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The College Party
by Monique

It was a nice clear night, with not a star visible as far as the eye could see. Todd ushered Monique from her quaint college campus apartment onto the densely lit path that snaked in different directions around campus. She had been out with Todd several times and was starting to really become attached to him. His charm and ease with her made her putty in his hands and she was sure he knew it. She still wasn't sure where he was taking her, only that the whole night was to be a surprise to her. She was an attractive girl, 5 foot 9 inches tall, shoulder length red hair and fetching emerald eyes, she had an ample figure that obviously caught many men enthralled with her beauty. But Todd seemed to be genuinely taken with her mind and overall personality rather than what was on the outside. It was refreshing.

Todd led her along the walkway to one of the smaller fraternity houses on campus; it was slightly obvious that the "surprise" was to be a party. Todd had obviously over-hyped this event as Monique now walked confidently along with Todd. It was fairly early on in the party from the looks of it as there was only about 4 other guys whom she didn't know as the pair walked into the room.

The house was quite small, with a kitchen separated by a partition that played double duty as a kitchen table obviously. On the far wall was a large screen T.V with couches and chairs situated near and around it. A pool table in the center of the room was the main attraction as the men hulked around it. Todd left Monique at the door as he approached the other guys and quickly struck up a conversation. The other guys looked knowingly towards Monique and continued talking with Todd. Monique felt very much out of place, but decided to make the best of it as she approached the group. Eager to find out when more people would come she asked where they all were.

"Umm, there's more coming later." One man said. Satisfied with the answer Monique just played along with the group, but soon half an hour had passed and still no one else had shown up. She pulled Todd aside.

"I think maybe this isn't really geared towards me, it's really more of you're style Todd. I think I'm going to go home."

"What? Oh come on, Monique. We always go where you want to go and I never make a fuss. Just stay a while it'll be worth it." He retorted. Monique was eager to please Todd, and he was right they had gone places that weren't really Todd's forte, so she decided to humor him. The group soon swayed towards the television with one man popping in a videocassette. Monique found herself wedged between Todd and another man. When the movie started she was shocked to find out it was a porno movie. She shifted to try and get up but Todd gave her a disapproving glance that told her she wasn't going anywhere. Despite her apprehension, she figured it couldn't be that bad.

She sat and watched and after five minutes passed already a sexual act was being committed on the screen. Despite the vulgarity of it all, Monique felt the familiar wetness between her legs. She wasn't sure exactly what the point of watching this movie was, perhaps neural signals weren't being sent properly to her brain, but she continued to watch the movie, in fact her eyes were transfixed on the action on the screen. And her pussy got even more wet as her arousal hit a fever pitch.

As if on cue Todd got up and straddled her on the couch and began kissing her. Monique attempted to struggle but her surprise had left her vulnerable to being held down by hands on her wrists. She couldn't help kissing Todd back, but suddenly she felt hands at her feet removing her shoes. She didn't have time to react as now her shoes were off and a rush of cold air hit her toes. Todd seemed to rise and fall, she couldn't tell, her eyes were closed and she was now totally caught up in the passion.

Todd had gotten off her but kept his lips locked to hers as he now sat next to her. Now she felt a second pair of hands opening her buttoned sweater. She seemed to lose strength in her arms as she let her limbs fall limp letting the sleeves come off almost on their own. Now she felt hands on her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping. A pair of hands lifted her gently and her pants were slid off. She sat there locked in a passionate kiss with Todd in her Bra and Panties.

Todd let loose his lips and moved away from her. Monique now became aware of her near-nakedness, but was unable to react as she was suddenly lifted off the couch and lain on the floor. She couldn't help feeling aroused as her bra was removed gently, along with her panties. She felt her legs being spread open and the gentle lapping of a tongue on her throbbing pussy. She bucked her hips involuntarily as she looked down to see a man licking at her cunt. The appearance of two dicks next to her head now caught her attention. One dick moved closer towards her mouth.

She again couldn't help herself and took it into her mouth and began sucking and licking the long pole. The other man's dick also tried getting into her mouth but had to settle for her stroking it as she tried to satisfy both men. She heard the whir of electronics, she looked around the room while continuing sucking on the cock and massaging the other. Standing a few feet away was a man holding a video camera pointing towards her. The red light acknowledged her concerns of the camera recording. She tried to voice her opinion but the dick in her mouth seemed to move farther down her mouth and all that escaped was a slight whimper.

The man between her legs had now found her clit and sucked into her mouth causing her hips to rise closer to the mouth that now gave her intense pleasure and began gyrating trying to get all they could of that tongue. The man she had been stroking didn't seem satisfied and now pushed his dick into her mouth. She tried to protest but his resolve must have been much stronger than hers. She tried to account for both cocks being in her mouth but both men now began sliding their fuck poles into her mouth in earnest and she gave up and let them have their way with her mouth.

She heard the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing, she looked around and she saw a man approach the one between her legs and hand him something. A mumble came from her as she felt something-cold press against her pussy. She then felt something rather large begin to push its way into her pussy. It hurt at first but whatever this large phallus was it now was giving her an amazing orgasm. Both cocks now stopped moving into her mouth and the owners removed them. She breathed a sigh of relief.

But could now feel hands on her sides flipping her over. She now faced Todd as the thing, whatever it was in her pussy was removed and she was sat on top of his cock. It entered her pussy slowly and her juices eased it in. She moaned a bit as Todd began pushing into her. Then a man position his cock in front of her and without warning rammed into her mouth. She tried to accommodate it but hands were placed on the back of her head and her face was now being fucked uncontrollably. The two men seemed to push harder into her two orifices harder ad harder, she thought she would burst but soon felt another dick pushing against her asshole. She tried to let out a scream but the dick in her mouth made it no more than a muffle.

For a while she sat there as three dicks were thrust into her all at once. She felt pain, but also, oddly enough, she felt overwhelming pleasure as she was used as three men's fucktoy. It seemed to go on forever until all three cocks stopped thrusting at once. The dick in her ass was removed and now another man appeared in front of her and straddled Todd's stomach and somehow thrust his cock into her pussy with Todd's! Her pussy was being stretched beyond belief and she struggled to stop him from going any further. Another feeling against her ass appeared... whatever had been placed inside her pussy earlier was now pressing against her ass.

She glanced as well as she could behind her to note a gigantic cucumber being pressed into her asshole. All three men again started thrusting into her. The cucumber also now started pushing into her. It hurt unbelievably. But her pussy had never been wetter. The dicks going into her pussy could actually be heard as her juices coated them. She let out screams of both pain and pleasure, she didn't know which was more dominant, but soon her mind was awash with another orgasm shaking her entire body. She kept cumming as she now felt a load of cum from the cock in her mouth trace its way down her throat. The two cocks in her pussy now also seemed to cum at the same time.

As she was being helped off Todd, Monique couldn't help but feel wildly fulfilled like never before. The man at the camera now shut it off, without any force, she raced towards his crotch to satisfy his needs. Perhaps this was the surprise Todd had spoke of. Whatever, she didn't care now, she helped each man in the room cum into her mouth, or pussy and she felt extremely satisfied.

Monique couldn't help but hope the fraternity had another "party" soon.


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