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The Doctor's Office
by Fantasy Girl

I walked into the doctor's office for my first vaginal exam at the age of 25 and still a virgin. It was a very warm and had an aroma that was very unusual for a doctor's office.

The nurse was very nice like any other nurse that greets you in a doctor's office but something was different. She was wearing very provocative clothing. A short white mini skirt and a blouse that was unbuttoned enough to show off her cleavage. She dropped something and when she bent over she looked as if she wasn't wearing any underwear. She told me to take a seat so she could ask me some questions and take my blood pressure. She had a very sensual touch and had a very mischievous look in her eye. She then asked me to give her some urine in a cup and showed me the way to the ladies room.

There was no one else in the waiting room and I was the last appointment. I tried to pee in the cup but I was so nervous because I never went to a gynecologist before. I wondered if it would hurt because I've never been penetrated before. After a few minutes of lightly caressing my urethra a few drops of urine dripped into the cup.

After I finished I walked out into the hall that that passed all of the patient rooms. I noticed the door of one of the rooms was slightly ajar and to my surprise I noticed a man on the doctor's table who lie there strapped down on the table totally naked.

At another glance I noticed the nurse wearing a white glove stroking the man's genitals and up and down his cock. She was comforting him and whispered something to him that I couldn't quite make out. She proceeded to gently rub up and down the sides of his cock as he let out groans of pleasure while she did it. I read his chart that was on the door and it said that he went in there because he was impudent and her purpose was to help him relax so that he could get a hard on and bring him to orgasm as they needed a sample of his sperm to send to the lab.

She continued to stroke him and whisper to him and he groaned louder and louder with each gentle stroke. His cock didn't look as if he was impudent so she must have cured him temporarily. I guess she felt in his cock he was about to explode because she placed a metal dish underneath his cock to gather up all of the cum that was about to ooze out. I noticed that now that she was ready to make him cum she began to stroke him differently. A little bit of a faster rhythm and long twisting strokes.

He screamed with the pleasure he so long ached for and couldn't experience for a very long time. She whispered something and she said Shhhhhhhhh it's all right this is going to hurt a little because you haven't ejaculated in so long but it will be mostly pleasurable. At that his body began to tremble as if he were a volcano ready to erupt. He thanked God himself for what he was about to feel. The cum rushed out the tip of his cock and kept on cumming. He groaned with extreme pleasure, he just kept on cumming I swear it must have been a whole pint of cum in that metal dish.

Just as he thought he was finished he still had two or three more squirts left and he couldn't believe he was cumming again. To my surprise this instantly gave me a rush of tingle down to my tiny untouched pussy. I quickly rushed to the waiting room to wait for my turn. I was still nervous about getting my first vaginal exam as I never have been penetrated before but I was 25 years old and had to have one. I never met a man I wanted to give up my virginity to but I was certainly ready.

The nurse came out of the office and she called my name. She directed me to an empty room. She told me to undress all my clothing because I had to have my breast examined as well. I was really nervous now. It was only a matter of minutes before I would lose my virginity to some cold metal stick. The doctor then came into the office and asked me some questions about myself. He was a very young doctor and very handsome.

I told him I was very nervous and that I am still a virgin. He left the room and told me he would be back in a minute. A few minutes later the nurse came in and gave me something to relax. She proceeded to examine my breast and by her sensual touch my nipples became embarrassingly erect. I was not a lesbian but I just couldn't help it. She whispered to me just relax now. The doctor will be back in a moment. She began to play with my nipples and as much as I felt uncomfortable I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

She kept playing with them so gently and it sent shivers down to my hole and I felt myself getting extremely wet to the point where it started to drip down my ass. She could feel my pleasure and she whispered to me that her and the doctor would like to make my first experience one to remember. I didn't say anything all I could do was moan with pleasure.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I wanted to tell her to stop but the words just wouldn't leave my lips. A moment later the doctor came in. He asked the nurse how I was doing and she told him that I would be just fine and gave him sort of a nod of approval. I didn't quite know what this meant but she had that mischievous look in her eye again. She liked her job and you could tell. As she caressed my breast the doctor pulled up a chair and proceeded to strap my legs up in the stirrups. He said just relax I am going to do an internal exam first.

He slipped on his glove with some lubricant and inserted his middle finger into the entrance of my tight little hole. I jumped a little and he said he would take it slow and he would be gentle with me and for me to just lie back and relax. He noticed that I was very wet and he asked me how I was feeling. I just moaned again with pleasure. His finger was all the way inside me now and I felt like I could cum all over it. He felt my muscles tensing up and he told me it's ok let it out, let it all out. We want to help you relax. He began to rock his finger back and forth on my clit from the inside of my pussy.

The next thing I felt was the warmth of his mouth wrapped around the top of my clit. Again I couldn't bring myself to say no. It felt better than anything I have ever felt. The nurse reached down and began to lick and suck my nipples, at that I couldn't control myself any longer, all my muscles tensed up and I was cumming, I was really cumming in his mouth. It squirted out of my pussy over and over again. It felt like heaven. I moaned with pleasure and I didn't want it to end. I felt a little guilty when it was over and I realized what I had just let them do to me.

I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. The Doctor left the room to go wash up and with my legs still up in the stirrups and the nurse still caressing my body and my nipples. She told me the doctor was going to be right back, Just relax. He will be gentle. I thought instantly what does she mean, so I asked, what is he going to do? She said he is going to penetrate you now but he doesn't feel your first time should be with a cold metal stick. Don't you agree she asked?

The doctor walked in and I noticed he had no pants on and a very big cock that was so hard and scary looking. He stood in between my legs and my pussy was at the same level as his cock, strapped in on the table now I began to get scared. I don't know I am scared. I don't know if I can handle this. The doctor told me just relax I am going to penetrate you now and it will hurt some but I will be gentle with you. He reached over to grab a condom and some jelly. He placed it on his cock and the nurse began to lick and suck on my nipples again.

She whispered to me to try to get my mind off of being nervous. The doctor now raised my legs a little higher with the stirrups and pulled me a little closer towards him. I was so scared but I knew I'd rather lose my virginity by him penetrating me than a cold metal object. It had to happen either way so I didn't want to stop him. The whole idea of this began to turn me on and I began to relax. He told me I am going to start with the head of my cock. I will work it in slowly and told the nurse to hold my hand. I saw his cock moving toward me and I thought oh my god this is it.

A feeling I have been wondering about for years is finally going to happen. I felt his mushroom rest against my pussy lips. I felt a little pressure he was about to work it in and I was trembling all over. He pushed a little and I felt the tip of his cock enter me. He asked if I am ok and I guess because I was so well lubricated only the tip of him didn't hurt at all. It felt so good. He began to work the rest of his throbbing head into my vagina. Then I felt it he broke through my pussy with the head of his cock. A sharp pain rushed through me and I gasped but then he stopped and just rested his cock in my pussy. That is almost the worst of it, he said. He started to rock back and forth and entering me a little bit at a time.

As he rocked his cock in my pussy he held my legs in his hands and began to caress them. Just relax you are going to feel the worst of it now. He then inserted his cock even deeper to the middle of my pussy. I screamed so loud as I felt my cherry being popped. But then he let his cock enter me the rest of the way and filled me up with his big cock. The pain began to turn into pleasure when he started rocking back and forth entering me deeper each time. I felt his cock getting harder and thicker with each thrust.

The nurse then began again to lick and suck on my nipples. She alone could make me cum just by the way she did that. His cock began to feel better than any thing I ever felt in my life. I moaned so loud with every hard thrust he gave me. The nurse began to expose her nipples and play with them, she also took off her clothes and began to play with her clit.

After a good half an hour of fucking my pussy the doctor and me were about to cum together. I felt my pussy clamping down on his shaft and it hurt a little because his cock was expanding at the same time. I don't know what provoked me but I grabbed the nurse and pulled her towards me and told her please sit on my face. She then climbed up on the table and I sucked up all of her juices like I never ate before. She moaned loudly and so did I. The doctor started to let out groans of pleasure and we were all making animalistic noises because we felt so good. I began to recognize what the unusual smell the doctor's office had. It was the smell of sex. It drove me wild.

I felt the doctors cock give one more hard deep thrust into my pussy and my pussy twinged with ecstasy. My pussy reacted with multiple spasms and he lost it deep inside me and I felt his condom break when he broke through it. He filled me up so much with cum it oozed out down my ass and kept on cumming. The nurse let out a yell and her cum began to gush out into my mouth. It tasted so good I swallowed it. My pussy still throbbing from the pleasure I just experienced I couldn't wait to come back for another visit. The doctor then began to wash me up inside and out and quickly inserted the cold metal object inside me. When he finished he asked me if I was ok and told me he was looking forward to our next visit. He unstrained my legs and my legs were still trembling from the orgasm I just had.

It was hard getting up and getting dressed but it was so worth it. The nurse gave me a wink on the way out and told me there would be no charge for this visit.


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