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The Dark Stranger Visits
by skibum

Susan had been having a shitty day. Work had been one hassle after another. The babysitter had called to say she was going back to school and was quitting tomorrow. Her husband, Charlie, was tied up with some mysterious project he refused to say anything about.

Susanís job as an executive assistant to Buzz Fielder, a big shot realtor at Hollywood Realty, was dull as dirt. All day long it was hurry up and wait. Buzz specialized in selling expensive homes and estates to all the big stars, but rarely let anyone else on his staff even see the clients. One minute Susan was frantically trying to make a call to some big starís manager, and the next she was waiting, sometimes hours, for the next crisis to cross her desk. Without the distraction of Literotica, she wouldnít survive another day at work.

The problem was, if her boss ever discovered how she amused herself on company time, she would probably be fired. Susan wrote and posted stories on Literotica, the hottest erotic site on the web. And when she wasnít writing erotic fiction, she was discussing it on the Literotica Bulletin Board.

No one knew that the stories of fucking and sucking by "Sexy Sadie" were really written by sweet, innocent little Susan, the perky housewife from the Valley with the two cute little girls. Not even Charlie knew. No one on the Bulletin Board knew that the outspoken "Sexy Sadie" was a rather shy young mother who hadnít ever dared tell her husband what she wanted in bed.

Finally the interminable day came to a merciful conclusion. "Susan, I wonít be in the office until late tomorrow, so you may as well come in late yourself. Make sure that the offer sheets are ready for Mel Gibsonís manager to look over. We want to get that contract signed before Beverly Hills Real Estate shows him their new listing."

That was the way it always went. Susan did the work that got Fielder the big money, but she only dealt with the starís agent, or manager, or some other flunky. She worked for a company that did business with all the big stars in the movie industry, but she rarely got to meet them herself.

"Yes, Mr. Fielder. Iíll have them ready by the time you come in tomorrow." Susan had planned to come in late tomorrow, but that would be impossible now. She had to get the Gibson offer from the office manager and have copies printed in time for Fielderís meeting with Gibsonís manager. She would have to come in early to have all that done in time for Fielder to cruise in at 10:00 and take credit for making a big sale to a big star.

"Thatís why I love ya," said Fielder with his normal level of insincerity. "By the way, Melís manager only drinks Evian, so make sure thereís plenty in my office fridge. Thatís my girl. Ciao, baby."

After making sure Fielderís office was well-stocked with expensive French water, calling the legal department to make sure the contract would be ready, checking to make sure one of the attorneys would be available to handle any last minute changes, and notifying the copy center to schedule printing and binding, Susan finally started for home. If there wasnít any traffic, sheíd have some time play with the kids before she had to get dinner ready.

When she arrived at home no one met her at the door. A note from the sitter told her that her parents had unexpectedly picked up the kids an hour ago, were taking them to a movie, and keeping them through the weekend. Susan was not exactly overjoyed at the prospect of having the girls gone for four days, but she certainly could use the rest. She decided to call her mother and check to see if the girls had all the paraphernalia they needed for a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

As she picked up the phone to dial her motherís number, Susan saw the little red light flashing on the answering machine. She punched the button to listen to the message.

"Hi, honey, itís me--", Charlieís voice announced. "I arranged for the girls to spend a few days with your folks, so donít worry. I will be a little late, so donít cook anything special. Iíll have a little surprise, so why donít you just take a hot bath and relax? Iíll be home soon. Bye."

A little pissed off because Charlie had decided on his own to pack the kids off for the weekend without telling her first, Susan decided that she had a little time to spare for herself. She wanted to check to see if her new story was posted on Literotica yet, so she turned on the personal computer in the den. Booting up she logged on to Literotica. Her new story was posted! And one of her previous stories, The Dark Stranger had made the top twenty! This was almost enough to make up for the lousy day at work.

After a few minutes responding to some of the posts on the Literotica Bulletin Board, she ventured into the chat room and noticed that "El Toro" was logged on. She enjoyed his stories and had flirted with him online several times. It never went beyond flirting, but she did find herself very attracted to him.

Hi. Iím all alone tonight. What are you up to? She typed.

Not much. Isnít your husband at home?

He is working late tonight. Did you see The Dark Stranger made the Top 20?

Yes. Congratulations. You write so well, I feel like I really know you.

Thanks, but Iím not really like the girl in the story. Iíd be petrified if somebody did that to me. Too shy, I guess.

In the story a tall, dark, mystery man plucked the heroine from her bath and tied her to her bed. He then sucked and licked her to orgasm repeatedly, keeping her tied up and cumming for more than an hour. Tearing the restraints from her wrists, he pinned her upright to a wall and shoved his massive erection into her spasming pussy until she swooned in pleasure. Just thinking about that story made Susanís panties moist.

You just need to let yourself go a little. Tell your husband what turns you on. Heíll treat you right. Just loosen up some.

Susan and El Toro talked for about half an hour, mostly about how she should let her husband know what she really wanted from him in the bedroom. Realizing that it was getting late and Charlie was still not home, Susan decided to go to bed alone.

Iím going to log off now. My husband should be home soon.

Okay. Talk to you some other time.

Shutting down her computer Susan turned off the lights in the den and headed upstairs to the master suite. While the water was running in the oversize tub, she got out a fresh cotton nightgown and laid it on the big, four poster bed. Undressing quickly, she put her work clothes in the hamper. She grimaced at her reflection in the full length mirror. She was still pretty good looking for a mother of two, but you wouldnít know it from the way Charlie acted. She was slender and petite, with small but firm breasts capped by large, brown nipples that always looked as though they were erect. Nursing two children had not created any noticeable sag to her breasts. Her still narrow waist flared sweetly into her hips. She always thought her hips were too narrow and made her look like a boy, but the round swell of her ass had always pleased her husband, at least until recently.

So why wasnít he here to be with her? Susan felt a surge of disappointment wash over her. First he sends the kids away for the weekend, then he gets tied up at work. How typical, she thought. Thatís just like him.

Really angry now, Susan shut off the water and slowly lowered herself into the tub. The hot water soothed her, washing away her anger in a wave of relaxation. Why was Charlie spending so much time at the office?

Why couldnít Charlie be more like El Toro? Her online friend was so understanding and easy to talk to. And he was a writer, too. He knew what it felt like to craft an erotic story, knew the thrill of seeing it posted on Literotica. She had so much in common with him.

She used to have things in common with Charlie. When he was just another lawyer in a big firm they had had plenty of time for walks in the park, intimate dinners together, and best of all, time to spend hours making love. But that was all behind them now. Between the pressures of Charlieís law practice and raising two young daughters, they barely had time for sex at all. And when they did, it was a frantic coupling before the girls woke up on Sunday morning, or a semi-exhausted fumbling in their darkened bedroom just before falling asleep. Nothing like the passion of just a few short years ago.

As she soaked in the warmth of her bath, Susan thought about her marriage. She realized that she still had feelings for Charlie, and her feelings could easily be rekindled into the passionate love she remembered, if only he would try! If only he could be more like her online friend she could love him the way she used to.

A noise in the bedroom announced Charlieís presence. It was after nine, so he must be hungry. Susan started to get out of the tub to go fix him some dinner, then thought better of it. Screw him, she thought. If he thinks Iím going to cater to him after he made me wait alone, heís got another think coming! She settled back into the tub.

She could hear Charlie moving around in the bedroom, but she just ignored him. If he could make her wait for him, she could make him wait for her. He had to learn that this could be a two way street.

Suddenly the bathroom door burst open, and Charlie stood in the doorway, but not the Charlie she expected. His normally dapper six foot two inch frame was uncharacteristically disheveled, his hair mussed and his tie askew.

"So you finally decided to come home? If you knew you were going to be so late why did you send the kids away for the weekend?"

He didnít say a word. He just reached down and pulled Susan from the tub. Slinging her over his shoulder in a firemanís carry, he brought her to the bed and threw her down on her back.

Straddling her wet body, Charlie took her left wrist and lashed it securely to the bedpost with his tie. Susan was too surprised and shocked to resist. He tied her other wrist with a scarf he grabbed from the dresser, and placed a blindfold over her eyes. By this time Susan had recovered from her surprise enough to begin to struggle. She thrashed her legs wildly trying to escape, but the restraints on her wrists and Charlieís weight left her helpless. As she opened her mouth to scream he rammed a wadded up scarf into her mouth and tied it in place, stifling her screams of outrage. Jumping off her supine body he captured and secured first one leg, then the other.

Susan was bound, gagged, and blindfolded. Tied spread eagle to the bed, she was completely exposed before her husbandís gaze and totally at his mercy. She tried to struggle, but her bonds were secure. She tried to scream at him, but the wad of silk in her mouth blocked all but the slightest whimper. She couldnít even see what he was doing.

Realizing that she could not escape, Susan forced herself to relax and take stock of the situation. The abruptness of his assault had confused her, but she did not think that Charlie would go so far as to hurt her. Things had been strained lately, but he still cared for her.

Charlie was still in the room. If she listened carefully, she could hear him breathing. He was moving around, still not saying a word. Susanís heart began to race as she wondered what he was going to do to her. She had no idea what had caused this totally unusual behavior from her normally very staid and practical husband. Just when her anxiety had become unbearable, he finally spoke.

Leaning close to her ear, he whispered softly "Did you think I wouldnít find out? I know everything. And now you are going to get just what you deserve. Heís here! I found out who he is, and I contacted him. Your online lover is going to have you! Iím going to leave you tied up for him, and just walk away. Get ready to meet El Toro!"

Susan felt a surge of fear run through her. Charlie knew about her flirting with El Toro? And had brought him into their home! She had enjoyed flirting with the man in the Literotica Chat Room, but she had always thought he was a little frightening. And she had never seen him. Her husband was going to let a stranger see her tied, naked and helpless, spread out on the bed!

Again she struggled frantically to escape, but Charlie had tied her too well. She tried to scream, but could only manage a weak moaning through the gag. Her ears told her that Charlie was leaving the room. A distant babble of voices, too weak to understand or recognize came from the hall.

The door opened and she felt a presence in the room. A soft, sensuous manís voice spoke to her in a Spanish accent. "So, Senora, we meet at last. The shy, innocent beauty is tied to her bed, just as to wait for The Dark Stranger."

Susan was frantic now. She knew that Charlie had found her out, and was going to punish her just like the heroine in her story. And he was going to have her fantasy man do it to her! In spite of her fear, Susan felt her pussy contract in excitement, and a small gush of moisture seeped from her. This was her darkest fantasy, about to be played out for real.

With a light step, El Toro glided to the bed and stood at her side. She could smell the strange cologne he wore, a sensual, musky fragrance, masculine and very intoxicating. As she felt his eyes burn into her naked flesh, she struggled futilely against her bonds. Her thrashing was weaker now, as she had nearly exhausted herself in her struggles.

A firm hand stroked her side, and she strained to escape the maddening touch. The hand withdrew, only to return, this time on the lower curve of her breast. Again she tried to pull away, but the bonds on her wrists didnít allow her the freedom of movement to escape his touch.

The bed sagged on one side as his weight settled onto the mattress. Warm breath blew into her navel, sending a chill up her spine.

Then his weight disappeared from the bed.

For long minutes Susan heard no sound but her breathing and heartbeat. Her ears strained for some sign, some clue of what to expect. Finally, she heard the soft rustle of cloth. Heís taking off his clothes, she thought. Oddly, that information did not distress her as much as she thought it would. She felt a strange exhilaration to know that she was naked, and in the presence of a stranger.

Again the mattress sagged under his weight, this time at the foot as he climbed over the footboard and between her widespread legs. She struggled to close her legs, but the ankle restraints kept them spread beneath his gaze. She could feel the heat of his body as he knelt between her legs, and a fresh wave of embarrassment mixed with desire washed over her.

Now her pussy juices were flowing freely, and that added to her embarrassment. She did not want this stranger to know that she was turned on by the situation.

"Do not struggle so, Senora," the smooth, accented voice told her. "There is no escape for you. Your husband has made you available to me because of your interest in me. It would be better if you were to relax and enjoy it."

Susan was oddly soothed by the melodious voice of El Toro. This was her fantasy. She may as well enjoy it. And when she thought of Charlie, she became determined to enjoy it! Sheíd show him. If he could hand her over to El Toro, just like that, maybe she should reconsider her marriage. And if El Toro turned out to be everything she expected him to be, maybe she would enjoy this. Wouldnít that show Charlie! Sheíd make him green with jealousy, and it was his own fault for arranging this!

Susan ceased her struggles, and when she felt El Toroís hot breath on her thoroughly wet pussy, she arched her hips towards him. She was fully committed to this now. If Charlie could do this to her, then she was going to enjoy it to the fullest.

"Thatís right, my lovely. Open yourself to El Toro! You will not regret it."

El Toro plunged his tongue into her sweet pussy. He reached up and pulled the gag from her mouth as he tongued her soft pussy lips. Teasing and searching, he worked his way deep into her wet and inviting cunt.

With the gag out of the way, Susan began to moan with the pleasure she felt. "Yes, yes, eat my pussy. Eat it good. Oh, yes, it feels so good. EAT MEEEE!"

Keeping his tongue away from her sensitive clit, El Toro licked and sucked her inner and outer lips, and deep into the opening between them. He tasted her sweetness, and used his tongue to penetrate as far as he could reach, at the same time sucking powerfully at her pussy. It was enough to send her over the edge, bringing a scream of joy to her lips. She convulsed with pleasure, moaning and gasping in the grip of her orgasm.

After her initial orgasm, El Toro slowed the pace of his oral exploration of Susanís sweet cunt. He gently circled her clit with his tongue, spiraling in closer and closer. Susan began to build up to another climax, but he backed away, letting her catch her breath. Then he began again, spiraling closer and closer to the tiny organ, raising her excitement to a fever pitch.

Repeatedly, her brought her to the brink, and then backed away, teasing her, making each peak higher and higher, only to keep her short of total loss of control. As he brought her back from the edge of orgasm, he savored the sweet taste of her.

Susan had never been so frantic for release. Each time she neared climax, only to be held back from complete ecstasy. He teased her with the promise, but always stopped just before she exploded.

For a solid hour El Toro sucked and licked at Susanís pussy, keeping her aroused at a level she had never experienced before, but never allowing her the total orgasm she craved. The pungent smell of her sweet juices filled the room. Her cries and moans filled the room. Finally, as she neared the peak again, he placed the flat of his tongue directly on her erect little clit and pushed her over the edge.

Susanís loins exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her life. Spasm after spasm rippled through her. Her hips gyrated wildly, as her fantasy lover sucked and licked directly at the center of her passion. Without the restraints that still held her wrists and ankles she would have bucked him completely off. As it was, he had to hold the round checks of her ass tightly in his hands to keep his mouth on her pussy.

As El Toro continued to tongue her, again and again Susan exploded in orgasm, one after the other in a nearly continuous wave of pleasure. Finally, her tremors subsided as El Toro released her clit. With a final sucking kiss, he lifted his soaked face from her pussy.

Rapidly untying her wrists and ankles, El Toro picked Susanís limp body from the bed. "Now, Senora, I will have my way with you."

Susanís leg wrapped around her loverís waist as her put her back to the bedroom wall. With his hands around her waist, he lifted her until her open pussy was just above his rock hard cock. With a single thrust, El Toro buried his entire length deep in Susanís cunt, slamming her up against the wall. Her legs around his hips and his hands under her ass supported her weight as he rammed his cock into her.

The sudden entrance of his big cock set Susan off on another massive orgasm. All she could do was clutch weakly at her loverís shoulders as he repeatedly thrust deeply into her. She was being fucked up against the wall, just as the character in her story was, but better than she could ever have imagined.

The only thing that was missing was the sight of her lover. She had to see his face. As she felt El Toroís cock swell and begin to shoot his warm seed into her belly, she tore the blindfold from her eyes.

Her first look at El Toroís face brought another scream to her lips, a scream of surprise and passion. El Toro was her husband, Charlie!

One last spasm of pleasure as Charlie pumped her full of his thick cream, and she stared wildly into her husbandís eyes. Charlie grinned hugely at her and kissed her with all the passion that had been missing from their lives. Susan kissed him back, and wrapped herself around him as she felt his cock shrivel inside her.

Taking her in his arms, Charlie carried her back to the bed. Susan looked into his eyes. "How?" was all she managed to say.

"I found Literotica about a year ago. I always wanted to be a dark, brooding, romantic figure, so I took the name El Toro. When you started posting I figured out that Sexy Sadie was you from your posts on the Bulletin Board and your writing style. I used my El Toro persona to find out what you thought was missing in our marriage. I had almost given up when you wrote and posted The Dark Stranger. That gave me an idea, so I set up this weekend alone for us."

"But why did you stay so long at work?"

"I wanted you to think about El Toro, so I logged on from the office after I gave you time to get home." He gently stroked her check. "Are you mad at me?"

"Mad at you? I am so glad with the way things turned out that I canít be mad at you. And Iím putting you on notice that I want to see even more of El Toro and his Ďtreatmentí in the future. And I seem to remember some pretty hot stories by El Toro that we can act out, too!"


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