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The Backyard
by Stardad

Some or all of what follows may be true, or based on real people. Or not. But no real names are used.

* * * * *

It was a lazy summer weekend day; all the windows were open, and the sounds of lawnmowers and kids playing filtered in to the house. Henry's family was away at the beach, but he'd had to work on a project this weekend and couldn't go. Henry settled into his recliner with the newspaper and a cold beer, and punched up the ballgame on the TV; he may have dozed off from time to time.

Suddenly he became aware of what sounded like a fierce struggle from just outside his dining room windows. He heard moaning and groaning and carrying on. Curious, he got up and went to the window and to his surprise witnessed a totally unexpected struggle indeed. His upstairs neighbor Janice was lying on a chaise, in the sunlight but in a spot where she couldn't be seen from the houses on either side because of the high fence, the garage walls and the house itself.

Janice often sunned herself out there but Henry rarely paid attention - even in the sun she wore baggy clothing which hid any figure she might have had; that, plus her apologetic, mousy personality, made her a nonentity in Henry's eyes. Besides, Janice was married, although her husband had recently left, and her son was spending the weekend with dad.

Not this time though! Janice's baggy denim shorts were at the foot of the chaise. Her halter top was pulled down off of one very shapely, if smallish breast. Her panties were pulled aside - Henry noticed immediately that she was a natural redhead - and the fingers of her right hand were stabbing viciously in and out of her cunt while her left hand worried away at her exposed pink nipple. Henry thought she must be ready to have a wonderful orgasm, and stood in the window watching; unconsciously his hand dropped into his pants and he started softly stroking himself.

Janice stabbed and stroked and rubbed, and Henry watched... and nothing else happened. She seemed to be struggling very, very hard and getting more and more frustrated. Henry was reminded of the old porn classic "Devil in Miss Jones" where the title character shared a similar fate. Henry kept languidly rubbing his slowly-stiffening cock, more curious than excited.

Suddenly with no warning at all Henry SNEEZED - loudly! Janice froze in mid-stroke, her fingers and red pubic hair glistening in the sunlight, and her head snapped up to Henry's window. She couldn't see him through the screen, of course, but she knew she was observed. She hesitated for a moment, blushing (all over, Henry noticed) and he thought she was going to run away in embarrassment. Clearly she thought about doing just that; then she brightened a bit and said in a voice soft enough that the neighbors in the houses close on each side couldn't hear "Henry, is that you?"

Henry was a bit embarrassed himself, being caught peeping on his neighbor, and he too though about going away and saying nothing.

Instead he said "yes it is."

Janice's next words sent his embarrassment away: "Oh Henry you can't believe how glad I am!" she said. "It's something left over from when I was a kid. I can't get an orgasm when I'm by myself; and since Mike has left I've just been SO FRUSTRATED!"

Henry who was extremely faithful didn't know what to do or say next; he knew he wouldn't screw this woman. He was sure she knew it too: She solved THAT problem by saying: "Henry I know how faithful you are to your wife, and I admire that. I don't want to have sex with you, but could you just do me a wonderful favor? Come down here and sit with me while I finish up. Really that's all I need. No-one will ever know, and I'll feel SO much better."

Well, how could Henry refuse? In a moment he was downstairs, pulling up a lawn chair to the left of Janice's chaise. She smiled at him - my she was prettier when she smiled, she hadn't done that very much in the 18 months they had been neighbors - and grabbed his right hand with her left that had been fingering her nipple. Her right hand returned to her crotch, and resumed stroking, more languidly but more confidently than before. Well this was very, very different from catching a voyeur glimpse from the house!

Now Henry was close enough to feel Janice's body vibrate with excitement, to hear the "splock" of her fingers going in and out, in and out; to smell her sweat and her crotch juices; to see her almost-invisible nipples (for she had the light-colored nipples typical of a redhead) harden and rise on her breasts; and to hear her breath quicken and the small panting sounds of arousal!

He was close enough now actually to see her clit and cunt lips swell; to see her juices start to run down from her cunt toward her ass and start to soak into the towel underneath her; to see when she changed her hand position JUST SO, so her thumb could stroke her clit while she finger-fucked herself. Janice took his hand that had been holding hers and placed it onto her thigh, close enough that he could feel the boiling heat of her cunt, as she resumed rolling and pinching her nipple.

Well! What had been a small erection had now turned into a raging hardon, so uncomfortable that Henry had to unzip his pants and let it out. As Janice got more and more aroused, Henry's cock got harder and harder, helped along by a few strokes of his left hand. Although he was not in full masturbation mode just yet, he would unavoidably be there very soon and he wondered what would happen next.

Janice was groaning now, the hand in her crotch almost a blur.. Henry could feel her thigh muscles tighten under his hand. Suddenly her ass came up off the chaise, her face contorted, and she emitted a choked-off groan.

While she tried to bury her right hand into her crotch up to the elbow, her left started flailing around as sounds of "oh... oh... oh..." came out. Her eyes were clenched shut as that flailing hand found and grabbed Henry's throbbing penis. It must have been accidental, because while she was still in the throes of orgasm her eyes snapped open, saucer-wide, and her mouth made a matching "O" of surprise. She was still panting, and coming, and stammering all at once: "Oh... wow!...I'm sorry.... Oh... you poor guy... oh... I didn't think.... Oh!!"

Of course she started stroking him, and as her own fierce orgasm wound down, she concentrated more and more on what her left hand was doing. Her right hand remained in her own crotch tenderly touching her still-swollen lips, perhaps hoping for another quick climax of her own.

Well the combination of what Henry had just seen and heard, and the tender touch of this sexually-charged woman, was way more than he could stand. She made a ring around his cock head and increased the speed and pressure, not too much either, and he was a goner. Now it was Henry's turn to groan and raise his hips up off the chair as he spurted everywhere, all over both of them, the furniture and the ground. Janice kept stroking fiercely as Henry now panted and stammered and finally had to say "no... stop.... enough...please...." Janice used the towel she had been lying on to clean them both off, and went inside; Henry went into his house and flopped on the bed.

When Henry's wife came back the next night, she wondered why Henry was not as amorous as usual in the situation. Henry explained that he'd had too many beers the previous night and was a bit hung over. Janice moved away about three weeks later. She and Henry barely saw each other in that time, and never spoke of what had happened.


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