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The Dinner Pt. II
by Kenneth Auslandur

Shannan moaned and lifted her legs over Ken's shoulders and draped them over his back as he began licking her a little faster and started jabbing his pointed tongue in and out of her wet hole. Shannan clamped her thighs on Ken's face and her whole body shuddered.

"I know how to eat her pussy. . ." Sean started to protest.

"You have to warm her up, before her g-spot will make itself available."


Ken smiled at him and moved aside. Sean took up Ken's place and proceeded to lick Shannan's pussy very rapidly. Shannan moaned and whimpered. Ken pulled Sean up and when Sean started to protest he calmly showed Sean how to see that his wife was about to orgasm. He pointed out her flush, swollen labia and the way her clitoris was changing shades and getting too sensitive. He showed Sean how to alternate his technique and prolong his wife's pleasure without making her cumm.

"You don't want her to climax. It makes finding her G-spot too hard," Ken explained. "You want to start looking for it just as she is on the brink of cumming like right now."

Sean scooted up and watched as Ken slid his fingers deep inside her.

"Think of her pussy as a clock face."

Sean nodded and watched as Ken showed him how each position on the "clock" could cause subtle differences in Shannan's pleasure. Ken backed away and Sean practiced. Shannan moaned her approval. Sean played with her pussy using his newfound expertise, making his wife shudder and whimper. Ken tried to instruct Sean on how to find her g-spot, but after several moments, Sean couldn't find it. Ken tried, and couldn't find it either. He was perplexed.

"See, I told you. Her doctor even told us that sex would be 'a little different' because of the shape and angle of her vulva."

Shannan frowned up at the two men as what was pleasurable turned into a gynecologist exam.

Ken understood the look immediately and started kissing her thighs and then licking her pussy. Sean moved forward to play with his wife's massive globes. He dipped down and took one breast to his lips and sucked the flesh into his mouth covering the large brown area around her nipples as he sucked one and fondled the other. Ken grabbed the wine bottle from the floor and poured some wine into Shannan's pussy and lapped it up. She spread her thighs even further and ground her pelvis up against the bottle. Ken smiled down at her reaction and nudged the neck of the bottle against her dripping pussy. It slipped inside her and she panted as he started fucking her with the bottle while sucking on her clit. Sean continued to nuzzle her breasts and Shannan once again approached a climax. Ken set the bottle aside and then he slid a pillow from the couch under Shannan's buttocks to change the angle. He sunk his index finger deep inside her and started hooking his finger back and forth until finally he found the hood of flesh covering her G-spot. It was larger and a little bit thicker but he managed to get under it and finally reach her magical garden.

He withdrew before she orgasmed and showed Sean how to find it. He smiled as his wife began to buck and writhe on the floor with just the slightest wiggle of his finger.

"Sean!¦ You're going to make me pee." Shannon managed to whistle through clamped teeth.

Ken explained to Sean that it was just a pleasure reaction, and that she wouldn't pee, but could ejaculate her own natural oils and lubrication. Sean was about to tell Ken he was full of shit when suddenly Shannan moaned very loudly and a thick stream of love juice poured out of her labia. Sean stared as Ken dipped down and tasted it. Sean was a little skeptical, but followed Ken's example and was surprised to find out how it tasted like fresh cantaloupe. Ken explained that the true sign of a G-spot orgasm is that the female ejaculates. Some women just dribble, but these women drenched. Sean just shook his head and tried to take all of this in.

Shannan became very excited and starting cumming all over the sheets. Sean jumped between his wife's thighs and sunk his erect cock inside her. Shannan wrapped her arms and legs around him as he fucked her with a series of quick jabs and thrusts.

"Wow, it feels different. It feels excellent." Sean beamed.

"Here endeth the lesson," Ken quipped as he watched the husband and wife fuck savagely on the floor of the living room. Sean buried himself into Shannan's embrace. She hugged him tightly as he rocked into her with tremendous effort. She smiled over his shoulder and mouthed a very sexy "thank you" at Ken as Sean fucked her happily. Shannan's eyes were glazed over with deep satisfaction. Sean was moaning and bucking and approaching his orgasm quite rapidly. He spread against his wife and made long thrusts into her calling out her name and telling her he was about to cumm.

Sensing this, Shannan pushed Sean off of her, jumped up and took Sean into her mouth. Sean groaned and bucked as his wife sucked his cock relentlessly. After a few seconds of her hot twirling mouth he started to cum. Ken watched amazed as loads of cum shot from Sean deep inside her mouth splashing her lips and her chin. Ken watched, fascinated as Shannan tried to suck Sean dry. He didn't think the flow would ever stop. Shannan seemed to get really excited about the cumm and was licking her lips when she wasn't taking long drafts from her husband's spurting cock. She took the entire load in her mouth and sucked on it very hard, milking him until he was finished. It was as if she loved the very essence of his semen.

Ken watched the couple, bewitched from the mixture of their love and lust. Ken was very excited and needed to cum. Shannan wiped her mouth and looked over at Sean for permission. He smiled and nodded at her as he sank against the couch trying to catch his breath.

"Goody!" Shannan giggled like an overgrown child, and it was the sexiest thing Ken had ever seen or heard as she continued to snicker and scrambled over to him. She put two palms on his hairy chest and pushed him to the floor. Shannan draped over top of him and started sucking him. Her eyes were full of mirth as Ken thrashed about on the floor enjoying her skilled mouth. Shannan paused for a moment, but stroked Ken's massive prick with both of her small hands.

"I want to FUCK him, Sean," she begged.

"Then fuck him," Sean commented as he grabbed the bottle of wine Ken had used on his wife's pussy and took a big swig of it.

She smiled at her husband and then straddled Ken's hips. She positioned herself on top of Ken's cock, but hovered there indecisively.

"It might be too big," she glanced at her husband.

Sean slid over and helped his wife slide down onto Ken's massive cock. She winced as she sank deeper and deeper onto the thick meat. Sean helped her steady herself until she could relax and flex her cunt to take all of Ken's cock.

"How is it, baby?"

"It fucking hurts."

"See, size does matter," Sean teased his wife. "Told you my cock was the perfect size."

Shannan became even more determined and grunted with effort as she tried to rock back and forth a little.

Ken looked up at the two, unsure if they were teasing or not. He flexed his cock head and it nudged into Shannan's nook.

"Ohhhh shit…."

Shanann's face went blank.

"Is he hurting you? Here, let me help you off," Sean's face grew serious.

"Hell no-it feels. . .uhhhhhm. . .ahhh. . .ohhhh. . .good."

Shannan started riding him. Sean stared down at the spot where Ken's root was sunk inside his wife's pussy. Shannan's pussy began to squirt again and the sight of Ken's thick cock and balls and her gorgeous slick pussy and now wiggling ass on top of them excited him.

"Ohhh gawd. . .his cock reaches my G-spot. . .uhhhmmm!"

Sean looked down at Ken. Ken saw the quick flash of jealousy, but looked away, feeling bad for him. He pushed up inside Shannan and started humping her ferociously; feeling fairly certain this would be the last time he had Sean's permission to fuck her.

"Sean, lick me while he fucks me." Sean hesitated, but was excited by the lust in his wife's voice. He moved to her pussy and licked her labia as Ken's cock thrust in and out of her now gaping wet hole. He kept try to position himself so that Ken's cock didn't touch him but didn't have any luck until he fastened his lips on Shannan's clitoris and sucked it into his mouth.

"Oh fuck, Sean" Shannan screamed, "that feels good."

Shannan started screaming in her orgasm.

Sean moved away and Ken rolled Shannan onto her side. He wrapped behind her in a spoon position, thrusting gently inside her as she rode each wave of a long drawn out orgasm. He fondled her breasts as he slowly pumped into her, enjoying the way her plump ass felt against his thrusting hips. He looked at Sean as Shannan's pussy flexed and strained against his pumping cock as she finished her orgasm. Ken realized Sean didn't know how to make a woman's orgasm last longer. He told sean that the afterglow is the most important part and the he demonstrated by showing him how sucking on her shoulder and neck, pinching a nipple, touching her clit just softly once, or brushing his fingers along her hips and legs could extend her orgasm into oblivion. When her orgasm finally subsided he let her catch her breath before turning her onto her back and mounting her. He still needed to cumm.

Ken pinned Shannan's legs as far back as they would go and squatted over them. She gasped as he powered forward and jammed his entire cock deep inside her. He steered her body with her legs, pushing then closer together to make her real tight, but slick. He pounded into her and she loved every second of it. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks as he nailed into her with reckless abandon. She coaxed him on by muttering a number of obscenities that would have shocked a crewman in the US Navy. Ken started to cumm, and wasn't sure where to shoot it.

Shannan helped him by pushing him off and rolling forward. She lifted her massive chest in her hands and pressed the globes of flesh against his spurting cock. Ken shot ropes of cumm on her tits and Shannan flashed him a wicked smile as she lowered her mouth, licked her own nipples and drank his cumm from her breasts.

Then she pulled his erupting cock to her lips and wrapped her mouth around it, as his cum finished shooting. She drank every last drop. Then she stood and patted Ken on the head as collapsed in utter exhaustion. She smiled down at him and grabbed Sean's hand and led him upstairs. She turned at the top of the stairs and said, "You have to cook breakfast."

Sean muttered "here, here" as he followed his wife into the bedroom and closed the door.

The taste of Shannan's pussy was the last memory he had as Ken drifted off into a blissful sleep.


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