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The Cast's Couch
by Lucky1013

"Brendan, just come here for a second," Kristi tugged him into her trailer.

"What do you want to show me? Just tell me." he gently argued. They had been dating for a few months but their relationship was far from normal.

Kristi had met Brendan when she was hired for the TV show they both worked on. He seemed immature enough even though he was 23 years old. She, on the other hand, was 21 and far more mature than he. But the interesting part about their relationship had more to do with the intimate aspect. Brendan told her straight up that he was religious and he absolutely was going to wait until he was married to have sex. Well, this blew Kristi's mind. She had never met a guy, especially in Hollywood, who was waiting until he was married. Hell, she'd hardly met any *girls* doing that. But when he told her he was a virgin, it just made her look at him like a project. She'd try to tempt him as much as she could just to make him suffer. If he didn't like it, he'd break up with her and that's it. But while they were 'dating' she'd mess with him a little just for shits and giggles.

They were on call but most of the primary cast was on lunch for the next hour so they retreated to their trailers. Kristi had set up a special movie for Brendan, though, and she dragged him into her room nearly kicking and screaming.

"Calm down, it's just this thing I wanted you to see." Kristi sighed, leading him to the couch in front of the TV.

He exhaled, collapsing into the chair as she grabbed the remote and turned it on. First there was a couple talking in at a deli bar- really bad actors- then they slowly made their way to the back and the bathroom.

Brendan's brow furrowed. "What is this?"

"Shh, this is the good part," she grinned, just waiting for some kind of reaction from him. She knew he didn't watch porn... she wondered if he had ever really seen any at all.

The couple on the movie locked the door to the bathroom and the man turned to the woman.

He said, "How do you want it, baby?"

"I want your big, fat cock to fuck me," she replied, breathy.

Kristi bit her lip, trying not to laugh as the couple began to tear each others' clothes off. Porn movies are designed to be badly acted, weren't they?

She heard Brendan sigh and he started to push off the couch to stand when she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him back down.

"Wait, wait. Don't you want to see what happens?" she asked, watching the flick in the corner of her eye.

"I have a pretty good idea. Kristi, I don't watch this stuff- I didn't know you did," he scolded as if it were a terrible and dirty thing to do.

She ignored him and watched the woman on TV yank down the man's pants to reveal his erect penis. Kristi had only had sex two times but she was eager to try again. Sadly, it appeared Brendan was pretty strong willed. She had gotten the movie with the intent of getting laid; it was just to set the mood and then she'd take it from there. She had hoped Brendan would start something but, again, he was staying true pretty well. She just wanted to see if he *could* get aroused. He seemed so bland when it came to sex.

Kristi felt herself begin to get a little turned on by the action on TV. The woman was moaning like a cat in heat and the man was so strong, his hands all over her now naked body.

Brendan was about to get up and leave when the TV caught his eye. He did a double take when the man turned the girl to face the sink as he fucked her from behind. They were groaning loudly and he had to clear his throat because he had been holding his breath.

Kristi glanced away from the TV and her arms were still draped around his shoulders as she looked at him. She wished he would kiss her and just manhandle her like that porn star was doing.

"Hey," she whispered, gently turning his head to face her.

He only glanced at her for a second then stood hastily.

"I know you're trying to get me to do something and I told you already."

"Okay." she murmured then her eyes unintentionally fell to the front of his pants where she saw the bulge peeking out.

He followed her eyes and covered himself with his hands, embarrassed. He quickly left the room and slammed the door shut after him, leaving her alone.

"So he's human after all." she muttered to herself as she turned back to the TV.

The tingle in her groin started again when she saw the woman turn and go down on the man. He held her head firmly as he shoved his prick in her panting mouth over and over again. Just the sight of the dick made her horny and she squirmed on the chair. Her hand gently drifted to the apex of her thighs and rubbed a little, trying to find her clit through her clothes.

"Kristi?" a voice called out before a knock then the door opening. It was Jason, another of her costars. He played the main hero of the show; the sensitive, quiet guy that every girl loves. In real life, Jason was kind of a rake. He wasn't anything like his character. He was arrogant in that attractive way and he had a dirty sense of humor. Brendan was the opposite. His character was the rebellious guy who didn't play by the rules while the real life Brendan was by the book and steadfast. She had made friends with Jason (because it was dangerous to date a guy like that) and she had started dating Brendan to ruffle his feathers.

Kristi found herself scrambling for the remote until Jason quickly appeared behind her and saw the TV.

"What are you watching?" he grinned, coming around the couch to take a seat and watch along.

"oh, I turned it on to screw around with Brendan."

"Yeah, I saw him take off. I was wondering what was wrong." Jason replied, eyes glued to the couple now going to the floor of the bathroom.

"Did you happen to see him covering himself like schoolboy?" Kristi smiled which Jason returned.

"No, was he messed up?"

"Eh. Not as much as I had hoped. If he had been really effected, *you* wouldn't be here- he would."

"What do you mean? Are you still trying to get him in bed for real?"

"I am a young, healthy woman- I should be able to have sex if I like." she defended.

"Not with Brendan." he said.

"Yeah, we'll see."

Jason snickered as they both watched the couple begin to fuck missionary style.

"God, I miss that." he sighed.


"Just grabbing a girl, not thinking about any consequences and just fucking her on a bathroom floor."

"You never did that." Kristi laughed, squirming a little. The movie was still turning her on and she was glad Jason seemed unaffected. He was lightening the mood. Wasn't he?

"Well, the bathroom part, no. But I used to screw at least three different girls a week in my hay day."

"Bullshit." she remarked.

"No, serious. Do you know what I learned from all that fucking?"


"Girls liked to be fucked- you know, *taken*. They don't like the making love shit all the time. A lot of the time, they liked to be handled roughly, pressed up against a wall and just fucked." he said, turning to face her. She watched him warily. She wanted to glance down and see if he was hard but by the look on his face she could tell he was turned on.

"Yeah?" she casually carried on the conversation, watching the TV again. Her groin was starting to pound thinking about him next to her and seeing people go at it on screen. "You like to take girls like that?"

"Do you like to be taken?" he countered.

Kristi looked over at his handsome face. Many girls out there liked him and she knew he was cute but now he looked a little dangerous. His sensitive character Ben was out the window and all she could see was Jason waiting for a yes or no from her open mouth.

"Maybe." she dismissed turning back to the TV. She couldn't help it. She liked to play games with guys- it was just too easy.

There was silence for a moment as the couple on screen climaxed and the man pulled out spurting his cum all over the girls' stomach.

She was actually caught off guard because she was watching the cum on screen when Jason swiftly leaned over, holding her jaw with his hand as his lips took hers. His tongue smoothly conquered her mouth and she clutched his shirt helplessly.

God, he tasted hot, she thought absently. His hands on her face were strong and they kept her in place as he penetrated her mouth and she tentatively licked back. She was slowly encircling his neck when his hand made it's way up her rib cage under her T-shirt. It left trails of goose bumps in its wake and Kristi backed up a little to take a breath.

Jason took the opportunity to swiftly lift her shirt up and away, tossing it aside as his mouth lowered to the exposed part of her breast. He squeezed at her firm mound with one hand, his other working on the hook in the back as Kristi's hands ran through his hair.

His tongue was like a hot whiplash making the throb in her groin pound harder. Just as the clip on her bra gave way, she tugged at the back of his shirt, pulling it up over his head. They removed the others' last shred of clothing from the waist up at the same moment and she immediately appreciated his shaped chest with her small hands.

Kristi had always admired Jason's abs and chest- he really did work on them. He had nice, broad shoulders that flexed now as he urged her to lay back on the couch which she did with welcome. His mouth was on her nipple licking and sucking as he worked on her jeans at the same time. Kristi's back arched, begging for more attention to her breasts with a breathy moan.

Her pants slipped away and he quickly stood, stepping out of his as well. She watched his muscled thighs in their boxers and sighed, thankful for just a moment that he was so hot.

Jason shot her a quick smile as she gazed at him in nothing but his underwear and he definitely wanted to return the stare. There she was, propped up on her elbows to better see him, only in some little white bikini panties, her chest bare and beautiful. He quickly decided looking time was over.

He kissed her again, deeply and climbed back on top as she spread her legs, welcoming his heavy weight between. She was so soft everywhere his hands roamed; her curvy thighs, her smooth arms, her lush breasts; he couldn't wait to feel what she felt like from the inside.

Kristi could hear the moaning of the television in the background as she kissed him, clutching the back of his head to keep him there. It was even hotter with the sounds encouraging crazy fucking. She felt her underwear roll down her legs and his hand hastily fighting with his boxer briefs.

An urge came over her when she realized how quick this might be over. She didn't want him to leave- he felt so good in her arms; so strong and powerful. Kristi pushed at one of his shoulders and he looked down in confusion. She smiled slyly and pushed him to roll over so she straddled his still-clothed hips.

She looked down at him and marveled again at his terrific chest. Kristi scooted up until the bulge in his briefs hit her just at the right spot and she gently rubbed against him. Jason took a quick intake of breath at the pressure but she kept swirling, feeling the point at her core being quenched. His hands at her hips sort of clutched them, making her stop, so she slid down all the way until her face was at his abdomen.

Jason watched her closely and he smiled a little, amazed that he was even doing this with his co-star who before now had just been an acquaintance.

Kristi gently pulled his boxer briefs down and his dick sprang free as she got rid of the clothing. She moved closer, examining it, her hand wrapping around the silky smooth base. She had never really looked at one before- she'd slept with two guys but it was all so missionary and in the dark.

Now, with Jason obediently in her hand, she gently kissed at the tip of the firm shaft. Her mouth enveloped him and Jason's hands clutched at the couch as his eyes drifted shut and he groaned. Lower and lower she went until he hit the back of her throat. She wasn't ready for that, she realized. Instead, she began to lick up and down the meat, sucking at the parts she could get her mouth around.

He had inadvertently started pumping, trying to reach warm sanctuary but finding nothing. Soon it wasn't enough and his hand tangled through her hair bringing her face up.

"Come here." He murmured, his breath coming in short pants.

Kristi padded over until she was straddling him again and he grabbed her head with one hand, taking her mouth then using his other to push her hips down to meet his eager dick. When she met his, he couldn't exactly find the perfect spot and his frustration broke in about five seconds.

Jason quickly rolled her over until he was on top of her and her legs wrapped around his thighs, trusting he would lead her. He propped himself up a little so he was in a good position and he held her in place when he pressed forward.

Kristi cried out at the pain of stretching; the other two she had been with were apparently small (or Jason was just large) because it hurt like a motherfucker.

He steadily shoved in, unable to wait any longer as he muttered, "Take it all; take all my cock."

She was moaning by the time he finished getting the entire length of him inside; she swore she could feel him in her stomach.

"God, you're so fucking tight." He groaned, the sweat on his brow coming simply from restraining himself now that he was inside.

Kristi moved her hips a little and it was incredible. She moaned again, encouraging him and he quickly started his deep thrusts. Each penetration felt like a stab from his massive cock, his balls smacking against her ass, but she took them with pleasure and pain.

She was crying out loudly and he didn't care if everyone on the goddamn set heard them or saw the entire trailer rocking. He wouldn't stop fucking her if a bomb went off.

Every time he pulled out, she clung to him and it kept building and building. His sac was so tight it was ready to explode and by the way her thighs wrapped around his indicated, he could tell she was ready too.

Kristi felt it coming and she cried, begged, for more: "Fuck me harder! Oh GOD, FASTER! OH Jesus, you're so fucking huge!! Please! HARDER, Jason!!"

He pounded into her like an animal, the wet sounds of their bodies slapping together accompanying their grunts and moans.

Suddenly he thrust against her in that perfect spot and everything exploded. She screamed and every nerve she had, down to her toes, came alive as she clutched at him desperately.

When Jason felt her inner muscles grab him so tightly, his dick erupted without warning causing him to cry out as he spilled his seed deep inside. He thrust a few more times through the aftershocks then rolled to the back of the couch so he wouldn't crush her when he lay, exhausted.

Kristi was panting, watching the ceiling above. She glanced over the other way and saw the television still going. She snickered a little when she looked at the video box on the coffee table thinking of her original plan of getting laid and Jason glanced at her as she said,

"Well, I'd say the movie worked."


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