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The Joys of Submission
by Phoenix Willowedancer

As I hang here, arms above my head, wrists cuffed, bound and gagged with a ball gag. I wonder what is in store for me now. I have been hanging here for an hour or so after our last session.

You came home happy and celebrating. You walked in and caught me masturbating. I knew I was in for it. You said I know the rules. I am not allowed to pleasure myself without your permission. Which only happens when want to see me pleasure myself for your own pleasure. But it had been a month since you last let me cum, after this mornings blowjob in the shower, I couldn't take it anymore. I love it when we take showers together. I get to touch your entire body with my hands. The hot water streaming down our bodies as I wash you. But this morning when you stopped me from sucking your cock, by putting your hand around my throat and squeezing enough to make me stop then making me stand up and turn around and bend over all with your hand on my throat.

Then shoving your hard dick up my ass and fucking me 'til you blew your sperm deep into my bowels. Then just standing there in silence as I am bent over with your dick up my ass. As you begin to go down I began to relax my grip on your cock with my ass. You said yeah here it comes, and pissed into my asshole. I was feeling so full and warm being filled with your piss and your come I knew I must come. But you still would not let me release my building climax. Instead you shoved a large butt plug up my ass and told me not to touch it 'til you came home from work. I tried so desperately to obey. But I was so full and so horny. I could hardly walk being so full, and to clean in this condition was almost impossible.

When I walk I felt the plug inside me, holding all your liquid. Knowing it was your piss, your sperm, kept my clit hard all day. Walking around the beds as I made them bending over , feeling everything. My clit was engorged, everything I did stimulated it. It was sheer misery. By afternoon I could no longer take it. I began to read my email and brought up Erotic stories. They were too much for me to bare, not in this condition. I began to rub my clit. I knew I had to come. The cane was sitting in the corner next to the hutch. Yes I knew that cane well. You have tied me to it several times. You have threatened the wooden pony. Which only made me gush.

That cane, I thought would feel good inside me. I needed cock in the worst way. (It was times like that I wish we had a dog. I knew you might let the dog fuck me just to humiliate me. He would be nice to have around.) I could picture you me making crawl on my hands a knees begging to suck you. Making me put my chest on the floor. Maybe you'd cuff me behind my back. Then when I couldn't get away, you'd call in the dog. Listen to me scream in protest you'd laugh at me and touch my pussy, feel me dripping. You tell me I am a fuck bitch and to prove this you'd let Rover have his way with me. You'd encourage him to fuck my ass to make it hurt more. You'd watch as he tied to me with his knot buried in my ass. Then you'd walk in front of me and say, "Now fuck bitch, drink my cock."

These thoughts got me in such a bad way, I went to the cane and stood next to it, I put a rubber on the end and then put a towel under me, to catch the flow. Out came the plug. Just a little dripping, I knew from that moment on, that I was going to pay for this in a big way. But I had to come, and the prospects of getting your wrath enticed me all the more. I went into that place that only you can take me, where pain and pleasure become one in the same. Where reality goes away and the world of perversion and raw hard sex is the only thing that matters. "Our Zone." So in went the cane. I stood on my tiptoes, it was still too tall for me.

It went in, deep and fast. I cried out a little, I had hurt my self. But I began to finger my clit. I was coming and moaning and talking to myself. When I began to come down from this high, I opened my eyes and there you were! You bent me over and pulled out the cane. Your piss and cum mixture began to flow out of my ass. You told me to hold it in. You yelled at me over and over hold it bitch, hold it you whore, don't loose anymore! I couldn't stop it. You rammed the biggest butt plug we had up my ass to stop the flow. You grabbed me by the arm. Forced me into the bathroom, and threw me into the shower. "You fucking whore! You insatiable slut! You shall have your ass full tonight! If that is what you want! You shall have it!"

Fear ran threw me, my blood turned cold. I have never crossed the line to this degree before. I knew I would be sorry for my actions. You jerked the plug out of my ass with such forced I screamed out, the rest of your piss and come came flowing out as I was grabbing my hole and crying from pain. "Grab it! That is right you whore, hold it open!" I wasn't sure what you were about to do, but I wasn't going to disobey now. I held it open then you turned on the shower, removed the showerhead and had it on cold. "This will cool you off you fucking whore!" You adjusted it to super blast, a stream of hard water. And hosed out my ass. You will be clean now you said, then turned on the hot water it was very hot.

You lathered me up and rubbed me down with soap making sure you got it deep into my asshole. "Time to rinse." You said. And you blasted me again this time with the scalding water. Not even letting me dry. You began to tie me up. Binding me completely open to you, then the whip. You whipped me for what seemed like forever. Using various whips and rods and paddles. To make every mark imaginable,. Until I was no longer there, I had retreated into myself. I was watching you whip me from the outside. You did so until your fury subsided. Then you coated me with Icy Hot and left me hanging here.

The burning sensation has increased many degrees in the last 60 minutes. My nipples, asshole, and my cunt are covered with Icy Hot. I feel the plug in my ass and the burn that is surrounding it. Shooting sensations of icy heat deep into my bowels. My pussy is dripping involuntarily. Oh how it loves the abuse. My nipples are erect with nipple clamps tightly secured. They hurt, it is exquisite You have repeatedly whipped me. Welts are forming on the soft flesh of my back and ass. My tits are beat red with hints of purple. Although I can feel the welts on my backside, I can see them forming on my chest and tops of my thighs.

The welts on my sore breasts are more purple than red; they are bound so tight that they were already changing colors. You approach me from behind, I feel a rag on my ass, and it is warm and soapy. You wash my ass and remove my plug. You whisper in my ear. My pulse races as I feel your presents and whisper in a low grumble.

"Hello my little fuck whore, I am washing your ass, so I can fuck it without getting balm on myself. I am going to ram my dick so far in your ass you will feel like I am ripping you in two. I am going to fuck you like a little fuck bitch deserves, then I will fill your ass with my cum. If you spill so much as a drop I will shove my fist so far up your ass that you will feel my fingers in your throat." You wrap your hand around my throat and ask me if I understand. I nod. For that is all I can do. I am shaking now. I want to feel you inside me. Only when you are inside me am I whole. I exist to take your cum, I exist to bring you pleasure. I am only whole when you are using me to fulfill your animal needs.

You rub your hands up and down my naked body, feeling the heat and the welts as well as the ropes you have me bound with. Again you speak." It turns me on to see you bound here. I can do anything I want to you. Whatever turns me on at the moment. You can't say no, not that you would, would you my pet? You are a fucking whore. You want me to use you don't you? You need to be used like a whore. You need it." With that you put the head of your huge cock next to my little asshole and thrust in. You don't stop 'til I am jerking away as much as possible to get away from the pain. I am bouncing in my restraints. My ankles that are cuffed to a bar between my legs that keep them spread. You pull me back and forth. I jerk and cry through my gag. You laugh out loud and say, " Yeah baby struggle against my invasion. It feels good; I like it when you struggle to escape. Awe poor little girl. Does it hurt?"

You begin to violently hump me. Jerking me back pushing me forward. Using my body to fuck your dick. I would fall if I we not cuffed up above. You grab my sore whipped bound tits and pull the chain on the nipples. I cry out and jump you say, "That's it baby. It feels so good! Oh your pain gives me pleasure!" With that you come hard. I feel the heat of your sperm as it coats the walls of my rectum. I am panting I feel my orgasm building and I cum as you finish. You slip your still hard dick out of my ass and replace it with a plug. Not before a small drop drips off your dick and oozes down my ass crack.

"Would you look there, my little whore can't hold her cum." My eyes widen from fear. You walk around me and look into my eyes. You see the fear. That fear gives you power and that power turns you on. I am afraid you must be punished my dear. You take my hands down leaving them cuffed. "On your knees bitch!" You command. I drop my legs feel like jelly. Look up at your master. I look up into your eyes and see delight dancing in them. You have waited for this for a long time. Your erect cock is sticking out in front of my eyes. You bend over me and remove my gag.

"You are a bad little whore aren't you?" I look down at the floor. "Look at me!" I look back at you but am afraid to look into your eyes. Tell me you are a bad little whore and you need to be punished." I fall silent, too afraid to answer. You slap me across the face. I cry out.

"Say it now or you will be begging me to punish you every night this week!" I meekly say, 'Master I am a bad little whore and I need to be punished. Please punish me sir.' A smile crosses your lips and you say fine whore lick me clean. You grab the back of my hair and rip my head backwards. I open my mouth to cry out and you shove your dick into my mouth and down my throat. You pull out and say, "Now lick it clean!"

I do and then I really start to enjoy sucking your cock into my mouth. You put my collar on me and grab the back of my head and begin to fuck my mouth and throat. You come down my throat in spurts. I try not to choke, and succeed. "Good girl." You praise my efforts and obedience. "Now for your punishment, as I promised."

You attach my collar to a rope and to the bar between my ankles. Then you tie a rope to my cuffs and attach it to the same bar. My ass is in the air and I am helpless. You now have complete access to my pussy and asshole. You take the Icy Hot and administer a liberal amount to my nipples and hood and lips of my pussy. "I know how this get you wet, this way I won't need lube." I begin to cream right away. "Look at that. You are soaking you little slut you love this!"

You proceed to shove 3 fingers in my pussy, then four. Finally you get your thumb in as well and begin to fuck me with your hand. Always stopping at the knuckles. My little pussy just won't take your huge hand. "Were going to work on that you tell me. And you push with all your might I scream out and your hand slips in. I feel as if I am going to rip apart then my pussy sucks your hand in. I have never felt so full. I begin to cum as hard as I ever had. Tears rolling down my cheeks and come oozing around your wrist, and down to the floor. You are fucking me with your whole hand inside me. My whole body rocks back and forth. Then you pull it out. That hurts too, and I almost come again.

"You took that pretty well. Now lets see how your ass does." But first lets warm it up a bit. The rubber hose! Oh god how I fear the rubber hose! You can whip me and whip me, but, no marks does it leave. Over and over again you whip my ass 'til it is bright red. Then you bring out the ping - pong paddle and I cry. You rub it back and forth on my sore ass. My skin feels like raw fire. Then you spank me with it 'til I am jumping, trying to get away. "That's enough!" You say in a booming voice. I feel the cold of the rubber dildo against my asshole; I don't know which one it is until the head begins to pull apart my opening. It is huge, but pliable.

It is the giant hollow dick. The one you always tease me about. I shake my head back and forth. no, no. I know not to utter a word, but still protest with my body and head. "Are you afraid, don't you want me to stretch your ass out around this dildo?" I furiously shake my head no again." Fine then no warm up, we'll just go to my hand," you chuckle. I feel relief for a moment then one, then two, and then tree fingers in my ass. I feel you work in your pinky. Fucking me back and forth, and twisting them around, inside my asshole. I begin to cry again. Silence or I will put the gag back into your mouth. I try and quiet myself. I do well for a few minutes but can't take it.

So you re-gag me. Telling me that, that too shall I be punished for, that I should know how to keep my tongue. You continue to rape my ass with your hand and finally it gives, my asshole relinquishes your hands' advances and enters me wholly. "Oh my god baby you should see this, My arm disappears into your ass. My god what a turn on! You slowly fuck me with your hand in my ass. I cry and sob but the gag muffles most the noise.

"I must have you!" you say after about five minutes of this torture to my ass. You withdraw your hand. You ram your cock deep into my cunt and fuck me wildly over and over giving time for my ass to reshape it self, then you pull out and shove into my ass like it was a pussy and push so deep I can feel you penetrate my intestines. It hurts but good and I begin to feel those sensations creeping back. I begin to orgasm as you pump away at my sore abused ass. You pump until you feel like you are going to explode the pull out and crawl around to my head pull it up as far as the ropes will let it, and you shove your cock back into my mouth. Pumping your sperm and slightly blood stained cock into my mouth you come with a tremendous yell. "I am coming you bitch! Suck me dry!" Squirting come into my belly, you then have my lick you clean and you collapse onto your knees in front of me. You pet my head and tell me what a good little whore I am.

Ah but you have not forgotten my punishment for not holding my tongue. You undo the rope from my collar, and my cuffs from the bar between my legs. "Sit up and open your mouth." You put you deflating cock to my lips and tell me to stick my tongue out. You lay your cock onto my tongue and sigh. Ah here we go, and you let loose, pissing on my tongue into my mouth and on my face. You make me swallow as I gag then send me into the shower, removing my restraints you turn on the shower, and say, "The next time you will hold your tongue, or hold my piss in your mouth until am through with you. Do you understand?"

I nodded and bowed my head defeated. "Good girl you say, handing me the soap and stepping into the shower. "Now wash your master."

I do so smiling, I love my life and what I am to my master, for I can fulfill his needs like no other. There are no secrets or hidden desires. I love the pain and humiliation. Everything that he does to me that makes him man, makes me woman. I am complete.


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