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The Carpenter's Visit
by KnownHeathen

It was a hot afternoon in July, and the construction company I work for sent me to a potential customer to estimate work on repairs on their home. It had been a long day, and my mind was wandering as I parked in the driveway of the house and parked my truck.

I was thinking of a girl that I knew years ago, who I had an incredible relationship with, but had moved across the country far away from where I was living. She was a girl who had the ability to exude her sensuality without a word ever being spoken. She was not what most would think hugely attractive, but was understated in her appearance. She had the most incredible eyes, virtual windows to her soul, and from the moment I had first met her, I knew I had to touch her, and feel her against me. She and I had had the most powerful sex that I had ever had, and had since. She inspired me to depths of creativity and passion that left me breathless and drained every time we were intimate. Sarah was just one of those diamonds, a rare and insightful creation that I had been blessed to meet, and sorry to have lost.

As I approached the front door of this incredible contemporary house, I looked at the estimate sheet, and saw the names, "Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Frederickson," and put the professional attitude on that I needed to rid my head of Sarah. I rang the bell, and no one answered. I waited, rang again, and still no response. Wondering what to do, I had a thought that I should circle the house to see if anyone was outside, and missed hearing the bell ring. I approached the rear of the house, and there was a fence with a gate, opened it, and saw an incredible pool, with a center island bedecked with plants and flowers that was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. Sitting by the far end was this woman, clad in a swimsuit that showed an incredible body. She also she wore a turban, and the darkest of sunglasses.

I tentatively said "hello."

She looked in my direction and said, "May I help you somehow?"

I told her that I was from the contractors office, and was here to perform the estimate. She arose from her chaise lounge, and ushered me into the house. Stopping in the kitchen, she asked if I could use a cold drink, and offered me lemonade, which I gulped greedily. She asked me to follow her to the second floor master suite, where the work was to be done.

We entered into a huge bedroom, probably 25 by 40 feet, with a huge bed, a sitting area, a balcony, and a magnificent view. She ushered me into the bath, which had a marble floor, glass block shower surround, and a whirlpool tub. She showed me the shower stall, big enough for three people at least, and said that they had decided to increase the size of it even greater. I looked at her, and she removed the towel around her head, and took off her sunglasses.

I almost passed out. It was Sarah! My heart leaped in joy, and I felt a stirring in my loins that I had not felt in years.

She for the first time really looked at my face, and said "Gary, is that you?" I all but shouted "Yes." We reached to each other, wrapping our arms around and hugged with the fervor that only comes from finding a long lost love. Gazing in each others eyes, I saw that deepness that drew me in, once again, and I all but fell to my knees.

The intensity of the moment was incredible, but she averted her gaze, and said, "I am overwhelmed, I need to sit for a second."

I said, "Don't sit, just hold me." She reentered my arms. I again gazed in her eyes, and tentatively she tilted her head, and I gently raised my lips to hers, and brushed then across.

She said, "No, I can't," but her trembling body belied the growing passion that was also in her eyes. I lifted her chin, and this time, kissed her with the fullness of my mouth. I felt her lips part, and her tongue entered my mouth, and licked under my lips, searching and probing, then entering to twist with mine urgently. I felt her warmth grow in our embrace, and my cock was becoming erect. I reached to her shoulders, and gently massaged, then to her waist to pull her closer. I licked one ear, starting with the lobe, sucking it in, nibbling and then, biting till she breathed in heavy gasps of pleasure.

She reached up to my shirt, grasped both sides of the front, and ripped it open. She dived in, running her cheeks through the abundant hair, then with her tongue, lapped around my nipples, savoring the saltiness of the sweat that beaded up from the building heat. I reached to undo her bikini top, first sliding the straps off her shoulders, then paused to grasp the fullness of her imprisoned breasts, then reached around to the clasp.

Her breasts sprung free. I cupped them with both hands, my thumbs circling her incredibly hard nipples. A moan escaped her lips, and she reached around to grasp my ass, kneading the cheeks in both her hands. I took her nipples into my mouth and licked around them at first, then dragged my teeth down each one, and she all but collapsed in my arms. Grabbing me by my belt, she huskily told me to stand still, unbuckled it, popped open the brass button on my jeans, flew down my zipper, and reached into my briefs, wrapping her hands around my fully erect cock.

Then in one stroke, she pulled my pants to my knees and stroked me with her hand and said, "I, want you suck you dry, get off your pants and your boots, NOW!" I bent over and unlaced my boots. Sitting on the edge of the tub, I removed them and my socks, then stood up to remove my jeans. As soon as they were off, she dropped to her knees, opened her mouth, and engulfed my throbbing cock, her lips then all the way to its very base. I felt the tip sliding into her throat, and fought off the urge to erupt on the spot. Then pulling up its length, she licked the head like a lollipop, circling around and lapping up my pre-come greedily. She said "God you taste so good, I want you to come in my mouth, I want to feel you spurting in my throat."

Diving once again, she wrapped her hand around the base, her other hand cupping my balls. Her mouth slid the length, with her hand following each pass, twisting around the shaft. She stared into my eyes, never taking her gaze from me. Over and over again she deep-throated me. I felt my come building to flood her mouth. She sucked and slid her mouth and hands faster now, over and over again. I felt my knees go weak, and with a scream, I shot my steaming load past her tonsils, and she gulped greedily.

I was spasming, spurting repeatedly, until the sensation was all to intense and I was forced to pull her off my cock, as I was on the verge of passing out. She continued her stare into my eyes, and said "I want you to eat me, give me the tongue lashing of my life!!" She rose to her feet, and I reached to pull down her bikini bottom, and forced her to sit on the edge of the tub, on the cold marble surround. She was soaked, and I could smell her muskiness as it rose to my nostrils. I told her to stand, and I dragged my index finger through her lush fur, and slid it between her lips, circling her erect clit.

She bucked against my hand, moaning she said, "I can't stand it, you are driving me insane."

I picked her up, and draped her onto the tub surround. Grabbing her legs, I dropped to my knees and wrapped her legs around my shoulders. I plunged my tongue deep inside her, feeling her spasming around it. I dragged my tongue from near her asshole to her dripping wetness, lapping catlike the entire length of her lips, bottom to top, top to bottom, over and over, pausing to again plunge my twisting tongue into her as deeply as I possibly could. She ground into my face, and I saw her abdomen rippling, and bucking her hips against my face. She started to quake, her pussy in complete spasm. She cried "Deeper, yes that's it, eat me, suck on my clit, oh that's it. Oh my God, don't stop!!" I continued, dining on her clit, plunging two fingers inside, rubbing her G spot repeatedly.

She screamed, "More, more, yes that's it, I am comminngg!" She drug her fingernails down my back, and I am sure she drew blood, but it felt incredible. I then, with one deep thrust, plunged my cock deep inside her. Driving repeatedly into her very depths, I thrust faster, and faster, with her writhing to meet my thrusts. I felt her muscled walls grab me, squeezing mightily around my cock. I slammed into her now, almost pushing her into the tub, but she clutched be with her arms and met each thrust. She screamed "Deeper, harder, oh yes that's it, Gary fuck me harder!"

I kept it up, driving my cock, feeling the head bang on her cervix. I felt my come boiling up, and said "I am coming" She screamed "I can't hold on, Oh God" She screamed with a cry that probably the entire county could hear as I flooded her with my come. She fell limp against me, and I fell against her, both of us dripping with sweat.

She looked at me and said, "You got the job, at any price, as long as you plan to work long and hard to keep me happy. She laughed and twirled her hair between her fingers, then reached to kiss me.

"How soon can you start?" I said.

"Tomorrow, if that's not too soon, and this project could take weeks." She said, "I am sure I can find enough work to keep you busy for months.

And that is the story of a joyous reunion, and a six month long project, but I am sure I can find ways to stretch it out for years!


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