The Best Erotic Stories.

The Farming Sister-in-Law
by GW Anon

This story actually started about six years ago. I live in a rural community in the Midwest. One day while I was helping my brother-in-law on his farm I ripped the crotch out of my jeans. When we went to the house for lunch, Bob, my wife's brother was teasing me about my dilemma. Jill, my sister-in-law, said she'd try to sew them for me after lunch if I wanted. Jill has always been straight laced and went to church most Sundays.

While we ate I couldn't help but get a hardon as I sat next to Jill and Bob sat across the table. I had my cock outside my underwear giving it some relief. Jill got up and walked to the cabinet to get the tea pitcher to fill our glasses. I knew my cock was sticking out of the rip in my jeans, but I didn't know she could see it. Not until she had gotten up three times and the third time when I looked over at her, she was looking in my lap at my exposed cock. I pretended I didn't notice.

Bob said he was headed back down to work on the fence some more and would see me after I got sewed up. We all laughed and he left. I slid my chair back and sideways a little and moved my jeans to expose all my cock and asked if there was any more tea. Jill got up and got the tea. She could see all my rock hard seven and one half inch cock as she walked back and poured the tea. She almost over filled my glass. Then she started cleaning off the table making several trips to the sink. Finally, I covered up and neither one of us said a word about her sneaking looks at my cock.

I went into the bedroom and removed my jeans and stuck my head out the door to give Jill my jeans. I stood holding them out to her standing half way behind the door but still in view if she looked. She was standing there looking at the jeans, which allowed her to look at my cock also. I said after a minute or so, are you going to take them and sew them or do you want me to put them back on and let you sew them. She smiled and turned a deep red as she said it would be safer for me if she sewed them off of me. She again smiled as she said her sewing kit was in the bedroom.

I stood back and put my cock back inside my shorts. About two inches stuck up out of the waistband. I held my jeans in front of me as Jill walked into the room to get her sewing kit. I stood by the door as she got her kit and as she came by she took my jeans out of my hands and again turned red as she saw my large cock head sticking out of my shorts. She quickly turned her head and walked out the door. She sat down in a chair that faced the bedroom door. I wonder why. I held the door open far enough to look out and talk to her as she sewed. She was taking her time and kept looking up at me.

I slowly opened the door a little more allowing my cock to come into her line of view, pretending I didn't know she could see as I stood nonchalantly talking to her and she would talk and look my way. She would look at my cock as long as she thought I didn't know she was. I kept slowly pushing the door farther open until there was no doubt my cock was exposed to her view. I left the door telling her I was going to the bathroom and pulled the door almost closed as I left. I was just wanting to see what she would do. I watched through the crack in the door as she finished sewing my jeans and held them up to look at them. She checked her job pulling them and they held.

I figured my show was over. She sat looking at the door then came over and slowly pushed the door open a little and sat back down. Then she pushed it open about half way and sat in a chair to the left of where she had been sitting which allowed her a more straight on view into the half open door. She smiled to herself, came over and closed the door and went back and sat down and picked my jeans up. I went and flushed the stool and walked back to the door and opened it far enough to look out at her and asked if she was done yet.

She looked at me smiling and said not quite. My cock was inside my shorts but was about to fall out of the stretched leg opening. I stood in the door and slowly opened it half way and when I shifted my weight from one foot to the other my cock head came into view. I pretended not to notice, as did Jill. My cock slowly moved more and more into view as I stood there. Jill was pretending to sew and had her head tilted but I could tell she had her eyes raised and was staring at my cock as it stood out in front of me.

After a couple minutes, I pretended to notice my cock was exposed and stepped back out of her view and put my cock back in my shorts. Jill finally said she thought maybe they would hold together good enough to make it through the day and walked over and handed them to me. I went and sat on the bed to put them on and Jill stood in the door way watching. As I raised one foot my cock came into full view. I looked at Jill as I stuffed it back inside my shorts. Again she was a bright red and I said, sorry about that, my shorts are a little baggy.

She never moved, just stood there smiling as I raised my other foot with the same results. She watched as I pulled up my jeans and tucked my cock inside. I said joking that her seeing me was her payment for sewing up my jeans. She smiled and flushed again as she said she had enjoyed her payment. She turned and went to the Kitchen. We smiled at each other as I walked out the door.

Bob was working away when I got there and joked saying he thought maybe she was sewing a whole new pair of jeans. I put my foot on the fence and stretched the crotch area and said good as new. The next day when we went in to eat Jill turned red when I looked at her and smiled. Bob said, so far we didn't have any casualties yet today. We all laughed. Nothing else happened the next several months. I only helped Bob on certain occasions. Fencing, harvesting, disking etc.

Then one day that fall I was driving trucks from the field and putting the beans in the bin. I had on an old pair of threadbare jeans. There was a hole in one knee and a start of a hole where I carried my keys in my right pocket. Jill came out to the bins when I brought the first load of beans in. It was still cool out but was going to be a nice warm day. The hoist didn't work the best on either of Bobs' trucks and Jill climbed right up inside the truck bed and helped me shovel the beans to the back of the truck bed.

Jill had on a heavy jacket and said she had on thermal underwear and was about to burn up. I told her if she was going to shovel, she had to many clothes on. Then I smiled and said she should wear something sexy and revealing so the job would go easier and be more enjoyable. She smiled and said, more enjoyable for you. As we climbed out of the back of the truck I caught the hole in my jeans pocket and tore a three corner tear about two inches. I smiled at her and said that could make it more enjoyable for her. She turned a deep red and laughed and told me I better be getting the truck back to Bob.

When I came back with the next truck load I was happy to see Jill come hotfooting it out to help. I had worried that I had said the wrong thing when I tore my jeans. She had taken her thermals off and had on a lighter jacket this time. I noticed her jeans were real tight and the top button on her blouse was undone. Also I could see her bra through the thin material of the blouse. It surprised me to see her dressed this way. She really looked sexy.

As we shoveled she again got hot. I told her she still had to many clothes on to work this hard. She took the jacket off and I enjoyed the little bit of skin I could see as she bent over to shovel. When she turned from time to time with her ass towards me it was all I could do to keep from reaching over and playing with it. I felt like she was teasing me as she would turn and bend putting her ass in my face or lean over to shovel affording me a view of her bra covered tits. We carried on a normal conversation as if nothing was happening.

At one point I decided I was reading more into it than what there really was. As we talked she said lunch would be ready when I came back with the next load. When we climbed out of the truck and I got ready to leave, I said I thought that truck unloaded quicker than the first one did. I saw her smiling to herself as she walked toward the house. I thought she was swinging her ass a lot more as she walked away.

Bob had just dumped the combine and he drove the pickup so he could get back to the field while I dumped the truck after lunch. Bob was already eating when I walked into the house. I tried to pretend I didn't notice anything different but Jill was wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a heavier blouse with all the buttons closed. Jill blushed a little, as she knew I noticed.

Bob asked Jill if she could help me unload the trucks. Jill told him she was helping and he said good. He knew unloading involved a lot of shoveling. He told her to be nice to me and help all she could, as they didn't want to loose their help. I laughed and said I couldn't quit, I needed the extra money. We all laughed because I wasn't getting any money. Bob said they would figure out some way to pay me something for helping. He said I could use anything he had anytime I wanted. He was referring to his equipment but I looked at Jill and she got red faced as she looked at me. We had both thought the same thing.

Bob finished eating and kissed Jill and said he was headed back to the field. As he walked to the door he again said to Jill, take good care of our help now and out the door he went. Jill got up and got the tea and filled my glass and asked if I wanted anything else as she started cleaning the table off. I didn't say anything I just smiled. She smiled and said she was talking about something else to eat.

Again I smiled, she got red faced and said you know what I mean. I laughed and said, yes I knew. She laughed and told me to get out of here and get that truck unloaded. I told her to look out now, that Bob had told her to be extra nice to me. The phone rang and Jill answered it. It was Bob on his cell phone. I listened to Jill's side of the conversation and knew what Bob was saying. Jill said Bob's name very exaggerated. Then, your not really serious are you.

Then she said, I couldn't do that. Then she said, I am helping. Then, OK I'll try, if you're sure you want me to. Then she said, OK, I don't know, we'll see, I love you too. Yes, you know I do. Then, don't say that, you know I love you. Yes, I know I've always said I'd do anything for you. She laughed a nervous laugh as she said, OK, I said I'd try. Yes, I promise. Then she said, Bob, you're impossible. I think your getting a little carried away.

It was about then she turned quickly and looked at me with a deer in the head lights look, and said to Bob, yes he is probably already unloading the truck. I smiled as I realized she had forgotten I was sitting there and didn't want Bob to know I'd heard her conversation. Then she said to Bob, you better let me go if I'm going to do your dirty work for you. She smiled at me as she said to him, you know what I mean by dirty work. Yes, I know you love me and she hung up.

I got up and said I better get that truck unloaded, since you told him I'd already started. She got a shy look on her face as she said, sorry, I had to do that. Then she said she'd be down in a bit to help. I had about half the truck empty when she showed up. She stood next to the truck smiling and all I could see was her face.

When she climbed into the truck she stood and smiled at me as I stood staring at her. Jill had on a pair of skintight shorts and a very thin blouse that left nothing to the imagination. I could see all her beautiful tits and rock hard nipples and large sliver dollar sized aureole through the thin, pale blue material. She had also left the top two buttons undone. Finally she said, stop staring, you're embarrassing me.

I smiled and told her she had nothing to be embarrassed about. She said, yes she did. She said standing there the same as topless in front of me is enough but knowing I'd heard her conversation with Bob was the most embarrassing. I asked why. She got a deep red again as she said, you knowing that Bob asked me to keep you happy. I decided to play it along and asked what he wanted her to do. Her nipples were rock hard standing out a good half inch, begging to be pinched. She smiled and said you know.

I started shoveling as I said, no, you tell me. She started shoveling also and her tits swayed back and forth rubbing her nipples against the blouse as she shoveled the grain. She started talking and said he wants me to keep you happy. She stopped talking still shoveling. I asked how. She stopped shoveling and stood looking at me and said, he said I should do what ever it takes to keep you happy and keep you driving for us. So that is why I wore this blouse, to keep you happy. She added, you know this as a very big step for me. I've never done anything like this before.

I smiled and said I was very happy she took the big step. She just smiled. I told her I'd enjoy it more if she were totally naked. She blushed as she smiled and said out here in the open. I said, that's what makes it exciting, being exposed in public. She said she felt very much exposed right now. If someone drove up she wouldn't be able to cover up. They would see her exposed condition. I said she shouldn't worry, I was sure they would enjoy the view, almost as much as I was. I smiled and said it's exciting isn't it. She just smiled and started shoveling again.

As we shoveled, my cock was so hard it hurt as I watched her tits through the opening the two unbuttoned buttons created. I pushed a little and said again, it excites you for me to see you don't it. Without looking up she said she was nervous, paused a minute then said, yes, it's exciting. I noticed her looking at my crotch and realized she could see part of my rock hard cock through the tear in my jeans. I wondered how far this was going to go. As we finished up I stood next to the end gate of the truck and she worked the beans out of the corners. She backed across toward me and her nice firm butt pushed up against my firm cock. I stood there not moving as her ass rubbed back and forth on my cock.

After a couple minutes she said, you're in my way here. I moved around to the cleaned side and she cleaned the rest of the truck out. I said, you know, I'd be a lot happier if you'd find a see through mini skirt to wear with your blouse. She stood up and gave me this real cute sexy smile and said she didn't have any see through skirts. I said well, maybe a sexy extra thin extra short dress that buttons down the front, with several buttons missing. She smiled and told me to get the truck back to the field. Bob would be needing it.

I got there just in time. Bob had the other truck full and was pulling out of the field to dump his full hopper as I pulled into the field. He jumped down out of the combine and came over as I got into the other truck. He was smiling a broad smile as he asked how it was going. I said it was going OK. He asked if Jill was helping me unload. I said yes, she helped. I could tell he wanted to know what went on.

He finally asked if she was being sexy for me. I smiled and said she had worn a pretty sexy blouse. He smiled even bigger as he said nice tits, huh? I smiled and said yes. I couldn't believe our conversation. He was enjoying this almost as much as I was. He said he needed to get rolling again. Told me to watch these old trucks and to have fun unloading the beans. Then he said, Tell Jill I love her and to be extra nice to our help, meaning me. I said OK, I'll tell her, and headed out of the field.

As I backed up to the auger to unload, I saw Jill coming out of the house. She had on a very short pale yellow dress and a green button up sweater over it. I raised the hoist a little as she walked up to the truck. I smiled as she walked up to me. The dress was a button up the front and I could make out her dark bush through it. She had cut off the bottom of the dress to about mid-thigh in length and had one button undone on the bottom. She said she brought the sweater along to preserve some modesty if someone stopped by.

I saw what she meant as she took it off. The top half of the dress appeared to be thinner than the bottom half. I could see her dark aureoles and nipples clearly through the material. Also, she had cut out the neckline. She had created straps across her shoulders and had cut straight down and then straight across and the dress top barely covered her aureoles. She had already sewed a seam in the top and said she forgot to allow material to fold under the material to sew it so the top was cut lower than she intended. With the button hooked you could see the top half of her tits and a lot of cleavage. I was curious to see what happened with the top button open. Also with the front cut low and the back cut even lower the potential of the dress straps slipping off her shoulders was great.

She smiled and said, I guess you want a button undone. She had read my mind. I said I wanted two buttons undone. She unbuttoned the top one. The material fell apart all but exposing her nipples as she stood there. She reached down and unbuttoned the next bottom button. As she leaned over her dress fell away from her body giving me a full view of her tits. That was two bottom ones. When she straightened up she said with a smile, this is crazy. I can't believe I am doing this. I told her that Bob wanted me to tell her that he really loved her a lot and to be extra nice to the hired help.

Then I added, that's me. She smiled and said she was being extra, extra nice. I said I agreed. I asked her where she got such a sexy dress. She said Bob had bought it for her a couple years ago. He wanted her to wear it when they were on vacation, but she couldn't bring herself to wear it out in public. She smiled as she thought back and said Bob had talked her into wearing it in the room and she hadn't realized he had opened the heavy curtain. The thin curtain was closed and she knew at least one man saw her that night. Bob was so excited they had some real fun. I asked if she hadn't been excited to. She only smiled.

The grain was slowing and I told her to walk over and raise the truck hoist a little. As she walked away from me her ass was swinging the short thin dress causing my cock to get one degree harder. Then she opened the door and climbed up on the running board to engage the hoist leaning over showing me her bare ass. I told her she had to get inside to raise it.

I walked up behind her. Her bare ass was almost eye level as she leaned across the seat. She stood there and asked what she had to do. I couldn't help myself. I put my hand up between her knees to her inner thighs slowly moving up and down. She didn't move, then as if I wasn't doing anything asked again how she raised the hoist. So as I slid my hand up as high as I could, all the time explaining what she needed to do to engage the hoist. Right in the middle of explaining the operation I said you need to spread your feet apart and went on with the explanation of the hoist.

She shifted and stood on her right foot and raised her left foot up and put it on the floorboard of the truck like she was going to climb on into the truck but stopped there. I smiled real big as she had given me complete access to her beautiful pussy. I felt her whole body shaking as I slowly slid my hand up and down her thigh, then up and stroked her pussy lips and soft downy pussy hair.

Then she looked back over her shoulder with a serious look on her face and told me she would do whatever it took to keep me happy except she wouldn't fuck me. She said she was game for anything else but just couldn't do that. She said she wasn't sure Bob could handle it, even though he had kind of suggested it. But she said she wouldn't take the chance of getting pregnant by me. She said she wasn't on birth control as they were trying for a baby. I teased her saying I'm not good enough to father your baby. She said I wasn't her husband. I asked what that had to do with it. She said she thought her first baby should be her husbands.

I said OK, let me know when you're ready for your second one then. She laughed and then said as long as it was taking on the first one, she didn't know when a second one would be in the works. I said, well it's still fun trying. She just smiled. Then she got that sexy look on her face and said, as long as we both know the ground rules we can have fun and be happy, right. I smiled and raised the hem of her dress back up with my left hand and kissed her left ass cheek.

Then, teasing her, I bit it hard enough to leave teeth marks. She jumped and said maybe she should add she wasn't into pain either. I asked, any other stipulations to this arrangement. She grinned and said no fucking and no pain. Anything else is a go.

I slid both my hands up and down her smooth, warm, silky thighs, stroking her pussy with one hand, then the other, brushing across her clit teasing her. She had a death grip on the steering wheel with her left hand. Her knuckles were white. I slipped a finger into her wet pussy and she moaned. I stroked her clit as I used two fingers in her pussy. She was unbelievably tight. Old Bob must have a small cock.

After a few minutes of that I noticed Jill swaying a little. I suggested she turn around and sit on the truck seat. She turned and sat with both feet out the door on the running board, knees spread apart a little. I put my hands between her knees and spread them as far as I could and leaned in and kissed her hot wet pussy and started working her clit over with my tongue. She lay back in the seat on her elbows moaning loudly. I stood and unbuttoned the four remaining buttons and pushed the dress to the sides, reached up and squeezed both her tits and pinched and rolled her hard nipples with my fingers.

She breathed out a sigh and said oh yes, as I did. I smiled and took each nipple between my thumb and fingers and rolled them and pulled out on them a little. She was really moaning now and biting on her bottom lip. She said, yes, that feels so good. I pulled out a little harder and moved my hands in a circular motion pulling and pinching a little harder to hold on to them. I know it had to hurt, I was pulling and pinching pretty hard. Jill was beyond caring. I started eating her good tasting pussy again and she had a massive orgasm. I think she fainted for a minute or so.

After a couple minutes she sat up on the seat smiling at me and said that was the first time for her. I couldn't believe it. I said the first time you've had your pussy eaten. She said yes and the first big orgasm also. I said your kidding right. She was flushed a deep red and said no she wasn't. Then said, man, that was great but she said she felt weak all over. I smiled and said, OK, my turn now. She smiled and slid out of the truck. I put my arms around her and hugged her and kissed her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth letting her taste herself. She kissed me back and hugged me tightly.

I stood her on the ground and she asked what I wanted. I said I wanted to fuck her. She kind of pouted a little and said she just couldn't, and said please understand. I teased her saying I'd eat her pussy again if she'd let me. I was surprised as she stood thinking about it. I was surprised she did that. She then said as much as she liked it, she couldn't take a change of getting pregnant.

I said well, I'll keep eating your pussy and after you and Bob get pregnant, then I can fuck you. She got that sexy looking smile again and said, you're impossible. I went on and said, OK then, I'll wait until your pregnant to fuck you and I'll settle for blowjobs until then. Still smiling she said, OK, if I ever get pregnant. At that moment I was in heaven. She had just agreed to fuck and suck me. I unsnapped and unzipped my pants and my hard cock came into view. My cock is a little bigger around than most cocks. I said just one minute and raised the truck bed all the way up, then turned in the seat facing the door with my feet on the running board. Jill stepped between my legs staring at my hard cock with a sex starved look in her eyes and took a hold of my cock with both hands squeezing it and said I was twice the size of Bob.

I reached down and pulled on her nipples. She immediately shuttered and closed her eyes. Her nipples were as much an erogenous zone as her clit was. I told her to suck my cock. She bent over, pulling against my grip on her nipples. She moaned again as her lips closed around my cock head. Her warm mouth felt so good. I asked if she could deep throat. She pulled back and looked up at me and said she didn't know, this was her first blow job also. She immediately put my cock head back in her mouth. I said you and Bob do fuck don't you. She bit my cock gently and said yes. I told her to be careful with those pearly whites.

Then I told her I would give her a lot of practice and teach her to be a good little cocksucker. Again she bit me. I wasn't going to last very long and told her she had to swallow all my cum. She looked up at me with her big eyes without leaving my cock. I told her every drop that escaped her mouth I was going to rub into her pussy with my fingers. Then before she could object I said I was going to cum and shot into her mouth.

I saw her swallow again and again. I could see the twinkle in her eye as she sucked on my cock. She pulled back and smiled saying she liked the salty taste of my cum. I said that was good because I intended to give her a steady diet of it. I told her to trade me places and let me eat her again. She immediately climbed onto the truck seat and spread her legs. She lay back on the seat and I played with her pretty pink pussy. I then started tonguing her clit and milked a few drops of cum out of my cock and spread her pussy lips and slid two fingers with cum on them in as far as I could smiling at myself. I did this several times getting as much cum out of my balls as I could and rubbing it deep into her pussy. I'd try my best to help her get pregnant.

The beans had stopped feeding out of the truck. I told her we should get the truck emptied out. She said OK and started to set up. I said we'd start on the truck in a couple minutes. I started sucking on her hard little clit and pinching her nipples and pulling on them and she had an orgasm almost immediately. She was a hot little thing. I couldn't believe my good luck. I had a good looking woman with a great body willing to do anything I waned her to do and even better, we had her husbands approval. It is every mans dream. I told her to rest a few minutes if she wanted and I started cleaning out the back of the truck. I was shoveling away and a yellow piece of material wrapped in a green sweater landed right in front of me. It was Jill's dress and sweater. I smiled and looked up. There she stood totally naked, smiling from ear to ear. Man how I wished I had a camera. I told myself I would have one the next day. I had a hard time cleaning out the truck and looking at her at the same time but I finally got it done.

When I climbed out of the back of the truck, I smiled at Jill and walked toward her with her dress and sweater. She held out her hand expecting me to hand her the dress. I reached out and gave her five with my left hand and walked on to the truck and lowered the bed. I lay her dress and sweater in the truck seat and turned to shut down the tractor and auger and about ran over Jill. She was standing right there behind me and asked me for her dress. I told her I'd give it to her just before we got to the field where Bob was working. She stood there looking at me and it finally soaked in what I'd said and that sexy looking smile of hers slowly came over her face.

She said I was going to show her outfit to Bob huh? I said yes, but more importantly I hoped to show her sexy body to some total strangers as we drove to the field. I enjoyed watching her face turn a deep red. She flushed so easy. She turned red down her neck and her chest above her perfectly shaped tits. I really liked everything about her body. She asked if she really had to go to the field and see Bob. She was more concerned about letting Bob see her dress than exposing her naked body to total strangers. I said yes and she couldn't wear the sweater. She said she knew Bob talked a good game and liked to imagine sexy scenarios but weren't sure he could handle the real thing. She said what if she put on the tight shorts and the semi sheer blouse she had on earlier and left the top two buttons open. Could she do that? I said I really liked the dress better. She got her sexy look again and she walked up to me, took my hands and put them on her tits and smiled her sexiest smile and asked if she couldn't change my mind some how.

At the same time she pulled out my hard cock and started playing with it. I squeezed her firm tits and pulled on her nipples. I loved the way the dark half-dollar sized circles around her nipples stood out on top of her tits. It was a three-tiered affect. Her tits, then her areolas and her nipples stood out a quarter to a half-inch on top of that. She bit her lower lip as I pinched and pulled on her nipples. I pulled them both together trying to touch her nipples together. If I pulled hard enough I could just get the nipples to touch. I slowly moved them in a circular motion, pulling, keeping pressure on them as I moved them around and up and down and sideways.

I bent down and sucked on each one as hard as I could and sucked as much of her tits as I could into my mouth. Then I bit each nipple gently causing her to moan. She said she'd wear the dress and show Bob for me in a few days but thought she should break him in slowly. I had to agree with her logic, but I didn't want her to know that just yet. As I sucked and gently bit her nipples I ran my hand down her smooth flat tummy and played with her bush, almost touching her clit, then back up and over her tit and back down. When I did finally touch her clit she jerked bit time. I had bit down on her nipple at the same time and when she jerked it pulled the nipple out of my teeth raking my teeth across her hard nipple. I'm sure it had to hurt. She said with a pained expression on her face, oh man, that hurt as she looked down at her red rock hard nipple protruding out. She gently rubbed her own nipple a few times and with her eyes half closed and her sexy smile between her deep breathing she reminded me she wasn't into pain. Then she said that a little chewing is OK but don't bite them off. I smiled and told her it was her fault.

She was the one that jerked. She laughed and hit my shoulder and said that I had made her jerk. I bent down and kissed and tongued her hard sore nipple and said I'd give it some tender loving care. Then I said we better be heading to the field. She asked again how she could change my mind about the dress and started stroking my cock again. I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my load. I told her she could wear what ever she wanted if she let me fuck her right now, right here. She looked at me and asked if I had a rubber.

I would have died for a rubber about then. She said she guessed she'd wear the dress. I said just let me put it inside you and let it soak a couple minutes. I said she was wet enough it should slide right in. I wouldn't fuck her, I'd hold it perfectly still after I got it all the way in. That way if Bob asked if we fucked she could say no. She said OK as long as I didn't move it in and out. Again I said I promised to hold it perfectly still once I got it all the way inside her. I emphasized the words "all the way inside". We were standing where we were pretty much out of sight of anyone that drove by, but if anyone drove into the drive we were very much visible.

Jill looked around and said she couldn't believe what she was doing. She turned around and bent over at the waist, putting her hands on the power take off shaft to the auger and spread her feet a good two feet apart. I rubbed my cock head up and down against her pussy lips a few times, giving her a chance to back out. She looked over her shoulder at me and asked if I was going to stick that big thing in or not.

I smiled as I realized she wanted me inside her. Then she said she didn't think that big thing would fit. I said I was giving her a last chance to back out and just wear the dress. She said she was doing this for me. She said she was sure if she wore the dress, it would bring Bob back to reality and he would put a stop to her showing off for me and doing anything to keep me happy. She said so by her allowing me to slip my cock inside her she thought that she'd wear the other outfit and slowly let Bob work into the realization that she was exposing a little skin and over time show him she was exposing a little more as he requested.

That way he would feel like he was controlling her, getting her to do the things he wanted, and we could keep having fun and she could keep me happy and helping them out. I still was just rubbing my cock head inside her pussy lips and said I believed she was right in her thinking but I thought she wanted to feel my big cock inside her also. She again said she was doing this for me and to go ahead and slip it in. I ran my left hand up and squeezed her tit and rolled her nipple and rubbed my cock on her clit. I felt her push back against me as she finally said, "OK, I want to feel that big thing inside me so come on and slide it in." I pushed the head of my cock against her tight hole and felt it slipping in slowly.

I pushed my luck as I said, OK, but remember if you turn up pregnant it was your decision to do this rather than wear the dress. Her only response was Oh man, it feels enormous. I kept pushing in and told her I needed to pull back a little and then go a little deeper as she was a lot tighter than I thought. She said it felt like I was splitting her apart. She was tight but I wanted to work in and out of her, fuck her in other words.

I pulled back a little and pushed in again. She was moaning. I stopped pushing and just stood there a minute. She looked back over her shoulder and smiling at me said she thought she had told me she wasn't into pain. I asked, "but it hurts so good right?" I then pushed in a little more and she said, yes, it hurts sooo gooood. I pulled almost all the way out and slowly slid back in and bottomed out. She said she thought I hit virgin territory. I said I still had two inches to get inside her. I gripped both of her pelvis bones and pushed hard into her.

She said Ohhh, go slowly. I pulled out and slid back in hitting bottom hard gaining deeper penetration. I worked in and out a few times at that depth and felt her relax a little. Then I rammed in trying to go even deeper. I could feel myself about ready to shoot my load. I held real still inside her trying to prolong it. She wiggled her ass back and forth saying come on; I want all of it inside me. She was really hot to trot.

I told her I'd have to stop and work at getting the rest in later, that I was getting close to cumming. I started to pull out and she pushed back against me saying how good it felt inside and she wanted it all inside. I drove in one last thrust hard again gaining new ground and felt my balls erupt filling her tight pussy with my cum. I stood still as I pumped load after load into her. She started working back and forth on my cock. I again grabbed her pelvis bones and started fucking in and out of her at a furious pace, ramming deeper and deeper. My cum helped lubricate her tight pussy and I slid in and out easily. She was moaning and had a massive orgasm. She collapsed and I held her up by her pelvis and slowly let her down to her knees.

After a couple minutes she got up and stood on shaky legs and looked at my shining, wet cock as it stood at half-mast. She reached out and squeezed it and talking to my cock, said, you had better not got me pregnant. Then she leaned up and kissed me on the lips and said it wasn't fair. I asked what wasn't fair. She smiled and said she loved my cock and wanted more of it but still didn't want to get pregnant by me, so she wanted me to buy some rubbers. I said as tight as she was we'd need some lubricant or we'd burn up the rubber and defeat its purpose. She laughed and said she doubted we'd burn up the rubber but lubricant sounded good.

She said she felt pretty sure we were safe tat day as her cycle was such she shouldn't be ovulating right now. I said, so we can do it again when we bring the next truck in to dump. She said no, not until I got some rubbers. We got in the truck and I stopped at the house and let her get her shorts and blouse. Of course I made her go to the house naked and a car came by just as she went through the door. I watched the guy drive by. I think he thought he saw something but wasn't sure. She made it back to the truck without incident and we headed to the field. I don't think anyone saw her as the truck cab set up fairly high.

She put on her clothes just as we were pulling into the field. Bob was sitting there waiting for me. He started dumping the combine and jumped down to talk to us. His eyes lit up when he saw Jill's outfit. I was happy he was happy and I could see Jill's tension leave her as he hugged and kissed her and told her she looked sexy. Then he asked me what I thought. I smiled and decided to play his game. I said yes, she looked good. Then said, she'd look even better if she didn't keep her sexy body covered up as much as she does. Bob smiled and said yea he agreed. They walked around the truck as I got in on my side.

I saw him talking to her and saw him kiss her and unbutton another button on her blouse. She got in and her blouse was gaping open and I could see all her right tit, sticking out in all its glory, through the opening in her blouse. Bob walked around to my window to talk to me and he saw the same view I did and he smiled and winked at me and nodded his head toward Jill. I looked at her and enjoyed the view and looked back smiling at Bob. He said the beans were getting tough and I could leave after I got that load off if I wanted to. He'd bring in the next load when he quit. He was going to try to get another load before he quit.

On the way back to the house Jill surprised me again as she slid over in the seat and squeezed my cock and said she thought that maybe we could chance it one more time while we unloaded the truck. Then she said she thought Bob handled that pretty well. I said yes that he saw her tit sticking out and pointed it out to me. I said I believed if we took our time and brought him along like she had suggested, that he would be comfortable with everything we did. I smiled and said he might even enjoy watching her get fucked by a big dick. She squeezed me tight and said maybe; we'd have to see. I decided to put another thought into her head and said he was so into her being sexy for me that he might even like to see her get gangbanged by several men at the same time.

She got a serious look in her eye and said she didn't think she could never do anything like that. She only wanted to keep the sexual activities between us. I smiled and said, you mean you have never fantasized about having sex with several men at the same time. She started blushing and I teased her saying; I knew it. I knew you were hot. She smiled and hit my arm and said stop it. That's not true. I don't want to have sex with a bunch of men. I kept it up saying, come on now, admit it. You have thought about it before haven't you?

She just smiled and wouldn't look at me. I teased her some more saying how many men were in her fantasy? Fifteen? Twenty? She said no, not that many. I laughed and asked well, how many then. By saying that she had admitted she had thought about it and then said sheepishly, I don't know maybe six or seven, or eight. I laughed again and said or nine or ten or eleven. She squeezed my cock hard and said no not that many. Besides it was just a fantasy. I asked what other sexual fantasies she had. She looked me in the eyes and said wouldn't you like to know.

We started unloading the truck and she stripped off naked without me asking her to and leaned against the tractor front tire with her hands and spread her feet apart standing there bent over at her waist looking at me. I dropped my pants and moved in behind her and slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. I teased her again saying she was very wet. The talk of her being gangbanged must have got her really hot. She didn't say a word, just moaned as I slowly slid into her tight hot pussy. She said she was a little sore.

I went right on saying I bet it would be very exciting to have several cocks to play with and suck on and to have all those hand on you at the same time. She was really hot. I reached around and pinched her hard nipples and she had an orgasm. I shot another large load deep into her. We stood there a couple minutes savoring the feeling. I slowly slipped out of her and she kissed my lips and went to the house. I finished unloading the beans and went to the drug store first thing the next morning.

She had sex with Bob that night and said she was very surprised that he didn't notice that she was bigger. She said if he did he didn't say anything. We fucked every day while harvesting the beans. I always wore a rubber and she always had sex with Bob every night also. A couple of times I cut the end of the rubber and shot my load deep inside her. Sure enough she turned up pregnant. Bob thought that by her being sexy for me and flashing me a little, that it had caused them to relax and just have sex and not worry about getting pregnant and bingo, they got pregnant. That was good for me because I didn't have to wear rubbers anymore. We had a very good year that year.

This story got very long and there is a lot more to tell. Will tell more of this true story in a later writing.


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