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Two Minutes
by Audrey Taylor

He claims two minutes passed between the time we met and he was licking my cunt. I still find it hard to believe that even two minutes passed between "Hello" and him between my legs.

The short time between meeting and intimacy came from the comfort level we'd already developed over many months of email correspondence and several lengthy phone conversations. A man from a continent away who was brought to me through a combination of favorable circumstances and determination. No, I had few reservations about him or whatever was about to unfold and trusted him almost completely before we'd ever officially met.

When I entered the hotel room we talked briefly about our dinner plans and the impending arrival of the couple we were meeting for dinner. I quickly settled on the love seat as he began changing clothes for dinner and within seconds he was standing across from me naked. This wonderful, sexy man totally nude standing so casually across from me. I can still see his hard cock welcoming me from across the room.

Then, suddenly, he was seated next to me, kissing me with his hands on my breasts, my hands searching and stoking his warm body, settling on his cock. He knelt in front of me and started licking my cunt, his tongue adding to the heat of my body. I was on fire for him and would have easily fucked him right then and there.

Nonetheless, he stopped, looked up at me and said "Are you excited by the thoughts of being submissive?"

I could only smile and said "Yes." He returned to tormenting my hot cunt with his tongue. It was as torturous as it was wonderful because I really wanted him to make me cum.

However, as he is often full of surprises, he stopped once more and said, "Stand up now and turn around." I obediently stood up, raising my long black skirt, resting my arms on the cushions of the love seat as he bent to lick my ass, his tongue pushing deep inside of me. "Sit back down." he said.

I complied with his instructions and it really didn't strike me until that moment how odd a situation this was. Meeting a strange man with a funny accent in a hotel room, him naked so quickly and then following his directions as he licked various parts of my body. The circumstances felt strangely surreal and perfectly normal all at once. All such thoughts regarding the how outrageous or rational the situation was left as he started to rub his cock against my then aching cunt.

He then scooped me up from the love seat and laid me on the bed as I took his cock in my hand, trying to push him inside of me. "Oh, we aren't supposed to be doing that just yet." he said with a smile. His ability to restrain himself was an amazing feat to me. I mumbled something about dinner and with that he stood up and trotted off towards the bathroom with a look that was part schoolboy and part imp.

For the most part, the next three days stretched into one long sexual interlude. It all amounted to extended periods of passionate sex mixed with soulful kisses and long embraces. Intermissions were granted only during the short periods of time he went to the conference he was supposed to be attending, for food or when the maid drove us from the room so she could get in to clean.

I lost count of how many times he came in my mouth, I came in his or we fucked and he came inside of me. Each time was as important and special as the last. All the times he watched me as I sucked his cock, he licked my cunt or moved his fingers along my wet clit, have all melted together in my mind and it's difficult to recall more than a few specific incidents in detail.

I do have vivid memories of our last night together and me sucking his cock while he talked with his wife on the phone. Later as he kneeled over me, putting his cock in my mouth, fucking my mouth with the force of his hips saying "You like sucking my cock while I'm on the phone to her, saying I've got him and you don't, knowing when I'm back home and I'm licking her cunt, I'll be thinking about licking you."

Truth is I did like that I had him and she didn't. I liked even more that he'd be thinking of me when he was with her in the months to come. With my legs spread wide, he knelt between my knees, stroking his cock and telling me to touch myself. When I did he said "No, with the other hand, the one with your rings on it." I rubbed my cunt as he watched, stroking his cock, knowing he was getting some rush from seeing my wedding rings move back and forth as my fingers moved along my wet clit.

He moved his body over mine and fucked me asking "When your husband puts his cock inside of you, will you be thinking of only me?" I breathlessly answered "Yes, just you." and delighted in him being inside of me once again. Among all the passion, I vaguely remember something he said about how bad we were for entering into this sexual affair and how we'd return home with our minds all fucked up.

And, although I don't recall his exact words at the time about how it would leave our minds in disrepair, I feel it now. When I can think only of him as I'm fucking my husband, unable and unwilling to forget the pleasure of that time and awaiting anxiously for his return, yes, I feel it now.


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