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The Present
by Bellissima

Lin woke and stretched luxuriously. It was the weekend and she had a feeling it might just be a wild one. She and her current lover, Ben, had watched a ballgame the night before and had bet on the outcome. Lin had lost and Ben had smiled wickedly as he told her that she would be "paying up" today. Ben was an inventive and playful lover. He had taken Lin into worlds of pleasure that she wouldn't have otherwise even tried.

Lin's fingertips brushed along the sides of her breasts and she sighed dreamily, trying to imagine what he would come up with. Her fingers moved slowly to her nipples. She rolled them and pulled them out from her soft mounds, teasing them and purring low in her throat. Her nipples were her weak point; the erogenous zone that always made her pussy catch fire. Ben had found that out almost immediately. All he had to do was look down at her tits and lick his lips. Instantly her nipples, which were large for the size breasts she had, would harden and extend until they looked like pencils erasers. She adored having them played with and sucked. Lin looked down at her fingers playing with her erect nipples and smiled ruefully. The way they looked now as a matter of fact. She sat up and reached for her robe. She could smell coffee brewing. Seduction in the kitchen sounded perfect to her!

As she was tying her robe around her, Ben walked in the room. He had that same wicked smile on his face and his hands were behind his back. Lin smiled at him and said, "You look like you have mischief on your mind sir!"

Ben's grin grew wider as he leaned over and nuzzled Lin's neck. "Oh I do darling, I do!" he whispered and then he pushed her back on the bed. Before she knew what was happening, Lin felt her hands being tied to the bedposts.

"Ben! Stop it!" she cried. She twisted under him as he tightened the velvet cords. Then he rolled off her and began to stroke her body lightly, skimming the gentle curve of her hip and tracing his fingertips around her breasts, spiraling up to her erect nipples, but not touching them. Lin felt the familiar ache as her nipples yearned for his touch and she whispered frantically, "Ben...please, you're making me want you. I need...I'm not sure I like this".

Ben leaned over and ran the tip of his tongue over Lin's full, trembling lower lip. He whispered against her mouth, "Remember our bet? You don't want to welch on a bet do you?" Ben kissed her gently. "I would never hurt you my love, you know that don't you?" Lin nodded hesitantly. Ben smiled lovingly at her and continued," I want to make a present of you...for someone whom I suspect would more than love to unwrap you." He began to gently plucking her nipples, with his fingertips, over and over until Lin's breath caught with desire. He continued to whisper, "I'm going to leave you here, after a few finishing touches, and then I'm going to run a note over to Michelle. I have a feeling that she has the hots for you."

Lin looked at him in amazement. "You didn't know she likes to play with girls?" Ben chuckled at her reaction. "The note will say that since I'm going to be gone for the day, why doesn't she come over and have coffee." I'll tell her that you just woke up, and to go ahead and get you out of bed, you lazybones!" Ben laughed again and tweaked one of Lin's hard nipples. "Won't she be surprised when she sees what I've left her to play with! I have a camera set up so we can watch the whole show afterward. I can't wait to see it!"

Lin went hot and cold at once as she tried to imagine the scene Ben was describing. She had never done anything with a woman, although it was one of her secret fantasies. But Michelle? God! What would she think? Lin felt paralyzed with shock and yet, she was very horny, thanks to Ben's teasing. Ben watched the expressions play over her face and smiled to himself. He grabbed a pillow and pushed it under Lin's hips. Then he loosely tied her ankles to the lower bedpost. Lin's paralysis broke and she began to struggle against her bonds. She begged Ben not to do this. She would never be able to face Michelle again!

Ben smiled again and shook his head as he looked down at her. God, she was an arousing sight! Her long black hair streamed around her shoulders and her pale skin glowed against it. Her small, but full breasts jiggled enticingly as she struggled against the soft cords she was bound with. Her large, erect nipples looked as hard as peach pits and seemed to strain towards him. Her slim waist flared into a flat stomach and gently curving hips. With the pillow under her hips, her gorgeous pussy thrust forward, her lower lips were swollen and her large clit peeked through. Ben couldn't resist sliding his index finger between her pussy lips and hearing her soft moan in response. "Methinks she protests too much", he thought as he felt her juices spill over his fingers. Then he remembered the finishing touch. He pulled a silk handkerchief from his pocket and gently gagged her. "I don't want you talking Michelle out of anything, until she has a chance to think about it. He leaned over a!! nd kissed her. Without another word, he walked out of the bedroom.

Lin heard the front door shut and tried to comprehend what was happening to her. Ben had left her trussed up and Michelle was on her way over! She twisted and turned, trying to free herself, her body beginning to glow with a light sheen of perspiration from her efforts. Suddenly she heard the front door open again and a voice called, "Lin?" Lin froze. Oh shit! It was Michelle! She heard her footsteps as she walked through the house and started up the steps. "Get up sleepyhead! Ben came over and says he can't drag you out of bed!" Lin closed her eyes, too humiliated to want to see Michelle's expression when she saw her like this.

The bedroom door opened and Lin heard Michelle gasp, "What the hell?" A deep silence fell and Lin wanted to die. Finally she opened her eyes and saw Michelle standing in the doorway, shock mixed with another odd expression washing over her face. Lin looked pleadingly at her friend, silently begging her to untie her.

Michelle couldn't believe what she was seeing. There was her friend and neighbor, gloriously naked and tied to the bed. She had always wondered what Lin's body looked like and now she was getting her wish! Michelle felt the beginnings of lust course through her, her nipples began to harden and her pussy began to twitch. She had had fantasies about her sweet neighbor for as long as she could remember, but never had she imagined anything like this would happen! Slowly, as if in a dream, she walked towards the bed, gazing at Lin's lovely body. As her eyes met Lin's, something electric filled the air. Lin felt it and her pale blue eyes widened as she saw the passion in her friend's eyes. Michelle sat down on the bed beside her and gently reached out to brush the hair from Lin's face. Lin's forgotten desire rose in her as she felt Michelle's fingers lovingly cup her face.

Michelle, her gaze never leaving Lin's, began to take off her clothes. Now naked, she removed the handkerchief so Lin could speak. Lin was speechless as she gazed at Michelle. Her first thought had been to warn Michelle about the camera that Ben had hidden somewhere in the room, but now all she could think of was how excited she was and how beautiful Michelle was. Being tied and helpless in front of her friend was arousing her unbearably. Michelle's breasts were larger than Lin's and capped with pink nipples that were growing more and more erect. She was fuller figured, but handsomely so, with generous hips and long legs. Her pussy mound was....was shaved! Lin felt needles of hunger shower through her as she looked at Michelle's pouting, naked pussy. Finally she whispered, "You're so beautiful Michelle!"

Michelle smiled and leaned over to kiss her. It felt different from a man, thought Lin, as Michelle's tongue delved between her lips. It was a nice difference though, she thought dreamily as the kiss deepened. " I don't want to untie you Lin...I want to ravish you just as you are....can you understand that?" Michelle whispered.

"All right. I trust you Michelle," Lin whispered back. Michelle began to stroke the length of Lin's body, lightly grazing Lin with her fingertips.

"I'm going to take my time darling. I'm going to make you cum so hard you scream." she said as she cupped Lin's breasts. "You have the most beautiful tits...and God...your nipples are so big and hard!" She leaned over and ran her tongue over the breast flesh. Lin closed her eyes and sighed. It felt sooo good! Michelle took Lin's breasts in her hands and gently shook them, making them jiggle enticingly.

Lin moaned and begged, " with them...with my nipples. Michelle put her hands just at the tips of Lin's jutting nipples and rotated them against her palms. "Aahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh God! Pinch them! Suck them! I can't stand it!" Lin groaned. "Mmmmmm" Michelle purred, and her fingers began to rotate Lin's turgid nipples, giving them the relief they so desperately needed. She pulled them taut out from her breasts as she did. Lin's back arched off the bed. "Ohhhh yesss...that's so good. I love the way you play with my tits!" Swiftly Michelle captured a nipple between her lips and began to lash at it with her tongue. Lin sobbed in pleasure as she pulled at her cords. As Michelle savagely sucked the nipple, her hand reached down and cupped Lin's pussy, feeling Lin's juices bathe her palm. She could feel Lin's swollen clit ride her palm and her hips frantically jerked upward.

Lin was lost in the pleasure Michelle was giving her. It was an exquisite pleasure to be helpless like this while Michelle played with her body. Michelle's lips tugged at Lin's nipples, teasing and rolling it between them. Lin's clit felt huge as it brushed against Michelle's fingers, but there wasn't enough pressure to make her cum. Lin's head whipped back and forth as Michelle voraciously went from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking and even nipping at her distended tits. Then Michelle slid down her body and knelt before Lin's pussy. Her fingers slid into her slit and she parted Lin's pussy lips. "Your drenched love! I'm going to love licking this up!"

Lin whimpered, "Yessssss lick me! I need to cum so bad! Lick my pussy!" Michelle began licking her slit. Her tongue traveled from the top where she teased Lin's clit and back down to where she quickly tongued her asshole. Lin gasped hoarsely and then groaned as Michelle plunged her tongue into her pussy. She quickly withdrew and started over again, teasing mercilessly until Lin was frantically humping her pussy into Michelle's face and shrieking, "Suck my clit, oh please! Ah God, I need to cuuuummmmmmmm!" Cunt juice was running down the inside of her legs faster than Michelle could lick it up.

Finally Michelle raised her head and rasped, "You want it baby? You want to be fucked? You want me to fuck your sweet little pussy?"

Lin, pushed nearly beyond sanity screamed, "Yes! YESYESYES!!! Fuck me FUCK ME!" With that, Michelle thrust three fingers deep in Lin's pussy and began fucking them in and out hard and fast. "OH MY GOD!" Lin moaned. With her other hand, Michelle reached up and began pinching Lin's nipples hard. She was bucking on the bed so wildly; Michelle had trouble holding her down.

"Oh yes baby....cum for me! I want you to cum harder than you ever have in your life, Michelle crooned and then she leaned over and began to suck Lin's palpitating clit while fucking her pussy mercilessly.

Lin screamed and bucked harder, her body twisting impossibly against her bonds. "Fuck! Fuck! Suck me! Oh...oh...Oh God! I'M CUMMMMMINNNGGG!" Her pussy spasmed around Michelle's fingers over and over, as she climaxed. Michelle rode through it, and as she slowed down, began licking up the juices that gushed out of Lin's pussy. Lin moaned mindlessly as she came into Michelle waiting mouth for what seemed like an eternity.

Minutes later, an exhausted but sated Lin lay in Michelle's arms. They softly kissed and as Lin gazed lovingly into Michelle eyes, she said, "I've never cum like that in my life."

Michelle smiled proudly and teased, "So do you want me to untie you now?"

Lin laughed and said "Hell yes! I want to make you scream like you made me! Michelle laughed and quickly began to untie her new lover. Lin suddenly thought of the camera and wondered if she should tell Michelle, but with Michelle's gorgeous tits hanging in front of her as Michelle leaned over to untie her, other urges intruded. It looked like Ben was going to have quite a show in store for him!


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