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The Couch
by Foleyj98

When I met Nikki I didn't think I stood a chance. 22, honey blonde hair, gorgeous face, tight ass poured into stretch pants perched on open toed high heels. I was 3 years older and barely able to talk to her. But she liked my sense of humor and all the other dumb things I do. What I love is how uninhibited and horny she is. We can talk about anything and then just fuck afterwards.

Lately, we hadn't been getting out much. So Saturday night we decided to get out of the house. We went downtown to a bar some friends own. Nikki looked amazing. Her belly button ring was peeking out of her tight shirt and I thought I'd lose my mind.

We were talking to some friends of hers when something caught my eye. A girl who couldn't have been more then 21, blonde, tiny nose ring, tits bursting out of her halter top. My eyes followed her wherever she went in the bar. Nikki caught me. She slapped my hand, then kept talking to her girlfriends. I kept staring anyway. Nikki just gave up and waved me away.

When we got to my apartment, I dropped onto the couch. Nikki crawled over.

"Were you looking at that girl?" she asked.

"Who?" I yawned.

"The blonde. With the nose ring." She moved closer.

"Oh. Her. Yeah." I tried to play it off.

"Did you think she was hot?"

"She's not you."

"Answer the question." Her hand went for my crotch.

"She was good looking." She unzipped my pants. I felt a buzz, shocked she wasn't more angry.

"Do you want to fuck her?" Her fingers cradled my cock. She started to stroke.


Her other hand disappeared under her skirt. Into her panties. "Mmmm. I bet you'd love to fuck her," she purred, "She was so fucking hot. Tell me how you'd fuck her."

"I'd bend her over the couch."

Her hand stroked me faster.

"And I'd pull up her skirt. I'd stick my cock in. She'd moan. And squirm. I'd fuck her so hard."

The hand in her panties moved faster. "Yeah. You'd fuck that bitch so hard. So fucking hard. That little slut..."

I pictured the girl bent over the couch as I pulled her hair.

"Would she like it? Tell me she'd like it," Nikki said, her hand sliding up and down my throbbing cock.

"She'd like it. That slut would love it. She'd even want it in the ass."

Nikki let out a squeal and pumped me harder as she stroked herself faster.

"Right on the couch, Nikki. I'd fuck her ass right on the couch. Would you like that?"

She was lost now. "I'd LOVE it. Tell me where you'd cum."

"Right on her face, baby. Right on her face."

Nikki leaned in. "Yeah! Cum for me, honey! Cum for me like you'd cum for her!"

"Is that what you want?" Her hands went into overdrive.


I came all over face as she yelped in orgasm: "I'M CUMMING! OH GOD! I'M CUMMING! FUCK THAT SLUT!"

Her hand slowed. She leaned back. So gorgeous, covered in my cum, still in her heels and skirt. She smiled and licked some cum off a silver fingernail.

Two weeks later, we went out with some of my friends. As is typical of them, we ended up at a strip club. Nikki had gone to strip clubs before but never with me. She loved it. Every dancer she gave a dollar would come back and talk to her. They'd laugh and hug. I just looked on.

Then one dancer came over. Tall, long brown hair, wrapped in leather, big lips and big heels. Unlike most of the other girls, she looked like she enjoyed her work. And she fell onto my lap.

"Hi. I'm Christy."

"Christy," I said, trying to defuse the situation, "have you met my girlfriend, Nikki?"

Nikki grinned, "Will you dance for my boyfriend?"

The next song started. Christy straddled me and went to work. Her body never left mine. It was the best lapdance I'd ever had. She'd put her chin and my lap and hum. I was so hard. Nikki just watched quietly.

The song ended. Christy leapt onto Nikki. "You're beautiful," she said, "I'll do you for free."

She danced all over Nikki. It was like I wasn't even there. After the song ended they talked quietly for a few minutes. Then Christy got up to leave. As she did, she whispered into my ear, her hot breath caressing my lobe, "I'll see you later."

The second we got home Nikki threw me onto the couch and launched onto my lap. "Did you like Christy?" she asked as she started her own lapdance.


"Good. Because she's coming over."


"God. My nipples are so hard." She rubbed her tits through her tight shirt.

A knock at the door. Nikki bolted up to answer it. Christy strolled in, now wearing jeans and a halter. She grabbed my girlfriend and rammed her tongue down her throat. I was in utter disbelief. Was my girl cool or what? They rubbed all over as they tore off pieces of clothing.

Nikki dropped to her knees and pulled down my pants. She looked up at me as she stroked my cock. Then she just started sucking. Christy rubbed my ass and kissed me.

Nikki's head bobbed up and down. I tried not to cum and pulled her up. We all touched each other. Christy stroked Nikki's pussy. Nikki bit her lip.

"Fuck her, God. Please, fuck her."

I licked Christy's nipple. "Is Nikki wet enough? Does she deserve it, Christy?"

Christy licked her fingertips. "I...don't know."

"Please, " Nikki moaned, "I can't..."

Nikki looked like she'd faint. Then she stood straight up. She grabbed Christy's hand and licked her own juices off it. She turned to me. "Do you like this stripper? Huh? Her big fake tits? Those heels? That nipple ring? Do you want to fuck her? Huh?"

I stroked myself. "I want to bend her over the couch."

Nikki shoved Christy over the couch. Christy squealed in delight. Then Nikki laid down on the floor and spread her legs. "Me first." I never fucked her so hard. She kept cumming and cumming. Christy never moved. She just played with herself. Then Nikki pulled me out and led me over to Christy.

"Fuck her. Fuck her in the ass. Fuck that dirty stripper in the ass for your girlfriend." She bent over and sucked my cock, lubing it. Then she shoved me up Christy's ass.

I almost came right then. But I concentrated on kissing Nikki as Christy panted away.

"Fuck her," Nikki said, "So hot. You're fucking a stripper right in front of your girlfriend. Does that get you hot, baby?" Her fingers slid over her dripping cunt and she licked my nipple.

"I'm gonna cum!" I groaned.

"Cum on her tits!" yelled Christy.

I pulled out and Christy jerked me off as she played with herself.

Nikki squeezed her tits together. "I'm cumming!" Christy screamed as she kept pumping me. That did it. My cum flew out all over Nikki's tits. I was in ecstasy. Cum dripped off my girlfriend as both girls rushed to lick it up. They shared a squishy cum filled kiss.

It stayed like that for a few minutes. Then Nikki gave me a big kiss. We all collapsed on the couch and I squeezed Nikki tight.


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