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The Hunting Game
by The Story Teller

Caitlin was exhausted. She'd been running for over an hour now, and wasn't sure she could take another step. Sunlight flickered through the dense forest as she frantically looked for a place to hide. There, just under that fallen down tree was a carved out niche in the dirt. She could crawl in there and hopefully not be seen. Breathing harshly, she situated herself in the niche so she could see out the front.

When the two men had broken into the isolated cabin she was vacationing in, she was shocked. Caitlin had taken one look at the long, black haired, muscular Indian and the tall, rugged cowboy, turned and raced out the back of the cabin into the forest.

They were still hunting her she knew it. She strained to listen but only heard the forest sounds. Her heart rate slowed; maybe she'd lost them.

Suddenly long, dark hair fell in front of her face, and then a tanned smiling face looked upside down at her. "Gotcha."

Caitlin screamed. The Indian jumped down and pulled her out struggling and cursing the whole way. In short order, her wrists were tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together. She was hefted over the cowboys shoulder and hauled to where their horses waited. She continued cursing until a sharp slap to her ass and an order to shut up had her quieting.

The bonds around her legs were released and she was lifted up to sit in front of the sinfully handsome Indian. Next her hands were released and then retied to the pommel in front of her.

When the cowboy was seated they headed back towards the cabin.

Caitlin's shoulder length blond hair was pushed away from her right ear. "Did you really think you could get away from us? Sweet thing, we've been tracking varmints since before we were teenagers." His lips brushed her ear with each word, sending shivers through her.

"Hey Jared," The Indian began, "I think we should take a little look see at what we caught. What do you think?"

"Hell yeah. That shirt she's wearing is practically see-through, but I want to see the real thing. Why don't you start with that?"

She tried to avoid the hands that reached for the buttons on her shirt, but her captor shoved a hand in her hair and jerked her head back.

"No. No. You're not allowed to fight. Now be still," he growled.

Her hair was released and both hands grabbed a side of her shirt. A quick jerk and buttons flew everywhere. She hadn't bothered with a bra this morning giving the two men a clear view of her firm breasts.

"Jesus." The cowboy moaned.

Caitlin felt the hard erection pressed against her ass. The Indian cupped her breast, squeezing, brushing the nipples with his palms. "Jare, let's get back to that cabin, I can't wait to have a taste of these beautiful morsels."

"Right." The cowboy agreed.

* * * * *

Caitlin tugged at the ropes that secured her arms and legs to the plush armchair. There was no way she was going to get loose; the knots were just too strong. They had given her just enough slack to allow her arms to raise about four inches.

Her two captors sat in a chair on either side of her. Their wicked grins showing how pleased they were with the situation.

"Now you be real still, sweet thing. We're going to open our present and we don't want to cut you." Jared, the cowboy warned.

She held still as they finished destroying her torn blouse. Her shorts and panties were worked on next. A slit to each side and they were done.

"Lift your ass, sweet thing." Devin ordered.

The material slid across her skin as the last remnant was removed, leaving her naked and open to anything they chose to do.

Caitlin closed her eyes in embarrassment as hands caressed her breasts and fingers slid into her pussy.

"She's not nearly wet enough, Jared." Devin complained.

"Well we'll have to remedy that situation." Jared smiled in anticipation. They stood up and pushed their chairs back. Boots were taken off and set under the chairs, then shirts, then jeans. Huge bulges pushed against their lowering briefs. Her eyes flitted back and forth as two beautifully inflamed cocks came into view.

"Rock, scissors, or paper for who goes first?" Jared asked.

"Fine with me." One, two, three, Jared had paper, Devin had rock.

"Lucky shit." Devin grumbled.

Jared grinned in response and walked behind the chair Caitlin sat on. Devin leaned over Caitlin and slammed his mouth over hers. His tongue forced it's way in for a thorough taste while his arms encircled her and lifted her up as far as her bonds would allow.

Caitlin barely registered the shuffling noises as Devin kissed her. Her tongue was forced to duel with his as the kiss continued. When it was over she was lowered down. Skin came in contact with skin as she settled not on the chair but on top of Jared. His erection was cushioned in the crack of her ass and his arms wrapped around her. Devin grabbed her thighs and positioned them over Jared's, opening her pussy even more.

Jared pulled her hair aside and nipped her ear. "Sweet thing, you're going to watch everything we do to you. You keep those beautiful blue eyes wide open or we're just going to have to use one of those knives on that beautiful skin. You understand?"

She nodded.

"Good." Jared's hands came up and cupped her breasts while Devin started at her legs, biting and nipping his way up to her knees. "You have beautiful breasts, they like my touch. Look how hard your nipples are, sweet thing."

Caitlin moaned as his fingers plucked each nipple. Her skin quivered when he nipped her ear again. His lips moved down to her neck and gave it similar attention.

A love bite on the inside of her thigh distracted her bringing her gaze away from the hands caressing her breasts. Devin caught and held her gaze. His strong, bronzed hand cupped her cunt, fingers sliding through the slick folds. Furiously, he thrust one long finger up inside her heated pussy. Her mouth opened in a silent scream.

"I'm going to eat that pussy of yours, sweet thing." He growled fiercely.

She shook her head.

"Oh yes, I'm going to lick that pussy until you scream. Hold her open." He ordered Jared.

Jared's hands slid downward over her stomach until they reached her cunt, spreading the wet lips and opening her wide.

Caitlin's eyes widened as the Indian drew nearer. Desperate thoughts of escape melted away as soon as they formed. Her passion was taking over and it wanted these men more than it had ever wanted before. Her neck arched back at the first butterfly touch of his tongue. Then her whole body shuddered as his mouth clamped around her pussy and his tongue took a long lap.

"Now, now. We can't have any of that." Jared scolded while he repositioned her legs back over his. "Hey Devin, I think Caitlin here would just love to see that tongue of yours playing with her clitty."

A slow grin spread across Devin's face. Caitlin's nails dug into the arms of the chair when the tip of his tongue stabbed at her clitoris. Leaning back Devin brought his middle finger up to his mouth. When it was nice and wet he held it up for Caitlin to see.

"Well now Caitlin, what do you think ole Dev's going to do with that finger?" Jared taunted.

Caitlin watched the hand lower, never taking her eyes from it. It slid down through her pussy folds and rammed straight up inside her. She screamed. She couldn't help it. His finger thrust in and out and then was joined by another. His mouth returned and his tongue lashed across her clit again and again.

"How's that feel, Caitlin?" Jared taunted. "I can feel all the little tremors quaking inside you. I can even tell every time Devin fucks you with those long fingers of his." He paused pinching her nipples lightly. "Want to know how I know? Of course, you do. Because you're fucking him back. That's it sweet thing, fuck yourself on those fingers. Come on baby, harder."

Caitlin didn't care what they did to her anymore. All she wanted was to come could feel it building with every rasp of the Indians tongue on her clitoris, with every hard stroke of his fingers inside her pussy. Faster and faster tongue and finger moved. Her hips pumped up and down, driving his fingers deeper inside her pussy.

Jared's voice whispered in her ear. "Are you going to come for us, sweet thing?"

She didn't answer.

He smiled at the small rebellion. "I asked you a question sweet thing, now I want an answer." He pinched her nipples hard.

Caitlin cried out in shock. "Yes."

"Very good. But I think that maybe I ought to punish you for being a bad girl. So, I think I'll have Devin stop what he's doing. That is, unless you can persuade me not to."

"No!" She yelled pleadingly. "I'm sorry. Please don't make him stop. I won't fight you anymore. I swear."

"Well... if you're promising?"

"I am. I promise, I'll do anything you say."

"Then come for me, sweet thing. I want to hear you scream your pleasure. I want to feel your body rip apart, and then it's my turn. I'm going to drive my cock into your pussy and make your mind rip apart when you come." His words whispered harshly in her ear brought Caitlin back to the precipice of her orgasm. Her back arched when Devin sucked her clit into his mouth. She lifted her hips, undulating her clit against his tongue.

The orgasm built inside her, throbbing and intensifying until it ripped through her. Her pussy smacked against Devin's face and her whole body rocked from the force of it. "Oh fuck, yes." She screamed uncontrollably.

Jared caressed her quivering body, as she sank back down on top of him. She released a low gasp when Devin pulled his fingers slowly out of her pussy. In the minutes that passed, her breathing slowed and the aftershocks receded until they finally stopped. Jared waited, patiently and purposely until her body quieted before taking the next step.

"It's my turn now, sweet thing. Are you going to give me a good fuck?"

She nodded weakly.

"Very good." He wrapped his arms around her and sat up higher. "Lift your ass up for me."

Caitlin felt him reaching underneath her. "Ok, sweet thing, you can lower that tight little ass of yours, and don't stop until I tell you to." He commanded in a hard voice.

She moved slowly, less than an inch when she felt the thick, blunt head of his cock prodding her wet opening.

"Don't stop." He reminded her.

Caitlin continued down, feeling the head pierce the folds of flesh, spreading them outward. Lower she went, impaling her pussy on the rigid cock. She had never felt so full.

"Damn, you're so fucking tight and wet. Keep going. I want all of me inside you." He groaned out.

Only when skin met skin was Jared satisfied. His hands gripped her hips tightly. "I'm going to fuck you sooo good. I just have this one little thing I have to get out of my system first."

She didn't understand until he lifted her and slammed her down on his huge shaft. His cock pistoned in and out of her, taking her violently. "Fuck it. Fuck my cock." He yelled, thrusting inside as hard as he could.

"Unh." She cried out with each hard thrust.

"Oh sweet thing, here it comes. Take my come baby." His arms wrapped around her waist, forcing her down one last time and holding her there, while his cock pulsated inside her blasting his come deep inside.

"Can I play now?" Devin asked.

Caitlin opened her eyes. Devin was kneeling in front of her again, but there was something in his hand that was making a low buzzing noise. A short cord was attached to it with a rectangular box at the other end.

Jared gently rocked her on his still hard cock. "Sweet thing looks like Devin brought a toy to play with."

"Let's get this on and have some playtime." Devin said.

Straps were slid up her legs and over her thighs. The device resembling a butterfly with a small tip at one end and a larger tip at the other was slid up. Another strap wrapped around her waist and then everything was tightened. The large tip ended up pressing insistently against her clitoris.

"Now I want some of that pussy." Devin relished, rubbing his hands together.

"Well, we have a small problem there buddy. Cause I don't want to stop." Jared said with a frown.

"Hell Jare, that's not a problem. You take the back door, and I'll take the front."

"NO-," Caitlin started to object.

"Eh, Eh, Eh, no fighting now, remember." Jared hushed.

Their hands lifted her up and Jared's cock slipped free, only to press gently against her anus. It's well lubricated length slowly slid inside until it was deeply imbedded in the virgin hole. The tiny bit of pain Caitlin experienced changed with Jared's first stroke. The friction sent fiery needles racing up her spine. Her hands clenched, gripping the arm of the chair as hard as she could.

"Fuck, baby, you're tighter back here then you were up front." Jared gasped out. Her clenched hands caught his attention. "Look, Dev, my sweet thing likes having her back door full of my hard cock."

"Shit, if she likes that she's going to love what comes next." Devin announced. "Come on down here so I can have some fun."

Jared slid down until Caitlin's pussy made contact with Devin's hard cock. Both sets of hands held her still while Devin's raging hard on rammed its way inside the hot silkiness of her cunt. The feeling of a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass was indescribable.

The pace started slow, one pulling out while the other went in hard. Then they changed, both thrusting in and out at the same time. Devin leaned down and sucked a nipple, giving it a gentle love bite on the tip.

"Oh, yes." Caitlin groaned as the speed of their thrusts picked up. She was lost in the sensations pounding at her. So lost, she had completely forgotten about the little item on her clitoris.

Devin settled back on his knees, his watching Caitlin dazed expression as he pushed the dial on the rectangular box to medium.

The sudden vibrating on her clitoris shocked her. Her eyes jumped to Devin and the huge grin on his face.

"Now we're ready for some serious fucking." He said.

Hands urged her up and down, both cocks pounding at her. The vibrator buzzed on her clit. Caitlin thought she would go out of her mind from the pleasure. The orgasm building inside her was going to be out of this world.

"Almost there, Devin." Jared announced.

"Me too." Devin said through gritted teeth.

"High." Jared ordered.

The switch on the rectangular box clicked.

Caitlin's moans increased as she fucked them both for all she was worth. Harder and harder. The intense feelings bombarded her. "More." She screamed.

There! The orgasm slammed into her. "I'm coming." She cried out. Pleasure burst inside her pussy like fireworks, making her shake from the force. The muscles in her pussy and ass tensed, clutching at the invading cocks, bringing on the men's climax.

"Oooh fuck." Devin yelled, his cock exploding in streams of come.

"Take all of it, sweet thing." Jared moaned through clenched teeth while his orgasm shuddered through him in large, wild bursts of pleasure.

Panting harshly, Devin turned off the vibrator and leaned down to give Caitlin a kiss.

Caitlin laughed weakly. "I'll bet Sarah was pissed when your mother-in-law showed up to visit, huh Devin?"

He smiled. "You should have seen it. Her mind must have been working a hundred miles a minute to come up with a scheme to get me out of the house. She told Janice that I had a business trip that I had to go on this weekend. Then she made me swear to come home and tell her in vivid detail and hands on experience all about our little rendezvous."

"We'll just have to come over next weekend and see if we can't relieve some of her frustration. It'll be a surprise." Jared said, still trying to catch his breath.

Devin leaned his head against Caitlin's breasts. "It's a plan."


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