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The House Guest Pt. II
by Wild Jay

My wife, Lana, and I, both in our forties, had begun to share our home with the lovely Sandy. Sandy worked at the local country club as an aerobics and fitness instructor. She had confided in Lana that her husband was abusive to her and had gambled his way into insurmountable debt. Lana, had convinced me to let Sandy come live with us while she recovered financially. A tall, attractive, slender woman in her early thirties Sandy appeared to be the model house guest.

Lana and I enjoyed an active sex life. We had carefully conditioned our bodies to explore and share our sexuality. During a passionate morning of love making I had noticed a curious Sandy outside our bedroom door watching us. It was a few days later that Lana surprised me.

'Jim, you're keeping something from me. What is it?" she asked.

I was taken off guard. I had had thoughts about Sandy, Lana, and I in a sexual relationship. But every time I had rejected them on the basis that Lana just would not go along. We had a great marriage, enjoyed each other sexually, and I had no desire to risk our relationship. Lana could read me pretty well, but I hadn't thought my attraction to Sandy was at all detectable.

"No, I'm fine, really. Are you going to work out today?" I deliberately changed the subject.

"Yes, I'm headed over to the club later. Sandy is taking me through a new series of exercises."

I nodded and left the room. I was due to leave on a business trip and needed to finish packing. My aversion to early mornings had resulted in an intense dislike for, what I referred to as, 'dawn patrol' at the airport. I found myself travelling to my destination the day ahead to avoid it. From time to time Lana went with me however, Lana and I found hotel rooms a powerful aphrodisiac. I had nearly missed a couple of morning meetings due to extended lovemaking with my hot wife. I smiled at the thought and continued packing.

Lana always arrived at the club in the late afternoon. Parking close by the fitness center she typically chatted with some of the women in the common area and then disappeared into the locker area to prepare for her private session with Sandy. Lana always looked great in spandex. It showed off her full figure and although heavily bound, her breasts always looked large and full. I am always turned on by a woman's sweat and Lana, as a result of her conditioning, broke a sweat easily. One of the most awesome sights during our lovemaking was that of my beautiful wife riding me, her body glistening in sweat, grinding her hot, wet pussy into my hard cock.

Lana was very particular about keeping in shape. She was constantly refining her exercise routines to keep her body toned and firm. The work had paid off, she easily passed for being in her mid-thirties. Sandy had been working with her for at least six months. They were close and I had noticed Lana had arranged for an increasing number of 'private' sessions with Sandy. I thought nothing of it, in fact Lana was probably helping her out financially as Sandy would earn more for individual sessions.

Shortly after Lana left for the club I had received a call delaying my trip until the next week. Rather than unpack, I decided to go over to the club, relax a little, then surprise Lana. We could head out for a quiet dinner, something she always enjoyed doing. As I drove into the country club I admired the fine kept grounds, we found the club to be a great value. It included a championship golf course, indoor tennis center, curling rink, and a full gym and workout facility spread out over several acres in a lush countryside setting. The parking lot was virtually empty so I parked by Lana's car and walked to the club lounge where I relaxed downing a draft beer. Checking the clock I decided to head over to the fitness center and surprise Lana, who would be finishing up her session with Sandy.

The women's center at the fitness facility was off limits for men. However, it was well past closing time and security knew me at the club. I had no trouble getting access to the gym area where Lana was working out. The place was deserted however I heard women's voices as I neared the workout area. I slowed and peeked around the corner at Lana and Sandy finishing the work out. Not wishing to interrupt them I stopped at the entrance, listening.

"That's it Lana, one more...good...excellent. Thirty reps...fantastic!" enthused Sandy.

"Wow, can I ever feel that in the abs. These exercises are killers but I know they'll be worth it." Lana sat up on the workout bench.

"Well, that's it Lana. Work on this series over the next week and we'll review next session." Sandy spoke to Lana as she moved behind her on the work out bench. She rested her hands on my wife's shoulders and began massaging them.

"Do you feel yourself beginning to relax, kind of all tingly?" Sandy asked.

"Oh yeah, it feels great...there, yes, right there!" Lana rolled her head around her shoulders as Sandy kneaded her shoulder blades, along her spine, and to her lower back. Sandy then dropped down behind Lana on the bench, her legs straddling each side.

"You're so tense Lana. Let me relax you."

What I saw next both startled me and incredibly aroused me.

Sandy deftly slid Lana's spandex suit off her shoulders and peeled it sensually off her upper body. My wife's beautiful breasts swung free, glistening with fresh sweat. Lana sighed deeply as Sandy's fingers expertly continued their massage. Sandy gently kissed around her neck area, her hands reaching around to fondling Lana's magnificent breasts.

"Jim's away tonight isn't he?" Sandy whispered seductively.

"Yes, until tomorrow." Lana's replied huskily, I recognized the urgency, Sandy's massage was affecting her. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Sandy continued.

"He really has no idea of our sexual relationship does he?"

"No, and I would never want to hurt him. I enjoy sex with him and I enjoy sex with you."

"What...what if he finds out? Will he make me move out?" Sandy asked uncertainly.

Lana turned around on the bench, peering deep into her eyes she reached up and gently pulled Sandy toward her. Their lips met and progressed to a deep, penetrating, passionate kiss as they embraced. Finally they released, Sandy eyes implored Lana for reassurance.

"Jim will let you stay as long as you long as we want." Lana said gently, then lightened the mood. "Now you naughty girl, unless you are prepared to take me, right her, right now, we better hit the showers."

Sandy and Lana kissed again. A long sensuous kiss, tongues probing, and hands lingering as they playfully frisked each other. Recovering from my surprise I found myself incredibly turned on. I wanted them both, I wanted them to know that I knew of their relationship, that some how, some way I understood, in the limited way a man can understand, the attraction between two women. I loved Lana, and if she took pleasure from another woman, why should I feel threatened? I find women pleasing, attractive, sensual, why shouldn't she?

"Let's take this up again when we get home...we've got all night." I heard Lana say as they arose and went to the showers. I felt like surprising them but something held me back. They looked so at ease, so comfortable with one another. Clearly Sandy had, over time, awakened some new sexual frontiers for Lana. Perhaps I should not have been surprised, Lana had been very receptive to having this very attractive young lady move in with us. She had made a very compelling case for us taking her in, one I could not argue with. I had not noticed anything different in Lana's behavior, but as I thought about it, perhaps she had been more willing to initiate sex in the past few months.

Then a thought hit me. I was supposed to be away, a great cover. I could easily get back to the house before the women and continue the evening as a voyeur. As the women moved to the showers I quickly vacated the women's gym area. I quickly began formulating a plan, a plan that would lead me to have both of these women, but I was going to have a little fun first.

As I drove out of the parking lot I called home from my cell phone and left my usual message from out of town telling Lana I arrived safely, was meeting an associate for dinner, and would be home mid afternoon tomorrow.

"Love you babe." I said as I concluded the call. My cover was complete. I had determined my course of action. Our large ranch style house made staying out of sight easy, there were several vantages where I could observe the women, wherever they were. I would watch and observe and maybe even capture some on video cam, something that might come in handy later.

"You bastard, Lana will have my balls for bookends if she finds out," I thought as I reached home. Well, the women were not above some deception...turn about seemed fair play. Lana and Sandy arrived about a half hour later. I had reset the house alarm. They suspected nothing. "Up for a hot tub and a glass of chardonnay before dinner?" Lana asked as they entered the house.

"Mmmm. We may never get to dinner..." Sandy replied seductively.

"Some would rather fuck than, I prefer both" Lana reprimanded lightheartedly.

"I'll get the turn on the tub," Sandy laughed as she disappeared toward the kitchen.

The hot tub was in a very private enclosed area off of our bedroom. Lana and I had spent many a night enjoying the tub and each other. The video cam was out of the question out there, just no way to keep from being discovered. But I had a feeling they might end up in the bedroom and the cam was easily set up there. Lana and I had taped ourselves having sex a number of times and had learned the angles.

Lana arrived in the bedroom and went out to turn on the tub. I crept into the bedroom and into the large walk in closet I used. Lana had no reason to go in there, I set up the video cam and waited. She returned to the bedroom and removed her clothes pausing to admire her body in one of the mirrors. Her large breasts and deep red nipples dominated her physique. I felt myself hardening as I watched her. She glanced down at her pussy, she was still damp from the foreplay at the gym, her shaved slit gleamed in the pale glow of the lamp on her dresser. Lana grabbed two towels from the bathroom and headed out to the hot tub and was soon soaking peacefully, head thrown back, watching the evening twilight.

Sandy arrived with the chardonnay, two glasses, a dish of fruit, and a curious pouch. The top of a leather strap protruding from the top of the pouch betrayed its contents. Sandy wore only a pure white thong which contrasted beautifully with her smooth, radiant skin. She had an awesome body with delicious curves and a hint of muscularity. Her breasts, though smaller than Lana's, were firm yet they yielded as she walked due to natural suppleness. Pink nipples protruded about a half inch, I guessed Sandy had gotten a bit worked up at the gym as well.

Sandy slipped into the tub beside Lana and reached over to take her in her arms. They embraced and kissed pressing their beautiful bodies against each other. Long and passionate their tongues probed each other's mouths and their hands roamed over each others bodies. Sandy caressed Lana's breasts and broke off the kiss to suck on one of her nipples, her other hand found the other seductively pinching and rolling it with her fingers. Lana released a deep sigh and rested against the edge of the tub content to let Sandy play with her, arouse her.

It was apparent Sandy had learned Lana's body well. She took turns sucking Lana's breasts, slowly drawing more and more flesh into her mouth, using her tongue to flick and harden her large nipples. I noticed her hand slide underneath the undulating surface of the tub. By the rhythmic motion of her arm you could tell she had her fingers buried in Lana's pussy. Sandy drew back from Lana's breast and peered directly into her eyes, a penetrating lustful stare. Lana moaned and shook her head, Sandy was bringing her off, slowly and exquisitely. Her beautiful face betrayed her rising passion and obvious pleasure. Sandy smiled as she felt Lana getting close.

"Come for me Lana...that's know you want to...give into it, come for me," Sandy urged.

"Oh God, ahhh, ahhh, I'm coming, oh shit you're good, harder, faster, please Sandy," Lana begged, her voice urgent with the building orgasm.

Sandy slowly increased the tempo of her arm and drew Lana to her with the other. She kissed her deeply, passionately. Lana cried out as she came, the orgasm crashing over her in a wave. Sandy held her close and continued working her fingers deep in her pussy. She knew Lana could be brought off again quickly, Lana's body stiffened as a second orgasm overtook her, it was deeper, stronger than the first and held her in its grip for indeterminable seconds. Sandy's lips and tongue muffled Lana's screams as she kissed her again.

"No more. Please, let me catch my breath." Lana pleaded taking in large gulps of air. Sandy released her and waited as Lana gathered herself.

"You come so beautifully Lana." Sandy said softly. "I love to make you come."

Lana smiled her approval then she reached out to Sandy. I felt my temperature rise yet higher. While it had been great watching Sandy bring my lovely wife off to multiple orgasms the thought of Lana fucking Sandy had me burning with anticipation.

Lana drew Sandy to her kissing and laving her neck with her tongue. Her hands moved to cup and fondle Sandy's breasts eventually arriving at her pink nipples, flicking and teasing them to maximum hardness. They kissed deeply as Lana's hand slid down Sandy's lithe body and unhooked one side of her thong. She then moved her back against the tub and then gently boosted her up to sit on its edge. Lana swung her thighs open, and after a wicked glance at Sandy's shaved pussy glistening in the reflected light of the pool, she buried her face in it.

Lana's tongue pierced through Sandy's outer lips and deep into her core. Sandy reacted with a start but then settled, she looked down at Lana.

"Oh eat me Lana, eat me. You know how much I love it. You know I love what you do to me. Stick your tongue deep inside me!" Sandy's voice was urgent, her breath uneven.

Lana's tongue repeatedly plunged deep into her core penetrating her. Lana then worked slowly and seductively up the inside of her inner lips to her clit. She carefully avoided direct contact preferring to lave around it. Sandy's hips shifted involuntarily beginning to slide off the side of the tub. Lana brought her hands up for support, lifting her slightly to bring her pussy directly to her. She then worked unmercifully on Sandy's clit, licking, flicking, sucking, and biting, driving her to the edge of ecstasy only to back off just before she went over the edge.

"Oh bitch...stop teasing...please let me come...oh shit you're good" Sandy moaned.

Lana had Sandy worked up to a frenzy. She barely licked her pussy yet evoked a strong reaction from her.

"Are you ready to have me really fuck you?" Lana asked seductively, peering wickedly into Sandy's eyes.

"Oh yes...please...please fuck me...fuck me hard."

"Let's go inside, I want you on the bed."

Before Sandy could protest Lana was giving her a hand out of the tub. Sandy arose unsteadily. Her loose thong slid seductively down her leg as she stepped out of the tub. I could not help but marvel at how Lana had this gorgeous young lady begging her to fuck her. Lana had always been assertive but this was an aggressive side of her I had never seen before.

As they entered the bedroom I readied the video cam. Lana had slipped on the leather harness and was cinching it tight and snug around her waist. A life like dildo hung from her.

"Lean over the bed and spread your legs sweetheart." Lana commanded.

Sandy readily complied. Her butt reaching seductively in the air Lana playfully spanked her. Sandy whimpered as Lana casually turned her butt cheeks to a bright pink color.

"Fuck me Lana, please, fuck me hard." Sandy pleaded.

Lana ran her hand seductively between Sandy's legs, fingering her. She then guided the large plastic phallus into her pussy. Pausing a moment to rub it along her opening Lana thrust her hips forward driving the cock into Sandy's hot core. Sandy started then began moving with Lana's thrusts. All eight inches of the dildo disappeared as Lana began her rhythmic assault.

As Lana increased her tempo Sandy's body began to sway and she sank slightly on the bed. Lana skillfully pulled her back, one hand reached around to rub her clit, while the other clasped her breast. Sandy's moans became louder, her breathing uneven, her body building with an incredible heat.

"Come for me baby." Lana cooed while grasping a handful of Sandy's hair. She pulled back gently then aggressively pumped the big cock into her.

"Oh that's it...yes...oh god, I'm going to come." Sandy cried.

Spurred on by Sandy's cries Lana pumped her furiously. Sandy screamed as she came, the orgasm driving through her. Body quivering, knees shaking, Sandy slumped forward on the bed pulling Lana on top of her. Lana kissed the back of her neck as Sandy lay motionless underneath her.

"I love fucking you Sandy." Lana whispered.

"Not as much as I love you fucking me."

Lana raised up slightly as Sandy turned over. The two women then kissed, an intense, passionate kiss melding them together, body and soul. I reached to click off the video cam, I had more than enough action. I watched them over the next few hours as they slowly aroused themselves and continued to make love. It was one of the most erotic scenes I had ever witnessed. Two women driving each other to orgasm after orgasm, one dominate, one submissive, then changing roles. And the tenderness, it was clear that Sandy and Lana had something special between them. I had no desire to interfere but I had to have them both and had just the plan to make it happen.


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