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The Dinner Pt. I
by Kenneth Auslandur

Ken was uneasy about having dinner with Shannan and her husband Sean. Shannan and he had been co-workers and friends for a long time, until Shannan switched jobs. They stayed in contact, and often that contact led to serious flirting and innuendo, though they had never actually acted on the chemistry. Recently, Shannan had been suggesting that Ken talk to her husband and give him a few "hints" on being more romantic. He hoped that this dinner was not a ploy on Shannan's part to initiate a conversation in that area. Ken had tried to explain to her in the past that guys simply do not talk to one another about technique.

Dinner was actually quite pleasant. They had gone through four bottles of wine and Ken found himself wishing that he had come over for dinner earlier. He really liked Sean, who had a cynical sense of humor, much like his own. The food was great, the conversation was extraordinary, and the wine. . .well the wine made everything just fine.

The more the night went on and the more the conversation progressed, the more affectionate Shannan and Sean became with each other. Ken tried not to watch them too closely, but he had always been attracted to Shannan, and never could understand why any man would have a hard time learning to be a better lover to please a woman like her. He wondered if Shannan was being unreasonable. Maybe it was just her perspective that her husband was inattentive. He was certainly paying attention to her now, and doing it in front of him. In fact, it was starting to drive him crazy, so he suggested that it was probably time for him to head home.

Sean pretended to be a cop and pantomimed giving him a breath-a-lyzer test and convinced him not to drive; it was almost 2a.m. and he had downed quite a few glasses of wine during the course of the night. Ken didn't particularly feel drunk, but knew he was a little buzzed. Shannan giggled and told him he was blitzed. He stood up to protest, and stumbled slightly, so they convinced him to stay.

Shannan gave him a blanket, sheets and a pillow for the couch and then they disappeared upstairs and into their bedroom. He could tell by their mood and the way they were kissing and holding hands that they were not going to be sleeping. He grinned as they left thinking that Shannan's complaint about her husband's lack of bed skills was pretty much off base. Sean seemed to be pretty romantic to him. Maybe they just needed to have wine as part of their foreplay. Ken turned off the lights and settled onto the couch and started watching television. During one of the commercial fades he heard a muffled whimper and hit the power button to silence the television and darken the room. It wasn't long before he started hearing the familiar sounds of sex.

The bedroom was just at the top of the stairs and even through the closed door he could hear Shannan's soft moans. He had always found her very attractive, so the thought of what might be going on in there instantly turned him on. It wasn't long before his cock swelled and he started stroking it under the blanket as he closed his eyes and wished he were Sean. This went on for a while and soon his hands were getting slick with his own excitement. Shannan's moans stayed fairly even and soft, never growing much louder. Ken stroked himself and strained to hear Shannan, but then he only heard as Sean chimed in. It was over very quickly.

A moment later Ken saw a blur of movement glide down the stairs and into the kitchen. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. Through his slit eyelids he saw Shannan wrapped in a bed sheet and looking really very gorgeous in a disheveled sort of way. She had grabbed the last bottle of wine and two glasses. Suddenly Ken realized that in the course of his excitement he had let the blanket slip off the couch, his pants were unzipped and open, and his cock was still quite erect.

Shannan paused as she passed the couch and stared at him. "Oops, I thought you-uhhhm-were asleep, but I guess I was mistaken," she covered her mouth as she started to giggle. She had a devilish look on her face as she caught my obvious hard-on jutting up from under the sheets.

"Oh Ken, I'm want to come play?"

Ken was totally embarrassed and really caught off guard. Sean had come downstairs to check on what was taking her so long with the wine. He was now behind her and he too looked a little surprised at her offer. Ken looked at him for a signal one way or another. She caught this exchange and took Sean by the hand, "Come on honey, we're all friends, it's just for play." Before he could say anything she stood up and kissed him...a very deep and long kiss, her tongue dancing in his mouth.

The sheet she was wrapped in fell to the floor and Ken saw her naked for the first time. His eyes immediately left her face and her shoulder length copper hair. Her breasts had always seemed large under her clothes, but he was not prepared for how lovely they truly were. The large white globes seemed to float before him, her large dark nipples were erect and seemed to call out to him. His eyes soaked in the rest of her curvaceous beauty. She was short, but very well built and very soft looking. He was drawn to her trimmed, but dark pubic hair. Watching her kiss Sean as her naked body hovered before him brought his cock back up to it's full length and thickness. He didn't know what Sean was thinking until he noticed Sean's cock growing under his boxers. It was of modest size, and Ken couldn't help but to wonder if that was part of Shannan's complaint. He knew some woman were overly concerned with size.

Shannan moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach. Shannan kneeled on the floor and put her mouth around his cock, but through his boxers. Ken watched this completely transfixed. She glanced back at Ken and flashed him a devilish smile as she tugged his boxers down then started fellating Sean right in front of him.

Sean was too busy being focused on getting a blow job to protest when Shannan paused and turned toward Ken.

"Let me see yours, Ken."

Ken hesitated. This whole thing was surreal. When they had flirted online, she had once asked him to describe his cock to her after she had told him about a previous lover that had been quite large. He had teased her about having a picture of his cock scanned and sent to her, but he never actually sent it. That didn't mean he wasn't tempted to, he just tried to be a gentlemen. Now he was being asked to expose himself to her in person and in front of her husband. Ken looked up at Sean, but his eyes were closed and he was rocking back and forth on his feet as Shannan resumed sucking his cock.

Ken swallowed and decided that "Carpe Diem!" was a good thing. He stood up and nervously lowered his pants exposing his cock to Shannan and Sean. At about the same time, Shannan had taken Sean's boxers completely off. Shannan was about to resume sucking Sean's cock when her eyes grew wide at the sight of Ken's twitching prong just inches from her face.

"You're bigger than him," she commented with wide, almond-shaped eyes.

Ken looked down at Sean's cock and decided that was quite obvious.

"No not him," Shannan said as she tugged on Sean's cock causing him to moan loudly, "I mean Chris. Chris was a bit longer than you, but my gawd, yours is so. . .so. . .damn thick."

Shannan took Ken by the hand and moved him closer to them. She was down on her knees and she took Sean's cock back into her mouth, while she stroked Ken's. Ken looked toward Sean again for some signal, as he didn't want to ruin a new friendship, but he was too into his blowjob to even notice. Ken pulled off his shirt and kicked his pants across the room. The three of them were completely naked in the living room.

Shannan adjusted herself pulling Ken and Sean closer together; she was between them and moved so that both cocks were inches from her mouth. She lifted her swirling mouth from Sean as he rocked back and forth and began bucking as hips as if he were about to cumm, and pinched the root of his cock to back off the orgasm. Then she took Ken's cock in her warm mouth for the first time. It was heaven; she moved so slowly and softly over him, that he nearly fainted. Her mouth was smooth, wet, and warm. She alternated between Ken and Sean and then she did something which surprised both of them; she pulled the cocks together so that they were touching.

Sean's long slender cock against Ken's thick short cock. She tried to put both in her mouth at the same time, but when she couldn't fit them both, she began rubbing the cocks together. They were both stunned and wanted to protest, but the feeling was absolutely wonderful. Both cocks were wet from her saliva and they slid so smoothly across each other they were confused. It was an incredible feeling. Rampant heterosexuality finally asserted itself and Ken and Sean backed away. Shannan chided them and teased them, but then was back to alternating between the cocks.

Ken looked down at Shannan who had inched up to a squatting position. The look in her eyes was pure passion as she sucked first one, then the other cock. He had always wondered if women enjoyed fellatio, or merely tolerated it. Shannan seemed to love it. He decided she liked having that power over men, and he didn't mind being overpowered. Shannan winked at him and she glided her hand up and down her smooth leg. She was moaning in delight around the manflesh in her mouth as she started pressing two fingers into her gorgeous pussy. She was fucking herself with one hand and rubbing her breast with another. all the while never missing a stroke with her gurgling mouth.

"Show him!"

"What?" Ken and Sean muttered at the same time, opening their eyes.

"Ken. . ." Shannan was whimpering and moaning so much she had trouble forming her words. She had stopped sucking there cocks and was looking pointedly at both of them as she continued to finger her own pussy.

". . .show Sean how to eat my pussy and how to find that G-spot thing you talked about earlier."

"Yeah, show me. I want to learn, Shannan told me something about that, but I have never heard of it. I know how to play with her clit, but I don't think she has one of those G-spot things. I have been trying to find for months ever since you sent her that email."

"What?" Ken looked at both of them. He was real nervous.

"It's okay. I've read all the email you sent my wife. It turns us both on. It was my idea to have you over to dinner. I was worried that you got too drunk and had passed out. I want you to teach me to fuck my wife better."

"Me too," Shannan offered with a giggle.

Ken sat on the couch and tried to push the weirdness out of his head. He looked up to see Sean had spread out the sheets and blankets and was helping Shannan arrange herself on the floor.

Sean spread his wife's legs and moved out of the way. Seeing Shannan's legs parted before him broke the surreal funk he had fallen into. Ken knelt between her thighs and made slow butterfly circles with his fingertips along the outside of Shannan's legs. She began to coo and writhe on the sheets as he knelt down and gave the inside of her thighs small tender, swirling kisses. He dipped further forward and was intoxicated by the scent of Shannan's excitement. He teased her by rubbing his chin in her wet crevice before licking her clit a few times.

To Be Continued...


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