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The Good Father Ch. 1
by Wyden Long

Jim Simmons was a good father, he thought. He worked hard, saved his money, kept up his house and yard and loved his family with all his heart. The apple of his eye was his daughter Angela. They named her that in the hospital when no other name seemed appropriate and as she grew, it continued to be the most apt description possible of his sweet young daughter. At 18, she was the ultimate heartbreaker. Jim's heart swelled with pride.

When she was younger, Jim had always been the one who got up first when it was time for Angela's bath. He would sit beside her and play his guitar while making up funny cowboy songs for her. Angela would soak in the bubbles and giggle at her silly daddy until it was time to come out and be dried off. This was the part she secretly liked the most. Her daddy would very carefully and gently sponge all the drops of water off her entire body, then finish up with their "game".

It was so hard to get all the drops of water from the little slit between her legs. No matter how hard they tried, it seemed to take an awful lot of rubbing with the towel before her daddy was satisfied. He would get red in the face and breathe very loudly as he gently rubbed the last drops away.

Angela learned to look forward to this part as much as the silly songs. She wasn't quite sure why she enjoyed it so much, but it made her daddy so excited and she learned to cherish the mysterious feelings it gave her, too.

One night Jim was on a business trip and Jane had to take over his bathroom duty. It was bad enough when mommy wouldn't sing and make up songs for her, but she got very upset when Angela climbed out of the tub and stood in the floor, wide legged, waiting for mommy to "dry the drops" like daddy did.

The worst part was that mommy got very, very upset and called daddy names when he got home and never, ever again let daddy give Angela her bath.

At 18, Angela would climb from the tub and stand with one leg propped on the edge to "dry the drops" like daddy used to do. She would imagine his tender touch as she lovingly rubbed the towel against the place where daddy had always found the most drops. She would rub and rub until an incredible feeling came over her, then finish getting ready for bed.

"Daddy, can I have a computer? Huh? Please!"

"Why, Angel! What does a pretty girl need with a computer?"

"Oh, Daddy! You know I'm not just another pretty face. I need it for my schoolwork. Besides, you always said you wanted me to be an engineer, just like you. Remember?"

"OK, OK. Let's run down to Fry's and pick one out for you."

"Want to go with us, Hon? We're going down to Fry's to pick out a computer for Angela."

"You know I hate that store and hate traipsing behind you while you ogle every hard drive in the store. Just hurry back. I have some chores that you need to do for me."

"Sure you do!", Jim thought to himself. "So what else is new?" In their entire married life, Jane had operated under the assumption that husbands were just a defective form of wives and therefore must be guided in their efforts to prevent catastrophe. It had been a real stroke of genius to invite her to go to a place he knew she hated. There was no chance she would want to go and there would be no need to hurry. In her mind, trips to Fry's always took hours and hours.

Angela pranced and whirled like a fairy princess as they ran to the car. She almost never got to be alone with her daddy since she stupidly told her mother about "drying the drops". She would never make that mistake again. Whatever her daddy wanted to do with her was OK, and she was never again going to spoil it by telling her mother anything. She didn't think mommy loved daddy very much, either. At least not as much as Angela did. If Angela were daddy's wife, she was positive she would treat him much better than mommy did.

They bounced into the car and set off down the road to the huge store with all the computer things that daddy loved so much. She knew he would buy a computer for her as soon as she asked for it. He had always done exactly what she wanted-most of the time before she even knew she wanted it. He was the best daddy in the whole wide world! She loved him so much! She snuggled up beside him as they drove and put her hand on the inside of his thigh as she had seen mommy do, sometimes, when she was being nice to daddy.

Jim froze at her touch. "Mustn't let her know how terribly good that felt", he thought to himself. Luckily, his prick was on the other side or she would learn very quickly what effect her touch was having on him.

As it was, Angela was immediately aware that something was affecting daddy. His voice got very high and he began talking very fast about a lot of things that didn't matter. It was just like the way he used to be when he dried her wet places. She was so excited to learn a way to relive those wonderful memories. She wondered just what she could do to make sure he wouldn't make her stop. When mommy made him stop giving her baths, she cried every night for a very long time.

Angela began stroking her father's thigh very lightly. It seemed that he would jump a bit as she stroked a particular place. "Remember when you used to sing to me in the bathtub, Daddy?".

"Of course I do, Angel. It was one of the best times of my life. We had so much fun making up songs, didn't we?"

"We sure did, Daddy. I especially liked the part at the end when you would 'dry the drops' for me. I was so sad when mommy made you stop."

"You were, dear?"

"Yes, Daddy. That was the best part."

Jim's cock was at rigid attention now, from the combined stimulus of his daughter's cool hand on his thigh and her reminiscence of their times in the tub. If they had not arrived at the store so soon, he wasn't sure just how things might have gone. He tried to hide his massive erection as they walked into the store, but Angela was so attuned to her daddy's wavelength that she couldn't avoid seeing his discomfort.

"Hmmm!", she wondered. "Did I do that to him?" She vowed to learn more about this mystery.

The odd couple entered the store in such high spirits that they attracted a great deal of attention. Many of the staff and customers gazed with envy at the old guy with the luscious hunk of jail bait hanging off his arm. "If I could just get her alone for five minutes!", they thought. "I would fuck her silly!"

Angela made it clear to one and all that she had eyes for no one but her daddy. They took their own sweet time looking over every model. Angela asked as many questions as she could think of to stretch the time out, and Jim took as long as possible answering, for the same reason.

"I'm thirsty, Daddy. Do you think they would have an ice cream soda at the snack bar?"

"I doubt it, Hon, but we can get something else for you now and stop on the way home for a soda if you like."

YESS! She would like! That was exactly what she would like!

After that, there was no need to prolong the buying process. It only made the time longer before they could stop by their favorite drive-in restaurant and sit in the car together while they drank their sodas.

As soon as they were back in the car, Angela snuggled up to her daddy again and casually dropped her hand on his thigh again. This time, very near the top.

Jim stiffened.

"Is it ok for me to rub your thigh, Daddy?"

"Yes, dear. It's ok for you to do anything you want with me. I must tell you, though, that you must not do that with other men or boys unless you want them to get the wrong idea about you."

"The wrong idea?"

"Yes, dear. When a woman puts her hand on a man's body in such an intimate way, the man usually assumes this means that the woman is sexually attracted to him and that she wants to have sex with him. Until you are old enough to have sex and find somebody you want to share sex with, you must not touch other men in that way."

"Is it ok if I touch you that way, Daddy?"

"As I said, you are free to do anything you want with me because I love you and would never do anything to harm you and I know that you are not putting your hand on my thigh now to invite me to have sex with you."

"How do you know that, Daddy?"

"Well, you aren't, are you?"

"I don't know, Daddy. I've heard so much about sex and things and mommy won't really tell me anything. Oh, I know she tells me about periods and keeping my legs crossed and stuff like that, but she never explains things like you just did about what men would think if I rubbed their thighs like this."

She gave a mischievous little grin at her daddy siting so straight behind the wheel as she continued to stroke his thigh while they talked.

Once more, their destination arrived in time to prevent further action. Jim wheeled into the slot and ordered their special flavor combinations with whipped cream and cherries.

Angela adored ice cream sodas. It was the one greatest treat of her life. When things were really getting her down, all it took to bring her back up to the happy side again was to go to the drive-in and have an ice cream soda. Most girls her age had never even heard of one. Angela adored them-partly because they were also the favorite treat of her beloved daddy.

She turned in her seat to face her daddy, with her back to the car door. She kicked off her shoes and put her bare feet in her daddy's lap, pretending not to notice that her skirt hung open at the bottom to give him a clear view of her cotton-covered crotch.

This time, there was no thigh to choose from. Angela's foot was pressed directly against his swollen prick that had never completely gone down since the first touch of her hand on his thigh an hour ago. Neither would she be still with it. When his prick began to swell again to unthinkable proportions, his daughter must have sensed what to do and began to insistently massage it through his pants.

"Pretty good, huh?" Angela winked at him over the rim of her glass.

"Uh! Well, uh!"

"Pretty good treat, don't you think?"

"Uh! Well, uh!"

"Did you get the same flavor as always?"

"Oh! The soda!"

"Sure. Did you get the same flavor as always?"

"Same as always. Guess I had my mind on something else there for a minute."

"Like what, Daddy? Is my foot bothering you?"

"Yes it is, dear. It is bothering me a lot."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No. Please don't stop, but tell me that you realize that you aren't supposed to be doing this.

"I know."

"You won't be able to tell anyone else what you are doing now."

"I know."

"How do you know?"

"I don't know how I know, but I can tell that you like it very much when I rub your thigh and when I rub my foot against your penis. That's what it is, isn't it? Mom told me about penises, but she didn't tell me enough."

"Yes, it's a penis and you are making it very excited. Did Mommy tell you what happens when a penis gets excited?"

"No. She just said it's what men pee through and make babies with. You won't make a baby for me will you?"

"No, dear. There's no chance of that, but if you keep that up I'll make a mess that will make your mom ask some very embarrassing questions when we get home. She might even want to call the police and have me thrown in jail. We might never see each other again. See why things like this are so important?"

"Oh, Daddy. I would never do anything to get you in trouble. I love you so much! I'll stop rubbing your penis if I have to, but it makes you so happy. Is there anything else I can do to make you happy and not make you go to jail?"

"Not really, dear, if anyone else finds out about it. There are a lot of things you can do and we can do together that won't hurt you and will make me feel extremely good, but any one of them could get me put in jail if anyone else, especially your mother, ever learned about it. I don't want to talk you into something and make you promise to keep it our little secret. If you want to learn more and it is truly what you want, then you must understand before we do any of it that it must remain secret from the entire world. Is it worth that much to you to learn about things?"

"You know how much I love learning about things, Daddy. You are the one who taught me to never be satisfied until I know everything. What do we do first? Can I rub your penis again?"

"Not now, Honey. After I see if this is really your decision we can do whatever we like, but for now you should move your feet down a little."

"OK, Daddy. How far down?"

"Just enough so you're not rubbing directly against my prick."

"OK. I'll move them. Now what?" She looked so adorable, peeking over the rim of her soda glass as they calmly discussed the next step in her seduction of her daddy.

"Your panties look so adorable, shining from under your skirt. Take them off and give them to me without letting anybody outside realize what you're doing."

It nearly made him come to see with what alacrity his baby daughter squirmed and struggled to lift her little ass and pull her white cotton panties off to hand them to him. Now her naked down-covered pussy glistened between her thighs. Little pearls of moisture gathered at the entrance.

Jim casually brought her sweat soaked panties to his nose and inhaled the musk of her virgin pussy.

"Why are you doing that, Daddy?"

"It really turns me on and gets me excited."

"It does? Doesn't it just smell like peepee? Gross!"

"No. It isn't gross. It is a part of the sexual experience. When we have gone a little further down this road, I'll show you how much I enjoy licking your pussy. For now, the smell is enough to set me on fire."

"It is? Pussy? Why would you want to lick a pussy?"

"It turns me on to lick it because of two reasons. The most important is that it will make you feel better than anything you ever felt. The second reason is that it is forbidden. Doing forbidden things makes me excited."

"Oh, wow! So many new things! When you lick my pussy, will it be like when you used to dry it so hard with the towel?"

"You got me there, Baby! Yes. I used to love to play with your pussy back then. I needed some way to explain it to you so you wouldn't make a big deal about it, but it still got away from us, didn't it?"

"Yeah, and I really missed it. Do you know that I dry my pussy that way now, and imagine that it's you rubbing it?"

"Oh! Wow, yourself! You nearly got me there."

"What do you mean?"

"You nearly made me shoot off in my pants. It would have soaked the entire leg and smelled like a whorehouse when we went in. We'll have to be a little more careful. Are you ready to go home? Mom will be wondering about us and we don't want to do anything that will make her suspicious, do we?"

"No, we sure don't. But before we go, I want to show you how I dry the drops now. Give me my panties."

Jim reluctantly handed the little treasures back. He didn't want to give them up, but he couldn't wait to see what she had in mind.

Angela looked around to make sure nobody could see into their car and spread her legs as wide as possible, with her skirt pulled above her waist. When her father gave her the panties, she spread her cunt lips wide and blotted up every drop of pearly dew from them before handing the soggy cotton back to her daddy.

"Oh, Baby! What a neat thing to do for your old man."

"You're not an old man, daddy. You're going to be my lover."

"Just keep a lookout for other cars and keep your legs spread like that as much as possible. We better start toward home."

On the dark side streets heading home, it was dark enough for Jim to be able to sniff the soggy, musky panties as much as he liked. Whenever they would pass a streetlight, he would smile at his beautiful teenage daughter who had her legs spread wide while she fingerfucked herself for him.

Suddenly, he knew he wouldn't make it home. He unzipped his pants and managed to snake his rigid dick out without tearing anything as he grabbed his baby and forced her mouth over the head of her father's prick. He immediately began pouring loads of hot, boiling come down her throat. Knowing that she wouldn't have had any training for this moment, and not wanting to splash a tell tale drop on his pants, he kept her head shoved to the root until his prick finally stopped spewing.

Angela lifted a dazzling smile from his prick when he released her. There was a string of come dangling from her chin as she asked, "Is that what they call coming in your mouth, Daddy?"

"It sure is, Baby. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to lead you up to it more gently, or give you a chance to back out, but I was about to come and it was the only way I could think of to hide it from Mommy."

"I loved it, Daddy! I really loved it! It made me feel like a real woman! I think I understand now why you like the smell of my panties. Can I kiss you, or do you not want to taste your own come?"

"Kiss me, but do it quickly. We're almost home. The fact that it's my own come makes it more exciting. It's breaking another stupid taboo."

Angela took advantage of the last dark section of road to climb into her daddy's lap and swirl his own come around his tongue as she gave him her first grownup kiss. She lovingly put his shrunken prick back in his pants and carefully zipped him up before modestly smoothing her skirt and moving to her side of the car.

Things were looking up in Jim's sex life!


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