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The Horse of Her Dreams
by Softly

Pecos, Texas was not a good place for a young girl to grow up in, especially if her mother had left her at birth, and she was raised by a poor elderly grandmother. Trudy Graham was one of those high school kids that sits in class, but is hardly noticed in her inexpensive clothes, without fancy hair care, or makeup.

Over and over, Trudy dreamed that she was "Riding a Horse that would take her to a land of Happiness."

After high school, when the well off kids were away at college, she went to work at the local drug store. A co-worker taught her how to be attractive with make up, and she begin to have her hair styled. A tiny girl. standing just 5' 2",and with a weight of just 102 pounds, her figure was average, except for her B cup breasts which were large for such a small girl.

Todd Brigham, was an item with one of the "in" girls until she went away to college, and sent him a Dear John letter. He was just looking for some pussy, when he asked Trudy out on a date.

If nothing else, Todd was good looking. By the third date Trudy had a crush on him.

On their fourth date, Todd took her to a camp in the mountains. They were on the bed with Todd kissing her. He rubbed her arms and then her neck. Trudy pushed off his hand as it slid onto her left breast. The third time he put it there, she let it stay. Todd ran his hand in circles, as he continued to kiss her.

Todd unbuttoned her shirt buttons. Trudy did not notice this until his hand slipped beneath her bra and cupped her breast. She could not remove his hand because of the bra.

Trudy had never been "hot" before, while with a boy. He slid onto her so that he was between her legs. Her eyes widened, as she wondered what to do, even though she was wearing slacks.

Todd begin to inch upward so that the bulge in his pants was rubbing Trudy in the pubis area. His humping motion added another feeling Trudy had never experienced before.

She felt Todd fumbling with his clothes. Her hand felt his bare fanny. Only now did Trudy understand that Todd wanted to have sex with her. "Todd, I can't have sex with you. I have never had it. I'm scared to," Trudy whispered as she held him tight and kissed him to make up for stopping him.

Todd had heard that before. "Oh Trudy, you make me so hot. I am very hard and my balls are turning blue. If you don't let me put it in you, at least just for a minute or two, I will be in terrible pain all night. Let me just put it in you a little bit. We can hold still...Not move at all and my pain will go away. That is not having sex. You just have to let me do that," Todd said as he reached with his left hand, undid her belt, zipper, and forcefully pulled her pants part way down.

As Trudy reached to stop the descending pants, Todd used both hands to remove her bra. With her bra and shirt pulled upward, Todd had his mouth on one breast and his hand on the other, but just long enough to distract Trudy. As her hand moved upward to defend her breast, he squatted and pulled her pants and briefs off. He was between her legs.

Todd slid both his arms up under Trudy's arms and raised them so that she could not reach below her waist. "Trudy, I need you so much, oh baby, you are so wonderful. I'll just put the end in so that my pain will go away. Please baby, you have to do this for me."

Bewildered, scared, hot, loving, Trudy in her confusion said, "Just the end, and don't move it once you are in!"

Todd could feel the thick hair around her unshaven pussy.

His right hand placed the end of his cock between her pussy lips, and he ran the end up and down several times. Another new feeling for Trudy.

Todd relaxed now. He knew it was going to be a really great night. He tasted her tooth paste as he deep French kissed her and enjoyed running his hands on her full firm tits. His ass begin to thrust inward with short sharp thrusts, faster then he could count.

After a couple minutes of this, he realized that he would have to use a very hard thrust to break into her pussy. "Must have always used Kotex, he thought as he pushed hard to gain entrance. Trudy cried out in pain. "Son of a bitch," Todd thought. "If I don't get in quick, she may call this off."

Reaching down, Todd raised both of Trudy's legs up by her head. With her pussy now in position so that he could put all his weight behind his hard cock, he drove the rod down. It begin to bend, then broke through into her virgin love tunnel.

Trudy stiffened and cried out as Todd's seven thick inches of manhood filled her. Todd lay there without moving so as to enjoy the moment. He could feel her pussy clamping on and off his cock. His throbbing cock felt so good in her. He deep kissed her for a couple minutes.

With out further comment or pretense, Todd begin to run his rod in and out of her. Todd felt his balls tightened. He grabbed her ass with both hands and using the longest thrusts he could finally erupted with six spurts of hot cum into her pussy.

Trudy wanted to get up. Trudy wanted to see if she was bleeding. Trudy wanted to know why he did not just lie still. Trudy cried. Todd, stayed between her legs with his weight on her, so that as soon as he was hard again, he could continue.

When he felt his manhood hard again, he reached under Trudy's legs and opened her cunt lips. His cock slid to the right spot. He thrust his ass, and he was into her warm pussy again. It would, he knew, be twenty minutes of great fucking before he would cum again. He put his head next to hers, facing away, and closed his eyes so that he could picture in his mind his cock, that he called "Jake", plunging into and out of Trudy's pussy. "She is such a great fuck, this is so good." ran over and over in his mind, as he humped and bucked his cock every which way in her tight tunnel.

Trudy did not cum that night. She was sore the next day.

She thought she loved Todd, but she was confused about her thoughts of sex. Todd showed up for her date with him Friday.

After the movie, he again drove her to the cabin. She did not resist as he undressed her. She hid her breasts with her hands as he lowered her to the bed. She closed her eyes and lay tensed up waiting for him to put his cock into her. He spread her legs. His finger ran into her pussy. Her legs were opened further, and then,

Ohooo, his mouth was on her pussy. His tongue was lapping up and down her slit, and then his mouth found her clit.

Todd continued to suck on her clit until he felt her shake and hump at him. Her moans told him that he had given her an orgasm. He slid forward and ran his engorged cock into her pussy.

He had taken four long swigs of whiskey ten minutes before, so that the booze would delay his cumming. Fact is, he was drunk. Todd fucked her as hard and deep as he could. He was having a great time, and hardly noticed as she cum the first time from a cock. He noticed the next time, as she threw back her head, and opened her legs as far as possible to allow the deepest penetration, and screamed; Ohoo, Yesss, yess, oohhooooooo

Oh, Ohhooooo. Trudy did not have to be seduced again. They would skip the movies and head right for the cabin.

Trudy got pregnant. They married. A little girl was born that Trudy named Penny. While Todd was good in bed, he had a big problem. He was a thief. He was fired from the mill shortly after the baby arrived. He was fired from his next job at a car dealership he tried to work for.

From day one, Trudy had been dealt the bad hands of life.

Todd packed up all their belongings into a small trailer, and off they drove to California to start all over.

They were east of Indio, California, on Interstate 10, when Todd dozed at the wheel. The car kissed a guard rail on the left side of the road, and then shot across the road, through the guard rail and down a steep embankment.

Pizer Banks, driving an "Anytime Express" eighteen wheeler, saw the whole thing. As he scrambled down the embankment, after calling the "Bears" on his radio, he saw that a man was thrown from the car. A quick check showed that he was dead.

Trudy and the baby, who had been asleep in the back seat, were shaken up, but not injured, because of the child car seat and her seat belts.

Trudy realized, as the ambulance left with Todd, and she gazed at her belongings spread all over the area, that she had nothing or anyone in this world, since her grandmother had died recently. There was only her daughter, Penny, who was asleep in her arms.

Pizer drove her to the funeral home. Pizer had a short private talk with the director, while Trudy looked at the caskets.

When they were all together, the director took her over to a mid-priced casket, and asked, "Do you think this would meet with your approval?"

Trudy, not knowing just what was going on, just said, "Yes." She had no money, but Todd had to be buried, and it seemed to be happening.

After a graveside service two days later, Pizer told her to get in the truck. "You should go with me. Anytime's terminal and my home are in Riverdale." It was not a question, just a statement, and she was learning that she trusted him to make the right calls.

Pizer was gruff, and built like a bull, with a big neck and thick forearms. He was six two, two hundred and twenty pounds of man sporting a nose that showed signs of being busted a few times. He wasn't handsome. He was, Trudy decided, very manly. Trudy noted that he used precise English and that the State trooper had addressed him as "Yes Sir, and No Sir." She guessed that he was about thirty-five years old.

As they rode along, Trudy was a little uncomfortable because Pizer asked her question after question concerning "exactly" what her life had been like. "Exactly!"

In a booth at a truck stop, Pizer said with the same inflection and he would say, "nice day," "You will stay at my home. I have a room for you and Penny. You can drive my pick-up, and I have some work for you to do. We will go to Wall Mart for everything you need for you and the baby."

Trudy could not believe what she had just heard. No one had ever given her anything in her life. "What did he want in return?" Using the pad and paper Pizer gave her she begin to make a list of the things she would need. "What would he want in return?" For Penny's sake, she was prepared to give a lot.

The Anytime Express terminal covered twenty five acres, and at least sixty rigs were being loaded. Trudy followed Pizer into the office. Everyone jumped to attention with several drivers saying, "Hey Boss, how was the run?" Pizer growled, "All you donkeys on a coffee break, or giving my girls a hard time?" Trudy noted that all this was kidding and they all liked this gruff man. Then she saw the lettering on the door to the inner office;

Pizer Banks


It was two hours later that they finally got to Pizer's home, after a stop at Wall Mart, and the "Outback" restaurant. They were met at the door by a huge Doberman Pizer introduced as "Ruby." Pizer's face broke in to an ear to ear grin, when he spoke of the dog, that was turning itself inside out to show affection to all of them. Trudy took a shower and said goodnight. She could hear Pizer putting baby things together, as she fell asleep.

After a breakfast prepared by Pizer, Trudy roamed around the home. On the mantle was a picture of Pizer, a most beautiful woman and a small child.

Seeing Trudy studying the picture, Pizer quietly said, "That is my wife and son. A drunk driver killed them two years ago. I have lived alone since. I have not dated. You are the first woman in this house since the accident."

Trudy said, "She was very pretty."

Pizer, "Load up Penny. We need to go do more shopping." Off they went.

The next three months went by in a flash. Pizer was always the same. He made sure that she and her baby had everything that they needed. He never missed noticing when her moods changed, or she understated her needs. She wondered each night if this would be the night that he would collect on her ever increasing debt that she felt she owed to him. Would he overpower her like Todd had done. He never came to her door, or even tried to kiss her. "Is there something wrong with me?" Trudy's thought.

Finally Trudy begin to feel so insecure that she blurted out at the dinner table, "Pizer, I have to leave this house."

Pizer looked distraught and hurried over to her side. "What is wrong, Trudy?"

"I am a burden on you," she said. Pizer bent over and kissed her on the forehead.

"Sit there woman," he said. Returning, he produced a box with two rings in it.. As he handed it to her, he lowered himself to his knees, and said, "Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife. You and Penny have made this house a home again."

Crying, Trudy hugged this man, like no other she had know.

"Pizer there is nowhere else I would rather be or anyone I would rather be with. Yes, I will marry you."

Three days later, after a small ceremony, they returned home. They snuggled on the bed, with Pizer on his back. Trudy climbed onto him. Gently, she lowered herself onto his manhood.

Closing her eyes, she begin to ride... "The Horse of her dreams," faster, and faster, and faster.

* * * * *

I'm Softly, UB 2


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