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The Nude Model
by Guitman69

Here I was, standing out in the hallway wearing nothing but a long blue terrycloth robe. The door in front of me had the words "Art Dept." stenciled on the frosted glass. What am I doing here, I thought to myself. I know Iím broke, but do I need the money that bad? Just as I was about to walk away, a hand from inside the room grabbed me.

"There you are, Jim. Come on in." The hand belonged to Ms. Thomas, the head of the Art department for the college. She addressed the class as she pulled me up to the stage; "Today we will be doing a study of the male nude. You may use any medium you like." The students were sitting around me in a semi-circle. Each sat upon a stool and had an easel in front of them. It was then that I noticed that all of the students were women, and gorgeous too.

I swallowed hard and dropped my robe. Ms. Thomas moved me into position and asked if I was comfortable. I nodded my head yes. I was too nervous to say anything out loud. "Are you sure," she asked. "You are going to have to stay in this pose for a good hour and a half."

"Iíll be fine," I managed to croak out. The instructor smiled at me and then walked off the stage to wander around the room.

I looked around the room as far as I could without moving his head. Man, I thought, maybe I should change my major. I started to think about all these beautiful women staring at my naked body. That was when I felt my dick start to move. Oh no! Not now!!

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the most unsexy images I could. It was embarrassing enough standing here naked in front of all these beautiful women, but to also be sporting wood was just too much. I started to think about dead animals on the side of the grandmother coming out of the showerÖRikki Lake. That did it. I could feel my little soldier starting to ease.

A gorgeous red head in a very short skirt was sitting directly in front of me on a stool. Her easel was on her right side so I had an unobstructed view of her beautiful legs. She sat with her legs crossed and stared at me with a look of total concentration on her face. When she turned towards her easel and started to paint, her legs uncrossed. It took me a little while to notice it, but I could tell that she wasnít wearing any panties. Let me tell you, she was a natural red head. She just sat there drawing; oblivious to the show she was giving me. Rikki Lake was not going to help me this time.

My dick started to resemble the Washington monument, and there was nothing that was going to stop it. My face turned redder than the young artistís pubic hairs. It didnít even phase the girls in the class though. They just kept working like nothing was out of the ordinary. Ms. Thomas came up and whispered into my ear that, "This happens all the time Jim. Thereís nothing to be embarrassed about."

As she turned away, a cute little brunette wearing a pair of glasses and a low cut shirt walked up to the instructor. "Ms. Thomas," she asked as she pushed her glasses up with her finger, "could I move closer so that I can get a better look?"

"Certainly, Tina," Ms. Thomas said.

Tina pulled a chair and placed it a foot and a half in front of me. She lay a pad on her lap and started to draw. She was so close that I could feel her breath moving my pubic hairs. If this girl needed to be that close to see, she must be almost blind.

I on the other hand was not blind. She was sitting right under me and without moving my head I couldnít see what she was drawing, but I could see right down her shirt. I donít know if she knew what I was looking at, but she looked up at me a few times and smiled at me.

I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. A lovely blonde was walking across the room. She went into a locker and pulled out a jar of red paint. She walked over to the counter near the sink, opens the jar, and starts to poor some of the thick liquid into a small bowl. She bit her lower lip as she tried very hard not to spill any paint on the counter.

Behind her, another young artist sits up and starts to stretch. She was still holding a charcoal pencil in her hand though. As she reached out, she accidentally stabbed the blonde in the ass with it. The blonde jumped up and screamed, spilling the paint all over the counter and herself. The other girl jumps up yelling, "Oh shit! Iím so sorry Jen; I didnít see you there. Here, Iíll clean this up, you try to get that paint out of your shirt before it sets."

She went to grab some paper towels, and Jen walked over to the sink and filled it with water. She took off her shirt and threw it in. The shirt was baggy so I was surprised to see the how big her tits were. They looked to be a large C, almost a D, encased in thin, white lace. Well, it used to be white; the paint had stained them too. The paint must have been cold too, because I could see her nipples trying to poke through the material of her bra.

"Oh damn," Jen said," it got my bra too." Then she did something I never would have expectedÖ She took the damn thing off!!! I couldnít believe it. Without any hesitation, she took her bra off and threw it in the water with her shirt. She stood there completely oblivious to everyone else around her and started to scrub the paint out of her clothing. Her nipples grew even harder in the cool air of the classroom. As she scrubbed, she motion caused her breasts to shake, which caused my dick to throb.

Meanwhile, her friend had finished cleaning up the paint and was walking back to the closet to put it away. As she passed in front of me, she tripped over Tinaís chair. She went one way, and the jar of paint flew the other way; right towards the riser I was standing on. She must not have tightened the cap on all the way, because when it hit the floor the cap came off and splattered me with paint.

Ms. Thomas rushed over to help the fallen girl off the floor. "Are you alright Julie?" she asked.

"Yeah," Julie replied as she rubbed her elbow, "Iím fine."

Ms. Thomas turned toward me and saw the paint that had spilled all over the place. "Oh my!" she said. "Donít move Jim, Iíll clean this up." Then she turned back to the class, " The rest of you keep working. Julie, get me a rag and a bucket will you."

When Julie returned with the rag and a pail full of water, Ms. Thomas knelt down in front of me and started to clean up the paint. Tina got up to get out of Ms. Thomasís way. She stood behind the teacher and winked at me. Then she showed me what she had drawn. On the pad was a close-up of her face with my dick in her mouth. She flipped the page. Now my dick was in her hands as it spurted all over her face. She put her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle and ran back over to her stool.

Just then I felt Ms. Thomas cleaning the paint off my foot. The water was warm.

I looked over at Jen, who apparently found some more paint on her breasts. She kept circling them with her soapy hands.

The skirt on the red head in front of me had ridden up; giving me an even better view of her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the puffy lips below.

Tina gave me another wink and licked her red lips.

Ms. Thomas worked her way up my leg.

Jen was working up a good lather.

The red head spread her legs a little more.

Tina undid another button on her shirt.

Ms. Thomas got up past my knee.

Jen moaned as she washed her nipples.

The red head dropped her brush. She jumped off her stool and turned her back towards me. As she bent over to pick it up, her skirt slid up her ass giving me a complete view of her pussy. She must have had a hard time picking up the brush, because she stayed in that pose for a while.

By now, Ms. Thomas was up to my hip. She stood next to me with the rag inches away from my cock. "Do you like what you see?", she whispered into my ear. I was too shocked to reply. "I bet your wondering whatís going on here." I nodded. "You see this is not an ordinary art class," she let out a short laugh. "Hell, most of the girls here canít draw at all. What we are is a masturbation club. With the threat of STDís this is a much safer way of having sex. Also, the girls donít have to worry about some drunken frat guy not knowing what NO means.

"We meet here every week and have some guy pose for us to get us all hot. Then we get him all hot." She looked down at my leaning tower. "And I can see itís working. Now I want you to put on a good show for us." She noticed the confused look on my face. "Just do what comes naturally." Then she gave my earlobe a light bite and walked back to her desk.

All the women around me started to get undressed. They stared at me, and this time it was different. I could see the lust in their eyes that they were hiding before. I was so confused. What do I do know? I could almost hear my dick screaming at me that it knew what to do.

I closed my eyes and reached down to rub my swollen dick. It felt so good after all this visual stimulation to finally touch it. I heard a moan. I opened my eyes to see that the "artists" had taken my lead. They were all naked now and all were rubbing their pussies. A few used a free hand to twist and pull on a nipple.

It was fantastic. I was in the middle of a circle of women that were using me to masturbate to. Every where I looked I could see fingers rubbing clits, plunging into pussies, and pinching nipples. It was the most glorious site I had ever seen.

The room started to fill with the scent of sex and the moans of self-pleasure. I was getting close, but this was so great I didnít want it to end so soon. I held it back until I could hear the first sounds of a female orgasm. It was Jen. Her self-stimulation earlier must have put her closer to the edge than the others. Hearing her scream out was too much for me. My dick exploded.

My orgasm must have triggered everyone elseís. It was like a chain reaction.

Exhausted, I fell back onto a chair behind me. No one said a word as we all tried to catch our breath. Ms. Thomas was the first to break the silence. "Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say, ĎThank you Jim.í" There was a murmur of agreement from the girls and a few nodded heads. She walked over to me and handed me my robe. "Weíll keep in touch if we need your services again."

She grabbed me by the arm and pushed me out into the hall before I could even put my robe on. I got half way back to my dorm room before I realized that I never got paid.


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