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The House Guest Pt. III
by Wild Jay

Sandy had come to be our house guest as she worked out financial problems caused by her ex-husband. Lana, my wife, had been insistent on her staying with us and I realized now that she and Sandy had become much more than friends, they were enjoying each other sexually. My wife was in great shape and looked younger than her years. Sandy's work as an aerobics instructor at the fitness center of our local country club had enhanced a beautiful, tall, willowy yet muscular body.

Lana and I had a great sex life. We were both in good physical shape and enjoyed making love for hours. Sandy's presence had not slowed this down, in fact, it occurred to me that Lana had actually been more assertive in initiating sex since she had come to live with us.

I had discovered their secret relationship strictly by accident. I was to have gone out of town on business and, when the trip got cancelled at the last minute, had headed over to the country club to surprise Lana as she finished a private exercise session with Sandy. Listening and watching, without being detected, I observed the two women as they nearly fucked each other right in the workout area of the women's fitness center.

Which brought me to a simple deceptive plan. I would stay 'out of town' and become a voyeur for the evening. With the vantages available in our large, ranch style house I could view the two women at play. A night of intense passion ensued. The two women had consumed one another sexually. I was totally aroused as I video taped the action, Lana fucking Sandy furiously with a strap on and then, hours of kissing, licking, and sucking every orifice of their bodies. They each took turns working the other to a crescendo of wanton lust. Finally they had fallen asleep in each other's arms, totally exhausted.

Once satisfied the women were asleep I had crept out of the room. I left the house quietly and drove some miles to hotel in an adjoining town. I was not due back from my trip until the next afternoon. "I bet they fuck again in the morning." I thought as I again felt a hardening between my legs. I had to have them both, a threesome, and with the video cam evidence I had a plan.

When I 'arrived' home that afternoon Lana was sunning herself out by the pool. She lay topless in a lounger, her beautiful breasts fully exposed, Lana would not tolerate tan lines. I changed, grabbed a beer, and went out to join her.

"Well, the woman of leisure...must be nice to just be able to lounge and relax while your loving husband is away on business," I teased as I approached her.

"Damn straight," Lana shot back at me in mock indignation, then rose from the lounger as I leaned over to kiss her lightly. Lana reached behind my neck and pulled me to her. Her tongue reached into my mouth, we kissed long and hard. She felt the swelling in my crotch.

"Missed me didn't you?" Lana deftly pulled aside my swim suit, and grasped my swollen member in her hand guiding it to her lips. Her tongue flicked at the head and licked playfully at the sensitive area just under the tip. She laved down onto my balls and delicately sucked them into her mouth. I stood there enjoying every delicious moment as she expertly licked and sucked me drawing away from the tip of my cock with a thin line of precum hanging from her tongue.

Lana shifted up to one knee on the lounger and then proceeded to deep throat me to the base of my swollen cock. I could feel the head in her throat and then her tongue and lips sucking firmly on my long shaft. I was totally hers and felt myself building to an explosive orgasm.

"Jim, I want you to come all over my tits, not in my mouth, on my tits." I nodded, I was close to the edge.

Lana could feel my load rising and just as I was about to come, quickly drew back her head, grasped my cock in her hand, and directed it down between her massive tits. I erupted spewing a hot, thick load onto her gorgeous tits. She guided the head through it smearing my creamy ejaculate between her breasts then playfully licking then sucking the remaining cum from my spent cock.

"Now that's...what I call a welcome home," I said softly, a broad smile on my face.

Lana giggled. "Down boy," she commanded as she replaced my swollen member under my swim suit. "Time for a swim?"

"Noooot so fast," I said as I dropped down to her side on the lounger. I slid my hand across her smooth stomach, across her navel and abdomen, and then down underneath her bikini. I could feel her hot juices as my index finger penetrated into her core. Lana stiffened, then settled back into the lounger. A second finger joined in as I reached into her pussy feeling high up in the wall under the pubic bone for her G spot. My thumb rose up to the join in her pussy lips finding the bud of her clit, rubbing it, feeling it swell and emerge from its hood.

Lana moaned as I worked my fingers and thumb over her G spot and clit. She was coming fast, I felt a wave of hot juices as her hips rose involuntarily from the lounger. Her pussy was sopping wet. I slipped her wet bikini down over her hips and lowered my mouth to her to drink her sweet juices. My tongue danced on her engorged clit, Lana quickly came again, this time spurting hot liquid over my face and onto the lounger. I found it incredibly arousing to have her 'cum' with such intensity. This too had been a relatively recent occurrence, I realized that Lana had only started to 'spurt' since Sandy had come to live with us.

We kissed softly as Lana came down from her orgasm, we relaxed in each others arms, basking in the warmth of the sun. Eventually, we playfully stripped each other and went in for a swim to cool off.

Lana had prepared a wonderful dinner. We ate outside on the pool deck. She and I talked for hours as we had come to do, sharing our experiences, our thoughts. Lana's beautiful face glowed in the candle light as the effects of her afternoon in the sun became apparent. I gazed deep into her eyes.

"What...what are you up to?" She questioned.

"I have something I want to share with you, something to show you," I said mysteriously. "Let's go inside."

Lana and I had set up one of the rooms in our home as an audio visual room complete with high definition television and digital surround sound. From time to time we watched adult movies together helping set the mood before an evening of passion. We got comfortable on the sofa and I turned on the VCR. While Lana had prepared dinner I had done a dubbing and editing job taking the beginning sequence of an adult tape then recording my footage of Lana and Sandy over the original opening scene.

As I started the tape I positioned myself so I could watch both the screen and her at the same time. As the tape reached the edit point Lana's eyes widened and her mouth opened. She saw and heard herself fucking Sandy with a strap on, Sandy moaning, begging for more, and screaming as she came.

"You taped us, how? When did you find out?" Lana was surprised, but also looked relieved. "I've wanted to tell you Jim...I just didn't know how you would react. Sandy and I, well, we just felt so attracted to each other. I never thought I would enjoy sex with a woman, but Sandy has changed all that. Don't blame her..."

"No one is blaming anyone sweetheart. I do not feel threatened by Sandy, we have a wonderful relationship and I love you very much. In fact I think it's great that you two are enjoying each other, Sandy is a beautiful woman I can understand why you would want her."

We kissed deeply. Lana looked at me. "You want her too, don't you?'

"I want you both, together." I couldn't believe it had come out so naturally. But I had wanted them both, so bad, for so long.

"I've dreamed of sharing her with you, but I wasn't sure how you would feel about our relationship, whether you would understand. Sandy has made me feel so alive, when we make love it is so wonderful, so different from anything we have had. I think we should plan a surprise for her. In fact, I know exactly what to do."

"What?" I asked.

"Never mind. You just need to show up, I'll have her ready." Lana gave me a wicked look.

We had decided to wait until Lana and Sandy had had their weekly exercise session together. They would be home afterward and normally made love while I was away. I arranged to travel earlier in the week and my return would be a surprise.

"No hiding this time Jim. I want Sandy to know you are home. Be obvious."

The day finally arrived, I returned home from a two day trip in the late afternoon, well after Lana had gone over to the club. Having the house to myself, I showered. I noticed that Lana had prepared our bedroom complete with the video camera. "Lana has turned into such a delightful slut," I thought then shook my head as I went out to relax by the pool.

As time passed I felt my temperature rise in anticipation. I wondered how their session went and fantasized about Lana and Sandy, their beautiful bodies in a sixty-nine position on the workout room floor, licking and sucking each other to an orgasmic frenzy. I jumped in the pool to cool off.

It was dusk when I heard the two women at the front door. I went out to surprise them.

"Jim, you're home?" Lana winked as she feigned surprise.

"Yes, I closed the deal yesterday."

"You can join us...for dinner." Lana said with a hint of tease.

Sandy stayed silent. She looked absolutely stunning. Her long, smooth legs seemed to go on forever into a very tight fitting pair of cut off jeans. Her bare midriff showed off a lightly sculpted set of abs tanned to a honey brown color. A white blouse was tied seductively under her breasts. Her high cheek bones, pouting lips, and deep blue eyes contrasting against shoulder length flaxen colored hair. No wonder Lana had found her irresistible, I was aroused just looking at her.

Lana prepared one of Sandy's light cuisine dinners which fit with her diet and would not get in the way of our plans for the evening. Suggesting we move to the living room I noticed Lana hovering close to Sandy, touching her, brushing against her lightly. She had been doing that all through dinner and I could tell that Sandy was affected, her face slightly flushed.

We had just gotten comfortable in the living room when Lana rose and turned down the lights. She walked casually over beside the sofa where Sandy was sitting and bent over her, staring her in the eyes.

"You're hot for me aren't you?" Lana whispered seductively.

A look of fear spread on Sandy's face as she quickly glanced at me, I was watching them intently.

"It's okay my love. Jim knows all about us." Lana reassured as she lightly kissed the side of her cheek. "Now you can have us both," she murmured.

Sandy turned and kissed her. She then left the sofa and approached me, leaned over, and threw her arms around me.

"I can't believe you are so good to me. You share your house, then your wife, and then yourself!"

I was stunned but quickly recovered to return her embrace. Lana moved over to us, and taking Sandy by the hand began to lead her toward the bedroom. "Jim, you can join us in while. Sandy and I need to get ready for you."

I was astonished at what had happened, so simply, so naturally. The anticipation of what was about to occur had me burning in lust, I was fully aroused. I waited a few minutes after the women had disappeared and decided to at least view the action.

Nearing the bedroom I could hear Lana moaning, long, passionate moans of absolute delight. Reaching the bedroom I could see Lana straddling Sandy's head, her silk panties pulled to one side, while Sandy's tongue laved up and down her shaven slit.

"God Sandy, you suck me so good," Lana cried.

Sandy worked intently, her tongue probing up into Lana's hot core. She reached up and unfastened the front of my wife's bra allowing her gorgeous tits to cascade out of their restraint. Sandy licked and sucked furiously, Lana's juices flowing over her mouth and chin. She pinched Lana's nipples and they grew hard and erect under her incessant rolling and rubbing.

Lana was moaning in ecstasy, she had given in as she felt the intensity of a massive orgasm arise within her, the feeling was overtaking her, overwhelming her.

"I'm coming, oh damn that feels good, suck me...suck me hard!" Lana pleaded.

Sandy's tongue probed up to Lana's engorged clit. Laving around it quickly she clamped on the hard bud and sucked it hard.

Lana screamed in passion as the orgasm overtook her body, crashing over her. She bucked her hips but Sandy held on tight sucking furiously bringing Lana back again and again. Twitching and twisting Lana's body began to glisten with sweat, her huge breasts swaying in front of her, her face contorted with passion. Sandy's tongue moved swiftly between her clit and her hot core, drinking her sweet juices. Lana breathed heavily, she was in great shape, but Sandy was teasing and taunting her sexually driving her to orgasm beyond where she had ever been before.

I watched helplessly, my cock throbbing. It was incredibly erotic, Sandy was taking my wife like she had never been taken before. Lana saw me, her eyes were glazed, almost drunken, her body shaking with the intensity of Sandy's love making. She screamed again and again until she finally collapsed forward, exhausted, completely spent. Sandy moved to her side and cuddled her, kissing her softly, Lana's beautiful breasts heaved as she panted to regain her breath.

Sandy noticed me watching. "Lana comes so exquisitely, I love fucking her. But now, it's your turn to have me, I know you want me." She rose from the bed and approached me. Dropping to her knees she grasped my swollen cock and guided it to her lips. She gave incredible head, her lips and tongue massaging the full length of my shaft, lingering on the sensitive under part of the head. I felt her take me well down her throat, my load swelling as she stroked and caressed my smooth balls. "Don't you be coming on me just yet, I want you to come in my pussy."

She pulled back and slowly, teasingly began removing her clothes. Her beautiful breasts, smaller than Lana's but still a C cup, looked firm yet supple as they yielded to her body movement. She wiggled her hips as she removed the tight jeans. Light, sheer blue bikinis were all that remained. A damp stain across the crotch betrayed Sandy's arousal. "If you want them off you'll have to do it yourself," she said seductively.

Suddenly a pair of hands reached around and cupped Sandy's breasts, Lana had rejoined the action and had moved in behind her. Sandy's pink nipples hardened as Lana pinched and rolled them in her fingers. She kissed Sandy's neck and shoulders. Sandy gave out a huge sigh and turned her mouth to her, they kissed deeply.

Seizing the opportunity I dropped to my knees in front of Sandy and removed her wet panties. Lana skillfully spread her legs apart from behind. I was directly in front of Sandy's shaved slit, shining with her juices, swollen with excitement. Lana dropped one hand down to Sandy's beautiful pussy and spread her lips revealing the hot core.

"Eat her Jim, she loves to be eaten," Lana commanded.

I buried my head in Sandy's gorgeous cunt and began laving around her core and inner lips. Her musky smell and salty taste were intoxicating, similar to Lana's but different. Lana fingered her clit while continuing to kiss and caress her. Her free hand roaming from breast to breast, squeezing and teasing her tits, keeping them erect.

Sandy began to respond to our attention. Her body quivered, her breath shortened, and her moans became louder and more frequent as a massive orgasm welled up in her body. She screamed as the orgasm raced through her. Her juices gushed from her core, wave upon wave, as aftershocks caused contraction after contraction. Lana smiled broadly as her young lover came in her arms, while her husband drank her sweet nectar.

As Sandy came down from her orgasm Lana stepped back. "Lay down on the bed Jim, let your women take care of you," she smiled at Sandy as she said it. I happily complied.

Lana swung over on top of my face, her swollen pussy mere inches from my mouth. Sandy straddled my hips guiding my hard cock into her wet cunt. "Eat me darling, while Sandy fucks you."

My tongue moved up to lave around the inner lips and core of Lana's pussy while Sandy began a riding motion working the full length of my shaft in and out of her pussy. I could feel her hot juices dripping off the base of my cock and balls onto the sheets below. Lana reached forward and played with Sandy's tits as she moved on me. I began to feel Sandy's cunt contracting on my swollen cock. Her action was bringing us both off.

I licked and sucked for as long as I could concentrate. I felt Lana's juices as she too began to come. Sandy thrust hard on top of me driving my engorged cock deep into her contracting pussy, I heard her scream, then Lana, and suddenly a massive pressure driving my load out of me. I was suspended in time, my body bathed in warmth, an enormous release. As I regained my senses both Sandy and Lana lay beside me, coming down from their pleasure. We kissed and fondled each other as we enjoyed the moment.

Sandy lived with us for almost two years. She and Lana were inseparable. I enjoyed them both on many occasions and my relationship with Lana continued unabated. I never did have sex with Sandy alone, but it didn't matter. I had wanted a threesome and I had gotten it, with my beautiful wife and her sexy girlfriend, our most memorable house guest!


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