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Theatre of the Arcade
by The Hare

The night before, I was messaging with a guy that I had just met on the net . We had something in common as we both have been to the Arcade. You may recall from a previous story that Sara and I had a very interesting experience in which the Arcade played a very prominent part. He mentioned that he and his girlfriend were regulars there. I was going up to see Sara on Saturday and he was telling me about the swinger parties the Arcade held from time to time, and that there was one scheduled for the next night. He told me a few of the women that came to the parties were bisexual. That, of course, sparked my lascivious mind into action. Sara had expressed avidly, an interest in exploring her "bi" thoughts. So, I figured, what better opportunity!

When arriving at Sara's on Saturday, I explained about the Arcade and what I had in mind. She thought about it, maybe a whole half-second, and agreed to go. But, she said she had to buy some new things because I had mentioned the women would all be dressed in a risqué manner and she wanted to look her best. Off we went shopping. After stopping at many stores, including Victoria's Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood, and after a trip to stores in the next town over, we finally found some things we both agreed on.

She and I both have ideas on what sexy dress on a woman looks like and, fortunately, we pretty much agree. Of course, the color black is primary. She started with black seamless nylons and a black garter belt. Brief black panties complimented the under garment look. No bra, Sara's breasts, though on the small side (32A), are perky and stand out. They remind me of an ice cream sundae complete with a cherry on top. And, her tattoo of a fairy on her left breast is an item of interest, discussion, and pride. A great ice breaker, "want to see my tattoo" as she pulls down her shirt, or whatever. That almost always starts a discussion!

Anyway, back to Sara and her dress for the evening. We had purchased a spaghetti strapped short black dress. She already had a shear black lingerie jacket with satin lapels and belt. The jacket looked terrific over the dress. Medium heeled black pumps completed the look. Yes, spike heels are great, but for someone who doesn't wear them all the time they can be murder. So, what the hell, I can compromise a little (WEG). Sara doesn't need much makeup as she has a clear face with a profile that reminds one of an ancient Greek goddess on a cameo. She pulled her red hair back to show her perfect little ears. If I sound like a big fan of hers, you are right. Who wouldn't be, great looking, sexy, sexual, flirtatious, and a little decadent all on one package.....WOW!

By time we were ready, me drumming my fingers on the table while I waited for her to get ready (it was worth it), and headed across town to the Arcade it was after 11:00 p.m. On the way, I asked her if she was ready for this. She just flashed me one of her wicked little smiles. Her eyes were all sparkly and I knew she was looking forward to the evenings activities.

We got there and knocked on the door of the theatre. They were expecting us as the guy I met online the night before told them we might be coming. In any case, expecting us or not, one look at Sara convinced the guy at the door to let us in. We entered the theatre and the only two seats open were on a sofa. We took them. On one end of the sofa was a well muscled black man. Throughout the room, on chairs and sofas, were couples and several single men. In the darkened room, the only light being from the xxx movie on the screen, I could make out a couple of the guys were stroking themselves.

And, a couple were stroking the women they were sitting with, pretty tame up to that point. As our eyes adjusted to the dark, and we could see a little more clearly, it was evident a little more was going on than I first could see. I took the hint and nuzzled Sara's ear. This always gives her goose bumps and a sharp tingle through her body. She responded, as I suspected she might, and turned to kiss me hungrily on the lips. Then she sat forward and took off the jacket and handed it to me. Upon settling back I put my arm around her and starting playing with the strap of her dress and slipped it down her arm. I then pulled the front of her dress down on that side exposing the tattoo of the fairy.

There was just enough light from the movie screen to make out the shape of the tattoo and, of course, her left breast and nipple. She laid her head back and closed her eyes while I fully exposed both of her breasts and gently played with her nipples. I noticed that when she sat down her dress had also slipped up a couple of inches exposing the tops of her nylons. The black guy had seen too, and he couldn't take his eyes off her and what I was doing to her tits. We made eye contact and I nodded to him to go ahead and touch. He looked back half shocked and half puzzled. So, I nodded again and said, "its ok."

He immediately put his hand on her thigh and started stroking her leg. Then he turned and took the breast, well the nipple of the breast, the one with the fairy, into his mouth. I heard a gasp escape Sara's lips and a low, almost inaudible, moan. Her legs also spread slightly giving the man more access to the upper part of her thighs.

And, involuntarily or not, her hand slipped over and she began fondling his stiffened cock. A few minutes of this and she turned to me kissing me with all the passion and fury I have ever witnessed from her. Oddly , it was a very loving kiss. In the meantime, the man wasn't wasting any time as he sucked on first one nipple then the other. In a moments he had his head between her legs pushing her dress up further and her panties to the side. He was having some trouble as he couldn't get her panties off.

They wouldn't come off because they were under her garters. I took out my pocket knife and quickly cut them off her exposing her shaved pussy to his appreciative gaze. Sara helped by arching her back and lifting her butt off the sofa. Soon she was moaning loudly as he tongued and fingered her slit. I looked around the room and everyone was getting interested in the commotion we were making on the sofa. She put her legs up and around the black man's back and held him to her as he gave her a serious tongue lashing. It seemed she was afraid he would stop and she wasn't about to let that happen.

All this time, she had her eyes closed. Later she told me she never opened them after we sat down until we stood up to leave a few hours later. She said she didn't want to see, just feel. And, from the looks of things she was feeling just fine! Soon the man stud looked at me and asked if he could fuck her. There was no reaction from Sara so, not knowing if she heard or not, I leaned over and whispered his request in her ear. Her response was just a quick movement of her head, the answer was yes. I nodded to the man that it was ok and he stood and dropped his pants. Then he knelt down and slowly slipped his cock into her and began stroking slowly then more rapidly.

Sara was in another world as she fucked him back. It didn't take long and he soon dumped a load into her. I was sure she had several orgasms, although none of the giant ones I have known her to experience in the past. As the man caught his breath and stood, he moved away. There was another guy sitting in a chair next to the sofa. I noticed him when we came in because he was stroking his massive dick at the time. He stood up walked over to where we were, stood in front of Sara, dropped his pants, and slipped on a condom. He didn't ask, he didn't say anything, he didn't even look at me. He just knelt down and slid that huge dick into Sara in one smooth motion. She reacted immediately with a loud moan and by arching her back meeting his thrust with one of her own. Together, that with his intial push, buried his shaft clear to his balls. No ceremony, nothing.

He just put his hands under her legs and lifted them high while he kept driving his cock into her. Sara didn't seem to mind, in fact, knowing her as well as I do, I could tell she was enjoying every inch, every slap of his balls on her ass, every grunt from his throat as he pounded into her. I wanted to enjoy this too, so I stood up and walked over and sat down in the chair he had just vacated. I saw that everyone in the room was watching the two of them fuck. No one was watching the movie, no one was doing anything to their partners or to themselves. They were all mesmerized by the pure raw sex taking place on the sofa. There was nothing slow, or sensuous, or gentle. Just a huge cock smashing into her cunt and making her moan and cry out each time he hit bottom. Perhaps it was a good thing her pussy was drenched with the black guys cum.

At the pace they were fucking, it didn't take long. Sara started cumming and cumming hard. There is no pretense about her. When she is cumming you know it. No guessing! Her animal passion spurred him on to quicken his pace. Soon he threw his head back and let out a loud groan as he blew his wad into that piece of latex. It was amazing that it withstood the blast, but it did. Modern technology is really something!

He pulled out and I heard him say thank you to her as he stood and pulled up his pants. That was the only communication between them except, of course, for the animal noises they made and the meeting of their flesh. I went back to Sara and sat down. She buried her head in my chest and I could almost see the smile on her face. She was chuckling a little, you know, the somewhat embarrassed, I can't believe I did that, kind of chuckle. We just sat there and let our breathing and hearts return to normal. In the meantime, I looked around the room and everyone was whispering to each other and looking over at us. Even in the dim light I could see they had enjoyed the scene they had just witnessed. I know I had up to this point, but more was in store.

If the reader will recall, at the top of this story, I mentioned that I had told the guy I met online that Sara was interested in having a bi experience. Although, I didn't know him by sight, he said he would be there. And, he must have made it known what Sara wanted. A great looking gal stood up from, one of the sofa's and came over and stood in front of Sara. She started to kneel down, but Sara must have cheated and peeked because she stopped her and pulled her down next to her on the sofa. I took that as a signal to move and I went back to the chair I was sitting in before. Sara and the lady were cuddled close and whispering to each other.

Then Sara started kissing her new friend's face, neck, and down her arms. Damn, you would have thought Sara did this all the time as she made sensuous love to the beauty sitting with her. Soon Sara was kissing her belly and then she slid to the floor and spread her legs. She nuzzled, and kissed, (later she said she also savored the smell), and touched this lady's pussy. Sara became more ardent in her kisses and she sucked the woman's labia into her mouth. She either took lessons very well from when she had been mouthed, or she was instinctually very very good at it for the woman was now breathing hard and fast, was hunching herself more towards the edge of the sofa in order to get more of Sara's tongue in her, and was grabbing at Sara's hair pulling her tight into her wet pulsating pussy.

Sara didn't fight it, in fact she eagerly pushed her tongue in deeper burrowing her face further into the sopping cunt and spreading the woman's juices all over her own face. She didn't short change the lady either. She must have licked her for 45 minutes or more. After a couple of thundering orgasms, the lady just put her head back and smiled as she enjoyed the licking and probing Sara administered.

The other's in the room were enthralled. But, after awhile, they either had experienced enough or the Arcade manager was giving off signals he wanted to close. They began to leave in two's and three's as Sara continued oblivious to everyone and everything except the beautiful flower in front of her. The beautiful flower that she had only fanaticized about and now had finally experienced. Her friend took Sara by the hand and pulled her up to her. She kissed Sara deeply and lovingly. Then she said thank you. Sara said, "No, thank you!" The lady stood and walked out of the room leaving Sara and I alone. In a minute the manager walked back into the room. He had let everyone out and locked the doors. He asked if he could have Sara. I simply nodded and Sara spread her legs. She was very relaxed and he put his face between her legs and began licking up every bit of her plentiful juices and the sweat and juices left behind by the others. He then fucked her for a little and then back to licking her pussy. In a bit, he was satisfied. Sara too, seemed content. He stood and pulled her to her feet. she walked out and went to the bathroom. He and I conversed for awhile and he made a point of telling us to be sure and come back.

We left, and on the way home not much was said. I asked her if she had a good time and she answered with a simple quick nodding of her head as she had done earlier that evening. Again, the answer was yes! When we got home we went to the bedroom and began to undress. Sara got down to her nylons and garter belt before I took her in my arms and we began to kiss and touch each other. We locked in a tight embrace and fell to the bed. Sara worked her magic on me just as she had earlier to the nameless and faceless people at the Arcade (all except the lady who she peeked at). We were at once passionate, gentle, and loving for the rest of the night. It had been a night to write about, no doubt!


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