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The Harem Girl
by Leila

She waits for him on the bed. The silk coverlet is soft on her tingling skin. The room is aglow with the light of many candles and softens as the dusk draws nearer. She eyes the wooden chest at the foot of the bed, only guessing what lies ahead. She dares not open it. Her master is already very displeased with her and she fears vexing him further.

A tub full of steaming water is prepared for him. He has told her to come here and await his arrival. That afternoon she watched him slay a lesser man in the great coliseum and she thrilled at the sight of his victory. Everyone stood and roared their approval of his great showmanship. She had watched with wide eyes, hands clenched in her lap, a little fearful but ever excited at the sight of his powerful body.

He enters the room quietly and eyes her lying still on the raised bed. She wears the loose silk attire of a harem girl. He approaches slowly and she turns to watch him from lowered lashes, as is proper for her position.

"You have angered me Shayla" He said in a low voice.

She winced at his words. Oh! How she wanted so much to please him. She knew her role well, only sometimes she found it difficult to submit to this man's will even though she adored him and would do anything he asked. She nodded her head, still not meeting his eyes.

"For that you will be punished, severely."

He looked over at the tub full of steamy scented water and smiled a little. She followed his gaze, and timidly offered

"I have prepared your bath, Master. May I bathe you now?"

"You may."

She rose from the bed and approached him, all the time keeping her eyes lowered. She didn't mind this as it afforded her the opportunity to view his beautiful form freely. The armor he wore was heavy but he stood straight inside it. Silently, she assisted him in removing the cold molded steel from his chest. After this was laid off to the side on the floor she knelt at his feet and unlaced his sandals, aware of his scent, fresh from the fight. She laid the sandals off to the side and for the first time looked up at him from her position on the floor. He wore only a loin cloth and she could see the outline of his sex against the soft chamois. He looked down into her upturned face and shook his head slightly. He laid a hand on the top of her head and stroked her hair lightly.

"Shayla, you have much to learn"

He stepped away from her and walked over to the tub. She rose slowly and followed behind him, silently adoring his nearly naked body. He removed his own loincloth and slid his body into the silky water. He sighed with the release of tension brought by the hot water and soothing oils in it. He reclined his head against the edge of the tub and closed his eyes. Shayla picked up the soft washing cloth and dipped it into the water, saturating it. She rubbed it gently over his chest, wiping away the dirt and dust and sweat of the day. She drew it across his tender nipples and watched the skin gather upon itself. His nipples made themselves very small and hard and she longed to kiss them and stroke them with her tongue but she knew she mustn't. His skin was warm and glistening with the scented water. He leaned forward and she shifted position to wash his back and neck. As she drew the cloth over his muscled back he hung his head down so that his chin rested on his chest. With her hands she massaged the stiff muscles of his shoulders, feeling the tension slowly melt out of his body under her tender ministrations. She leaned close to him and inhaled deeply of his delicious scent. She was close enough to feel the heat rising from his skin and she felt her own heat beginning in her center.

With a sigh, he stood. "Enough". Just one word. The water ran in streams down from his shoulders, over his chest and stomach. She stared at his calm cock, dripping bath water into the tub. She reached for the softest bath towel and began to gently rub him dry. She started with his chest and neck. She ran the towel down each arm and over his back, down to his waist. He turned back to face her and she knelt as before. She ran the damp towel over his calves, up to his thighs and with shaking hands she lightly brushed it over his cock and under to his balls. Through the towel, she could feel him stirring and she smiled with the pleasure it brought her to please him. She remained kneeling before him, desiring only to take his cock into her warm mouth and pleasure him further. He looked down into her eyes and laughed.

"Now your punishment begins. Go to the bed and take this off".

He said roughly, a wicked gleam in his eyes, gesturing to her silky garments. Obediently, she stood and moved to the side of the bed. She untied the closures along the side of her dress and unwound the fabric. He watched as the silk pieces fell away to reveal her generous curves. Her breast were full and firm, the nipples rosy. When her clothes lay in a pool around her feet he stepped from the tub and walked over to the trunk. His eyes burned into her and he opened the cover ominously. She stood perfectly still, squeezing her thighs together in anticipation. Her wetness was growing and she longed to touch herself.

"You are a willful girl. I must show you that you are mine and must live only according to my will."

He withdrew from the chest several long, silken, crimson chords. "Lay down on your stomach". He commanded.

Her stomach was knotted with fear and anticipation but she did as he said. She felt him slip the chords around her ankle a few times and then her leg was pulled taught. He repeated the procedure on her other leg. She felt completely exposed, her legs spread as far apart as possible and tied to the posts at the foot of the bed. Her anticipation dropped off as fear took over her mind.

He moved to the side of the bed where she could see him. He picked up her hand and kissed her knuckle. She managed a smile and then he pulled her arm, wrapped the cord several times around her wrist, finally tying it to the post. He crossed quickly to the other side of the bed and secured her last free appendage to the only remaining post. She looked into his eyes, searching for the kindness she'd seen earlier. He disappeared for a moment and she heard him rummage in the trunk once more. She twisted around to see him returning to her side. He held a thick black scarf in his hands which he swiftly wound around her head several times, covering her eyes . She whimpered, in total darkness, every tender place on her body completely exposed and vulnerable. He stepped back to admire his work.

With Shayla unable to see him, hi smiled broadly. God! She was beautiful like this. He picked a pillow from the head of the bed and slid it under her pelvis affording himself a clear view of her glistening sex. Her pink lips were slightly parted and she was wet with her own juice. Above that, in the cleft of her buttocks, he could see the tender puckered skin of her anus. The curly black hairs that surrounded her outer lips were damp and inviting. He wanted to take her then. His cock rose of its own accord, as if seconding that motion. She whimpered again and squirmed nervously, and he was reminded of his plans.

"Shayla" he said, and her body immediately stilled its futile motion. "Because you have displeased me I am going to spank you soundly. I have tied and blinded you like this to remind you that your will is not your own. It is mine". With that he brought his open hand down hard on her raised buttocks. The shock of it, despite his warning, caused her to gasp. He followed the first slap with three more in rapid succession. Her cheeks turned as red as her inner sex and still he continued. She writhed under his hand trying in vain to escape. This excited him so much his breath started coming in gasps that matched hers. His cock was so hard it hurt. He stopped as suddenly as he'd begun. He sat there on the edge of the bed panting and listening to Shayla whimpering. He looked down at her ass cheeks which were such a bright rosy red. He laid his hand very tenderly across her cheeks and felt how hot they were. He stroked her bottom gently, making soothing noises and tenderly rubbing her lower back as well as her thighs where a few of his strikes had strayed. He kissed her cheeks and felt such a surge of love and tenderness that he trailed kisses down her thighs all the way to her ankles. Shayla's tears ceased and she realized her whimpering was no longer from the pain of being hit but from the longing within her. His gentle caresses after the harsh strikes were doubly sweet and she felt her clit throb with longing.

As his soft lips trailed down her thighs she raised her pelvis, silently begging him to touch her center. He traced his lips back up her legs until his face was inches from her swollen lips. Her scent was intoxicating and he inhaled deeply, savoring this last second of anticipation before lightly grazing her humid sex with the tip of his nose. Shayla jumped involuntarily when she felt his tongue slide over her sensitive flesh. He continued to teased her like this, her moans growing louder and more urgent with each pass of his tongue over her slit. She arched her back and bucked against him, trying to press herself into his mouth.

Using his two thumbs he spread her lips apart to reveal her shiny little bud. He flicked his tongue quickly over it. Shayla gasped and cried out with pleasure. He continued to lick her most sensitive place while she squirmed and moaned. He sucked the little button until he felt her body beginning to shake. He released her lips and retreated to kissing her thighs. He slid his hand under her belly and felt her muscles tensed and ready to spring. His own need was great. He got up on his knees and guided his fully engorged cock to her slit. He pressed just the tip against her and she reacted instantly with a moan and an attempt to back into him. He held her firmly on both sides of her waist and with tremendous control he entered her slowly, one inch at a time.

With his cock buried deep inside her Shayla again began to weep, only this time from joy and pleasure. For a moment neither of them moved at all. She savored the delicious full feeling she got from having him so deeply within her and he luxuriated in how she fit him so perfectly. Her pussy held him tightly and he felt her slick juices coating his length. He stared at her still red ass, and began to stroke her cheeks again with gentle circular motions. He slid his hands up to the small of her back and pulled her even more firmly against him.

"Oh Master!" She cried, no longer able to remain silent. He groaned in response and began to move out of her. She feared that he would withdraw all the way to punish her for speaking out and this made her cry harder. He withdrew until only his tip was still inside her lips. The sight of his hard cock, shining with her juice, his head still inside her luscious red lips was almost more than he could bear. He looked away and began to slide back into her warm depths. She moaned with him as they began to find a rhythm. Every stroke was bringing them closer to the edge. They breathed and moved in tandem, gaining speed and ferocity. He withdrew once more and glanced down at her ass. The redness was fading.

Without thinking, as his cock slid home once more, he brought his hand down hard on her ass. She cried out in pleasure and he bit his lip to hold back. The sensations caused by slapping her at that moment were unknown to both of them. He slapped her again, as he slammed his cock into her once more. She shuddered violently with the flood of her orgasm, just as he finally allowed himself release and collapsed on top of her, both of them wet with sweat and sex, panting together in an untouchable world of only sensations. After a few minutes he realized she must be terribly uncomfortable. He withdrew his cock and quickly removed her restraints. Finally, he slid the blindfold off and looked deeply into her eyes. They gazed back at him reflecting all the love and devotion that shone in his own. He pulled her close to him under the covers and held her tenderly as they both drifted like babies into sleep.

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