. This only made them laugh louder, and Alice, while obviously embarrassed, shared the joke.

I decided all was well and made my exit. I only just avoided George. I saw him coming up the street and ducked into a shop until he had passed. It turned out to be a lingerie shop. I had never been in one without Mel before. I spent almost an hour looking at different clothes. The shop assistant kept suggesting I try them on, and I had the distinct impression she knew my secret. I was right, as I looked through some baby dolls, she cornered me and said, "You don't have to feel ashamed you know, we get plenty of your type in. But after 3 years in here, I can usually pick them. Are you looking for something for yourself or your boyfriend." I couldn't help laughing; I collected the packages I'd already chosen and left.

When I returned home I told Melissa all about my adventures. Laughing hysterically she asked, "Did she think you were gay or a virgin?" "I really couldn't say, I didn't stop to ask." We spent the rest of the day trying on the various outfits I'd bought. I passed a remark about Melissa being too fat for the teddy she was holding up. It wasn't true of course, she has one of the most perfect figures I've ever seen. Playfully she grabbed me and pulled me over her knee and started to spank me on the bare behind. There was no serious intent in her slaps and they soon turned into strokes after which she pulled me up beside her, kissed me and we made love.

That night she went to the club again, returning early, she told me she had seen Rebecca with Shelley. She also described Alice and the poor guy who had been interested in her. Apparently he was chained up like a convict, even down to the ball and chain on his ankle, and his back was striped with the telltale signs of a beating. I felt a little sorry for him. His only crime had been to fancy a girl.

Melissa left town on an early flight next day. About mid afternoon, I phoned Shelley. "I thought we had an arrangement," She demanded, she sounded really annoyed. "We did, but unfortunately my Mistress came home early and she wouldn't let me leave. She's out of town again now, so I thought I'd ring you." "Alright, I suppose you'd better come over to my place tonight. Be there at 7.00pm prompt." She hung up.

The tone in her voice made me quite uncomfortable, and I almost had second thoughts about going. I packed a few things and checked into another hotel, a different one, in case she'd tried to ring me. I knocked on her door at 7 sharp; "You're late." She snapped as she swung the door open. "But it's only just seven now." I replied. She slapped me hard across the face, "Don't you dare argue with me, if I say you're late, you're late." "I'm sorry I di..." "You're going to be," she interrupted, did you bring the cheque?" "Yes, I've got it here."

I handed her the cheque. "Sign the papers on the table, and be quick about it." I did as she commanded. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there, in just a few days she had turned into a real bitch and I didn't want to stay a moment more than I had to.

I signed quickly and pocketed the papers. "Thanks very much for your help." I said, starting toward the door. "Where do you think you're going?" She demanded, "You don't think I'm letting you off that easily do you?"

I quickly considered my options. I could make a break for it but that might make her suspect I had something to hide. I even considered the possibility of overpowering her, I knew I was capable, but she may concoct a story about my forcing myself on her. On consideration I accepted my fate, after all, how bad could it be, Melissa had lots of practice and then only occasionally was my suffering unbearable. I had long ago accepted my masochism and just maybe, I would enjoy it.

Noting my hesitation, Shelley took control. She was definitely a quick learner. "Strip," I hesitated slightly. "NOW." I quickly obeyed. I had worn my rubber pants as a precaution and when she saw them she demanded, "Damn it, don't you ever take those blasted things off." "Not when my Mistress is out of town, no." She checked them over carefully. "Would there be any point in trying to cut them off?" "Please don't, my Mistress would be able to tell. I believe specially hardened steel has been used, and I'd be in real trouble if you damaged them.

"I don't give a shit about what happens to you, it's not going to be as much fun for me if I can't get at your arse. Oh well, I can't waste all night worrying about that, I suppose they won't be in the way too much, I'll just have to find other diversions.

"Come here." She ordered, pointing to the floor in front of her. She took a belt from behind the cushion. At first I thought she was going to beat me with it, but she secured it around my waist. Next she pushed my hands through loops of leather strapping at the sides of the belt. Pulling them tight she commanded me to lie on the floor face up. Although the belt she had used was quite simple my arms were held totally and I was as helpless as if she had used yards of rope.

She walked over to me and raised her skirt, she was wearing no panties and I knew what came next. She sat down, her rear hole landing right over my mouth. "Lick you little shit." She ordered, reinforcing her command with a slap to my hardening prick. I obeyed, forcing my tongue into her tight hole; the sweet, not unpleasant taste filled my mouth.

The worst pain I felt was from the back of my head as she forced it to the floor. Then I heard her speaking to someone, at first I thought it was someone in the room, but I realised she was using the phone. "Rebecca, it's Shelley, do you have anything on tonight? Good, why don't you come over, I have a surprise for you, and pick Alice up on the way she may enjoy this. O.K. see you in half an hour."

Now I was scared, not about Rebecca recognising me, I knew the only time we had met I was wearing a hood. What scared me was the thought of 3 women, 2 of them dominant, and 1 of them wanting to use my body for pleasure. There was no telling what terrible things they would come up with. Melissa had told me enough about Rebecca for me to believe she would not be overly concerned if her attentions were fatal.

I licked frantically at Shelley's hole, somehow I thought she may temper Rebecca's extremes if I pleased her enough. Before long Rebecca arrived. Shelley got up off my face to answer the door. "Well, what have you got for me?" asked Rebecca as she walked in. "Oh I see, very nice Shelley, what's your name little man?" "Steve Mistress." "Don't I know you from somewhere?" My mind raced, had she seen me with the hood off, I didn't think so but.. "Well never mind. He looks a little red in the face Shelley, what have you been up to."

"I had to sit somewhere while I phoned you." Shelley grinned. "What a good idea, Alice why don't you try the seat, I'm sure you'll find it comfortable." Mousy, or should I say tarty came closer, looking uncomfortable in fishnet stockings and leather skirt. "Oh I couldn't Rebecca." She said in horror. Rebecca was furious, "Damn it Alice, get your knickers off and sit on his fucking face or I'll let him sit on yours. Would you prefer that?" Alice quickly obeyed.

Her arse was far muskier than Shelley's was and I got the impression she wasn't quite as careful with her toiletry. "There now Alice, doesn't that feel good? Shelley, I love these, where did you get them?" I could feel her rubbing her hands over my rubber pants. "He was wearing them when he came in, apparently his Mistress doesn't trust him though I can't see why." "Who's his Mistress? Maybe I know her." "I don't know, I do know he shits himself every time he mentions her, she must be one hell of a woman." "Where is she now?" "Out of town he says." "Oh well, I'm sure she won't mind us borrowing him for one night, maybe we can teach him some new tricks." They both laughed; even Alice let out a nervous giggle.

"Why don't we let Alice put him through his paces, it'll be good practice for when she finally gets round to snaring William. Would you like that Alice?" "Yye...errm...yes Rebecca, I think so." "Good, well what are you going to do first?" "I...I don't know." "I've told you before, the first thing you need to do is show him who's boss. Stand up, Shelley, do you have any whips or anything?" I have to admit to a certain amount of relief at the prospect of having Alice dominate me.

"I don't think.. Wait a minute, I might have just the thing." She vanished into the bedroom, returning almost immediately with a riding crop. "Will this do?" "Shelley, you have hidden talents, I didn't know you rode." "I haven't for years, this is from when I used to show jump." She handed the crop to Alice. "Well, what are you waiting for, get him into the bedroom and use the damn thing on him." "Wait a minute, Shelley is this place soundproof." "Not really, the walls are fairly thick but loud noises could probably be heard through them."

Rebecca took a ball gag out of her purse. "I always carry one of these, you never know when you might need it." She said, handing it to Alice. "Well what are you waiting for girl, put it on him." "What if he won't open his mouth?" "You can't be serious. YOU," she snapped pointing at me, "Come here." I leapt up and stood in front of her. Reaching out her hand, she suddenly grabbed my privates, cock, balls and all, she squeezed and twisted and I let out an involuntary yell. "Well don't just stand there girl, stuff it in." Alice clumsily secured the ball gag. "Do you think you can handle him now?" Rebecca asked sarcastically. "Or would you like me to hold your hand while you deal with him?"

Leading me into the bedroom, Alice looked unsure what exactly she was supposed to do. She decided to lay me face down on the bed. After some deliberation she gave me a couple of strokes with the crop. I could hardly feel them, not because she was gentle, though she wasn't particularly rough, but because she was hitting me on my rubber pants.

"What on earth are you doing girl? Do you really think he can feel that through those things? Use it on his legs and back you fool. When you bring him back in, I want to be able to see where you beat him. Do you understand?" "Yes Rebecca, I'll try." "I don't believe it, you'll try, maybe you need some motivation. What do you think Shelley, should we help her get mad." I couldn't hear Shelley's reply, but I knew what it would be.

Rebecca walked over to the bed and roughly pulled me to my feet. She looked down at my limp penis. "Hold him, will you Shelley." Shelley gripped my arms firmly from behind. Rebecca walked over to Alice, who looked as though she would burst into tears any second. Standing her in front of me she said, "Look at his pathetic willy, It feels all left out. Maybe you should give it a little kiss to show it you like it." As she spoke, she forced Alice to her knees, then grabbing her hair she guided her mouth to my prick. Alice begged her to stop, but she laughed and told her to suck me.

Alice took my cock in her mouth and it immediately sprung to attention. She sucked for a short while before Rebecca pulled her away. "That's enough, we don't want him coming before you've had your fun, do we?" She bent Alice over the end of the bed and pulled up her skirt. Shelley knew what was coming and was busy wiping Vaseline on my erection. "Bring him to her Shelley, we're going to let her know what bastards men can be."

Between them they guided me into the hole that I had earlier licked. Shelley released me and Rebecca grabbed the front of the belt to stop me from pulling out. I was trying to be a gentle as possible with Alice's virgin arse, but Shelley soon put paid to that. She suddenly cracked the crop across the back of my legs. On reflex, I jerked forward forcing my prick hard into Alice's hole.

Alice let out a yelp, and begged Rebecca to make me stop. "Aren't you enjoying it Alice? Steve is, I can tell by the look on his face." Shelley placed her hands on each side of my hips and began pumping me in and out. "Is he hurting you Alice?" Rebecca asked gently, would you like him to stop?" "Yes, make him stop." "Do you hate what he's doing to you." "Yes." "Do you hate him?" "Yes, yes I hate him." "All men would like to do this to you if you'd let them, do you want that?" "No, stop him please." "Are you going to hurt him when he stops?" "Yes, yes, YES STOP HIM."

Despite her protests, she was now pushing back every time I pulled out. Shelley released my hips but Alice kept grinding. We all knew she was close to orgasm. At the last minute Shelley pulled me away, Alice let out a moan. Rebecca pulled Alice onto the bed and quickly finished her off with her mouth. "Don't you prefer me to him?" She asked when Alice finished. "Yes Rebecca I do, thank you."

"Would you like to be left alone with him now." "Very much." Alice replied in a much harder voice. They left, closing the door behind them. Wordlessly Alice returned me to my original position on the bed. She picked up the crop and struck me hard just below the legs of my pants. A few seconds later she struck again, and then gradually she developed a rhythm. Before long she moved from my legs to my back.

I could hear her increased breathing not due entirely to exertion, as she laid each stroke in a slightly different place on my body. When she was satisfied she'd patterned all my back; she threw the crop aside. I was writhing in agony and my eyes were filled with tears.

"Turn over," she commanded. I did as she ordered, though I was a little reluctant in case she intended to repeat the beating on the front. Instead, she straddled my chest and removed the gag. Sliding her pussy up to my mouth she ordered me to eat her. Sobbing, I began to lick her. It was difficult to concentrate through the pain in my back. "Come on you bastard," she yelled grabbing my hair, "Eat." I lapped furiously and she was soon moaning and grinding my face further into her crutch.

Once she recovered, she climbed off me and dragged me to my feet. Opening the door she pushed me into the other room. The others were aware of what had been happening, it would have been difficult not to hear through the door. They had been having their own party and both were naked on the floor. They had the look that only comes from orgasm, and as I stumbled in they reluctantly released each other. "Turn around. Alice that's very impressive did you enjoy yourself." "It was incredible. I've never felt so powerful, I knew I could do anything I wanted and he couldn't stop me, and once I started I didn't want to stop. Is it always like this?"

"Yes sweetheart," Rebecca smiled stroking her hair, but it gets even better when you trap the man yourself. Once you do that you know no man will ever take you for granted again. Would you like to hurt him some more?" "I don't think so, I want to get my own man." "Excellent, then we may as well send him home." The relief must have shown on my face, because Rebecca smiled cruelly. "Before we do though, bring the gag in."

Alice complied, and without any coaxing forced it into my mouth. Shelley pulled me down on my back and sat across me below my chest. "Let's see you explain this to your Mistress when she gets back." With that, she took her cigarette and burned the letter 'R' above my left breast. I writhed and sobbed and tried to scream as she slowly marked me. Shelley held my shoulders down to stop me moving and by the time they'd finished I was near to passing out. They pulled me to my feet, released me and pushed me through the door throwing my clothes after me.

I was lucky it was a dark night because I had to sit on the step for 5 minutes before I could stop shaking enough to dress. I hailed a cab and went back to my hotel. We stopped at an all night chemist on the way and I bought some antiseptic cream. Back in my room, I smoothed the cream over my tortured chest, then crawled into bed and slept until late next morning.

Feeling better after the rest, I showered, and since no one knew where I was. I felt safe in phoning Melissa from the hotel. She caught the next flight home and met me at the apartment 3 hours later. "My God, what have they done to you." She gasped as she walked in. I was sitting on the lounge applying more cream to my chest. She took the cream and gently smoothed it in for me. I showed her my back, which was covered, in bruises. Then I went over all events of the previous night.

"That bitch is finished," she growled when I ended my story. "She's going to wish she'd never set eyes on either of us when I'm through with her. Do you feel up to going to the club tonight?" "I think so, I feel a lot better than I did this morning. She kissed me gently and led me into the bedroom. "Get some rest, I'll wake you in a few hours." She kissed me again, and I almost suggested she join me, but then I decided maybe I hadn't recovered quite that much.

She woke me around mid afternoon; I was amazed how long I slept. She brought some food in on a tray, and after applying more cream, we ate. Later, she showed me some of the things she'd bought on her trip. There were many sex toys and assorted lingerie. Then she produced a maid's uniform from her bag, "This is for you to wear to the club tonight." She said. "I have a few other surprises for you, but I'll keep them for later."

She showed me a red leather dress she'd bought, and I persuaded her to model it for me. Wearing it with matching thigh boots, she looked exquisite. I wanted to make love to her there and then, but she insisted on taking the dress off first, "This is my outfit for tonight." She removed everything but her stockings and suspender belt. Then she climbed in beside me and we made gentle, perfect love.

We spent a very lazy afternoon; light sex, backgammon and snacks were all we did. Around 7.00pm we showered and Melissa helped me to dress. Black French maids uniform, complete with fishnet stockings black wig, little white hat and 4" heels. She had to pull my waist in quite a bit to fit the dress. This she did with the aid of a new black lace corset. I was used to wearing them by now and even enjoyed being held firmly by a tight fitting corset. I wore false fingernails painted deep red, matching lipstick and very heavy makeup. Melissa said I looked like a model from behind and a drag queen from in front. To keep up the charade, my penile sheath was replaced.

Melissa, true to her word, wore her red leather outfit. When I saw the finished product, I felt sure I would burst the sheath. As always she wore matching underwear, red lace panties, bra and suspender belt. The latter was holding up red stockings. Her face was, as always, perfectly made up, reinforcing my opinion that she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

When we parked the car in the club carpark, she reached over to the back seat and picked up a large plastic bag. "Appearance is everything my dear." She said pulling articles out. First a pair of steel handcuffs, these she locked onto my wrists in front of me. She took the precaution of triggering the lock to stop them from closing any further. Next a belt looped through my arms and buckled at the back. This pulled my wrists to my chest and made them impossible to move. A 12" knee spreader completed my bondage, and made me waddle like a duck.

We entered the club via the lift as always, and Deidre, the lovely 'doorman' greeted Melissa. She was shown to a table in the corner since she requested a little privacy. I was totally ignored and made my way over to her table as quickly as I could. I stood unobtrusively behind her with my head bowed, as befitted a slave. "Ask Gwen to join me Deidre?" "Certainly Mistress Prentiss, at once. Could I bring you anything else?" "Yes, a cognac I think." "At once Mistress Prentiss." Within minutes the drink arrived, followed almost immediately by Gwen. She joined Melissa at her table. "We're seeing a lot of you lately Mel, business deal perhaps?" "Not tonight Gwen," she said in a cold voice. "I want you to castrate this." I froze realising she was pointing to me. What was she doing, surely she didn't mean it. God, what if she was serious.

"That's a bit extreme isn't it, what's he done?" "Will you do it or not?" Melissa sounded impatient. "It will take about a week to organise, but yes, we can do it. But humour me, what did he do?" Melissa turned to me, "Come here shit head." She barked. I moved closer. "Tell Mistress Gwen what you did." "I...I..errrm..I." Melissa delivered a slap to my face, which shook my fillings. "You're pathetic, I'll tell you what he did. While I was out of town on business, this piece of shit spent time with another woman."

"You can't be serious," Gwen asked in amazement. "Who was she? How did you find out? Where did it happen?" Melissa held up her hand to stop the stream of questions. I flinched as the hand was raised, anticipating another slap. "When I came home, I found him rubbing cream on himself trying to hide THIS." She pulled the top of my dress down to reveal the burned initials. "If I ever find out who did it, I'll cut her tits off. I don't care that she beat him black and blue, but I won't have anyone putting their brand on my property."

"I don't blame you," Gwen responded still in shock over the revelations. "Have you any idea at all who it might have been?" "Apart from the initial R, none. I don't even blame this pathetic worm, he's such a wimp, and any reasonably forceful woman could have him eating out of her hand in 10 seconds. What really pisses me off, is he won't tell me who it was." Again she slapped me. "But Mist.." "SHUT UP." Another slap, the next time you speak to me will be to tell me HER name." She prodded me hard in the chest.

"If you choose to keep it a secret, then you'll be telling me in a voice a few octaves higher." Talk about perfect timing, as she finished the sentence Rebecca and Shelley walked into the room hand in hand. They walked over and sat at the bar. They were so intent on their conversation they didn't notice us in the corner. Melissa gave no reaction as they entered.

"Anyway Gwen, now you know why I want him fixed, if he can't be faithful to me, I'll make damn certain he'll be no good to anyone else." "Mistress," "SHUT THE FUCK UP, I've told you what I want to hear, one more word out of you and I'll do you myself with a kitchen knife." While I was reasonably sure she was only pretending, the picture she drew drained the colour from my face.

"Please Mistress, that's what I'm trying to tell you," I rushed the words out before she could hit me again. "They're over there." Both Melissa and Gwen spun round and searched the room. Since I could only nod in the general direction, it could have been any of 20 people. "Which ones, where?" Melissa jumped up and grabbed my arm. "The 2 who just came in, they're sitting at the bar together."

Gwen leapt to her feet, "Rebecca? Are you sure?" "The bitch certainly has the right name. I'll soon find out." She grabbed my cuffed wrists and almost dragged me over to the bar. As we reached I could keep my balance no longer and fell at the feet of the startled women. "Melissa?" Rebecca looked questioningly, as she saw me; a spark of recognition came to her face. She had seen me in drag at the wine bar, and must have been trying to place me.

Melissa bent to me and ripped my dress down, "Is this your handiwork?" Full recognition hit Rebecca and for one minute I thought she was going to faint. Gwen, aware of her responsibility as club secretary, had already alerted 2 of the biggest men I've ever seen. They were usually employed helping to control unwilling slaves, but she had quickly positioned them near the group in case of trouble.

Shelley stood up arrogantly, "Yes, we did it," There was an intake of breath from every onlooker. "You obviously didn't know how to treat him, so we thought we'd give you a few pointers." Rebecca, back to full awareness now, screamed, "SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH. DON'T...." Before she could say another word, Melissa's balled fist landed hard on her jaw sending her sprawling off her stool. She pulled back her hand to give Shelley the same treatment, but a huge hand wrapped around her fist. "LET GO YOU BASTARD." She yelled at the bouncer, I'm going to kill them both. "Take them to my office." A pale faced Gwen ordered. Melissa was lifted effortlessly off her feet, and carried to Gwen's office. She screamed obscenities at the poor guy all the way. Someone helped me to my feet and together with Shelley and Rebecca, we were led along.

2 members of the committee joined us in the office. And together with Gwen, they officiated at the hastily convened meeting. They were seated behind a large table. Melissa sat opposite Gwen with me standing behind her. Next to her stood the huge bouncer. Shelley and Rebecca were seated on his other side.

"Since this is the first time we've ever had a breach of the cardinal rule, I'm not sure of the procedure." Began Gwen. "Come on Gwen, you've heard the slag admit it, what more do you want." "This is ridiculous," Shelley interrupted, "So we disciplined a worm, who gives a shit. I suppose that means we can't come to your lousy little club anymore. So what? I've had enough of this, I'm leaving."

She started to rise and 2 huge hands clamped on her shoulders and pushed her down. "Get this fucking Neanderthal off me." "For Christ's' sake shut up." Sighed Rebecca, "Haven't you got us into enough trouble with that big mouth of yours?" "Fuck y..." "Shut her up." Gwen ordered. A hand was clamped over Shelley's mouth. "Rebecca, there's obviously no point in your denying the charges, you've touched another members registered slave without her permission. Can you offer any explanation?"

"I didn't realise he belonged to her." Gwen turned to one of the men. "Show the registration marks." I was bent over the table and my panties were pulled down to exhibit my bare behind, and the tattoo giving Melissa sole ownership of me. "We didn't see that, he was wearing rubber pants and they were locked on. There's no way we could have known." Rebecca saw a glimmer of hope and grabbed at it.

"If he had pants locked onto him, you must have suspected he was a slave. Did you ask him?" "Well, yes, but he didn't say who his Mistress was." "I repeat, did you ask him?" Rebecca lowered her head in defeat. "No." I was surprised at her quiet acceptance of the truth. I had expected her to call me a liar, or at the very least demand proof. Then again, the burn on my chest was damning evidence but I would have thought she would claim it was self-inflicted, anything but this blind acceptance of her fate.

Gwen turned to the man holding Shelley, as he moved his hand from her mouth she began yelling obscenities again. "Ask every member present to go to the meeting room. You," She continued, looking at another of the men, "Take everyone out to the stage, and gag that bitch. We'll discuss the evidence, and deliver our verdict in 10 minutes." "Melissa leapt to her feet, "Discuss? What is there to discuss? You heard her admit it, there's only one thing you can do." "Melissa, I know your upset, but please let me handle this."

By the time we reached the stage, Shelley was already there. Her hands and feet tied together with rope and a ball gag secured in her mouth. She looked helpless and frightened, and I had a slight twinge of guilt at involving her in this. Then I remembered the way she had laughed when Rebecca had burned me, and all pity vanished.

Gwen arrived shortly after us, with the other 2-committee members in tow. The curtain to the stage was drawn back and a hushed expectancy fell over the room. "Members and guests of the Lambs club." Gwen began, "Tonight is one of the saddest in the history of the club. Most of you know Melissa Prentiss, and are aware of her registration of this slave." She pointed to each of us in turn. "You are also fully aware of the penalty for interfering with a registered slave. These 2 women have been found guilty of this act." A collective gasp came from the listeners.

Gwen continued, "We are left with no option, but to award Rebecca Williamson's $500,000 surety to Melissa Prentiss, as part compensation for her breach of the rules. As a guest of Miss Williamson, Shelley Engells is equally guilty. She may claim no knowledge of our rules, but each member is deemed to have appraised their guests of the rules before allowing them to enter the club.

Checking the register, we found that Shelley Engells was a guest of Rebecca Williamson prior to the breach, and is therefore equally guilty. In accordance with the regulations of the club," Everyone held their breath in anticipation of the next words. "I hereby declare Rebecca Williamson and Shelley Engells to be the sole property of Melissa Prentiss, to do with as she wishes."

Wordlessly, Melissa walked over to Rebecca and slapped her across the face. Moving to Shelley, she repeated the action. "Take them away and restrain them. Have them waiting for Mistress Prentiss when she leaves." Gwen turned and walked from the stage. The watching audience began to disperse to different parts of the club. Melissa never once looked in my direction. She walked from the stage and caught up with Gwen. After a brief discussion she returned to her table. I dutifully followed as quickly as I was able.

Melissa had a few drinks with Gwen while papers were being drawn up to make the cheque transfer legal. Never once did the topic of Rebecca and Shelley come up in conversation. It was almost as if it had never happened. As Melissa got up to leave, she turned to Gwen and spoke, "In view of what's happened Gwen, I think we can cancel the castration. At least for the time being." She turned and walked out.

Though I was almost positive it had all been an act, I was still relieved to hear her say that. Reaching the foyer we were greeted by the sight of Rebecca and Shelley waiting for us, they were trussed up like turkeys. No leather straps for these 2. Both had their hands pulled up behind their backs. They were tied at the wrist and then the rope, it looked like clothesline, was taken around the neck. It was then wound around them down to the waist. It looked extremely uncomfortable.

They had been gagged with their own panties and stockings, and a dog lead and collar attached to each of their necks. These were looped over a handrail by the lift. Nobody waited to hand them over; they were simply left there. I looked into the eyes of both girls in turn, Shelley though nervous, was still defiant. Rebecca on the other hand seemed resigned to her fate.

From the redness of her face it appeared Rebecca had had the worst of the treatment. Since it was the club slaves who had tied her up, I imagine they took the opportunity for a few paybacks safe in the knowledge she would not be returning. Melissa, still stern faced, released my restraints. "Bring them." Was all she said as she turned and entered the lift. They both followed without resistance, though Shelley seemed to consider it. When we reached the car, I automatically walked to the rear door with my charges. Melissa however had other ideas. She opened the boot and ordered, "Put them in here, I don't want to risk dirtying my upholstery." Rebecca gave Melissa a look of pure hatred, then stepped into the boot. Shelley started to protest, but a couple of slaps from Melissa soon changed her mind.

As we drove out of the car park I said, "We did it." And started to laugh. Melissa kept silent. I started to feel a little uncomfortable and asked, "Is something wrong Mel?" "I don't know, is there?" "I don't understand, what do you mean?" "I noticed the way you looked at Shelley tonight, maybe your motives for helping me weren't purely selfless." "You can't be serious Mel, I swear I would never have gone near her if you hadn't suggested it." "I wonder.." She was silent for a while, and I tried to think of something to say to prove the truth of what I said. "Mistress Melissa, you are the most wonderful lady I've ever met. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. You own me and I would end my life before I would change that. Even if I have to live the rest of my life in true slavery, I'll be content so long as I'm with you."

Melissa seemed satisfied and after a short silence her mood lightened. "Well, what are we going to do with these two now we have them?" "I have a suggestion for Rebecca, for starters anyway." I outlined my idea and Mel was delighted with it. "It'll give her some of her own medicine back to start with won't it?"

When we reached the apartment it was quite late. Melissa locked both women in a cupboard for the night and we went to bed. We discussed various ideas on the treatment of the women, and eventually fell asleep in each other's arms. After breakfast Melissa opened the cupboard. There was a strong smell of urine. Obviously the drinks they had consumed the night before had taken their natural course. I led them into the bathroom and taking a pair of scissors, I cut all the ropes away except for the ones that held their wrists.

Next I cut their clothes off, I felt a little sad destroying Rebecca's dress, as it was obviously very expensive and quite lovely. I couldn't help but smile when I realised I was imagining myself wearing it. I removed the gags, first warning them to speak only when spoken to. Rebecca obeyed; Shelley launched into a tirade of abuse, ending with a warning that we wouldn't get away with it. Ignoring her, I turned on the shower and pushed them both in. "While you ladies are cleaning your selves up, Rebecca it might be an idea if you filled Shelley in on the facts of life. From now on, you will be equally responsible for her actions.

I left the room and told Melissa what I had said, she agreed, pointing out that Shelley may take a little while to convince of the hopelessness of her situation. "She hasn't been around Rebecca long enough to know the score yet. She'll soon learn though, by the way Steve; I've made a decision. I'm giving her to you." Though I was a little surprised, I knew the logic behind this move. She would be watching how I treated her and any sign of lenience would be considered affection. If that happened I knew I would be finished. Somehow I was going to have to learn to be cruel, though with someone as arrogant a Shelley, I didn't think that would be too difficult.

Without another word Melissa picked up the phone and dialed. "Could I speak with Alice please. Alice, this is Rebecca Williamson's secretary. Miss Williamson would like you to attend a party tonight. That's correct, she said to tell you it was a special party, and that you would understand what she meant. Yes, I think she would insist on your being there. 7.30pm." Mel gave her the address and hung up. "She sounds like a frightened little girl, are you sure she did that to your back. "Yes, but it was really under pressure from Rebecca. I think she just wants to be a happy little housewife deep down." "Well after tonight, maybe she can be."

After the ladies had been showered and dried off, I led them both in to stand in front of Melissa. After studying the morning paper for a few minutes, Mel finally looked at the pair. "Very well ladies, here are the rules, what I say goes without question. Shelley, you'll be pleased to know that your new owner is Steve." Shelley opened her mouth to speak but decided against it when both Rebecca and Melissa glared at her.

"Rebecca, you're mine, but if Steve orders you to do something you will do it without question. Do you both understand?" Neither answered, "I'll take your silence as a yes this time, but in future you will answer 'Yes Mistress' to all questions addressed to you by me, and 'Yes Master' to Steve'. Is that clear?" Grudgingly, they both answered "Yes Mistress.'

"Good, I can see we're going to get on very well, Steve." "Yes Mistress Melissa." We agreed I should address her formally when they were in the room. "The ladies can have your room, for now though, I would like a word with Shelley so take Rebecca in and make her comfortable, on the frame."

The frame, Melissa's version of a torture rack, was only used for special punishments so I looked forward to seeing how Rebecca would handle this reversal of roles. I spent a little longer than necessary securing her to the frame; I felt Melissa would like some time alone with Shelley. After about 5 minutes I returned to the front room. I never asked, nor did Mel volunteer the information on what was said, but Shelley was looking decidedly less arrogant when I walked in. "Is that all perfectly clear?" "Yes Mistress Melissa, perfectly."

"Steve, you can run along and play with your new toy. I'm going to visit Rebecca; I do not want any interruptions for at least 2 hours, is that clear. "Very Mistress." I couldn't help a small grin, which Melissa returned. I turned to Shelley as Mel left, "Let's go into the bedroom and play dress ups would you like that?" Without waiting for a response, I walked into the bedroom and Shelley followed.

I sat on the bed and waited for Shelley to walk over to me. "I believe I asked you a question, has Mistress Melissa countermanded her earlier order. "No." She was still defiant out of the presence of Melissa. "I think I'd better give you a small lesson in obedience." As I spoke, I pulled her across my knee, and began spanking her. For the first 10 or so she was silent, then she began whimpering at each blow. By the time I reached 25 she was quite vocal in her response. By 35 she was begging me to stop. I kept going until my hand was quite sore, she was now in a screaming heap, crying and pleading with me to stop. "Have you had enough yet?" I asked, secretly hoping she had. "Yes Master Steve," she cried, "Please, no more."

"There now, that wasn't too difficult was it?" "No Master Steve." She sobbed. "Would you like to play dress ups now?" "Yes Master Steve." "Didn't your mother teach you the magic word, I think you need another lesson." I reached for her to pull her down again. "NO, please, I mean, yes Master Steve, I'd love to play dress ups." "Excellent, I think you'll enjoy this, I know I will."

I started in reverse to the way I was usually treated by most of the dominant women I've met; I put extremely heavy make up on her face. Finishing it off with the brightest, reddest lipstick Melissa owns. Next came the clothing. An old-fashioned flesh coloured; whalebone corset pulled her waist in to about 18". Shelley already has a slim waist, so it was difficult to reduce. By the time I'd laced her up, it was all she could do to breathe.

I pulled some old stockings on her legs, there were a couple of ladders in them, but when I asked her if she minded, naturally she said she didn't. I took the risk of releasing her hands. Trusting that the combination of having them tied all night, together with the spanking and the tight corset, would be enough to take the fight out of her. I was correct, she stood quietly while I slipped an old flowered dress over her head and zipped it up at the back.

Because of her tiny waist size, the dress was far too large, so I pulled it in with an old belt of Melissa's. I finished the outfit off with some fluffy slippers. She looked like a charwoman, which had been exactly my intention. I cuffed her hands in front and fastened my knee spreader to her legs. Topping the whole lot off with a curly blonde wig, I pronounced her ready, then I led her into the kitchen and showing her where all the equipment was, I ordered her to go into the bedroom and start cleaning the smell out of the cupboard.

When she'd finished that I had her start on the lounge room. Melissa came in looking flushed and exhausted, she collapsed onto the lounge and asked me to get her a drink. She obviously hadn't noticed Shelley cleaning the shelves behind her, because as she took her first mouthful, she sprayed it everywhere and started choking.

When she recovered, I realised she wasn't choking but laughing. "What have you done to her?" She laughed. "I thought we needed a cleaning lady and Shelley kindly volunteered. Since her clothes were slightly damaged, I thought you wouldn't mind if she borrowed these." "She must have been working very hard, she appears to have lost quite a bit of weight, Steve, you haven't been working her too hard have you." She admonished. "No, not at all, she's enjoying it, aren't you Shelley." "Yes thank you Master Steve." Melissa raised an eyebrow in query at her obedience. In answer I said, "Shelley, come over here and show Mistress Melissa what a little hot arse you are."

"Would you mind going in and releasing Rebecca from the frame please Steve. She should be conscious now. And why don't you take the cleaning lady here, she might learn something." The sight that greeted me when I entered the room made me promise myself, never ever to cross Melissa. Rebecca, still attached to the frame, was striped from head to foot. Melissa hadn't missed a square inch of flesh. I could tell from experience, she had used the cat to beat her. Her face was red and her eyes puffy, presumably from lots of crying.

As I anticipated, when I released her she collapsed into my arms. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. Just to be safe I tied her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, and then covered her with a blanket leaving her to rest up for the night. Looking at Shelley, I could see Mel was correct, the colour had drained from her face as she stared at Rebecca.

I locked the bedroom door to safeguard against Shelley releasing her if the opportunity presented itself. Knowing Melissa as I do, I knew that once recovered she would be feeling very horny. So I helped Shelley to put the cleaning tools away and then locked her in the cupboard with them.

Melissa and I spent the rest of the day in bed. About 5.00pm she suggested we should get ready for our guest. I made some sandwiches for the 4 of us, releasing Rebecca's hands from the bed and cuffing them in front of her as I had with Shelley. While they both drank the water I gave them, neither seemed interested in food so I left them, saying they could have them as a snack later.

As Mel and I were eating, she suggested a little game. We would each dress our slaves in the fashion agreed the night before. The stakes for the bet were difficult to set, Since I had nothing Melissa couldn't have, and she had everything, we decided it would be the $250,000 she had loaned me to lure Shelley. It didn't really matter because I had no use for it, but at least we had a stake. "Who's going to judge the entries?" I asked, "Me, of course." Melissa answered with a cheeky grin.

I took Shelley into my room, and released Rebecca, ordering her to go into Melissa's room. We worked on them for the best part of an hour. I had a slight disadvantage because I had to remove my earlier work before I could begin. When I had completed Shelley's dressing, I quickly put my own clothes on. For this night I was dressed in a man's evening suit. It was the first time in ages I had worn normal clothes, and it felt quite strange and decidedly uncomfortable.
Melissa, as always, looked sensational. She wore a long blue evening dress, split to the thigh. Her hair was brushed straight down her back and her make up impeccable. But the thing that stopped me in my tracks was the appearance of Rebecca. If I hadn't known better, I would have sworn it was a different girl. We stood the girls side by side for Mel to judge. They looked like 2 of the cheapest streetwalkers you could ever see.
Melissa had dressed Rebecca in a short black leather skirt, which revealed a couple of inches of her black seamed stockings. A black Lurex top and patent leather shoes with 4" heels completed the outfit. Steel cuffs in behind her back joined her hands. I had gone for the more conventional look. Tight pink hot pants, a red satin blouse, knotted at the front to reveal the abdomen. Dark, fishnet stockings and knee length white boots with 3" heels. I had finished her off with the curly blonde wig. Needless to say, both girls wore excessive amounts of make up. I secured Shelley with straps above the elbows, which were joined behind her.
While Shelley's hands were free, they were quite useless to her. Melissa walked round the 2 girls for a while then finally she spoke. "I've got to admit, yours is better Steve." I felt like I'd won a lottery. I think the biggest pleasure was in the fact that Melissa had been totally honest. It gave me a peculiar pride.
"Maybe we should send them out and see who earns the most money." I suggested. "That would be the fairest way to judge the winner." "Not at all." Mel responded, "For starters you had more to work with, If we send them out it will have to be twice. The second time, I get to dress Shelley." I found it hard to believe, but I could see Rebecca was almost angry that Shelley made a better hooker. You can never guess what will annoy some people.
We spent a while teaching them how to walk and act. Though neither Mel nor myself really had any idea of how a streetwalker acted. We made them wiggle their hips as they walked. We also decided they should be chewing gum, so they had to fake that too. Then they had to practice their approach on each of us. Neither girl was very seductive until Melissa retrieved a cane from the bedroom and gave them the occasional smack on the rump. I think Shelley came out best, she has a naturally deep voice and can sound very sultry with the right persuasion.
A gentle knock at the door disturbed our entertainment. "Get that will you Steve, It will be the 2 guys I invited up." Rebecca and Shelley looked horrified. Shelley said, "No," but was stopped before she could continue, by a rap from the cane. I opened the door slightly, "Good evening, Gentlemen, Won't you come in." I stepped aside and threw the door open. It was of course Alice looking totally confused. She was wearing the same outfit she had on the other night.
"I'm sorry, I thought I was supposed to meet Rebecca Williamson here." She walked tentatively inside the door. "Rebecca, Shelley wha..." "Come in Alice, I've heard a lot about you from Steve, I feel I know you all ready but we can get better acquainted later. I think you know everybody, Rebecca, Shelley, say hello to our guest." "Hello Alice," they both whispered.

"And of course, you and Steve are old friends." Sudden recognition registered on her face. She started toward the door, which I quickly slammed and stood against. "Who are you, what are you going to do to me, please let me go, I'm sorry, I didn't mean, I.." "It's all right Alice, you're among friends now. We have no intention of seeking revenge for what you did. Though I have to admit, I was pretty annoyed when I saw Steve's back."
Alice looked over at Rebecca, she wasn't sure how to react. She seemed to want Rebecca to help her but could see she was in no position. "Steve, lock Rebecca in the cupboard until I need her," Mel fully intended to humiliate her in every possible way, and in one command she showed Alice who was in charge. "Good, now take Shelley into your bedroom and play with her for a while. Wait a second," She reached for her purse and took something out, "Here's $5, make her earn it properly, you should be able to get at least an hour for that." Shelley looked furious as I tucked the money into her cleavage, "Come on Sweetie, let's see what you've got." I said, smiling at Alice and Melissa as we left the room.

To tell you the truth, I had no idea what to do with Shelley. I wanted revenge for what she had done to me, but I have to admit, I'm not good at administering pain. I don't get pleasure out of it as someone such as Rebecca does. While I have nothing against sex and Shelley was undoubtedly an attractive woman. I would get more pleasure from holding hands with Melissa than an overnight session with any other woman I've ever met.
As we entered the bedroom, I tried to think what was the worst punishment I'd had inflicted on me. As I considered this, I pulled Shelley's hot pants and panties down and ordered her to lie on the bed. Then it dawned on me how I could best torture her. I slowly removed my jacket and tie, teasing her with uncertainty. Next, I walked casually over to the assortment of whips and canes, testing several in the air and finally rejecting all of them.
I returned to the bed. I could see the fear growing in Shelley, until finally she whispered. "What are you going to do?" In answer I leaned over and started licking her stockinged foot, sucking her toes and then gradually moving up her leg until I reached her stocking top. By this time her breathing had become quite laboured, and I smiled as I moved to her other foot and repeated the treatment.

When I reached her naked thigh, I turned her over on her back and moved up, slowly covering every inch of her magnificent left buttock with my saliva. I licked my way across her waist and back to her stocking down the left cheek. By now she was making small unintelligible sounds and raising her hips to meet my tongue.

I started back up the inside of her thigh, brushing the flesh between her 2 holes with my tongue as I moved across and down the other side. As I did so she let out a disappointed groan and tried to guide my mouth back up by rotating her hips. I retraced my path, this time allowing her to manoeuvre my tongue to her rear passage. I worked my way up and down the valley formed by her 2 globes, Gradually moving deeper into her hidden treasures. By this time she was moaning loudly, and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. I plunged my tongue into her hole and she began grinding her hips into my face. Pushing up to meet me as she entered the blissful pre-orgasm stage.

I took her right to the brink of orgasm then suddenly pulled away and sat by her side watching her. "No, please," her useless hands flapped about as she tried to reach her sex to finish the job I'd started. I turned her over and seeing the frustration on her flushed face, I smiled down at her. Her eyes registered the first hint of realisation as her heavy breathing gradually subsided.

As soon as she calmed down, I returned to my task. This time I worked on the front of her thighs. I paused around her short clipped bush searching it with my tongue as if trying to locate something. I moved up to her navel and spent a while exploring that, then back down, once more hesitating as I reached her short hairs. Back up the inside of her thigh and along the crease between leg and pussy, across and back down. By the time I got to her stocking top, I had to stop again as once more she attempted to climax.

"Oh no, please, Master Steve please," She panted, "Let me come, I'll do anything." I gently covered her mouth with my hand indicating my insistence on silence. She obeyed, begging me with her eyes. I continued the torture for half an hour or so. I was at the stage where I could bring her to the edge in about 10 seconds, and I have to admit, I loved the control I had over this poor helpless girl.

Melissa entered the room watching silently for a while. Once she understood what I was doing, she nodded her approval and left. I doubt Shelley had even noticed her presence. As she departed, she nodded to me to follow, and after a couple more licking sessions I complied. She was alone in the lounge room. I assumed she had sent Alice away with a warning. As I took my place beside her, she kissed me tenderly. "I love you Steve." There was no passion in the words, just a simple statement. Yet it was probably the most important sentence I've ever heard. "You really are an evil bastard aren't you?" She continued, "I'm glad you didn't have sex with her, I'm not sure we could have continued if you had. Now I know you're mine for keeps." Again she kissed me.

I moved closer, intending to go further with her. "No, I have other things for you to do. I want you to go into our bedroom, this was the first time she had called it ours and it made me feel like a child on Christmas morning. You'll know what to do when you get inside. I trust you now and don't mind how you handle it. I know I've nothing to be jealous of anymore." Again she kissed me. "By the way, do you mind if I continue your excellent work in the other room?" I smiled, "What's mine is yours."

I walked into the bedroom. The sight that greeted me was most unexpected. Sitting on the bed looking like a frightened child, was Alice. Melissa had been working on her and had done a superb job. Her make up had been fixed to subtly highlight her features. Gone were the cheap clothes, replaced by one of Melissa's more elegant dresses. Naturally Alice couldn't hope to do the justice to the dress which Mel did, but she still looked lovely, in a fragile way.

I sat beside her on the bed and told her how lovely she was. She relaxed noticeably, asking, "You don't think this is too much do you?" Pointing to the outfit. "I've never had anything as beautiful as this. Melissa said I could have it, do you think she meant I could keep it, or is it just for tonight?" "She meant it was yours to keep." I replied. "Are you very angry with me? I didn't mean to hurt you like that, I don't know what made me do it. I just wanted to make someone pay for hurting me, and you were the only one I..." For the second time that night, I placed my hand over someone's mouth to silence them.

"It's all right, I understand." Removing my hand I kissed her gently on the lips. I had expected her to be tense, but she responded by throwing her arms round my neck and pulling me to her. I hadn't intended to go any further, but didn't want to leave her feeling rejected. So at her instigation we gently explored each other's bodies and made tender love. After relaxing in each other's arms for a while I said, "I'm going into the other room, you're free to stay the night if you wish, or you can leave. It's up to you, we won't pressure you either way." "Thank you, for everything." She replied giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Tell you what, why don't you make us all coffee, while you decide." "Is that 3 or 5 coffees," she asked, unsure of the positions of Rebecca and Shelley. "3, those 2 are going to be taught a few lessons in human relations before they are ready to join polite society again." Alice looked as though she wanted to ask something, but didn't quite know how. I waited a while, then asked, "Is there something you want?" "Not exactly, I was talking to Melissa and she said I shouldn't become like Rebecca. And I don't want to, but I, that is," "I think I know what you mean, you'd like to get her back for what she did to you, but you don't think Melissa would approve. Why don't we ask Melissa?"

I joined Mel in the spare room. Shelley was a gibbering mess on the bed. She was begging Mel to finish her off, and Mel just smiled and watched her suffer. "Alice is making some coffee, and I think she wants to ask you something. Why don't we give Shelley a while to compose herself, we can always come back later." "Good idea, my tongue is beginning to ache, you don't mind if we have a break do you Shelley." "Please, don't leave me like this, please make me come, Mistress Melissa, Master Steve please, tell her." "Sorry Shelley, the coffee's getting cold, maybe you should follow its example." I laughed, as we closed the door behind us.

To ensure Shelley couldn't relieve herself, Melissa tied her legs together at the knees, then fastened them to the bottom of the bed. We joined Alice in the lounge room. "Steve says you want to ask me something Alice." "Well yes, I know what you told me before about not wasting my life hurting and humiliating people, but I was wondering if... If you..." "You'd like to have your revenge on Rebecca, right."

"Do you think I'm really awful? If you don't think I should I'll understand, it's just that she made me do such terrible things to Steve, and I may have lost William because of her so I.." "You don't need to explain, we understand Alice." I interrupted. "In your position we would both feel exactly the same." "Let's finish our coffee, then while Steve and I have some more fun with Shelley, you can take Rebecca into our room and satisfy your need for revenge." As we finished our coffee, I released Rebecca from the cupboard. To ensure she didn't talk Alice into releasing her, I secured a ball gag in her mouth. She was made to stand by while Alice and Melissa chatted about clothes and men.

Then Alice, with newfound confidence, walked into the other room, signaling Rebecca to follow. She reached the door and Rebecca hadn't moved. "Get your arse in here, NOW." Rebecca looked quickly at Melissa and me then walked into the room. We couldn't help running to the door to hear what was said. "You nearly fucked up my life Rebecca, the only thing you did for me, was teach me how to use one of these." There was the unmistakable whistle of a riding crop through the air. "I'm going to use it one last time, and you can tell me if I was a good student when I'm finished."

"I think you'll have a better idea of my ability, if we take the dress off." There was a short pause then a sort of thump, presumably Rebecca being pushed onto the bed. Next came the sound of the crop striking bare flesh. We left the door then, returning to our labours with Shelley.

We soon had Shelley back to the point Melissa had left her. With 2 of us ministering to her body, she was even more desperate to be allowed to have an orgasm. After a while, I could see Mel was getting bored with the game, for that matter, so was I. So once again I moved round and positioned my head between her thighs. Melissa was playing with her nipples and I started licking her thighs. I quickly moved up to her pussy and sucking her hard clit into my mouth I pushed my tongue deep inside her. She started to pump her hips into my face, and her groans became more frequent and louder until she was soon erupting in an enormous orgasm, the ferocity almost throwing Melissa off her stomach where she sat playing with Shelley's nipples. Shelley was screaming now, and she seemed to take forever to finish coming.

Eventually her orgasm subsided, as did her breathing. I stopped sucking and stood up, helping Melissa to her feet. We left Shelley lying on the bed as we walked out. It wasn't necessary to close the door anymore; Shelley was a beaten woman and would be compliant from now on. Once she composed herself she would realise her humiliation had been total. There was no longer any point in escaping; we couldn't inflict any physical injury that would compare with the mental injury she had just suffered.

Alice was sitting on the lounge when we entered the front room. "That sounded painful," she remarked, "I could hear her screams in here." "There's more than one sort of pain Alice, but you're better off not knowing any more."

"Do you feel better Alice?" "Sort of, I wanted to hurt her but it was hard, I kept feeling sorry for her, but then I reminded myself what she had done to me." "I'm glad you feel that way, it means you're not a hopeless case." Melissa picked up the phone and dialed. "Hello Pierre, it's Melissa...fine thanks, and you...glad to hear it, Pierre I've got something for you...yes that's, this is a hour, I'll look forward to it, see you soon, bye."

"You'd better get Rebecca ready Steve, she's going on a little trip. I went into the bedroom where Rebecca lay on the bed. She looked terrible, I wondered idly if I'd looked that bad when Alice had beaten me. She was naked except for the gag and her back was striped from shoulder to knee, The crop had brought the blood to the surface in some areas, and it was obvious they would turn into nasty bruises. I quickly dressed her in the hooker clothes she'd been wearing before, and led her into the lounge room. I was just in time to kiss Alice goodbye and wish her luck, then I sat beside Mel on the lounge and sipped a glass of wine.

In bed with Melissa later, we lay in each other's arms and discussed the day's events. Pierre turned out to be a white slaver, and he seemed delighted with Rebecca though he wouldn't say exactly where she was going, he did mention a desert. Alice went home with the promise she would return with her boyfriend for dinner, she never did. Shelley was released that night, she went back to her job and now works quite closely with Melissa. Once in a while Mel brings her over for 'humility lessons' as she calls them. Melissa works from home far more these days, and to any visitor we appear to be the ideal couple, very much in love. WE ARE.


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