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Tit for a Tat
by UforMe

I had just moved into a new house. I was really excited, since it was a great location and had it all, backyard pool, deck, the works. It also had a great neighbor. I had seen Tanya the first day I had come to look at the house. I almost bought it on the spot. She was working in her yard. She was wearing cut-off jean shorts that were so short, they might as well have been bikini bottoms. They showed off fantastic tanned, toned legs. She is probably five feet, five, and you could tell she worked out. Her ass was tight and high under those shorts. She wore a white t-shirt that she had tied just under her bust, showing off a rock-hard, tanned stomach.

It was what was under the t-shirt that really did it, though. I am a tit man, and Tanya has one of the most impressive racks I have ever seen. Her tits looked enormous, stretching the t-shirt in every direction. She had obviously been in the yard awhile and worked up a sweat, some of which was glistening down her generous cleavage. She looked over with great blue eyes and wiped away a curl of shoulder-length blond hair. She smiled and waved as I walked around the house with the agent. I managed to wave back, and couldn't get her out of my mind.

I moved into the house a month later. A few days after I had moved in, I heard a knock on my door. I opened it to find Tanya standing with a big picnic basket. I immediately felt blood surge into my groin. She was wearing a colorful wrap-around as a skirt, and a white bikini top, which was straining to contain her monstrous breasts.

"Hi! I'm Tanya, and I wanted to come by and welcome you to the neighborhood," she said, with a glowing smile.

I managed to say hey and invite her in. She had brought over a dinner snack and a bottle of wine.

"Why don't you share this with me by the pool," I said, trying to act as cool as possible. It was hard to do. I was having to adjust to hide a raging hard-on.

"Sounds great," she said. I suggested she go on out to the pool while I changed into a suit. By the time I got out there, she had set up the table with a great spread and had poured a couple of glasses of wine. It was about 6 pm, and the sun was starting to set, and the cool summer evening was taking effect. We had a great meal, laughing and talking about the goings on around the neighborhood. She was 26 and worked for an advertising firm. I told her about my job as a financial consultant and my recent transfer.

The entire time, I had to concentrate all of my powers to keep from staring at her breasts. They were huge, obviously real, and with almost no sag. As we finished the meal, we pushed our chairs back and enjoyed the rest of the wine. Then she put me in a bind.

She said, "The sun is kind of in my eyes. Would you mind putting up the umbrella?" I wouldn't have minded at all, but the fact of the matter was I had an enormous hard-on, and couldn't figure out how to stand up and raise the umbrella without showing it off. The wine had started to take effect, and I was feeling confident, so I figured what the hell - if she sees it, she sees it. I stood up and wound up the umbrella. I could feel my prick straining against my suit. I looked down at it as I was finishing with the umbrella and realized that a few drops of pre-cum had also darkened a spot on my suit. I sat down quickly and gulped down some more wine. When I finally looked back over at Tanya, she had a glazed look in her eyes, which were focused directly on my crotch. She was biting her lower lip. Then she looked up and caught my eye.

"Is that because of me," she purred with a grin.

"Ah, yes. Yes it is," I said. "You really are a knockout." I was feeling bolder by the second.

Tanya turned her chair more toward me and began running her bare foot up and down my leg. "And what about me, specifically, causes you to say that?" she inquired.

I gulped and my dick got even harder, if that is possible. "Well, everything, really. But those breasts are amazing."

"Really? You like them? You don't think they're too big?"

"Are you kidding? First of all, I'm not sure there is such a thing as too big when it comes to breasts. Second, they are just right. There is nothing that gets me going more than a great pair of breasts."

She smiled. "I sometimes feel like they are too big and distracting. I'm glad you like them, though. I was kind of hoping I could show you more." I almost fainted. She stood up and untied her wrap-around, revealing a matching white thong. She started to move closer and came to a stop standing right in front of me. I stared up at those two amazing mounds. "So these get you going, huh?" she asked.

"Un-huh," was all I could reply. My cock now formed a perfect tent in my swimsuit. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my throbbing member. As she did, her breasts hung right into my face, and the position of her arm as she fondled me caused them to jut out at me.

"My," she said. "You seem to really like them. Go ahead and touch them." She continued to rub her hand up and down my shaft over my suit. I was trying my best not to come right then. I reached up and pulled the two small triangles of her bikini top to the side. He enormous jugs fell free and right into my face. She had large dark nipples that were hard as diamonds. I immediately let one fall right into my mouth and greedily sucked and nibbled on it. Tanya moaned and increased her intensity on my cock. "Yeah. Suck on my tits. Bite my nipple. Oh, that feels so good. I love to have my tits sucked."

I went to town, burying my face in her soft flesh. I moved to the other nipple and took it in my mouth as I pinched her other nipple between my fingers.

"Yes, yes, keep sucking them." Her breathing was getting harder. With my other hand I reached up between her legs. Her bikini bottoms were soaked, as were my fingers as I began to rub her hot slit through her suit. She began grinding against my hand. "Oh, god, yes. Just like that. Oh, I'm gonna cum. Make me cum. Suck on my titties. Bite them. Yes. Oh, god, I'm cumming. YES!!!! Yessss!!!!!!" She shook violently against my hand and her tits smothered my face. As she started to come down, she stood up. "That was wonderful," she said. "But I want more." She took off her top and slithered out of her bottoms, showing off a glistening, neatly trimmed pussy.

She kneeled down in front of me and untied my suit. I lifted up my ass to allow her to pull the suit off. My cock stood proudly at attention in front of her face. "Oh, it's beautiful," she moaned as she licked her lips. She ran her fingers over it, then down to my ball sack. She held my balls in her hand and fondled them. "You're so heavy," she breathed. "Do you have a big load for me? Please tell me you do, please?"

Now I am not huge, being about 7 1/2 inches, but I am blessed with a factory in the cum department. Most of my lovers have been amazed at the amount of cum I deliver, even on my second and third go arounds. Some have been appreciative, others have been turned off. I love it when a girl is pleased to take on my generous loads. "I think I've got some for you," I smiled.

"Please give it to me. Shoot it on my tits. I love it when a guy jizzes all over my tits. I have come before just from a guy shooting his load on my tits. Will you? I'll do anything."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A beautiful blonde was naked on her knees begging me to blow my wad over some of the most amazing tits I have ever seen. "For you," I said, "No problem."

She grinned, and immediately lowered her head to my cock. After a few swipes with her tongue, her warm mouth engulfed my swollen head and she began slowly bobbing on up and down my shaft. I was in heaven as Tanya gave me one of the best blow-jobs I have ever gotten. Her mouth was covered my entire shaft as her tongue swirled against the sensitive underside. After a few minutes, she pulled off. I was slightly disappointed, until she sat up a little and pushed her huge tits together with her hands. "Fuck these titties. I know you want to and I want to feel that hard cock rubbing between them," she panted.

She leaned down and took my cock between those massive breasts. My cock was nice and slick from her expert mouth and I began pumping up and down her cleavage, increasing my speed. She tilted her head back. "Yes, that's it. Fuck my big tits. Fuck them. Cum all over them. Cum for me."

That was all I needed. I pushed my dick straight up her cleavage as I felt my cum surge through my shaft. She looked down as the first shot exploded from my cock, hitting her on the chin, and then dripping back down onto her tits. She took my cock in her hand and began pumping shot after shot of my huge load onto her tits. I must have given her nine or ten thick spurts, followed by a few more afterbursts. As I kept shooting, her whole body tensed up as a powerful orgasm took over. "God, yes, SHOOT IT!!!! Shoot it!!!! Yess!!!!!" Her chest was covered in my semen. She began to rub my cum all over her tits as her orgasm wore down. "That was incredible," she said. "I've never seen such a load. Welcome to the neighborhood," she giggled as she gave my cock a loving kiss.

Indeed, I thought. This could be my best move yet.


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