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The Lie That Changed My Life
by Anyport

Let's get one thing straight right from the start, I am absolutely devoted to Tina. In fact, if you'd asked me three months ago where I would most like to be in the future, I wouldn't have hesitated in answering, 'With Tina hopefully living together'. I would not, however, have included the fact that I would be.... But maybe I'd better start at the beginning.

I'd been to a party the night before, a buck's party actually. The reason Tina wasn't with me was, she'd been to the female equivalent with the future bride. Anyway, as was normal on these occasions, all the fella's got thoroughly pissed. Unfortunately I woke up next day in a strange woman's bed wearing nothing but my socks and a frown from the hangover. Thankfully I was alone but my nocturnal companion had left me a note that read,

'Just popped out, back in a while.'

See you soon Angelica.

I had no idea who Angelica was, nor did I particularly wish to find out, I grabbed my things and dressed as I ran out of the door. It took a while to figure out exactly where I was, but eventually I found my way to a tube station where I caught a train to Tina's place. I would have preferred to go home but I'd promised her I'd take her shopping and since I'd managed to sleep the whole morning away, I had about half an hour before our 11 o'clock meeting.

I had to run all the way to her place from the station as it was pouring rain. She greeted me with a smile, which turned to a frown as she studied the wet clothes she'd seen me wearing the night before when we parted company. She leaned forward to kiss me and at that precise moment there was a flash of lightning followed almost immediately by a clap of thunder. Looking back it might well have been some divine power warning me of impending doom, I wish now I'd heeded the warning.

"Well we certainly can't go shopping in this." Tina stated. "Get out of those wet things, I'll get you a towel. By the way, where have you been all morning?" Alarm bells rang as I considered my reply. I had the feeling Tina knew something I didn't so I had to be very careful what I replied since she was not only incredibly possessive, but extremely devious and vindictive. "We went to a club and then wound up at a party, I got pissed and fell asleep and didn't wake up until half an hour ago." I tried to sound casual as I recounted what almost happened the previous night.

She tossed me a clean towel as she responded with, "I called Sue earlier, she said Tom had arrived home about 2.30am how come you didn't leave with him?"

"To be honest, I don't even remember if Tom came to the party, you know how it is, you get a skinful and everything becomes a bit of a blur."

"Were there any girls at the party?" Tina asked casually.

I'd been expecting this one, "There might have been, I couldn't honestly say, but anyway, it wouldn't have mattered, I mean, well, you know me, I'm useless when I've had a drink, so even if there had been women, I know I couldn't have acted on it."

Tina seemed satisfied if slightly wary. She sat beside me and toweled my hair dry then helped me out of my wet things. She pulled my shoes off and grabbed my socks, what happened next, and my response to it will go down as the biggest turning point in my life. "What's this Billy?" She asked casually as she pulled the socks from both my feet.

"What's what hon...?" I stared at my feet and my face turned the same bright red as the polish on my toenails. "If you weren't with a woman last night, how do you explain this?" she demanded.

"It's...I mean, I did it for you, I thought you might like it."

"Don't be ridiculous, why would I like that?"

"Well I thought... you know... you might like to..." I really had no idea what to say, as I struggled to think of something, the expression on Tina's face changed from anger to one of curiosity.

"You mean you want to experiment, is that it?" She actually smiled and reached up to kiss me on the cheek. "Silly, you didn't need to do this, you could have just asked."

Now I was confused, what the hell was she talking about, but then, she'd thrown me a lifeline and I grabbed it. "I wasn't sure how you'd react, after all... but forget it, it was just a silly idea, I'm glad you aren't annoyed at least."

"Annoyed, why would I be annoyed?" she smiled at me sweetly. "If you want to experiment with your feminine side, that's fine with me. I was only reading about it in one of those women's magazines the other week. They said it took a lot of courage for a man to admit he even had a feminine side and when they did, their partners should encourage them, which is exactly what I intend to do." She kissed me passionately then took my hand and led me to the bedroom. At least that's where I thought we were going, but we took a detour along the way and ended up at the bathroom door. Tina kissed me again and pushed me in. "You go and take a nice hot shower, I'll be in soon to help you with your other... toiletries." She smiled and headed toward the bedroom.

I'd almost finished my shower when Tina arrived. As I washed the last of the soap away, she turned off the shower and began soaping my legs all over again, this time using her own perfumed soap. 'What the hell', I thought, it doesn't smell too bad and I can always wash again later. Her next move caught me by surprise. She produced a safety razor from somewhere and began shaving my leg.

"Hey, wait a minute." I objected.

Pushing away my hand Tina continued her shaving as she said. "Don't be silly, it's only hair, no one will know, and believe me, it will make a big difference to the way you feel. After all, if you're going to do something you may as well do it properly." By the time she'd finished her little speech, she was already half way through shaving my right leg. I knew that, short of telling her the truth, there was little I could do to stop her, so, while I wasn't exactly thrilled at the prospect of having my legs - or any other part of my body for that matter - shaved, I accepted my fate. I put it down to my own stupidity for lying in the first place.

Before too much longer she'd shaved almost every hair from my body, she'd even tidied and trimmed my crotch. Stepping back to check her work, she seemed satisfied and turned the shower on to rinse the soap away. Then suddenly she turned off the hot water and I yelped as the cold hit my body. "It closes the pores," she grinned. "Now towel yourself off and use plenty of this." She handed me some talcum powder. "When you're finished join me in the bedroom."

I really had little choice but to do as she suggested. When I arrived in the bedroom, I was greeted with a great deal of enthusiasm. Tina kissed me passionately and said, "You have no idea how pleased I am that you decided to let me in on your fantasies. I had no idea you wanted to dress up as a woman but I have to admit, the idea really turns me on. Now sit down here and we'll get started."

She sat me on the edge of the bed and walked over to the dressing table to pick up a few things including her make up case. I wanted to protest her claims about me having fantasies about dressing as a woman, but I'd never seen her more excited. I decided it would be better to keep quiet and let her enjoy herself. When it was over I'd tell her I hadn't enjoyed it and would prefer to go back to the way things were. Right now I would have to make the best of the situation.

"The first thing we need to work on is your face." Tina smiled. Then came 15 minutes of creams and pencils and eyes shadows and god knows what else before she declared me finished. I wanted to go over to the mirror to look, but she wouldn't allow me to move. "Maybe when you're completely finished," she stated, "But until then, keep still."

She turned her attention to my hair next. I've always been proud of my thick blonde hair, it's shoulder length and similar in style to Fabio, at least it was until Tina decided to re-style it. She brushed it into two ponytails, one at each side of my head above my ears. These she held in place with elastic bands before tying red ribbons to them.

I had no idea how I looked, but I was fairly sure it would be ridiculous. Tina assured me the contrast between my overly slutty make up and the little girl hair style was most effective, but she still refused to let me look. "Now for your clothes, I'm afraid none of my things will fit you, apart from these of course." She picked out some underwear from the drawer and proceeded to put them on me. First came a pink satin bra, it was very tight even after Tina had adjusted it. She stuffed the cups with tissues to give me some shape. Next came a pink suspender belt followed by black stockings. In all the time I'd known her, Tina had never worn stockings or suspenders so I was really curious about where she'd found them and why she hadn't ever worn them for me. But I decided now might not be the right time to ask her, not while she was having so much fun.

I was also quite concerned by the fact that I was enjoying the feeling as she slid the stockings up my legs and attached them to the suspenders. Finally a pair of matching pink satin panties were pulled up my legs. As she pulled them into place I was embarrassed to see that I had a very impressive erection. Tina on the other hand, seemed thrilled and more than a little turned on.

She stepped back to admire her work and smiled. "You look great, but we must do something about those finger nails." I had to admit my bitten nails didn't look too good, but Tina soon fixed that. Opening her case she picked out a pack of false nails and began applying glue to them. "It's lucky you have such small hands, these nails should be perfect." She began sticking them in place. I tried to protest but she ignored me and soon had the first hand finished and was applying the nails to the other hand. In no time I had ten beautiful long fingernails which after briefly shaping them to her satisfaction, Tina decided to paint deep red the same as my toes. Five minutes later I was declared finished and she stepped back to admire her work.

I tried to get up but she pushed me over onto the bed and began kissing me. The feeling of her lips sliding across mine was quite exciting and I relaxed and lay back on the bed. She stripped her clothes off quickly and straddled my body before continuing the onslaught of kisses. Suddenly she stopped and sat up, looking me in the eyes she said, "Since I've accepted your fantasy, would you mind if I live out mine as well?" I just wanted to screw her at that moment and would have agreed to anything to speed up the process of getting inside her. But Tina was in no hurry; she opened the cupboard of the bedside table and produced several lengths of soft rope. Seeing my shocked expression she grinned, "I've been wanting to do this for months, I've just never had the courage to ask before." She quickly wound the rope around my left wrist and tied a knot, and then she secured my arm to the corner of the bed. She repeated the process with my right arm and both legs leaving me spread-eagled and helpless on her bed.

After that she was like a wild animal. I would never have believed my Tina capable of the passion and aggression she showed. She pulled the panties as far as they would go down my legs, then she straddled me and immediately impaled herself on my rock hard erection. She began riding me frantically at the same time pushing her hands inside my bra and twisting my nipples viciously between her fingers and thumbs. "You like that don't you?" She demanded breathlessly, "Admit it, you love being a girl and being helpless." By now I was as turned on as she was, I was very close to coming and would agree to anything she said at that moment. "Admit it," She demanded twisting my nipples hard. "Yes, yes, yes." I replied, though I had no idea what I was replying to. "You like being a girl don't you?" "Yes, yes." "I'll bet you wish I was fucking you instead of the other way round don't you?" "Yes...Ohhh yes yes yes yeeeessss." I shot my load into her with such force I felt as though my insides were going with it. As I came down, I was pleased to see Tina had also achieved orgasm, and judging from the way her back was arched and the expression on her face as she straightened up, it was every bit a powerful as mine.

She collapsed forward and lay on my, still helpless, body for a while. I must have dozed off because the next thing I recall was the sight of Tina's shapely bare behind as she walked out of the room. Soon after I heard the shower running and then nothing until she was sitting on the bed beside me. I was surprised to see she was fully dressed and she had something in her hand. "I'm going out to the shops after all." "Okay," I agreed and absentmindedly tried to pull myself up. "Untie me and I'll be with you in a few minutes." Tina grinned and kissed me. "I don't think so." She replied, "I like you just the way you are, and besides I've set up a nice video for you to watch, enjoy yourself I'll be back soon."

She placed the remote to the video in my hand and after making sure I could operate it, kissed me on the cheek and walked out. "You can't leave me like this," I called to her disappearing back. "Can't I, just watch me," She waved as she walked out and added, "Enjoy the movie." I tried calling one more time, but once I heard the front door slam I knew it was a waste of breath. I twisted my hand to start the movie, hoping it was something I'd like; I knew Tina's tastes were not always the same as mine.

For the first couple of minutes I hardly knew what I was watching, I'd never seen myself on telly before so I didn't recognise myself immediately. Once I did, the colour started to drain from my face as the full impact of what I was watching hit me. I looked around for the camera locating it on the dressing table. It was lying on it's side open, the tape inside being the one on the video now. I stared in horror as I watched a naked man submit to being transformed into a woman. Even as the full impact of what I was watching hit me, I couldn't help but be turned on when it came to the sex. By the time it was over I had a raging hard on again and my vision alternated between the, now blank, screen as the video rewound and my cock sticking up defiantly.

By the time Tina returned I'd watched the video three times, it was no less horrifying or stimulating with each viewing. As luck would have it, I'd just rewound it when I heard the door open; I dropped the control and pretended to be asleep. Tina walked into the bedroom her arms loaded with parcels. "I expected to find you watching the television." She grinned. "Oh that," I replied sleepily, "I watched it earlier." "It must have had one hell of an impact on you or I just disturbed you in a dirty dream." I frowned and she nodded in the direction of my, still hard, prick. "Something has you all excited anyway."

She sat on the bed and stroked my erection idly. "So, how was the movie, did you enjoy it?" "It was okay." I tried to sound nonchalant. "Really, I expected it to be quite erotic, I was hoping to show it at the next slide night, you know, when Tom and Sue come back from their honeymoon with all the photo's. I blushed from head to toe, "You wouldn't Tina, please don't." "Ahh, so it's a little more interesting than you were letting on is it?" She walked over and took the video out of the player. "I think maybe I'd better put this in a safe place, we wouldn't want anything to happen to it, would we?"

Without another word she walked out of the room. I heard the front door open and close and wondered where she could be going this time. About 15 minutes later she returned. "I just nipped out to get a copy, the guy at the video shop does them for a couple of quid." Seeing the look of horror on my face, she grinned, "Don't worry, he doesn't actually have to watch the video, it's all done at fast forward speed. Anyway, I've put the other one away somewhere safe, later on we can watch this one together, but first of all, I have something I need to discuss with you."

She sat beside me again; "I've been doing some thinking while I was out. I really enjoyed that little session we had, and judging from your reaction I think you did as well." I opened my mouth to speak but she covered it with her hand and continued. "Wait 'til I've finished. As I said, I enjoyed myself and I want it to continue, so from now on I'm going to take charge..." "Mmmm." "Shush," She snapped. "I've decided you're going to wear girls' clothes all the time from now on, in fact, you're going to become a girl..." "Mmmm." "I won't warn you again, be quiet. As I was saying, you're going to become a girl or to be more precise, my own little slave girl." Seeing the fear in my eyes Tina laughed, "No, you aren't going to lose your cock, I enjoy it too much for that. You'll just be dressing as a girl all the time, I've already bought you some new outfits, well actually, they're from the second hand clothes shop, but they're as good as new. And since you'll be dressing as a girl, I think I'd better give you a girl's name. Let's see...Oh I know Petal, yes that's perfect, Petal it is then."

"In return for your co-operation, I won't let this video fall into the wrong hands, like your local pub for instance. Then, after exactly three months, if you co-operate fully, I'll return both videos to you to do with what you wish. There is one other thing, whenever you don't co-operate, time will be added to the three months, I'll make up a list of sentences from hours for milder crimes, too days for the really serious ones. The beauty is, I decide what is and isn't a crime, and you accept it. Now you can speak if you wish, but be warned your time has already started so if you upset me, you'll have time added on." She took her hand away, but I simply stared open mouthed as I tried to take in what had just been said. "Nothing to say? Good, then let's finish getting you dressed...Petal. Oh yes, I do like that name!"

As Tina untied me, I tried to think of some way out of the predicament I was now in. After what she'd said and the video she had, I was left with little option but to co-operate and my mind spun with ideas as I tried to find a way out. I stood meekly as she produced a pink corset from one of the packages. "I was very lucky to find this, It'll be perfect on you." Without waiting for my response she passed the corset round my body and began lacing it up. By the time she'd finished she'd pulled my already slim frame in by about four inches.

I spoke for the first time, "Please Tina, not so tight, I can hardly breathe." Without even pausing in her task, Tina said, "That's six hours for whining." It took me a few seconds to comprehend what she meant at which point I exclaimed, "Six hours, but that's not fair." "That's another six for arguing, I told you, I make all the rules, now would you care to go for a full day?" Furious though I was at what I perceived to be an injustice, I kept silent rather than add to my sentence. "I thought you might see it my way, now, let's see how that looks."

She'd removed the suspender and attached my stockings to the corset, which, being tight, particularly around the chest, had given me a small but noticeable cleavage. Tina was so impressed she decided I didn't need the tissues to add shape. The next article of clothing was a black skirt. It was quite tight and just a little short, the hem coming half way up my thigh. But Tina seemed disappointed and said she would have to shorten it later on. After pulling a white satin blouse - also far too tight - over my arms and squeezing my feet into a pair of black leather shoes with two inch heels, she decided I would do for now.

"I'm going into the lounge room for a while, I want you to clean up in here, and be sure to make the bed properly, don't just throw the covers over." As she walked out she added, "Oh yes, you can make me a cup of coffee first, and before you argue I should point out, I'm going to make up the list of punishments so it might be wise to keep me happy." She turned and smiled as she left, "If you get my drift." She added.

Although the heels weren't very high, I still had difficulty walking on them, but I teetered, as best I could, after her and headed for the kitchen to make her coffee. I added some biscuits and took the tray into her. As I placed it on the table, I tried to see what she was writing, but it was upside down and I didn't want to annoy her by looking over her shoulder.

I went into the bedroom and began cleaning. It's not a thing I've had much practice at and I really didn't know where to start. I placed all her make-up in the case and folded what I knew to be clean clothes, before putting them in her drawers. I made the bed to what I hoped was an acceptable standard, and then I decided to unpack the parcels she'd dropped on the floor.

There were several dresses, a couple of blouses and sweaters, three pairs of shoes, one of which had heels that had to be five inches long, two suspender belts, one black lace the other white, and another corset. This one was black and looked if anything, more rigid than the one I was wearing. There were also six new packs of stockings in assorted colours, including a pair of fishnet. I'd always thought fishnet stockings were an urban myth, since I'd never actually seen anyone wearing them. As I studied the packet I didn't hear Tina enter the room. "Not bad, now all you have to do is vacuum and this rooms finished." She saw the packet in my hands. "You like those do you? Maybe you can model them for me tonight after dinner."

She walked back into the lounge room and called, "By the way, I've finished the first edition of the punishment list, maybe you'd like to hear it." Then added, "After you've made me another cup of coffee." I delivered the coffee and then sat opposite her as she picked up sheet of paper on which she'd listed, what would be to all intents and purposes, my bible for the next few months. "You understand of course, this is only a rough guide, I'm sure there'll be many more to add as we go through the next few days, but anyway here we go. I've decided the punishments will be in six hourly lots, I'll call each of these one demerit and obviously for every four demerits I add one day to your, errmm, sentence. So, where I've put between, it depends on how, where I've put between, it depends on how serious the offence is, I'm sure you'll soon work it out." She handed me the list and I looked it over. It read;

DisobedienceBetween 1 and 10 demerits. ArguingBetween 1 and 5 demerits WhiningBetween 1 and 5 demerits UntidinessBetween 1 and 5 demerits Rudeness 4 demerits Failure to satisfy me in bed 10 demerits Poor work1 demerit for every fault

I wanted to question almost all the items listed, but when I looked up at Tina I knew from her expression it might be wise to keep silent. She took the paper from me and said, "That's as far as I've got so far, I was going to add something for being late, but then, since I've decided you're moving in here, that doesn't apply does it. As I said, I'll no doubt be adding to the list as we go, but that should cover most problems, for a while at least. I don't suppose you have any you'd like to add?" Still stunned by what I'd just read, I doubt I could have spoken even if I had anything to say. "I thought not." Tina grinned, "Now, off you go and clean up the bathroom, then you can start cooking dinner."

The first few days were nothing short of a nightmare. Tina called in sick for me on Monday and Tuesday and while she was away at work, I had to clean the house from top to bottom. On Wednesday I was permitted to go to work, but she warned me to be back by 5 o'clock exactly. For every 15 minutes late, or part thereof I earned 1 demerit. Unfortunately for me, The boss made me catch up on some work I'd missed and I was an hour and a half late on Wednesday and one and a quarter hours late on Thursday.

This added to all my other 'little indiscrepancies' as Tina phrased them, meant that by the time one week was up, instead of the ninety days I'd started with, I now had to serve ninety seven days and six hours. When Tina finished what became, the Saturday afternoon ritual of counting my punishments, I felt like breaking down and crying, but I was certain Tina would find some way to add to my punishment for that, so I kept my mouth shut.

I spent the whole of that weekend putting on and taking off my make-up. Each time I finished my face, I reported to Tina for inspection. She very generously allowed me to make mistakes the first five times without punishment. But after that I received 1 demerit for every time I failed to meet her standards. By the end of the day I'd accumulated five points and my face was sore from removing make-up.

Eventually though, I managed to apply it to her satisfaction. It felt like I'd won the lottery when she finally nodded her approval. And though I received a few demerits for my make-up over the next few weeks, in general I was able to do my face to her satisfaction from then on.

By the end of the second week I'd managed to get the total down to ninety-four days and twelve hours and stupidly, I felt good about that and quite proud of myself. I soon settled into a routine, mostly dictated by Tina's needs, and my days were pretty much planned out. 6.00 a.m. shower, shave, - my whole body. 6.30 a.m. prepare Tina's breakfast. 7.00 a.m. deliver Tina's breakfast then run her bath. 7.15 a.m. iron the clothes Tina and I would wear that day. 7.30 a.m. dry Tina and help her to dress. 8.00 a.m. get dressed myself, including female underwear. 8.15 a.m. leave for work. Lunch time, shop for groceries for dinner, plus anything else Tina might need. 5.00 p.m. arrive home and begin cooking dinner. 5.30 p.m. shower and change into whatever outfit Tina had laid out for me. 6.00 p.m. welcome Tina home with a cup of coffee. 6.30 p.m. serve dinner. 7.30 p.m. wash dishes and clean kitchen. 8.15 p.m. relax. This usually comprised of doing nails, Tina's and mine or washing her feet, she really enjoyed that. Or else modelling outfits for her, another humiliation she enjoyed. If she was in a bad mood, she'd make me lie on the floor, and then she'd sit on my face, forcing me to eat her pussy or lick her arse, while she watched television. 10.00 - 10.30 p.m. bed. This was another routine which involved removing make-up, hers and mine, dressing in whatever she decided, then satisfying her sexually, either with my tongue or fucking. These days she was always on top and I was often tied to the bed.

The only variations on this routine, were when we went out somewhere. So far, none of our friends had visited us since my service began, and I was dreading the day that happened. It was bad enough when we went to see them. I was permitted to wear my normal male clothing on the outside, but all my underwear, including a corset sometimes, were female. I was allowed the small concession of wearing short socks over my stockings, though I had to be careful not to let my trouser legs ride up over the top of them.

When Tom and Sue came back from their honeymoon we went round to dinner and the inevitable stack of photographs. There was one horrifying moment when Sue asked when we were going to take the plunge, to which Tina replied, "When I can find a wedding dress that suits my little Petal here." She patted me on the knee. I froze expecting her to reveal my secret, but she just smiled and added, "He's so fussy about what I wear these days, would you believe he even irons my clothes for me every morning." Sue gasped, "You hear that Tom? Why don't you do that for me?" Tom laughed, "I don't need to, we're an old married couple now and it's your job to look after me, Isn't that right Billy?" I looked down at Tina's hand tightened on my knee and pretended not to hear him.

That night when we arrived home, Tina made me put on full make-up including a long red wig. The black corset, which she pulled in extra tight. I also wore the fishnet stockings and five-inch shoes the black skirt, which she had now shortened so it was level with my stocking tops, and a black, see though blouse. After forcing me to parade around the house for half an hour or so, she made me attempt a sexy striptease down to my corset, shoes and stockings. Then she ordered me into the bedroom where she tied me to the bed. Then without ceremony she mounted me and screwed me frantically, all the time twisting and pinching my nipples, yelling abuse at me and forcing me to repeat what she called me and agree with her.

She soon had a powerful orgasm after which she rolled off me and went to sleep. Leaving me tied to the bed and totally frustrated, as, unfortunately was often the case these days. That was another of her rules, I was only allowed to cum with her express permission and any breach of that rule was ten demerits.

By the end of the first four weeks, I'd actually succeeded in reducing my term to below ninety days. Eighty-four and a half to be precise, I was feeling quite proud of myself but Tina soon changed that when she said, "By the way, I'm having a friend over for dinner, so be sure you make enough." She dropped this bombshell as she was walking out of the house, so I had no time to react, which from my point of view was probably a good thing since I'm sure I'd have gained several demerits for what I was thinking.

I prepared a casserole for dinner, and made sure everything was clean and tidy before taking a shower and heading for the bedroom to dress. Tina hadn't left any clothes out so I picked my pink suspender with matching panties and bra, then a sweater and jeans over the top. I was just pulling my socks on when Tina came in the room. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She demanded. "Getting dressed, why what do you mean?" I asked innocently. "Get out of those clothes now, I've just spent the last two hours searching for just the right outfit for you, and you decide you're going to wear a pair of jeans."

"For starters I want you to put a lot of make-up on, you know, the slutty look. You can wear the red wig, the black corset, I'll tighten it for you, the fishnet stockings and black satin knickers and the high heels - she meant the 5"- then you can iron these and put them on." She handed me a bag and walked out of the room. I wasn't really surprised when I tipped out the contents and found a black satin dress, white apron and white cap. She threatened for a while now that she was going to make me dress as her maid, and it looked like tonight was the night.

I wanted to tell her she could shove her dress up her arse. I wanted to say there was no way I was wearing a maid's uniform, especially in front of one of her friends. I wanted to walk out of there and never return, but instead, I stood quietly while Tina pulled the corset in as tightly as she could. Then I slipped meekly into the black dress and tying the apron round my waist, I wobbled my way into the kitchen to check on the casserole.

I'd just finished laying the table when the doorbell rang. "Answer that, would you Petal? I'll be in, in a minute." With a mixture of trepidation and resignation I opened the front door. There was something familiar about the female who walked past me into the lounge room. To my relief, she wasn't one of Tina's regular friends, I knew most of them and at least I didn't have to suffer the humiliation of them knowing me. But whoever this lady was, she seemed to be aware of the situation. She looked me up and down critically as I handed her a drink, and then as Tina came in she spoke for the first time.

"He's turned out rather well hasn't he Tina." Tina smiled and nodded her agreement, then turning to me she said, "Petal, I think you've met Angelica."


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