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The Organisation Ch. I
by Tafod Arian

AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'The Organisation Ch. I' contains graphic sexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility.

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* * * * *

- Prologue -

I opened the door of my office on a bright Monday morning at about eight-forty five and crossed to my desk, putting my brief-case on a chair and placing my lap-top on my desk. I went to the large picture window and stood looking out from my vantage point on the twenty-fifth floor at the Dockland vista now undergoing such rapid commercial development. I mused briefly over the last six weeks following my successful take-over of the large Financial Services and Public Relations company of which I was now sole owner and Company Chairman. Although I was interested in business and making money had it's own attractions, the structure of my business afforded me absolute power over the lives of so many people that it gave me great scope for the exercise of my particular talents and interests.

One of my first actions had been to personalise the office changing the previous rather utilitarian fittings. I had replaced the original desk with my own desk and changed all the furniture. Along one wall I now had a large settee in leather with small onyx tables conveniently placed at each end. In front of the settee was a large low onyx coffee-table and on the other side of this, two large leather armchairs. In the corner behind the office door, beside the door to my small en-suite bathroom I had a well stocked cocktail cabinet. Perhaps the biggest change I had made was that beyond the en-suite bathroom I had had a door opened through to what had been the Vice-Chairman's office.

This office I had now converted into a luxurious bedroom with a large water bed next to a floor-to-ceiling picture window which occupied the full length of one long wall. The wall opposite to the door was fitted with concealed wardrobes the doors of which were mirrors made from slightly smoky glass. The ceiling was covered by a large mirror but this could be concealed by a cover remotely operated from a console in the head of the bed which also allowed me to change the room lighting, close curtains, select music etc.

On the other side of my office was an office which had been occupied by the Finance Director under the previous administration. I had the building fabric modified so that the external door to the corridor was closed off permanently and a new door put in from my office. This was to be the office for my P.A. and the only entrance to it was now through my large office.

In addition to alterations to the fabric of the office-space as soon as I had taken over the Company I began to restructure the Head Office staff choosing very carefully the personnel. The basis for my choices were not always obvious to outsiders although they were to me as I was putting in place actors and actresses to play out a great drama as I controlled their lives more and more closely with or without their consent. I had taken six weeks to get to know the company without making any changes in key personnel but now I felt that I knew enough about the set-up to begin making my key appointments.

My first appointment was, of course, my Personal Assistant. I checked through several applications before I came upon the right combination of qualities for my purposes and worth interviewing and thus I begin the first chapter in my Diary.

* * * * * *

Chapter 1: Suzanne's Story

Now that my first series of crucial Board meetings were behind me I had one or two pressing pieces of business to take care of. Firstly I had to appoint a P.A. to keep my affairs in order during my inevitable absences from the office. My second priority once I was confident that I could leave my Head Office for a few days was to visit my two Associate Companies and to set up two more, one in Edinburgh and one in Cardiff.

Also after the extreme pressure of the last six weeks I needed a holiday which I intended to spilt between my cottage in Wales and the chalet that I maintained in Grindelwald Switzerland, as I was a keen climber. But my first priority was to appoint a P.A. I had not interfered with the secretarial structure of the Company since assuming control so my current secretary was the one who had served the previous Chairman who my coup had ousted. She made no secret of her resentment to me and by mutual consent , even if unexpressed, she was looking for another position.

I sat down at my desk and looked over the C.V.'s of the three candidates that I was planning to interview that morning. All looked very promising and I was sure that I would find places for all of them in my Organisation. However one was outstanding and I felt that, even before interview, unless I was very much surprised, that I had found my new P.A. It was quite important to have her installed and operating as soon as possible as before the end of the week I needed to leave the office for a couple of days for the first of my visits to my other companies.

Suzanne Price was twenty-four and a very pretty blonde. I only had a head and shoulders photograph, pass-port style, attached to her C.V. and application form but it looked very promising. She had high Slavic cheek-bones setting off a generally very fine bone structure with wide blue eyes admirably complementing her long blonde hair which hung deceptively casually to her shoulders although a lot of attention had clearly been given to attaining just the right effect. Her lips made a perfect bow and I smiled to myself with anticipation. I could not, of course see her figure. I looked forward very much to the interviews as a beginning to my real use for this Company. I already had more money than I could ever spend. What interested me now was not making money but the use, and abuse, of power over the lives of others, both men and women. I had provided myself with a unique opportunity to exercise this power and I intended to indulge myself to the fullest.

I saw the light go on in the communication centre on my desk informing me that my secretary had arrived and was ready when I needed her. I glanced at my watch. It was now a quarter past nine and I was expecting Suzanne at nine-thirty. I buzzed for my secretary and asked her to bring me some coffee. She hardly bothered to conceal the animosity in her eyes and clearly we would both be happier when she had moved on. When she returned she was carrying a tray on which there was a silver pot of coffee and two delicate porcelain cups. I motioned for her to put it on the small onyx table beside my settee. She left the room.

Carrying Suzanne's C.V. I went and sat down in an armchair and poured myself some coffee. I sat studying her photograph and reading over the details that she had provided while I waited for her arrival to be announced. I noted that she was not married and that she lived in North London within reasonable travelling distance. She had a good degree in Media Studies and some but not a lot of experience. She had not had a position as a P.A. to a Board member before and as P.A. to the Chairman this would be a very big step-up for her. I checked the salary that she required and smiled to myself. Suzanne had a big surprise coming to her this morning, in more ways than one!

There was a discreet buzz from my communication centre and I arose and crossed to my desk. I flicked a switch and my secretary announced Suzanne's arrival. I glanced at my watch and smiled to myself, right on time and clearly very keen.

"Please show her in," I said quietly, and stood behind my desk expectantly.

The door opened and my rather sour-faced secretary ushered in an absolutely stunning blonde.

"This is Miss Price, Mr Evans," she said.

I nodded to her and waited until she had left the room, closing the door behind herself with rather unnecessary emphasis before I turned my attention to my visitor who stood, rather uncertainly, just inside the door. I looked her over from head to foot slowly, not concealing my interest. She was about five feet ten inches in heels that were about four inches high. She certainly was not a disappointment after her photograph. She was stunningly pretty, carefully made-up with rather pale lip-gloss and her blonde hair was put up emphasising a lovely long slender neck. She was wearing a rather formal dark-blue business suit over a crisp white blouse open at the neck to just about the start of her cleavage. After a first initial glance I scrutinised her more carefully and slowly. I had already noted her neck and my eyes fell to and focussed on her breasts. Although they were somewhat concealed by the formal cut of the business suit it was clear that she was very well made indeed, at least a 36C I judged and probably a 38C. Her figure tapered to a narrow thin waist before broadening to rather full but not overfull hips. Her skirt was surprisingly short, about four inches off her knee revealing athletic shapely slender legs with very neat knees and ankles concealed by sheer dark either stockings or tights. She was becoming a little uncomfortable under my long inspection and blushed slightly but did not fidget.

I was pleased to see that in what was a rather embarrassing moment for her composure and self-possession began to crack and the dark shadow of anxiety appeared in her clear eyes. I was used to looking for the signs and this indication of a lack of self-confidence and however well Suzanne tried to conceal it was all I needed to detect her underlying insecurity - and insecurity is the first stage on the road to submission.

I came from behind my desk, took her hand briefly and showed her to a seat on the settee appreciating her delicate perfume as she passed me. I did not want her to feel threatened at this early stage so I took an armchair opposite her. She sat back on the settee and her thighs parted slightly affording a tantalising view of the curve of her inner thigh and the briefest glimpse of the lacy hem of a white slip. I poured her coffee and held it out, deliberately far from her so that she would need to lean forward. She moved forward on the settee and I looked appreciatively as, in spite of her efforts to prevent it her thighs parted a little further and I had another tantalising flash of her lacy slip as her short skirt rode up her slender thighs. I noted how, as her thighs were flattened by her weight against the leather of the settee the muscles of her thighs and calves had become more clearly defined under the dark nylon. She leaned forward to take her coffee and her blouse gaped a little at the neck allowing a glimpse of the treasures within.

Her cleavage deepened and her breasts strained against the fabric of her jacket as she took the coffee cup from me. I looked down deeply into the open neckline of her crisp white blouse as she bent forward. I kept hold of the coffee cup a moment longer compelling her to stay in the revealing position I had engineered. I inspected her cleavage and the upper surface of her full creamy breasts and let her see, so that she was in no doubt, that I was looking down into her bosom. I released the cup and she sat back with relief, her cheeks stained a little more with a delicate flush. I smiled at her.

She smiled back nervously and I rapidly took her through her application form and C.V. It immediately became apparent that if anything Suzanne had understated her talents and I could see great possibilities in her. I excused myself for a moment and went to the outer office where I told my secretary to postpone the interviews for the other two applicants for the position but to keep them on stand-by. I re-entered my large office still carrying her application form and sat down again opposite Suzanne, placing it on the table in front of me. My coffee cup was empty and I glanced at it and then at Suzanne.

She immediately got the message and moved forward on the settee allowing me anther glimpse into the mysterious darkness of the juncture of her thighs under her short skirt before leaning forward to pour my coffee and unavoidably displaying her cleavage and the promise of her lush curves to my appreciative eye again. I smiled at her and let her lean further forward to hand me the cup. As I took it I looked from her eyes deliberately into the depths of her cleavage again. She blushed more deeply as she relinquished the cup and sat back with evident relief against the upholstered back of the settee.

I took a sip of coffee and began to outline to Suzanne the responsibilities of the position for which she had applied and for which I was beginning to think that she was supremely qualified in all aspects. She showed an engaging eagerness and I was beginning to feel very pleased. I put my cup down and got up from my chair and went to stand at the window looking out over London. I considered all aspects and realised that all things being equal I had found my P.A. However, there was still one large component to the interview that Suzanne would not have predicted and could not have prepared for. First however, she needed a carrot. I discussed the salary that she had specified and told her that I considered this to be an executive position for which the rewards should be commensurate with the responsibility of the post and that the successful applicant would receive a salary twenty-five per cent higher than she could ever have expected and considerably higher than that which she had specified. She gave a little gasp of shock and blushed more deeply. I smiled at her confusion and said,

"Now Miss Price, I think it is appropriate for me to call you 'Suzanne', don't you?"

She smiled back and nodded gaining control of herself again. Now was the time to begin to exert some gentle pressure. I looked into her blue eyes and said quietly,

"Suzanne, this is a very responsible position and we are going to have get to know one another very well indeed as we shall be working very closely and depending on one another. I like to know the families of my employees and to try to understand the pressures of their lives outside the office. I see that you are unmarried. Do you live alone?"

Suzanne smiled at me, clearly relaxing and told me that since she had come down from University she had been living with her parents as she was saving up for a flat. I thought about this for a moment and decided that I should enjoy seeing her in her home setting before I finally made up my mind.

"It would be rather nice if you were to invite me to dinner at your home tonight if this causes you and your parents no difficulty because of the short notice. I have to go away tomorrow. This will be the second interview. If all goes well I will be happy to offer you the position on a six month trial period. I understand from your application form that you are available immediately"

She flushed with childish pleasure, nodded and thanked me in her rather well modulated voice but looked rather stunned at my sudden demand. I gave her no chance to think about it but stood and waited for her to follow suit. She rose elegantly to her feet and smoothed down her skirt over her hips. I offered her my hand taking her small cool fingers in mine and smiled into her eyes. I let her telephone her mother from my desk and the arrangements were quickly concluded. I smiled into her eyes.

"I will be at your house at eight o'clock for dinner Suzanne, I will see you again then." I said and released her hand.

She smiled uncertainly, wished me 'good-bye' and turned and walked to the door. For the first time I saw her back view and it was not a disappointment. Her womanly curves were even more evident from behind and her bottom looked full and promising under the tight short skirt. Just as she was about to close the door she took a last quick glance at me and saw me steadily watching her. She gave a last nervous smile and closed the door gently. I smiled with satisfaction. I felt that I had found my P.A. and I looked forward to finally assessing her over dinner. I did not think that I had made a mistake but in these matters I always like to be as certain as possible.

I sat at my desk making a few notes. I was still coming to grips with the organisation and clearly several key changes were necessary. I had arranged for ten o'clock a meeting with the Director of Human Resources for the Group and I had my notes ready either in my head or on paper. The discreet tone from my communication centre told me that he was in my outer office. I pressed a key and my secretary showed him in. I spent the rest of the morning with him going over the company structure and pointing out where I felt there were weaknesses. Just before lunch I came to my personal appointments. I told him that I was in the process of appointing my P.A. and that she would need an secretary. I left it to him to provide me with three short-listed names to be interviewed by Suzanne and himself while I was away.

I also told him that I was unhappy with my secretary and that I wanted an immediate change. I rode over his misgivings and stated that whatever the cost of her separation package I wanted her out and a new secretary, more to my taste, in post by the beginning of the next week, when I returned to the office. His mouth dropped open as he considered what this would cost in compensation. I waved his concerns away and told to set up interviews for the following morning but that I would select my secretary. He looked a little shell-shocked as he gathered his papers and left the room.

I stood for a moment looking out of the window over London and considered the morning's events with satisfaction. It could hardly have gone better. I went to my bathroom and freshened up before going out for a quick light lunch. I had a Board Meeting at two o'clock which would fully occupy my afternoon. The afternoon went very smoothly as I introduced the Board to my plans for my new Company and wound the meeting up without allowing time for discussion. They would soon learn that there was only one man in charge. I looked around at the five Board members. There were all in the late thirties or early forties and Simon, the Director of Human Resources and the oldest, looked about fifty. I wondered about their wives and families and plans and possibilities began to develop in my mind for them all. This Company was going to become my private playground and hunting preserve and their lives and the lives of their families would be irrevocably changed by their contact with me. I wound the meeting up rather peremptorily at four o'clock, returned to my office and ordered a limousine.

I was quickly chauffeured to Harrod's where I visited one of two departments and made some purchases that I would need for the evening before having myself driven back to my office.

I glanced at my watch as I entered the building and saw that it was now just after five o'clock. I went to my office and passed straight through to my bedroom where I changed into a tracksuit and went to the basement of the building where I spent about three quarters of an hour in the gym undergoing a vigorous work-out. I left the gym and went next door to the small but luxurious swimming pool and after a brisk swim I opened the door of the well-appointed sauna. I was alone and I stripped and had a long energy-giving sauna as I planned the future.

I was looking forward to this evening and as I thought of Suzanne and visualised her ripe curves in the setting of the sauna I became erect. I smiled and went and had a cold plunge before having a long cold shower, slipping my track-suit back on and returning to my office. It was now seven o'clock and, before dressing, I called the garage and arranged for my car to be in front of the building at seven thirty. I went through to my bedroom and shaved using a light after-shave and brushed and combed my hair. I dressed in black slacks, a black polo-necked silk sweater, black socks and a pair of well-shined light shoes. As is my custom I did not wear underwear. I glanced again at my watch and went though my office, locking the doors as I left. I went down in the lift to the main foyer, nodding as I left to the security staff.

My car was in front of the building as I expected, a sleek black Lamborghini with darkened glass windows. I operated the electronic lock and settled behind the wheel. I quickly checked the map to remind myself of the area where Suzanne and her family lived and started the powerful engine. I drove through the darkening streets thinking of the evening ahead and before long I had arrived at my destination. I drew up outside their house and shut off the engine. I looked around for a moment. The house was a typical small semi-detached house in a residential street in a quiet area.

I picked up the bag with my purchases, got out and locked the car, opened their garden gate and walked up to the front door. At precisely eight o'clock I rang the bell. There was a short pause and the door was opened by a distinguished-looking man in his early sixties who smiled confidently at me.

"Good evening Mr Evans, I am David, Suzanne's father," he said in a well-modulated voice as he extended his hand, "please come in. Suzanne is nearly ready. She will be down in a minute."

I let him show me into a comfortably furnished room putting my bag down unobtrusively in the hall as I passed. It was a combination dining room and lounge with an open-plan kitchen at one end. There was a big window with a glass door opening into a small darkened conservatory.

I took a chair at David's invitation from where I could see the door of the room and I accepted a glass of chilled dry white wine. The door from the hall opened and a very elegant lady, who was clearly from her features Suzanne's mother, entered. David introduced me to his wife, Janet, and we made small talk during the few minutes that we waited for Suzanne.

I took a sip of my wine, a very good wine, I noted just as the hall door opened the and Suzanne came in smiling shyly at me. I stood and extended my hand, pressing her fingers briefly before releasing her cool hand and sitting down again. I studied her as she stood waiting for her father to pour her some wine before she sat down. She looked quite simply stunning. She was wearing a very simple black dress with very fine straps which left her creamy shoulders completely bare. It was tightly fitted to her bosom accentuating her large firm breasts and very low cut indeed dipping to a vee-shape in the mid line and leaving at least the upper half of her firm breasts bare. The dress clung snugly to her slim waist before flaring over her hips. It was very short, at least five inches above the knee. She was wearing stiletto heels, at least four inches high accentuating her calves and bottom.

We sat down, Suzanne and her father on a small settee opposite to my large armchair and her mother in another arm-chair across the room. I considered them as I drank and we made small talk. They were an attractive family and seemed happy together.. I turned my attention to Suzanne again and decided that she was really quite beautiful. There was no other word for it. I began to talk to them about my plans for the Company for the next few months detailing the scope and responsibility of my P.A. Suzanne and her father looked at one another as I spoke with scarcely concealed excitement and I saw Suzanne covertly reach for her father's hand. I smiled to myself. The time passed pleasantly and presently Suzanne excused herself to complete the dinner. Her mother went to help her while David took me through the kitchen into the small but attractive conservatory. We discussed his work as a graphic designer until Suzanne banged a small gong with a happy smile and let us know that dinner was served. I was pleased to see that she was losing her awe of me and was rapidly relaxing and as she did so her personality began to flower. She was not only a beautiful woman but now that she felt more in control in hr own home environment she was relaxed and funny. She seemed to have forgotten the way I had blatantly caressed her full figure with my eyes while she was in my office that morning.

Dinner passed swiftly and before long we were back in the conservatory having after-dinner liqueurs. I was relaxing on a comfortable small armchair which David and Suzanne sat together on a small settee opposite to me. Her mother was making coffee. I sipped my cognac and just waited quietly. The coffee was served and we spent some time making small talk. As time went on I saw Suzanne look meaningfully at her father who waited a decent interval and then smiled across at me.

"I wonder if you would excuse me for ten minutes or so, Mr Evans," he said brightly, "there are one or two telephone calls I have to make. I am hoping to land a big contract. I need my wife for a moment also, she acts as a sort of secretary for me."

I smiled at him and nodded. He rose, touched his daughter's shoulder encouragingly and left the conservatory. Suzanne noticed that my glass was empty. I declined cognac as I was driving and she brought me a chilled sparkling mineral water with a slice of lime. I thought for a moment and then, putting my glass down, I looked across at Suzanne and said,

"Well, Suzanne, there is no need to prolong this. I told you this morning that this was the second interview. I am pleased to offer you the position as my P.A."

She flushed prettily and, for a moment, could hardly speak.

"Thank you, thank you so much," she gasped a little breathlessly.

I looked into her happy eyes and decided that now was the time to begin to let her know how things were going to be. I arose, crossed to the settee and sat down beside the pretty young blonde. She looked at me over her wine glass which she was twisting nervously in her small fingers.

"This is a very important position Suzanne. I shall require your absolute loyalty and unquestioning obedience. You will do everything I say, no matter whether or not it is against your inclinations. I believe that you can only have one Master and I am yours as long as you are my employee. I shall feel free to make any demands of you I choose and I shall expect you to comply. Do you see any problem in this?" I asked.

I could see that she was trying to follow me but had not understood and was too shy to ask me to repeat it.

"I don't think there will be a problem," she said hesitantly, "you are paying me a very large salary and I will try to do my best to earn it."

I smiled again.

"You will certainly earn it my dear," I thought to myself with amusement.

I looked at her without speaking and she twisted her glass in her fingers and crossed her legs nervously displaying again her splendid thighs. I finished my iced water and looked at Suzanne expectantly. She immediately got up and took my glass to the small drinks cabinet. I at once followed her silently and the first time she became aware of my presence was when she saw my reflection in a small mirror on the top of the cabinet. I moved close behind her so that I had her pinned against the drinks cabinet with her back to me. When she tried to turn she realised that I was right behind her and that there was no avenue of escape. She gasped and stiffened. I was also stiff and I moved closer so that my erect prick was pressed against the cleft of her bottom. I had her trapped against the sideboard and she could not move. I could feel her trembling and could hear her breathing heavily and unevenly.

I lowered my lips to her neck and gently kissed her just where her neck and shoulder joined. She gasped loudly. I put my hands lightly on her waist, and kissed her neck again. As I bent forward I could see deeply into her cleavage. I could also smell the perspiration of a frightened woman. I moved my hands slightly so that they were resting on the soft swell of her hips. I could feel the elastic at the waistband of her panties under my fingers through the thin dress. I slid my hands around Suzanne under her armpits and slowly moved them up from her waist until they were spanning her lower chest with my thumbs deliberately brushing the underside of her full breasts. I took my lips from her neck and whispered in her ear as I deliberately and obviously rubbed my stiff prick in the cleft of her full buttocks so inadequately covered by her thin dress,

"Now you are beginning to understand what I meant when I said that you have only one Master from now on. You have a choice to make now Suzanne. You can accept the job I have offered you or you can decline it. If you decline it I will leave your house, I will not touch you any more and that will be the end of it. If you accept the job you are handing yourself body and soul over to me for as long as you work for me. You will dress as I tell you, you will do as I tell you whatever that is. Do you understand?"

She did not answer. To concentrate her mind further I slid my hands up so that they were now cupping the lower surfaces of her full breasts which I gently squeezed as I looked into her wide blue eyes in the mirror. She gasped and blushed and I saw, in the mirror, her eyes drop to look at herself in a stranger's arms submitting docilely to having her breasts fondled in her own home. I finally slid my hands higher so that I was totally cupping her firm breasts and I squeezed and kneaded her breast flesh briefly as I looked into her eyes in the mirror, drawing her bottom hard against my stiff prick by the pressure I was putting on her breasts and emphasising to her her docile helplessness and submission. Finally I deliberately rubbed my fingers across her nipples which rapidly became hard little cones tenting the delicate material of her bra and dress before giving her lovely breasts a last squeeze as I kissed her neck again. I dropped my hands and released her going back to sit in my armchair in the conservatory. Suzanne stood where I had left her as though rooted to the spot.

"Bring my drink over here," I commanded brusquely, "put it on the table and stand in front of me".

Suzanne brought me a glass of iced mineral water and bent to put it on the table, unavoidably displaying to me her splendid cleavage. I let her see me looking with pleasure and admiration at her splendid breasts, virtually naked before my eyes. I took a sip of water and looked up at Suzanne as she straightened with relief and stood uneasily in front of me.

"I have just felt you without your protesting Suzanne and that is a very good start. I am going to possess you absolutely in every way whenever I feel like it as long as you work for me. There will be no limits to the sexual demands I am going to make on you and you will have no right of refusal. Do you understand that?" I asked.

She looked shocked and did not reply. I continued,

"I think that you had better decide tonight whether you want the position and the opportunity badly enough. You have one chance only to decide and if you decline this offer will never be repeated. Do you understand?" I asked again.

Suzanne looked dazed and seemed unable to comprehend what I was saying.

"Well?" I asked again.

"I think I understand," she said quietly, "it is very different to what I expected." She looked uncertainly at me.

"I can't help you with the decision." I said, "but while we are setting out the rules there is one more thing I will mention. There will be no formal dress code Suzanne but I will expect you to dress to my taste and my tastes only at all times. I have left a bag in the hall with the clothes that you will wear tomorrow. You will dress exactly as I have specified with no alterations or additions apart for a light top-coat which you may select. This is in the nature of a test for you and when I see how you comply, we will talk further about your clothes tomorrow. Is that clear?" I asked.

She bit her lip and nodded clearly in a daze and not yet fully comprehending.

"Very well, I shall expect you at nine-o'clock in my office. I will leave you now to think things over as I have some telephone calls to make myself and it is getting late." I said, rising to my feet. "You have the rest of this evening and tonight to decide whether you want the position or not and whether you will be able to cope with the conditions as I have specified them. There is nothing more to be said. If you want to take up the position I have offered, which implies accepting the conditions I have outlined in full and without attenuation, then be in my office at nine o'clock tomorrow morning dressed and made-up as I have specified. If you are not there properly attired by nine-fifteen then the offer will be withdrawn and will under no circumstances be made again. Do you understand that Suzanne?" I asked firmly.

She chewed her lower lip in a fever of uncertainty and nodded again.

We passed through the dining room and met David at the door. I shook his hand and that of his wife and wished the family goodnight noting as I did so Suzanne's curious glance at the Harrod's bag. I smiled to myself, left their house and rapidly drove to my apartment close to the office.

I awoke early the following morning and following a jog and a light breakfast I drove to the office where I immediately went to the basement and had a swim. A cold shower toned me up nicely for the start of what I fully expected to be a momentous and busy day. I glanced at my watch, eight forty-five, time to be getting ready. I went up to my office and passed straight through to the bedroom where I dressed in my usual attire. Suzanne would get very used to this outfit over next few weeks. I knew that she would take the position I had offered her. I had had a lot of experience of women and I instinctively recognised the combination of intelligence and ambition that Suzanne displayed. Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for me she did not have the ruthlessness necessary to survive an encounter with me unscathed. I had immediately detected in her during the day the essential submissiveness of personality which made her ideal for my purposes.

The communication centre on my desk buzzed discreetly announcing my secretary's arrival and I summoned her at once and asked her to bring a pot of coffee with two cups. She looked a little surprised and I deigned to enlighten her.

"I am expecting Miss Price this morning at nine o'clock to begin her duties as my P.A. When she arrives, show her in and then leave us alone. I have cancelled all my engagements for this morning and I do not want to be disturbed on any account unless I specifically call you."

She looked a little startled but nodded and withdrew looking, I thought, a little sour. I smiled to myself. I walked over to the settee and sat down to await Suzanne's arrival. Within a moment, my communication centre buzzed again. I glanced at my watch and smiled to myself - one minute to nine. The door opened and my secretary showed Suzanne in, withdrew and closed the door.

I looked at her with some pleasure and no little interest. She was wearing a light coat, which I had permitted but that should be the only clothes she was wearing that I had not provided if she had followed my instructions. I rose and approached her taking her coat as she slipped it off at my gesture. I knew that she half-expected me to touch her and I smiled to myself as I saw her stiffen expectantly. She visibly relaxed as I walked to the armchair by the long coffee table and laid the coat over the back of the chair before turning to look at Suzanne who still stood where I had left her. I sat down on the settee and considered her appearance looking her over from head to foot slowly and deliberately. She flushed under my scrutiny. I made her wait while I studied her.

She was wearing a very thin light yellow silk dress which I had selected with some care. The neckline was simple, rather loose around the top and very low-cut revealing a full half of the upper surfaces of her flawless breasts to which it was then closely fitted, and plunging deeply displaying a very generous cleavage. The dress was tightly fitted to her bosom and waist, clinging snugly to her hips and giving her very little room to walk as the skirt was very tight with the hem about six inches above her knee. The material of the dress was just thick enough to hide the details of her underwear but the straps of her bra and suspender-belt and the line of her panties were very evident through the delicate fabric. She looked very embarrassed as I studied her and I thought that this was probably the most revealing dress that this demure young woman had ever worn in public.

"Good morning, Suzanne," I said with a pleasant smile, "I am very pleased to welcome you to my Organisation." She gave me tight nervous little smile and said quietly,

"Thank you, Mr Evans, I am very happy to be here. I will try to do a good job for you."

I leaned back on the settee and indicated the tray with the coffee pot.

"Please pour us some coffee and then sit down," I said, indicating the armchair opposite me, "there are some things that we need to discuss."

Suzanne walked over and sat carefully in the armchair I had indicated. She had a very dignified carriage. She was a tall woman on relatively high heels and she held herself erect. However carefully she sat opposite me because of the dress I had chosen she was now in difficulties. I had not permitted her to wear a slip and the dress was very short indeed. As she sat the thin material of the very tight skirt of her dress rode up high on her nylon-covered thighs and she gave an embarrassed shy smile as she tried without success to pull the hem down a little. I looked at the coffee cups and waited expectantly. Suzanne slid forward on the chair and her thighs, despite her best efforts parted and the revealing dress rose even higher displaying a brief flash of tight yellow panties before she put her thighs together, turning her knees slightly to one side and allowing some small measure of control over her modesty. I smiled to myself. She bent forward to pour the coffee and I looked down into her cleavage. The thin dress I had chosen combined with the briefest most deeply cut bra I could find gave her breasts some support but no cover or protection at all. The neck-line of her dress fell away from her body a little and I could see deeply into her dress almost as far as her nipples. Suzanne held out my coffee and I let her sit holding the cup out to me and forcing her to display herself as I examined her more carefully at my leisure. Her blush deepened. I looked deeply into her bosom, appreciating the smoothness and fullness of her breasts. I could see clearly down through the deep valley of her cleavage and the light coming through the thin dress was sufficient to display the cute curve of her stomach. Finally I took the cup from her and smiled at the embarrassed woman.

"Thank you, Suzanne darling," I said, and her blush deepened at the endearment.

I took a sip of coffee and considered my beautiful companion. I decided that it was time to begin to move forward but first I wanted to know a little more about her and to put her in no doubt as to how things were going to be. I decided that a little mental pressure was in order and if she survived that then I should have no further trouble with her.

"Now darling," I said cheerfully, "you are twenty four and you are not married. Are you in a relationship at the moment?" She looked a little warily at me and took a nervous sip of her coffee. Her hand was shaking a little. She tried to speak once or twice and eventually the words came out.

"I had a boyfriend, Edward, for two years and we became engaged four months ago. The engagement has just been called off" She answered.

"Why was that?" I asked her, "I want all the details?"

There was a long silence. This question marked the defining moment and how she answered would decide the future of the relationship. She had accepted the position with it's, for her, frightening terms and conditions believing that she could cope. Now we would see whether she really could. I did not help her, I just sat and waited, never moving my eyes from hers. Finally she answered me.

"It started alright," she whispered "but eventually it got so that we just didn't get along."

"How far did you go sexually with your fiancé? Are you still a virgin?" I asked the blushing blonde. There was a long pause and then she said in a barely audible voice,

"I am not a virgin but I have only had sex once. It was at University at a party while I was unwell. I think I had been given a drug. No-one knows about it, not Edward and certainly not my family."

I looked at her for a moment and asked her again,

"So, how far sexually did you actually go with Edward?"

There was another long pause and I could see her struggling with herself. I decided to help her out a little.

"I suppose that like everyone, you began by more and more intimate kisses," I said, "when did Edward first feel your breasts?"

Suzanne looked at me helplessly but replied after a short hesitation and struggle with herself.

"On our first date he touched my breasts. I didn't want him to because I had never let any man do that to me. Edward said that I would let him do it if I loved him so I let him touch me outside my clothes. That seemed to let him believe that he had some freedom, much more than I liked and after that he used to feel my breasts whenever he wanted to in spite of my protests but only when we are alone. Then, very much against my will, he felt me when my mother and father were in the same room. We were watching television and I was sitting on the floor by his feet with my head resting on his knee. I was wearing a low-cut blouse and I suddenly felt his hand on my shoulder. He knew that I couldn't protest or stop him as my parents would have heard so he stroked my shoulder and then just casually slid his hand under the neckline of my blouse into my bra and on to my bare breast. I was horrified but there was nothing I could do about it. I felt so ashamed but I had to just sit there and let him feel me or my parents would have seen what was going on. They weren't aware of it because the room was darkened. After that I couldn't stop him. Whenever we were alone he used to kiss me and put his hand down my dress" she whispered.

"Well done Edward," I thought, "a man after my own heart!!".

"Did you ever touch Edward's prick while you were engaged?" I asked. She looked at me without answering, her cheeks flaming.

"Come along Suzanne, darling," I laughed, "let's be reasonable!! You have a boy-friend who has you so much under his power that he feels you whenever he likes, who puts his hand in your bra and touches you up and you expect me to believe that you have never touched his prick. Don't take me for a fool.

"It was while we were watching television on the same occasion," she whispered, "he had one hand in by bra and as he was feeling me he reached down with the other and took my hand and put it on his thing." I smiled to myself again.

"His prick, you mean," I said. She nodded.

"His prick. He curled my fingers round it showing me how big it was and moved my hand showing me how to and making me rub it. I had to wank him (I smiled at her knowledge of and easy use of the term, more of Edward's influence, I suspected) or my parents would have noticed what was going on. After that night, he made me wank him whenever he felt like it and I had to," she said, talking more fluently and seeming more relaxed now.

"And what else did Edward make you do?" I asked.

"He knew that I didn't want to make love until we were married and although he was forcing me sexually faster than I liked he knew that I loved him and wanted more than anything else to marry him. He said that if I would not let him make love to me properly then I had to take care of his needs in other ways until we were married when I would let him make love to me. I didn't know what he meant by that, I thought that he just meant giving him a wank" she said.

I smiled to myself, seeing where this was leading.

"And what did he mean by 'taking care of his needs'?" I asked.

There was a long pause and Suzanne had a nervous drink of her coffee and then looked across at me chewing engagingly on her lower lip.

"I can't tell you," she whispered suddenly, "I just can't!!!".

"Come along Suzanne," I smiled "so far you have done very well, don't spoil it now."

She looked at me and suddenly I saw a look of resignation cross her face and I smiled into her clear blue eyes. I knew now that she had crossed the Rubicon and that I would have no further trouble with her.

"It was after we had been playing tennis," she said, "Edward drove me home to change. We were both in our tennis clothes. I expected Mummy to be at home but the house was empty. Edward immediately took charge. He knew that there was nothing I could do to stop him. He sat down, pulled me down on to his knee and began to kiss me. As he kissed me, he slipped the shoulder straps of my dress and bra down one side and made me slip my elbow out. Then he did the same with the other and pushed my clothes down to my waist, leaving my breasts naked to him for the first time. I could see a look of lust in his eyes as he kissed me and played with my bare breasts. He was pulling and kneading my flesh and twisting my nipples and I knew that he realised that, although I was frightened it was beginning to make me excited. Suddenly as he kissed me he released my breast with one hand and put it between my legs, sliding it up and feeling me through my panties. I tried to press my thighs together to stop him but he wouldn't let me and made me part them. I had to sat there on his lap while he felt me as he pleased. I was so ashamed I could hardly bear it. No-one had ever touched me there before. He could feel me getting excited as he gently rubbed me and he slipped his hand up the leg of my panties on to my bare flesh."

"On to your cunt Suzanne," I prompted gently.

"On to my cunt," she repeated obediently, "he felt my bare cunt for a long time and I couldn't stop him. Then he took his lips from mine, looked into my eyes and said, as he felt me,"

"If you don't want me to fuck you Suzanne, you are going to have to suck me off. I need some relief after all this excitement."

"I couldn't believe that he could be so dirty and cruel," Suzanne said, looking down into her lap and twisting her fingers, "but he made me do it. I had to kneel down in front of him and suck his prick till he came in my mouth. We were going to be married in two months and for the next eight weeks he kept his promise and never tried to make love to me." I smiled,

"You mean 'fuck you'," I suggested gently.

"Fuck me," Suzanne repeated compliantly, "but he made me do everything else. Whenever we were alone he used to feel my breasts and cunt whenever he wanted to and I didn't try to stop him and at least once a day he made me suck him off. I began to hate him for the demands that he was making and eventually I told him that I could not go through with the wedding and I called the engagement off. It was a terrible time because I could never tell my parents why and even now they don't understand what Edward did wrong. It's all so unfair."

She say convulsively twisting her hands in her lap and looking at the floor. I finished my coffee and put my cup down. I leaned back on the settee and considered Suzanne for a moment without speaking. She looked back a trifle warily. There was a long silence as she looked into her lap and continued to twist her fingers nervously. Finally Suzanne spoke with a sudden rush of nervous energy.

"All that is behind me now. I want to do as well as I can in my new job and I will do everything I can to please you."

I smiled at her, wondering if she realised what she had agreed to. She was about to begin to find out.

"That is your decision Suzanne," I said, "I have already given you an idea of what I will expect of you in your living-room last night. This is, of course, all in addition to your functioning as an efficient P.A.."

Suzanne blushed and dropped her eyes as she recalled how she had stood submissively in her own home watching in the mirror a man she had only recently met fondle her breasts without being able to do anything about it.

"Stand up," I ordered quietly and Suzanne got to her feet, desperately and rather unsuccessfully trying to keep the hem of her short dress down as her thighs spread a little to allow her to rise. I saw another brief glimpse of yellow panties before she succeeded in getting to her feet. She stood looking down at me. I looked her over appreciatively and smiled at her.

"Are you on the Pill, Suzanne?" I asked suddenly.

She nodded shyly without speaking. I let her stand for a moment as I considered her, then I smiled at her.

"Take off your dress, Suzanne," I said quietly.

"Please, no," she begged, "I'll be your P.A. and I know I can do a good job but please leave me alone. Please don't hurt me."

I looked at her trembling form and sighed.

"You knew what was going to happen when you came here this morning Suzanne," I said, "I was perfectly clear last night and I left you in no doubt. Now, take off your dress."

She looked for a moment into my eyes and what she saw there made her realise that hesitation and protest were useless. She put her hand behind her reaching for the zip on the back of the dress. This move caused the thin material of the bosom of the dress to tighten deliciously across her ripe curves and I saw the prominent cones of her nipples through the filmy material. She slipped the zip down and let the dress fall. The gauzy material fell with a whisper around her feet. Suzanne stood blushing, her hands by her sides, as I looked her over. Quite simply, she was an amazingly erotic sight in a sheer thin yellow silk, virtually transparent, bra through which I could see her nipples protruding, high-cut thin matching panties pulled deep into her cunt the fleshy outer lips of which I could see clearly defined through her sheer nylon. Her dark silk stockings were supported by a lacy suspender belt in the same delicate colour. The light from the window behind her shone through her hair, which I had ordered her to put up off her neck surrounding her head with a golden glow.

"Let your hair down, Suzanne darling," I said quietly and watched as she released it.

Her soft hair fell unconfined to her bare shoulders in sexy flowing waves. I got up from the settee and moved the coffee table to allow me to sit in the large leather armchair that Suzanne had recently occupied. I took Suzanne by the hand and drew her down gently until she was sitting on my lap. She did not struggle and allowed me to manoeuvre her without any protest at all. I put my arm round her on to her breast and began to feel her full breast through the thin sheer silk of her bra. I began to kiss her and at first her lips were quiescent under mine. I gently explored her soft lips softly at first but then becoming more demanding, running my tongue along the soft groove of her closed lips which parted under the caress. She was compliant and unresisting but unresponsive and I slipped my tongue between her lips and took possession of her mouth which I began to gently explore. I felt her tongue stir against mine in the emotion of the kiss and, almost against her will and without her conscious volition, before she realised it she began to respond and was kissing me back. I explored her mouth deeply caressing her lips and gums as our tongues duelled in a sexy dance. Without breaking the kiss I looked into her wide startled blue eyes and put my hand on the inside of her nylon covered thigh and widely spread her thighs. She did not attempt to stop me and sat compliantly, submitting to being kissed with her thighs widely parted and her cunt gaping. I put my hand back on the inside of her right thigh and slowly moved it up on to the naked soft flesh above her stocking just below her cunt relishing the softness of the nylon against my palm. I squeezed her thigh gently just below her cunt rubbing against the hem of her panties, which were already wet, with the ball of my thumb before slipping my fingers inside the leg of her panties and gently drawing my forefinger down the grove of her moist available cunt.

Suzanne gave a loud gasp into my mouth against my kiss and a shudder went through her body as I slipped my forefinger between the lips of her cunt and began to gently finger-fuck her. I was going very easily so that I did not hurt or frighten her but she was very responsive and was clearly an excitable and sexy young woman. I continued to work her up with my finger, feeling her firm breasts through the thin bra and looking into her eyes as I kissed her. Her nipples had long since erected and I could feel them pressing into the palms of my hands. I took my lips from hers and looked into her eyes as I continued to gently finger-fuck the excited young blonde.

"Do you like that Suzanne darling?" I asked her. There was a pause then she said,

"It is lovely but you mustn't. You have to stop. What would my family say if they knew."

I laughed.

"I warned you what was going to happen this morning Suzanne. We have hardly started!"

Suzanne looked down at the floor in front of her as I was playing with her and her blush deepened. As I finger-fucked her with one hand and felt her breast with my arm behind her back and under her armpit I squeezed her breast to get her attention. Her eyes widened and she looked at me.

"Take off your bra, Suzanne," I ordered.

She looked at me once and compliantly reached behind her back and unhooked the delicate bra. I let her slide it off down her arms as I played with her cunt with my right hand and cupped her bare full left breasts in my left hand. Suzanne's breasts were quite simply magnificent, full and firm with hardly any sag tipped by prominent nipples surrounded by large pink areolae.

"Raise your bottom a little, Suzanne" I whispered, pulling upwards slightly on her nipple and forcing her to balance herself half standing with one hand on my shoulder. I slipped my fingers from her wet cunt and hooked them in the elastic at the waist band of her delicate panties. Working first on one side and then on the other I slid her panties down her legs until they dropped at her feet. I pulled downwards again a little on her nipple and with a sigh she settled back on my lap. Suzanne was now naked in my lap apart from a delicate lacy yellow suspender belt and sheer dark stockings and high-heeled shoes. I let her see me looking appreciatively at her body. Below her fabulous breasts she had a small swell of a round little stomach accentuated as she lay back against me indented cutely by a neat navel. Her slender thighs were slightly apart and I put my hand on the inside of her right thigh and spread them more widely without any protest from my companion until I could see the open groove of her wet cunt surmounted by a little bush of curly blonde pubic hair and I rested my other hand on the soft curve of her stomach. To get her attention I gently ticked her navel and she gasped.

"What a sexy woman you are, Suzanne darling" I whispered "I will never get tired of playing with your sexy body."

I moved her flowing hair out of the way and kissed her softly on her moist, open still-reluctant lips, briefly touching the tip of her tongue and then I slowly drew my tongue down the proud column of her slender neck to the centre of her deep cleavage where I gently licked the salt of her perspiration. She sighed deeply and clasped her hands together in anguish in her lap. I softly ran my tongue across her full firm breast until I reached the nipple and began to run the tip gently round the roughish pink areaola. I glanced up into her wide blue tormented eyes and slipped my hand between her parted thighs on to her moist and quivering cunt. I began to gently finger-fuck her again as I took her breast into my mouth and began to suck firmly on the prominent nipple teasing it with my teeth and lips.

Her cunt was so moist and receptive despite her anxiety and her guilt that I had no difficulty in adding a second finger and I began to finger-fuck her more firmly using the whole of my fingers. In spite of her efforts to prevent it her knees parted widely allowing me full and unrestricted access to her unprotected cunt and arsehole. I continued to suck and tease her breasts moving from one to the other until her nipples were hard and erect. She began to lose control of her breathing again and her eyes widened. I sucked her breast more strongly using my tongue on her nipple and buried my fingers up her cunt until I could feel her cervix with the tips.

"Oh God, Oh God!" she suddenly squealed in a high pitched sobbing wail and came in a body-wracking orgasm on my fingers. She was drenched with sweat and the juice from her moist cunt wet my hand. She burst into tears and I slowly and gently moved my hand from her quivering cunt and rested it on her belly, wet with the perspiration of her emotion. I removed my lips from her heaving breast and gently brushed them against hers, looking into her wide blue tear-filled eyes.

"It's all right, Suzanne darling" I whispered "just let it all out"

She carried on sobbing for a few moments and then slowly brought herself under control. I kissed her gently and held the sobbing blonde close until her ragged breathing began to even out and she brought herself under control. I decided that it was time to move through to the bedroom so I stood, picking the wide-eyed girl up in my arms. I walked through my bathroom to the bedroom beyond and laid her gently on the bed. Suzanne looked around with wonder at her luxurious surroundings. As I looked down at her I stripped off my clothes as she watched in wide-eyed astonishment until I was naked. I could see Suzanne looking with astonishment at my prick. It is just over eight inches long when erect and, more to the point, is very thick. I am circumcised so there is a large threatening head like a small orange. I have correspondingly heavy balls and thick pubic hair extending back to my arsehole. When I am excited, and I have seldom been in a better situation, there seems no end to my powers and I am capable of several ejaculations in a single session, although Suzanne had yet to experience this.

I went to my bathroom for a clean soft towel which I handed to Suzanne. Still watching me she wiped the perspiration generated by her recent emotion from her face and body. I arranged the pillows so that she was partly propped up and, ignoring her wide-eyed look I slipped a small cushion under her bottom, elevating her hips a little. Suzanne was lying on her back propped up against the pillows with her thighs slightly parted. I sat at the foot of the bed between her legs and put my hands gently on her silk-sheathed ankles sliding her feet up the bed so that her heels were against her arse. Her thighs parted and with one hand on the inside of her soft thigh I pressed gently so that they were more widely splayed displaying the pink slit of her wet and reluctantly-excited cunt. I kissed the inside of her thigh above her stocking inhaling the excited woman smell. I looked into her wide eyes as I moved my mouth to her cunt and began to explore the fleshy lips with my lips and tongue, gently tugging her blonde pubic curls with my teeth before moving back to her cunt. I ran my tongue along the whole length of her cunt from her perineal fold at the back to the junction of the lips at the front. She gasped loudly and said in a breathy voice,

"Oh My God!! You mustn't do that .Please stop," But, unable to control herself, she put her hand on my head pressing my mouth more firmly against her cleft.

I began to thoroughly kiss and explore her excited cunt with my lips and tongue. I found it easy to pass the outer lips as her excitement and the position of her thighs had caused them to part. I slipped my tongue between them and began to massage the delicate inner lips moving from back to front until I felt the bud of her clitoris on my tongue. When I reached her tightly-engorged bud she gave a deep groan and her heels pressed more firmly into the bed. Her body tensed and she wound her fingers in my hair pressing my face even more firmly into her wet cunt. I alternated between pushing my tongue as far up her cunt as I could, tongue-fucking her, and pausing to suck and tease her clitoris. Her heels began to drum against the bed and she began to emit squeals in time with my thrusting tongue. Gauging her condition, I paused slightly and began to suck and tease her clitoris without giving her any rest. She gave a loud squeal, clamping her thighs around my head and holding my mouth firmly against her with my tongue up her cunt as she came again in another shattering orgasm. I just stayed as I was until her shivering body calmed down and her thighs relaxed. I took my mouth from her cunt and looked into her startled wide tear-filled eyes.

"Oh God!" she gasped when she could speak. "I didn't know that it could be like that. No-one has ever done that to me before".

"Did you like it, precious?" I asked.

"My God!" she said breathlessly "It was too nice. I just couldn't stand it."

I moved up the bed, took her in my arms, gently parted her thighs again and slowly slid my stiff prick up her. Without saying anything I rolled on to my side, pulled her even more closely to me and buried my lips in her soft hair as I began to slowly fuck her. At first Suzanne was very tense but under the steady insidious stimulation of my slowly moving prick in her wet clinging cunt I could tell that she was beginning to relax and I felt her internal muscles beginning to squeeze my prick. I knew that she was beginning to become aroused again so I began to fuck her a little harder and deeper. Lying on my side I could not get enough range of movement so, without taking my prick from her cunt, without losing contact with Suzanne in any way, I gently bent her leg back and rolled on to my back. She scrambled to bend the other and was now kneeling on me, straddling my thighs, with my prick still hard up her cunt. I slid my hands between us on to her breasts and lifted her so that she was sitting astride me, impaled on my prick, with me holding her firmly by the breasts. She looked down at me through staring wide eyes and her hair hung in front of her in a blonde shimmering curtain. With a quick toss of her head she flicked it over her shoulders. I squeezed her breasts to get her attention and pulled her down to me by the nipples which I slowly squeezed more tightly as I kissed the sexy young blonde deeply as I lay stuck hard up her clinging wet hairy cunt enjoying the sexy feel of her silk stockings on my thighs. I took my lips from hers after a while and looked into her wide blue eyes, pushing her back upright by the breasts.

"Now, fuck yourself on my prick, darling" I said quietly and very gently.

She immediately began to move up and down giving me a delicious slow fuck as I guided her by the pressure that I was exerting on her sensitive nipples. I knew that she had never done this before.

"I must say, Suzanne, you are very good at this," I commented, "you are a very quick learner!"

She blushed and smiled tremulously down at me. I was in no hurry and just lay feeling her full firm breasts while she was doing all the work. I began to smell her perspiration and I slowly speeded her up by manipulating her nipples until she was bucking on me with her head thrown back and her hair swinging. The room was full of the smell of woman and cunt. Suzanne was gasping deep gulps of air and ramming herself as hard as she could down onto my prick. I began to feel close to coming so I pulled her down to me by the nipples and fastened my mouth on hers giving her a deep but soft kiss as I came up her cunt and shot a river of hot cum up into her womb. She lay panting on me as I moved my hands to the fleshy globes of her arse and began to pull her hard on to my prick. This resulted in my prick rubbing against her excited clitoris and she came with a deep gasp. She lay with her face in my chest, her wet sweaty hair covering me. I let her rest for a moment and then gently rolled her off me slipping my prick from her cunt. She covered her eyes with her bent arm and lay gasping and sobbing for breath. I glanced at her open wet cunt and I could see a little river of white cum running down the crack of her arse on to the bed cover.

When I had recovered my breath I propped myself up and poured us some brandy from the crystal decanter on my bedside table. I helped the trembling woman to a semi-erect propped up position on the pillows and she began to sip the brand gratefully. I stood up and looked down at her sexy naked form. Suzanne looked back at me and blushed prettily.

"I am going for a shower, Suzanne, then I am going through to the office. Take your time but have a shower and then dress and join me. You will find clothes in the closets and in the drawers. You can choose today but after today, I will be choosing."

I smiled at her and, collecting my clothes from my closet, went through to the bathroom had a shower and dressed quickly. I went through to the office and called my secretary. I asked her to get me a pot of fresh coffee and to bring in my mail. I could see her curiosity as she looked round my office wondering where Suzanne was but I just watched her with opaque eyes until she left. I certainly would be glad to be rid of her! I could hear the shower start in the adjacent room and I smiled to myself. Suzanne really was going to work out very well.

About ten minutes passed during which my sour-faced secretary brought in my mail and my coffee. I put the mail aside to wait for Suzanne and poured us a couple of cups of nice strong coffee. Within a very few minutes the door to my private suite opened and Suzanne came hesitantly in, looking at me shyly. I looked her over with pleasure. I had wondered what she would choose from the closet. I knew what was there as they had been very carefully selected. She was wearing a pale blue halter-neck dress which was quite low-cut leaving her shoulders completely bare and which clung to and accentuated her full breasts. It was very short, at least six inches above her knees and only a couple of inches below her crotch. She would have to be very careful when she sat down in public!!!! She had not deliberately chosen such a revealing dress - they were all like that! As she stood back-lit by the light her newly dried and brushed hair shone loose in a golden halo and I smiled with pleasure at the pretty young woman. I got up from my desk and walked over to the settee carrying the post.

"Bring the coffee and come and sit down," I said with a smile.

Suzanne carefully carried the tray with the coffee over and bent to put it on the low table. I watched with pleasure as her full breasts strained against the very thin fabric of the dress as her muscles moved with her bending body. She went to sit beside me on the settee but with a private smile I indicated that she should take the armchair opposite to me. She blushed as she sat down desperately trying to control the hem of her incredibly short dress but it was a losing battle, as I had expected. In spite of her best efforts I had glimpses of her pretty pale blue panties making a nice splash of colour between her dark-stockinged thighs. As she sat she was completely unable to prevent her dress riding up and displaying her stocking-tops. She leaned forward to pick up her coffee cup and, smiling at her, I let Suzanne see me looking deep into the bosom of her dress before dropping my eyes to her slightly-parted thighs. I could see her stocking tops and the white flesh of her inner thighs contrasting sharply with the dark nylon. I made no comment on her dress beyond telling her that she looked lovely. She blushed slightly, looking heart-breakingly pretty.

I let her drink the coffee before going through the mail with her and starting to introduce her to her new job. As I passed her items of mail I made her lean forward to take them and as she did her thighs parted. Her dress was far too short to conceal her panties under these conditions and blushing deeply she gradually gave up the losing battle. I now had a clear view with continual flashes of her tight high-cut panties clinging to and moulding her fleshy cunt and framed by her slim dark-stockinged thighs as we worked. It was a lovely view and exactly what I had intended to achieve.

When we had finished our coffee I handed Suzanne the mail and took her through to her new office. I could not resist caressing the full globes of her thinly clad buttocks as we walked and I felt the athletic muscles flexing under the soft springy flesh. I introduced Suzanne to her new office and left her to make herself at home and returned to my own office to attend to my e-mail. I told Suzanne that I would be taking her to lunch in about an hour and a half and that I would call her.

I called in my secretary, told her to book a table for lunch and spent an hour giving her dictation on outstanding matters that could not be put off. An hour before lunch I had a brief meeting planned with the Director of Human Resources and just as we were finishing dictation the light went on on my console, letting me know of his arrival. I dismissed my secretary, watching with an internal smile her rigid disapproving body and her sour expression. I knew that her days were numbered. She showed Simon in and left us. I smiled at him and moved over to my settee.

"Take a seat, Simon," I said with a smile, indicting the arm-chair opposite me so recently occupied by Suzanne's sexy bottom.

I sat and considered Simon for a long time without speaking. Originally calm he began to become uncomfortable under my long scrutiny and I could see the shadow of uncertainty in his eyes. I was considering a lot of things as I sat and looked at him. He was a distinguished-looking man of about fifty and had been with the Group for about six years, first as Personnel Manager and for the last two years following his appointment to the Board, as Director of Human Resources. I was remembering a photograph on his desk. This was a family photograph, taken very recently, of his wife and two late teenage daughters. His wife was a very pretty brunette about ten years younger than her husband and the girls looked to be the same age as each other although they did not appear to be twins. I began to entertain vague possibilities in my mind for this family but I put them aside for a moment. I smiled at Simon and he visibly relaxed.

I took him very quickly through my immediate requirements, confirming our previous meeting of the day before. He handed me three C.V's of potential secretaries who I was planning to interview the following morning and which I put aside to study later. I also informed him that I had selected a P.A., gave him Suzanne's details and told him to complete the formalities necessary to hire her and reminded him that she would also need a secretary. I left him to contact Suzanne directly to set up interviews for her secretary during the rest of the week while I was away. I told him that I wanted both people in post when I returned. He looked a little shell-shocked at the speed of events but that is how I like things to go. I told him to set up interviews with the three candidates for the position of my personal secretary for the following morning beginning at eight a.m. allowing an hour for each. I also gave him specific instructions for details of Suzanne's contract and conditions that I intended to discuss personally with her later that afternoon. I had to leave for my first visit to my Associate Company just before lunch the following day and I wanted the interviews out of the way before then. He collected his papers and left, looking a little dazed by the speed of events. I went to my desk and spent half an hour looking through the C.V's that he had left me, paying careful attention to the photographs. All looked very promising and I was looking forward to the following morning.

I picked up the telephone and called the P.A. to the Managing Director of the Company that I would be visiting for the next three days letting her know my programme and what I would be expecting. To my pleasure, she had a thrilling sexy voice and I enjoyed talking to her. I very much looked forward to meeting her. I looked at the Company records and familiarised myself with their books and with the operation. As far as I could tell the Managing Director seemed to be doing a good job and I looked forward to getting to know him more closely.

I glanced at my watch and saw that it was time for lunch. I buzzed for Suzanne and smiled at her as she came from her office and stood expectantly just inside the door. I took her down in the lift and we walked the very short distance to the little Italian restaurant that I favoured. It was quite small and was very discreetly and intimately lit. I slid Suzanne into a corner bunk seat away from the rest of the tables and sat beside her on her left side trapping her effectively in her seat. As I sat beside her I slid my right hand up her dress on to the bare flesh at the top of her stocking. She gasped and with a reflex movement tightly closed her thighs on my hand. I smiled to myself and whispered in her ear,

"This is another lesson Suzanne, you must never close your thighs. In fact, when you feel me put my hand on the inside of your thigh you spread your legs for me. Do you understand?"

There was a pause and she bit her lip and slowly nodded. Her thighs relaxed and parted allowing my questing hand free rein.

"That's better, darling," I said quietly to my blushing companion.

I slid my right hand up the inside of Suzanne's soft thigh straight on to her cunt which I cupped briefly before beginning to gently stroke the pouting lower lips through her panties with the tips of my fingers. I felt the moistness begin to pervade the delicate fabric and I enjoyed the blush on her soft cheek. As I continued to work the blushing blonde up with my fingers I called the waiter. Suzanne squirmed and wriggled in her seat as the sensations from her excited excitable cunt began to flood through her, trying to remain calm as I ordered us a very light lunch and some sparkling mineral water to accompany it without consulting Suzanne. She would gradually realise that in all things, even the simplest when she was with me the power of choice was taken from her and it her function was quite simply to do as she was told. While we waited for our drinks I continued to casually feel up my pretty companion under the cover of the long table-cloth. I began to gently finger-fuck her through her panties, pressing the wet material into her cunt as I slid two fingers about two inches in and out of her wet open slit. I slowly moved my fingers on each stroke towards the front of her slit until I could feel the hard little bud of her engorged clitoris rubbing against my finger with every stroke. Her blush deepened and her breathing harshened a little as her full breasts began to heave under the thin dress. I could clearly see the cones of her stiffened nipples against the fine fabric.

The waiter returned and as he was pouring our mineral water I gave Suzanne's clitoris a last decisive, conclusive rub. With a little gasp and a shudder and a final deep exhalation accompanied by a little squeak she came in my hand. The waiter looked at her questioningly and her blush deepened even more.

"Is everything all right, Madam," he asked with some concern.

I did not give Suzanne chance to answer.

"Everything is fine thank you," I smiled.

I smiled at the discomforted Suzanne and sat back as the waiter laid out our simple lunch of pasta stuffed with delicate crab meat and a crisp green salad. I ate with appetite, enjoying the smell of Suzanne on my fingers. After a little hesitation Suzanne also did justice to her lunch - after all, she had had an active morning!!

After lunch we walked back to the building and as we entered my office I smiled at Suzanne.

"You have made a very good start, Suzanne darling. I think that we are going to get on very well. I have meetings for the first couple of hours this afternoon but at three-thirty I will be going down for a work-out and a swim. Then I will be in the sauna. Join me in the sauna at about four o'clock. My secretary will show you where everything is"

She looked a little shocked but nodded hesitantly. I enjoyed the back view if her full bottom so well displayed in the clothes I had chosen before settling to a couple of hours hard work. The afternoon soon passed and I went through to my dressing-room and changed into my tracksuit. I went down in the lift to the gym and had a vigorous work-out, followed by a hard swim. Then I went and lay in my private sauna to await my pretty new assistant.

Before long I heard a slight noise at the door over the sound of the steam and I stood up using the ladle to add more water to the hot stones which hissed loudly. The door opened and Suzanne came in, peering at me through the newly generated steam. She was wrapped in a soft pale yellow towel tied just above her breasts and extending to just below her crotch. I smiled at her and she smiled nervously back. I reached out and loosened the knot of the towel allowing it to slip down her body leaving Suzanne naked in front of me. Even through the steam I could see her blushing and the fine beads of perspiration generated by the sudden heat of the sauna stood out clearly on her fit young body. I rapidly became semi-erect at the erotic sight but I waited for a while for Suzanne to get used to the extreme heat of the sauna. I let her relax on the slatted wooden bench while I bent and folded the towel into a small cushion which I placed on the floor for her to kneel on. When I judged that she had acclimatised to the temperature in the sauna I sat down on the lower platform of the sauna with the little cushion between my feet and nodded at the cushion. Suzanne got up from the bench and compliantly knelt between my spread thighs.

I reached down and caressed her breast and looked at my prick. I did not even have to say anything. She reached out with her little hand and began to gently wank me to stiffness. I enjoyed the attention of her hand on my prick which rapidly became stiffer and I moved my hips slightly forward until the tip of my big stiff prick at first brushed against her soft lips and then as she compliantly parted them entered the moist warmth of her mouth. I pushed it in about an inch and let it rest there. She automatically closed her lips round the shaft and I looked down with pleasure at the sexy blonde on her knees before me with my big stiff prick in her mouth.

"Wank me off into your mouth, Suzanne darling" I said, "and on each stroke give a gentle suck every but so often, stop sucking and run your tongue around the ridge under the head of my prick ".

I knew that she had regularly sucked her boy-friend off but I wanted her to learn how I liked it. After all, she would be doing it often enough in the future. She automatically began to follow my instructions and before long I was being sucked off exactly as I liked it. I just relaxed and lay back enjoying the sight of Suzanne's blonde head bobbing backwards and forwards on my prick. I thought back to feeling Suzanne up in the restaurant and this made me even stiffer. I was conscious that time was getting on and that there were still things we needed to do this afternoon. I made no attempt to hold back my ejaculation and before long I felt the familiar warmth in my balls and Suzanne's eyes widened as she realised what was going to happen. I gently held her head as I pumped a copious amount of hot cum into her young mouth and throat before sitting back and pulling my softening prick from her mouth, leaving her kneeling in front of me looking a little shocked with cum running down her chin. I got up and patted her gently on the head.

"Have a shower and get dressed, Suzanne, then come up to the office. We still have a couple of things to do before you go home." I said with a smile.

I went and had a cold plunge and a shower and quickly slipped my track-suit on and returned to my office and called my secretary in. As soon as I looked at her face I knew that the Personnel Department had terminated her contract and that she would be finishing at the end of the week. I was about to spoil her day further! I told her that I had arranged interviews starting at eight-thirty the following morning and that she was to be sure to be in the office for eight o'clock to make certain that everything was ready. She started to protest but one look at my face told her that it would be useless and she left my office without comment.

By the time Suzanne came in I was dressed in my usual attire and sitting behind my desk. I smiled as I looked at her. She was still wearing the pale blue silk halter-necked dress but she had brushed her hair into a pony-tail. She looked very young, cool and lovely. She stood just inside the door looking rather uncertainly at me and blushing slightly. I got up from my chair and moved over to the settee. I smiled at Suzanne.

"Choose your clothes for tomorrow from the closet then pour me a drink, darling and come and sit down. I will have a tonic water." I said.

Suzanne went to the bedroom and was gone for a few minutes. When she came back she was carrying the small bag that I had purchased for her use. She busied herself at the drinks cabinet and then came and, leaning forward in front of me, put my drink down on the table between us. I indicated the chair opposite and she sat down again struggling ineffectually with the hem of her short dress. I grinned at her as I sipped my drink and let her see me looking at her as she was compelled to give me continual inadvertent flashes of her brief panties. She blushed and smiled nervously back. She was beginning to relax with me. That was a very good sign.

"Suzanne, I shall be leaving at about lunch-time tomorrow and I shall be away for the rest of the week. You have plenty to be doing to learn the routines and to bring yourself up to speed while I am away. The Personnel Department will be arranging interviews in consultation with you for your secretary in the next couple of days and I want her in post on Monday when I return to the office. I shall be interviewing for my own secretary tomorrow morning. It is time that you were going home. You are now in a very senior position in my Company and as such there will be a company car with a driver at your disposal at all times. You just need to ring Security when you want your car available"

Suzanne looked at me with open mouth for a moment and then collected herself together.

"Thank you so much," she stammered, "I can't believe all this!!"

I smiled at her.

"You know by now how I want you to dress. Over the next three days while I am away you can be examining and trying the clothes in the closet and beginning to think about a new wardrobe Take as much time as you need over the next few days to get yourself fully fitted out. The Company will pick up all your bills."

I slid a Platinum card, made out in her name over the table and she picked it up looking at it wonderingly. She seemed to be having difficulty taking everything in. To help her I went to my console and told my secretary to order the car for Miss Price. There was a shocked gasp and she cut me off without a word. I grinned at Suzanne,

"I don't think that she is too keen on me!!"

In a moment there was a discreet buzz announcing Suzanne's car. I stood and offered her my hand, helping her to her feet. As she rose I took her in my arms and kissed her at first gently and then deeply and thoroughly, massaging and fondling the soft yet firm globe of her buttock as I pulled her tightly against me enjoying the feel of her full breasts against me. I played with her for a moment longer and then released her. She was breathing heavily and she supported herself for a moment with her hand on the back of the chair. I smiled at her and she took a deep breath and smiled tremulously back. She collected her bag and coat and left the office flashing me a last quick smile as she closed the door. I poured a large brandy and went and sat at my desk. I put my hands behind my head and stretched with satisfaction.

It had been a very good day.

* * * * *

If you have enjoyed this story, let me know. Future episodes of my diary will appear at regular intervals. Comments, criticism and suggestions for future stories are always welcome.


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