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The Fraternity Party
by GMB

It happened in my freshman year in collage. I started school not knowing many people. Most of the kids in my high school were going away to school, but there were a few who were attending the same collage as I. One of the kids that I knew was Greg. He played football on our high school team and hung around with the more popular girls. I talked to him a few times but didn't know him that well. At the beginning of the year, I saw he a few times in the halls in-between class and we would ask each other how it was going. I felt so alone most of the time, being in a new school and couldn't seem to make any friends.

One day Greg came up to me in the hall and asked me if I could help him set up for a party for the fraternity he was trying to get into. He told me as a pledge, he was responsible to get the frat house decorated for the initiation party on Saturday night. He said that he didn't know anyone in the school but me and that he would pay me if I could help him. I always had a crush on him in high school but he never really noticed me. I thought this might be a good time to get to know him better and maybe get him to notice me, so I told him that I would help him and that he didn't have to pay me. I asked him what time he wanted me to get there on Saturday and if he needed me to bring anything. He replied no, just get there by 4 o'clock because we had to get it finished by 8 for the party. I told him ok and that I would be there by 4 on Saturday.

When Saturday came, I spent the whole morning looking threw my closet for something sexy to wear. I felt that if I were going to get him to notice me that would be a good start. I tried on everything in my closet, looking in the mirror trying to pick something that I looked the best in. I decided to wear my white mini skirt with my white halter-top. I haven't worn it since my second year in high school. The top was a little tight because my boobs have grown some since then, but it still fit me and it really looked good.

At 4'oclock sharp, I showed up at the frat house. Greg was waiting on the steps for me. When he saw me arrive, he whistled at me as I walk towards him and told me that I looked really nice today. I thanked him with a big smile and we walked into the house to get started. I felt that it was a good start, I got his attention and now we would see where it would go. The house was empty. Everyone was at the football game and we began to prepare the house for the party. We hung up lights and banners across the living room, positioned the chairs where he said that had to go and made sure that everything was in its right place ready for the party.

I tried to flirt with him as much as I could, but he was more concerned about getting finished. We got finished about 6:30 and Greg thanked me for helping him and said that he had time to show me around before anyone got back from the game. I told him sure, why not. I always wanted to see what the hype was about being a member of a sorority and I wanted a chance to flit with him. He walked me around the house showing me all of the rooms including the game room. This was the room that the frat brothers would hang out in and play pool and listen to music and eat their meals. It had a huge bar in the back of the room with a cutout behind it that lead into the kitchen. It had a jukebox in the far corner and a pool table in the middle of the room.

The room was really cool. I could see why he really wanted to get into the fraternity. The house was awesome and it looked like it would really be fun to be a member. Greg asked me if would like to have a beer or something, that the fraternity always had plenty of alcohol on hand. I was really thirsty after all of the work we did and asked him if I could just have a soda. When he went to open the door to the kitchen, the door was lock. I guess the frat brothers didn't want anyone into their food or beer. I told him not to worry about it but Greg then went behind the bar lifted the service window to the kitchen and tried to get into the kitchen that way but the service window was to small for him to fit.

I could see he was really trying hard and said that I thought that I thought that I would be able to fit. So he got down and I tried. He held the door open for me and I was able to squeeze threw. When I got into the kitchen I opened the refrigerator and took a soda and asked him if he wanted anything. He asked me to grab him a beer and to come back out. I handed him my soda and the beer and started to squeeze my way back threw the service window. When I got half way threw, Greg let go of the door he was holding up and it slid down on the center of my back. I asked him to slide the door back up so I could get out but he said that he couldn't.

This was part of his pledge to get a pretty girl and detain her for the party. He told me that these were the kind of tests they put the pledges threw before they were worthy of being a member and it was just a prank to prove that he could do it and that I would be released after the initiation. He then walked out of the room to get ready for the initiation party and closed the door behind him.

After he left, I tried to free myself but I was unable to move either way. I had no choice but to wait for the party before I would be set free. About a half-hour later, Greg came in the room with a bunch of guys. I guess they were the frat brothers of the fraternity. There were eight of them and there were 3 other guys with Greg who I guess were the pledges to the fraternity. A guy they called Jack came over to the bar and then turned to Greg and complemented him on getting the job done.

He thought tricking me into the position I was in showed initiative and that was the kind of guys they wanted in their fraternity. I asked the guy Jack it they could let me out now, but he said that I would have to stay there until the end of the initiation party if I wanted them to allow Greg to be a member of the frat. Greg told me that it would only be for a little while and asked me to please just go along with what they wanted. I could see the desperation on Greg's face and agreed to stay. With that the guys left the room leaving me stuck in the service window.

A little while later I could hear the party beginning with all of the laughing and talking in the other room. The music was playing and I could hear the guys kidding around with each other. Just then, Jack came into the room and shut the door behind him. He asked me how I was doing as he walked over to the kitchen door and unlocked it. He was going into the kitchen to get more beer. About a minute later I felt my skirt being lifted up. I yelled to him and asked him what he was doing.

He began to feel my ass over my panties and told me that he couldn't resist, that I had a nice ass and had to seize the opportunity. He then came out with the beer and glanced at me with a smile and told me he would be back. I didn't like the look on his face and began to worry about what he was thinking. Five minutes later, Jack came back with one of his frat brothers and walked into the kitchen without saying anything to me. I could hear them whispering to each other but couldn't make out what they were saying. Then the other guy came out of the kitchen and came behind the bar were I was stuck.

He told me his name was Steve and that he wanted me to be the entertainment for the evening. I asked him what he was talking about and told him that I wanted to be released now. That I had no intention on being anyone's entertainment and that they said that they would let me go after the party. He smiled at me with a devious grin and yelled into Jack that was still in the kitchen that I was going to need some convincing. Just then I felt my panties being pulled down and fall around my ankles. I then felt a hard smack on my now naked ass. It was Jack spanking me over and over.

I shuttered as he was spanking my ass and tried to get free but I was in there good and couldn't move. About a minute later Jack yelled from the kitchen asking Steve if the bitch changed her mind. Steve grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and asked me if I would reconsider being the entertainment for the evening. I told Steve never and started to yell for help reaching for the bar to try to get a grip of the rail to help free myself.

Steve grabbed a rag from the bar and shoved it into my mouth to stop me from screaming and called for Jack to come help him. Jack came out of the kitchen and helped Steve by grabbing my hands and kept me from pulling the rag out of my mouth. Steve ran into the kitchen and came out with some long rags and they tied my hands to the bar rail so that I couldn't remove the rag from my mouth. I was now stretch over to the bar with my hands tied to the rail. Jack then told me to have it my way and weather I liked it or not, I was going to be the entertainment.

I felt a shiver down my body with the thought of the position I was in and what they had in mind. The guys went into the kitchen and grabbed more beer and left the room. I could hear the party was really hopping and hoped it would be over soon so that I could get out and go home.

An hour later the doors to the room opened and in came about 15 drunken guys laughing and stumbling over each other. As the guys saw me stretched from the service window to the bar, one of the guys asked Jack who the fuck I was and why am I here. Jack replied to the guys that he caught me trying to steal their liquor and that we all should teach the bitch not to try to steal anything from our fraternity. I saw the look in the eyes of the guys as they moved closer to get a better look at me.

Jack uttered, she's not bad looking huh guys. Do you think we should make her pay for her actions? The guys became excited with the thought of what Jack was saying and they all began to yell, you bet Jack. Lets teach the bitch a good lesson. Before Greg could say anything, Jack pulled him to the side and told him to keep quite or he would not be a member. Greg looked at me and lifted up his hands as to say that he could not stop this. Two of the guys walked behind the bar where I was tied and sat on the floor under me. One of them grabbed my top and pulled it down letting my tits fall free hanging down above them. They started rubbing my nipples and sucking my tits.

A moment later I felt my legs being propped up on two stools in the kitchen. I then felt a warm tongue running over my pussy. I couldn't help feeling excited when the tongue hit my sensitive clit. My pussy became wet and I felt a assortment of hands feeling my ass and legs. I became very excited with the thought of what was happening to me. I was being licked by a bunch of guys in the kitchen as two guys were playing with my nipples behind the bar. My clit was swelling with excitement and my nipples became ridged. I started to moan threw my gag and on of the guys pulled it out of my mouth and said, Do you like what we are doing bitch.

I quickly snapped out of the moment and told the guys that were playing with my nipples that I was not steeling and that Greg tricked me into this. Greg didn't know what to say and quickly said that little bitch is lying and that she was just trying to get us to let her go. Greg walked behind the bar and unzipped his pants and told me to shut up and suck his cock. I told him to go fuck himself and started to scream for someone to help me. He then grabbed my hair and started to force his semi-erect cock into my mouth.

I kept my mouth closed tight so he couldn't get it in until I felt a finger probing my ass hole. I felt the finger working its way in and I let out a small yell. That was enough for Greg to get his cock into my mouth. His cock was getting big as he forced it into my mouth making me suck on it. The other guys in the room were getting excited with what was going on and they all started taking off their pants. I have to admit that the whole thing was beginning to excite me.

I was being fondled by a bunch of guys and it was getting me horny. Greg's cock started to swell in my mouth and I could tell that he was going to cum. He suggested to the other guys to line up and have their cocks sucked by me and when I got them hard to follow him into the kitchen. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth and let the next guy in line stick his cock in my mouth. The guys in the kitchen were taking turns licking my pussy and fingering my ass. The licking stopped and I felt someone grab my ass and worked the head of their hard cock inside of my tight wet pussy.

He stuck his cock deep inside me and I began to moan with pleasure. I was being serviced by all of theses guys all at one time. The guys world rotate sitting on the floor beneath me sucking on my nipples and then I would suck on their cocks to get them hard so they could go into the kitchen and take there turn mounting my pussy. I began to feel my pussy tensing up, as I was about to cum on someone's cock. I started to moan loader as I felt his cock swelling in my tight hole. I was reaching climax.

My pussy was clamping down on his cock and I felt my pussy building up pressure. Just then I felt a wet tongue run over my ass hole. My pussy erupted in a wave of cum. I felt my pussy leaking past his cock and drip down my legs. The excitement was too much for his cock and he cock swelled and let loose inside of my pulsing pussy. After I came, one of the guys in the kitchen positioned me so that he could fuck me in my ass. My ass was so wet and I felt his head penetrate my tight hole. As he was fucking my as one of the other guys started licking my pussy lips. I was in heaven. I must have came 3 times as the guys would take their turns in my holes.

The last guy on the line walked up to me and his cock was huge. He must have had 10 inches. He grabbed my hair and said, here you go bitch holding his cock. Let's see if you can handle this. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to accommodate his huge member. I could barely fit his head into my mouth. I sucked on his head as the guys one by one came out of the kitchen. They all sat around the bar and watched as I sucked on this guys huge cock.

As he became more excited, his cock swelled up to a point I could no longer fit it in my mouth. He told the guys at the bar to watch as he was going to make this bitch scream. He them went into the kitchen as they all waited for him to fuck me. I felt he huge cock as it penetrated my pussy. His cock spread my hole wide open as his cock entered my wet pussy causing me to scream as he pounded his member deep inside of me. The guys started cheering him on telling him to fuck the me hard as they would fondle my nipples.

One at a time the guys would come up to my mouth and play with their cocks until they squirted there cum in my mouth as I was being fucked from behind. The feeling of his cock was incredible and my pussy exploded on his 10-inch rod as he was sliding his head in and out of my pussy. I felt him shoot his cum on my pussy as the guys in front of me were showering me with there cum. After everyone had cum, they untied my hands and helped my exhausted body out of the service window and told me that if I ever tried to steel from them again, I would be made to service the whole football team. I left there thinking to myself that that might not be such a bad idea.

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