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The Cabin in Virginia
by Bill

Bill and Emily had met on the Internet. She was 5'4'' and had the most perfect 36C breasts that Bill had ever heard of. Her nipples were pink and when aroused they stood out very inviting. At least that is what Bill had found out during their chats. He could picture them in his mind so clearly. He was excited to meet her at a cabin deep in the woods in the Virginia Mountains.

He drove up to the cabin on a Friday evening and Emily was to meet him later that evening. He cut some firewood and stacked in by the fireplace. He brought in the candles from the car as well as some very romantic music. He played the music as he continued to prepare for Emily's arrival.

The music by Alabama seemed very appropriate for their first night. Bill was 6'2'' 215 pounds of solid muscle. He wore tight blue jeans that seemed to emphasize his small ass and there was already a bulge in front of his jeans as he thought about Emily. He hoped that it would not embarrass Emily for he could not seem to keep soft. She excited him as no other woman ever had. He had on sweater for it was chilly that time of year in the mountains.

He whistled to the music as it played and he finished preparing for Emily's arrival. Wine was chilled and cold cooked chicken was placed in the fridge. He lit the fire and then the candles. The flames from both flickered around the room and he nodded with satisfaction. He wanted the sitting to be just right for he knew Emily would be nervous at their first meeting. He wanted to relax her as much as possible.

He heard her car approaching and he stepped outside to greet her. His heart thumped as he saw her get out of her car. She was even more beautiful than he had imagined. She looked so lovely in her blue jeans and sweater. Her breasts filled out the sweater so beautifully. He admired how she filled out her tight blue jeans. There were no panties lines that he could detect and he smiled.

He kissed her very gently and her lips were so soft on his. He felt her body shiver against his. He could not tell if it was from the cold air, nervousness, or excitement -- perhaps all three he thought. He helped her unpack the car and take her suitcases into the cabin.

She smiled as she saw the candles, fireplace and heard the music playing. She blushed as Bill brought the suitcases into the bedroom and she saw the big bed turned down. Bill smiled for he knew the bed brought home the thoughts of what they had discussed several times during their chats. He left her there to unpack and knew he would have to settle her fears.

When she came back to the main room, she saw the flowers that Bill had brought for her and caught her breath.

Bill poured her a glass of wine and she sipped it. Gradually she relaxed as she listened to the music and even started swaying gently to the sound. Bill offered his hand and she slid into his arms and they danced slowly to the music. Her body felt so good to him and he could feel her heart beat against his chest. His hand on her back could not detect any bra strap and his bulge immediately grew against her.

He felt her move seductively against him rubbing against his bulge and her breasts tantalized him. They kissed softly as they danced and the fire and candles made shadows on the wall. He was fighting his desire to devour her on the spot. He was so aroused and could hardly stand it. Patience he thought, you do not want to frighten her.

Her tongue tasted so delicious as they kissed. She kissed him back with a passion equal to his own. It seemed that he was not the only one aroused. He could feel her nipples swell and push into his chest. Her hands went under the back of his sweater and drew him closer. His hands went into her hair and pulled her mouth tighter to hers. How good her hands felt on his bare back, caressing his muscles.

They sank down to the floor in front of the fire. She pulled him on top of her and ground her body against his crotch. She was panting with desire and he knew that they could not wait much longer. Both of their needs were at a peak and was not to be denied. They tugged off each others sweaters and her breast came into view. What marvelous breasts met his eyes. The pink nipples was accented by the flickering flames from the fire.

He bent down to lick around the breasts running his tongue around her erect nipples. God they felt good to his tongue. Bill sucked on them gently and Emily moaned low. Emily whispered in her southern accent, suck them Bill, please suck them they hurt from my passion. Bill sucked on them and gently nibbled on them as Emily withered on the floor. Her hips undulated as he sucked on the breasts. Both of their hands eagerly started stripping off each others blue jeans.

Emily's eyes widen as she grasped the huge erection in her tiny hand. It was so big and throbbing. God and I am so tight -- will that big thing fit inside me she wondered? The head was circumcised and glistening with precum. She rubbed the head gently and brought her fingers to her mouth. She tasted the precum and sucked on her fingers.

Bill continued to suck on her breasts as his hands went down to her stomach and gently between her thighs. She spread her legs to give access to her wet pussy. Bill rubbed gently up and down her love lips. God she is so small, would she be able to take all of him he wondered. He brought his wet fingers up to her breasts and smeared it over each nipples. She tasted so sweet as he licked her juices from her breasts.

His tongue and lips traveled down to her stomach. Licking and kissing as he went. Down to her lovely wetness. Licking up and down her small pussy. Inserting his tongue as she moaned louder and louder. The juices started flowing heavier and her hips bucked against his mouth. Bill inserted a finger and Emily screamed with joy. God she was so tight.

In and out the finger went as bill's mouth found her clit and licked around it. Sucking the clit into his mouth he continued moving the finger around inside Emily. Slowly she relaxed her muscles and he was able to insert second finger. Her hips bucked wildly on both fingers and his mouth. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Her body grew hotter and hotter and she ground down on the marvelous fingers and Bill's hot mouth. Faster and harder until she screamed and Bill's mouth and fingers were filled with her cum. Again and again the waves racked her body. Bill Licked and sucked the cum into his mouth.

Bill moved up to Emily and kissed her. Their tongues flicked and tasted each other. She pulled his body on top of her and took one hand and rubbed the big cock up and down her wet pussy. Slowly the head entered and she screamed with the feeling. Raising her hips to take a little more her cum helping to lubricate the monster. Inch by inch it slid into her.

Bill felt the little pussy fit him like a tight glove. How good that felt. He pushed gently deeper and deeper. Finally hitting bottom and Emily's sweet spot. Both moaned in pleasure as Bill pulled out gently to the head. Then shoved gently back in. As the big cock became more lubricated they started to move together. Slowly at first savoring the wonderful feeling for both of them.

Passion took over and the movement increased. Grabbing Emily's ass Bill started to thrust harder inside. Emily wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips to meet his thrust. The sounds of their lovemaking could be heard above the music.

Faster and faster they moved. Passion building, bodies sweating. Emily feels Bill start to swell inside her just as the wave starts to hit her. Both bodies jerk and tremble as both climax at same time. Bill feels his cock spurt out over and over again and feels Emily's cum surround his own cock. Faster they pump and release. Finally they flop down on the floor exhausted but so very satisfied.

Bill and Emily kiss and hold each other tight. The fire warms their already hot bodies. They kiss tenderly and doze off into a peaceful sleep in each others arms. Dreams of the weekend makes them both smile. Perhaps they may even get to the bedroom next ;-)

To Be Continued...


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