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The House Guest
by Wild Jay

Sandy had come to live with us about a month ago, leaving behind an abusive marital relationship, and seeking a new start in life. In her early thirties she was a very pretty girl, fine featured, a tall willowy body with curves in all the right places. My wife, Lana, had met her at our local country club where she was an aerobics instructor and personal trainer. At some point Sandy had confided in her the problems she was having with her husband, how she was trying to leave the relationship. Turns out he was heavily in debt as a result of a chronic gambling problem. He had brought her to financial ruin..

Lana and I live in a large ranch style home with plenty of room. Now in our forties our children were off to college and we were now 'empty nesters'. While I really had no desire to share my living space Lana had made a persuasive argument to have her stay with us...temporarily, until she was able to get out from under the financial problems she had. Lana knew I would be sympathetic to Sandy's situation, it was similar to a family experience I'd had in my teens.

From my observation Sandy was a very reserved, almost shy woman. She came home from work and vanished into her room, even on weekends. Sandy was very health conscious, she shopped, bought, and prepared her own food. Her work at the club consumed her time, she spent long hours there. I typically travel out of town on business for one or two days a week so really did not see her during her days off. However when I did see her I could not help but notice her natural beauty. Her skin was radiant and healthy. Her toned body was beautifully proportioned with firm, full breasts, probably a C cup. Her abs were well defined and her long legs seemed to go on forever until reaching a firm tight butt.

"If only the kids were as easy to have around as Sandy," I remarked to Lana.

"Jim, she's a nice girl, I told you she wouldn't be a problem".

"Does she ever go out socially? She seems to be a totally absorbed in her work."

"Oh I'm sure with time she'll start circulating...she's getting over her relationship." Lana answered and then changed the subject.

Lana was a tall, sturdy woman, almost six foot, with a full, shapely figure. She had worked hard keeping in shape, going to the club five days a week to 'sculpt' her body. The benefit was visible, she looked at least ten years her junior. Her large firm breasts dominated her appearance. I remember when we had first met and got into a heavy petting session she had unhooked her bra, looked at me seductively, and then let them loose. I nearly lost control, and, as I recall, didn't last much longer as she sensed my need and skillfully unzipped my pants, released my swollen manhood, and jacked me off all over her gorgeous tits.

I also worked out regularly. When I retired from professional sports I knew that I had to develop a fitness program to stay in shape. While some of this is just common sense the true driving force behind the healthy life style was simply great sex. My physical conditioning meant I could have sex more often and last longer during sex. I had never smoked and my drinking was very moderate, I found alcohol and great sex don't mix. And I loved to engage Lana in long physically demanding sex where we would pleasure each other until finally succumbing to exhaustion.

It was during one of those sessions, early one morning, when I caught a brief glimpse of Sandy outside our bedroom door. Lana had been particularly vocal as I worked on her with a small powerful vibrator. The 'pocket rocket' as I have heard it referred to, was one of our frequently used toys. Lana loved it pressed on her clit and left there. This particular morning she had initiated the sex, always a good sign for a good time.

Lana had reached over to me in bed and begun rubbing both my cleanly shaven cock and balls. She loved the smooth texture of my skin and the sensitivity to her touch soon had me fully aroused. She stroked me until she could feel the sticky precum leaking from the tip of my hard cock. She would then let me start to work on her, although by this time her body was usually in a heightened state of excitement as well.

I loved using the vibrator on her. She had a small, hard clit barely peeking out from its sheath. The vibrator soon had it swollen and straining out of its hood. Lana enjoyed having her beautiful full breasts fondled and caressed. Her deep red nipples would grow hard and taut as I would lightly flick my tongue over them.

"Suck on them, suck them hard!" she commanded.

I happily complied drawing first the tip of her nipple, then her full nipple, then an ample portion of her supple breast into my mouth. She moaned involuntarily and looked knowingly into my eyes. Lana knew that this particular morning she was mine to play with. The urge within her for fulfillment would not allow her any amount of holding back.

While I sucked one breast I would take the nipple of the other in between my thumb and forefinger and both pinch and roll it at the same time. Lana would move as I sucked, pressing her breast to my mouth until I had most of her 38D size inside where my tongue and teeth teased her nipple. The vibrator, strategically placed over the clit, worked its magic and I could feel Lana's thighs begin to twitch and move off the bed. She was building to an orgasm and a damn good one.

"Oh shit! That vibrator's making me come. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

Lana's body convulsed as the orgasm coursed through her. She made no attempt to muffle her screams of passion. I quickly slipped down between her thighs and drank her juices as they flowed from her. As she recovered I set aside the vibrator and slowly began laving around her shaved slit. I gently traced my tongue inside her swollen labia careful to not bring her back to a second orgasm too quickly. Lana soon reached out and pulled my head toward her. I increased the tempo running my tongue flat over her engorged clit while slipping a finger into her hot, wet pussy.

She screamed again when the second orgasm rocked through her. I had gently worked to her clit, sucking it like a straw. As she came her hips bucked off the bed, but I stayed with her, sucking deep and hard on her clit while pumping my finger in and out of her sodden pussy. I knew this would drive multiple orgasms cascading through her in rapid succession. I felt wave upon wave of her sweet juices in my mouth and on my face. She gasped, gulped for air, and came down off a series of abrupt, intense convulsions. The last drove me back, slightly away from her.

As I looked up to see the sweet passion on Lana's face I caught my first glimpse of Sandy. She was outside our bedroom door partially hidden, staring at us. I didn't let on. Strangely I felt an even greater intensity. Our pretty young guest was about to see me fuck my beautiful wife. I wondered how long it had been since she'd had cock and how wet it was making her as she watched.

Lana was one hot lady, always ready for more. She guided my cock to her pussy. I was hard, very hard, and she was wet, very wet. We kissed and caressed each other as I slowly entered her with just the tip of my manhood. Lana's pussy, after a session with the vibrator, was hyper sensitive. I could bring her off by sucking her nipples but preferred to tease her with my cock and bring her along to yet another intense orgasm.

As I felt the head of my cock slip into her opening I could feel her sensitive pussy begin to contract. Moving my body back slightly, I felt her pussy pushing my manhood out of her as it contracted. Lana moaned as the contraction went unfulfilled driving her juices out onto the bed sheets underneath us. I did this again and again building Lana to her limit of frustration.

"Jim, get inside me and fuck me you son of a bitch. Damn, you're driving me crazy!" Lana demanded, moaning with passion.

"I always finish what I start, you know you love me to tease you." I replied.

"I...I know...but it's time, it's time...fuck me hard, please!" She stammered, grimacing with the frustration of my elusive cock and the intense orgasm building within her.

As her hips bucked lightly I plunged my full manhood deep into her swollen, sopping pussy. Lana moaned in satisfaction. The rhythmic motion of my cock, fully penetrating her, brought her to orgasm quickly. Her pussy convulsed and contracted on my throbbing cock. I could feel tiny rivulets of her cum flowing on my sensitive skin, and sensuously running down onto my inner thighs.

I shifted slightly on the bed to look in one of our floor to ceiling mirrors. Sure enough I was positioned properly to view Sandy as she watched us. She had her hand underneath her nightgown, obviously touching and pleasuring herself. I looked away for fear of her realizing I had seen her. I turned my attention back to Lana, I had great staying power, but Lana's orgasms had me hot, ready to explode.

Lana and I love a hard and fast finale. I gently turned her over and instructed she get on hands and knees. I moved in behind her and thrust my pulsing member deep inside her. With increasing intensity I pumped in and out of her swollen, dripping pussy. She moved with me briefly but then was overcome, burying her head before her, clasping at the soaked bed sheets. Lana screamed as waves of passion hit her, I felt her pussy tighten around my throbbing, engorged cock.

I exploded. A gut wrenching, twisting, draining river of cum slung deep inside her. I tensed, convulsed, and continued until fully drained. Exhausted, sweating profusely, I slid out of her while kissing her along her spine from neck to lower back.

"Wow! Lana, that was fantastic." I said breathlessly.

"You were pretty good yourself."

She turned and smiled as I rolled over beside her. We were both completely spent. As we lay there I thought of Sandy. The pleasing thought of a threesome, Sandy, Lana, and myself entered my head. Would Lana go along, be willing to share me with another woman? Would she want to be with another woman as well as her husband? I struggled with the thought, the last thing I wanted to do is hurt Lana. She is my love my life, but I couldn't deny the thought of bringing Sandy into our sex life was exciting.

Never mind I thought, quit getting your hopes up. I slipped off to sleep.

* * * * *

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