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2 Moms, 2 Sons, 1 Hot Night Pt. II
by The Devil's Advocate

"Knock, knock," came my mother's voice. When we turned around towards the doorway both Robert and I were floored.

"Would you guys like to come down and watch TV with us?" my mom asked. We didn't answer. How could we? Both mom and Barbara were wearing only their pajama tops that barely covered their panties. Why they were half-naked we had no idea. Robert and I couldn't get enough of my mom's, athletic, creamy white thighs and calves, and his mother's long, lean, darker legs, but they were quite a contrast, and an appealing one, too. Our mom's stood their encouraging us to come downstairs, and as Robert and I walked past them, we were both very quiet as our moms followed us down. We all settled in the living room; Robert and I on the chairs and our moms on the couch, silently watching the tube. Occasionally, though, Robert and I glanced at both women's legs, not tucked under them but showing in all their glory; we could even see their panties! In only shorts and tee shirts, Robert and I had to constantly move in our seats so as not to expose our embarrassingly hard cocks. There was so much tension in the room.

"Robert!" my mom snapped, and we both nearly jumped with fear that someone had spoken up.

"Do you have any girlfriends?" He seemed shocked, laughed a nervous laugh, glanced at Barbara, and said no. After a little pause mom asked "Have either of you boys ever seen a naked woman - outside of a magazine?"

Looking down, nervously we said no. Mom then picked up the remote, turned off the set, turned to Barbara and said "I think it's time these two saw a real naked woman. Don't you Barbara?"

Equally nervous, a wide-eyed Barbara looked at my mom and replied, "Oh! Yes! Of, course." We didn't know who was more scared, us or Barbara.

Mom then stood up and slowly unbuttoned her top, all the while smiling as her eyes darted from me to my cousin and back. She was growing more confident as she knew she was in charge. Mom then removed the top letting it fall to the floor. Her perky breasts and hard pink nipples were begging for a mouth to suck on them. All the while keeping her eyes on us, she then lowered her panties, letting them drop to the floor, to reveal her blond bush. Then giving us a shit-eating grin, she turned around to expose her full, creamy ass, giving it a little wiggle. God, what a sexy ass she had! This blond was all booty! Robert and I were breathing heavily, devouring her with our eyes, a little less nervous now.

"Go on Barbara," mom said. My aunt was far more hesitant and couldn't even look at us as she stood up and unbuttoned her top, slowly, painfully so, finally letting it fall to the floor. It was sure worth the wait!

"Wow!" Robert said. Barbara was shocked that her own son responded in this way to her breasts. She needn't have. My aunt's tits were much larger than mom's, sagging just a little but really nice, with big round, brown, acorn-like nipples. Jesus, and to think my uncle had cheated first! My aunt's hands were slowly moving towards her panties and her eyes seemed to say "How can I get out of this?" Too late. She pulled down her panties slowly, exposing her dark bush to us. As her panties hit the floor, I was breathing heavily and looking at my cousin, he was licking his lips!

Standing next to Barbara, mom turned her around showing us her ass. Those mocha cheeks looked good! Then turning her around again Robert and I stared at our naked moms. Barbara was trying to smile but was having such mixed emotions. My mom was smiling alright and I noticed something else, too; her cunt lips were protruding out and were quite wet!

Then she and Barbara sat down on the couch and mom said "Okay, your turn!" My cousin let out a nervous laugh while I just looked away. I was scared. Mom then looked me in the eye and said "Take your shirt off. You too, Robert." I slowly did as did my cousin. As we stood up to remove our shorts, Mom looked at our crotches which were bulging with huge wet spots. Mom's eyes twinkled and she smiled that devilish grin of hers.

"Now your shorts," she said.

Then we quietly removed our shorts. Our young pricks were obscenely making a tent of our jockey shorts. Mom didn't have to say anything as both she and Barbara were all wide-eyed with excitement at what we were covering up. Without anything being said, Robert and I pried apart the waistbands and slid down our shorts, letting our young, hard teenage cocks bounce out into the air, bobbing up and down freed from their confinement. There we stood, two giggling, nervous adolescents with our cocks raised high in the air. At the time I was only about five inches while Robert was an inch longer and thicker.

My mom's eyes bulged, as she caught her breath. Her mouth opened and she licked her lips as she looked over our hard, young pricks. I even noticed my aunt checking out our tools with less hesitancy and more desire in her eyes.

"You boys have really grown up," mom said with a smile.

"And out," my aunt added.

The sexual tension in the room was massive. While looking at our naked moms, my cousin could barely contain himself and began tugging on his dick, which was getting harder as precum oozed out even more. Mom broke away her stare, looked at me and said "Go on." I, too, started playing with my cock, and as Robert and I fisted our cocks rock solid and slick with precum, mom couldn't control herself. She spread her legs and began rubbing her clit, which was soaked and protruding outward, beckoning us. Even my aunt was licking her lips as she watched us pump our hard pricks. She was kneading her breasts with one hand, while the other found her own wet, hairy cunt. Me and my cousin were breathing heavily while we masturbated to the sight of our moms sitting there rubbing their clits; and they, too, were panting and moaning at the sight of their own sons fisting their young cocks. Two horny and attractive middle-aged women and two young, ripe, teenaged boys were about to make history and fuck each other silly!

"Oh, my, Barbara. They sure are big," mom moaned while frigging her cunt.

"Um, hmm," Barbara moaned in reply.

Mom then snapped out of her clit-rubbing dream, and stood up surprising us all.

"Come sit down here on the couch," she told us. Barbara stopped rubbing herself, too, as she stood up for us. God, her fingers were so wet! As we sat down mom gently said, "We're all going to have sex. You're both going to become men now." Then with a smile she asked "You ready?"

"Um, yeah, okay," we replied, a little uncertain. Mom then knelt down between Robert and I and took my cock in her cunt juice-slicked hand and stroked it a few times.

"My own son's hard-on," she said smiling at me, tugging my dick. "Wow!"

She then lowered her head and took me in her mouth. I was shocked at first and I thought Robert's eyes would bulge out of his head as he watched open-mouthed as my cock disappeared down mom's throat. She went up and down a few times, coating my shaft with her saliva. It felt incredible! Her tongue was so hot and slick as she took me to the root and back up again. I began breathing heavily, loving every bit of it, but then she took me out of her mouth and turned her attention to Robert. With her left hand fondling my wet cock, her right hand took hold of Robert's cock and she then lowered her head and took his brown cock into her mouth.

Meanwhile, my aunt was just standing there naked, watching her sister-in-law suck her own son's cock.

"Barbara, come here," mom snapped at her. "Look how big he is," she said holding Robert's cock up. Mom then moved over and motioned for Barbara to kneel down. She did and stared at the large, thick organ. She then took her son's cock in hand and gently began pumping it.

"Do you like that?" my aunt asked softly.

"Yeah mom. Suck on it, like Aunt Susan did," Robert replied.

Then Barbara gave her son a rather slow, insecure blowjob. She licked and sucked slowly, but Robert enjoyed it anyway. Meanwhile, my mom had taken my cock back into her mouth and was now really going at it, sucking and slurping and fisting until I couldn't stand it any longer. I began groaning louder and louder as I approached orgasm, and quickly grabbed mom's head and started shooting my cum into her mouth. After I finished cumming, mom let it run down and out of her mouth and over my cock, as she continued sucking on my cum-slick, joystick, occasionally swallowing more and more of my cum down her hungry throat until she swallowed every drop. What a treat to have your first blowjob, and from a real pro!

Just then, Robert started unloading into Barbara's mouth. Her eyes got really big as she felt her son's cum go shooting into her mouth. She then closed them and started swallowing her own son's juice, sucking and fisting every last drop down her throat.

After being sucked dry by our moms, the four of us were all smiles.

"You boys taste good," mom said. Robert and I were in heaven. I'd already experienced an orgasm through masturbation, but nothing like this! Just then, mom stood up and told us to follow her upstairs to her room. That was quite a sight, walking upstairs behind mom's ass! I'd never seen anything quite like it, and glancing at Robert he was literally drooling at the sight of those creamy cheeks. Too bad Barbara brought up the rear, so to speak.

To Be Continued...


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