The Best Erotic Stories.

The Inception of the Club
by Anyport

"DEIDRE, COME HERE!" The beautiful woman flicked a switch on the remote control she was holding and a partition slide silently open. The woman who entered the room was medium height, though the 4" heels she wore made her much taller. She had long blonde hair, which swept in waves off her shoulders.

Her make up was flawless; the eyes looked mysterious, the glossy deep red lips were slightly parted hinting at the pleasures they offered. Her perfectly manicured hands were tipped by long nails coloured the same deep red as her lips. She wore a low cut white silk evening dress, which showed her ample cleavage to full effect. A slit ran down each side of the dress giving glimpses of white stockings as she walked.

In a room of 12 attractive and wealthy women, every head was turned to stare with varying degrees of envy, at this stunning vision entering the room. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life, because I was the one they were all staring at.

"Start the film Deidre," The beautiful mistress ordered. "I think our guests might enjoy it." I walked slowly over to the video and picked up the remote. Returning to the door I dimmed the lights and the video projected the film to the large screen on the wall.

The film began with a shot of the very room we were in at this moment. There were only 2 people in the room, Marilyn, the beautiful woman, and a man dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. He was an ordinary looking man, medium height, slim, in fact quite plain. Not the sort of man you would look at twice in the street.

He sat transfixed by Marilyn. He was thinking how much he would like to go to bed with her, wondering if she would get angry if he put his arm around her. He had hardly spoken a word since she'd picked him up at the bar. Having gone over it in his mind a hundred times on the way to her apartment, he decided 'picked him up' was the only way to describe their meeting.

If he had known then what he knows now, sorry, what I know now, I would probably have run as fast as my legs could carry me. Unfortunately, there was no one to warn me that within the next 2 days, Brian was going to disappear forever and Deidre would be born.

Marilyn spoke, "Do you think I'm attractive Brian?"

"Yes of course, you're one of the most beautiful..."

Marilyn placed her hand over my mouth, "A simple yes will do. Would you like to make love to me."


"You can you know." She smiled. "Are you adventurous in bed?"

"Not really, I've..." again the hand covered his mouth, she looked disappointed, "Maybe you would rather leave?"

"NO please I'll try whatever you want I never had the opportunity before that's all, but I'm willing to do anyth.."

"Careful, you don't want to make any promises you may regret later, go into the kitchen and get me a glass of wine I'll decide what's going to happen when you return."

I rushed into the kitchen, doing everything I could to please Marilyn. I poured the glass of white wine and returned immediately. Marilyn sat motionless, her eyes never leaving my face as I placed the glass carefully on the coffee table in front of her.

I returned to my seat next to her on the lounge, transfixed by her penetrating stare. "Why didn't you get yourself a drink?"

"You didn't say I could." I replied.

"Do you need to be told everything?"

"No, but it's your home, I didn't feel I should help myself."

"Why not?"

"I didn't want to offend you."


I hesitated, "Because you may ask me to leave."

"Would that bother you?"

"Of course it would, I've never...I've never met anyone like you and I want to stay with you."

"Were you going to say you'd never made love with anyone like me?"

"NO, I just, I..."

"You mean you have made love with someone like me?" A half smile came to her lips; she was enjoying my discomfort.

"Never, I still don't understand why I'm here. You could have picked any man in the bar, why did you choose me?"

"Let's just say, I could see possibilities."

"I don't understand."

"You will, I'm going to do things to you, you would never have dreamed of in your wildest fantasies. Does that worry you?" She asked seeing the nervous look on my face.

"It doesn't worry me, I just hope your not disappointed that's all. I've never met anyone remotely like you and I'm sure you're used to expert lovers."

"I won't be disappointed I can assure you." She pointed one of her legs straight out, "Do you like my legs?"

"They're perfect." I answered honestly.

"Would you like to kiss them?"

I was surprised by the change in conversation and by the unusual question. "Errm, yes."

"You don't seem very sure, I've changed my mind." She sounded upset.

"No please, I really would like to." I said moving to kneel in front of her.

"Too late, you can lick my feet though, If you don't mind that is."

I knelt at her feet, her crossed legs raised her foot 12" off the floor so I had to bend to reach it. I began licking her foot working my way round to her toes. As I touched her toes with my tongue, she forced her foot into my mouth. I wanted to pull away. My mouth was stretched quite painfully with her foot in it, but I didn't move in case I upset her.

"Why don't you take your clothes off." She suggested. "No, don't let go of my foot, I'm enjoying the feelings." I removed my clothes, it was awkward to do from a kneeling position, but eventually I had everything but my tee shirt off. That was around my neck, but I couldn't take it off without letting go of Marilyn's foot.

"Stand up, I want to have a look at you." She ordered, though it was more like a request. I stood and removed my final garment feeling extremely self-conscious standing naked in front of this beautiful woman. "Did I do that?" She asked, pointing to my erection. I blushed and tried to cover it with my hands. "Don't hide it, it's the biggest complement I've had in ages. It's a pity there's so much hair covering it. I don't you wouldn't."

"What?" I asked, eager to please this wonderful woman.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd mind getting rid of the hair. I know I'm asking a lot, but I hate hairy men, I find smooth skin much sexier. Am I asking too much?" She purred.

"No of course not, I'll do it as soon as I get home."

"Are you leaving?" She asked in a surprised voice.

"No, not unless you want me to." I replied nervously.

"Then why do you have to wait until you get home, there's a razor in the bathroom cabinet through that door." She indicated the direction. "Do your legs as well? And don't be long."

I did as she asked, shaving myself to the waist. I was almost finished when she walked in. "Why don't you do the rest, it looks great so far. When you've finished I'll rub some talc over your body." As she left the room she added, "Don't forget your arms and armpits." Having gone this far, the rest was easy. I even shaved my face, though with my light complexion I only need to shave every 3 or 4 days.

As I was toweling myself dry, she came in, took my hand and led me into the lounge room. She had me stand on a towel in the middle of the room, I now realise it was so she could video the events, taking a bottle of rubbing alcohol she said, "This may sting a little, but it will stop you from getting sore." She proceeded to rub the liquid over me. It did sting, but her sensuous touch more than compensated for the pain.

Next she dusted me with talcum powder. As she reached my legs she stroked them gently. "Has anyone ever told you, you have great legs. I've never understood why men hide their legs, most women would kill for legs like yours." I felt ridiculously proud at her complement. She stood up and kissed me lightly on the lips. This first act of affection made me feel wonderful.

Sitting down, she eyed me critically. "You have quite small feet for a man, I'll bet you could fit into my shoes. I'd love to see what your legs looked like in heels, it would really give the muscles definition." She jumped up, as if making a sudden decision. "Wait there." She ordered as she walked quickly from the room.

She returned almost immediately with a pair of open toed 3" heels. Sitting down again, she gestured for me to approach her and casually lifted my foot to fit the shoe. "It's a little tight, maybe a stocking would help." Again she left returning with a new packet of black stockings. "I didn't think you'd want to wear my old ones." She smiled, as she rolled the stocking and pulled it over my foot.

This time the shoe slid on quite easily, and although it was awkward to stand on, I was surprised at how well it fitted. After fitting a shoe and stocking to the other foot, Marilyn sat back to examine my legs. "Walk over there for me would you please." I did as asked with difficulty. I looked ridiculous as I wobbled across the room, stockings around my ankles and my erection pointing the way.

"We'll need something to hold the stockings up, and I'd better do something about that for you." She said pointing to my manhood. "You don't mind me doing this do you." She purred, I can stop if you wish."

I hadn't heard much after her promise to, 'do something about that', so I quickly answered, "No."

"You're sure, most men would act all macho and I hate that, you're different."

"I don't mind, honestly." As I replied I realised I was telling the truth, I was more turned on than I could ever remember being, and Marilyn hadn't touched me yet.

Once again she left the room, kissing me on the cheek as she passed. This time she brought a white satin and lace corset, which she fitted around my body. After doing up the back, she came around the front and laced it tightly, "That's not too tight is it?" She asked. It was but I pretended otherwise, and quite honestly I was enjoying the feeling far too much to complain. She adjusted my chest and the tight corset formed a quite impressive cleavage. Then she pulled the stockings up my legs and attached them to the straps on the corset. Returning to her seat she looked me over before pointing to the floor in front of her. "Come here."

"You look very sexy," She whispered as she slowly reached for my throbbing member. I stood with my arms at my side, not daring to move in case I offended her. She leaned forward and licked the inside of my leg. I felt a shiver run through me at the first touch of her wet tongue. She worked her way around the crease between my leg and genitals then slowly sucked my balls into her mouth.

After a few seconds she began licking my erect penis. Starting at the base, she licked the full length to the tip. She repeated this several times all around it until it glistened from her saliva. Next, she took the head into her mouth and sucked gently. Gradually, she increased the suction, sliding her mouth over me as she did so. She swallowed the whole thing and then withdrew to the tip again. In a very short time I could feel myself ready to explode.

I moaned as she increased the intensity and suddenly I began pumping my sperm into her inviting mouth. She continued to suck until I was completely dry, then she released me with a smile. "Did you enjoy that?" The question was unnecessary; I stood there with a satisfied look on my face, my legs almost giving way. "I think you'd better sit down for a while." She suggested. "Tell you what, I'll do your nails for you while you recover."

She undid my stockings and removed them before leaving the room. I lay back on the lounge, not caring what she did to me if it meant I could feel this good occasionally. When she returned she was carrying a vanity case from which she took a nail file and emery board, then went to work on my toenails. Satisfied with the shape, she held up a bottle of dark red polish. "Do you like this colour?" She asked, "It's my favourite."

I thought any answer but yes would seem like I was criticising her taste, so I answered in the affirmative.

"Great, I think it will suit you." She began coating my nails with the polish. Although she had never given me the opportunity to object, it seemed quite normal for her to be doing it, we were almost like 2 old friends playing with her make up kit.

Marilyn applied 2 coats to my nails after separating my toes with cotton wool. "Let that dry while I get the rest of your outfit." She said as she rose to leave. Stopping at the door, she turned and smiled at me. "I really love the way you don't complain, I admire a man who's comfortable with his own sexuality and doesn't feel it's necessary to prove his manhood all the time. You don't mind me having some fun do you?" What could I say, she had me in a corner. "No, I don't mind at all." As she left the room it occurred to me that I'd just spoken the truth and, if anything, I'd understated the case.

She returned with several outfits over her arm, which she casually dropped onto a chair. "Are you dry yet?" She enquired, coming over and testing the polish. "That's fine, stand up and I'll fix your stockings for you." As she pulled up my stockings, she noticed a drop of semen on the end of my penis. She took me in her mouth and sucked for a few seconds. "We don't want you staining your clothes do we?" I started to harden again. "Oh dear, I seem to have stirred him up," She laughed, "I'll can see I'm going to have to give him a lot of attention."

That promise was enough to ensure my complete cooperation, at that moment I would have done anything she'd asked and we both knew it. She pulled a pair of white silk panties over my legs. "I think we'd better cover him up for a while. Doesn't this material feel good next to the skin." She asked in a conversational tone. "I pity men not being able to feel things like this. There," She said as she pulled them up, "That's better. I'm sure you'd rather not have him waving around all the time."

She brought a stool in from the kitchen. "Sit there, I'll do your face now." There was never a question in her mind that I would refuse any of her suggestions and as I said earlier, I would do anything for her so I sat on the stool and waited as she searched through the vanity case.

She applied foundation cream to my face, and then blusher to my cheeks. Then came the painful part, she took out a pair of tweezers and plucked my eyebrows into shape. Next came black eye liner, mascara and red and blue eye shadow. She outlined my lips with a pencil then brushed glossy lipstick on. I noticed it was the same colour as the nail polish.

She stood back to admire her efforts, satisfied, she said, "I'd better do something about your hair." I have short fair hair, and it definitely didn't go with the rest of my look. She produced a long blonde wig, which she fitted into place. "There, that's perfect, I knew you'd look good." She added almost to herself.

"Now, what can you wear," She mused as she went through the clothing on the chair. "Of course, this is perfect." She picked up a short black satin dress, and slipped it over my head zipping it up at the back. It had long sleeves and was cut low at the front showing my new cleavage to full advantage. Then she fastened a small white apron around my waist and fitted a small white cap on my head. The outfit was completed with a black velvet collar with a small pearl on it. "There, the perfect maid." She grinned turning me around to admire her creation.

"There's just one more thing, those fingernails are terrible." She took out some false nails and started fixing them on with super glue.

"Will they come off easily?" I asked.

"Why would you want to get them off?" She said as she stuck the last one on. She took out the red polish and began painting them.

"When I leave, I mean. I can't really walk down the street with these on can I." I laughed nervously.

She continued painting and asked in a matter of fact voice, "Why would you want to leave?"

"Well, I have to go home sometime, and these nails will look silly with my other clothes."

"Oh those, I threw them in the garbage so you won't need to worry."

" will I get home, I can't go out dressed like this."

"Not yet, but once you get used to walking in those shoes you'll be okay. Anyway, this is your home now."

"I don't understand, what do you mean."

"Don't ask so many questions, come on, I'll show you what you look like." Marilyn took my hand carefully so as not to smudge the polish, She led me into the bedroom and turned on the light. I stared speechlessly at the reflection in the mirror. An astoundingly beautiful woman stared back at me. Marilyn stood quietly for a while, allowing me to take in this transformation.

"Isn't she lovely," She whispered, "Do you really want to change her back. What shall we call her?"

"I...I don't know, I..."

"Personally I've always liked Deidre, what do you think?" "Yes, that's a nice name." I answered still confused. "That's settled then, from now on you'll be Deidre. In a couple of weeks you won't even remember what Brian looked like." Taking my hand she led me back to the lounge room. "Come on, you still have a lot to learn, particularly about walking in heels." As she led me out, I turned my head to watch Deidre walk out of the room. She was right, I never wanted to see Brian again.

Over the next few days, I was taught how to apply make up, remove my body hair by waxing rather than shaving, and Marilyn, who I now trusted implicitly, started me on a course of hormone injections. She gave me her word they would not affect my libido, and, if anything, they actually increased it. I found I had an almost permanent erection, which Marilyn was always happy to 'take care of'. Although the hormones were supposed to affect my voice, I noticed an increase in the size of my breasts. Marilyn suggested this was an unexpected bonus and they would probably reduce once my body became accustomed to the hormones.

There was only one thing that gave me any problems; I couldn't walk in high heels. I was fine as long as I concentrated, but Marilyn frequently had to reprimand me for slouching or dragging my feet. After about a week she called me in and told me to sit down. "Deidre, I'm very disappointed in your lack of attention when you're walking. You don't seem interested in walking properly. I could stop taking care of you but, since I get so much pleasure out of it, I've decided on sterner action. Take off your blouse and open the top of your corset."

I did as ordered Marilyn took one of my exposed breasts in her hand. They was already a marked increase in the size, oh don't get me wrong, I didn't have breasts as such, but there was definitely some extra flesh there. She rolled the nipple, which had become quite sensitive, between her finger and thumb until it stood out. She attached a copper wire to it and secured it with tape. The other end went into a box, about 3" long by 2" wide and 1" thick. She repeated the actions with my other nipple then tucked the box down the front of my corset.

"You can fasten your clothes now, I don't think the box will show." It did, but only slightly and after a few adjustments, not at all. I had no idea what it was for, it wasn't particularly uncomfortable and I failed to see how this would help me to walk better but I soon found out. "Go in to the bedroom and put on the 4" heels, I want to see how my gadget works."

I stood up and started toward the bedroom. I was so intent on the gadget; I must have dragged my feet. "SHIT". I yelled as an electric shock surged through my nipples. I turned to face Marilyn and saw she was holding a remote control and she had a beaming smile on her face. "It works very well doesn't it?" She laughed. "Maybe you'll pay more attention now. Tell you what, to show you I'm not totally heartless, you practice walking on the 4" heels for 15 minutes and then I'll take care of you."

I was quite angry about the electric shock treatment, but Marilyn knew I would do anything for the promise she had just made. I walked around the room for a while and received 2 further shocks, then Marilyn kept her promise. I thought she did it to please me, but I have since learned, she gets intense satisfaction from swallowing semen, in fact it's the only form of sex she enjoys. There were regular reversals of the role when she made me eat her, but I always had the distinct impression she was using this more as a form of education in how to satisfy a female. Since she continually indicated her likes and dislikes as I attempted to please her.

The shock treatment had the desired effect, within a few days I was walking properly, with even a slight wiggle of my hips. These too had changed shape becoming more rounded and fleshy. After 4 weeks Marilyn declared me ready. "Ready for what?" I asked. "You'll find out tonight." She replied mysteriously. I had no idea what she meant, but we both knew it didn't matter. Whatever it was I would accept it, I was now completely in her control and accepted her slightest wish as a command.

By 7.00pm I was dressed and ready, Marilyn had checked my make up and clothes and declared me perfect. I was instructed to wait in the bedroom. I heard the doorbell ring several times, and I was becoming quite curious about who it could be, Marilyn rarely had visitors.

At 8.00pm I heard, "Deidre, come here." called from the lounge room. I was galvanized into action by the now familiar, though no less painful, electric shock. I slid open the partition and entered the room to be greeted by the stares of Marilyn's guests. There were twelve women and all of them were staring at me.

I followed Marilyn's earlier instructions regarding the video, and when it was over I turned up the lights. "Well ladies, I think it's time I told you why I've invited you here tonight. It's my intention, with you're help naturally," She swept her arm round to include all the ladies in her remarks. "To form a rather unusual club." "A club, what sort of club?" One remarked "Why all the kinky stuff if that's all it was?" Said another "Maybe it's a video club." Joked a third.

Marilyn waited patiently until the noise died down, then she raised her hand for silence, and continued. "The type of club I have in mind will be an exclusive women's club." She waited patiently as several ladies made inane comments, and then once more she raised her hand for silence. "It would be much easier if you all saved your comments until I've finished explaining my idea, agreed?" Marilyn took the ensuing silence as one of agreement and she continued to explain her idea.

"Most of you ladies have experienced some form of business resistance based purely on your sex, right?" Most of those present agreed. "Well I propose we change that situation. The club, I plan to call it LAMBS and I'll explain why in a moment. Anyway, lambs will be an exclusive women's club as I said, it will be very expensive to join, and only those women who prove themselves superior to men will be accepted." "You mean you expect us to turn our men into women like you have with this... this Deidre person, or whatever he calls himself?" One of the women demanded. "In a manner of speaking yes, and by the way, he calls himself what I choose, not what he chooses." I stood at the back of the room, not reacting to what I knew was the truth.

"Well I for one have no intention of making my man look like a fool just to join some knitting circle." She stood up to leave, then turning to one of the other women she asked, "Are you coming Valerie?" Valerie gave it some consideration before replying, "Not just yet Rose, I think I'd like to hear a little more before I commit myself." 2 other women did decide to leave with Rose, which rather surprised Marilyn since she'd fully expected half of them to leave. "Go on Mal, let's hear a bit more about this club of yours." This from an attractive, middle aged woman by the name of Rachel.

"Okay, well first of all, it won't be strictly necessary for any of you to feminise your man, as I have with Deidre, but I can tell you now, it sure as hell is fun and gives you an incredible feeling of power when you do. No, my proposal is that each lady proves her ability to control men. The method would have to be decided by the membership once we form the club." "Well I for one think what you've done to Deidre is perfect and I just might try it with William tonight, though I've got to say, I can't see him turning out as well as Deidre has." The assembled company laughed at this; they all knew her husband and since he was somewhat overweight it would take a miracle to make him look anything like me.

"Well, before we get down to the more serious business of actually organising the club, are there any more ladies who don't consider themselves capable of, or interested in the concept." To Marilyn's delight none of the remaining ladies showed any sign of leaving. "Excellent, in that case I call for nominations for the positions of, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and, shall we say, six other none executive committee positions." "I nominate you as Chairman Marilyn, since you are really the only one who fully understands what the club is about." "Seconded." Said a tall blonde woman by the name of Allison, then added, "All those in favour." Naturally it was unanimous as were all the other nominations and soon Marilyn was calling to order the first official meeting of the LAMBS club.

"First of all, let me explain the name LAMBS. As you are all aware, men have a distinct advantage in business thanks mainly to the 'old boys network' that seems to operate almost everywhere you go." There were nods of agreement from those assembled. "So I propose we start a network exclusively for women, or more specifically, ladies against male business superiority, hence the name LAMBS." "I rather like that," Allison stated, "It sounds so innocent and yet has so much potential."

Marilyn smiled, "Thank you Allison, now, the first point we need to address is the club rules. I have a few suggestions I'd like to discuss, then I suggest we throw it open to the committee to refine and hopefully ratify the final draught." The rest of the evening was taken up with discussion about just what was and wasn't acceptable to the ladies present. Around 11.30pm a final draught was passed to Marilyn and she began reading them out loud for the committee to vote on.

"RULE 1. An initial payment of $100,000 plus an annual payment of $50,000 will be made as membership fees.

RULE 2. All members must deposit $500,000 in an account jointly held by LAMBS and themselves, as surety against possible bad debts. RULE 3. No lady may join the club until she has furnished proof of her ability to conquer men by the provision of a male henceforth known as 'The Entry Fee', said entry fee must be controlled completely either physically or mentally.

RULE 4. All entry fees must be auctioned within 2 weeks of presentation to the club. Any monies resulting from the sale will go to the provider, less a 20% commission. The provider of the entry fee may bid for it if so desired; however, the club will deduct from the purchase price, a commission of 20%. (Exception see Rule 7)

RULE 5. Any member caught bringing a man into the club who is not totally controlled will herself be auctioned and used by members for a period of one month.

RULE 6. Once an entry fee has been presented to and auctioned at the club, it will be kept by the club in suitable accommodation and used by the club and it's members on any and all occasions. In addition, any members may take said entry fee home after making prior arrangement with the owner and club. (Exception see Rule 7)

RULE 7. A member may, if desired, register her entry fee as her private property. If such registration is requested the owner will loses all rights to use the other males in the club without the written permission of 3 members.

RULE 8. Entry fees are the property of the club; it's members and their invited guests. The exception being those registered by members. Once an entry fee is auctioned however, the buyer has first privileges and is deemed to be the owner whilst in the club.

RULE 9. Members may invite guests at any time, and these guests will have the same rights as the member. The member will be responsible for the guest and both member and guest will consider any breach of rules by the guest a breach by both and both will be liable for any disciplinary action required.

RULE 10. Any member or guest caught touching a registered slave will be instantly stricken from the membership roll. Both she and her surety will become the property of the slave's owner.

Marilyn looked up from the paper she was holding to gauge the reaction of the assembly, then asked, "Can I have a proposer and seconder for the acceptance of these rules, subject to change at the committee's discretion of course." The rules were accepted and the meeting closed after deciding to meet again in one month.

Apart from a few phone calls, usually asking advice on the best way to approach their potential 'converts', Marilyn heard nothing from the ladies until the time of the actual meeting. She waited with some trepidation for their decision on continuing the club. She was to be very pleasantly surprised at the outcome when, although three of the original company had decided against joining, the remaining number had, between them, succeeded in convincing several others to attend the second meeting. In fact there were no less than seventeen ladies present at that second meeting, and, with the exception of one particularly obnoxious lady, all offered great potential as members.

The exception, Desiree by name, was, in Marilyn's opinion, totally unacceptable as a potential member and when the visitors had all left, Marilyn called a meeting of the executive to discuss an amendment to the regulations. She proposed a unique black ball system in which any member could, through the committee, object to the acceptance of potential members and voice those concerns to the committee without the general membership ever being aware of whom the objection came from. If, after hearing those concerns, the committee decided the objections were justified, the potential member was informed of their failure to meet the set criteria of the club, with no explanation as to what those criteria were.

On this occasion Marilyn objected to the applicant on the grounds that, in her opinion, the lady was sadistic and while Marilyn had no objection, in principal, to men being punished, she couldn't sanction blatant cruelty, simply because the woman received some erotic pleasure from the inflicting of pain. She was pleased to see that every committee member was like-minded, the rules were amended accordingly and the unsuccessful applicant informed of the decision.

Marilyn was delighted with the progress the club made over the next few weeks. Firstly a premises was found which was big enough, not only for the actual club activities, which would be considerable, but also for the accommodation of the men who would be housed there allowing the members speedy access for their amusement. What's more, it was purchased at a bargain price, due in the main to the fact that it belonged to the husband of one of the members, who 'persuaded' him to part with the building at cost.

In addition, another member had convinced her husband, the owner of a large building company that it would be in his interest to give priority to the renovations, once again, at a bargain basement price. Incredibly it was only a matter of 6 weeks before the premises was ready for the gala opening and Marilyn, together with several committee members were spending an increasing amount of time organising the first nights entertainment.

There were 24 fully paid up members already with commitment from at least 10 others subject to the provision of an 'entry fee', which the 24 had already furnished. That is, they'd introduced and proved their control of the entry fees to the satisfaction of at least one of the committee members. It was decided that they would remain with the individual members until the accommodation was finished.

There was however, one small problem. Marilyn had received a phone call from Lindy, one of her closest friends. It seemed that she was unable to provide a man as an entry fee and she said she'd decided to withdraw her application. Marilyn raced round to Lindy's home immediately. Not only because she was a close friend, but also because Marilyn knew she was not only a natural dominant but also because the travel agency, of which Marilyn owned a part, would profit considerably from her membership.

Sitting beside Lindy, Marilyn patted her leg and asked, "What exactly is the problem?" "Well the truth is," Began Lindy, "I would feel dreadful if I were to be unfaithful to Greg." Greg was Lindy's husband of 10 years; he was totally devoted to her as indeed she was to him. "Is that all?" Marilyn sighed in relief, "No problem, why don't you just dress Greg up and bring him along, he'd do that for you wouldn't he?"

Lindy grinned, "Of course he would, you know I can get him to do anything I like simply by pouting if he even considers refusing." As a demonstration Lindy gave her bottom lip a sort of quiver and opened her big blue eyes wide, she looked for all the world like a frightened child, her Pageboy styled, blonde hair framing the beautiful delicate features of her face. Though any resemblance to a child ended abruptly at her neck. From there down she was all woman, and despite the fact she was only around 5'4' tall, her ultra feminine curves belied any youthful impressions her face suggested.

"Then where's the problem?" Marilyn asked. "Well first of all I thought that would be cheating, you know, taking along a willing partner. Second, well I know you have to auction them off after you've presented them, and, well you might think I'm being silly but I couldn't bear the thought of any other woman having my Greg, even if it's only when I wasn't using him." "Well in that case why not just register him?" "What do you mean?" "You get his butt tattooed with your name and membership number plus a few other details. From then on no-one can touch him without your permission, of course, you need to get 3 members to sign for you if you want to use any of the other men in the club, but I'm sure.." "I don't, I mean, well I'm happy with just Greg, I don't want any of the other men."

"Are you sure you can get Greg to cooperate, I mean, you know the rules about not having a man in the club unless you're in complete control of him, well it would still apply even if you are registering him." Lindy laughed and called out, "Greg, Come in here a minute would you please?" Greg was a slightly effeminate man of around 35 years old, 5 years Lindy's senior. His slim features somehow made him look taller than his 5'8' and in a peculiar way, Marilyn could see why Lindy found him so attractive, most women had an almost overwhelming urge to mother him.

"Yes Lindy?" He asked. Without appearing to take much notice of him, Lindy said "Oh Greg, there you are, I've got to go to a function at the new club Marilyn has started, and I want you to come." "No problem." Greg replied, "Is that it?" "Yes, oh and you'll have to dress as a woman." Greg had started to leave and he stopped in his tracks and swung around to face the ladies. "As a woman? Why?" He almost shouted, "Because I want you to, but if it's too much trouble I'm sure Marilyn can find a man for me to go with who doesn't mind doing one small thing for me. Could you Mal?" Before she could open her mouth Greg blurted out, "NO, I mean, that's okay Marilyn, if Lindy wants me to dress as a woman I suppose I can do it, this once." "Well more than once actually, more like, whenever I take you to the club." Greg sighed, "If it makes you happy sweetheart."

"Oh yes I nearly forgot, you'll have to have your bottom tattooed." Greg looked as if he was about to protest, but before he could speak Lindy added, "Unless of course you'd rather I sold you to one of the other members of the club, that is the alternative isn't it Mal?' "Fraid so, one or the other." "It's up to you Greg, which will it be?" Once again Greg sighed in resignation, "I'll be happy to have a tattoo if it will make you happy Lindy, anything else?" "No right now sweetie, unless... Mal are you busy?" "Not at all, why?" "Well it occurred to me that you've had more practice at dressing men as women, maybe we could dress Greg up while you're here and you can give me a few tips. Tell you what Greg, why don't you go into the bathroom and shower. Oh yes, shave all the hair off your body while we discuss what to dress you in." Marilyn was astounded at the almost casual way Lindy took for granted the fact that Greg would do whatever she wanted, which he did without further comment.

Lindy led Marilyn into the main bedroom. "I'm not sure I'll be able to find anything to dress Greg in, all my clothes will be much too small for him. Well except for my underwear of course," She grinned sheepishly at Marilyn, "I am rather...endowed in certain areas aren't I?" "Well that's a pretty good start, once Greg gets used to wearing your underwear, the rest will be easy. I don't suppose you own a corset do you? They always seem to help lower a man's resistance, not that Greg seems to be offering much." "As a matter of fact I do have a couple somewhere," Lindy searched through one of the drawers, "Ah yes, here they are." She help up two corsets, one black lace the other red satin trimmed in the black lace. She saw the look on Marilyn's face and quickly added, "Don't ask." Rewarding her with another disarming grin.

When Greg came in the two ladies set about feminising him while he stood and sat as ordered, without offering the slightest resistance or comment. Even when, after dressing him in red corset, matching red satin panties and black stockings, they not only insisted on applying full make up to his face but also gluing false fingernails on his hands and painting them as well. Lindy decided he could do his own toenails later. Greg was told he could keep Lindy's underwear on until she was able to buy him clothes of his own the next day, including a few pairs of shoes, since none of hers would fit him. They all returned to the lounge room where the two ladies ignored Greg as they discussed the upcoming opening of the club. An hour or so later, Marilyn bid them both goodnight and left to a parting comment from Lindy of, "You should see the nightie I intend to have Greg wear to bed."

Finally the big night arrived. It had been decided that that Gwen, one of the applicants known to all the committee, would be appointed manager of the club. Instead of a salary, she was given honorary membership at no cost, plus a percentage of any profits the club made, which Marilyn knew would be considerable since she had several club services planned for the not too distant future. It was further decided that Gwen would still be expected to provide an entry fee in order to prove her ability to handle any problems that might occur. She did this in the most convincing and impressive way possible, on the night of the opening all members and prospective members were greeted by the sight of not one but two huge men standing on either side of the door as they entered. Both men stood in excess of 6'4" and judging from their superbly muscled physiques they must have weighed well over 250 pounds.

Their bodies were oiled, and glistened in the subdued light. The only clothing they wore were tight leather shorts, silver chains ran from collars around their necks to manacles on their wrists, which, while giving them reasonable freedom of movement in their arms, also indicated their complete subservience. It was further decided that Deidre, by now almost an institution among members, would be appointed permanent receptionist/staff coordinator answerable only to the committee and Gwen.

The opening night was a huge success; there was plenty of entertainment, provided in the main by the entry fees. In fact, it became something of a competition between the members seeing whose protégé could outdo the others. Marilyn, while probably a little biased, decided there was no contest. In her opinion an extremely seductive and erotic dance routine put on by her own Deidre together with, of all people, Greg, was by far the best show. Oddly enough, apart from Lindy, no one requested registration of their entry fees, this despite the fact that at least two of them brought their husbands.

Well, Marilyn decided it was one way to get rid of them. One innovation did arise from the opening night; it was decided that in future all entry fees would be expected to 'perform' on stage prior to being auctioned. As Marilyn sat quietly sipping a glass of wine and watching the activities around her, she smiled to herself, her dream was a reality at last.


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