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The Chat Room Friend
by Gabriel

I used to be a member of AOL until a few weeks ago. This story is a bit odd in the sense that it will be told in a "chat room" format. I copied and pasted the whole conversation into a Word document so I could present it here. Let me know what you think of it.

Here the story behind it first: I met this guy in an Exhibitionist chat room on AOL. We chatted on and off for a few weeks. We swapped each other's photos, but I was sure he didn't look like he did in the photo he sent me because that one looked way too good. He was sporting at least 12 inches as well, and in my experience that's quite a rarity. I had sent him a photo of me but I used Photoshop to hide my face and some of the incriminating background, just in case he knew me in real life. He was a local man who lived in my area (Newport Beach, CA), so I figured you can never be too sure. Of course that whole idea went out the window later, but I get ahead of myself.

After swapping photos and chatting for several weeks the conversations started to go downhill so after thinking about it a long time I decided to turn up the heat a couple of notches. I asked him if he wanted to play games. He eagerly agreed of course, which was what I'd expected. I didn't want to meet so I asked him if he wanted to spy on me having sex once. Now, I don't recommend this to anyone because it's a stupid thing to do, but at the time I hadn't considered the dangerous side of this. I told him where I'd be the next night and asked if he wanted to be there to watch. He quickly said "YES", and so we set a date.

I chose a local high school's back parking lot because of all the bushes I'd noticed there on previous sexual car thirsts with my hubby. That night I told hubby that I was feeling very frisky and that I was in the mood for some public loving. My hubby is always up for sex and indulges all my wants, so we showered and went out.

I drove us to the back of the school mentioned before and turned off the lights. I opened the two front windows under the pretense that I didn't want to fog them up. I hadn't bothered to let hubby in on my secret because I was sure he'd try to talk me out of it or he'd be paranoid all evening.

I wore a black mini-dress with nothing beneath and black high heels. I had parked about 4 feet from the bushes where I knew my chat room friend was and I discreetly looked out the window trying to see if he was there, without arousing hubby's suspicions. Of course I was going to have great sex even if he had decided not to show up. Lucky for me he was there, watching even if I couldn't see him, and he recounted the whole affair for me the next night in the following chat room conversation (my screen name was "Denali" and his was/is "Joeby05"):

Denali: hey there joe, what's up?

Joeby05: hi babe, not much, you?

Denali: trying to stay awake

Joeby05: I hope you make it

Denali: I'm sure I will. I didn't see u last night. Did u go?

Joeby05: yeah I was there

Denali: well?

Joeby05: well what?

Denali: don't be a dick, did u enjoy yourself?

Joeby05: oh yeah, I sure did. Good show ;-)

Denali: I did a lot of things just for your benefit.

Joeby05: Like what?

Denali: I'll tell u after u tell me what u saw

Joeby05: K

Joeby05: U there?

Denali: sorry, I had to go to the little girls' room

Joeby05: oh

Joeby05: I got there but I couldn't figure out where to put the car, so I had to park it on a street and walk back. I was worried you'd already be there and I wouldn't be able to get into my hiding spot, but you weren't.

Denali: aha, go on

Joeby05: Anyway, I got into my hiding spot just in time cuz about 3 minutes later you pulled in. Nice car by the way...

Denali: thx

Joeby05: welcome

Joeby05: I saw you pull into the parking spot and I thought "what a bitch, she parked too far." But then you moved the car closer and it was perfect.

Denali: Yeah I know. I parked it and thought "I'm way too far, so I came up with an excuse about hiding one side of the car against the bushes in case anyone sneaks up on us. lol

Joeby05: cool

Joeby05: Anyway, you switched seats with your husband and got in the passenger seat and opened your windows. It was a perfect spot because the only light along that side of the building was a few feet away and I could see you perfectly in the car.

Denali: yum

Joeby05: you got up on your seat on your knees then bent down and started to give your husband a blowjob. That was so cool. I could see your head bobbing up and down on his cock. I saw him reach behind you and pull up your skirt (nice outfit, by the way) and start massaging your ass. I could see your pussy and I got to see it even better since your husband was pulling your pussy lips apart with his fingers.

Denali: did you like that?

Joeby05: oh yeah

Denali: I did something for you right then.. did you notice that?

Joeby05: I think so.. you pushed your ass almost out the window?

Denali: yeah... I wasn't sure that you could see me so I stuck my ass out the window and rested my pussy on the window sill. Did u get a good view?

Joeby05: Yeah, and I went one better. I snuck up so close that I could smell the soap on your pussy. I was tempted to give it a lick but I was worried that you'd jump and give up the ghost. I a lover, not a

Denali: yeah, that probably WOULD have freaked me out

Joeby05: I figured as much. Anyway, I heard your husband when he said to make room for him so I snuck back to my place just as his heat popped up between your legs and started to pleasure you. What a lucky bastard.

Denali: lol

Joeby05: I kinda wish he had caught me.. maybe he would have given me some... lol

Denali: lol

Joeby05: unfortunately I had to contend myself with my girlfriend, the right hand.

Denali: too funny

Joeby05: I had to be very gentle and quiet because I was so close I could hear your breathing, and I'm sure you could have heard mine if you tried.

Denali: did u come?

Joeby05: later when he was fucking you.

Denali: yeah, that was a job and a half

Joeby05: how so?

Denali: it was a little cramped

Joeby05: I see

Denali: that's why we opened the door. It wasn't so you could see me

Joeby05: oh?

Denali: no, it was so that my other leg would have somewhere to

Joeby05: silly me

Denali: my head kept hitting the roof of the car still

Joeby05: if it had been me fucking you, your head would have gone THROUGH the

Denali: due to your famous 12 incher I suppose?

Joeby05: yup!

Denali: aha, what else did u see John Holmes?

Joeby05: yeah baby! I finally saw your tits when he took your dress off you as you were sitting on him, and I saw you putting his cock in you.

Denali: did you enjoy seeing my tits bouncing up and down?

Joeby05: oh yeah

Denali: what else?

Joeby05: I noticed that he only lasted a few minutes before coming.... I could have fucked you for hours babe.

Denali: Hours ha? Without coming? Why are you "neutered"? lol

Joeby05: Ha...Ha!

Denali: well, u left yourself wide open

Joeby05: so did

Denali: touché!!

Joeby05: I guess you weren't lying when you said you let him come in your mouth, ha? You took it all it like a good girl.

Denali: That was the other thing I did for your benefit. I knew it would make you horny as hell. Did you enjoy it?

Joeby05: hell yes

Denali: cool, maybe if you're a good boy I'll invite you again sometime

Joeby05: I'm thinking about setting up a tent in those bushes and move there.

Denali: lol

We talked a while longer that night about other things, but I never did give him the chance to see another performance because I went away from AOL.


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